August 19, 2022

November 16, 2022

Episode #5 of Real Vegas

Episode #5 of “REAL Vegas” | In this episode Brendan King, Jack Palermo, and Karly Taylor discuss Randy’s Donuts Opening in Las Vegas, Las Vegas sees wettest monsoon season in 10 years, 21 Best Road Trips From Las Vegas, Las Vegas Music Festivals, Mad Apple at New York-New York, Zak Bagans’ The Haunted Museum, Flanker Kitchen & Sports Bar, New Monday Night Football experience coming to Illuminarium, Saint Honoré Doughnuts, Pizza Anonymous, The Bedford by Martha Stewart, Josh McDaniels new home, and the Las Vegas Real Estate Market!

Episode #5 of “REAL Vegas” | In this episode Brendan King, Jack Palermo, and Karly Taylor discuss Randy’s Donuts Opening in Las Vegas, Las Vegas sees wettest monsoon season in 10 years, 21 Best Road Trips From Las Vegas, Las Vegas Music Festivals, Mad Apple at New York-New York, Zak Bagans’ The Haunted Museum, Las Vegas Aces in WNBA playoffs,New Monday Night Football experience coming to Illuminarium, MGM to sell Formula One hotel and ticket packages, NFL Pro Bowl set to return, Flanker Kitchen & Sports Bar, Saint Honoré Doughnuts, Pizza Anonymous, Ocean Prime, The Bedford by Martha Stewart, Siegfried and Roy compound, Josh McDaniels new home, and the Las Vegas Real Estate Market!

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This is transcribed (accuracy not guaranteed)

Brendan King (00:32): Hey, what's going on? It's BrendanKing from the Brendan King Group at Real.

Jack Palermo (00:41):Jack Palermo.

Karly Taylor (00:43):Karly Taylor

Brendan King (00:44):And this is episode number fiveof Real Vegas. What's up, you guys?

Jack Palermo (00:49):Hey there.

Karly Taylor (00:49):How's it going?

Brendan King (00:51):It's another day, another day,another day. Another cloudy day, which is crazy.

Jack Palermo (00:56):Craziness.

Brendan King (00:57):Before we get into that, don'tforget, text VIP, the 702-553-1955. Text VIP to 702-553-1955. Get on our list.If you haven't yet, what's going on? What's wrong? Go text VIP.

Jack Palermo (01:11):And don't forget to follow us onInstagram... There we go, @brendankinggroup. Follow us on Instagram@brendankinggroup.

Brendan King (01:21):Yeah for sure, check it out. Andof course the BKG podcast is now on Apple podcast, it's on Spotify, it's on awhole bunch of different channels now. So if you're already listening obviouslyyou already know, but if not check out any of your podcast apps. We're onpretty much all of them, which is kind of exciting. I got the alert last nightand Apple was like, you're approved.

Jack Palermo (01:43):Whoa, big time.

Brendan King (01:44):So get on there and definitelydownload the show on apple podcast. So much going on right now, one of those isthe fact that Las Vegas... Oh my god.

Jack Palermo (01:55):It's Vegas, it's Vegas. It'sVegas.

Brendan King (01:57):Where do I live? Las Vegas musicfestivals. There's 20 music events to check out in 2022. Did you look throughthis at all

Jack Palermo (02:08):It's crazy, there's so much todo. Starting with Psycho Las Vegas, which is intense. It's a lot of heavy metalbands, Emperor, Suicidal Tendencies, Mercyful Fate as the headliners. Singleday passes are $129, three day passes begin at $349.

Brendan King (02:26):And this is at Resorts World,right?

Jack Palermo (02:27):Resorts World, August 18th soyesterday through Sunday the 21st.

Brendan King (02:32):Nice.

Jack Palermo (02:32):Very cool.

Brendan King (02:33):I don't know any of those bands.

Jack Palermo (02:34):No, me neither. SuicidalTendencies I have seen live. They opened for Metallica. But moving on.

Karly Taylor (02:40):I know Metallica.

Brendan King (02:42):You know, you know thempersonally? Yeah, Metallica is one I know for sure. Swedish House Mafia will beSaturday August 20th at the Wynn. They're going to launch their worldwide EDMBoom. So they'll be Saturday August 20th at the Wynn. Downtown there'ssomething going on as well, what's going on?

Karly Taylor (03:05):The Downtown Rocks, Saturday,August 20 through November 19th.

Brendan King (03:10):And that's pretty cool. It's free,open air concerts. Yes, that's right. Free.

Jack Palermo (03:15):80s bands like crazy.

Brendan King (03:16):Tons of 80s bands. RickSpringfield, Men at Work, john Waite, Jelly Roll, Slaughter, Vixen and Sweetand Stone Temple Pilots. STP.

Karly Taylor (03:25):I love that whole venue downthere. It's so fun, it's outside but enclosed.

Jack Palermo (03:25):And free.

Karly Taylor (03:30):And free.

Brendan King (03:31):Yeah, the cost is the best.

Karly Taylor (03:32):And the crowds are the best downthere.

Brendan King (03:34):So Downtown Rocks, August 20thall the way until November 19th, which in my opinion, somewhere around there iswhen perfect weather happens.

Jack Palermo (03:42):Perfect weather.

Brendan King (03:43):From there on. Aerosmith: DeucesAre Wild will be Wednesday, September 14th through October 5th.

Jack Palermo (03:51):Yeah. Stephen Tyler just got outof rehab, checked himself in now he's back clean and sober and ready to rock.Yeah, just like that.

Karly Taylor (04:00):Park MGM, that's a good venuealso. Love that venue.

