August 26, 2021

November 16, 2021

Episode #9 of "Unnamed Show"

Episode #9 of "Unnamed Show" | Las Vegas announces $13M rental aid program, Raiders play Ravens on Monday Night Football, Where to eat and drink at Allegiant Stadium, SummerSlam at Allegiant Stadium sets event’s attendance record, Vegas Knight Hawks, Lady Gaga returning to Las Vegas Strip, and Interior work set to begin on MSG Sphere.

In this episode Brendan and Jack discuss Winning Aviators tickets, Khris Davis belts two more HRs, Las Vegas house prices exceed $400K for first time, Las Vegas home builders landing record prices again, Homebuyers going to Pahrump, Las Vegas announces $13M rental aid program, Our new Listings, Your Mt. Charleston Survival Guide, Lee Canyon | Big Horn Grill, Raiders edge Rams in second preseason game, Where to eat and drink at Allegiant Stadium, SummerSlam at Allegiant Stadium sets event’s attendance record, Vegas Knight Hawks Playing In Henderson, Imagine Dragons playing free show at local high school, Charlie Watts, drummer for Rolling Stones, dies at 80, Lady Gaga returning to Las Vegas Strip | Las Vegas Review-Journal, and Interior work set to begin on MSG Sphere.

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Khris Davis belts two more HRs, Aviators rout Isotopes 9-4 for fifth straight victory

Aviators next home games

Sept. 9-14 vs the Reno Aces

Sept. 10th Fireworks night

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Market update for the Week ofAug 12-18

Las Vegas house prices exceed $400K for first time - Las Vegas Real Estate Market Update

Las Vegas home builders landing record prices again

With Las Vegas prices at record highs, more homebuyers going to Pahrump | Las Vegas Review-Journal

Las Vegas announces $13M rental aid program | Las Vegas Review-Journal

Our new Listings

10625 Acacia Park | $725,000

4 bed 3.5 bath 2,573 SqFt

5639 Granollers | $519,000

3 bed,  3 bath, 1,597 SqFt

12390 Mosticone Way | $500,000

4 bed, 3.5 bath,  2,891. SqFt

Open House Saturday Aug. 28th 11-3pm!

Your Mt. Charleston Survival Guide: How to Plan for Your Visit

Food & Drinks | Lee Canyon | Big Horn Grill

Raiders edge Rams in second preseason game

Where to eat and drink at Allegiant Stadium, home of the Las Vegas Raiders - Eater Vegas

SummerSlam at Allegiant Stadium sets event’s attendance record | Las Vegas Review-Journal

Indoor Football Team Name Is Vegas Knight Hawks Playing In Henderson!

Imagine Dragons playing free show at local high school

Charlie Watts, drummer for Rolling Stones, dies at 80

Lady Gaga returning to Las Vegas Strip | Las Vegas Review-Journal

Interior work set to begin on MSG Sphere

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Transcribed (accuracy not guaranteed)

Brendan King (00:13): Hey, what's going on? It's Brendan King from the Brendan King Group at Simply Vegas.

Jack Palermo (00:17): Jack Palermo from the Brendan King Group at Simply Vegas.

Brendan King (00:20): And this is episode nine of The Unnamed Show. What's going on, everybody. Nice to see you again every week of course, for The Unnamed Show, as always don't forget that you can get tickets to the Aviators game. Aviator ticket giveaway, text Aviators to 702-553-1955. We're actually running out of games here, the end of the season is coming close.

Jack Palermo (00:46): Coming soon.

Brendan King (00:46): But if you would like tickets, text Aviators to 702-553-1955. Of course, we always start with some Aviator news. So Khris Davis, or Khris Khrush Davis, has been on a run ever since, what was it, ever since July 1st I think it's been. The Aviators in general have been on a run. So Khris is from the major leagues, he stepped down to the minors to kind of rejuvenate his game and he's been on a roll, 9 for 22, 5 homers, 12 RBI's. A's are two games out of the wildcard spot, maybe he's going to get a chance.

Jack Palermo (01:25): Hey, they might need him.

Brendan King (01:26): His name is Khrush. If your name's Khrush.

Jack Palermo (01:29): Hey.

Brendan King (01:29): You better crush it.

Jack Palermo (01:30): He's crushing it.

Brendan King (01:31): I don't think he has a choice.

