September 30, 2021

November 16, 2021

Episode #14 of "Unnamed Show"

Episode #14 of “Unnamed Show” | Brendan King Group welcomes guest Chris White from the Brooklyn Bowl to sit and discuss the venue and music and entertainment in Las Vegas as well as our Raider ticket giveaway!

In this episode Brendan King and Jack Palermo welcome guest Chris White COO of Brooklyn Bowl to discuss the venue and music industry in Las Vegas, as well as our big Raider ticket giveaway, their 3-0 start, First Friday honoring 1 October, Aces win game 1, PGA Shriners Children's Open and CJ Cup, Home prices up 22.4%, First Friday celebrates 19th anniversary and honors 1 Oct. victims and new restaurant Peyote. 

Las Vegas | Brooklyn Bowl

Conversation with Chris White COO of Brooklyn Bowl

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Peyton Barber runs Raiders past Dolphins for 3-0 start

Aces face Mercury in WNBA semifinals 

Riquna Williams’ scoring punch remains crucial for Aces | Las Vegas Review-Journal

Shriners Children's Open

CJ Cup to return to Las Vegas in October | Las Vegas Review-Journal

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Community-based farming facility coming to the Historic Westside to aid food insecurity

Next week First Friday to celebrate 19th anniversary, honor 1 October victims next month


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Brendan King (00:00): Hey, what's up, everybody?We're here live at the Brooklyn Bowl with special guest, Chris White. Check itout.

Brendan King (00:04): And we are here for the UnnamedShow.

Jack Palermo (00:07): Unnamed Show.

Jack Palermo (00:13): He's been super excited, jumpedout, running all over the house.

Brendan King (00:16): Anything Vegas, pretty much.

Jack Palermo (00:18): Everything Vegas.

Jack Palermo (00:18): I don't know, if that's thecase.

Speaker 1 (00:22): Oh, you got to...

Brendan King (00:22): Kind of like.... Like hangingout, dude. Yeah.

Speaker 1 (00:26): See what happens.

Brendan King (00:28): Hey, what's up, everybody? It'sBrendan King from the Brendan King Group at Simply Vegas.

Jack Palermo (00:32): Jack Palermo from the BrendanKing Group at Simply Vegas.

Brendan King (00:34): And this is episode 14 of theUnnamed Show.

Brendan King (00:38): Hey, we're here live at theBrooklyn Bowl. So last week, we told you we're going to take a little trip.

Jack Palermo (00:44): Field trip.

Brendan King (00:44): Field trip. We got ourpermission slips signed. And we're here with Chris White.

Brendan King (00:48): What's up, Chris?

Chris White (00:49): Hey, guys. Thanks for coming.Thanks for visiting us. Appreciate it.

Brendan King (00:51): Yeah, of course, man. Thanksfor having us. Chris is the COO of Brooklyn Bowl, which... What the heck is theBrooklyn Bowl? The thing is, I can't believe I've never been here. You gave mea little tour today. It's incredible. Can you tell everybody a little bit aboutwhat's different about the Brooklyn Bowl?

Chris White (01:07): First of all, you have noexcuse for not coming here.

Brendan King (01:08): I don't have an excuse. I haveno excuse.

Jack Palermo (01:11): He has no excuse.

Chris White (01:12): You're a hard working guy, butstill, there's no excuse.

Brendan King (01:13): No excuse.

Chris White (01:14): No. I think Brooklyn Bowl is acombination. We're a combination concert venue, bowling alley, restaurant, andbar, that brings those things together in a really dynamic way where you can...Jack and I can be on a lane, and eating really good Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken.

Brendan King (01:31): The chicken looks amazing.

Chris White (01:34): It's really good. I had to cutback on it because I just gained too much weight.

Brendan King (01:38): Look at this. We're showing itright now.

Chris White (01:41): Yeah, and then, kind of we'llserve that at the lane. We're bowling, we're having a good time. And we turnaround, and we're on the side of the stage, next to Jack White, that'sperforming, that actually has performed here.

Brendan King (01:49): And here's a shot of the venue.Chris was nice enough to give us a tour. The lighting rig, the sound rig.There's actually a band in there right now, warming up. So while we're actuallytalking right now, you can hear the guy warming up the guitar on the stage. Soas far as venue wise, size wise, what makes you guys even venue different forVegas? Why should a band come here?

Chris White (02:15): So in Vegas, we're very uniquein the fact that we really are an independent venue, different from what you'dsee at any of the casinos where they have a showroom or a kind concert venuethat's in their kind of larger resort. We are an independent venue that's justlike smaller venues that you'd see in any other town. And so, we'll do shows ofany type that will bring in people that are going to buy tickets. They're goingto come have fun, eat and drink with us. We're not going to put on casinoshows. That's why you see a lot of different types of entertainment that willcome to our room.

Brendan King (02:51): And you don't have the casinohovering over you, telling you what you have to do.

Chris White (02:53): Exactly.

Brendan King (02:54): And things like that.

Chris White (02:55): Exactly.

Brendan King (02:55): Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Chris White (02:56): Our goal is anything that willsell tickets to adults, that are going to eat and drink and behave themselves.We're pretty open minded.

Brendan King (03:03): And the bowling alley's sick.LED screens on the back...

