February 10, 2022

April 26, 2022

Episode #32 of β€œUnnamed Show”

Episode #32 of β€œUnnamed Show” | In this episode Brendan and Jack discuss the π— π—’π— π—˜π—‘π—§π—¨π—  π— π—”π—¦π—§π—˜π—₯π— π—œπ—‘π—— event, Super Bowl LVI halftime show, Black History Month events in Las Vegas, Sisolak suspends Nevada mask mandate, and 5 Las Vegas restaurants make 2022 list of '100 most romantic' in US

Episode #32 of β€œUnnamed Show” | In this episode Brendan and Jack discuss the π— π—’π— π—˜π—‘π—§π—¨π—  π— π—”π—¦π—§π—˜π—₯π— π—œπ—‘π—— event, Super Bowl LVI halftime show, Black History Month events in Las Vegas, Sisolak suspends Nevada mask mandate, The Killers announce show at Cosmopolitan, Court blocks ex-Keller CEO from joining eXp,| Las Vegas Movie Tours, Dolly Parton to Host ACM Awards, and 5 Las Vegas restaurants make 2022 list of '100 most romantic' in US.


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(03:30): Super Bowl LVI in Los Angeles could be the hottest on record - The Washington Post



(05:05): Super Bowl LVI halftime show has biggest hip-hop stars on 1 stage | Las Vegas Review-Journal



(06:03): The Killers announce show at Cosmopolitan in April 2022 | Las Vegas Review-Journal



(07:04): ACM Awards 2022: Dolly Parton to Host - Rolling Stone



(09:35): Las Vegas Movie Tours offers unique way to see the city | News | fox5vegas.com



(10:40):Β Recent rides! | Las Vegas Movie Tours Recent rides! | Las Vegas Movie Tours



(11:17): The Top 100 Restaurants in America for a Romantic Meal



(11:35): 5 Las Vegas restaurants make 2022 list of '100 most romantic' in US | MORE Las Vegas Entertainment | fox5vegas.com



(12:38): Sisolak expected to suspend Nevada mask mandate | Las Vegas Review-Journal



(13:43): Black History Month events in Las Vegas | Las Vegas Review-Journal


(15:06): Former Keller Williams CEO Mark Willis Poised To Jump To eXp Realty Amid Legal Dispute - Inman


(15:22): Court blocks ex-Keller CEO from joining eXp - Real Trends


(16:22): 'Just Bid the Most'β€”and Other Home-Buying Mistakes to Avoid


(19:22): Median home price of single-family home in Southern Nevada is $435K, Las Vegas Realtors report | Local | fox5vegas.com


(24:31): 5 homes that could be the most expensive ever sold in Las Vegas | Las Vegas Review-Journal


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BrendanKing(00:34):Hey, what's going on everybody?It's Brendan King from The Brendan King Group at Real.

JackPalermo(00:37):Jack Palermo from The BrendanKing Group at Real.

BrendanKing(00:39):And this is episode number 32 ofThe Unnamed Show.

JackPalermo(00:41):The Unnamed Show.

BrendanKing(00:44):What's going on Jake?

JackPalermo(00:45):Hello, Mr. King.

BrendanKing(00:46):As always, please don't forgetto text VIP to 702-553-1955. Text VIP to 702-553-1955. I've said that number3000 times and I actually forgot it for the first time. And of course, we madethe jump to Real.

JackPalermo(01:04):I'm still trying to get my footoff the ground there in the picture, but.

BrendanKing (01:07):We're waiting for Jack to makethe jump. He's still standing on the ground.

JackPalermo(01:10):I'm still standing on theground.

BrendanKing(01:11):But yet we made the jump to Realand we're super excited. And of course, don't forget, we had to start a newInstagram page. Please follow Brendan King Group follow Brendan King Group. Welost our old one and we have a brand new one, but that means-

JackPalermo(01:25):We're going to get anothermillion followers.

BrendanKing(01:27):1 million followers all overagain.

JackPalermo(01:28):Exactly, yes.

BrendanKing(01:29):Yeah, holy cow. Don't forget aswell, if we're, if you're looking to join the team or looking to make a jump aswell, go to jointhebkg.com. Jointhebkg.com.

JackPalermo(01:42):Or you can text Join to ourfavorite number 702-553-1955.

