January 13, 2022

January 20, 2022

Episode #28 of “Unnamed Show”

Episode #28 of “Unnamed Show” | In this episode Brendan and Jack talk about the Raiders big win and upcoming playoff game and introduce our newest member of the BKG. They also discuss Grammys crank up the volume on Las Vegas buzz, Sammy Hagar revives Las Vegas party production, Legend Franco Dragone prepares to debut Criss Angel’s ‘Amystika’, and Electric Pickle opens pickle ball courts with bars at the Bend in Southwest Las Vegas.

Episode #28 of “Unnamed Show” | In this episode Brendan and Jack talk about the Raiders big win and upcoming playoff game and introduce our newest member of the BKG. They also discuss Grammys crank up the volume on Las Vegas buzz, Sammy Hagar revives Las Vegas party production, Legend Franco Dragone prepares to debut Criss Angel’s ‘Amystika’, Electric Pickle opens pickle ball courts with bars at the Bend in Southwest Las Vegas, Peter Luger Steak House coming to Las Vegas Strip, Tivoli Village being sold for $216M, 5 Myths That Cost New Homeowners Time and Money5 Myths That Cost New Homeowners Time and Money, and The housing market was on a wild ride this year. Here's what to expect in 2022. 

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Excited for our new jump to REAL for 2022!

(01:07): The BKG is excited to announce that we will be adding 5 more agents to the team by the end of January.



Raiders Use 17th Game (and Then Some) to Slide Into Postseason

(02:29): Raiders beat Chargers 35-32, in overtime, gaining the A.F.C.’s final playoff berth


(03:34): Raiders-Cincinnati Bengals rematch | Las Vegas Review-Journal


(03:50): Interesting fact / Nobody in human history has ever sent a text message about the Bengals winning a playoff game. Bengals last playoff win : 1991 and First text message sent : 1992


(04:34): ​​Grammys crank up the volume on Las Vegas buzz | Las Vegas Review-Journal


(05:20): Sammy Hagar revives Las Vegas party production | Las Vegas Review-Journal



(05:56):Las Vegas entertainment legend Franco Dragone prepares to debut Criss Angel’s ‘Amystika’ - Las Vegas Weekly


(06:47):Peter Luger Steak House coming to Las Vegas Strip | Las Vegas Review-Journal



(07:31): Electric Pickle opens pickle ball courts with bars at the Bend in Southwest Las Vegas in 2022 - Eater Vegas



(08:51): Tivoli Village being sold for $216M | Las Vegas Review-Journal



(10:17):5 Myths That Cost New Homeowners Time and Money


Also check our blogs on our website kingvegashomes.com

(15:45):How to Declutter Your Home for 2022



(16:26):The housing market was on a wild ride this year. Here's what to expect in 2022


(17:42): Check out our weekly Monday Market update / It’s a Seller’s Market to start the new year 



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This is transcribed (accuracy not guaranteed)

BrendanKing(00:36):What's going on? It's BrendanKing from the Brendan King Group at Real.

JackPalermo(00:38):Jack Palermo from the BrendanKing Group at Real.

BrendanKing(00:41):And this is episode number 28of, The Unnamed Show. What's going on, Jack?

JackPalermo(00:46):Hello, sir. How are you?

BrendanKing(00:47):I think we just did that introseven times before everyone else got to see it.


BrendanKing(00:51):But we got it down.

JackPalermo(00:52):We got it done.

BrendanKing(00:54):So, as always make sure you text"VIP" to 702-553-1955. Text "VIP" to 702-553.


BrendanKing(00:54):You got it.

JackPalermo(00:54):Yes, sir.

BrendanKing(01:03):You got it, Jack.

JackPalermo(01:05):Yes, sir.

BrendanKing(01:07):And in case anybody doesn't knowyet, even though we've announced it everywhere, we just jumped to a newbrokerage called Real Brokerage. Honestly, it's been awesome. We've connectedwith so many people.

JackPalermo(01:15):So many people.

BrendanKing(01:16):And in that same period of time,we also equally started a new Instagram page.

JackPalermo(01:23):Yes, we did, at Brendan KingGroup.

BrendanKing(01:25):Yeah, so check out at BrendanKing Group on Instagram. Brand new page. If anybody's not aware, somehow we hadour thousands of followers taken from us, from Instagram.

               We know where you are. We don't,actually. Please, if anybody does, let us know, because our Instagram page gotshut down for no reason, but we started a new one, and we're coming backstrong.

