September 1, 2022

November 15, 2022

Episode #6 of Real Vegas

Episode #6 of “REAL Vegas” | In this episode Brendan King and Karly Taylor were so pumped to hang out with Chef Josh Green, the creative mind behind well-known restaurants SkinnyFATS, Maxie’s, and Greens and Proteins as they talk all about his new restaurant Bacon Nation and wait till you hear about the reversed BLT sandwich. Also discuss Labor Day weekend in Las Vegas, Life is Beautiful festival, Garth Brooks residency, MeatLoaf-inspired ‘Bat Out of Hell’ musical, New In-N-Out Burger next to Raiders Stadium, Serena Williams win, Aces ride A’ja Wilson to series-tying win, F1 Las Vegas Grand Prix ticket presale registration, and the Real Estate Market.

Episode #6 of “REAL Vegas” | In this episode Brendan King and Karly Taylor were so pumped to hang out with Chef Josh Green, the creative mind behind well-known restaurants SkinnyFATS, Maxie’s, and Greens and Proteins as they talk all about his new restaurant Bacon Nation and wait till you hear about the reversed BLT sandwich. Also discuss Labor Day weekend in Las Vegas, Life is Beautiful festival, Garth Brooks residency, MeatLoaf-inspired ‘Bat Out of Hell’ musical, New In-N-Out Burger next to Raiders Stadium, Serena Williams win, Aces ride A’ja Wilson to series-tying win, F1 Las Vegas Grand Prix ticket presale registration, and the Real Estate Market.

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Today’s guest
Chef Josh Green 

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This is transcribed (accuracy not guaranteed)

Brendan King (00:37):Hey, what's going on? It's BrendanKing from the Brendan King Group at REAL.

Karly Taylor (00:40):And I'm Karly Taylor.

Brendan King (00:41):And this is episode number sixof REAL Vegas. So today, don't forget every day, any day text VIP to702-553-1955 to get on our list. Text VIP to 702-553-1955. And of course, don'tforget, we are on all podcast platforms, the BKG Podcast on Spotify, Apple,Alexa, blah, blah, blah. We're on all of it. And of course, Apple podcast. I amsuper excited for the fact that you need to get on our Instagram page as well.I'm trying to skip ahead because I'm excited about our guest today.

Josh Green (01:18):Me too.

Brendan King (01:19):Check us out on Instagram at BrendanKing Group. So if you've pretty much been in a cave, then you haven't seen aconcept of some sort by Chef Josh Green. Welcome, Chef.

Josh Green (01:19):Yeah.

Brendan King (01:33):Yeah, nice to have you. We foundout today that we're from similar areas. You're from Long Island, right?

Josh Green (01:39):Long Island, New York.

Brendan King (01:40):Yeah, but you've been herelonger than me. How long have you been here?

Josh Green (01:42):22 years.

Brendan King (01:43):22 years. So-

Josh Green (01:45):I came out here when I was 18,went to UNLV and stayed ever since.

Brendan King (01:48):Nice. And literally, you've gota million concepts in town and when-

Josh Green (01:53):And a million up here.

Brendan King (01:57):Yeah. Oh, I'm sure. And whenKarly was like, "Oh yeah, I'm friends with that guy." I was like,"The guy from Skinny Fats, the guy from Twitter?" Of course now,Bacon Nation, Green's and Protein, such great concepts and awesome restaurants.So just like Skinny Fats, where did that idea come from?

Josh Green (02:14):I was actually working for aprofessional basketball player by the name of Jermaine O'Neal. He's 6 feet, 11inches. And he eats heavier food. His wife is 5'4". She eats lighter food.So I had to make the same type of meal and make it in all these differentvarieties of different things. And so that's how it came. And one of my friendsat the time said, "Hey, I have this place. I want to put in arestaurant." I said, "I have this concept." And we had lines outthe door. It was insane.

Brendan King (02:48):Yeah. I remember the first onewhen it came out, everyone was going nuts and everyone was like, "SkinnyFats, Skinny Fats," because it's perfect for those scenarios when-

Karly Taylor (02:48):It's so awesome.

Brendan King (02:56):... especially wife-husband, thewife-husband thing. That's a common problem where-

Josh Green (03:01):Well, the common thing inrestaurants is that you go to a certain restaurant, you can only have thatthing or you focus on having the best burger or having Italian. So Skinny Fatswas really implemented in the fact that you can eat anything and everyone caneat there.

Brendan King (03:17):And you're so right. Becausewhen I want Italian, which is almost always, my wife is always like, "It'stoo heavy. I don't want to have pasta." And if you go to a Mastrioni's,you're going to have a heavy night. It's going to be great, but it's going tobe heavy. The nice thing at your restaurant is if I want fried chicken and shewants something that's much, much better for her-

Karly Taylor (03:39):Not fried.

Brendan King (03:40):And not fried, you have thatability. So working backwards a little bit. Sorry, I got so excited aboutSkinny Fats, so I wanted to talk about that. Tell me a little bit about you.Obviously, we know where you're from, but how did you become a chef? How didthat come about? I know you were playing hockey, living in New York. You comehere, go to UNLV. How did you become a chef?

Josh Green (04:02):Well, actually my father was acommercial lender in New York City. He worked for big bank and they lent moneyto a lot of restaurants. So they lent money to Mesa Grill, Bobby Flay, Rao's,so all these restaurants and I was going to eat at these restaurants. I waslike, "Oh, this is art on a plate." And I was always creative in someway and just chefs are a little out there.

So that's kind of what I focused on. And I focused on justmaking food and it became something that I was really into and I loved. Andthen I just started to take it to a whole another level. Then I came out here,went to UNLV, then worked two years in Disney World at Cinderella's RoyalTable, which is in the castle and did a thousand covers a night, loved the experience.And then came back to Vegas, started doing work in a bunch of restaurants,worked at the Wynn, worked at Mandalay Bay, bunch of other places. Then starteddoing private chef work. And the private chef work really got me into workingwith a lot of celebrities and just honing my skills.

Brendan King (05:08):And that's pretty much yourcreative palette. If you're a private chef, you can kind of go to town, right?

Josh Green (05:13):Yeah. I mean, I worked for DanBilzerian for three years, Jermaine O'Neal for three years. I worked for BrockLesnar, Rashad Evans. So a lot of people that were always in the limelight at sometime and I just like producing great food. So I just cooked and got me toplaces I am now. And my biggest thing is creating restaurants, creatingconcepts, creating things that aren't really around or different, or that'slike Bacon Nation.