BrendanKing(01:48):Yes. Text Join 702-553-1955 orcheck out jointhebkg.com. We are currently looking for new, super motivated,hardworking agents to join our team. That we're, we may be a little picky, butlet's see if you've got what it takes.

JackPalermo(02:05):Interview with us.

BrendanKing(02:07):But so, there's a big eventgoing on, on February 24th. So if you're interested in checking it out, it'sthe Momentum Mastermind on Thursday, the 24th. It's in Spanish trails. We'regoing to be talking about a whole bunch of things. Honestly, all the speakers Iknow really well. And there's going to be a lot, a lot of knowledge droppedthat day. So if you're interested, definitely check out the link and sign upand you know what? It costs a hundred dollars but if you use the code, TheBKG,we're going to give you a ticket for free. Costs a hundred dollars if you textor not text, if you put in the promo code-


BrendanKing(02:48):...TheBKG, you will get a freeticket to come check it out. And honestly, a whole lot of information about howto start a team, leveraging your business and financial advice from ColtonLindsay. That guy's a genius. A lot of cool information about just how to startin the industry as far as real estate's concerned, but equally how to balance yourfinancial life and your job all at the same time. So a pretty off some event,check out the link and don't forget to put in the promo code, TheBKG.

JackPalermo(03:24):For free ticket.

BrendanKing(03:25):Yes, for a free ticket. What'sbetter than free, huh?


BrendanKing(03:29):There's nothing better thanfree.

JackPalermo(03:29):Nothing's better than free.

BrendanKing(03:30):So not only is that super hotand amazing, so is the weather.

JackPalermo(03:35):Heat wave as I saying earlier inthe intro. So yes.

BrendanKing(03:39):I thought the first time I neverhad to hear that again. [crosstalk 00:03:41]

JackPalermo(03:41):No, no. There'll be plenty moreall day. So yeah, Vegas is nice and toasty and warm right now. Mid seventies,we're going to be high seventies tomorrow. And in the next seven days, maybemid sixties will be like the low, but yeah, I mean low high of the day. Not thelow.

BrendanKing(03:58):Yeah, we'll take it.

JackPalermo(03:58):Yeah, we'll take it.

BrendanKing(03:59):Honestly, I love the winter butI'll take a little heat wave for a little.

JackPalermo(04:02):I'll take it.

BrendanKing(04:03):Heat wave.

JackPalermo(04:03):There we go. There we go. Therewe go. Little bit better. So speaking of heat and hot, the super bowl is thisSunday. The Los Angeles Rams will hopefully lose to The Cincinnati Bengals.

BrendanKing(04:16):Yeah. We've got some Bengalsfans here.

JackPalermo(04:19):Speaking of heat as well, it'ssupposed to be, they're expecting 90 degrees in some spots of LA for Super BowlSunday, but thank god it is an indoor stadium and [crosstalk 00:04:28].

BrendanKing(04:27):And this will if that's thecase. This will set the record for the hottest Super Bowl.

JackPalermo(04:32):Yes, it will.


JackPalermo(04:33):It's inside.

BrendanKing(04:34):It's inside.

JackPalermo(04:34):Hey, check that out 20-

BrendanKing(04:36):I was like, oh man, that stinks.That's horrible that they have to play football in the 90 degree weather.Jack's like, it's inside.

JackPalermo(04:43):It's inside. Yeah and it's 20 to25 degrees above normal. So yeah. It's pretty cool.

BrendanKing(04:47):Yeah. And that stadium, whichDavid's going to be there. I can't imagine how nice that stadium is. I've heardnothing but good things. For $3 billion, it better be. But-

JackPalermo(04:58):It better be.

BrendanKing(04:59):It definitely, supposedly, isone of the best stadiums besides-

JackPalermo(05:03):[Allegiant 00:05:03], of course.

BrendanKing(05:04):Of course.

JackPalermo(05:04):Of course.

BrendanKing(05:05):So yeah, Super Bowl halftimeshow is going to be some of the biggest hip hop stars for the ages. So tourslocals like [clance up 00:05:15] at a giant poster advertising this Sundaysuper bowl halftime so is they shuffle around the downtown area.

JackPalermo (05:20):They're calling it The MountRushmore of hip hop.

BrendanKing(05:22):I know. That's hilarious.


BrendanKing(05:23):So it'll be Kendrick Lamar, Dr.Dre, Snoop Dogg, Mary J. Blige, Eminem. Honestly, it's going to be pretty muchall the hip hop icons of-

JackPalermo(05:34):The nineties.