JackPalermo(01:46):We're excited.

BrendanKing(01:48):We'll be at 10 million by nextweek, definitely.

JackPalermo(01:50):10 million.

BrendanKing(01:51):10 million.


BrendanKing(01:53):So, definitely, there's a lotgoing on, and one of those things is adding five more agents to the team by theend of January, and if you're interested, go to "www.jointhebkg.com."And, actually, today, we get to introduce one of our newest agents.

JackPalermo(02:13):Yes. Exciting stuff.

BrendanKing(02:14):Karly Taylor is here, and it'sher first week, so she's probably a little overwhelmed, a lot of information totake in, but definitely happy to introduce you guys to her. Let's get toprobably the biggest news in Las Vegas.

JackPalermo(02:29):The Raiders made the playoffs!

BrendanKing(02:30):The Raiders made the playoffs.Yes!

JackPalermo(02:32):[crosstalk 00:02:32] They beatthe Chargers. [inaudible 00:02:34].

BrendanKing(02:34):How many years? Five years sincethey made the playoffs?

JackPalermo(02:36):Since 2016.

BrendanKing(02:37):Yeah, Jesus.

JackPalermo(02:38):Craziness, overtime game, beatthe Chargers last Sunday night. It was probably, I would say top five games,NFL games of all time.

BrendanKing(02:47):I was in a triangle ofhilariousness. I was standing next to a friend from the Steelers. I was seeinga major Oakland Raiders fan, freaking out. The Steelers, if they would've tiedthe chargers.

JackPalermo(03:03):By the way, they're Las Vegasraiders.

BrendanKing(03:05):What did I say?


BrendanKing(03:06):No, he's an Oak-

JackPalermo(03:07):Oh, oh!

BrendanKing(03:07):He grew up, he grew up as anOakland Raiders fan.

JackPalermo(03:10):[inaudible 00:03:10].

BrendanKing(03:11):So we were at, at this place,the owner of the restaurant, massive Raiders fan. He's freaking out, theSteelers fans freaking out, and that, that's when you told me about the tie.

JackPalermo(03:21):Yeah, it all ties into it.

BrendanKing(03:22):And if they tied, then theSteelers don't make the playoffs. So, I was like, "That's never going tohappen!"

JackPalermo(03:26):Came down, almost did.

BrendanKing(03:28):How far-? If the chargers didn'tcall time out, I think it probably would've tied. [crosstalk 00:03:32].

David (03:32):That time out, that time out.

JackPalermo(03:33):That ruined it.

BrendanKing(03:34):Yeah. But, yeah, so Raiders arein the playoffs. This is massive. Huge.

JackPalermo(03:38):They played Cincinnati Bengalsthis Saturday at 1:35 PM in Cincinnati, in the jungle, as they like to call it.

BrendanKing(03:46):Yes. [inaudible 00:03:47], ajungle's not freezing cold.

JackPalermo(03:50):So, an interesting fact. Here wego. You ready for this one? Nobody in human history has ever such a textmessage about the Bengals winning a playoff game. The Bengals's last playoffwin was in 1991, and the first ever text messages was sent in 1992.

BrendanKing(04:06):That- When you sent me thatyesterday...

JackPalermo(04:08):Isn't that crazy?

BrendanKing(04:09):...I laughed my butt off that-


BrendanKing(04:11):A hilarious stat, and as of, Iguess, this year, nobody will ever send a text saying that the Bengals won aplayoff game.

David (04:20):Hey, come on.

BrendanKing(04:22):But, good luck, best of luck.We'll see what happens. But, on the, other than the, obviously sports news,besides the nights kind of off and on this week...


BrendanKing(04:34):Not really, after that sevengame win streak, they've kind of had a one, one win, one loss, one win, oneloss. Entertainment wise, we got some huge news. The Grammys are actually goingto be in Las Vegas.

JackPalermo(04:48):Possibly. Possibly, it's goingto happen.

BrendanKing(04:50):Yeah, it's going to happen.Everything's here now.


BrendanKing(04:53):But it used to be at the StapleCenter in LA and-

JackPalermo(04:56):Crypto.com is what it's callednow.

BrendanKing(04:58):Well, that's right. Crypto.comstadium in LA, but it's actually possibly moving to Las Vegas. That's, that'smassive for us.

JackPalermo(05:06):And [inaudible 00:05:07].