Brendan King (04:03):Suddenly within the past fewyears we've got so many huge, perfect venues. So yeah Park MGM, Deuces AreWild, September 14th through October 5th. Next one is Lost in Dreams, September30th through October 1st which is downtown. What's going on with this?

Karly Taylor (04:20):It says bring your glow strip...Glow sticks, excuse me. Presented by Insomniac, the brains behind the upcomingElectric Daisy Carnival

Brendan King (04:30):Yeah. So insomniac is thecompany that puts on EDC every single year, so they're doing like a little...

Jack Palermo (04:36):Mini EDC.

Brendan King (04:37):Glow stick, mini EDC.

Karly Taylor (04:40):I could probably do that versusthe big EDC. If it's going to be a little smaller I'm on that.

Brendan King (04:44):She's all in. Single day pass$65. The next one, honestly this one's pretty damn good.

Jack Palermo (04:53):It's pretty awesome. Life isBeautiful is cool, it's been around for, what would you say, probably 10 yearsnow maybe?

Brendan King (04:57):I can't believe it's been thatlong.

Jack Palermo (05:01):A lot of big headliners, there'sstages everywhere. It basically takes over all of downtown. Life is Beautifulis super cool, they have local chefs and food trucks and all sorts of goodstuff there.

Brendan King (05:11):That's kind of the twist thatthey do that's different, is the food atmosphere too. They have omakasecantina, the pizzeria, cocktail school. It's pretty cool.

Jack Palermo (05:22):It's super cool. But single daytickets begin at $180, there's VIP tickets, there's ultimate VIP tickets,there's three-day passes.

Brendan King (05:28):There's double ultimate, tripleultimate.

Jack Palermo (05:31):There is the ultimate ultimatepasses, but yeah that's cool. That runs September 16th through the 18th ofSeptember.

Brendan King (05:37):Yeah, definitely worth checkingout. What else is going on here?

Karly Taylor (05:40):Let's see. We got Adam Lambert:The Witch Hunt, October 26th through October 29th at the Wynn.

Brendan King (05:47):Another good venue, obviously.Small, intimate and that guy can sing his butt off. Isn't he the lead singer ofQueen now?

Jack Palermo (05:55):He is the lead singer of queen.Didn't he win, what is that show called?

Karly Taylor (05:55):American idol.

Jack Palermo (06:00):Yeah he won American idol.

Brendan King (06:02):[inaudible 00:06:02] second?

Jack Palermo (06:02):Second, I think.

Karly Taylor (06:04):That was a while ago, but yeah.

Jack Palermo (06:05):It was back when American Idolwas good.

Brendan King (06:07):And they, Queen obviously thefront man is not around anymore, but they've been looking for years and yearsand years. They would not tour until they found the perfect guy to reenact theway...

Jack Palermo (06:18):He can sing. Definitely sing.

Brendan King (06:20):He can sing his butt off. Isn'tthere a Netflix special right now about it?

Speaker 4 (06:24):There is, it's awesome. I'veseen it.

Brendan King (06:25):It's interesting, yeah. Yeah, checkthat out but otherwise go see Adam Lambert: The Witch Hunt, October 26ththrough 29th at the Wynn.

Karly Taylor (06:32):That's right around Halloweentoo so it's a perfect show for that.

Jack Palermo (06:35):That's why it's called The WitchHunt.

Brendan King (06:38):When We Were Young, that'll takeplace on the strip October 22nd through October 29th. This one has a lot ofbands that I do and don't know. Remember Jimmy Eat World?

Jack Palermo (06:50):I do.

Karly Taylor (06:50):That was my very first band inmiddle school that I saw. And Blink 182, so I think this one will be fun.

Brendan King (06:58):Yeah, this one will be good.

Jack Palermo (06:59):Actually my cousins are comingin for it, just for the festival.

Brendan King (07:03):Nice. It's kind of the punk rockscene from the 90s.

Jack Palermo (07:03):The emo-fest.

Karly Taylor (07:03):Yeah.

Jack Palermo (07:07):It's the emo-fest

Brendan King (07:09):Emo-est. Unrelated to music, andby the way there's so much more, there's 20 total festivals, check out the linkof course on our website or any of the links in YouTube or anywhere you findthe show. Princess Diana exhibit. I know Jack's all over this.

Jack Palermo (07:28):I can't wait. Yes, this iscoming to the Vegas strip. It's going to be a tribute exhibition of all herdresses, clothing, a multi-million dollar collection of Diana artifacts in aneffort to raise funds to fight breast cancer. So very cool.

Karly Taylor (07:42):He sounds pretty hyped up aboutit.

Jack Palermo (07:45):The shops at the crystals andtickets to the exhibition will be announced in the coming weeks.

Brendan King (07:52):Yeah, so you can see princessDiana's clothes.

Jack Palermo (07:55):Yeah. Millions of dollars worthtoo.

Brendan King (07:58):No, I think it's more than justthat. It's a lot of memorabilia and artifacts of princess Diana and people aredie hard about her.

Jack Palermo (08:05):Yeah, still.

Brendan King (08:07):Still after all these years,which is pretty incredible. So next up is Downtown Container Park after dark.Live music series. Has this been around before?

Jack Palermo (08:19):No.

Karly Taylor (08:20):I don't remember music beingthere, but Container Park is really fun.

Brendan King (08:23):It is. It's rock and roll withMr. Crowley, the Ozzie Osborne experience. Metal rock fans are invited to freelive music August 27 from 9:30 to 11:30 and bottomless brew options. Guests canexpect fan-favorite beers for $20 per person

Jack Palermo (08:43):Dude! Now we're talking. But itis a great place to go with your date or wife or whatever.

Brendan King (08:50):The first time I read that Ithought it was $20 a beer, which is normal in Vegas.

