December 2, 2021

December 9, 2021

Episode #22 of "Unnamed Show"

Episode #22 of “Unnamed Show” | In this episode Brendan King and Jack Palermo discuss the Raiders big win, the A’s find a location for a new ballpark on the strip, and Adele will be the next big name to have a residency in Vegas!

In this episode Brendan King and Jack Palermo discuss the Raiders big win, the A’s find a location for a new ballpark on the strip, and Adele will be the next big name to have a residency in Vegas! We also talk about Clark County eyes old hotels, motels as one solution to housing shortage, Ray Dalio Says America’s Decline Will Upend Lives, Event organizers transform the Thomas & Mack Center as NFR returns to Las Vegas, Clark County to construct $11.4 million bike trail connecting Red Rock to southwest valley, 8 Winter Road Trips from Las Vegas, You can ride a 'Santa Express' train in Boulder City for holiday season, 'Hidden Cinema' rooftop movie venue showing Christmas films in downtown, Holiday lights map lists decorated homes across Las Vegas, Henderson, Burgeoning Las Vegas restaurant scene getting 6 new addition, 11 Celebrity restaurants on the way in 2022, ‘Ka’ fights back to fill the bill for Cirque du Soleil, Carrie Underwood Kicks Off REFLECTION, 'Weekends With Adele' residency begins in Las Vegas January 2022.

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(00:33) Raiders beat Cowboys to end 3-game skid | Las Vegas Review-Journal

(02:09) NEXT WEEK Scouting Washington Football Team ahead of Raiders matchup

(03:04) Oakland A’s reportedly eyeing Tropicana site for ballpark | Las Vegas Review-Journal


(04:13) Current Listings | Brendan King

(05:19) Las Vegas weather for Thursday, Dec. 2, 2021 | Las Vegas Review-Journal


(12:40) Clark County eyes old hotels, motels as one solution to housing shortage


(14:34) Ray Dalio Says America’s Decline Will Upend Lives, Not Just Portfolios


(15:45) Event organizers transform the Thomas & Mack Center as NFR returns to Las Vegas | News |

(16:59) Clark County to construct $11.4 million bike trail connecting Red Rock to southwest valley


Holiday Festivities 


(18:37) 8 Winter Road Trips from Las Vegas


(21:42) Check put out our Youtube channel and our YouTube Shorts an subscribe!


(22:23) You can ride a 'Santa Express' train in Boulder City for holiday season


(24:47) 'Hidden Cinema' rooftop movie venue showing Christmas films in downtown


(26:03) Real-life 'Home Alone' house available to rent on Airbnb | Us World News |

(27:04) Holiday lights map lists decorated homes across Las Vegas, Henderson | News |


(28:28) Burgeoning Las Vegas restaurant scene getting 6 new addition


(29:22) 11 Celebrity restaurants on the way in 2022




(32:39) ‘Ka’ fights back to fill the bill for Cirque du Soleil | Las Vegas Review-Journal


(33:33) Academy of Country Music Awards set for Allegiant Stadium | Las Vegas Review-Journal


(34:12) Carrie Underwood Kicks Off REFLECTION: The Las Vegas Residency At The New Resorts World Theatre With Sold-Out Show


(34:49) 'Weekends With Adele' residency begins in Las Vegas January 2022 | MORE Las Vegas Entertainment |


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This is transcribed (accuracy not guaranteed)

BrendanKing(00:33):Hey. What's going on? It'sBrendan King from the Brendan King Group @ REAL.

JackPalermo(00:37):Hey, Jack Palermo from theBrendan King Group @ REAL.

BrendanKing(00:39):And this is episode number 22 ofThe Unnamed Show. What's up, Jack?

JackPalermo(00:45):Hello, Brendan.

BrendanKing(00:46):Hey, another week, another bitof info about Las Vegas: entertainment, food, news. You got it.

JackPalermo(00:53):Real estate.

BrendanKing(00:53):Real estate. Oh yeah.


BrendanKing(00:55):Real estate, of course.

JackPalermo(00:56):Real estate. Of course.

BrendanKing(00:56):But any info you need on Vegas,every week we're here for you guys. Don't forget to text "VIP" to702-553-1955 if you want to get on our VIP text list. Text "VIP" to702-553-1955. So what's going on this week? The Raiders beat Cowboys to end athree-game skid.

JackPalermo(01:20):They did.


JackPalermo(01:20):On Thanksgiving.

BrendanKing(01:22):Somebody changed the channel onme and I missed the end of the game, and I get a text from David, "Oh, didyou see the end of the game?" And I completely missed it.

JackPalermo(01:28):They won. Field goal onovertime. It was very exciting. Not for my parlay, but that's another story.

Brendan King (01:34):I think somehow my Raiders gamegot turned to Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, and I completely lost the game.

JackPalermo(01:42):Well, it's the start of theholiday season.

BrendanKing(01:44):But yeah, I believe it waseither Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer or one of those animal puppet-like-

JackPalermo(01:49):Oh yes.

BrendanKing(01:49):... versions of Santa Claus. Butyeah, that's a huge win.


BrendanKing(01:53):We needed that. Three in a row.

JackPalermo(01:54):Big time.

BrendanKing(01:54):We were losing. We needed thatwin big time and to the Cowboys. As a Giants fan in the past, I'll take aCowboys win, or loss I should say, any day.

JackPalermo(02:04):I will also take a Cowboys lossany day of the week.

BrendanKing(02:06):Yeah, yeah, yeah.

JackPalermo(02:06):Me too.

BrendanKing(02:06):All day long.

JackPalermo(02:09):The Raiders are playing theWashington Football Team this weekend, and they're pretty tough. They've wonthree in a row. They're still on the playoff race in the NFC.

BrendanKing(02:19):I just love their name. It's alot like our name.

JackPalermo(02:22):The Unnamed Show?

BrendanKing(02:23):Yeah, yeah, yeah.

JackPalermo(02:23):The Washington Football Team.

BrendanKing(02:25):The Washington Football Team.

David (02:25):You just can't can't figure itout.

JackPalermo(02:27):It's okay. It's nice and easy.

BrendanKing(02:30):Yeah. It's easy. It's easy.

JackPalermo(02:30):Everybody knows. Everybody knowswhat's going on.

BrendanKing(02:31):We got this.