There are things that are focused on bacon in otherplaces. There's a place in Miami that does some type of it, but it's really adiner-esque bacon restaurant and that's taking it to a whole another level.

Brendan King (06:00):And I was reading about it. Assoon as we all saw the word Bacon Nation, I know, Karly when we said it, she'slike, "Oh my God, bacon." The word bacon, I think for a lot ofpeople, whether it's my dog, my kids, my wife, bacon is, I think, one of themost loved. I don't know if you can even call it a food, it's more like adelicacy to me.

But the concept is quite cool. It's a 24/7 restaurantcelebrating everything pig, I guess you could say. And it's going to be on thesecond floor at The D. You were telling me a little bit before we started thatthey're going to have room service without room service, right? Tell about thisa little bit.

Josh Green (06:39):So the partners of Bacon Nationare developing a system where it's you come in and you pick up ... It's alocker, like a food locker. And you have a barcode and you scan it, come andyou pick up the food and so on and so forth. So it's just going to be a new evolutionof room service. You come, you get your food and you go back to your room.

Brendan King (07:07):And I was saying, I stayed onthe ... I did a little staycation a few months back. We ordered room service. Iswear to you, it took two hours. Not at The D, somewhere else. So this concept,I love because I'm one of those people that when I want something, I want itand I don't want to wait two hours.

Josh Green (07:21):And you wait, this would be 15,20 minutes.

Brendan King (07:24):It's amazing. I don't mind goingdown, getting it myself because then it gives me an excuse to go get a drink onthe way down. But equally, so 5,000 square feet, 130 seats out of these 55 to65 dishes, what would you tell me your favorite three are? Can you not mentionthem yet?

Josh Green (07:45):I mean, there's a lot ofdifferent ... I mean, we're doing a reverse BLT, which is like bacon as thebun. So that's something that's going to be super-

Brendan King (07:51):So the outside is layers ofbacon to make the actual-

Josh Green (07:55):Yeah. And then there's a pieceof-

Brendan King (07:55):Wait a second, Josh, is-

Josh Green (07:55):... right in the middle.

Brendan King (07:58):... this a picture of it? Oh,man. For anybody who can't see the photo right now, I am so sorry.

Karly Taylor (08:04):And it's so pretty though, likehow can-

Brendan King (08:07):It's like lattice. It's likelaced bacon that looks like it's seared on a skillet or something like that.Oh, my god. That looks good. So that's a cool concept. What else?

Josh Green (08:19):Then I'm doing a French toastbox, which is a piece of bread. And then it's all stuff with differenttoppings. One is a Fremont French toast box. One is bananas. It's kind of the historyof Elvis banana, bacon and peanut butter.

Brendan King (08:37):Oh, nice.

Josh Green (08:38):So we're just having fun withthat and different ... We're just going to have fun with bacon really. I mean,taking it to a whole another presentation level. As Karly could tell you, mypresentation, my mind goes in a hundred directions. So the presentation of allthis stuff is going to be pretty out there. We're doing a burrito that'swrapped in bacon.

Karly Taylor (09:00):Hello.

Josh Green (09:00):We're doing-

Brendan King (09:01):That's the thing. It's bendable,it's pliable. So you can do all sorts of-

Josh Green (09:06):And our staple bacon is going tobe amazing. Then we're doing bacon flights. We're doing dippers. We're doingcountry fried pork, country fried steak, but country fried pork. And it'sphenomenal. And then we have some basic diner chicken parm and eggs anyway youlike it, and all that stuff. So we're just keeping the diner-esque thing, butadding bacon to-

Brendan King (09:34):And back home where we're from,diners were the thing like Greek diners.

Josh Green (09:40):You can go in and get anythingyou want.

Brendan King (09:44):Anything you want 24/7. You comehome from going to a friend's house, where do you stop? The diner. Sodefinitely, I remember growing up eating at the diner all the time, but if ithad this much bacon, I probably would've been 200 pounds by the time Igraduated. So these are some images, of course, of ... What is this one?

Josh Green (10:04):We're just doing bacon tastingtomorrow, to be honest with you. That's just-

Brendan King (10:08):So that's going to be like aflight?

Brendan King (10:09):Well, we sampled some. Yeah, wesampled some bacon and we picked a certain one that we're going to go with andit's going to be-

Brendan King (10:18):Well, will all your bacon comefrom the same place or is it-

Josh Green (10:21):Yeah, it all comes from a place,Daily's. They're the provider. They have big story behind them. And once thewebsite and everything comes up, everyone will hear more about it. But they doa lot of wholesale and retail. So we're just trying to take a product that issuper unique and people don't usually see it, and it's different smokes anddifferent cures and stuff like that. One we're using is a honey-cured. One is acherry wood smoked. So we're just trying to use different things that you wouldhave that involved with bacon.

Brendan King (11:07):I feel like there's a form ofmad scientists in every great chef. I can tell, even while you're talking aboutit, in your head, you're picturing all ... When you come up with a concept likethis, is it just all day long you're thinking about it? Or you lay down andyou're like, "Oh, I got it."

Josh Green (11:24):No, I'm doing pretty quick. ButI mean my biggest focus is doing things that people haven't seen before,something that's different or just something that really attracts the humanmind and the focus of individuals. I mean, right now I have a concept that'sall kid-oriented. And if you ask any mother or father out there and they say, "Howdo you pick your restaurants? Or how do you pick your food?" They say,"Kids. The kid wants to go there. We're going there."

Brendan King (12:02):So you're going to actuallyreverse it, and make it based on the kid's food?

Josh Green (12:06):Yeah.

Karly Taylor (12:06):He has so many good ideas.

Brendan King (12:08):Here's the thing too. As anadult, kid food is good.

Josh Green (12:12):It's the best.

Brendan King (12:13):And usually the problem is thekid menu is the crappiest part of the entire menu. My kids actually eat prettywell. They don't like kid's menus because it's usually bad food. But I thinkthe food that's on there is good for a reason. So will you kind of do a twiston the kid's menu and make it the actual main dish, but better?