BrendanKing(05:34):...of our age.


BrendanKing(05:36):Besides Kendrick Lamar, I guess.

JackPalermo(05:37):Yeah, he's newer.


JackPalermo(05:38):Kendrick Lamar is newer, verygood. He's under the cloud of Dr. Dre. So should be awesome.

BrendanKing(05:43):Do not know that. Aren't youtoo?

JackPalermo(05:45):I am not under the cloud of Dr.Dre.

BrendanKing(05:48):DJ [Jack Cameron 00:05:48] underDr. Dre.

JackPalermo(05:50):It'd be nice if I was, but no,I'm not, unfortunately.

BrendanKing(05:53):The cloud, that soundshilarious. So in other news as well, The Killers, local band, grew up here. TheKillers announce a strip show.

JackPalermo(06:03):To Chelsea, going to be at TheChelsea at the Cosmo, April 15th. It's their 20th anniversary having formed in2002. Very cool, tickets start at $64 and available at cosmopolitanlasvegas.com.

BrendanKing(06:17):Have you ever watched a show atChelsea?

JackPalermo(06:19):I have. I actually took you toJack Johnson.

BrendanKing(06:21):Oh yeah. I was there with you.That's the only time I've ever been there actually.


BrendanKing(06:23):Jack Johnson, Killers, differenttype of music, but-

JackPalermo(06:26):Very cool stuff.

BrendanKing(06:26):...equally good. Yeah and I knowthere's some die-hard Killers fans for sure in Las Vegas. So that'll be a niceopportunity to check them out at Chelsea. Love that venue.

JackPalermo(06:35):That's awesome. It's awesome[crosstalk 00:06:37]

BrendanKing(06:36):I love the fact that it's like aChicago-New York-LA vibe with standing only.

JackPalermo(06:42):It is. And even the floor moveswhen you bounce and the floor moves when you're in standing room, which iscool. I mean, I saw-

BrendanKing(06:47):I'd rather be in the standingjust, if you're getting tickets, go in the standing don't sit in the chairs.

JackPalermo(06:52):Yeah, right.

BrendanKing(06:53):It's nice.

JackPalermo(06:54):You get closer, you can movearound easier. We saw food fighters on new year's one night there, which waspretty freaking amazing.

BrendanKing(06:59):That's amazing.

JackPalermo(07:00):Yeah so seen a bunch of bandsthere. It's a cool venue. Yeah, good stuff.

BrendanKing(07:04):And on a similar note, Killers,Dolly Parton. So if the ACM awards, Dolly Parton is going to host. DollyParton, I had the opportunity to do a show called nine to five and Dolly wasthere every single day. And she was the nicest person on the planet.

JackPalermo(07:25):She seems like she'd be amazing.

BrendanKing(07:26):And so, one night during theshow, we were in LA and we had a little party at some, the producer's house andDolly came, which she usually didn't come to things after work and she had mydaughter and my daughter did spit up on Dolly Parton's shoulder.

JackPalermo(07:43):That's amazing.

BrendanKing(07:44):We have a hilarious picture ofAvery crying while Dolly Parton is holding her, but she is probably thesweetest lady on the planet. So, so, so nice. And she had saved our show at onepoint. The show shut down because we had some set problems and some guy yellsout to her from the audience. "I love you, Dolly." And Dolly juststepped on stage to fill the time. And he goes, "I love you Dolly." Andshe goes, "Didn't I tell you to wait in the truck?" And the audienceliterally fell in love with her from that moment on. You could tell why she's alegend. She's hilarious, she's amazing writer, amazing artist. So I'm sureshe'll do a great job. How old is she? She's got to be seventies.


BrendanKing(08:27):I would assume. Just thesweetest, most talented person. I'm sure she'll be amazing even in herseventies.


BrendanKing(08:34):Not that you, everyone losestheir ability to be cool in their seventies.

JackPalermo(08:37):I mean, you look pretty good.

BrendanKing(08:40):She's amazing. And always, andif anybody doesn't know, not only is she a singer, she writes almost half thesongs we heard as we were kids, whether it's country or pop she, what's the,and I-

JackPalermo(08:53):I will always love you, whichWhitney Houston did but she wrote that song. She's got a bunch of, them likeJolene and a bunch of good jams.