JackPalermo(02:31):We got it. So it should be atough game, but hopefully the Raiders come out on top.

BrendanKing(02:35):And they've won three straightafter we lost three straight.


BrendanKing(02:39):So this is kind of a nice littleplayoff race.


BrendanKing(02:42):I think they're both up for theplayoffs, right?

JackPalermo(02:43):Yep. Let's beat them.

BrendanKing (02:44):Is Washington...


BrendanKing(02:45):Yeah. Yeah.

JackPalermo(02:45):They're still in the playoffrace right now.

David(02:48):There's a lot of teams still inthe playoff race at this point.

BrendanKing(02:50):Yeah. It's so early. I know.What am I talking about?

JackPalermo(02:53):I mean, it even says the Bearsare in the hunt, which is crazy.

BrendanKing(02:56):Yeah. No. No.

JackPalermo(02:56):So yeah.

BrendanKing(02:57):So let's be honest.

JackPalermo(02:58):Let's be real.

BrendanKing(02:59):That was while you weresleeping, in your dreams.

JackPalermo(03:01):Let's be real. Exactly.

BrendanKing(03:02):So, this is huge.


BrendanKing(03:04):And I think this is hugestarting to sound real, but supposedly the Oakland A's are eyeing the Tropicanasite for a ballpark?

JackPalermo(03:11):That is amazing because it'sbasically... So they're looking at like a 30,000 to 35,000-seat stadium. Shouldbe 35,000, because that's kind on the low end of Major League ballparks. Butit's walking distance to T-Mobile, MGM Garden Arena, Michelob Ultra Arena,Legion even.


JackPalermo(03:29):So right smack-dab in the middleof the Strip, which would be awesome.

BrendanKing(03:31):It's a perfect location and theTropicana, seeing its age, so it's probably not a bad hotel to choose to getrid of-

JackPalermo(03:40):Knock it down. Knock it down.

BrendanKing(03:42):... for a baseball stadium. Andthis article just said "eyeing the Tropicana site," but I heard froma little birdie that they actually put an offer on the site.

JackPalermo(03:52):Yep. Yep.

BrendanKing(03:52):So supposedly they did put anoffer in to buy the land, to build the stadium there. Stay tuned. We'll let youknow. We'll be the first, of course, to let you guys know as soon as somethingbreaks, but this is pretty cool.

JackPalermo(04:04):Pretty awesome.

BrendanKing(04:05):The Las Vegas A's. I would'veliked an expansion team, but I'll take the A's. It's fine.

JackPalermo(04:10):I'll take the A's.

BrendanKing(04:11):We're happy.

David (04:11):As long as we get baseball.That's all we need.

JackPalermo(04:13):We just want baseball.

BrendanKing(04:13):Baseball. That's all it matters.One of our listings actually just came back on the market, and honestly if youdon't act fast, it's going to be gone before you get a chance to even buy it.We already have three offers currently. We've already sent out counter offers.So if you're interested in 2548 Monarch Bay Drive, what's going to happen thisweekend?

JackPalermo(04:35):Come see me from 11:00 to 3:00as I will be hosting an open house there at 2548 Monarch Bay Drive.

BrendanKing(04:40):The Brendan King Group @ REALwill be there live and in the flesh. We'll be at Monarch Bay. Mr. Jack Palermowill be there along, as well.

JackPalermo(04:48):Yes. I will.

BrendanKing(04:48):One of our new agents, Carly,who we will announce probably the end of next week, if not the week after.Welcome, Carly. We're happy to have you. But she'll be there too for a littlebit.


BrendanKing(04:57):We'll be there. Actually, I'llbe there to say hi, too.

JackPalermo(04:59):Awesome. Hey.

BrendanKing(05:00):But yeah, check out Monarch Bay.Not much time left. Check it out on if you want moreinformation. Weather. Where are we? Are we in Southern California?

JackPalermo(05:10):I mean, I've basically put awayall my summer clothes and I have to go to the garage and get it all becauseit's still warm here.


JackPalermo(05:19):It's crazy warm here.

BrendanKing(05:20):It's 75 is the record, right?81-year-old record high temperature of 75 set December 1st. Oh, we set it.

JackPalermo(05:28):Yeah. We set it.

BrendanKing(05:29):I didn't realize that.


BrendanKing(05:29):Holy cow.


BrendanKing(05:31):Yeah. So if you want greatweather and you live anywhere cold, this is the place to come.

JackPalermo(05:36):The place to be.

BrendanKing(05:37):And I'm going to fly to coldweather next week only because I'm torturing myself.

JackPalermo(05:43):It's the holiday season.


JackPalermo(05:44):It's the holiday season.

BrendanKing(05:47):Yeah. Exactly. So yeah,Thursday-

David (05:47):It'll be nice for the openhouse. And that backyard is incredible.


BrendanKing(05:50):Yeah, yeah, yeah.

JackPalermo(05:51):It'll be great.

BrendanKing(05:51):So if you want to take a dip,bring your... No. Don't tell them do that.

JackPalermo(05:53):We can't be doing that.

BrendanKing(05:56):Don't bring your swimsuit.

JackPalermo(05:56):But anyway, highs are in theseventies forecasted through Monday and mid-sixties next week, which is kind ofsort of normal.

BrendanKing(06:01):We need to get you a screen, soyou can do like-

JackPalermo(06:03):I know. "Hey. Hey, look atthat."

BrendanKing(06:05):Al Roker.


BrendanKing(06:07):So if you're aiming to buy ahome next year, there was a great article actually out from CNBC about fourthings to do to prep yourself for purchasing a home. Usually these articles arepretty bad, honestly, but I thought some of the tips-

JackPalermo(06:20):This one's pretty good.

BrendanKing(06:20):Some of the tips they gave weresmart moves, like "improve your credit."

JackPalermo(06:24):Yes. You have to improve yourcredit.

BrendanKing(06:26):If you want to get a loan, youdefinitely don't want credit in the five-hundreds. You want to be closer tosix- preferably seven-hundreds.

JackPalermo(06:37):Eights would be great.

BrendanKing(06:38):And eights are ideal. So thehighest you can have is in the mid-eights, so 850, I believe, is perfect.