Josh Green (12:33):Yeah. I have a whole concept oftaking an item and making it kind of adulty and then same thing with making itmore ... I'm very simple eater. Everyone's like, "Oh, how you so skinny?Or you're not a fat chef." And I eat very ... Actually right now, I'meating very, very clean, but I haven't had sugar in a month, which is for me.I'm a sugar fiend. I love gummy bears. I love any of that stuff.

Brendan King (13:06):We're almost to candy cornseason. I don't know if you like those.

Josh Green (13:10):So I used to be a big candy freak.But now I haven't had it in a long time. But my staples are burger, pizza,grilled cheese, peanut butter and jelly. Simple, simple. So being a chef, youtry to focus on the simple foods.

David (13:32):But you don't eat bacon, right?

Josh Green (13:33):No, I don't eat bacon.

David (13:34):So who tastes these-

Brendan King (13:37):Some lucky bastard.

David (13:39):Your wife? Okay, yeah.

Josh Green (13:40):No, my wife doesn't even eatbacon. So yeah, I mean, I haven't eaten bacon for about three years, and now Ihave the owners of Bacon Nation and the restaurant, the guys over there, theytaste it and tell me if it's good or bad or kick it to the road.

Brendan King (14:00):Because the concept in your headis you understand how the flavors melt together. Whether you eat it or not, youunderstand what's going on, right?

Josh Green (14:09):Yeah. This is the great example.So we're doing a bacon dip sandwich. So like a French dip, but it's going to bebacon. So it's going to be the same type of roast beef, but it's pork. It'sshaved. So it's taking a staple item and putting bacon in it.

Brendan King (14:32):And then will there be au ju?

Josh Green (14:32):Yeah.

Brendan King (14:34):And what will that be made outof? Like the drippings of the-

Josh Green (14:39):Bacon drippings and a beef ju.

Brendan King (14:42):I'm so hungry right now.

David (14:45):When does it open again? It'sthe fall, right? When does it open again?

Josh Green (14:48):It's actually the middle ofOctober.

David (14:51):Okay. We're going to do a teammeeting or something, right?

Brendan King (14:53):Yeah, we're there for sure.There's no way we won't be because all your concepts, honestly, Josh, all havebeen so good, so creative, so unique. And I can't wait to see this next one, ofcourse, with Bacon Nation. And I'm sure whatever else is in your head, this isprobably one little dark corner. You probably have 99% more ideas that you wantto get out there too.

Josh Green (15:15):Yeah, I would love to.

Brendan King (15:17):Yeah, well, it makes us happy.So the more of them that get out of you, they come to us. We're happy. Sodefinitely Skinny Fats, Fries n' Pies, Maxie's, Green's and Protein. And nowBacon Nation coming to you mid-October-ish at The D. And look at this, Green'sand Proteins. Where's Maxie's? I actually haven't been there yet.

Josh Green (15:38):Maxie's is on The LINQ. It'sactually kind of a diner type place, but it's right next to the wheel.

Brendan King (15:44):Oh, right. Yeah.

David (15:44):Oh, there it is.

Karly Taylor (15:46):Yeah, super fun place.

Josh Green (15:47):And a lot of these concepts, Icreate them but I also, I do the menus and then some of them I've left and gotinvolved in other things. And so-

Brendan King (16:00):Sorry, go ahead.

Josh Green (16:00):No. So the whole focus of what Ido is trying to create the best, coolest, newest creative restaurants and justget them out there.

Brendan King (16:09):You're a lot like we used towork in showbiz, and you're a lot like when a new show comes, they bring in thebig creative guys. And then those types of minds, they don't want to stayanymore after that. It's like, I've put my stamp on it. I'm out. I want tocontinue to get my ideas and have the creative ideas. I'm sure for you to be along term chef at one restaurant right now would probably drive you insane.

Josh Green (16:34):I couldn't do it, no way.

Brendan King (16:36):So it's funny though. It's verysimilar in entertainment where you have those types of guys that just come in,put their stamp and move on and keep moving, and we're happy for it. So forsure, check out Bacon Nation, mid-October, and now we're going to check outsome things and Josh is going to hang with us because he's been here longer inVegas and knows Vegas better than we do.

So three-day weekend coming up. Actually, before we eventalk about that, vote for us. So we're up for Best of Vegas. We got nominatedagain. Best real estate team, best luxury real estate team. Don't forget tovote for us. Go to the ...

David (17:10):The link is in-

Brendan King (17:11):Links in the bio, check it out.Definitely vote for us for both. We would appreciate it.

Karly Taylor (17:15):And you can vote once a day.

Brendan King (17:17):Once a day until September 30th.

Karly Taylor (17:19):So, we'll keep reminding you.

Brendan King (17:20):So give Bacon Nation 5, 6, 7stars, and vote for us on Best of Vegas.

David (17:28):Definitely.

Brendan King (17:29):So back to Labor Day, Labor Dayweekend, three-day weekend, it's going to be a crazy, crazy hot one. I think300,000 people are coming here to pretty much cook.

Karly Taylor (17:39):That's crazy.

Josh Green (17:40):To cook bacon.

David (17:44):If they lay down.

Brendan King (17:46):Absolutely. This Irish boy couldnot be at a pool at 111 degrees. So average rate like $216 a night. Butdefinitely, the more important thing is go inside and go watch all the showsgoing on.

David (18:01):Yeah, big list of shows.

Karly Taylor (18:02):So many shows going on. We haveDanny Osmond, Shania Twain, one of my favorites, love her. Swedish House Mafiaand special guest, I can't even say his name.

Brendan King (18:15):Derek Hough? Kaytranada.

Karly Taylor (18:21):Kaytranada.

Brendan King (18:22):I was reading the next one.

Karly Taylor (18:23):Derek Hough, Luke Bryan. Such agood show if you haven't seen it.

Brendan King (18:26):And you've seen it too, right?

Karly Taylor (18:27):I would go again.

Josh Green (18:28):You should see them more thanonce.

Karly Taylor (18:29):Yes, I will [inaudible00:18:32].

Brendan King (18:32):That's going to crush everybody.It's Long Pants Lance and Luke Bryan.

Josh Green (18:37):That's how I know Karly is herhusband's my best friend, so like my brother.

Karly Taylor (18:43):Not my country husband, my otherhusband.

Brendan King (18:47):And of course, Duran Duran. Youcan't have a weekend with a bunch of four-year-olds without Duran Duran.

David (18:52):And the most exciting one, thisis we talked about before, Rick Springfield, Men at Work, John Waite free,Downtown Rocks.