BrendanKing(05:07):Yeah, that's huge, so hopefullyit happens. We're not sure yet because it is a possibility, but I know you'vegot something else going on here.

JackPalermo(05:14):Yeah, so remember when we saidDavid Lee Roth canceled all of his stuff?


JackPalermo(05:18):Well Sammy Hagar's not.


JackPalermo(05:20):The other lead singer from VanHalen, one of the other three. Anyway, so Sammy Hagar and friends kicks offtheir residency at the STRAT theater, February 9th, 11th, and 12th, and March23rd, 25th and 26th. What's cool about it is this lineup has the Ex-Van Halen bassist,Michael Anthony, drummer, Jason Bonham, who is the son of the late rock legendfrom Led Zeppelin, John Bonham, and guitar [great 00:05:45], Vic Johnson. So,it should be a good show.

BrendanKing(05:46):Yeah, hat's actually prettyawesome. Well, who, who got David Lee Roth?

JackPalermo(05:50):Yeah. David Roth.

BrendanKing(05:50):Half of them have canceled andhalf of them have just pushed forward and doubled down.

JackPalermo(05:55):Yeah. Yeah.

BrendanKing(05:56):So in other entertainment newsas well, the legendary director from Cirque Du Soleil, Franco Dragone, Dragone,is actually going to do a new show with Criss Angel. "Amystika."


BrendanKing(06:08):It's very, a unique name forsure, but Criss Angel's got another show in the works with Franco Dragone. Thisone's going to be with Dragone's entertainment company, not with with Cirque DuSoleil, actually.


BrendanKing(06:21):But yeah, Dragone and CrissAngel are going to partner up and do another show for Criss.

JackPalermo(06:21):That's cool.

BrendanKing(06:27):Just, Criss just keeps rocking.[crosstalk 00:06:30] And then word was this was going to be at PlanetHollywood. But yeah, Dragone was the director behind "O,""Mystère, and "Mindfreak," so the guy just keeps going.

JackPalermo(06:39):Rock on.

BrendanKing(06:41):And Le, Le Rêve, right, dude?

David (06:41):Yeah, Le Rêve as well.

BrendanKing(06:43):Yeah, yeah, Le Rêve as well. So,in, in addition, I know this one, we announced quite a while ago.

JackPalermo(06:47):Yeah, so it was rumors quite awhile ago that Peter Luger was coming to the Strip. Peter Luger Steakhouse,that's the original one in Brooklyn. It is now official. They will be coming tothe Caesars Palace, which is, makes me a happy man. I love it. That was myfavorite steakhouse in the entire world.

BrendanKing(07:03):And I literally got a messagefrom a friend from Vegas, who's from New York, who said he now has no otherreason to go back to New York because that was [crosstalk 00:07:11].

JackPalermo(07:10):Stay here in Las Vegas, there wego.

BrendanKing(07:12):Yeah, I guess he is that big ofa Peter Luger fan. I have never tried it.

JackPalermo(07:16):Oh, my God, you're going to loveit. We're going to go, we're going to go.

BrendanKing(07:18):Even though I lived in New Yorkfor many years, I've actually never been to Peter Luger.

JackPalermo(07:21):We are going to go, we're goingto have a Brendan King Group team dinner there.

BrendanKing(07:25):All right. I, I appreciate thefact that you're going to take us out to dinner.

JackPalermo(07:28):Yeah, thank you, Brendan. Thankyou ahead of time.

BrendanKing(07:31):So in the, in the other news,actually one of my clients sent me this, she's a big Pickle Ball fan and shesaid, "Brendan, did you hear about Electric Pickle?" And I was like,"What? Excuse me." And she sent me this article, and so ElectricPickle is going to be a Pickle Ball court bar that's going to be at the bend inthe Southwest. There's a really great place out in Denver that we used to visitwhen we'd visit my brother-in-law that had a similar vibe. So, this will be, Ibelieve, eight Pickle Ball courts, all in this, kind of, multi-use facility,where they'll they'll have cornhole, pickle ball, and all sorts ofentertainment, plus food and drinks. Honestly-

JackPalermo(08:09):We've got bar, three bars.That's great.

BrendanKing(08:11):Yeah, three bars. It's, it'sreally going to be a cool place. Bochee ball courts, lawn for loud music. Idon't know where yoga classes comes into play there, but...

JackPalermo (08:20):Whatever.