Jack Palermo (03:06): Double-decker. Double-decker.

Brendan King (03:08): Yeah, double-decker, 16 laneson each floor. Right? I think you had mentioned it.

Chris White (03:12): Yep. And that's what makes itreally unique is that you can be doing all that stuff at once. When I go to ournormal venue now...

Brendan King (03:18): You're like, "I'mbored".

Chris White (03:18): I'm bored. I'll get a beer.I'll get Jack, a MC Ultra.

Brendan King (03:23): Yeah, of course.

Jack Palermo (03:23): Of course. My favorite.

Chris White (03:23): And then, I'm just like, allright. Unless the show's really kind of really engaging, it's kind of we'regood.

Brendan King (03:32): But you made a good pointbefore, while we were hanging out, you're kind of telling me about it. And if Igo to a concert, I leave the house, I maybe go out somewhere. Then you got towander over to where the venue is. You get in there, they turn the lights on.You're like, "Oh, God. Who am I with?" And then you leave. You made agood point. Literally, the concert ends, and people spill right back out to thebowling alley.

Chris White (03:53): And that's our goal is thatinstead of saying, "Oh, I got to go find a pre-game spot, a place to gohave dinner, then I'm going to go see the show, and then I'm going to gosomeplace else", you can do it all here.

Brendan King (04:02): So I really don't have anexcuse that I haven't been here.

Chris White (04:04): You have zero excuse.

Jack Palermo (04:05): No, you haven't. I've probablybeen here at least 50 times since I moved here.

Chris White (04:08): We can't get rid of Jack, andyou don't show up.

Brendan King (04:12): Jack was asleep on the couchwhen we got here today, actually.

Chris White (04:15): Sorry, guys.

Brendan King (04:17): So what else? Music wise, Inoticed just from the different bands that you guys have, do you veer toward acertain type of music?

Chris White (04:28): As I said, we're reallyeclectic across.

Brendan King (04:32): You've had reggae, alt-rock.

Chris White (04:34): We do your traditional reggae,your island reggae. We'll do kind of alternative indie bands like JapaneseBreakfast is coming up here. We have...

Brendan King (04:45): Indie bands have the bestnames.

Chris White (04:46): That's a great name, right?

Jack Palermo (04:47): It's amazing. It's amazing.

Chris White (04:49): But then, we'll have...

Brendan King (04:50): Tamago Taki.

Chris White (04:51): But harder stuff, like DanceGavin Dance is coming up. Your Southern California kind of '90s rock, with BadReligion come in, in a couple weeks. So we're really excited about. And then wegot the Disco Biscuits, when Phish is at MGM Grand.

Brendan King (05:06): It's like the mini Phish?

Chris White (05:08): Yes. Well, they're like a jamband. And we'll have them late night. Jack will be at those shows until about1:00 AM.

Jack Palermo (05:14): Yes, of course. Yeah.

Brendan King (05:15): Wheels on the car, make contactwith road?

Chris White (05:17):

Yes, that's a Phish song.

Brendan King (05:18): I know.

Chris White (05:19): Very good.

Jack Palermo (05:20): Nice. Very good.

Brendan King (05:20): My sister used to play it.

Jack Palermo (05:22): Very cool.

Chris White (05:23): But we go across. But then wehave guys from the Wu-Tang Clan come in, in November.

Jack Palermo (05:29): Yes, 3 Chambers.

Chris White (05:30): We're doing the Catalina Wine Mixerwith the yacht rock cover band.

Jack Palermo (05:34): I will be here. I might as welljust fall asleep on the couch again.

Brendan King (05:38): We're yacht rock fans, just soyou guys are aware here.

Chris White (05:41): Yacht rocks were great. Andwe've been doing, well, we have emo night, so if you guys are into emo. I'm alittle old for it, but kind of I know.

Jack Palermo (05:47): Same.

Brendan King (05:48): My kids have to tell me what emois, because that's even like a group of kids at school right now. And I don'teven know.

Jack Palermo (05:53): I call it "emu"sometimes.

Brendan King (05:54): "Emu" is just kind ofway off.

Jack Palermo (05:56): Thinking of that Liberty Mutualcommercial. But anyway.

Brendan King (06:00): So literally, you've goteverything. You've got every kind of band possible. As long as it sells 2,500seats, they're here?

Chris White (06:07): Well, it doesn't necessarilyhave to be a sellout. And we'll sell up to 2,500. But we'll do a different sizeshows and so on. It's just trying to bring great content into our room thatpeople want to come out and enjoy. We're also a great place for private events,office parties. We'll go from groups of five people to all the way to 3,000people. We do Giants, especially here in Vegas with the Giant shows that come through.

Brendan King (06:30): And even right now, we'resitting in a special room. What'd you call this?

Chris White (06:35): We call this the Roxy room.It's like our private dining room.

Brendan King (06:37): We look like we're in alibrary. It's pretty cool. But you guys have a lot of great little spots evenwithin the venue. So for a corporate event, I could see why this would be agreat place.

Chris White (06:47): And a lot of nights, if there'sa show going on, it's a bonus for the folks that have events with us that kindof, you can go a lot of places and have your party, but not one where you havekind of a live music and an event going on at the same time.