Karly Taylor (18:52):Free that weekend.

David (18:52):That's going to be fun.

Brendan King (19:01):That's the thing, DowntownRocks, and it's going to be right near where Bacon Nation is going to be. Soyou may as well check out the area before Bacon Nation opens.

Josh Green (19:08):Isn't that Usher?

Brendan King (19:09):Usher is pretty sick, yeah. I'vegot a friend who's the video guy for him. And he said this guy is like thehardest working person he's ever seen.

Karly Taylor (19:16):I grew up with Usher. So thatwould be fun.

Brendan King (19:18):You got to go check it out.George Lopez, Sarah Silverman, Nikki Glaser, Deon Cole. Check out the link, ofcourse. And there's plenty to do besides cook like bacon outside. There'splenty to do inside at night once the sun goes down. And of course, whatfestival is coming up? One of my favorites.

Karly Taylor (19:35):Life is Beautiful. And I think Iwant to go this year. So this will be-

Brendan King (19:39):I've said this every year and Ihave not gone.

Karly Taylor (19:41):I know, same. It'll be downtownLas Vegas this year, September 16th through the 18th. We'll have ArcticMonkeys. Calvin Harris, Gorillaz, Lorde, Jack Harlow, Kygo.

Brendan King (19:58):Whole bunch of acts.

Karly Taylor (19:59):I can't remember these names.

Josh Green (19:59):K-Y-G-O. That's going to be newone now.

Brendan King (19:59):And Kygo too.

Karly Taylor (19:59):Kygo, yeah.

Brendan King (20:07):But Cage The Elephant, BeachHouse. So as always, and they have a little food thing every year, too at Lifeis Beautiful, right? And it's good food. It's not like hot dogs and hamburgers.

Josh Green (20:15):They search special places thatthey want to put out there.

Brendan King (20:19):They do like little kiosks andeverything. And they do like urban flights and tequila flights.

Josh Green (20:25):Yeah. They shut down that wholearea. It's incredible what they're doing.

Karly Taylor (20:25):That'll be fun.

Brendan King (20:29):Yeah, it's nice to-

Josh Green (20:30):Jack Harlow is number one rightnow. So it's going to be, a lot of people are going to see him.

Brendan King (20:35):Yeah. That's the thing. Theyalways seem to get at least one band that brings the crowds. And then you kindof learn about other bands that I have no idea who they are.

Karly Taylor (20:43):Kygo.

Brendan King (20:43):Like K-Y-G-O.

David (20:45):But this link have-

Brendan King (20:48):You can tell Lance about thatone.

Josh Green (20:48):No, that one is a good one.

David (20:50):He's going to see it. But thislink has all the set times and everything. So check it out because it kind ofdetails it all.

Brendan King (20:56):Yeah, for sure. And then ofcourse-

Karly Taylor (20:58):Garth Brooks opens in Las Vegas.His residency will be next spring.

Brendan King (21:04):Yeah. At the Coliseum, he'salready played-

Josh Green (21:07):The Wind.

Brendan King (21:08):The Wind. He's done so much intown. He did the one man show. So now, he's-

Karly Taylor (21:13):And how many times has heretired? I mean, I'm fine that he's come back because he's amazing.

Brendan King (21:17):I think when you're huge likethat, that's what you're supposed to do. You supposed to say, "I'm gonebut I'm now ..."

David (21:22):You know what? He retired forhis kids and when they left home, then he went back on the road, good guy.

Brendan King (21:27):Yeah. That's pretty cool. And ofcourse, nothing's better than Meatloaf Bat Out of Hell, the Musical with ...What is it, Travis Cormier. So I did a show years ago on Broadway called Danceto the Vampires, and Jim Steinman actually wrote all the music. And so this isJim Steinman's Meatloaf hits turned into a musical. That is so Vegas.

Josh Green (21:53):He's incredible.

Brendan King (21:53):Jim Steinman is incredible. Themusic of Meatloaf is incredible. So this is going to be good. And TravisCormier, you better be able to sing because this is hard music to have to liveup to. But yeah, he's an emerging country rock artist. And I think it's openingSeptember 27th at the Paris. It's going to be cool. Jim Steinman is the man.He's written for all sorts of artists.

Karly Taylor (22:20):I'll check it out, for sure.

Brendan King (22:23):So Enchant, if you didn't get achance to either go there for date night or bring your kids, it is a magicalwinter, like Winterland down at the Aviator Stadium.

Karly Taylor (22:34):And they're having an open call,Brendan.

Brendan King (22:36):Yeah, I think chef needs to goaudition.

David (22:40):Hey, wait a second, Brendan.

Josh Green (22:42):I'm going to try to be thelittle elf.

Brendan King (22:46):I'll put this whole ... I'll donthe old outfit again from Cirque, but yeah, check it out. If you're looking fora great winter job down at Enchant. Actually all the people running it, Ibelieve are from Cirque.

David (22:58):Yeah, there's a lot of people.The audition is over at Rock Center For the Dance. But for [inaudible00:23:04], so I think Brendan, you should think about it. Acrobat?

Brendan King (23:06):Yeah, let me get right on that.

Karly Taylor (23:08):You too, David.

Brendan King (23:10):Me and chef, we're working on anumber together.

Josh Green (23:13):I could do it.

David (23:14):The Baconators. So yeah,September 6th and 7th from 10 to one at Rock Center For Dance. So onto food anddrinks, we've got a couple people here who know a few things about food anddrink. A new beer pays homage to Vegas Vickie.

Karly Taylor (23:33):Yeah, kicking cowgirl, the neonNevada test site came together. So she's famous, this sign here.

Brendan King (23:42):It's 20 by 25 foot.

Josh Green (23:43):She's at Cirque.

Brendan King (23:45):Yeah. She's at the cocktaillounge, I believe. So, yeah, Vegas Vickie is chilling on the cover of the neonblonde beer. She'll be fun, it's probably a fun limited edition. I would assumethe beer is brewed in the Arts District by Able Baker Brewing. So yeah.Definitely, right on main street. Great place down in the Arts District. Checkit out.

David (24:07):September 1st is the tasting.

Brendan King (24:09):Oh, let's check it out then.

David (24:10):Yeah, for sure.

