August 13, 2021

November 16, 2021

Episode #7 of "Unnamed Show" Happy Hour Edition

Episode #7 of "Unnamed Show" Happy Hour Edition | MLB's Field of Dreams Game, NBA 2021 Summer League, A's or not, MLB will come to Las Vegas, Raiders’ 2021 pre-season starts, NFL Bars in Las Vegas, Topgolf, where to find the best happy hours in Las Vegas, Gene Simmons Confirms KISS Will Begin Las Vegas Residency.

Brendan King and Jack Palermo discuss MLB's Field of Dreams Game, NBA 2021 Summer League, A's or not, MLB will come to Las Vegas, Raiders’ 2021 pre-season starts, NFL Bars in Las Vegas, Topgolf, where to find the best happy hours in Las Vegas, Gene Simmons Confirms KISS Will Begin Las Vegas Residency, and. Jo Koy and Sebastian Maniscalco's Upcoming Shows at Wynn & Encore Las Vegas.

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Transcribed (accuracy not guaranteed)

Jack Palermo (00:20): Cheers.

Brendan King (00:20): What's going on? It's Brendan King from the Brendan King Group at Simply Vegas.

Jack Palermo (00:24): Jack Palermo from the Brendan King Group at Simply Vegas as well.

Brendan King (00:27): And this is episode seven of The Unnamed Show.

Jack Palermo (00:31): Unnamed Show.

Brendan King (00:31): So this is the Happy Hour Edition. We're going to bring you all sorts of information regarding sports, restaurants, happy hour, entertainment. Pretty much, we're just trying to fill your time after work and on weekends. What do we got here? So honestly, every single time we do a show, we do the same thing every time. We always give away tickets. So text Aviators to 702-553-1955. So if anybody wants to check out the Aviators over in Summerlin, text Aviators to 702-553-1955. We just had a family that's actually going this Sunday. They've got four tickets behind home plate and the Aviators are on a roll right now.

Jack Palermo (01:12): Awesome.

Brendan King (01:13): So if you're interested, of course, text Aviators to 702-553-1955.

Jack Palermo (01:20): 1955. All right. Sticking with baseball. Going on right now. The field of dreams game. It is the White Sox versus the Yankees.

Brendan King (01:26): Literally right now. It's happening right now.

Jack Palermo (01:28): Literally happening right this second. White Sox versus the Yankees. Me being from Chicago, Brendan being from New Jersey, that's kind of a little rivalry here, but anyway, awesome. It is on the site where they filmed the movie 30 years ago. They built a stadium about 600 yards away from the original little stadium there, to fill major league baseball, 8,000 seats. It is the fifth highest priced ticket in all of major league baseball history. Cheapest ticket, $1,200.

Brendan King (01:59): That's insane. So $1,200 is the cheapest ticket.

Jack Palermo (02:02): Yes. Cheapest ticket. And the White Sox right now are winning in the fourth inning at 5-3.

Brendan King (02:07): And when we started this, the Yankees were winning. So, go figure. But by the time we finish this, the Yankees will be winning again.

Jack Palermo (02:14): Ha, he thinks so, but yeah.

Brendan King (02:16): Oh my God, check out the field. It's just amazing. So they actually entered from the cornfield when they started the game, which was-

Jack Palermo (02:22): Very cool.

Brendan King (02:22): Completely like, right-

Jack Palermo (02:23): Very cool.

Brendan King (02:24): Right from the movie, pretty much.

Jack Palermo (02:25): Kevin Costner came out, did his little speech, threw out the first pitch. It was pretty awesome. And sticking with baseball, our insider Derek Stevens, the man from Circa from-

Brendan King (02:38): Circa, by the way, if you've never been, the stadium swim downtown is incredible.

Jack Palermo (02:42): Awesome.

Brendan King (02:43): Yeah.

Jack Palermo (02:43): It's tiered. You can watch any game in the world. It's amazing, but he has said if the As don't come, which I think they will.

Brendan King (02:51): That's the rumor we hear.

Jack Palermo (02:52): There will be a major league baseball team here in Las Vegas within the next few years, which would be pretty awesome if it was an expansion team. Great.

Brendan King (03:01): In my opinion, I feel like that'd even be better.

Jack Palermo (03:04): Yeah.

Brendan King (03:04): Think of the Golden Knights, there was nothing more amazing than the run of the Golden Knights-

Jack Palermo (03:08): So cool.

Brendan King (03:08): From start till even now.

Jack Palermo (03:10): So cool.

Brendan King (03:10): Until the loss of Fleury, but I'll get over that.