Jack Palermo (01:32): Aviators games coming up. We are September 9th through the 14th against the Reno Aces. September 10th, post game firework show. And the 11th is a fleece vest give-away.

Brendan King (01:42): Hey, hey.

Jack Palermo (01:43): Here at the Aviators Stadium.

Brendan King (01:44): It's probably still going to be 95, but.

Jack Palermo (01:47): Fleece for coming soon.

Brendan King (01:48): It's soft, fleeces are soft.

Jack Palermo (01:50): Nice and soft.

Brendan King (01:51): And of course, every week on Mondays, we do a market update. If you'd like that by text, just text Market to 702-553-1955.

Jack Palermo (02:00): David, what kind of market is it?

David (02:02): It's a seller's market.

Jack Palermo (02:04): Thank you.

Brendan King (02:05): He's so quiet. Every week, stats like this, as far as number of homes sold, average days on market, weeks supply. We can text that directly to your phone every Monday, just text Market to 702-553-1955.

Jack Palermo (02:21): If you wanted the market update with my picture on it, you could also just text Jack after it too. I'm just kidding. I'm just kidding. Anyway.

Brendan King (02:28): So of course, and if you want the update every week, you can go to our website as well, that will feature the market update every single week. They can go to the blog, check it out. And of course, if you want to see it with Jack's face then follow him on Instagram.

Jack Palermo (02:44): Yes, please.

Brendan King (02:46): But one of the things that was part of this week's market update was that home prices actually hit $400,000 for the first time.

Jack Palermo (02:54): Pretty crazy. Now home builders, let me tell you about home builders. So home builders are landing record prices. The median for newly built homes in Southern Nevada was $419,951 up 13.1% from a year earlier.

Brendan King (03:09): So that's for new homes, correct?

Jack Palermo (03:11): New homes.

Brendan King (03:12): Wow.

Jack Palermo (03:12): Condos and townhomes sold for a median of $320,000 up 20.5% from last year. And as we saw earlier, first time hitting the median of $400k. All three levels surpassed their previous all-time highs, which was set last month, which kind of means what kind of market is it David?

David (03:31): That would be a sellers market.

Jack Palermo (03:33): Thank you. Thank you.

Brendan King (03:35): Yeah honestly, the market just continues, I don't know, it is what it is.

Jack Palermo (03:39): It just keeps going up.

Brendan King (03:39): It's no different than the stock market or crypto or anything like that. Right now it just continues. And it's mostly due to low inventory and people are just coming to Vegas.

Jack Palermo (03:48): Low interest rates.

Brendan King (03:49): Low interest rates, low inventory. And the fact that we live in I think one of the best cities in America.

Jack Palermo (03:55): I agree with that 100%.

Brendan King (03:56): Yeah, we'll take that.

Jack Palermo (03:57): So now, Las Vegas prices are at a record high, so more home buyers are going to Pahrump. Next, Next slide please.

Brendan King (04:06): So one of the pluses actually is that Las Vegas announces a $13 million rental aid program. So this means that $13 million is going toward rental assistance for low income households. They've launched a hotline for residents facing eviction. Eligible city households with incomes at or below 80% of the area median income may apply for financial aid through the Rental Assistance For Tenants program.

Jack Palermo (04:32): RAFT.

Brendan King (04:33): They love their acronyms. So this one is called.

Jack Palermo (04:35): It's called RAFT.

Brendan King (04:36): It's called the RAFT program. So don't forget that any of this information, you can click on the links below or the link in our bio, if it's Instagram of course. And you can get the links for this kind of information on anything that we're talking about today. So don't be afraid to click the link if you need any assistance right now regarding eviction or rental aid.

Jack Palermo (04:56): So the weather right now is still a little hot. We've got maybe like one or two more weeks of hot weather. So on our website, we have a blog for-

Brendan King (05:06): Hey hey, you're stepping over my toes here buddy.

Jack Palermo (05:08): Oh sorry, oh. Oh, whoa.

Brendan King (05:10): We got some listings we got to talk about. So we've got some current listings, three of them going on actually today and yesterday. One of those being 10625 Acacia Park priced at $725,000, four beds, three and a half baths, 2,573 square feet. Honestly, the lot is amazing, you've seen the property.

Jack Palermo (05:31): It's amazing. And it's in The Mesas, which is a beautiful neighborhood as well.