Brendan King (07:01): Yeah. So where do you see,where is music today in Vegas, I would say, compared to the past? And where doyou see it going in the next 12, 24 months?

Chris White (07:10): Yeah. I mean, it's been a... Imoved here in 2004. And really, to see the growth, especially in ticketed liveentertainment in Las Vegas, just over the past, since that time, has beenunbelievable between The Residencies, that Caesars first started with CelineDion, and then expanded in The Colosseum, then over Planet Hollywood. And thenMGM got in on the act, kind of when they built the Park MGM Theater.

Jack Palermo (07:38): Yeah, the Park Theater.

Chris White (07:38): And then, even now, kind of...

Jack Palermo (07:42): Resorts World.

Chris White (07:43): Resorts World, what they'redoing, it's kind of huge. I mean, they just basically bought every act. So,that's really exciting. And then, when The Cosmopolitan opened really for, asfar as kind of like bringing new music and kind of definitely more kind ofyounger, more current music between what they did with The Chelsea, what theydid with Book & Stage, which doesn't exist anymore, which was amazing. Theywould bring these kind of small acts.

Brendan King (08:12): Oh, I forget about that one.Yeah.

Chris White (08:14): And it was free. It was on thecasino floor. I saw Foster The People there before they blew up. They were justplaying on casino floor. Unfortunately, it doesn't exist anymore. But what theydid really changed between what they did, Caesars did. And I think when we cameto town, we really broadened it out.

Brendan King (08:32): Music didn't hit until you guysgot here.

Chris White (08:34): Of course not. Yes. There wasno music played [inaudible 00:08:36].

Brendan King (08:37): Music never existed untilBrooklyn Bowl.

Chris White (08:38):Yeah, of course not.

Jack Palermo (08:41): No. It was just Wayne Newtonand Tom Jones.

Chris White (08:42): Obviously, it's been a tough 18months with the shutdown and opening back up. But we're back. And music inVegas is really, we're calling this Rocktober, coming up. It's going to be bigfor us. And it's big across there. And then, but then you look at a lot of theother entertainment venues that have popped up just recently between the Rose.Rabbit. Lies and the Delilahs and the Mayfairs, it was kind of the Supper Club,was kind of social. Really, really exciting, kind of interesting new conceptsthat are coming to the market that really just wouldn't work in many otherplaces. It's really the dynamic of Las Vegas.

Brendan King (09:22): Outside this balcony here, wecould see this Sphere, which you and I were chatting about. We were allstanding outside. We were like, "This is just... Even that as a venue isincredible." And we have no idea what to expect, and nor probably do they.

Chris White (09:35): It's going to be spectacular.It's going to be the greatest IMAX Theater you've ever been to. It's 17,500seats.

Jack Palermo (09:43): It's going to be wild.

Chris White (09:43): It's going to be...

Brendan King (09:44): 17,000?

Chris White (09:44): 17,500.

Jack Palermo (09:44): It's going to be crazy.

Chris White (09:49): The scale of it, the technologyin it. It's a very, very ambitious project.

Brendan King (09:53): But even with all thesedifferent venues, that's kind of like what we were saying down by the floorabout Brooklyn Bowl, is the thing about you is you're kind of timeless. Okay,great, you've got the Sphere, you've got these new 17,000 seat venues, but youguys are a true...

Jack Palermo (10:10): True music venue.

Brendan King (10:11): Yeah.

Jack Palermo (10:12): True music venue.

Brendan King (10:13): When I saw Guster in New YorkCity in underground place, you guys have that. That definite, kind of New Yorkfeel, you guys have carried the Brooklyn feel here.

Jack Palermo (10:23): And Chicago feel, but that'sfine.

Brendan King (10:25): Never going to do that.

Jack Palermo (10:28): I always got to bring it up inevery episode. I do. I don't know why.

Chris White (10:31): Jack, I was on a call earlierthis week, about a potential Bowl in Chicago. Hopefully, there will be onethere soon.

Jack Palermo (10:37): That would be great. That wouldbe great. So tell us, speaking of that, how many Brooklyn Bowls are there, andwhere are they located?

Chris White (10:42): So there are soon to be four.There's the original in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, which opened in 2009. Then weopened in 2014. Nashville, we were supposed to open on March 12th of 2020.

Brendan King (10:57): Little thing got in the way.

Jack Palermo (10:58): Something got in the way.

Brendan King (10:59): That was the same day Amy wassupposed to open her extended Pilates studio, which was March 12th when wefinished construction.

Chris White (11:05): We're supposed to open on March13th.

Brendan King (11:07): Oh, my God.

Jack Palermo (11:07): Crazy.

Chris White (11:08): We pulled the plug on it onMarch 12th, kind of when the world ended.

Brendan King (11:11): But you're up?

Chris White (11:13): But we're back open, and it'samazing. That room is gorgeous. It's been really well received. And we've hadsome amazing acts in there. And even during the shutdown, we did a lot.

Jack Palermo (11:26): A lot of live streams, right?

Chris White (11:26): We did a huge amount of livestreams from there. And the room looked great. We did some really big acts. Andthat place has really hit all cylinders. I'll be back there in a couple weeks.I can't wait to go.

Brendan King (11:40): And it's music town. Musictown. I love Nashville.