Brendan King (24:11):So one of thing that's kind ofcool, that's kind of been this new trend in Vegas is these secret spaces orbars or lounges. And there's 11 of them that were in this article and one ofthem being Secret Pizza at Cosmopolitan. Most of these things don't become asecret for very long once people find out about them. Well, thanks to theInstagram.

Josh Green (24:32):There's no sign. That's crazy.It's incredible though.

Brendan King (24:35):Yeah.

Karly Taylor (24:36):It's fun for locals to knowabout these spots too, because hello, not everyone is going to them.

Brendan King (24:42):Yeah. It's fun for sure. SoSecret Pizza over at the Cosmo, what's the next one?

Karly Taylor (24:47):Ghost Donkey at Cosmopolitan.

David (24:49):That's the sign right there isjust look for the donkey.

Karly Taylor (24:53):You just look for the donkey andthen you know you're there.

Brendan King (24:54):Yeah. Have you guys been there?

Karly Taylor (24:56):No, but look how little thedonkey.

Josh Green (24:56):I couldn't find it.

Karly Taylor (25:01):I need my glasses to find it.

Brendan King (25:03):Ski Lodge at Cosmopolitan.Cosmo's got all these hidden places. So I guess there's ... This looks awesome,right?

Karly Taylor (25:10):Mm-hmm.

Brendan King (25:11):Look at the window, it's likesnowy outside.

Josh Green (25:14):Because that's like the most funyou ever have if you're skier, going to lodge.

Brendan King (25:19):Did you ski as a kid?

Josh Green (25:20):Yeah.

Brendan King (25:20):In New York, so I never ski. Ilearned in Vegas. How weird is that?

Josh Green (25:24):Mount Charleston?

Brendan King (25:25):Yeah. Literally my whole life,my parents weren't skiers, so I never went. And Vermont is amazing, I've beenthere in the winter. But I didn't know about this whole lifestyle of a skier.

Karly Taylor (25:37):So you go to that Ski Lodge inyour shorts and your ...

Brendan King (25:40):Yeah. Yeah.

Karly Taylor (25:41):... flip flops. You fit rightin.

Brendan King (25:42):But I love anything skiing now,like fire pits, all that. So this is perfect.

Karly Taylor (25:48):It'd be fun.

Brendan King (25:49):It's from the makers of OPIUM,Absinthe and Atomic Saloon, which are awesome shows. Vinyl Parlor at Park MGM,another cool hidden place. It's a speak easy and holds only about 25 people.

Karly Taylor (26:03):So this place we've actuallybeen to. This is my husband's favorite spot. Josh, I think we've been here, OnThe Record. So this is kind of a hidden spot too, but you can literally walkdown hallways and push open the doors and it's like a whole other room.

Brendan King (26:20):And there's no like, you don'thave to get on a list or anything? If you find it, you go?

Karly Taylor (26:24):It's kind of like a normalnightclub. There is a list or you can't get in.

Brendan King (26:31):So cool. It's in Vinyl Parlor,but that section is called On The Record?

Karly Taylor (26:35):On The Record.

Brendan King (26:36):Got you. We'll have to have youshow us for how the heck to get here. 1923 Prohibition Bar, our old brokerage.That's where we had our holiday party actually. Awesome place, total throwbackto the '20s, swanky secluded bar. What's the other one?

Karly Taylor (26:56):Secret Bar at Circa. I have notbeen to this one.

Brendan King (27:00):Yeah. Another hidden bar. Sothat one's over at Circa.

Josh Green (27:02):It's halfway hidden.

Brendan King (27:03):Have you been to that one?

Josh Green (27:03):No.

Karly Taylor (27:03):Halfway hidden.

Josh Green (27:04):Halfway hidden though.

Brendan King (27:05):Yeah. It's not really thathidden. Can't see their heads, so I guess that's hidden. And of course, we weretalking about this before the show. In-N-Out is building what we considerprobably will be the busiest In-N-Out burger in the entire country, right nextto or across from Raider stadium. This is bound to be the most popular In-N-Outby far. At the end of the Strip, by Raider stadium, 2,400 square feet, rightnext to the 65,000-seat stadium, come on.

Josh Green (27:39):But that company does it right,because they look at like everything around it. You guys being realtors, youknow how land and all that, that's what they focus on. So it's all these bigIn-N-Out, Chick-fil-A, all these big companies, McDonald's, eventually they'rea realtor. They're a real estate company and they try to buy their land. Sofocusing on a land like this, it's incredible.

Brendan King (28:05):And they're analytics driven.They will not go into a market until all the boxes are checked and then theyswoop in and go. This In-N-Out right here, and then the other In-N-Out down byCane's, like the Cane's and In-N-Out off the Sahara is always busy and they dojust enough. And then as soon as they know there's enough people, then theymove to the next section.

Karly Taylor (28:29):They'll just need a couple roadsfor their drive-through, way more than one or two.

Brendan King (28:35):So the next thing is We AllScream.

Karly Taylor (28:39):For ice cream.

Brendan King (28:40):Yeah. So this is a cool concept.Do you know the chef behind?

Josh Green (28:46):Yeah, Ryan Doherty. He's acreator of it. I think it's Corner Group Management or Corner Bar Management.They have the one downtown. What's that bar, Commonwealth?

Brendan King (28:57):Oh, yeah. It's a great place.

Josh Green (28:58):They have a bunch of stuffdowntown. He does a great job.

Brendan King (29:01):This is kind of like a funkyclub meets ice cream shop. And it's kind of like a total overload. Club, music,art, and of course, ice cream.

Karly Taylor (29:16):Yeah. So not a place for Sloan.

Brendan King (29:16):No. My kids love ice cream. Soyou could fit a thousand people, 1950s kind of ice cream bar style with a DJ,but modern, just kind of surround sound and lights and music. It's pretty cool.I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream.

Josh Green (29:34):There's a lot of new ice creamplaces in town that are really good, Handel's.

Brendan King (29:38):Handel's, so that's right hereby my house. It's so good, just classic and good, really, really good. So we'vegot some design trends. Everything else is making me hungry right now. So 2022,what's in, what's out. What are we at here, Karly?

Karly Taylor (29:54):Okay. Shades of brown.

Brendan King (29:56):... are back, right?

Karly Taylor (29:57):No, I think they ... Wait.

Brendan King (29:59):They said they were here in2021.

Karly Taylor (30:01):They're here and now they'releaving. Let's get back to ... Yeah, let's get back to a cleaner look.