Brendan King (05:33): It's in The Mesa, it's right across the street from the park, corner lot with a pool. It's a unicorn, I guess is what they say.

Jack Palermo (05:40): That's what they say.

Brendan King (05:41): That's what they say. But it's a great house, if you have any interest of course, reach out. Another property is 5639 Granollers, no one knows how to say that name. Some people say Granollers or Granollers.

Jack Palermo (05:53): I'll go Granollers.

Brendan King (05:54): I'll take Granollers.

Jack Palermo (05:55): Okay.

Brendan King (05:56): Yeah. We'll split the difference on that one. $519,000, three bed, three bath, 1,597 square feet. In my opinion, in 89135 or 89138, these are some of the nicest townhomes.

Jack Palermo (06:09): Beautiful, Toll Brothers.

Brendan King (06:09): Toll brothers, yeah. Toll brothers does a nice job. These are really, really nice townhomes. This particular one was a former model. So it's decked out. Everything's done, cabinets to the ceiling, all the nicest amenities. So if you're interested, of course let us know on that one as well. Another property we have is 12390, weird way to say that, 12390 Mosticone Way. Another one, Mosticone, Mosticone.

Jack Palermo (06:36): I call it Mosticone.

Brendan King (06:37): All right we'll take that. Mosticone Way, $500,000. This is in Southern Highlands, four bed, three and a half bath, 2,891 square feet. Actually, we're having an open house this Saturday, August 28th, from 11.00 to 3:00 PM. Come check it out, again it's in Southern Highlands, gated community right off the 15 and across from the M resort. So if you want to go check out the Raiders Bar this weekend and go check the house out at the same time, let us know.

Jack Palermo (07:04): And their practice facility is right behind there too.

Brendan King (07:06): It is. Yeah, it is. Honestly, really great home in Southern Highlands. What else we got here, Jack?

Jack Palermo (07:12): Hey Jack. Weren't you talking about the er...

Brendan King (07:14): Because now's the right time to talk about it.

Jack Palermo (07:14): Yeah. So, I jumped ahead a little bit, got a little excited. The weather, the weather has been hot. I think we're going to get a little hot weather for maybe another week or so, but as it's hot Mount Charleston is the place to go.

Brendan King (07:26): I think that week or so is a relative term.

Jack Palermo (07:29): Yeah, you never now. We look forward to it getting a little cooler here.

Brendan King (07:33): For sure.

Jack Palermo (07:33): But anyway, so Mount Charleston has amazing things. It's like a 25 to 30 degree difference. Super close. About 40 minutes from Summerland here.

Brendan King (07:41): Yeah. Honestly, when I first moved here I didn't know Mount Charleston existed, it's like a little sliver of the Sierras, 40 minutes from Vegas.

Jack Palermo (07:49): You drive up there and like it's a totally different world. Anyway, they got so much, there's 60 miles of maintained trails to hike through, offers picnic, hiking, camping, off-road driving, biking, horseback riding, XYZ.

Brendan King (08:02): Check out the blog.

Jack Palermo (08:04): Yeah, check our blog.

Brendan King (08:04): All the details are there. It's honestly like a sliver of heaven. It's an amazing place. And if you're up there and you're hungry, the Bighorn Grill, which is located at Lee Canyon ski area, this whole area was redone about two years ago, three years ago. And with a contemporary feel, outdoors seating, they did an amazing job. But if you're hungry while you're up there, check out Bighorn Grill.

Jack Palermo (08:28): In winter, if you want to ski or snowboard.

Brendan King (08:30): Yeah. Yeah. And for everybody who's not from Vegas, honestly you can ski and snowboard 40 miles, 40 minutes away.

Jack Palermo (08:38): 40 minutes away.

Brendan King (08:39): And I think the challenge has always been that people are going to try to golf and snowboard in the same day. There's not very many cities.

Jack Palermo (08:46): It can be done.

Brendan King (08:47): It can be done. I've got friends who have done it. I haven't done it yet.

Jack Palermo (08:50): I haven't done it yet either.

Brendan King (08:51): Yet. Yet.

Jack Palermo (08:52): Yet is key. Yet is key.

Brendan King (08:54): So, Raiders edge the Rams in second preseason game. Honestly, they're looking good right now. I think some of the recent additions have been good. Raiders are now 2 and 0, in the preseason. And they're heading to the bay area this Sunday at 1:00 PM, they're playing the San Francisco 49ers. And then more importantly, Monday night football, September 13th, 5:15 PM against the Baltimore Ravens. This will officially be the first home game at Allegiant stadium for the Raiders.