BrendanKing(09:00):So that's pretty awesome.[crosstalk 00:09:01]

JackPalermo(09:01):[crosstalk 00:09:01] KennyRogers stuff-

BrendanKing(09:02):Oh, really?

JackPalermo(09:03):...when she did the duets withKenny Rogers.

BrendanKing(09:05):Oh, of course. Yeah.

JackPalermo(09:06):Islands and stream and yeah,it's good stuff.

BrendanKing(09:08):Dolly's a legend. That'sawesome. I think it's cool that they're allowing her, not allowing her, thatshe's allowing them-


BrendanKing(09:15):...to have her there becausethat's, I think the way the relationship should work.

Speaker11(09:19):But the cool thing is it's atAllegiant stadium.


JackPalermo(09:22):Yeah. It's huge.

Speaker11(09:23):It's been crazy, yeah.

JackPalermo(09:23):It's huge.

BrendanKing(09:23):Yeah, no, thanks for thereminder on that. Yeah, that's massive and I'm sure that means they can fit a lotmore people.

JackPalermo(09:28):A lot more people. So go and buytickets.

BrendanKing(09:30):Yeah, for sure. Check it out.

JackPalermo(09:31):Check it out.

BrendanKing(09:32):Dolly will be hilarious, I amsure. So what-

JackPalermo(09:35):So this is cool. So Las Vegasmovie tours. So it is going to basically take people around on a bus, it's abus tour. Take people around to show the different spots where they film movieshere in Las Vegas, like Casino, Austin Powers, Mars attacks, Show Girls. So youcan jump on the bus and they'll take you around to show you all the cool spotswhere some movies were filmed here in Vegas, which is pretty awesome.

BrendanKing(10:01):And it's the theater on wheels.I think when they pull up to the location, they play that scene inside the bus.[crosstalk 00:10:06]

JackPalermo(10:06):That's pretty cool. That isreally, really cool. So yeah, tour price is $89. Go to lvmovietours.com forinformation.

BrendanKing(10:15):Yeah. Check it out. It lookspretty fun. Honestly, there's been some funny movies and some good movies thathave been filmed in Vegas.

JackPalermo(10:22):You've spent some very goodmovies and some very bad movies.

BrendanKing(10:23):Show girls.

JackPalermo(10:24):Show girls, number one.

Speaker11(10:26):Great movie.

JackPalermo(10:27):Yeah. Mars Attacks, I don't know[inaudible 00:10:29] whatever. But Casino is great.

BrendanKing(10:30):Casino is amazing, yeah.

JackPalermo(10:31):Casino, Ocean's 11, they got allthose.

BrendanKing(10:33):Oh yeah. What's, The Hangover.

JackPalermo(10:36):Hangover with films here. Yeah,don't forget about all the Sinatra films back in the day.

BrendanKing(10:40):And just like anything else wetalk about of course, check out the links that if that's something you want dowhen you're in town or you want to check out because you live here, definitelysomething worth checking out for sure.

JackPalermo(10:51):So it's Valentine's day[inaudible 00:10:53] coming up.

BrendanKing(10:54):See, you're always so festive. Ijust don't-

JackPalermo(10:56):Brendan, this is for you.

BrendanKing(10:58):Oh man, remember in school, whenyou had to sign up and then it was like, who'd you get a note for?


BrendanKing(11:05):You Know what?

JackPalermo(11:06):Now, isn't that special. Youshould put that on your fridge.

BrendanKing(11:11):It's going straight on thefridge.

JackPalermo(11:13):Anyway, so five Las Vegasrestaurants made the 2022 list of the hundred most romantic in the UnitedStates, which is pretty crazy. So five Valentine's day most romanticrestaurants we have, you can go to opentable.com to get the full list of ahundred.

BrendanKing(11:29):If it's not eater, it's opentable.

JackPalermo(11:30):Yeah, if its not eater, its opentable, absolutely. So five restaurants, we have Delmonico Steakhouse, which wasan [Emer Lagosi spa 00:11:37] here in town, which is pretty awesome. Ferraro'sRestaurant and Bar, which is a little bit East off of paradise.

BrendanKing(11:45):Golden Steer which I didn't evenknow about, that was good.

JackPalermo(11:49):So good.

BrendanKing(11:49):I've driven past it a thousandtimes.

JackPalermo(11:51):So good.