BrendanKing(08:20):...hey, if someone wants to dodown dog, while someone else is smashing somebody on the pickle ball courts, gofor it.

JackPalermo(08:26):Go right ahead.

BrendanKing(08:27):But yeah, $30 an hour rental forthe courts and honestly, just a really cool, kind of, families can go.


BrendanKing(08:36):Friends can go. It's really justa great facility, looking forward to it.They got to get move even on the Bendif this is going to open, but-

JackPalermo(08:42):A lot of options, that too.

BrendanKing(08:43):Yeah. [inaudible 00:08:45].

JackPalermo(08:45):Neapolitan pizzas, Mexico citytacos, American burgers and Korean protein and hemp bowls. Sweet.

BrendanKing(08:50):Well, we're there.

JackPalermo(08:51):It's going to be awesome.

BrendanKing (08:51):We're definitely there. So,obviously, if they don't build the Bend, they can't sell it, but Tivoli Villagedid build and they are selling.

JackPalermo(08:59):They are selling. Ti- TivoliVillage is being sold for $216 million, so the first thing that they need todo, is you can see right there, they need to fix the L in the sign,"Tivoi." Anyway, so that is real estate firm 3D investments confirmedto the review journal on Monday that it's buying suburban Las Vegas, retail andoffice complex, from its Israeli owners.

BrendanKing(09:20):Yeah, and it's only at 80%occupied.


BrendanKing(09:24):And it's selling for 216million. Honestly, that's a massive number. In my opinion, Tivoli has probablyhad the highest turnover in restaurants, but there's great places to go there.

JackPalermo(09:35):It's, it's great! If you goinside there, if you've never been there, and you go inside there, it'sawesome. It's, I just don't feel it's marketed well enough.

BrendanKing(09:41):Yeah, yeah, so-

JackPalermo(09:42):So, it actually show what's inthere.

BrendanKing(09:43):Hopefully, I know the old ownerhad a million projects going on. Hopefully, the new owner is super focused ongetting more things in there and honestly, the farmer's market on Saturdays isgreat there. Hopefully, they do a great job of just continuing to add more andmore great restaurants. Come on, Echo & Rig.

JackPalermo(10:00):Echo & Rig is great.

BrendanKing(10:00):What's the Italian restaurant?

JackPalermo(10:01):Oh, oh Al Solito Posto.

BrendanKing(10:04):Can never remember that,[crosstalk 00:10:04] but it's great, yeah.

JackPalermo(10:04):El Dorado Cantina is amazing.

BrendanKing(10:06):Another good one, yeah. So,they've done an amazing job, hopefully that continues, but yeah, 216 million.That's not something to write, that's definitely something to write home about.


BrendanKing(10:16):Huge number.

JackPalermo(10:16):Huge number.

BrendanKing(10:17):So, we've got a little, kind of,quick tips. We have "Five Myths That Cost New Homeowners Time andMoney," and these are honestly things we say time and time again. So,"Myth #1: You can worry about maintenance costs later."Yeah, no, no,no, no. Honestly, we do this with our clients. Anytime they want to know whatthe cost is going to be on a new home that they're purchasing, we'll bring in acontractor, so they know what's going on. That's important, but yeah.Eh, I'llworry about it later. No, that doesn't work with us.


BrendanKing(10:50):We're going to bring in acontractor and figure out the cost of what's going on there. What's next-

JackPalermo(10:54):Second one, "It's best todecorate and buy everything before you move-in." Absolutely not. Yourbuyers are going to want to do what they want to do with the property. Andnumber two, that's not on this list, is if you buy things like furniture andthings like that, that can hit your credit and it might not let your loan gothrough.

BrendanKing(11:11):Good point. Yeah, so...

JackPalermo(11:11):So, yeah.

BrendanKing(11:13):...definitely wait before youbuy anything. As, as far as furniture, I had a client buy a refrigerator rightafter they signed. We said it in the signing, "Don't go do anything,"they walked out, went to RC Willey, and just opened the credit line but[crosstalk 00:11:26] didn't buy anything.

JackPalermo(11:27):No good.

BrendanKing(11:28):Delayed the closing by twoweeks, so yeah, good. That's a good one, for sure, and thanks for mentioningthat.

JackPalermo(11:32):So wait, wait, wait.

BrendanKing(11:33):Yeah, definitely a good one. Somyth number three, "It's not a big deal that you skip theinspection," until it's a big deal that you skip the inspection.