Chris White (11:42): Yeah. We're not on Broadway.We're a little bit off it, by the Minor League Ballpark there, but it turnedout really, really well.

Jack Palermo (11:48): Doesn't your patio overlook theMinor League Ballpark too?

Chris White (11:50): Yep. You can get up there andwatch the game, or go and watch the show and hang out. And then we're justabout to open in Philadelphia, in the Fishtown area in Philadelphia, next tothe Fillmore, in beginning of November. So the teams... Actually, if anybodyknows anyone in Philadelphia that wants a job at Brooklyn Bowl, we have the jobfair next week.

Brendan King (12:11): Oh, perfect.

Chris White (12:12): October 4th and 5th.

Brendan King (12:12): And each of your venues, whatdo you guys employ on a typical venue?

Chris White (12:18): Well, our total team, because alot of our team is part-time, kind of hourly work and so on. We'll employ totalbetween 100 to 150 people total. And our full-time staff is 20 to 30 people.

Brendan King (12:33): Yeah. So, hey, if you need ajob in Philly, go work at the Brooklyn Bowl. You can have Chris as your boss.

Jack Palermo (12:38): Job fair.

Chris White (12:39): Imagine working someplacethat's not just a restaurant, not just a bar, not just a bowling alley, butalso a music venue.

Brendan King (12:44): Well, that's what I was kind ofsaying when we were walking around, you gave us a tour. It's such a cool placefor you to be able to work, and even just planning out the music acts andeverything else. The food looks amazing. The kitchen's massive. How many traysdid you say pass in a night?

Chris White (12:59): So we've done private events,like corporate events here, where they've done a couple hundred thousand piecesof tray passed. Hors d'oeuvres out of there in a 3-4 hour period. It's amachine. It's a sight to behold.

Brendan King (13:13): Yeah. Oh, that's amazing.

Brendan King (13:14): So enough about Brooklyn Bowl,as much as we could probably talk about it for the next two hours. Well, tellus a little bit about you. Where are you from? Just a little history.

Chris White (13:24): Oh, no. I grew up in WesternNew York, but spent about 10 years in New York, where I met my wife when wewent to school. And then worked on Wall Street there and then came out herebecause I want to build casino resorts. I want to be part of the developmentteam. I'm not [inaudible 00:13:37] hands. I can't build anything, actually.

Brendan King (13:39): Can you hang a picture?

Chris White (13:42): No. No. And got involved indevelopment out here, and been out here since 2004.

Brendan King (13:51): Which is an interesting seguebecause Wall Street to rock, is this something you had a passion about, musicand venues?

Chris White (14:00): Yeah, I've always been a musicfan, and really, really interested in it. It really was a confluence of justprojects that I worked on. I worked on The LINQ project here where the BrooklynBowl was located, and the High Roller when I worked for Caesars. And then leftthere. And then, it just so happened in my next really three projects at TheCosmopolitan and then with Brooklyn Bowl were all entertainment related. AndI've just been working with Brooklyn Bowl since.

Brendan King (14:22): You found your own littleniche.

Chris White (14:23): Yeah. I mean, it's great. It'sa really fun business. It's not as sexy as you think it is.

Brendan King (14:34): Anything in entertainment neveris.

Chris White (14:36): It's not as sexy as realestate, I could tell you that much. And I'm really, really lucky to have anamazing team I work with here. And then kind of the core folks, that I firststarted with back in New York as well. It's been a exciting time. And openingnew venues is really exciting, and we have more on the way that we're workingon now that we just haven't announced yet.

Brendan King (15:05): And it's fun with that. We usedto do showbiz. When you put something together like that as a group, you reallyconnect with each other. And when you launch your baby, like when Nashvilleopens, when Philly opens, it's like a weight off your shoulder. And also,"Oh, great. Here we go." So I'm sure all of that has a lot ofexcitement in and out.

Chris White (15:24): Oh, it's great. The great partof being in operations is that you get that thrill of when you put on a bigshow. And we just had two sold out shows in Nashville the last couple days, andthey're sending me videos of it. That's why we do it. When this place fills up,it just gets the energy. It just, it blows up. I mean, it's amazing.

Brendan King (15:46): See, now I have no choice butto come.

Jack Palermo (15:47): You have to come.

Chris White (15:48): That's why you do it. That'swhy you do it.

Brendan King (15:49): Oh, totally.

Chris White (15:50): But it's also a grind. And youhad a good month, congratulations. It's a brand new month.

Jack Palermo (15:54): Figure it out.

Brendan King (15:55): Welcome to business.

Chris White (15:55): We got more numbers to beat.

Brendan King (15:57): Well, it's the same for us. Onegreat month. And then you're like, "I was so busy last month. Oh,no."

Jack Palermo (16:01): Oh, no. Right.

Brendan King (16:03): But so overall, if you want tocheck out Brooklyn Bowl, of course, check out the website. What is the website,Chris?

Chris White (16:10):

Brendan King (16:11): I figured. I didn't want to bewrong. But check it out, Did we already show the schedule?But we'll show you guys the schedule. I think we already did. But check it out,go to the website. Definitely come check out a show here. The venue is insane.

Jack Palermo (16:29): It's amazing.