Jack Palermo (08:53):Which is normal, right.

Karly Taylor (08:54):Never rock with the husband andwife.

Jack Palermo (08:57):This is pretty cool.

Brendan King (08:59):But bottomless brew optionsstarting at $20 a person. I'm just going to reiterate that one, that'sincredible.

Jack Palermo (09:05):Is it how much?

Brendan King (09:06):It's $20 per person.

Jack Palermo (09:08):That's what I'm talking about.

Brendan King (09:09):20.

Jack Palermo (09:10):I know it's crazy.

Brendan King (09:11):So Las Vegas' newest attractiongoes down the rabbit hole, which I think we mentioned this a while back.

Jack Palermo (09:16):Yeah, a couple of shows ago.

Brendan King (09:18):This is cool.

Karly Taylor (09:19):This is really fun. I would gohere for sure.

Jack Palermo (09:21):Alice in Wonderland-themedlittle spot.

Brendan King (09:25):Look at that little Cheshirecat. Is it the Chesire cat, Right? I guarantee you, this will be Instagramheavy.

Jack Palermo (09:32):Oh God, yeah.

Brendan King (09:34):What's that cafe on the westside, the coffee shop?

Jack Palermo (09:38):Gabby cafe?

Brendan King (09:39):No, no. All the way west. It'svery girly, I can't remember it.

Karly Taylor (09:45):Coco cafe or something.

Brendan King (09:47):Something like that. I forgetwhat it is, but there's a whole bunch of these.

Karly Taylor (09:49):I do have a lot of photos there.

Brendan King (09:50):This is kind of a twist anddefinitely different. Who doesn't like Alison Wonderland? So Mad Apple at NewYork, New York. I got to see this show the other night thanks to Caroline andCasper. I saw Casper there by the way. Casper's like 20 pounds of additionalmuscle, this guy's massive right now. So one of our former agents is actuallyone of the coaches in the show and Caroline works with Cirque de Soleil. Thisact was crazy, this guy was flipping him in the air with his feet for like 15minutes. I don't know how he didn't bust an ankle or a head or anything.

Jack Palermo (10:26):The venue is cabaret seating?

Brendan King (10:30):Yeah, it's kind of a normaltheater but has lower bench seats. You have a bar on the stage and around thestage before the show starts. So it's at New York, New York. It's a fun show, Ihave to admit. It's kind of a variety show with comedians, different circusacts, singers. They did a great job and it's really fun. At first I was like,why are they doing a New York show in Vegas? Doesn't make any sense.

Jack Palermo (10:54):Well it's at New York, New York.It is at the hotel.

Brendan King (10:56):I did finally realize when I wasthere that I was at New York, the York.

Karly Taylor (11:01):Because where else would it be.

Brendan King (11:02):Yeah. So that makes sense. Sostarting at $59, it's fun. It's definitely worth a night out. I would say gosupport it. Go support CI and check out the show for sure. So what's going onthe palms.

Karly Taylor (11:15):So Jeff Beck had played palmsand Jonas brothers planned park, MGM return, which I don't know who Jeff Beckis, but I'll see Jonas's brothers.

Jack Palermo (11:23):Jeff Beck is a great guitarist.And he actually, yes, he actually play with the Jonas. He has an no not know,separate, separate. Okay. He actually has an album with Johnny Depp, which isquite interesting.

Brendan King (11:35):Yeah. That is interesting. Wedon't know if this is with Johnny de though, right?

Jack Palermo (11:39):He could show up. You neverknow. You never know. You never know. Yeah.

Brendan King (11:42):He's not in court right

Jack Palermo (11:43):Now. No, he's out.

Brendan King (11:45):But yeah, they had a albumcalled 18, which made it to the top 10 of the billboard chart. So yeah,definitely worth a checkout for sure. And then Jonas brothers will be live inLas Vegas returning November 10th, 11th and 12th. Karly.

Karly Taylor (12:00):Now this is a really old pictureof them. They're not babies anymore.

Brendan King (12:03):Yeah, this is them at like 16years old.

Jack Palermo (12:05):I think it said Video MusicAwards, 2008.

Brendan King (12:08):When they still lived in NewJersey. So yeah, they're coming November 10th, 11th and 12th. They'll be at theDolby live, which is at Park MGM tickets go on sale. 10:00 AM august 19th. Soat 9:59...

Karly Taylor (12:22):I'll be there.

Jack Palermo (12:22):Oh my God, yeah. Brendan'salready got his tickets.

Speaker 4 (12:26):Isn't that today? I think that'stoday, guys.

Brendan King (12:28):Is that today? That is today. Sotwo hours ago. It's sold out.

Jack Palermo (12:31):It's sold out. Two hours and 15minutes, it's gone.

Brendan King (12:36):This is scary. I was not a fanof haunted houses when I was a kid, I was pretty much a wimp when it came tothese things. I think I can handle it now.

Jack Palermo (12:44):I love it.

Karly Taylor (12:45):I still am a wimp

Brendan King (12:46):Zak Bagan's The Haunted Museumhaunted house in Las Vegas. This place is chilling, freaky and just crazy.You've been there right?

Jack Palermo (12:56):Amazing. No, I haven't. I wantto go. My wife does not want to go, so I'm going to need to go with David.

Speaker 4 (13:04):I drive by it taking my daughterto school and that's when I decided to put it on here. I looked at a video, itis freaky. Look at this, ready.

Karly Taylor (13:12):Yeah, no.

Jack Palermo (13:12):And each little thing has astory. Right? Each little thing has a story from some haunting.

Brendan King (13:17):I thought that was Jack'sapartment.

Karly Taylor (13:18):As long as they can't touch youand [inaudible 00:13:22].