BrendanKing(06:46):So if you're in the eights,you're golden. If you're in the sevens, you're pretty golden. If you're in thefives and sixes, talk to us. We actually have a lender who can improve yourcredit and help you for free.

JackPalermo(06:56):Yeah. He does credit servicesfor free.

BrendanKing(06:57):Which is amazing. They'll helpyou actually improve your credit and keep in touch with you. I just got anemail yesterday on one of the people that we put in the program. He told them10 steps to improve their credit within six months, and in six months they'llbe able to get a loan.

JackPalermo(07:12):They're ready to go.


JackPalermo(07:13):They're ready to go.

BrendanKing(07:14):Another tip they gave was toresearch down payment options.


BrendanKing(07:17):I think people are reallysurprised about this.

JackPalermo(07:19):Mm-hmm (affirmative). Yeah,because the rule of thumb is 20%.


JackPalermo(07:22):But there's different optionsout there for you.

BrendanKing(07:25):And honestly, everything from 3%down on up. I know people are like, "What? 3% down?" But we'll get tothis, but FHA rates and jumbo loans just increased a massive amount.


BrendanKing(07:37):Which we'll get to. But yeah,there's a lot of options out there. Call us. We'll put you in touch with thelender. You may be surprised how many options you have to get a loan. It's notjust 20% down or 5% down or 10% down. You can even do 3 or 3-and-a-half. Ofcourse that means a higher payment.


BrendanKing(07:54): Sometimes private mortgageinsurance. But call us if you need some help with that.

JackPalermo(07:58):Mm-hmm (affirmative).

BrendanKing(07:58):Another the thing is... What'sthe next tip?

JackPalermo(08:01):Be nimble.

BrendanKing(08:02):Jack, be nimble. Jack, be quick.

JackPalermo(08:04): Jack's jumping over that candlestick.

BrendanKing(08:06):Yeah, be nimble. Be ready for...You may have to look at a lot of houses.

JackPalermo(08:11):Mm-hmm (affirmative).

BrendanKing(08:11):You may have to put in a lot ofoffers. We've dealt with this for a little while now since COVID. What's theaverage days on the market right now?

JackPalermo(08:21):22 this past week.



BrendanKing(08:23):So, 22 days on the market, youdon't have much time. When a house pops on, there's usually going to be offers.Look at Monarch Bay.


BrendanKing(08:31):Came off on Sunday. Monday, weput it on. By Wednesday, we have three offers.

JackPalermo(08:35):Mm-hmm (affirmative).

BrendanKing(08:36):Just be nimble, like Jack.

JackPalermo(08:39):Be nimble.

BrendanKing(08:40):Yeah. And of course... What'sthe next tip? I like this one.

JackPalermo(08:43):Don't overpay.

BrendanKing (08:44):Simple.

JackPalermo(08:45):Really? Yeah. You don't want tooverpay. People do go higher. People do go high, but-

BrendanKing(08:53):People are getting overlyconfident and putting their homes up for ridiculous numbers, so it's importantto have a good agent who's going to run the comps appropriately.

JackPalermo(09:02):Yes. Correct.

BrendanKing(09:03):To then tell you where youshould be. So, of course, don't just trust the Zestimate or the list price.Assume right away that you have to pay full list price.


BrendanKing(09:13):You do if it's an appropriately-

JackPalermo(09:16):Appropriately priced listing.

BrendanKing(09:18):Appropriately priced property.


BrendanKing(09:19):But right now, what we're seeingis price gouging. Just like gas in California. No, that's not related. Sorry.But no, we're seeing people grossly overpricing their home, and you just needsomebody on your side that understands that, that can tell you, "Hey,yeah, you do need to come in strong, but not at the list price."

JackPalermo(09:38):No. So let's talk about, youbrought it up earlier, the home value... As home values rise, conforming loanlimits jumped to a record 18% for 2022.

BrendanKing(09:49):Yeah, which is crazy. So the newjumbo loan limit has gone up 18%. Remember? I had to double-check my math whenI saw the number.

JackPalermo(09:58):Yeah. Seriously.

BrendanKing(09:59):So in 20... What year are we? In2021. Hey, just as it's ending, I'm just wrapping that around my head. Thelimit was $548,250.

JackPalermo(10:11):Now it's $647,200.

BrendanKing(10:14):What the heck does that mean?That means if you're buying a property, anything over $647,200 will be a jumboloan, if the loan is over 647. So if you're buying a home for a million andyou're putting $400,000 down, you don't need a jumbo loan.


BrendanKing(10:33):Before, if you put 400,000 downand you're buying a home for a million, you would have to get a jumbo loan,which means they scrutinize your credit, they scrutinize your documentation,and you're going to end up paying a higher rate.

JackPalermo(10:48):Higher rate. Definitely.

BrendanKing(10:48):So now, that went all the way upto $647,200. There is a fly flying across the camera that I've noticed like 10times.

JackPalermo(10:56):Welcome our special guest,everyone.

BrendanKing(10:58)Yeah. Yeah. So, just so you know,if you have a loan up to $647,200, anything under that, you are not a jumboloan and you're not going to pay the extra fees or end up having to go throughthe scrutinization of all your documentation a lot more than normal.

JackPalermo(11:17):And how about about Californiaand New York and stuff?

BrendanKing(11:19):Oh yeah. What was the number onthat?

JackPalermo(11:20):$970,800 is a jumbo loan in likeCalifornia.

BrendanKing(11:26):You know the interesting thingabout that, though? If you're in LA, like my brother lives in Los Feliz/ SilverLake area, a starter home is $1.2 million. So here, a starter home is... Youcan get one for 400.


BrendanKing(11:40):You know?


BrendanKing(11:42):Our situation's still muchbetter for the fact that our values there with the jumbo, as well... You'repretty much locked into a jumbo no matter what, unless you have $200,000,$300,000, $400,000 sitting around in LA.


BrendanKing(11:56):So you could still come here,get a home, not have a jumbo loan, and put a minimum amount down. Move fromCalifornia.

JackPalermo(12:02):And get more "bang for yourbuck" as they like to say.

BrendanKing(12:05):For sure. Yeah. So what was it?$970,800. That's crazy. But in Florida it was $710,000 in the Keys.

JackPalermo(12:14):In the Keys. Yeah.

BrendanKing(12:15):Yeah. And then, Nashville.$694,600 in Nashville, Tennessee.