Brendan King (16:29): It's beautiful.

Chris White (16:30): And definitely come visit us,even if you're down on The Strip and looking for a place to grab a drink or abite to eat or looking to bowl.

Jack Palermo (16:39): Food's amazing. Food's amazingtoo.

Chris White (16:40): We're open most days.

Brendan King (16:43): And the bowling alleys arebeautiful. They're really, really nice. Yeah. And you don't have to come herejust for a show, right? Can you just come here and bowl one night?

Chris White (16:48): On most nights, you can come inand just, if you want to eat and drink and get on the lanes, you can do that.

Brendan King (16:54): Cool.

Jack Palermo (16:55): Fried chicken's amazing. Thefried chicken is amazing.

Brendan King (16:57): Blue Ribbon Chicken, if youhaven't heard of it, it's really, really good. I don't know how you guys gotthe recipe to that and why they're letting you use it. But that's pretty nice.

Chris White (17:04): We know people.

Jack Palermo (17:04): It's a secret.

Brendan King (17:06): So don't forget, of course,we're going to have Chris hang out for the rest of the show. But don't forgetto text "RAIDERS" to... No. Yes, the Raiders ticket giveaway.

Jack Palermo (17:17): Yes, there it is.

Brendan King (17:18): So we are giving away twotickets to the Raiders game against the...

Jack Palermo (17:22): The Bears.

Brendan King (17:23): So on Monday, don't forget.Before Monday at 4:30, I think it is.

Jack Palermo (17:29): 4:30, Pacific time.

Brendan King (17:31): Text "RAIDERS"...

Jack Palermo (17:32): Before the Monday NightFootball.

Brendan King (17:33): Text "RAIDERS" to702-553-1955. It's text "RAIDERS" to 702-553-1955.

Brendan King (17:43): What do we got here, Jack?

Jack Palermo (17:45): Well, speaking of the Raiders,let's talk about the Raiders. They are 3-0. They're very, very good right now.They're very good.

Brendan King (17:52): Who would've thought?

Jack Palermo (17:53): Peyton Barber took over forJosh Jacobs over this past weekend, ran for over a hundred yards, kind ofcrazy. They just signed him two weeks ago. So it was pretty great. Raiders aregood.

Brendan King (18:03):

David was looking at me while I was flipping through all that. Iwas supposed to mention that there's only four days left, Monday. I flipthrough all the slides. But the Raiders are looking ridiculous. Have you seenthe last couple of games?

Chris White (18:15): Yeah. They're impressive. I'veenjoyed watching them a lot more than I enjoy watching the Bears.

Jack Palermo (18:20): Well, so the problem is, seehere is...

Brendan King (18:21): Or the Giants.

Jack Palermo (18:22): So the issue is, is they'regoing to be 4-0, probably win Monday night. But then next Sunday, the Bearscome to town. And we're giving away tickets saying the Bears are going to win.But anyway, that's just me.

Brendan King (18:32): Are they though?

Jack Palermo (18:32): They probably won't. I thinkthe Raiders are going to win.

Brendan King (18:35): And Carr looks healthy. Carrwas injured, but not injured. He looked amazing.

Jack Palermo (18:38): Yeah, the Bears are a problemright now. They're a big problem.

Brendan King (18:43): And then this weekend, afterthis crazy sports weekend, of course the Aces were playing.

Jack Palermo (18:48): Aces play game two tonight, atthe Michelob Ultra Arena, over at Mandalay Bay. They won their first game, andthis is game two.

Brendan King (18:57): So Jack named the arena.

Jack Palermo (19:00): I did. This is my favoritebeer.

Brendan King (19:02): But yeah, the Aces are lookinggood. As always, they're rolling through. So this is game two, you said, right?

Jack Palermo (19:08): Game two tonight.

Jack Palermo (19:09): Now, another big announcementthat's going on in Vegas, two PGA events back to back, two weekends in a row.Shriners next weekend out at TPC Summerlin. You can see all the best golfersgoing out there. It's a FedEx Cup Tournament, which is pretty cool.

Jack Palermo (19:26): And then the following weekend,at the new Summit Club, is the CJ Cup, which last year, they had it at ShadowCreek, in town here as well. And this year...

Brendan King (19:34): It used to be in South Korea.

Jack Palermo (19:35): Yeah, it used to be overseas,but ever since the pandemic, they moved it over to the United States. And nowit's going to be at The Summit Club in Summerlin, the following weekend, whichis pretty cool. I'm actually going to be a marshall, so come out and say hi. Idon't know what hole I'm going to be on, but I'm pretty excited about it.

Brendan King (19:50): So two back to back PGA events,that's huge. Vegas always just seems to be growing, and it doesn't stop. But Iknow we used to have two PGA events back in the day, but it's nice to...

Jack Palermo (20:01): It's still...

Brendan King (20:02): Years ago. Yeah. Yeah. No, itwas before we were here.

Brendan King (20:05): So besides sports, of course,we always do obviously show you real estate as well. We got a couple currentlistings. So three of our listings, actually last week, we put all three up onWednesday. Two are already gone. One is left. We did have a showing yesterday,that sounds like we're getting an offer.