Brendan King (30:10):Interesting. So elevated outdoorfurniture. I don't know what that means, to be honest, but it's elevated.

Josh Green (30:20):But I know that's in.

Brendan King (30:22):What's that?

Josh Green (30:23):Because all that greenery-

Brendan King (30:24):They're everywhere. Oh yeah.Everything's got that ... Especially, they'll do the Instagram wall with somesort of neon thing. The '80s are back.

Josh Green (30:33):That's like the, and I hate toget back into this, but the Bacon Nation. That's what they said. They're like,you got to make diner food, but you kind of make it Instagrammable. Everybodyis Instagrammable.

Brendan King (30:44):This is just a big piece ofbacon. People can take pictures. Oh, that's the thing. And then of course, amore modern, Grandmillennial. So I think everything's getting a little morelike pop of color and a little more grand. We went down to this gray on graywith some gray period where we would go into houses-

David (31:03):I'm not a fan.

Brendan King (31:04):... and be like, this looks likea hospital. So I think we kind of shook that out and we're back to some colorand some greenery, which we're fans of for sure. All right, I know you're afan. You already mentioned it. Miss Serena Williams wins her second round matchat US Open and keeps advancing on what probably will be her last foray intoanything, right? This is her last go around. That's crazy.

Josh Green (31:33):But they said they showed apicture in the paper. I think it was yesterday or this morning that a pictureof her when she started in a picture now.

David (31:43):Incredible.

Brendan King (31:43):She's 40.

Josh Green (31:46):Yeah. She's been doing it for 30something years.

Brendan King (31:47):She's insane.

David (31:48):I bet she wins the whole thing.

Brendan King (31:51):I bet she wins. Yeah. But Ithink she'll win just on the fact she's already got so much power, but nowshe's got the adrenaline of her daughter watching in the stands, which is thecutest thing. They're wearing matching dresses. And the fact that this is herlast go about, how many majors did she won? Something ridiculous.

Josh Green (32:09):It's crazy. And she's playingtonight.

Brendan King (32:11):With her sister.

David (32:12):Doubles, yeah. That'll be fun.

Brendan King (32:13):So definitely check out Serena.In my opinion, one of the best female athletes ever that touched the planet forsure. The Las Vegas Aces ...

Karly Taylor (32:23):A'ja Wilson, she's a beast.

Josh Green (32:24):She might be second best.

Karly Taylor (32:27):I was going to say that. Yeah,she's been great. She scored a playoff, career high, 33 points and had 13rebounds.

Brendan King (32:36):And she is the MVP front runnerfor sure, absolutely.

David (32:43):She'll win it, I think.

Brendan King (32:44):And then not only that, she'sthe defensive player of the year. It's like what?

Karly Taylor (32:50):She's literally a beast towatch. It was so much fun.

David (32:52):She averages almost two blocks agame, which is incredible too.

Brendan King (32:56):And 33 points and rebounds. Itjust, she's a great all-around player. I think this team will probably be ourfirst championship and I think she'll probably be one of the best WNBA playersfor sure.

David (33:09):Karly, you've been to one of thegames, right?

Karly Taylor (33:09):Yes. Just last week.

Josh Green (33:09):She tried out before she was arealtor.

Karly Taylor (33:11):I tried out, yeah.

Josh Green (33:13):She tried out for the Aces.

Brendan King (33:23):And The Aviators announced their150-game schedule for 2023. We're just telling Josh that he's got to get to oneof these games. Stadium's great and the food is actually good.

Josh Green (33:34):The food's amazing.

Brendan King (33:34):It's not just crappy hot dogsand hamburgers. They have kiosks of local restaurants.

Josh Green (33:39):Well, that's the new thing inall these places. They're trying to get, all the stadiums are trying to getbetter food and not just a hot dog or a hamburger or a French fries.

Brendan King (33:49):Or these stupid licensing deals.Like with alcohol, they'll say, "Oh, we only have Corona and Bud Lightbecause that's who's sponsoring the stadium. They have craft beers and they'remixing it up a bit. Because it's boring when you have a hot dog and a Bud Light.

Josh Green (34:04):When they realize that theyspend so much money on food, you can get either a higher dollar amount and thenpeople are getting better food.

Brendan King (34:12):And we're willing to spend it.I'll take the better food for sure. So yeah, 150 games. Every year, we've gothalf season tickets. We've got 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 games left.

David (34:22):So Josh is going to go to one-

Brendan King (34:23):Except Josh has taken fourthough. So we got four games left. So definitely, text AVIATORS to 702-553-1955if you want to get free tickets to any of those four games. Text AVIATORS to702-553-1955.

David (34:39):It's great to go with thefamily, man. I just went last week with my kids. And they can run around. Theygot the grass and the outfit.

Brendan King (34:46):Foosball, ping pong. If youdon't feel like watching baseball, go play some foosball.

Karly Taylor (34:49):They do face painting. Kids loveit.

David (34:52):It's so much fun.

Brendan King (34:53):And they've got bark nightswhere you can bring your dog, which was cool. Bring some sushi. My dog's nameis Sushi. We're a big food family and my kids love Japanese food. So they'relike ... It was either Mochi or Sushi. So we went with Sushi.

Josh Green (35:06):I want to get a dog and I wantto name him Wagu.

Brendan King (35:09):Nice. That's a good oneactually, Wagu. So something we learned about chef today is he played hockeyfor 22 years. So I guess you weren't goalie then because we need a goalie rightnow. Man, we need a goalie badly.

Josh Green (35:26):I wish I could bend like thatagain.

Brendan King (35:29):The splits these guys do areinsane. So we acquire goalie, Adin Hill, from San Jose Sharks. Is this theanswer?

Josh Green (35:29):No.

Brendan King (35:36):No?

Josh Green (35:37):That's not the answer. I thoughtwhen Fleury left, that was a bad move. But he kept that. I've actually playedwith him in Quebec, but he kept that whole team together.

Brendan King (35:49):I agree. And you know what? Fanseven. A ton of people got rid of their season tickets just because Fleury left.

Josh Green (35:57):Yeah. I mean ...

Brendan King (35:58):That's something to say aboutthe heart of the team. He was a great player already too. Didn't he win thebest goalie that year, the year they got rid of him?

Josh Green (36:06):He's always been great.