BrendanKing(12:20):Yeah. That town's booming.

JackPalermo(12:22):It's booming.

BrendanKing(12:23):Nashville. I actually moved afew clients from Vegas to Nashville. I'm sure they'll come back though.

JackPalermo(12:28):Of course they will, oncethey've had a piece of the weather.

BrendanKing(12:29):But here's the thing. With allthis, the prices are going up for one reason and one reason only: Inventory'slow. There's not enough housing. So in a situation like this, what is the citydoing to fix this?

JackPalermo(12:40):So Clark County is, right now,eyeing old hotels, motels as one solution to the housing shortage. So ClarkCounty officials are looking at one way of creative options to tackle therental crisis, and that is repurposing, rehabilitating, vacant hotels andmotels for affordable housing.

BrendanKing(12:59):It's like a... What was that?Remember? Melrose Place with the pool in the middle and all the apartmentsaround?

JackPalermo(13:04):Yes. Yes. Super cool.


David (13:04):Great show.

BrendanKing(13:05):If you really think about it,most of the... Like my brother lives in one of these apartment complexes in LA.It looks like Melrose Place. A lot of these motels look like Melrose Place.

JackPalermo(13:14):They do.

BrendanKing(13:16):So it's an interesting way tohelp with the solution at least a little bit. I think before the pandemic, theValley lacked 75,000 units of affordable housing. Before the pandemic.


BrendanKing(13:29):So this has only gotten worse.So Clark County designated $150 million. More than 3,200 people and familiesare on a waiting list for housing. And the average rent for a one-bedroom rightnow is $1,500.

JackPalermo(13:44):That's crazy.

BrendanKing(13:44):When I moved here in 2009, Ipaid $28... No, I paid $1,800 for 2,800 square feet.


BrendanKing(13:55):Yeah. That's how much it's goneup, which is crazy.

JackPalermo(13:58):That's crazy.

BrendanKing(13:58):Yeah. So don't forget if you'dwant more details about the market in general, if you've been following us, youalready know all this information. So the Monday Market Update comes out everysingle Monday. It's on our website. You can also sign up by text to get it, aswell. But right now, it's just kind of been more the same. Of course, check outour website: You can look into that. There's a video onthere telling you about what the market's doing right now, and all the data isthere. And it's on literally everything.


BrendanKing(14:30):Anything on social media, if yousearch for our name, you'll find it.

JackPalermo(14:33):Mm-hmm (affirmative).

BrendanKing(14:34):Hey, so Ray Dalio... I don'tknow if you saw this. Oh-

JackPalermo(14:38):I did.

BrendanKing(14:38):We chatted about this.

JackPalermo(14:38):We chatted about it.

BrendanKing(14:40):So Ray Dalio, who's abillionaire... This guy is kind of a genius in the hedge fund world. Not to bea downer, but he said no empire lasts forever. He's seeing possibilities ofsome shifting in the United States in the future between powers of maybe Chinaor other parts of the world. Interesting. He's got a book. We've got the linkdown below however you're watching this. There is a link. Or go to our website,of course, and you can check it out. He's got a book out about the decline thatwill upend lives, not just portfolios, in America. He's a genius. It's notworth panicking like Omicron or whatever, but definitely worth a read, I think,just for another perspective on possibility of the future. Of course he's not sayingit's going to happen tomorrow. He just means over the years with everythinggoing on, he senses some changes. It'll be an interesting book.

JackPalermo(15:42):Yeah. Definitely. Definitely.


JackPalermo(15:45):It's interesting, for sure. Gaveme a little kickback on some certain things, but that's a whole other story.So, guess what is in town is the NFR, which is the National Finals Rodeo atThomas & Mack. This is like the Super Bowl of all rodeos. So, it runs fromDecember 2nd to December 10th. Sold out. They're expecting 150,000 fans at theNFR. Cowboy Christmas goes on.

BrendanKing(16:15):Have you been there?

JackPalermo(16:16):I have not.

BrendanKing(16:16):It's actually pretty fun.

JackPalermo(16:18):I have not.

BrendanKing(16:19):It's actually pretty fun. Yeah.

JackPalermo(16:20):I'll need to borrow your10-gallon hat.

BrendanKing(16:22):Yep. And don't forget my chaps.

JackPalermo(16:24):And your spurs and hat and bootsand all sorts of stuff.

BrendanKing(16:27):My beep-less chaps.

JackPalermo(16:29):So the NFR is set to stay inVegas till at least 2020, unlike the PBR.

BrendanKing(16:34):Which just moved-

JackPalermo(16:35):Which just moved to Texas.

BrendanKing(16:36):Texas, I believe. Yeah.

JackPalermo(16:37):Yes. But $10 million is up forgrabs, so strap on those chaps and get on down there.

BrendanKing(16:43):How long do you think you'd laston a bull?

JackPalermo(16:46):One second.

BrendanKing(16:47):Yeah. If that. I don't eventhink I'd last a second.

JackPalermo(16:48):Yeah. I'd be tossed right away.But anyway, that's another story.

BrendanKing(16:52):Wait, what was the place thatused to have the bull on the Strip? It's gone now.


BrendanKing(16:56):Oh, is Gilley's still around?

JackPalermo(16:57):It's still there.

David (16:57):Yeah, Gilley's is still there.It's still there.

BrendanKing(16:59):I challenge you at Gilley's onthe bull. So Clark County is going to construct... I've been waiting for this.I've known about it for a while. Super excited. Clark County's going toconstruct $11.4 million bike trail. It's going to be made of diamond. No. Soit's going to connect Red Rock to the Southwest Valley, particularly Summerlin.So it's going to go from Stonebridge area all the way out to Red Rock first,and then the second half will be from Red Rock all the way down to-

JackPalermo(17:31):Blue Diamond.

BrendanKing(17:31):Blue Diamond.


BrendanKing(17:33):Which is just amazing. Andthere's actually been a lot of deaths, unfortunately, on that road over theyears, and I think that was kind of the impetus to this. And it's going to be amulti-lane bike/running highway that'll have bike paths, walking paths, andit'll separate people out so that people don't get run over by bikes.


BrendanKing(17:51):Then the whole point of savingpeople from getting injured is pointless.