Brendan King (20:23): So 5634 Granollers Drive, threebed, two bath, 1,597 square feet. We are actually going to be having open housethis Saturday, October 2nd, from 11:00 to 3:00 PM, Toll Brothers Townhomes,Summerlin South in the Mesas. Honestly, I think these are the nicest townhomesin Summerlin.

Jack Palermo (20:43): They are. I like them.

Brendan King (20:44): But yeah, open house, Saturdayfrom 11:00 to 3:00. Chris White will be there.

Jack Palermo (20:49): Chris White will be there.

Jack Palermo (20:51): All right. So another big realestate news, Las Vegas-area home prices rise 22.4% over last year in July,which is insane. But we're ranked number four. So, there's other places in thenation. Phoenix, Seattle, Dallas, they are going higher than we are. But it isinsane, 22.4%.

Brendan King (21:10): And these are large cities. Ithink some of the smaller cities are even higher than this. I think thisparticular article was more about the large cities, but Boise, Idaho.

Jack Palermo (21:18): Boise, Idaho.

Brendan King (21:19):There's Reno.

Jack Palermo (21:24): I mean, and our Utah, Salt LakeCity.

Chris White (21:24): Are you guys saying, is itpeople coming in from California?

Jack Palermo (21:25): Yeah, every time.

Brendan King (21:26): Every showing, it's like,"Oh, where are you from?" And I'm kind of asking, but I already knowthe answer.

Jack Palermo (21:30): What part of California?Basically, what part of California?

Brendan King (21:33): It's California.

Chris White (21:34): Yeah, that's what you hear kindof. I know folks in Austin, they talk about people come moving from Californiaand from New York and so on. And just because you realize they don't have to bein those big cities anymore.

Brendan King (21:44): Yeah, Austin's blowing up too.

Jack Palermo (21:46): Austin's blowing up.

Brendan King (21:47): Austin's been blowing up for 15years. But I'm surprised there's not a Bowl in Austin.

Chris White (21:50): We've looked at it. We'velooked at it. It's possible. Yeah.

Jack Palermo (21:50): Interesting.

Chris White (21:50): We like to do that, yeah.

Jack Palermo (21:50): Interesting.

Brendan King (21:57): So also, this is something wewere chatting about. The Cosmopolitan just sold for $5.65 billion to MGMResorts. So what was it? How long ago? A month ago, two months ago thatVenetian Palazzo sold for about 6 billion?

Chris White (22:16): Which is, it's amazing.Venetian Palazzo is 7,000 rooms and a giant convention center.

Brendan King (22:23): The Sands Convention Center'shuge.

Chris White (22:25): Two casinos and the Grand CanalShoppes, and all that. It sold for 6 billion. And then, Cosmopolitan just soldfor almost 6 billion. I mean, it's beautiful, amazing property.

Brendan King (22:37): It's a little independentproperty, though.

Chris White (22:37): But it's 3,000 rooms, and onecasino. And it tells you location. I mean, it's very strategically importantfor MGM between Bellaggio and CityCenter Time. That has to be the rationale.

Brendan King (22:48): Even with that, I feel likeeverybody I talk to, from out of town, wants to go to The Cosmopolitan. Theyalways mention The Cosmopolitan, like I'm going to get a drink at the champagnebar. I'm going to go to such and such. I'm going to go to... What is it? What'sthe Japanese place in there, which I love? I can't even think of it. Friends?Is it Friends?

Jack Palermo (23:04): No. You're thinking of BestFriend. That's in Park MGM, which is also really good. It's Momofuku.

Brendan King (23:11): Momofuku. Yes. Love Momofuku.

Brendan King (23:13): But yeah, The Cosmopolitan,$5.65 billion. That's a massive sale. And I guess it just tells you more aboutthe fact that Vegas is back. I think things are going to continue to grow. Andit's just a crazy number though.

Chris White (23:30): For Blackstone, it had to be agood day in their offices.

Brendan King (23:35): Yeah. Yeah. And Blackstonebought it out of pretty much collapse.

Chris White (23:38): They bought it for 1.8 billion.It's a $3 billion project, they bought for 1.8 billion. And it's through anoffer. Huge amount of cash for them, the last few years. And now they'reselling it at this premium. It's a really good deal.

Brendan King (23:50): Anything Blackstone touchesturns to gold, a lot of times.

Jack Palermo (23:54): It's a "Goldstone".Pretty good.

Brendan King (23:57): So another thing is a big winfor landowners. So the judge rules Las Vegas took 35 acres on Badlands. So weall used to golf at Badlands. It was probably the hardest golf course in all ofLas Vegas. And so EHB had purchased the land. This is a huge golf course, 27holes right next to the Queensridge Towers. So he bought the land. And a lot ofpeople got really angry and stopped him pretty much from building homes andcondos. So this is one of, I believe, four different court cases right now. Sothis one looks like it's going to move forward. They're going to build thecondo building.

Jack Palermo (24:39): Condo buildings, yeah.

Brendan King (24:41): And not on top of people'shomes. But that's the big reason why this has been delayed is there's some...The Fertittas have a home in there.

Chris White (24:49): There's some beautiful homes onthe court.

Jack Palermo (24:50): There's some angry people whohad the golf course [inaudible 00:24:52].