Brendan King (36:08):So unfortunately, we are nothaving Fleury back. But we do have Adin Hill from the San Jose Sharks. So youknow what? I hope it's the answer. We don't know until we have the season, butwe'll see. And you know I'm obsessed with this.

Karly Taylor (36:24):I know you are. The F1 Las VegasGrand Prix ticket presale. Did you already get yours?

Brendan King (36:30):I got mine. All you have to dois literally just click the link they text you and you're on, which is great.

David (36:37):And the link is in ourinformation.

Brendan King (36:39):Yeah. Click the link for sure.Get on there because then you'll find out. As soon as the tickets go, they'llbe gone in five seconds. Have you watched the F1 Netflix show?

Josh Green (36:48):No, not yet.

Brendan King (36:49):It's incredible.

Josh Green (36:50):I'm excited for that.

David (36:52):Brendan and Jack keep talkingabout it every week. So I finally started watching, I haven't stopped. I'm donewith first season. It's incredible. But it's going to set you up to know what'sgoing on when this comes.

Brendan King (37:01):There's no way a hundredthousand ... So the one in Austin, Texas and Florida both have 200,000 and300,000 people. We're going to smash this a hundred thousand in like fiveminutes. So we'll see what happens. But get on the list because those will besold out, I guarantee you, in like five, six minutes. And of course, thisweather is amazing, reminds me of an oven that you can slow cook bacon inbecause it's freaking hot.

Karly Taylor (37:30):I miss the clouds.

Brendan King (37:32):So we had the most amazing weatherthe past month. And you know what? Mother Nature is giving us a one-two punchfor the end of the summer. And it's going to be like a hundred and ...

David (37:43):Look at Death Valley today, 122.

Brendan King (37:46):Yeah. No. So it'll be about 110all weekend. Let's just move on. I don't want to talk about it.

Karly Taylor (37:53):I'll be inside. No showings thisweek.

Josh Green (37:54):No ice skating this week.

Brendan King (37:58):For five minutes. So plantingcalendar, we've got a link to this. I know David's wife is a big fan. Soif you know when to plant things, it's not this week because it'll die.

David (37:58):It'll die.

Brendan King (38:10):But there's a link,,gives you some guides on when to plant what, when, where and how.

David (38:17):That's pretty cool. Yeah.

Karly Taylor (38:17):That's pretty awesome.

David (38:18):And it's soon. You got to get onit here in September.

Brendan King (38:21):And in Vegas, if you're going toplant, you need to know the next one, the watering schedule. So that's gettingcut as soon as fall begins Thursday. Don't forget, there'll be restrictions toonly water three days a week. Oh you know what? I miss Ryan Reaves, the oldads, when he would beat people up in the commercials and all the billboardswith him fighting people over water.

Karly Taylor (38:45):Have you noticed how muchthey're taking out real grass everywhere in communities and stuff just becausethey can't water it?

Brendan King (38:52):The new fake stuff is actuallynot bad. I did miss grass a little when I moved here from the East Coast, forsure. But now some of the fake stuff is actually nicer.

David (39:02):Expensive though.

Karly Taylor (39:03):You need it when you have dogs.

Brendan King (39:04):David just got a quote for$10,000 on his backyard. He's like, "Yeah, next year." So I knowKarly is a big fan of this, 50-foot showgirls make their big debut downtown. Ihave to admit all three of us looked at each other with wide eyes and we werelike, "What? The city spent money on 50-foot tall showgirls?"

Karly Taylor (39:32):It's so Vegas.

Brendan King (39:32):Come on, guys.

David (39:32):There's a lot of money on that.

Brendan King (39:32):You know how much still thatwould cost from restaurants and stuff? This has got to cost like a hundredthousand dollars plus.

David (39:38):It's history, man. Come on.

Brendan King (39:39):Oh my, I'm not a fan, but movingon.

Karly Taylor (39:41):They're vintage too. People aregoing to be Instagramming that like crazy.

Brendan King (39:45):Yeah. Okay. So check it out. Gotake pictures.

Karly Taylor (39:50):There's not enough things toInstagram things.

David (39:50):Instagrammable.

Brendan King (39:54):Yeah. I'm the first one down there.They should have spent the money promoting Bacon Nation. So Dream Las Vegasfinds this next door neighbor a bit too close. This is kind of funny. So thisnew resort, I guess they're speaking of real estate, there's an encroachment onthe Pinball museum.

Josh Green (40:11):That place is amazing. Thatplace is so much fun.

Brendan King (40:15):And for all of us in our 30's to40's, that was our childhood.

Josh Green (40:21):I don't know how old your kidsare, but they probably don't even know what a pinball machine is.

Brendan King (40:26):Only because of when you go tothe peers in California, they look like they haven't touched them in 50 years.So it's still ski ball and pinball.

Josh Green (40:35):But they have the first pinballmachine that was ever made.

Brendan King (40:38):It's cool. And they have everysingle one you could ever remember as a kid too. And you can play them, right?

Josh Green (40:38):Yeah.

David (40:44):Oh, yeah. All of them.

Brendan King (40:45):So I guess this encroaches onthe land for Dreams. So hopefully, that doesn't mean pinball is going away. Itwon't go anywhere. I think it'll move if it has to, or they'll battle this out.It was kind of a funny story. So short-term rental owners, anybody who's got anAirbnb and we've got clients that are battling this. Short-term rental ownersbattle county state to provide lodging. I don't think anybody's going to win onthis. I think it's going to continue to be harder and harder. We're in a hotelcity. What do you think? I don't think it's going to ... Yeah, I think they'llnever win.

Josh Green (41:21):No, they'll never win.

Brendan King (41:24):There's no way that they pay forthose showgirls.

David (41:27):But if your grandfather-

Brendan King (41:27):All our taxes pay for thoseshowgirls.

David (41:30):But if your grandfather did likeJosef-

Brendan King (41:32):Yeah, I've sold a few of ourclients' licenses to other people for grandfathering licenses, they've gotten50 and a hundred thousand dollar premiums just to sell the license, which iskind of cool. But I think anybody new, it's going to be a hard-fought battle,probably not worth it. Go do it somewhere else.

So of course, Monday Market Update every single week. TextMARKET to 702-553-1955. We'll text you the market every week with a breakdownof what's going on. And there's a shiny load going on.

Karly Taylor (42:03):What a change.

Brendan King (42:05):So is the market up or down? Areyou buying, selling or investing?