Jack Palermo (09:30): With fans.

Brendan King (09:31): With fans. Yeah. Yeah. True, that's a good point, thank you. Yeah, with fans. So definitely worth checking out if there's still seats. I know with some of the things going on with vaccinations, there's been people online, like trying to auction off tickets. And I think one set of tickets was up to like $2,000 the other day, but check it out online. See if you can grab a ticket, that would be worth seeing for sure.

Jack Palermo (09:55): Absolutely.

Brendan King (09:56): And then another great thing about the Allegiant Stadium, and I feel like all in general with Vegas, always a little different than some of the other stadiums. They've really tried to include local favorite restaurants and chefs to give the stadium a little more of a hometown vibe. That includes Border Grill, Graffiti Bao, which are bao buns, which I don't know if you've ever had any of those?

Jack Palermo (10:16): I've had a bao bun, they're delicious.

Brendan King (10:16): Oh man, love bao buns. Pizza Rock from downtown, about 30 local businesses have their food on the menu. And honestly, if you want to check out exactly which restaurants are available, feel free to check out the links, take a look at the Eater article. Honestly, our go-to source.

Jack Palermo (10:35): Eater is amazing.

Brendan King (10:36): Eaters is amazing. And check out the 30 different restaurants locally that are available. And then of course it is cashless at Allegiant stadium. Which...

Jack Palermo (10:47): All right, so SummerSlam was this past weekend. WWE annual event, broke records, sell out crowd, largest crowd ever, 51,326 were announced at the indoor audience event, ever for the event. It was crazy. So anyway, it didn't go off without incident. The cashless system went down for a couple hours.

Brendan King (11:09): Which we were just speaking of.

Jack Palermo (11:12): Which, if you were there, they gave out some free food and drinks, which is kind of nice. But I'm glad they're ironing out their kinks or whatever before the big opening, which is Monday night football, Raiders, Ravens, September 13th.

Brendan King (11:27): Yeah. So if you're going cashless, I guess it should work.

Jack Palermo (11:32): It should work, wifi went down I heard.

Brendan King (11:34): Yeah, hey it happens. It's a new stadium, honestly, from what I've heard it's still amazing.

Jack Palermo (11:39): Working out the kinks.

Brendan King (11:39): Working out the kinks, of course. What's going on with the indoor football?

Jack Palermo (11:43): So, Vegas just announced they have a new indoor football team, the Vegas Night Hawks.

Brendan King (11:49): This is news to me as of 17 minutes ago.

Jack Palermo (11:52): So the Vegas Night Hawks, so Knights, Knight is in the name again, weird. Anyway, so they are sharing the Henderson Stadium Dollar Loan Center Arena with the Silver Knights, which is the feeder team of the parent VGK.

Brendan King (12:05): Sing the song. Can you sing the song for us? The Dollar Loan Center song.

Jack Palermo (12:09): Dollar Loan Center.

Brendan King (12:12): Yes. Very well done.

Jack Palermo (12:13): Anyway. So yeah, so Henderson, they contributed $42 million of the $84 million for the entire arena to be built. So, might as well put some more stuff in there, and name it something with Knight in it.

Brendan King (12:24): So Knight Hawks check it out, indoor football. Obviously also the Silver Knights play there as well, which is our feeder team.

Jack Palermo (12:31): For the VGK, the Vegas Golden Knights.

Brendan King (12:33): For the amazing Vegas Golden Knights, Knights, go Knights, all Knights.

Jack Palermo (12:37): All Knights, all Knights.

Brendan King (12:38): Go all Knights. So this is kind of cool, I just heard about this this morning as well. So this is all, literally as we're hearing about it, we're telling you guys about it. Imagine Dragons are playing a free show at the local high school, where they went to high school. So, at Bonanza High school for select teachers and students 8:30 PM on Friday. Dan Reynolds and the rest of the Imagine Dragons, I don't know why, I apologize for calling out Dan Reynolds, but the entire band will play at their old high school at Bonanza. How cool is that?

Jack Palermo (13:09): That's pretty crazy.

Brendan King (13:10): If I came to my high school, I don't know that anybody would come to listen to me sing.

Jack Palermo (13:15): No, nor me.