BrendanKing(17:56):But I believe it's going to befour or so lanes and literally connecting Summerlin all the way down to BlueDiamond.

JackPalermo(18:03):Which is awesome.

BrendanKing(18:04):And already we have thatmulti-mile trail along 215, so now someone can ride that and then hook on andthen head all the way out to Red Rock without seeing a single car.

JackPalermo(18:14):That's great.

BrendanKing(18:14):Yeah. It's awesome. So 2021 willstart construction. Late 2021, so the end of this year. And then, the otherhalf will begin 2025 and take a year to complete. So 2021 probably take a yearor so to complete, and then 2025 do the other half.



JackPalermo(18:35):It's going to be great.


JackPalermo(18:37):Another reason to move to LasVegas.

BrendanKing(18:38):So it's the holidays and whatother than a million things to take your children or family to... It's funnybecause everyone's always like, "Oh, the holidays is so stressful,"but honestly it's kind of nice. Every time January hits, I'm always like,"Ah, man, now we have take down-"

JackPalermo(18:58):[inaudible 00:18:58] that Mariahcarry on the radio in the car? I'm good. I'm good. I'm ready to go.

BrendanKing(19:02):Oh, we've already heard it fivetimes.


BrendanKing(19:03):Every morning, when the girlsget in the car, they turn on the radio channel that has all Christmas music.

JackPalermo(19:09):Love it.

BrendanKing(19:10):What is it? 106.5?

David (19:14):Sunny 106.5.

JackPalermo(19:15):[inaudible 00:19:15].

BrendanKing(19:16):Sunny 106.5. Yeah. So anyway, onour blog, there are "8 Winter Road Trips From Las Vegas." So placesto go. It's nice. We have good weather. Some of these-

JackPalermo(19:25):Antelope Canyon.

BrendanKing(19:26):... like outside areas thatpeople wait for the summer to go to, that's when it's ridiculous packed.Winter's actually quite beautiful in some of these areas. What do we got here?

JackPalermo(19:35):Antelope Canyon. Number one.

BrendanKing(19:37):That place looks amazing.


BrendanKing(19:39):Have you been?

JackPalermo(19:39):I haven't. I want to.

BrendanKing(19:41):This is like Instagram Central.

JackPalermo(19:42):Instagram-worthy. Definitely.

BrendanKing(19:43):There's always somebody like...

JackPalermo(19:45):Could you imagine? I can't waitto go do my poses. Whatever I do.

BrendanKing(19:51):Bryce Canyon National Park,which is just on the other side of Brian Head. Good time of year to go there.Brian Head, if you're not a skier, literally there's like 15 feet of snow.Usually. Not this year.


BrendanKing(20:02):But Bryce is beautiful with snowon it. It's really beautiful.

JackPalermo(20:05):Mm-hmm (affirmative). GrandStaircase-Escalante National Monument. Very cool place to go to.

BrendanKing(20:11):Haven't been there. Looksbeautiful, though.

JackPalermo(20:12):Haven't been there either.Joshua Tree National Park. Anybody's been there.

BrendanKing(20:16):Yep. Joshua Tree's great.

JackPalermo(20:17):Joshua Tree.

BrendanKing(20:18):If you're a rock-climber or aboulderer, that's a big boulder-climbing area. Southern California, of course.

JackPalermo(20:24):Of course.

BrendanKing(20:25):They have perfect weather 364days out of the year.

JackPalermo(20:29):Yeah, yeah.

BrendanKing(20:29):Maybe one day it'll rain?

JackPalermo(20:30):Pretty much. Right. Or stay inclose to town: Mount Charleston.

BrendanKing(20:33):And it's funny because thisone's a summer pick, but Mount Charleston in the winter, you want to golf inthe morning and then go skiing in the afternoon-

JackPalermo(20:41):You can. You can.

BrendanKing(20:42):... you can do that in Vegas.And then, jump in your pool this week.

JackPalermo(20:46):No doubt.

BrendanKing(20:46):Salt Lake City. And I think thereason they had Salt Lake City was because of Park City, Alta, Snowbird, allthese areas outside of Salt Lake City where you can literally fly into SaltLake and then be in the mountains in an hour where it's like a WinterWonderland.


BrendanKing(21:02):And if you haven't been to ParkCity, Park City's pretty awesome.

JackPalermo(21:05):Zion National Park. Don't forgetabout Zion. Awesome.

BrendanKing(21:08):Again, no crowds in the winter-

JackPalermo(21:09):So great.

BrendanKing(21:09):... so it's worth going. It'ssuper green. And the red rocks, that contrast is pretty amazing. And you maynot want to do the Narrows in the winter, but maybe you do.

JackPalermo(21:19):Never know.

BrendanKing(21:20):If you go, you got to get thestick in the shoes. You have to rent those. But in the winter, you can actuallydrive down that main strip.

JackPalermo(21:28):You can.

BrendanKing(21:28):In the summer, you have to takea shuttle. So in the winter, they let you drive all the way down, which is nice.Then you can go on your own time and not have to take the shuttle with 3000tourists.

JackPalermo(21:39):Other people.


JackPalermo (21:41):True.

BrendanKing(21:42):Of course, check out our YouTubechannel. YouTube shorts. YouTube channel. It is the Brendan King Group. It' Don't forget to what?



JackPalermo(21:54):Got to subscribe.

BrendanKing(21:58):And hit that little bell, ofcourse, for notifications, but we're going to be putting out a lot morecontent. Of course, every week we have The Unnamed Show and the Market Update,but we've got a lot more things in the can that are coming, which means a lotmore time of us behind the camera.


BrendanKing(22:12):But yeah, we break it down intolittle, smaller segments on the shorts. If you have certain things that you'reinterested in, you can watch the shorts. Or if you go to the main one, you canalways skip to the sections that you want to hear about.

JackPalermo(22:22):Very cool.

BrendanKing(22:23):So, you went somewhere thisweekend.

JackPalermo(22:25):I did. The day afterThanksgiving, we went to Enchant at Las Vegas Ballpark. It was super cool forthe kids. The upper area, before seating, you have vendors with specialtyholiday cocktails. Tons of food. Mrs. Claus is walking around. She's got anarea where she reads stories. Santa Claus is there. The line was crazy long,but it was super cool up there. And then, you get down to the actual fieldwhere it's like a huge maze where you're supposed to find all the reindeers.Dasher, Prancer, all those ones. Also, there is an ice skating rink, as well.