Brendan King (24:53): Yeah. Yeah. So this is actuallypretty big news. But yeah, 35 acres of the 200 and something plus acres areactually sounding like they're going to have a condo building built. It's agood location. It's a perfect location.

Jack Palermo (25:06): It's perfect location.

Brendan King (25:07): Yeah. So moving on from that,this is interesting.

Jack Palermo (25:11): Super weird, but cool. But it'scool. I mean, I'm sorry for the weird comment, but it's super cool. Yeah.There's going to be a community based farming facility in the west side of LasVegas.

Brendan King (25:25): Yeah. And I think the coolthing about it is they're aiming to tackle food insecurity and help people thatare in need. So, that is an interesting part of the project. But the location'skind of a surprise.

Jack Palermo (25:35): Yeah, I was like,"Huh."

Brendan King (25:37):

It was definitely a surprise to see. But you know what? It's good.Everybody needs help. And it's nice that they're doing something including thecommunity and helping people with food insecurity.

Chris White (25:47): Food insecurity is a majorissue.

Brendan King (25:49): In Vegas, especially.

Chris White (25:50): In Southern Nevada. Big time.

Jack Palermo (25:52): For sure.

Chris White (25:53): So this, yeah. I agree,farming. And you don't think about farming in the city of Las Vegas.

Jack Palermo (25:57): You don't think about farmingin west side of Las Vegas. That's why I was like, "What?" But it'sgreat. If they get it going, it's going to be great.

Chris White (26:03): Kind of there's so many greatprojects that are in the city tackling that, between Three Square, The Just OneProject...

Jack Palermo (26:12): Help of Southern Nevada.

Chris White (26:13): Yeah, the Help of SouthernNevada. They do amazing work.

Jack Palermo (26:15): Junior League of Las Vegas.

Chris White (26:16): Junior League. And then,hopefully this will be continuation to help us get closer to minimizing thatproblem.

Brendan King (26:24): Yeah. Yeah. No, it seems liketo be a major problem for sure. And I actually talked to somebody at ThreeSquare. They were giving me some stats. And I was dumbfounded. I had no idea.And I felt really kind of surprised by the fact that it's a really a hugeproblem here. Three Square, I'm a big...

Brendan King (26:39): Have you ever been throughthere?

Brendan King (26:41): Have you volunteered there?

Jack Palermo (26:42): Yeah.

Brendan King (26:42): It's actually really amazing towatch how many kids they can feed, or I think it's kids and families, not justkids. But we put together something like a thousand lunches in a day. It'sincredible.

Brendan King (26:55): So moving on next week, FirstFriday, what do you got about that Jack?

Jack Palermo (26:59): First Friday, it's where it'sthe First Friday to do it, big type of festival. They do it every first Friday,every month here in Las Vegas. This First Friday is celebrating their 19thanniversary, which is great. And what they're going to do special here isthey're going to honor all the victims from October 1.

Brendan King (27:18): And it's taking place onOctober 1st, so tomorrow. And actually, they're going to do a remembrance at10:01 PM.

Jack Palermo (27:25): Mayor's going to be there.

Brendan King (27:26): Is he... Is she? Sorry, I stillhave the old mayor in my head.

Jack Palermo (27:29): You're thinking Oscar, but it'sCarolyn.

Brendan King (27:31): Of course. Yeah. But yeah. Andso if you haven't been to First Friday, honestly, it's loads of fun. It's art,music. It's great.

Jack Palermo (27:39): Takes place tomorrow from 5:00to 11:00.

Brendan King (27:41): Yeah. And besides that, DJDiesel.

Jack Palermo (27:45): DJ Diesel, Shaq. The ShaquilleO'Neal Foundation. The event is going to be at the MGM Garden Arena. This isgreat for Brendan. It's going to be this Saturday. His favorite artist, JustinBieber, will be performing along with Imagine Dragons, Snoop Dogg, KellyClarkson, and of course, DJ Diesel, which is Shaquille O'Neal.

Brendan King (28:05): Which I learned today. Iactually had no idea that DJ Diesel was Shaquille O'Neal. But this is actuallykind of a nice little mix of different artists.

Jack Palermo (28:11): Yeah. And his foundationcreates pathways for underserved youth, helping them achieve their fullpotential.

Brendan King (28:16): Yeah. Actually, have you metShaq before?

Chris White (28:18): I haven't met him. I've seen himin the flesh.

Brendan King (28:21): I did an event with him yearsago. And he's got a lot of foundations and events that he does for charity. Heis massive.

Jack Palermo (28:27): He's a massive man.

Chris White (28:28):He's huge.

Brendan King (28:29): He's huge. He got out of hischair, and I was still looking up as he's getting up. I was like,"Hello."

Jack Palermo (28:34): You were looking up as he wassitting down too.

Brendan King (28:36): Yeah. Yeah, exactly

Brendan King (28:39): So moving on. So of course, ourfavorite website, Eater.

Jack Palermo (28:45): Las Vegas.

Brendan King (28:47): What is going on with thisthing?

Jack Palermo (28:49): Psychedelic Palm Springs vibe.It is called Peyote. It just looks really, really cool. The food looks great. Imean, look at...

Brendan King (28:59): Total Palm Springs vibe. It'sat the Fergusons, which is that curly Mack truck.