Josh Green (42:10):Buying.

Brendan King (42:10):If you're buying, it's a goodtime to be a buyer. So today compared to two months ago, you're in like ...It's like buyer paradise.

Josh Green (42:18):It was so high, right? And thenit was ...

Brendan King (42:20):Well, if you wanted a house for$500,000, that's your choice. Now you want a house for $500,000 just using aneasy number, you've got 20 choices. So what happens when that happens is thedemand starts to go down because buyers don't have to rush to battle againstpeople. So they're like, "Ah, you know what? I'll wait." And theywait for the right one or they put an offer in and they low ball it because noone else is putting an offer in.

So our market went from 1,900 homes on the market to 7,700homes. So that is four times the amount. So now you have four times theoptions. On the question of, is it a good time to be, is it up or down? Here'sthe thing. If you're a seller, you've also made a killing for three years, fouryears, five years, six years. So now you've got all this equity, does it meanyou're going to get 15 offers? Not anymore. But as a buyer, you can ask forclosing costs.

Josh Green (43:29):I was using Karly to look atsome apartments and she was like, "Oh, this apartment is for sale." Ilooked at it, next day it was gone.

Brendan King (43:32):Oh, I remember when you guyswere looking.

Karly Taylor (43:33):Condos for sure.

Brendan King (43:34):So now it's calmed downcompletely. It's a different world. I've got clients now calling me that gotkind of upset during COVID because it was so crazy that they were getting beatevery time just because people with cash are putting 80% down. Now they'recoming back to me and they're like, "Hey, I've got like seven optionsright now. I'm excited." Before, it was like, run, go, 18 people in there.That's how you started. So it's a different world for sure.

And if you are a buyer, come check out 760 Step Beach overin the Paseos. So we do have a listing that we just re-listed at $1,298,000 inthe Paseos, 3805 square feet. Chef Josh Green is moving in tomorrow.

Karly Taylor (44:23):It's so pretty.

Josh Green (44:23):A couple more Bacon Nations anda couple more restaurants would be good.

Brendan King (44:27):Yeah. So Step Beach, greathouse, great neighborhood. So many parks nearby. Honestly, one of my favoritelistings for sure. What's the next one, Karly?

Karly Taylor (44:36):We have 5218 Baltimore StationStreet.

Brendan King (44:41):And this is Linda's listing upNorth. Is there a lake outside the house?

Josh Green (44:46):I was going to say.

David (44:47):Craig Ranch.

Brendan King (44:48):Oh, that's right, Craig RanchState Park. So if you haven't been to Craig Ranch State Park, awesome park. Haslike a big old lake. It has, what's the animal that run? Peacocks. There'speacocks running around this place.

Karly Taylor (45:01):Oh, that's awesome.

Brendan King (45:03):But definitely good for Sloan.

David (45:04):Got open house this weekend ...

Karly Taylor (45:04):She'd love that.

David (45:06):This Sunday. Yeah.

Brendan King (45:07):Open house, September 4th onSunday from 11:00 to 3:00. And of course, 5680 Oak Bend. That one is currentlylisted at 695, four beds, two and a half baths in my neighborhood in the Mesas.Another one huge yard, in my opinion, for Vegas. What do you call it? Communitypool park, all the works, awesome place.

Karly Taylor (45:32):Great views.

Brendan King (45:33):Also open house, Sunday from11:00 to 3:00 and we'll be serving bacon.

Josh Green (45:37):I do personal chef work.

Brendan King (45:41):Oh, yeah. Actually, I got totalk to you about that. That's a different story.

Josh Green (45:47):That's where a lot of my focusgoes to. I've been a personal chef for about 15 years now. So it's like-

Karly Taylor (45:54):He's my personal chef too.

Brendan King (45:56):Are you still doing it?

Josh Green (45:56):Yeah. That's like my thing.

Brendan King (46:01):So during COVID, this is totallya side story. During COVID, restaurant, all that, we didn't want to deal withthat with my in-laws because of COPD, whatever, all that stuff. So we hired achef at home. Unfortunately, it wasn't you, but he was very good as well. Doyou know Josh Bianchi?

Josh Green (46:21):Nope.

Brendan King (46:21):Josh Bianchi came in. Honestly,the experience was amazing, because we're at home, our own bottles of wine. Wegot to talk with the chef and put it together. Definitely, we'll call you forsure. We've got something we're planning right now that we want to do. But yeahguys, if you need a great chef at home as well, don't forget to also-

Josh Green (46:21)

Brendan King (46:46) We'llput that in there as well. But definitely, it was the greatest experience. Itwas something I didn't think to ever do at home for some reason. And now we'vedone it three or four times since.

Josh Green (46:46):It's the new craze.

Brendan King (46:58):It's fun. It's fun and we get toplan the menu and work together, which is really exciting. Of course, check outthe newsletter. We'll have all this in there or also check out Aragon Crown.

David (47:10):Sorry, man. We went on atangent.

Brendan King (47:13):Oh, yeah. Sorry. We startedtalking about bacon and then personal chefs-

David (47:16):And this awesome background.

Brendan King (47:16):But also another property,Aragon Crown, also in the Mesas. This yard is huge. This is a special effectsguy from the movies. He's awesome guy.

Karly Taylor (47:27):I love that lot.

Brendan King (47:28):Huge lot. Also September 3rd,Saturday from 11:00 to 3:00, open house. Newsletter. Check out the newsletterevery single week. We'll have all the links for this. We'll have links for Joshas well. Hire Josh. Have him come out. Don't forget if you're looking for ateam to join or a brokerage. Check out

And hey, chef, thank you so much for coming out.

Josh Green (47:55):Oh, thank you.

Brendan King (47:56):Everyone, check out Bacon Nationfor sure. I know we're definitely going to do a team day there.

Karly Taylor (48:03):Absolutely.

Brendan King (48:04):And so nice to meet you. I willabsolutely call because the personal chef thing is something. I know I haveclients as well that are looking-

Karly Taylor (48:12):I can attest to his personalwork at home.

Brendan King (48:14):She has mentioned your food amillion times and says nothing but good things. Check out, Chef Josh Green.Check out Bacon Nation. Thank you, Karly, of course, as always. We'll see youguys next time. Have a good one.

Karly Taylor (48:26):Bye.

Josh Green (48:26):Thank you so much.