BrendanKing(23:03):Name all the deer.

David (23:05):Five bucks.

JackPalermo(23:05):Let's see. No.

BrendanKing(23:07):Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen-

JackPalermo(23:09):Comet, Cupid, Donner, andBlitzen. Whoa.


JackPalermo(23:12):And don't you forget thered-nosed reindeer.

BrendanKing(23:13):All right. You got it.


BrendanKing(23:15):Did I say it right? I think Idid.

JackPalermo(23:15):You did.

BrendanKing(23:17):But yeah, no, it looks great.I've heard from a lot of people it's actually really good.

JackPalermo(23:20):It is.

BrendanKing(23:20):They've done other versions ofthis in town that are not as good.

JackPalermo(23:24):Mm-hmm (affirmative).

BrendanKing(23:25):I'm not going to name those, butthey were a little disappointing. But I heard this one's really well-done andreally-

JackPalermo(23:30):Kids loved it. They love it.It's awesome. And for the adults, there's little [inaudible 00:23:35]-

BrendanKing(23:35):There's like cocktails andstuff, right? Yeah, it's cool.

JackPalermo(23:37): little spiked ciders and hotchocolate.

BrendanKing(23:39):If you go there one weekend,then the next weekend you can, of course, go ride the Santa Express in BoulderCity. So Boulder City has... You can ride a Santa Express train for the holidayseason. It's not the Polar Express one like they have in Arizona, but it's theSanta Express.


BrendanKing(23:54):So maybe they have their own...Maybe it's not the Hot Chocolate song. It's the... Hot Toddy song? What else doyou drink?

JackPalermo(24:01):Okay. All right. I'll go withthat.

BrendanKing(24:03):Looking for a unique experienceto celebrate the holidays, so it's nice actually. It's a big old NevadaSouthern Railway train. It's about a 90-minute excursion, which includes aphoto opportunity with Santa, storytelling, hot chocolate and cookies, pajamas,or pajamas, potato/potato, are optional. Tickets start at $30 per person. Andthe experience will be offered on the following days: the 3rd, 4th, 10th, 11th,17th, 18th, 21st and 22nd of December at 5:15, 6:45, and 8:15.

JackPalermo(24:36):Boarding times. Yeah, there wego. Boarding times. All right.

BrendanKing(24:37):So, of course, click the link,check it out, and let us know how it is. If it's good or not. Go ahead.

JackPalermo(24:45):I'm sorry. I was jumping aheadas I usually do.

BrendanKing(24:47):You're jumpy today.

JackPalermo(24:47):I am a little jumpy today.Anyway, so Hidden Cinema, who we talked about before, downtown is now doingChristmas films, starting with the number one Christmas film of all time: DieHard.

BrendanKing(24:57):I always forget that.

JackPalermo(24:57):It is a Christmas movie.

BrendanKing(24:57):I always forget that it actuallyis a Christmas movie.

JackPalermo(24:58):I get into arguments with peopleall the time. It is a Christmas movie.

BrendanKing(25:03):Yeah, yeah. I had this argumentyears ago. I remember that.

JackPalermo(25:04):Yes. So Friday, December 3rd,Die Hard. You have Love, Actually, The Grinch, Home Alone, Home Alone 2, TheNightmare Before Christmas, It's a Wonderful Life, blah, blah, blah. All sortsof stuff. You can get your individual ticket with a picnic blanket for $17.50,ticket with lounge floor chair for $28 bucks, and couples ticket with loveseatbean bag for $58.50.

BrendanKing(25:25):I feel like you should say thatout one like, "Couples ticket with a love seat bean bag. $58.50."

JackPalermo(25:29):Love seat bean bag. $58.50.

BrendanKing(25:31):But yeah, it looks cool and it'son the rooftop. Downtown. Do we know what building it's on top of? Are weaware? I'm not sure yet.


BrendanKing(25:39):But either way, click the link.It'll take you to it. I was just curious. Wasn't sure what part of downtown,but it's downtown, so obviously you can go out to dinner, go get a drink, thengo see a movie and go back out again because there's so much to do down there.

JackPalermo(25:53):There sure is.

BrendanKing(25:54):Yeah, that looks awesome, andhonestly, we've been waiting for this to come and to go see a bunch ofChristmas movies.

JackPalermo(26:00):Especially Die Hard.

BrendanKing(26:01):I still can't believe it.

JackPalermo(26:02):That's it.

BrendanKing(26:03):Speaking of Home Alone, the HomeAlone house is available to rent. The actual house in the suburbs of Chicago isactually for rent. It's kind of a raffle situation.

JackPalermo(26:15):Look at the paint can [inaudible00:26:16].

BrendanKing(26:16):Overnight stay on December 12th.Tickets are $25, so kind of the price of a couple pizzas, that he ordered, thatfilthy animal. Remember that movie?

JackPalermo(26:26):[inaudible 00:26:26]. Anyway,so-

BrendanKing(26:27):"Keep the change, youfilthy animal."

JackPalermo(26:29):Yeah, that was super cool. Ilike that movie.

BrendanKing(26:32):And I think it's $25, as araffle, to have the chance to actually win a night there, right?


BrendanKing(26:38):And it's just one night?

JackPalermo(26:39):One night.

BrendanKing(26:39):And what day?

JackPalermo(26:40):December 12th.

BrendanKing(26:40):That's crazy.


David(26:41):And it's through Airbnb, right?

JackPalermo(26:43):Yes. Through Airbnb. Correct.

BrendanKing(26:44):I didn't know that Airbnb had araffle option.


BrendanKing(26:48):So it must be through some othersite. I'm curious about this. Raffling... Is this a new trend?

JackPalermo(26:56):I don't know. We'll see.

BrendanKing(26:57):Slap any building and say,"Hey, sleep at Ikea for the night. $25."

JackPalermo(27:02):"Unlimited Swedishmeatballs."

BrendanKing(27:04):You too can sleep at the BrendanKing Group's office for a $25 raffle. So, this is actually really cool. It's aholiday lights map. So you can go to a website and there's a Google Map withlittle dots that show all the different homes around the valley that aredecorated, not gated, and you can kind of just drive around and check them out.And it's And the group said the map has 597 homes.More than 2 million views in 2020. That was last year.