Jack Palermo (29:03):Yeah. Container park.

Brendan King (29:05): Yeah. This was, I believe, itwas a Japanese restaurant before. And they decided to change the whole venueup. But the food looks incredible. Actually, that steak, I wish I had rightnow. But yeah, Peyote, check it out. Fergusons Downtown. If you haven't beenthere, it's a really cool, really, really cool place. The coffee shop, what isthat, Mothership? Mothership coffee?

Chris White (29:27):I think we've got Mothershipdown there.

Brendan King (29:27): Yeah. Yeah, yeah. Which isawesome coffee. But it's just a really great venue. Honestly, downtown,anywhere, we've just keep adding...

Jack Palermo (29:35): It's pretty great.

Brendan King (29:36): I've been here since '09.There's thousands of additional venues or places to eat. It's endless.

Chris White (29:44): Well, people always bag on LasVegas that it has no soul, kind of it's not really urban and so on. But what'shappened down on Fremont Street and first, and the [Patino 00:33:17] Park andeverything, definitely goes against that. It feels really like an actual place.

Jack Palermo (30:04): Yeah, like little ArtsDistrict. They got all these little... Yeah. It's really cool.

Chris White (30:04): And what's happen with thebreweries down there on the Main Street, and everything. It's made Vegas thatmuch more special.

Brendan King (30:12): And since you moved herebetween the Smith... Remember, they were like, "Oh, there's novenues." We have The Smith Center, everything Tony Hsieh did to kind of bethe impetus for downtown. The Arts District, which is kind of even separatefrom Tony Hsieh's whole thing where there's a lot of people that are reallypassionate about the Arts District. And then you go west, and we have DowntownSummerlin. It's just literally, every day I just laugh.

Jack Palermo (30:34): More and more building,building, building.

Brendan King (30:35): My parents come into town, andit's been six months. And they're like, "What is that?" That's twonew warehouses. They're like, "Great."

Chris White (30:43): Yeah. And even in my neck ofthe woods with the UnCommons.

Brendan King (30:46): Yeah. That's incredible.

Jack Palermo (30:48): That looks incredible. Thatreally does look incredible.

Brendan King (30:50): And the whole market hall theyhave in there, they're going to have... It reminds me of what New York didabout 10 years ago where they added these inside, kind of mess halls, where theyhave ramen, sushi. I'm going to pick every Japanese food.

Jack Palermo (31:02): Yes. I think Brendan likes thatkind of food.

Brendan King (31:06): I'll take Japanese all daylong. Yeah. And of course, we want to absolutely remind everybody that text"VIP" to 702-553-1955. Get on our VIP list. We're going to connectyou with different businesses in town, different events, sports, anythingVegas. And of course...

Jack Palermo (31:24): Text "DINE" if youwant drink specials, food specials, this is where you text. Text"DINE" to 702-553-1955.

Brendan King (31:32): And as always, every Monday, wedo a market update. Text "MARKET", 702-553-1955. Every Monday, wegive you the update on the market. That's why when Chris asks us, "Hey,what's going on with the market?" We always know the numbers.

Jack Palermo (31:44): Yeah, absolutely.

Brendan King (31:44): So every Monday, of course, wesend that out. You guys are the first to know before anybody. And...

Jack Palermo (31:49): Don't forget.

Brendan King (31:50): Don't forget.

Chris White (31:51): It's 702-553-1955.

Brendan King (31:54):That's it. Oh, my God. See,Chris knows.

Jack Palermo (31:56): And don't forget if you want toget on this Raiders game, it is text "RAIDERS" to... What number,Chris?

Chris White (32:01): 702-553-1955.

Jack Palermo (32:03): Yes, sir.

Chris White (32:04): There we go.

Brendan King (32:04): See, Chris is on the list.Chris is on the list. Hey, as always, a pleasure to see you, Chris.

Jack Palermo (32:11): Thank you very much, Sir.

Chris White (32:11): Thank you, guys, for coming.

Jack Palermo (32:13): We appreciate it.

Brendan King (32:13):The Brooklyn Bowl is ridiculous.Get your butt down here. Check out a concert. Come here, get a beer, grab somefood. Don't forget, you don't have to come here for a concert too. If you'rejust in the area, come in, get a beer, have some food, just enjoy the space andgo bowling, of course. I am a horrible bowler. So if you ever want to beatsomebody in bowling, call me, I'll go with you.

Jack Palermo (32:34): And Chris, we're going to haveto get him to come down here.

Chris White (32:36): Yeah. It has to happen. Youhave no excuse.

Brendan King (32:38): No. Absolutely, it has tohappen. But thank you so much, Chris. We appreciate it.

Chris White (32:43): No problem.

Jack Palermo (32:43): Thank you.

Brendan King (32:43): And hey guys, check outBrooklyn Bowl. There's no reason you shouldn't. It's an amazing venue, amazingplace to go. And we can come at 5:00, bowl, eat, see a show, and then stayafterwards. Chris would be very happy.

Chris White (32:56): And book your holiday parties too.

Jack Palermo (32:58): And book your holiday parties.

Brendan King (32:59): Absolutely. All right, guys.Have a good one. See you next time.

Jack Palermo (33:01): See you next time.

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