Jack Palermo (03:14): They're looking for spaces right now. And the number one space that they're looking for is the Las Vegas Fair Grounds, right on Sahara and the Boulevard. Parking will be crazy.

Brendan King (03:24): Always. Always.

Jack Palermo (03:25): The dome will definitely have to happen because it's 110 here in the summertime during baseball season.

Brendan King (03:30): For sure. But that was where the old Rock in Rio concert took place. And honestly, it's a good location.

Jack Palermo (03:34): It's awesome.

Brendan King (03:35): It's right on the strip. It's the northern side of the strip, Sahara and Las Vegas Boulevard.

Jack Palermo (03:40): Las Vegas Boulevard. Right.

Brendan King (03:42): So hopefully that rumor is true, but we'll keep you posted. But as of now-

Jack Palermo (03:46): Would be awesome.

Brendan King (03:46): That's the rumor we've heard.

Jack Palermo (03:47): I'm a huge sports fan. So bring it on.

Brendan King (03:49): Yeah. Oh yeah.

Jack Palermo (03:50): The more the merrier.

Brendan King (03:50): The more pro sports here, I think everybody's a fan. If you're from out of state, why not come see your team in Vegas, honestly.

Jack Palermo (03:58): Absolutely.

Brendan King (03:59): On the same note, but regarding Vegas, at least, so the Summer League is here right now. The NBA has the Summer League. So it's a good time to come check out the lottery picks and some of the new picks for the teams, August 8th through 17th. Thomas & Mack Center, Cox Pavilion, go check it out. Honestly, it's a really great opportunity to sit close and check out all the NBA players.

Jack Palermo (04:21): You buy a ticket for the day, basically. So you can see three games.

Brendan King (04:24): Yeah. That's amazing.

Jack Palermo (04:25): Which is pretty awesome. And they're cheap and it's great. And you can get up and close and you can see some stars walking around, sitting on the sidelines, it's awesome.

Brendan King (04:30): Some of these guys maybe the future stars of the NBA, honestly, which is a great opportunity to check them out. In that same note, actually regarding Vegas, of course, the 2021 schedule, as far as the Raiders training camp was this week, and our first game at home, Seattle Seahawks versus the Raiders. It's a pre-season game, but it's also an opportunity to see the stadium, see the team for $80, I think is the cheapest ticket.

Jack Palermo (04:57): Tickets are cheap, yeah.

Brendan King (04:58): So compared to a real game, this could be your chance to see the stadium and check out a game.

Jack Palermo (05:04): Enjoy it. It's awesome.

Brendan King (05:05): And enjoy it. Jack's been there.

Jack Palermo (05:07): It's awesome.

Brendan King (05:07): He's got family that has tickets and they've been there a bunch of times.

Jack Palermo (05:11): It's great.

Brendan King (05:11): And I've heard nothing but good things. So this could be your chance this weekend. See the Seattle Seahawks versus the Raiders on August 14th, which is Saturday at 6:00 PM. Check it out. What you got Jack?

Jack Palermo (05:24): NFL bars.

Brendan King (05:25): Oh. You know what? So on that note, an NFL bar. So we did talk about this the other day. So there's an amazing directory on, I think it's the Review Journal, and we've got... Honestly, anything we talk about today, we've got links to all this information so just so you know, you don't need to write any of this down. All the links will be below the video, or you can obviously message us, for any of the information you need. So NFL bars.

Jack Palermo (05:50): They did do episode six, I saw, last episode, and they showed my Chicago bar, Amore Taste of Chicago, but they showed the not-so-updated pictures. So they expanded the bar. This is the old-

Brendan King (06:03): We did. We did. But let's talk about the list first.

Jack Palermo (06:05): This is the old bar.

Brendan King (06:05): You can see any team, not just Chicago.

Jack Palermo (06:08): Yes.

Brendan King (06:08): But we did mess up. We showed the old version of Amore. He's right. So we were educated on this. Jack was nice enough to tell us that Amore has completely updated their bar.

Jack Palermo (06:20): Renovated it, made it larger. The TV screens are crazy. Check it out right here.

Brendan King (06:26): This is that same restaurant, but the new version.

Jack Palermo (06:28): It's insane. I mean, it is just so much better. Look at how big those TVs are. It's such a larger space. Super cool to watch any NFL game, especially the Bears.

Brendan King (06:37): But if your second favorite team is the Bears, then you should go here and watch a game.

Jack Palermo (06:42): Absolutely.

Brendan King (06:43): If your second favorite team is the Bears.

Jack Palermo (06:46): 100%. That link on the site, the link is for any sports, any NFL team. There's bars all over.