Speaker 4 (13:22):They can though. The guy waslike I definitely got touched by some scary clown. It's like 16 rooms, it's abig mansion

Brendan King (13:31):It's a mansion, it's an actualmansion. Zak Bagan's... I'm thinking of Bilbo Baggins from...

Jack Palermo (13:37):Bilbo Baggins.

Brendan King (13:38):So the demon house, Dr. [Kovorgian's00:13:42]'s death van, the [D-buck 00:13:43] box. I don't want to know whatthat is. This is the guy from the Travel channel's ghost adventure. So if youdon't know the name, this is the guy from Travel Channel's Ghost Adventure.Definitely check out the haunted museum, which is actually there year round.

Jack Palermo (13:59):Yeah, it's there.

Brendan King (14:00):So it's on 600 East CharlestonBoulevard. Enough about scary things, but I am going to go.

Jack Palermo (14:08):I'll go. Let's go. Let's do it.

Karly Taylor (14:10):I won't be there.

Brendan King (14:12):You can bring long pants Lance.

Karly Taylor (14:13):He will go with you guys, I'llbe at home. Nope.

Brendan King (14:18):So on a whole other level, theLas Vegas Aces pull away from Phoenix Mercury in the WNBA playoffs.

Karly Taylor (14:27):Yes, I was at game. It was sogood.

Jack Palermo (14:29):You were there?

Karly Taylor (14:29):Yes.

Brendan King (14:30):Karly was there and could thisbe our first championship?

Jack Palermo (14:34):Probably.

Brendan King (14:35):You think?

Jack Palermo (14:36):I mean they're the number oneseed.

Karly Taylor (14:39):They're so good. They're beasts

Brendan King (14:40):I have to admit, girlsbasketball, their shooting percentages and everything are pretty incredible.How many dunks were there in the game?

Karly Taylor (14:51):I mean, I wasn't counting.

Brendan King (14:54):I'm sure no dunks, but theirshooting percentage is really good compared to the guys. And they actually playwith a ton of energy, the Aces team is amazing. So definitely worth a look,they play over at the...

Jack Palermo (15:11):Michelob Ultra Arena at MandalayBay.

Brendan King (15:13):Which happens to be Jack'sfavorite beer.

Jack Palermo (15:15):Not any more.

Brendan King (15:19):[inaudible 00:15:19] theaudience wants to know.

Jack Palermo (15:20):Right now I'm really liking theAtomic Duck.

Brendan King (15:23):Oh well, when you were MichelobUltra fan I thought you were going to say Coor's lite.

Jack Palermo (15:26):No. God no.

Brendan King (15:27):No. So new Monday night footballexperience coming to the Luminarium, which I have not been to.

Jack Palermo (15:34):I have not been there, but itlooks really cool.

Karly Taylor (15:38):It looks way fun.

Brendan King (15:39):So this is kind of fun. Mondaynight football experience, they have these giant, well the room is just ascreen.

Jack Palermo (15:46):It's a huge screen.

Brendan King (15:47):They're going to have thisMonday night football experience beginning Monday, September 12th. 21 and overonly. It's a simulated jumbotron and state-of-the-art sound system where youcan watch every single Monday night football game. And isn't there a cafe here?I believe there's a cafe called Lumen cafe and kitchen late night menu.

Speaker 4 (16:10):Look at this food, man.

Brendan King (16:12):Wow, look at that. So lumen allof this takes place at of course...

Jack Palermo (16:18):Area 15.

Brendan King (16:19):I can never remember the name ofit.

Jack Palermo (16:20):Because everybody always wantsto say area 51.

Brendan King (16:21):I was going to say 51, that'swhy I paused. I was hoping somebody would save me there. I want to call it area215, area 51.

Jack Palermo (16:28):Here the way to think about it.It is on the 15. Yeah, it's pretty obvious. But anyway, I'll help you guys out.

Brendan King (16:40):I leaned on Jack. The silencewas for the help.

Karly Taylor (16:44):We had to correct him earlierthough.

Jack Palermo (16:47):You have to correct me all thetime.

Brendan King (16:49):Something Jack and I aredefinitely excited about that is coming next year.

Jack Palermo (16:54):Do we ever talk about formula 1,Brendan?

Brendan King (16:56):No we haven't. But what do youthink, Karly? Are you a Formula 1 fan?

Karly Taylor (17:01):I like to go to the races. Thiswill be a new experience, but I might check it out.

Brendan King (17:05):It's definitely, have you beento a NASCAR race?

Karly Taylor (17:07):Yes.

Brendan King (17:07):I've never been to a NASCARrace. I didn't even know I liked racing.

Jack Palermo (17:12):I've been to a NASCAR race once,I've been to the Indy 500 once. Never been to Formula 1 and I'm really stokedabout it. Excited.

Brendan King (17:20):What's the show again?

Jack Palermo (17:22):Drive to Survive.

Brendan King (17:23):Drive to Survive. Incredible.Huge Formula 1 fan.

Karly Taylor (17:27):I don't know that I'd watch iton TV, but going...

Jack Palermo (17:29):It's a documentary. It kind ofjust talks about the teams. Gets you guys excited about who you like and it'spretty cool.

Brendan King (17:34):Long pants lance definitelyneeds to... Is it all right if I call Lance 'long pants Lance?'.

Karly Taylor (17:34):He loves it.

Brendan King (17:38):Awesome. Long pants Lance wouldbe into it for sure.

Jack Palermo (17:42):So MGM, they are selling ticketpackages, $100,000 for this.

Brendan King (17:48):Which we are giving one away.