BrendanKing(11:52):It's like an old school classicsteakhouse.

JackPalermo(11:54):They still have the little boothfor the [rat 00:11:57] pack used to go hang out there which is cool.


JackPalermo(12:00):Vic & Anthony's Steakhouseand one of our favorites here in Summerlin, the Vintner Grill.

BrendanKing(12:05):Vintner Grill is just sodeceiving. It's literally in a office building and at one point it was like theultimate realtor spot.

JackPalermo(12:17):The outside.

BrendanKing(12:18):It doesn't even look like arestaurant.

JackPalermo(12:20):Yeah and the outside is amazing.

Speaker11(12:22):It's crazy.

JackPalermo(12:22):The Patio.

BrendanKing(12:23):No, definitely worth a look. Andrecently, just the Sisolak expected to possibly suspend Nevada mask mandate andwe just got an update. Ladies a gentleman, it is over.

JackPalermo(12:40):It is over. Goodbye masks.

Speaker11(12:42):Oh man.

BrendanKing(12:43):Oh, goodbye masks. It's officialas of today.

Speaker11(12:50):For now.


JackPalermo(12:51):For now, suspended. It'ssuspended. But anyway, so Clark County School District, theirs goes into effectat 5:00 PM today. Students and teachers in Nevada will no longer well, need towear masks, which is good. That's good stuff.

BrendanKing(13:05):You know what, we don't know, Idon't think either way. The nice thing is for now, we get to see people's facesin supermarkets.

JackPalermo(13:12):Yes and smiles and frowns andskulls and stuff, which would be pretty awesome. I miss those, I miss those.Instead of this, the eyes, people looking at you like.

BrendanKing(13:21):Yes. So as of today, literally Ithink two hours ago, three hours ago, they did lift the mask mandate. Solooking forward to seeing everybody's smiles and...

JackPalermo(13:31):Hopefully forever, but we'llsee.

BrendanKing(13:33):You know what's funny issometimes people take off their mask and their, the bottom half doesn't matchwhat you thought it was.

JackPalermo(13:37):Right. Right. So put that thingback.

Speaker11(13:39):[crosstalk 00:13:39] people werelike, really?

JackPalermo (13:39):Put that thing back on. No, I'mkidding.


JackPalermo(13:43):So anyway, it is February, whichis also black history month. So there's a lot of events in town celebrating theachievements and culture of African Americans. They're doing an art exhibit.The legendary [Tuskegee 00:13:56] airman are being honored in blanket ofprotection and exhibit at left of center gallery in north Las Vegas. Artistsinclude Harold Bradford, [Lolita Deville 00:14:04] and Joseph Watson. Theexhibit runs through March 26 at the gallery at 2207 West Gowan Road. For morein information visit leftofcenterart.org.

JackPalermo(14:16):Also, there's a fish fry thatstarted a couple hours ago. I'm probably still going but it could still begoing on. But fish fry, good time, catfish fry is scheduled for 11 o'clock atthe Doolittle Senior Center. Inspirational showcase The 43rd annual Mid-DayInspirational Showcase and Luncheon, it's February 15th at the west Las Vegaslibrary theater and a tribute show, Supreme diva, Diana Ross tribute featuringvocalist Alyssa Harris will be at the Summerlin library starting February 18thand the show's for free and it begins at 7:30 PM.

BrendanKing(14:50):Sweet. And honestly just, I'msure there's more going on even than that, of course. But yeah, absolutelycheck out all the activities going on this month and check out the links asalways. So real estate wise, there's some drama going on.


BrendanKing(15:06):Some massive drama. So theformer Keller Williams CEO, Mark Willis poised to jump to eXp Realty amid legaldispute. So Keller Williams is trying to block this from happening and then youknow what happened about two days ago was.

JackPalermo(15:21):They did.

BrendanKing(15:22):The judge ordered that it wasblocked. So supposedly right now it is blocked because Keller is saying thathe's got some trade secrets that they don't want him to share with eXp but thenactually last week, the operations manager from eXp went from eXp to KellerWilliams. So I know those two guys are both super creative and super trailblazing as far as real estate's concerned. And I know they most likely don'tlike each other because they're at war with each other quite often. Becausewhen eXp started a lot of Keller Williams agents went over to eXp.


BrendanKing(16:02):So that will be interesting howthat works itself out. But stay tuned because you know what, there's no dramaat Real.