Brendan King (06:54): There's everything. Yeah. I don't know that every team is represented, but I used to live in New York. He used to live in Chicago. I think this is a common thing in a lot of big cities. And it's really a huge plus that if I want to see a Giants game, he wants to see a Bears game, we've got that capability.

Jack Palermo (07:08): There's a place to go.

Brendan King (07:09): But we can always watch the Raiders anytime. But if you have a local team, check out the link and you can definitely see if your team is represented here and you can go check out a bar with all the people back from home and whether it's Chicago, New Jersey or wherever else it is. On the same line, in Vegas, of course, again, Top Golf. We've got a team outing on Monday, actually at Top Golf. I've been there a few times and I-

Jack Palermo (07:34): I will tell you, me being a golf... I love golf. I'm just the biggest golf fan. It is the coolest Top Golf in the nation. The views, the pool.

Brendan King (07:45): It's the only one I've seen.

Jack Palermo (07:47): It's insane.

Brendan King (07:47): I just assumed they all looked like this, but I've been told by everybody that's come through here that seen any other Top Golf.

Jack Palermo (07:52): It's crazy.

Brendan King (07:53): It's a pretty amazing place. What is it, four stories?

Jack Palermo (07:55): Four stories.

Brendan King (07:56): They've got an outdoor pool. They've got all sorts of games besides golf.

Jack Palermo (08:01): It's nuts.

Brendan King (08:02): But if you've never been there before, Top Golf is definitely worth checking out for sure. And if you have been there, then go back because...

Jack Palermo (08:11): Go back. It's awesome.

Brendan King (08:12): Why not?

Jack Palermo (08:12): It's just awesome.

Brendan King (08:14): For sure. The other thing we were going to chat about was Happy Hour. So I've been to Top Golf for a couple events. We're going to have our thing on Monday, but nothing's better in Las Vegas than Happy Hour.

Jack Palermo (08:28): Happy Hours are the best.

Brendan King (08:28): So if you're leaving work and you want somewhere to go get a drink, go get some light food, Eater, of course.

Jack Palermo (08:34): Eater is the best.

Brendan King (08:34): Our go-to many times for just ideas on where to go for different situations. They had a list over the weekend of where to find the best Happy Hours.

Jack Palermo (08:45): The list is up to 21.

Brendan King (08:46): Is it 21?

Jack Palermo (08:46): Yeah. It's 21 right now.

Brendan King (08:48): And we threw a few of our favorites as well on here. I've got kids, so I don't always hit happy hour, but there's days that I can dream. 8 East is one. Number two was Honey Salt, which actually we had our holiday party there.

Jack Palermo (09:03): We had our party there. Yes.

Brendan King (09:04): We had our holiday party at Christmas time at the holiday time at Honey Salt, they did an amazing job.

Jack Palermo (09:11): Super awesome.

Brendan King (09:12): Insane spread. Honestly, North Italia.

Jack Palermo (09:15): North Italia.

Brendan King (09:16): What's the deal with this? You told me this.

Jack Palermo (09:17): Every Monday, they have Happy Hour all day.

Brendan King (09:20): Which is crazy.

Jack Palermo (09:21): Which is awesome.

Brendan King (09:22): Only in Vegas.

Jack Palermo (09:22): The food's great. The atmosphere is great and Happy Hour all day on Mondays.

Brendan King (09:26): Nice. Yeah. So North Italia. And if you haven't tried their food, honestly, it's also very good.

Jack Palermo (09:31): It's good.

Brendan King (09:31): Not just the drinks. And then a 108 Drinks and 108 Eats is another choice. Nacho Daddy, so if you want-

Jack Palermo (09:39): If you want a margarita, go there. It's good stuff.

Brendan King (09:41): Mexican food and margaritas. I think they're only $5 margaritas, actually.

Jack Palermo (09:43): $5. Yeah.

Brendan King (09:47): Majordomo. So I'm a big David Chang fan. I know if my brother's watching this, he's also a big David Chang fan. Majordomo is definitely worth checking out. Of course, absolutely. And then of course we got... Landini, actually, he is a client of ours. We helped him find a retail space here in Las Vegas. It's a pizza joint. He moved his place from San Diego actually, so he's been in San Diego for decades and this is his first location in Las Vegas. Definitely check out their pizza. Valley Cheese & Wine.

Jack Palermo (10:19): Henderson.

Brendan King (10:20): Henderson.

Jack Palermo (10:21): If you're a Henderson person, Valley Cheese & Wine. It's the spot to go.

Brendan King (10:23): Honestly, some of their spreads were so amazing.