JackPalermo(11:42):It is a big deal that you-

BrendanKing(11:45):Honestly, there, there's beentimes where I literally threatened to pay for it, for my clients because of thefact that they said, "Ah, don't worry about it." Always do aninspection. You never know what you're going to find, but more importantly, itgives you documentation on the issue, so then if there is something, you can goback to that, and you have proof that someone did claim that there was aproblem.


BrendanKing(12:06):So yeah, we never skipinspections, and honestly, none of our clients ever will.

JackPalermo(12:11):Myth number 4, "Homewarranties are the same as home insurance." [inaudible 00:12:15].

BrendanKing(12:16):We get this, we get thisquestion all the time. Home insurance is home insurance. It covers catastrophicevents or even if someone were to steal things in your property, and don'tforget to catalog your belongings to your home insurance.

JackPalermo(12:30):Yes, 100%.

BrendanKing(12:31):But definitely, and a homewarranty is more for the maintenance of the property on things likeappliances...

JackPalermo(12:37):Heating and cooling.



BrendanKing(12:39):Things like that.

JackPalermo(12:40):Plumbing, water heater.

BrendanKing(12:41):They sound very similar, buthomeowner's insurance is more for replacement costs, if you have a fire, or anatural disaster, or theft. Home warranties are for the, the other items andthey cost a little less money than the actual insurance.


BrendanKing(12:56):I would say do both.


BrendanKing(12:57):Myth number five, "All homeimprovement projects add value."

JackPalermo(13:05):That's also funny.

BrendanKing(13:06):This, this is a loaded questionor a loaded myth, I should say. Honestly, there is a website, where you can goto, and it says cost versus value. It's a remodeling website. You can put inyour zip code, put in the, the thing that you're doing, and it'll tell you youraverage return on, in, on investment. So we'll actually add that link. David,I'll give that to you.

David (13:06):Okay.

BrendanKing(13:29):But yeah, not all improvementsare created equal, especially if they're very particular in style.


BrendanKing(13:36):If you have a very particularstyle that's outside of the norm, and it doesn't mean you shouldn't decoratethe house, your house the way you want. I always say, do improvements so youcan enjoy them, but if you're looking to get value out of them, call us, and we'lllet you know.

JackPalermo(13:52):We'll let you know.

BrendanKing(13:53):Yeah because not every, youcan't build a grotto and a pool and a $200,000 backyard if you, none of yourneighbors have ever done that, then there's no comparison, there's no marketanalysis where you can say, "Oh, yeah, the guy down the street built a$200,000 backyard in his $350,000 home."

JackPalermo(14:12):Right, right.

BrendanKing(14:13):But yeah, anytime you havequestions about that, feel free to reach out to us because we can definitelygive you some advice on that for sure.


BrendanKing(14:21):So the next thing is just a newblog on our website. Honestly, we have a ton of blogs, or anytime you want tipson anything, "How to Declutter Your Home for 2022."


BrendanKing(14:31):What are some tips you've gothere?


JackPalermo(14:32):Make a schedule and checklist.

BrendanKing(14:34):That's a good one. That's [asolution 00:14:35].

JackPalermo(14:34):Put away things you don't need.Donate stuff.

BrendanKing(14:37):Donate, even [crosstalk00:14:39] it's a little difficult right now, but as far as bag things, that's alot easier.

JackPalermo(14:43):Yeah, for sure.

BrendanKing(14:43):You can do it, yeah.

JackPalermo(14:43):Find a decluttering method thatworks for you and the family.

BrendanKing(14:47):What's the one, the Kondo, MarieKondo. Have you done that?


BrendanKing(14:52):It's pretty good. Marie Kondo.She's a Japanese kind of organizer. She's got some interesting ways to foldyour things, so they fit better.

JackPalermo(15:00):Oh, nice.

BrendanKing(15:00):Our dish towels, when you pullthem out, it's like, [inaudible 00:15:02]. It's amazing, and then maximize homestorage.Hey, we live in Vegas. We don't have basements, we don't have attics.You got to put shelves in the garage. You got, you have to be creative inVegas, for sure, but definitely, maximize what you have. Some people just filltheir garage on the floor and forget there's a lot of real estate up above orin pantries. You have higher shelves, then you can put away things that areseasonal, or the one time a year that you pull out your ice cream machineand...

JackPalermo(15:27):Right, well, not in Vegas.

BrendanKing(15:27):And then putting it away.