Jack Palermo (17:52):Text VIP... No kidding. Anyway,but they were paying 20 to 25 million dollars in tickets, the MGM, to give awayprobably to their high rollers, sell these packages. I'm sorry, but I'm good.

Brendan King (18:06):If here's one thing I havelearned about Formula 1 compared to NASCAR, the amount of money thrown around.

Jack Palermo (18:11):Oh God, billions of dollarsthrown into that mess.

Brendan King (18:14):Formula 1 compared to NASCAR isincredible and let's start it with MGM. So highest bidder, we're going to givea hundred thousand starting at $1. But yeah of course, and don't forget aboutthe experience coming. Formula 1 experience. Where they will also be comingright down the street.

Jack Palermo (18:32):And yeah. They just spent $240million for the land to build on there where the paddock and it's going to beawesome.

Brendan King (18:39):Another thing of course that iscoming back to Vegas, NFL pro-bowl set to return to Las Vegas in 2023.Hopefully this time there's no...

Jack Palermo (18:48):Don't tackle and maybe not haveflag football. Because that's what it is.

Speaker 4 (18:53):They said they're going to redothe game. They're not going to tackle anymore, they're going to try a whole newthing. So the NFL's talking about it right now.

Jack Palermo (19:00):They shouldn't even play it tobe honest with you. I'm excited that it'll be here, yay, if people want to go.But it's pointless.

Speaker 4 (19:07):Flag football.

Jack Palermo (19:08):It is.

Brendan King (19:09):So the rest of everybody whodoes want to go. It could be played around February 5th, 2023 and yeah, itlooks cool. Another $54.7 million economic impact, even though Jack is wah-wahabout it.

Jack Palermo (19:32):Good for Las Vegas.

Brendan King (19:33):I'm excited about that for LasVegas. On another wah-wah note, Robin Lehner is to miss the entire 2022/2023season for hip surgery. So wait, what would be the answer to this two yearsago?

Jack Palermo (19:52):Two years ago it would be FleuryYeah. But we don't have Fleury no more.

Brendan King (19:56):No we don't.

Jack Palermo (19:57):So we'll see what happens.

Brendan King (20:00):Joey from Streamline...

Jack Palermo (20:05):Joey [Ciaglia 00:20:06] would bea perfect goalie. That would be amazing.

Brendan King (20:07):Another thing on the sportslevel is that Aviators are back in town, August 19th through the 21st. Don'tforget, as always, text aviators to 702-553-1955. I know Karly's enjoyed agame.

Karly Taylor (20:21):I've been to a couple games.It's fun.

Brendan King (20:23):It's really good. If you haven'tbeen, it's such a good family atmosphere. There's ping pong and foosball in theback.

Karly Taylor (20:30):My daughter loves it.

Jack Palermo (20:35):There's a pool.

Brendan King (20:37):There is a pool, but definitelyaviators are back in town as of tonight. So we've got some food things going onhere. Flanker kitchen and sports bar. Where is this going to debut?

Karly Taylor (20:50):This is at Mandalay bay in 2023.

Brendan King (20:53):So there's going to be anAllegiant stadium walkway from Mandalay bay, right? Is it already there?

Jack Palermo (21:00):No, I think they're stillworking on adding to it. I know that some of it's there, but I think they'rewidening it. They're going to have to before the Superbowl.

Brendan King (21:08):They should make one of thoseTesla tubes.

Jack Palermo (21:09):They should make a Tesla tube.

Karly Taylor (21:11):Should have went underground.

Brendan King (21:12):Yeah.

Jack Palermo (21:12):As you walk over the bridge youcan grab yourself [inaudible 00:21:16].

Brendan King (21:15):Grab a flanker. Look, you knowthere's to go because we're in Vegas and you can walk around with your drink.You know that window will sell a lot.

Speaker 4 (21:27):That line.

Brendan King (21:29):Yeah, it's going to be a longline. But 102 seat main dining room, 66 seat sports bar and a 19 seat karaokeand game day viewing [inaudible 00:21:38].

Jack Palermo (21:38):You can sing, Brendan. You cansing anything from Adam Lambert or the Jonas brothers.

Brendan King (21:43):Oh man. You do not want to hearthat. I know... Have you had Randy's Donuts?

Karly Taylor (21:50I have not had Randy's Donuts.

Brendan King (21:53):I've never had Randy's Donuts.Have you had Randy's Donuts?

Jack Palermo (21:55):I have not had Randy's Donuts.

Brendan King (21:57):So California's 70 year oldRandy's Donuts is in Vegas and David made an attempt to get some donuts for ustoday.

Jack Palermo (22:07):I tried guys, but it's like allthe way down rainbow.

Speaker 4 (22:11):They had to close early for thelast couple of days because they ran out of donuts.

Brendan King (22:14):And they've never run out ofdonuts in 70 years.

Jack Palermo (22:18):Vegas people love their donuts.

Brendan King (22:20):So not only is everyone going togain 20 pounds, but Randy's Donuts is here with their handmade fluffy donuts.And if you're still waiting for that larger than life, massive Randy donut todonut to be installed...

Karly Taylor (22:33):That's like iconic.

Brendan King (22:34):It has not been installed.

Karly Taylor (22:36):I didn't realize what it wasuntil I saw this.

Jack Palermo (22:38):It's been in movies. It's beenin a bunch of movies like Iron man 2.

Speaker 4 (22:42):It's coming though.

Brendan King (22:44):And Mars Attacks I think.

Jack Palermo (22:45):Yeah, Mars Attacks.

Brendan King (22:46):32 foot tall donut sign will becoming, don't worry. A few months it'll be there. Definitely check out Randy'sDonuts. Another donut place is...

Jack Palermo (22:58):Saint Honore.

Brendan King (22:59):Have you been there?