Jack Palermo (10:26): Amazing.

Brendan King (10:26): I was looking at the photos before, they're mouthwatering. Blume Kitchen.

Jack Palermo (10:31): Also in Henderson. Beautiful. It's a great atmosphere.

Brendan King (10:36): Yeah.

Jack Palermo (10:36): Super cool for Happy Hour. Super cool, anytime, to be honest.

Brendan King (10:39): Yeah. Yeah. No, awesome place. And then so Red Rock, this is kind of a tried-and-true if you're a west side person, anybody who's been out at some point in time has been to T-Bones, and sits at red rock, right by the pool.

Jack Palermo (10:52): It's got the patio, right by the pool. It is so cool. The Happy Hour menu is great. Super cool atmosphere.

Brendan King (10:59): Yeah. And fire pit right outside at different times of the year. And the food is really, really good.

Jack Palermo (11:04): Really good.

Brendan King (11:06): So again, Vintner Grill, another tried-and-true. Anybody who's been to a business meeting of any sort, it kind of sits right at the edge of Summerlin.

Jack Palermo (11:15): Also, a great patio.

Brendan King (11:17): Yeah. Also, actually, yeah. The patio is really nice at both places. And then Hearthstone, definitely.

Jack Palermo (11:23): Also in Red Rock.

Brendan King (11:24): Also at Red Rock.

Jack Palermo (11:25): Super cool patio. Wednesday is dollar oysters, which is great.

Brendan King (11:28): Oh nice. That's right. We've been there for that actually. Yeah. Hearthstone is really beautiful. And honestly, then you're at Red Rock. So if you want to spill over to go bowling or go to downtown Summerlin, that's one of the nice things if you're not somebody that lives in Las Vegas is the downtown Summerlin area. You've got just kind of close proximity to...

Jack Palermo (11:47): A ton of stuff.

Brendan King (11:48): A dozen restaurants.

Jack Palermo (11:49): A ton of stuff.

Brendan King (11:50): And also movies and bowling. There's a ton in a really small area, so it's a really walkable area.

Jack Palermo (11:58): Vital Vegas.

Brendan King (12:00): That's right. I know you were waiting for this one.

Jack Palermo (12:02): Yeah. Peter Luger's restaurant in Brooklyn, New York. I am a steak connoisseur. And I will tell you that Peter Luger's in Brooklyn, New York was the best steak and experience I've ever had in my entire life.

Brendan King (12:15): In quotes, the New York times, you know what they're saying.

Jack Palermo (12:18): They are supposedly, from Vital Vegas, coming to the Caesars Palace, which would blow my mind because it is so good. So good.

Brendan King (12:32): It's that good?

Jack Palermo (12:32): It's that good.

Brendan King (12:33): It's that good. I grew up in New York and for some reason I've never been to Peter Luger's.

Jack Palermo (12:36): It's so good.

Brendan King (12:36): But I've heard the name my entire life.

Jack Palermo (12:38): It's very good.

Brendan King (12:39): So I guess it's my problem, not yours. So, another one. So we've been staring at photos of this place actually for about a week now.

Jack Palermo (12:48): I've been trying to get reservations for the last two months.

Brendan King (12:50): Holy cow.

Jack Palermo (12:51): It's new to me. Jack introduced it to me, but Delilah is kind of a throwback lounge. It's at the Wynn, correct?

Brendan King (12:57): Yes. The Wynn. At the Wynn. It's like a throwback cocktail lounge. Live music, and honestly Vegas has done a good job of adding this type of entertainment lately.

Jack Palermo (13:07): It's like a Cotton Club type of thing. You got a stage, tiered dining area. I mean, it just looks so cool.

Brendan King (13:14): Another version of this would be like the Mayfair Supper Club as well, but Delilah looks to be possibly a classy step-up in a different way, but live music, drinks, food, and just really kind of an old school throwback to Vegas.

Jack Palermo (13:29): I can't wait to go if I can get a reservation. The wife will love it.

Brendan King (13:33): If anybody is listening from the Wynn, call Jack or DM us.

Jack Palermo (13:37): Please. Please. Please!

Brendan King (13:37): Let him know that you've got reservations for him. His wife would be very happy.

Jack Palermo (13:41): Would love me.

Brendan King (13:43): So on a totally different note, completely different note entertainment-wise, we've got a really huge act, massive act coming to Vegas. Jack, show me who it is. Yeah.

Jack Palermo (13:56): Gene Simmons and Kiss. Residency in December, starting at the Planet Hollywood. Amazing, awesome show. I'm sure it's going to be a pyro, everything and crazy.