JackPalermo(15:30):It's nine months a year.


JackPalermo(15:30):You got an ice machine out,probably.

BrendanKing(15:31):Throw in your bread machine thatI got as a gift 15 years ago-

JackPalermo(15:35):Collecting dust.

BrendanKing(15:35):And never used again.

JackPalermo(15:37):So, look, and also look atthings from an outsider's perspective. If you're decluttering your home, youwant to make sure that it's stuff is, think about what other people would like.

BrendanKing(15:45):Yeah. Especially if you'reselling, we go, that's how we organize a house when we're helping people sell.We look at it from the perspective of a, of a new buyer walking in for thefirst time and then declutter regularly.

JackPalermo(15:58):Please keep your house clean.

BrendanKing(15:58):That's easy. That's easier saidthan done to actually declutter all the time. But hey, that goes back to theschedule and checklist.

JackPalermo(16:05):Yeah, schedule and checklist,number one.

BrendanKing(16:07):Yeah, and get help. Enroll yourkids. We used to have children to work on the farm in the past, they might aswell help us declutter. So, well, I know the housing market has been on a wildride this year. Everybody's aware of that. Obviously, it's on, it's in everyperiodical...


BrendanKing(16:24):Everything. It's all over theplace.

JackPalermo(16:25):Every [inaudible 00:16:26]magazine.

BrendanKing(16:26):What can we expect in 2022,Jack?

JackPalermo(16:29):The more, the same. It's 2021,Brendan.

BrendanKing(16:31):Yeah, I think it is.

JackPalermo(16:32):Yes, more of the same.

BrendanKing(16:33):I think it's 2021 [light00:16:35]. I'll give you that, I'll give you that. I think it's 2021 on the lighterside, so low inventory.

JackPalermo(16:42):Low inventory.

BrendanKing(16:43):High demand.

JackPalermo(16:44):High demand. Prices willcontinue to rise.

BrendanKing(16:46):We'll still continue to havemultiple bids. David, what, what offer are you on for our current client there?


BrendanKing(16:51):He's on offer seven. I'm onoffer number three.

JackPalermo(16:54):I'm on four.

BrendanKing(16:55):And he's on four. This is thenorm, and we always tell our clients, you have to come into it, understandingthat patience will still find you a home eventually.It's going to be a littlebit frustrating, but there's always a way to craft your offer a little betterthan someone else's, but it's just a matter of patience and being okay with thefact that, "Hey, we're in January."


BrendanKing(17:13):What happens in February, andMarch, and April?

JackPalermo(17:16):[Add 00:17:16] more stuff thatgets crazy.

BrendanKing(17:17):Well, every month.

JackPalermo(17:17):Yeah, every month.

BrendanKing(17:17):Every month, another, anothercouple hundred or possibly a thousand. I don't think we'll see 2 or 3000 thisyear.


BrendanKing(17:25):But yeah, it's 2021 light.

JackPalermo(17:29):2021 light, and I like it.

BrendanKing(17:30):So definitely expect somerising, rising interest rates, but all also rising home values. I don't thinkinterest rates are going to pop like crazy.

JackPalermo(17:39):No, no. I don't think it's goingto go crazy like people are maybe thinking.

BrendanKing(17:42):I don't, at all. And of course,don't forget, we always do our Monday Market Update every single Monday. Text"Market" to 702-553-1955. And then David, if you want to go back oneslide there, so this is actually what we put out every single week, just givesthe averages of everything that's gone on that week. Just-

JackPalermo(18:05):Mine looks, mine looks a littlebetter because it's my picture.

BrendanKing(18:07):Yeah, it does, it does. I haveto admit that's fluffy hair there for me.


BrendanKing(18:11):So yeah, definitely this datahelps you make decisions based on your needs and timing, so as always, if youwant to get it, then just text us and we'll send it to you every Monday.


BrendanKing(18:22):And then, hey, we got a greatclosing recently. One of my clients, who's now, I consider a friend, for sure,we just sold his property at Monarch Bay.And you know what? Another agent triedto sell it for three months and-

JackPalermo(18:35):Same price.

BrendanKing(18:36):The exact same price. I knowwe've mentioned this before, but-

JackPalermo(18:39):You didn't get it done.

BrendanKing(18:40):You didn't get it done, ane wewere able to honestly take better photographs, better marketing, and drive the,the price up on the offers that we did receive, which was how many, Kylie? 11offers. So, we did get it done. He was super, super happy, and he happened tobe from New Jersey, as well.