Brendan King (13:17): Dan Reynolds actually is an old neighbor. David came for a birthday party and didn't you see him outside?

David (13:23): I saw him pushing his baby carriage down the street.

Brendan King (13:26): And he came inside and he's like, "I think Dan Reynolds lives in your neighborhood." I was like, no, no, no, no.

Jack Palermo (13:31): Sure enough he did.

Brendan King (13:31): He did.

David (13:32): I followed him around a little bit, temporary.

Brendan King (13:33): He's moved on to like five bigger homes now. So yeah, they're playing this Friday. It's a part of a Walmart sponsored homecoming concert series, welcoming students and teachers back to school, which is awesome. But yet we can't get tickets for it. We can't go to it, but congrats to all the Bonanza students and teachers that have the opportunity to see Imagine Dragons at their high school.

Jack Palermo (13:55): Lucky guys.

Brendan King (13:56): Are they going to use the PA system at the high school or their own?

Jack Palermo (13:59): Hopefully their own.

Brendan King (13:59): Yeah, I hope so. In sad news.

Jack Palermo (14:02): Charlie Watts, the drummer of the Rolling Stones dies at 80 years old. Charlie Watts has been around forever and a day. He's a great drummer, people love him, people have been talking about him. But his passion was like jazz. So, like he basically said this was like his day job all right, so he can go at night and play little jazz clubs and stuff like that.

Brendan King (14:23): Rolling Stones was Charlie Watt's day job.

Jack Palermo (14:26): His day job, which is kind of crazy.

Brendan King (14:27): But it is pretty cool to see on social media, what all the different celebrities are saying about him. I always knew he was a great drummer, but honestly it sounds like to even some of the best musicians.

Jack Palermo (14:38): Loved.

Brendan King (14:38): Definitely loved big time for his abilities. And just all around seems like a great guy, and unfortunately, sorry to the Charlie Watts family. Obviously the Rolling Stones has lost a legend.

David (14:50): He was married to his wife for 50 years.

Jack Palermo (14:52): 50 years.

Brendan King (14:53): Yeah, awesome. Yeah, that's cool.

Jack Palermo (14:54): They are still playing here at Allegiant Stadium on November 6th. Charlie Watts wasn't originally on this tour anyway, because he was dealing with health issues. So November 6th, the Rolling Stones will be at Allegiant Stadium.

Brendan King (15:07): Another. Allegiant Stadium's like getting everything.

Jack Palermo (15:11): Getting everything, they're getting everything. Also, so big news, Park Theater. Lady Gaga is returning in October.

Brendan King (15:19): And wearing my hat.

Jack Palermo (15:20): And wearing Brendan's hat that he wears on Wednesdays in the office.

Brendan King (15:23): There, you guys missed it.

Jack Palermo (15:25): Anyway. She will be playing her piano, jazz and piano set that she does here. She put on hold her Enigma pop production right now. So she's just basically working on the jazz and piano, and tickets go on sale on Saturday at 10:00 AM for as low as $90.

Brendan King (15:44): And that's pretty cool. Honestly, another jazz throwback style. Obviously a lot of these artists have roots and also have other passions. And it's pretty cool to see her do a show opposite her typical, I think Enigma was the name of the pop show.

Jack Palermo (15:58): Yeah, the pop show. She does sneak out after some shows, a little inside Vegas information, and plays, jumps on the piano in the Nomad Bar at the Nomad Hotel there. She's done it a few times.

Brendan King (16:12): That's cool.

Jack Palermo (16:12): And just sings and plays after the show.

Brendan King (16:14): Which is so old school Vegas, like back in the day when like Sinatra and all those guys used to just show up at bars and start playing.

Jack Palermo (16:21): It's amazing.

Brendan King (16:22): Again, if I were to show up at a bar and start playing.

Jack Palermo (16:24): Or sing or anything.

Brendan King (16:26): It's not going to happen. So, this is pretty amazing if you haven't checked it out online, actually MSG, Madison Square Garden, which is the same company that owns the Radio City Music Hall, the Knicks, Madison Square Garden out in New York. They partnered up with the Venetian to create the Sphere, the MSG Sphere, which is $1.9 billion. It's an LED lighting system and they're starting to work on the interiors right now, 17,500 seats. Cool thing about this venue is it's an immersive experience. So the artist is here all the way around, LEDs, like really just unique and different. And they're using a state-of-the-art LED system that I think only they have. So if it ends up working, and MSG is successful, then I believe if someone has a tour here, they can only do it in these types of venues. So then hopefully it appears all over the world, that would be amazing

Jack Palermo (17:21): They are also having supposedly the most state-of-the-art sound system.