BrendanKing(27:40):So maybe people didn't have alot to do last year, but that's insane.

JackPalermo(27:45):That's crazy. That's a lot ofhomes.

BrendanKing(27:47):597 homes. So, if anybody endsup hitting every single home, let us know because we would love to know.

JackPalermo(27:55):We'll put you in a raffle.


JackPalermo (27:56):To stay at the Brendan KingGroup's office.

BrendanKing(27:59):You could win the chance tosleep at Ikea. So the, of course, endlessly burgeoning restaurant scene. Wehave six new additions and we have a friend that's still flying around.

JackPalermo(28:12):There's the fly.

BrendanKing(28:13):So there's, sorry, six newrestaurants coming. The first one caught my eye right away: I Heart Mac &Cheese.

JackPalermo(28:22):I would probably have a heartattack because I love mac and cheese.

BrendanKing(28:25):And it's not far from ouroffice-

JackPalermo(28:26):I know.

BrendanKing(28:27):... so good luck.

JackPalermo(28:27):Lunch. Lunch time.

BrendanKing(28:28):5130 Fort Apache. Next one.

JackPalermo(28:31):The Terrace Mediterranean. It islocated on top of the Larry Flynt's Hustler Club on Dean Martin Drive.

BrendanKing(28:39):So, not a family joint probably.Well, hey, it depends on your family. The Terrace Mediterranean. Saffron, whichis a vegetarian eatery over in Chinatown, which honestly is one of my favoriteareas to eat.

JackPalermo(28:53):Boom Bang Fine Foods andCocktails located in Henderson.

BrendanKing(28:57):Right away, I think of aBatman... Boom. Bang.

JackPalermo(29:00):Yeah. Pow.

BrendanKing(29:02):Pow. Yeah. Harlo, which we'resuper excited about, which is La Strega's Gina Marinelli. That's going to be indowntown Summerlin at the old-


BrendanKing(29:12):Andiron space.

JackPalermo(29:14):And we also have Carversteakcoming to Resorts World December 30th.

BrendanKing(29:18):Look at that tomahawk.

JackPalermo(29:19):New steakhouse. Check that out.I'm salivating already.

BrendanKing(29:22):Yeah. And, of course, beyondthat we have 11 celebrity restaurants on the way for 2022, which Las Vegasdefinitely has a love affair with celebrity restaurants.

JackPalermo(29:32):Especially Lisa Vanderpump.

BrendanKing(29:34):So Lisa Vanderpump from theVanderpump Rules and Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is having her restaurantopening in Paris. Are you still on their fan page?

JackPalermo(29:44):Yes. Yes, I am.

BrendanKing(29:45):Tetsuya Wakuda, the restaurateur.John Kunkel of 50 Eggs Hospitality delves into a Japanese cuisine basedrestaurant called Wakuda, which is going to open at Palazzo in 2022.

JackPalermo(29:57):Giuliana and Bill Rancic, a newItalian restaurant partnering with Lettuce Entertain You, with the Melmanbrothers, Melman family, as well. Plans to open in the forum shops in early2022.

BrendanKing(30:09):And that's Bill Rancic from...

JackPalermo(30:11):Chicago. From my hometown.

BrendanKing(30:13):Chicago, but from Apprentice,actually.

JackPalermo(30:14):Yes. He won the firstApprentice.

BrendanKing(30:16):Yep. Todd English, Chef ToddEnglish, is going to open up a restaurant at the arts strict also in 2022,which I'm surprised he's doing this off-Strip.


BrendanKing(30:25):That's pretty cool. So it'sgoing to be in the Arts District, which is super awesome.

JackPalermo(30:29):Bobby Flay is opening two moreoutposts. Bobby's Burgers at Harrah's and in March 22 he's headed to theincreasingly star-studded Paris, Las Vegas.

BrendanKing(30:38):This guy is endless.


BrendanKing(30:40):He does not stop. I would loveto see if he's profitable on every single restaurant. He must have like 80restaurants. That's probably overreacting, but insane.

JackPalermo(30:48):So always go 20% lower than whatyou say.


BrendanKing(30:51):Yeah, yeah, yeah. Always,always, always. Unless I am listing a home.


BrendanKing(30:55):Then it's 20% higher.


BrendanKing(30:57):Nobu Matsuhisa of the famed Nobuis going to open traditional Japanese dish with Peruvian ingredients at a thirdlocation in 2022 at Paris.


BrendanKing(31:11):Another one at Paris.

JackPalermo(31:12):And Drew Brees, the old NewOrleans Saints quarterback is opening Walk-On's Sports Bistreaux, spelledFrench-like, and it is taking the place of Toby Keith's I Love This Bar insidethe Harrah's.

David (31:24):Aw, man.

BrendanKing(31:24):That's a massive change fromToby Keith.


BrendanKing(31:29):And then Martha Stewart, ofcourse the famed Martha Stewart from the old Martha Stewart Show, is going tobe opening a restaurant also at...




BrendanKing(31:41):In 2022.


BrendanKing(31:41):So if you're a big MarthaStewart fan, then that's where you can go to check out some of her new foodconcoctions.

JackPalermo(31:48):Yeah. And don't forget BlakeShelton, the country music singer and coach of The Voice, we talked about thisbefore, is opening Ole Red, which is going to be in the Grand Bazaar Shops infront of Bally's.

BrendanKing(31:57):Yeah. And that was like a wholeentire venue.

JackPalermo(31:59):Yeah. It's going to be great.

BrendanKing(31:59):It was really cool. The JonasFamily.

JackPalermo(32:02):Brendan's favorite band.

BrendanKing(32:03):Also from New Jersey likemyself, they're going to do a... Well, it's actually the dad is doing aSouthern cooking restaurant that is coming to the MGM Grand.

JackPalermo(32:13):Very cool. And Dominique Anselis... You can order cronuts rolled in sugar, stuff with cream, topped withglaze with pastry chef Dominique Ansel opens their first outpost right next toGordon Ramsey Pub & Grill in, also, Paris.

BrendanKing(32:30):It says Caesars Palace.

JackPalermo(32:31):Oh, Caesars Palace. My bad. Wow.It's the same group.