Jack Palermo (22:59):I have. We actually just pickedup donuts there a couple weeks ago. They're so good.

Karly Taylor (23:05):This is the one you were askingme about the other day.

Brendan King (23:06):Yep, exactly. This would beperfect for you and Sloane. The girls absolutely love...

Karly Taylor (23:13):Way more fun [inaudible00:23:14].

Brendan King (23:13):She said it's so, so good.

Jack Palermo (23:13):She does such crazy things. Withany movie that's coming up or whatever, like the Minions movie, she'll makeminion donuts. Any special act that comes into town, a singer, whatever. She'llactually hand deliver donuts, stuff that they like. It's amazing.

Brendan King (23:37):My daughters went and my oldestwas literally like dad, this is ridiculous. They sent me a photo and was like,these are so good. And they

Karly Taylor (23:43):And they have vegan and glutenfree.

Brendan King (23:47):Yeah, for sure. Vegan, I don'teven know how you do that. Half the ingredients, how do you... Let's find out.And then Intellegista is the coffee that they have, which is another Californiatransplant of coffee that's come to Vegas. But there is a secret. Do you knowwhat the secret is?

Karly Taylor (24:05):I don't know the secret.

Jack Palermo (24:06):Pizza anonymous.

Brendan King (24:08):There is a hidden, unadvertisedpizza joint inside the donut shop. And they don't advertise about it. They dohave a website, so I guess that's advertising. So Pizza Anonymous. Yeah.

Jack Palermo (24:23):It's very good. It's very good.Whenever we go over to my sisters and she orders pizzas or whatever, we alwaysget it. It's really good. That's kind of more along the lines of Detroit styleor Sicilian style, so a little bit of thicker crust.

Brendan King (24:34):I don't know why I said is itwhen I just had it three days ago.

Jack Palermo (24:38):It's really good.

Brendan King (24:38):It's so good, they have atruffle oil one and it's the husband of the woman who owns Saint Honore so he'sa chef as well. And he's like, Hey, I'm just going to make some pizza in yourkitchen.

Karly Taylor (24:51):So you wouldn't know unless youwent to get donuts?

Brendan King (24:53):You wouldn't even know there,they don't actually advertise it.

Jack Palermo (24:55):No, they don't.

Speaker 4 (24:56):They have a little sign on thewindow. Yeah.

Jack Palermo (24:59):You have to say the password,pizza.

Speaker 4 (25:03):Pizza.

Brendan King (25:03):That's what it is, I could notfigure it out. 9460 @est Flamingo. It's Saint Honore, that's H-O-N-O-R-E withthe little squiggly accent on the top. So definitely check that out, that pizzais so good. So this next thing I think you know about this place.

Karly Taylor (25:25):I do. So Ocean Prime is a $20million steakhouse to open on project 63. They have one of these in Denver, butit definitely was not $20 million.

Jack Palermo (25:37):It's insane.

Brendan King (25:38):It's massive. When I read this,I was like oh, whatever. It's just a big steakhouse. It is a massive, hugestakehouse. I guess they currently have 17 locations, this will be theirbiggest one.

Jack Palermo (25:50):And most expensive.

Brendan King (25:51):Yeah. $20 million, 400 seatsacross 14,500 square feet and a curving glass wall. It it's crazy. 2,500 squarefoot terrace? That's my house.

Jack Palermo (26:06):It's going to be Huge.

Brendan King (26:06):And where is this one?

Jack Palermo (26:08):It's at project 63, which isright in front of the Aria. In the city center.

Brendan King (26:12):I have not been there yet.

Jack Palermo (26:14):They've been building for thelast, I want to say a year and a half. You'll see the construction as you pullinto the city center.

Brendan King (26:19):Somebody needs to get out alittle more.

Jack Palermo (26:21):We should go to [inaudible00:26:22], which is right over there.

Brendan King (26:23):Is that open yet?

Jack Palermo (26:24):Yeah. They have, they're open.

Brendan King (26:30):Surf and turf, the real way. Soif you're listening and not watching, I'm sorry.

Jack Palermo (26:36):Just drool on the microphone.

Brendan King (26:38):You definitely need to check outthe photos and if not the photos, then go check it out when it opens. So alittle taste of the east coast here. Martha Stewart is opening the Bedford.

Karly Taylor (26:53):On August 13th.

Jack Palermo (26:55):Last week..

Brendan King (26:57):Last Friday Martha Stewartopened a restaurant.

Jack Palermo (26:59):And guess who showed up there?

Brendan King (27:00):I know.

Jack Palermo (27:02):Snoop Dogg. Yes he did.

Karly Taylor (27:07):I didn't even know.

Brendan King (27:07):That has got to be the funniestfriendship. Oh wow, it's kind of cool.

Jack Palermo (27:10):It looks cool.

Brendan King (27:11):So the Bedford kind of has a newEngland-ish style. Almost England.

Jack Palermo (27:15):French little bit. [inaudible00:27:17] Paris hotel.

Brendan King (27:19):All right, French. I'm not doingso well today. So 194 seater, eatery of her own Foie gras...

Jack Palermo (27:19):Foie gras.

Karly Taylor (27:30):Foie gras.

Jack Palermo (27:30):Foie gras.

Brendan King (27:38):Oysters, Rockefeller. Caroline,where are you? Save me now.

Jack Palermo (27:41):Yes, anything French?

Brendan King (27:44):It is a French eatery and it isthe Bedford by Martha Stewart at the Paris. That kind of comes out of nowhere Ifeel like. My wife used to watch her show and I actually can say that I watchedit with her.

Jack Palermo (27:57):She's probably the onlyrestaurant that it's not a Gordon Ramsey.