JackPalermo(16:09):There's no drama Real.

BrendanKing(16:11):Yeah. There's-

JackPalermo(16:11):Come on over to Real.

BrendanKing(16:12):So there's no drama at Real.We're not fighting for people. They're just coming. So of course, what's goingon with this Jack?

JackPalermo(16:22):So how are the offers that weput in on for buyers? It's zillions and zillions and zillions, but they sayeverybody, some people say just bid the most and you'll win the house. That isnot a good thing. That is definitely not a good thing. Your agent has todefinitely run comparables on the property to tell you exactly, give you thetrue worth or a little bit.

BrendanKing(16:43):And sometimes the most isn'twhat's necessary. Sometimes it's about listening to what the agent wants orwhat the sellers mentioned to their agent. Sometimes a lease back, which meansstaying after selling, closing, and then seller stays in the home. Sometimesthat matters more. Sometimes it's about money. Sometimes it's about timing.Sometimes it's about the fact that they just don't want to have to deal withtimelines or loans or appraisal.

JackPalermo(17:06):Right. So waving an appraisalcontingency and or saying, you're going to go X amount of dollars over anappraisal may sweeten [inaudible 00:17:13].

BrendanKing(17:13):But that's a technique we useall the time to protect our clients. So waving appraisals is a super risky movewhen a property's been pushed up big time as far as price wise is concerned. Ifa house is listed at 350 and the comps say 300 and you just go wave yourappraisal, which in the middle of a situation right now where we took a buyerthat said, oh, we're just going to go 40,000 over. And they're like, oh, well,we didn't really think that would happen, but it's happening and they're payingit. But on our buyers, we recommend that they don't just-

JackPalermo(17:43):They don't do that.

BrendanKing(17:43):...waive appraisal don't becausethere's got to be some downside protection. The last thing you want is forsomeone to be surprised by a $50,000 bill.

JackPalermo(17:51):Sure. Absolutely.

BrendanKing(17:53):But yeah, not a good idea.

JackPalermo(17:54):And definitely whatever we haveto say, everybody, whatever you do, do not waive the home inspection.


JackPalermo(18:01):Never waive the home inspection.

BrendanKing(18:02):And it all takes, and here's thething, you may shorten your due diligence or you may have a situation like Ihad a client, who's a builder. He walked through the house. He knew thatoverall the house was in good shape. He knew that industry well enough to say,"Hey, I can shorten my due diligence to like two days." He's like, Ijust want to pop in the house and look at it. But he then still had aninspector come through-


BrendanKing(18:25):...so that if they did findsomething, he at least could have some documentation of what was going on.


BrendanKing(18:31):Yeah. But there's so much morethan just bidding the highest. I just took an offer the other day that was5,000 below another offer mostly for the fact that the security of the buyerwas what my clients wanted. They wanted the fact that he had a huge amount downand that he already lived in the neighborhood. He'd already lived in the floorplan.

JackPalermo(18:51):Oh wow.

BrendanKing(18:52):Yeah. So we knew that he was asolid buyer and the other one was 5,000 higher but a lot less money down andshe's from out of state where sometimes out of state buyers get a littlewishy-washy because they come to town for three days and then they leave andthen they come to town a week later and now they want to live somewhere else inVegas.


BrendanKing(19:12):So definitely a lot more to itthan just bid the highest.

JackPalermo(19:17):Bid the highest. Right. There'sdefinitely a lot more to it.


JackPalermo(19:21):For sure.

BrendanKing(19:22):So the highest ever median homeprice of a single family home in Southern Nevada.

JackPalermo(19:29):Do you feel like we say thisalmost every show and every keeps going higher and higher?

BrendanKing(19:34):[crosstalk 00:19:34] we haveactually. So 435,000 is now our average home price, which beats what it was inDecember, which I want to say was for 33 or something like that. 432?

JackPalermo(19:47):Yeah, right.

BrendanKing(19:47):So we're at $435,000, which isnuts. Last year we were at 350, 360. Crazy number. Crazy, crazy, crazy number.So definitely I don't see this stopping. Overall, interest rates, yes, willtick up in a few months, but our inventory is at two and a half weeks.


BrendanKing(20:11):So two and a half weeks ofinventory, a neutral market is six months. That means right now the demand andthe supply are out of whack and the demand is high and the supply is low.