BrendanKing(32:35):Yeah. You can go to the Parisand then walk across to Caesars.

JackPalermo(32:39):Yeah, just walk across. Yeah.

BrendanKing(32:39):And, of course, this is massivenews. Cirque Du Soleil rounded out their openings with Ka. So Ka is officiallyopen and actually bounced back... November 24th was their first show. That showwas $165 million. If you've never seen the show, the stage is incredible.


BrendanKing(33:00):Much like "O," thestage a show of itself. The whole stage rotates and people fall with wires andcables. It's amazing. Literally 300 cast and crew members are back to work. Andimportantly, some 1,250 Cirque players are back to work in total, which ishuge.

JackPalermo(33:19):That's huge.

BrendanKing(33:19):That's a ton of people withtheir jobs back. Congrats to Ka and all our friends over there. Casper, who waswith our team during the break, he's back at work at Ka. Congrats, man. We'rehappy for you.

JackPalermo(33:30):Congrats, Casper. Congrats.

BrendanKing(33:32):Jack, what's going on withcountry music?

JackPalermo(33:33):So, I talked about the NFRearlier, with the 10-gallon hats and stuff. Academy of Country Music Awards isset for Allegiant Stadium in March. March 7th. It's the 57th Academy of CountryMusic Awards.

BrendanKing(33:47):And that used to take place overat the-

JackPalermo(33:50):MGM, I think?

BrendanKing(33:50):I think Mandalay.



BrendanKing(33:52):Yeah, and now it's at Allegiant.That's a pretty massive change.



JackPalermo(33:55):Lot more seats.

BrendanKing(33:56):Yeah. A lot more seats.

JackPalermo(33:58):Yeah. It's going to be cool.

David (33:59):You were talking about it,Brendan. They're doing so many things at the stadium which is cool.

BrendanKing(34:03):I love that they're usingAllegiant for so much more than just football. Hopefully eventually soccer.

JackPalermo(34:09):I guess.

BrendanKing(34:12):I'm a soccer fan. So CarrieUnderwood kicks off REFLECTION. This is her Las Vegas residency at ResortsWorld.

JackPalermo(34:21):Started last night.

BrendanKing(34:21):Started last night. Yeah.


BrendanKing(34:23):And is she replacing...


BrendanKing(34:25):Celine Dion. Okay.

JackPalermo(34:26):Mm-hmm (affirmative).

BrendanKing(34:26):Until Celine is back, I knowCarrie Underwood will be there. She's great. I know David's a big CarrieUnderwood fan.

David(34:32):Oh yeah.

BrendanKing(34:33):So that's great. Check it out.We are the residency spot for anywhere in the world, honestly.


BrendanKing(34:39):But yeah, go check out CarrieUnderword. Underwood. Oh my gosh.


BrendanKing(34:43):Not Carrie Underwear.

JackPalermo(34:46):Underword. It's Underwood.


JackPalermo(34:47):There we go.

BrendanKing(34:49):So as you said, "Hello."

JackPalermo(34:52):"Hello. It's me."

BrendanKing(34:53):Weekends with Adele beginsJanuary 2022. This is going to be good.

JackPalermo(34:59):It's going to be great, man.

BrendanKing(35:00):Sure our wives are absolutelygoing to want to see this.

JackPalermo(35:02):Oh God, I know. I know. Which isgoing to be great. She's beautiful. She has a beautiful voice. But yeah, soit's kind of weird. The presale ticket registration was available as of Mondayto December 2nd. Pre-sale. So a verified fan pre-sale begins... Wait. I'mconfused for a second.

BrendanKing(35:21):Yeah. It's a little confusing.There's like a link to a verified fan page, and then you get a unique code, andthen you have the chance to purchase tickets for her performancefirst-come-first-serve.

JackPalermo(35:32):Oh, there goes the fly again.


JackPalermo(35:35):He's excited about Adele."Hello."

BrendanKing(35:39):So yeah, which is different forsure. This fly loves to be on camera. The weather's that nice that we've hadthe door open and now we have flies.


BrendanKing(35:49):One singular, very famous fly.


BrendanKing(35:52):But yeah, we'll have the linkbelow. You can check it out for yourself. You sign up and then get a code andthen you have the right to purchase tickets, and then it'sfirst-come-first-serve after that.

JackPalermo(36:02):Yes. So, that makes sense.

BrendanKing(36:04):Yeah, and here are the dates of12 different weekends starting at January 21st. My birthday is January 22nd.

JackPalermo(36:13):Oh. Look at that.

BrendanKing(36:13):I can go to Adele for mybirthday. And then, the final weekend was-

JackPalermo(36:19):April 16th.

BrendanKing(36:20):April 16th. Yeah. So anywherebetween January 21st and April 16th. 12 weekends in a row.

JackPalermo(36:26):Great news.

BrendanKing(36:27):There is a lot going on.

JackPalermo(36:28):Tons, and there's just going tobe more.

BrendanKing(36:30):Yeah, there is. So don't forgetall this, all the links that go to our website and on our website, everythingis there. So anything you missed or thought you missed, of course you can scanthrough there and find the links, photos, everything. Everything, everything,everything. And of course, don't forget to text...

JackPalermo(36:46):"VIP" to 702-553-1955.

BrendanKing(36:50):And of course, if you want theMarket Update every single week, text "Market" to 702-553-1955.

JackPalermo(36:56):And food and drink specials.Please do text "DINE" to 702-553-1955.

BrendanKing(37:02):And that is episode number 22 ofThe Unnamed Show. Thank you, Mr. Jack.

JackPalermo(37:08):Thank you, Mr. King.

BrendanKing(37:09):Happy official holidays.

JackPalermo(37:10):Yes. Happy holidays.

BrendanKing(37:11):I don't think it's officialuntil Thanksgiving starts.

JackPalermo(37:13):December 1st. Oh, there's ourfly again.


JackPalermo(37:15):Kris Kringle, we just named him.

BrendanKing(37:16):Yeah, so a little Kris Kringle,hopefully he's not here next week. Because he's really busy at Santa'sworkshop, he will not be here. But yeah, thank you. And of course, we'll seeyou guys next week.

JackPalermo(37:28):We'll see you next time.

BrendanKing(37:29):Have a good one. Happy holidays.The beginning.

Jack Palermo (37:32):The beginning.


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