Brendan King (28:02):

So there are 100 best organizing tips for the tidiest homeever. You know what? I'm going to give you this one, Jack, because you probablyare the neatest person in the [inaudible 00:28:17]

Jack Palermo (28:17):So anyway, let's think verticalfor shelves. That saves a lot of room.

Brendan King (28:23):Very true. Because think of yourclosets and the pantry, when the builder builds it they put one shelf in there.You always look up and there's like another four feet to be used.

Jack Palermo (28:32):So go vertical.

Brendan King (28:33):Yeah, go vertical for sure.What's the next one? Space saving desk. Putting a desk in a room where you maybe able to fold it away or Chuck it away. I had a client that had a Murphy bed.

Jack Palermo (28:33):I was just going to say Murphybed.

Brendan King (28:47):This is definitely a good one.

Karly Taylor (28:52):Camouflage pet gear, which I dothis at home because I hate staring at my dog's cages and food and all that. Soit has like its own cabinet.

Brendan King (29:01):Oh cool.

Karly Taylor (29:02):I already do this.

Brendan King (29:03):This. So you kind of hid it awaywith the little opening so you don't have stare at the dirty bed? The droolydog bed? That's a good idea.

Karly Taylor (29:11):I hide the cage behind thetable.

Jack Palermo (29:13):Look, the drawer opens up andyou can feed the dog and then when they're done, you close it.That's prettycool.

Brendan King (29:19):I like it a lot. So definitelycheck that out, there's a whole bunch more as far as ideas are concerned. Checkout the link of course, in the show notes or on our website. So I know we'vebeen talking about this a lot.

Jack Palermo (29:35):It's been wet. It's been wet inLas Vegas.

Brendan King (29:40):It is the wettest monsoon seasonin 10 years. And I remember the first, I moved here 10-ish years ago, Iremember the first year I got here and I was like, what are they talking aboutdesert? It rains here all the time. What I didn't was that was probably thewettest year in 10 years and now we're back again to the wettest year in 10years. 1.28 inches of rainfall.

Karly Taylor (30:06):We've needed

Brendan King (30:07):We needed it bad.

Jack Palermo (30:08):We need more.

Karly Taylor (30:09):It's been kind of enjoyable. Thedays are a little bit gloomier.

Jack Palermo (30:13):That's what I'm saying. If yougrew up somewhere that doesn't have the sun all the time, back in Chicago andyou on the east coast, you in Denver, you wouldn't see sun for weeks at a timesometimes in the winter, you'd get all depressed. Now you see the clouds andstuff, I kind of like it. I'm not depressed I'm like let's go, let's take onthe day.

Karly Taylor (30:37):[inaudible 00:30:37] be outsideagain.

Brendan King (30:37):I think those of us all in thedesert, for anybody who's not from the desert, it is hilarious because we loveit. When it rains we're like, yeah!

Jack Palermo (30:45):I'm outside taking videos of itraining. I'm like, this is awesome.

Brendan King (30:49):As if we've never seen the rainbefore

Speaker 4 (30:51):But what's kind of cool is thethunder and lightning man. 15 days of thunder reported, it's kind of crazy.

Karly Taylor (30:58):I have some gnarly videos of thethunder and lightning out of my house. I was like, there's got to be an alieninvasion happening on top of my house because it was just like two lightscrazy.

Brendan King (31:08):Oh look at that, there you go.So yeah, this is the wettest monsoon season. That year in 2012, I think we had3.6 inches. But the funny thing is I think Vegas averages four inches a year. Ithink places like Chicago...

Jack Palermo (31:21):Is that high?

Brendan King (31:23):Well it's suppose to. I thinkhistorically we're supposed to average four inches, but if you look at the last10 years we barely... Oh this is just monsoon season. 3.63 in 2000. That'scrazy. If we have this now and that was...

Speaker 4 (31:41):We have a couple more months.

Jack Palermo (31:42):0.28 was like a couple yearsago. That's insane.

Brendan King (31:46):So definitely much needed andmuch appreciated. Keep bringing it. We love it

Jack Palermo (31:52):Bring it mother nature.

Brendan King (31:54):And then the rainbows that haveemerged have been really, really nice as well. Look at that one end to end.Another one.

Speaker 4 (32:05):All over Facebook, everyone wasposting their pictures.

Brendan King (32:10):[inaudible 00:32:10] rainbows.

Jack Palermo (32:10):You sound like Kermit the frogagain.

Brendan King (32:15):Where are we here? Sorry. Sothere are there's betting on anything and everything in Las Vegas. Anything andeverything. So one of the things that they are starting to do betting odds onis for Donald Trump to win the 2024 election. So they've put out at the sportsbook, I guess, odds for whether or not he would win in 2024. What's the dealhere? Does anybody know?

Jack Palermo (32:44):It looks like he briefly wasreplaced in the odds by Ron DeSantis, governor of Florida, but quickly flippedback and now he's back in the lead.

Brendan King (32:56):So funny. They will Bet onanything. So the Las Vegas strip club is adding slot machines. Wanting to.Sapphire, the world's largest they claim, is wanting to add slot machines.

Jack Palermo (33:15):That'll give them, probably theoption would be open 24/7 then. Yeah. Because if you have slot machines...

Brendan King (33:21):You can't close.

Jack Palermo (33:23):You can but...

Brendan King (33:24):I Don't think you can. You haveto stay open. Anything that has slot machines or games always is 24 hours. It'ssome weird gambling rule.

Jack Palermo (33:33):So yeah, they want to stay open24 hours and have some slot machines at the bar.

Speaker 4 (33:38):They won't be in the same areaas the dancers.

Karly Taylor (33:44):That won't take away from whatit's really about.