JackPalermo(18:59):Oh, so New Jersey people.

BrendanKing(19:00):We had some things in common,but yeah, awesome property. Monarch Bay is closed, and we're happy to, to haveanother great client.

JackPalermo(19:08):Guess what's going on this.Isn't there a new listing coming up right now?

BrendanKing(19:11):There is, honestly, 3608 AustellSt., new listing. Really, really great property. This to me is a awesomestarter home. Really great starter home, and we've gone dark. So it's a, it's agreat starter home for, for a family or for young couple or even anybody livinglooking for a forever home in Vegas. Great place. There we go.

JackPalermo(19:42):Sorry about that, guys. There itis.

BrendanKing(19:43):We blacked out for a second, butyeah. Great property. Three beds, loft. You see the wine fridge right when youwalk in, built into the wall. Really great upgrades. Awesome home, and then(silence). So, great house, huge loft, balcony, and they had a closet that,honestly, is...

David (20:07):[inaudible 00:20:07].

JackPalermo(20:06):That's awesome.

BrendanKing(20:08):Huge upgrade for the property,and then...

JackPalermo(20:12):Don't forget, there's an openhouse.

BrendanKing(20:14):Views, mountain views,[inaudible 00:20:16] out the front. And of course, open house.

JackPalermo(20:14):Don't forget, open house!


JackPalermo(20:21):Twice this weekend, Saturday,the 15th, from 10 to 1, and Sunday, the 16th, from 11 to 3. Don't forget, comeout and check us out.

BrendanKing(20:27):Yeah, and [inaudible 00:20:28]Saturday 10 to 1, and then, [inaudible 00:20:29] of course, on Sunday, it'sactually from 11 to 2, but definitely check it out, and it's, it's an awesome,awesome house, up in the Northwest area, or, I guess, you should say northcentral, kind of.

JackPalermo(20:27):Yeah, north central.

BrendanKing(20:41):Yeah. What's next, Mr. Jack?

JackPalermo(20:44):Well, we are adding five moreagents to the team by the end of January, sir.

BrendanKing(20:48):Yeah, so we have Karly Taylorhere, and she is here. She's going to pop in for a little bit.And magically, wehave Karly Taylor here, our newest agent at the BKG.

KarlyTaylor(21:01):What's up?

BrendanKing(21:02):What's going on, Karly?

KarlyTaylor(21:02):Oh, happy to be here. Thanks forhaving me.

BrendanKing(21:04):So on your first official week,is your head ready to explode?

KarlyTaylor(21:09):It's, it's been a long week, butI'm learning so much. I'm just ready to continue to learn next week.

JackPalermo(21:18):There's a ton, there's a tonmore.

KarlyTaylor(21:18):There's a lot more.

BrendanKing(21:19):You've done, you've doneshowings. You've opened lock boxes. You've done CMAs. You've run properties.You get a call [crosstalk 00:21:27] [inaudible 00:21:27].

JackPalermo(21:27):How did she do on [inaudible00:21:29]? She did amazing. For first time person on calls, she was notnervous. She didn't sound nervous. I remember my first day making calls,stumbling all over my words, not knowing what was going on, but she wasamazing. She was a pro.

KarlyTaylor(21:41):Hey, I like to talk on thephone. It's easy.

JackPalermo(21:43):Here we go.

BrendanKing(21:44):But for honestly, the firstweek, the- Karly did an amazing job. We've got four other spots left in thismonth, and I think they've got a huge challenge to keep up with Karly.


BrendanKing(21:55):So she did an awesome, awesomejob. And of course, if you want to follow her path, you can check out onInstagram, Brendan King Group. So, check out at Brendan king group on Instagramand as always, if you'd want to join our VIP list, text "VIP" to702-553-1955.

JackPalermo(22:15):And if you want the marketupdate sent directly to your phone, don't forget to text "Market" to702-553-1955.

KarlyTaylor(22:22):And you can also text"DINE" to 702-553-1955 for food and drink specialist.

BrendanKing(22:29):How did you know that?

JackPalermo(22:30):That is amazing.

BrendanKing(22:32):She's been watching the show. Asalways episode number 28, we are out. Thank you so much, and we'll see you guysnext week.Welcome, Karly.


KarlyTaylor(22:40):Bye, thank you.

BrendanKing(22:42):Have a good one, take care.


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