Brendan King (17:26): Oh yeah.

Jack Palermo (17:26): Acoustics, in that place as well.

Brendan King (17:28): So visually and sound wise, I think this is going to be a pretty amazing project. We're kind of just watching it. If you've driven by it, have you driven by?

Jack Palermo (17:35): Yeah, it's crazy.

Brendan King (17:36): It's just a big giant sphere in the middle of the strip and it's going to be an amazing venue. Just another different experience that Vegas has to offer.

Jack Palermo (17:45): And rumors have it like the big bands, some really huge bands are going to be opening up that place.

Brendan King (17:50): We don't know who, but it's going to be huge.

Jack Palermo (17:53): Huge.

Brendan King (17:55): So it's National Dog Day. There's a day for everything, and today's the one for your dog. So it's August 26th and it's National Dog Day. So these are, we had the opportunity today to ask everybody in the group to send us photos of their dogs. These are Caroline's dogs, Mila and Todji or Todji I think it is.

Jack Palermo (18:17): Then we got Denise's dogs, Misha and Reddy.

Brendan King (18:21): It looks like the same dog. And we've got Bella and Cowboy, David Gomez's dogs.

David (18:27): So cute.

Jack Palermo (18:29): And we have Thor Gunner Graham, Kylie's dog.

Brendan King (18:32): That's a good looking dog. Then we got Sushi.

Jack Palermo (18:37): Sushi, AKA bean. Brendan's cute dog.

Brendan King (18:39): I don't know why, but my daughters have her nickname as Bean. I still haven't figured out where it came from, but it's Sushi, but I call her Sushi and they call her Bean. So I'm worried she doesn't know her real name.

Jack Palermo (18:51): She probably doesn't. When Brendan calls her, she doesn't know what to do. But when she goes, when she's called Bean, she's gone.

David (18:57): She has her own Instagram right?

Brendan King (18:57): Yeah, she does.

David (18:59): Doesn't she have her own Instagram account?

Brendan King (19:00): She does.

Jack Palermo (19:02): Sushi Doodle.

Brendan King (19:02): I don't know what it is.

Jack Palermo (19:03): Sushi Doodle I think.

Brendan King (19:04):Is it Sushi Doodle?

Jack Palermo (19:04): I think so.

Brendan King (19:05): Somebody follows it.

Jack Palermo (19:07): I sure do.

Brendan King (19:08): Well, and another thing is, well wait, you had something to say. Weren't they supposed to text if they want info on...

Jack Palermo (19:14): Oh, so, wait a minute. You know, a couple episodes ago, we talked about happy hours in Las Vegas. So text me Happy to 702-553-1955, if you want any information on any of the happy hour bars that we talked about before, or wanting to give us any information on new ones.

Brendan King (19:33): Yeah, and definitely just want to remind you guys. We had mentioned it last time at the happy hour version of The Unnamed Show. So if you do want information on happy hour related giveaways or anything like that, text Happy to 702-553-

Jack Palermo (19:46): 1955.

Brendan King (19:48): You got it. You know the number, yes. And of course, text Aviators as always to 702-553-1955 and text Market as well to the same number. So either Market for the market, Aviators for the Aviators.

Jack Palermo (20:04): Happy.

Brendan King (20:05): Or Happy for the happy hour deals or different things going on for happy hour. Hey, this has come to an end Jack.

Jack Palermo (20:14): This has come to an end, episode nine.

Brendan King (20:15): Are you going to cry?

Jack Palermo (20:16): I might, I'm waiting for episode ten.

Brendan King (20:18): So, if you have any interest in any of this information, please click on the information down below or check out our bio and as always, thank you for joining us for The Unnamed Show.

Jack Palermo (20:32): And it's National Dog Day.

Brendan King (20:33): See, look at this. This is our little mascot for National Dog Day.

Jack Palermo (20:37): Have a great week.

Brendan King (20:38): Happy National Dog Day, have a great week. And we will see you next week for The Unnamed Show.

Jack Palermo (20:44): Unnamed Show.

Brendan King (20:44): Have a good one.

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