JackPalermo(20:25):Low. So if you need the marketupdate well, here it is. We have it on our webpage. We have the link below oryou can also, ah, look at that cute guy in there anyway. So that's our weeklymarket update. You can also get it sent directly to your phone if you textMarket to 702-553-1955.

BrendanKing(20:44):Yes. Text 702-553-1955 with theword Market and every Monday we'll text you the details. And if you havefurther questions, just other than that week's details, we've got a wholespreadsheet. We've been tracking it for years where we can tell you some trendsthat are going on. Feel free to just reach out, ask us. We'll describe whatwe've seen as far as trends are concerned, but it's more than just that week.It's all about what we see. We know right now based on our historical data,that the number of weeks of inventory that we have right now is matching whatwe were at in the summer.


BrendanKing(21:20):And we're in the slowest time ofyear. So that's the kind of thing that a good agent can tell you that otherpeople can't. They can send you this kind of information but we understand it,which is important.

JackPalermo(21:32):So any questions, reach out.

BrendanKing(21:34):Yeah. So moving on to more realestate information, which I guess that's what we do. So it's always good.

JackPalermo(21:41):Under contract. Hey, yes. Undercontract.

BrendanKing(21:44):Tell me something that justhappened today on this project.

JackPalermo(21:46):So we bid a little bit over. Webet pretty good over the asking price.

BrendanKing(21:53):What was asking price?

JackPalermo(21:54):Asking price was 49,900. We bidat 514,500 and the appraisal just came in at 523,000.



BrendanKing(22:03):So Jack's clients now have$9,000-

JackPalermo(22:06):Already in equity.

BrendanKing(22:07):Already in equity and theyhaven't even closed and they way up bid. So I guess does that rule of just bidthe highest come into play or.

JackPalermo(22:15):No, not at all. No. There washigher bids actually.

BrendanKing(22:19):Was there?

JackPalermo(22:19):Yeah, there was.

BrendanKing(22:20):Oh yeah, but yeah, Jack'sclients have $9,000 in the middle of a seller's market in equity.


BrendanKing(22:25):That means somebody under-pricedthe property on the sellers on the listing site.


BrendanKing(22:30):So under contract Oak BendDrive, awesome clients. This was the house I was talking about where we hadmultiple offers and we took the lower one actually, just for security andgiving my clients the confidence that the property would close in the time thatwe allotted so that they can get down to Texas, actually. They're moving to Austin,Texas.

JackPalermo(22:49):Very cool. New listing. Hey,7200 Pirates Cove. If anybody's looking for a one bed, one bath, first floorunit, a condo unit, it is available.

BrendanKing(23:00):Yeah. This is actually good forfirst time home buyers, seniors, and not to narrow it down to anybody, but alot of people who are looking for first floor units.

JackPalermo(23:10):Yeah, first floor units, andit's right next to the community area with the pool and everything like thatand tennis courts.




JackPalermo(23:15):It's a good location.

BrendanKing(23:16):I'll play you in tennis.

JackPalermo(23:17):All right.

BrendanKing(23:18):New listings is Denise's listing2538 Showcase Drive. Look at that picture of Denise. She's only showing it fora few hours this weekend, actually. We know this one already has three cashoffers. Right as we were planning the show sitting here, I got two more calls.And so we've got two more people interested. I am sure. By Saturday, we'llprobably have 5, 6, 7 offers.

JackPalermo (23:44):Actually have a call to makewith my buyer on this particular property. So Sun City, Summerlin, agerestricted community, 55 and older. Amazing.

BrendanKing(23:53):So 7049 Mountain Moss Drive,just listed it yesterday as well as this Caroline's listing. And I believe wehave five offers on this one already.

JackPalermo(24:03):Yeah. That's what she said,yeah.

BrendanKing(24:04):And quite a bit above list priceas well. Open house this Friday and Saturday. Friday from 12 to three andSaturday from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM with Carly on Friday and...

Speaker11(24:19):Caroline will do.

BrendanKing(24:19):And Caroline on Saturday. So,and other than that, this year we have had some of the most ridiculously pricedhomes.


BrendanKing(24:31):Vegas is the new LA. And so, fivehomes that could be the most expensive ever sold in Las Vegas. We pulled thetop three, I believe. So this one is-

JackPalermo(24:42):In the Summit Club. This one isin The Summit Club, luxury golf resort community in Summerlin. It is 9,427square feet with five bedrooms, eight bathrooms, four car garage and a swimmingpool.