Brendan King (14:07): Always, always.

Jack Palermo (14:08): It'll be great.

Brendan King (14:09): And honestly, Kiss, if there's anybody that's lasted the test of time, actually anybody that Vegas is picking up lately, it's been like the true test of time. J-Lo and Cher and Bruno Mars, just completely amazing acts. It's kind of nice to throw a Kiss in there too, just for our generation, especially.

Jack Palermo (14:29): Yeah, for the rockers.

Brendan King (14:30): But it'll be kind of fun. I'm sure it'll be like a hilarious show.

Jack Palermo (14:34): I'm sure it'll be great. I can't wait. I can't wait.

Brendan King (14:37): In addition to that, I know years ago I was working in Montreal and I was at the Montreal Comedy Show and I saw Jo Koy at the Montreal Comedy festival, excuse me. And he literally made me laugh so hard that I couldn't feel my stomach for three days. So he is in town this weekend. So if you're a Jo Koy fan, he's here August 13th, 14th, September 3rd through 5th. So check it out. He's actually at the Wynn as well. For some reason, we're on a roll with things at the Wynn, but Jo Koy will be at the Wynn. And then the following week-

Jack Palermo (15:12): Sebastian Maniscalco.

Brendan King (15:15): "We got company." So anybody who's a fan of Sebastian knows what I'm talking about. So Sebastian Maniscalco will be there August 20th and 21st, 7:30 and 10 o'clock shows, also at the Wynn.

Jack Palermo (15:28): Hilarious.

Brendan King (15:28): If you've never seen him or even if you haven't watched them on... You know what you can do?

Jack Palermo (15:32): Netflix.

Brendan King (15:33): Do yourself a favor.

Jack Palermo (15:34): Go on Netflix.

Brendan King (15:34): Watch him on Netflix and then get tickets next week. And then thank us because...

Jack Palermo (15:38): Totally.

Brendan King (15:40): If you're from an Irish or Italian family from Chicago or New Jersey, then his humor-

Jack Palermo (15:46): It gives you your life.

Brendan King (15:47): Especially hits home. But I think to everybody else as well, he's just hilarious. He's so funny. Definitely check it out. August 20th, 21st at the Wynn. So overall, here's the thing. We live in Las Vegas. Everybody knows Vegas for the strip. There is so much more than just the strip.

Jack Palermo (16:07): So much more.

Brendan King (16:07): When it comes to restaurants or Happy Hour or anything like that, obviously Vegas is just the place to be. We've got more options than this and we know it. So if you guys have any ideas on places to go or places that we haven't included, please message us. Let us know.

Jack Palermo (16:25): Text Happy.

Brendan King (16:25): Yeah. So the same text for Aviators, you can text Happy to 702-553-1955. 702-553-1955.

Jack Palermo (16:32): 1955.

Brendan King (16:35): Text Happy. So what we're going to do is we're going to collect a list of people and we're going to partner with different businesses in the area. And at different times we may offer a free drink at a place one night or a free appetizer another night. So if you could text us Happy, we'll include you on that list. And then as we get different partnerships with different people in town, you'll be the first to know when there's something that we can offer you for sure.

Jack Palermo (17:01): Don't forget, Aviators.

Brendan King (17:04): Of course, yes. So don't just text Happy. After you're done texting Happy, text Aviators also to 702-553-1955 and honestly, they're the best seats in the house. We would love to have you guys. We've bought the tickets for a reason. We always give them to clients. And if not clients, then we always give them away to new people that maybe we don't know yet. So definitely check it out.

Jack Palermo (17:26): Behind home plate, covered.

Brendan King (17:27): It is covered.

Jack Palermo (17:29): [crosstalk 00:17:29] the sun.

Brendan King (17:29): When it is 110 degrees, you actually have some shade, which is very nice.

Jack Palermo (17:32): It's awesome.

Brendan King (17:33): So either text Happy, or both Happy and Aviator separately. Both of them will put you on the list for either/or, and again... Hey Jack, just wanted to say...

Jack Palermo (17:46): Cheers.

Brendan King (17:46): Happy Happy Hour.

Jack Palermo (17:46): Happy Happy Hour.

Brendan King (17:47): Episode seven of The Unnamed Show. Again, if you guys have any other advice on other places to go, we would love to share that with other people. We'll create a list online and then we can all enjoy Vegas for what it is.

Jack Palermo (18:00): Absolutely.

Brendan King (18:00): It's an amazing place. And we'll see you guys next week. Thanks for coming.

Jack Palermo (18:04): Cheers, everyone.

Brendan King (18:04): Have a good one.

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