BrendanKing(24:55):This is probably one of myfavorite homes of the year.

JackPalermo(24:57):It's beautiful.

BrendanKing (24:57):It's a Santa Barbara styleproperty located in ridiculous Summit, which is probably the most conciergestyle community that you can live in, in the one of them in the country, Iwould say. Amazing, amazing place. Number two is actually 1717 Enclave, whichwe had the pleasure of actually selling at one point at 13 million. Now it'sgoing for...

JackPalermo(25:25):24.5, I believe.

BrendanKing(25:27):Jesus. So it's going for 11,000more. 11,000? 11 million more.

JackPalermo(25:34): That'd be amazing.

BrendanKing(25:35):1717 Enclaves. So this is calledbillionaires row. This is actually a street covered with billionaires slash 500millionaires. It's David Copperfield, [The Fertidas 00:25:46], [Stevie Wind00:25:47]-

JackPalermo(25:48):[Terrible herbs 00:25:48].

BrendanKing(25:48):It's the herbs family, thankyou. So yeah, billionaires row 1717 Enclave going for a ridiculous amount ofmoney.

JackPalermo(25:58):But the crazy thing is youbought it for 13 million and then just did a $16 million remodel inside.

BrendanKing(26:03):Interesting. Yeah, that's crazy.

JackPalermo(26:05):This is crazy.

BrendanKing(26:05):And then of course, this is KarinaWay in Seven Hills. This one is listed at $32.5 million in Seven Hills. It's acustom home. There's a great little neighborhood in Seven Hills that hasridiculous homes. This 14,200 square foot home has three stories, 26,000. What?And it has nine baths, three climate control garages with space to accommodateupto 12 vehicles, which is super unusual for Vegas.


BrendanKing(26:38):Really small garages, even ininsane homes and just a ridiculous property. And honestly, at 32.5, these areLA prices.

JackPalermo(26:49):This has got 20,000 square footof heated indoor-outdoor tile flooring.



BrendanKing(26:54):Yeah, just insane. Insane,insane, insane. I don't think it's going to stop. I think the luxury part ofVegas, the thing is, people in that price point now, look at Vegas in adifferent light. I think they used to see it as like California junior and nowthey see it as another great place to live. Weather, entertainment, sports now-

JackPalermo(27:17):Sports now.

BrendanKing(27:18):...and then of course, taxsavings. We have the amazing benefit of the fact that if you move here, yousave on income tax, but you also save on corporate tax. So we don't have anycorporate or income tax. So its another reason to move here. Do it.

JackPalermo(27:33):Come on. We're waiting.

BrendanKing(27:34):Can we say enough? And if youwant details on anything that's incredibly Vegas, then text VIP to702-553-1955. Text 702-553-1955 with VIP.


BrendanKing(27:51):And what else, Jack?

JackPalermo(27:52):We are excited for our new jump.Hopefully my foot gets off the ground. We are excited for our new jump to Reelfor 2022. Couldn't be more excited. Our new Instagram page @brendankinggroup.Please follow us on Instagram @brendankinggroup.

BrendanKing(28:04):And of course, check outjointhebkg.com if you're looking to make a jump into real estate and or on ateam or text, Join to 702-553-1955. And don't forget, Hey, if you want someknowledge bombs on everything from finance to real estate, to how to grow ateam, how to run a business, then of course, check out the mastermind, theMomentum Mastermind on February 24th. Use the code, the promo code, TheBKG toget a complimentary ticket. Yes. Not a hundred dollars ticket, not a thousanddollars ticket. A complimentary ticket. All you have to do is click the linkand you use the promo code at checkout, TheBKG.


BrendanKing(28:48):Yeah. So that's it. That's allwe got.

JackPalermo(28:53):Happy Valentine's day.

BrendanKing(28:54):Happy Valentine's day. Where'smy heart?

JackPalermo(28:57):Oh, he dropped it. He droppedit. See.

BrendanKing(29:00):Happy Valentine's day toeverybody out there. Check out, go check out a restaurant in Vegas. We've out amillion of them and I'm sure you'll find a great place. Click on our list.We've got five of the most romantic restaurants in Vegas. Take your loved oneto somewhere nice. Have a good one. We'll see you guys see you next week.

JackPalermo(29:17):We'll see you next week. TakeCare.



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