Brendan King (33:46):Interesting. So I guess it's allabout multiple streams of revenue. Even Sapphire's is seeking multiple streamsof revenue. So on the same note, stripper Siegfried and Roy... No just kidding.Siegfried And Roy compound to turn into an apartment complex. Have you drivenby this?

Karly Taylor (34:08):I have not. I don't even knowwhere this is at, but the picture is amazing.

Brendan King (34:12):You have to drive by it beforethey take it down, it's kind of cool. Suddenly you're driving and there's likea jungle out of nowhere.

Karly Taylor (34:19):They have all had the trees.

Brendan King (34:21):That's where all the trees are.If you're looking for any trees they are at Siegfried and Roy. Is this wherethey kept all their cats and everything.

Jack Palermo (34:30):I think so, yeah.

Brendan King (34:32):They're actually going to tearit down and put up a apartment building and have a little park in there. Sokind of cool.

Jack Palermo (34:43):It'll be great. 334 unit rentalproject.

Brendan King (34:46):Nice. Very cool. You know what?We need it. We definitely need more.

Karly Taylor (34:49):Just to be able to say you livethere, yeah. I used to live where Sigfried and Roy kept there lions.

Brendan King (34:54):Cats used to pace on this exactland. That's pretty cool. So Josh McDaniels, the Raiders coach buys a $4.9million home in Henderson and you know what? It's really, really nice.

Jack Palermo (35:10):Anthem country club.

Brendan King (35:11):Yeah, look at that. It's kind ofgot a Santa Barbara feel.

Jack Palermo (35:16):I was just going to say that.You beat me to it.

Brendan King (35:19):Spanish style right on Anthemcountry club, golf course in the custom home section of Anthem country club.What do you think about the style of this house karly?

Karly Taylor (35:28):I think it's beautiful. Lots ofcharacter. I like how the tubs in the middle right there, the architecture'sbeautiful.

Brendan King (35:36):It's definitely unusual forVegas and really, really nice. Santa Barbara style actually says it in the[inaudible 00:35:42]

Jack Palermo (35:42):Hey you looked ahead.

Brendan King (35:45):705 square feet. Billiards room,pool, spa. It's awesome. Really beautiful. Congrats to coach. I'm still notused to Josh McDaniels being the coach either.

Jack Palermo (35:56):I like it.

Brendan King (35:57):I like it but I just can'tremember his name half the time.

Jack Palermo (35:59):Congratulations Josh.

Brendan King (36:00):Yes. Can't wait to come over. Sothis is crazy because Summit is already incredibly successful. So if you don'tknow what Summit is, Summit is probably the most exclusive custom homecommunity in all of Las Vegas, if not Summerland of course as well. MarkWahlberg just bought [inaudible 00:36:26] last week we mentioned, well, youknow what? Why not just buy more land.

Jack Palermo (36:30):Expand.

Brendan King (36:31):There is a bit of land behindthis community that wraps behind the mountain and it's like its own littlecanyon. Wraps behind my neighborhood, the mountain is right there, it tucksbehind that. It's going to be a cool little enclave and it'll have its owncanyon with views of red rock and everything from there. So Summit the mostsuccessful, I think, high end community ever in Las Vegas, they're going to add27 custom lots. Which is crazy

Jack Palermo (37:03):54 acres. So two acres per lot.

Brendan King (37:06):Two acres per lot, that's great.And I think the most recent sales in there have been like 15 million, 18million. Land's been selling for 5, 6, 7 million.

Jack Palermo (37:18):Wahlbergs was two and a halfacres for 15.6.

Brendan King (37:20):What?

Jack Palermo (37:22):Yeah.

Brendan King (37:23):So summit just adding to thisincredibly successful community already, definitely looking forward to seeingwhat they come up with and what they continue to add. So what's going on, morepeople are counting on this to buy a home. What is it?

Karly Taylor (37:40):Mortgage rates soaring from lastyear.

Brendan King (37:43):And it's hopefully starting tocalm down a little bit. We call our lenders daily.

Jack Palermo (37:49):Daily. I think every hour on thehour at this point.

Brendan King (37:52):Just because rates have beenfluctuating so much. But 5.22 I think is where we are this week, somewherearound there. And we were at 2.87 a year ago. It's really put the squeeze on alot of people when we were hit up to 6 almost at one point. So definitely withall that going on, it's become unaffordable for many people. But the funnything is it's now a buyer's market. So it's unaffordable, but now you can get abit off the listing price and possibly get a home for way less. Yeah. So it'skind of balancing itself out, which is what they wanted.

Karly Taylor (38:32):I heard a great saying the otherday is marry the house date, the interest rate.

Brendan King (38:36):I love that one.

Karly Taylor (38:38):That's very big for me[inaudible 00:38:41].

Brendan King (38:41):I totally agree. Marry the housemeaning hey, if you like the house, buy it if you can afford it right. If it'swithin your means. But you can always date the interest rate, meaning refi. Youcan always refi... What is it? Say it again.

Karly Taylor (38:55):Marry the house, date theinterest rate.

Brendan King (38:58):Love it.

Karly Taylor (39:00):I actually put it on my emailstoo. So not

Brendan King (39:03):That's awesome. Here's thething, on the same note. Everything that's happening right now. I know Jack isholding his breath right now because he wants to say something badly and youremember we did our round table, we said this. The Las Vegas housing market iscorrecting, not crashing. So everything that goes up must come down, just likethe stock market. Housing's no different. We can't average a positive increaseevery month, forever.

Jack Palermo (39:35):26% as it's been. That's insane.

Brendan King (39:38):We've been watching the yearover year and it's been trickling downward slowly. And you know what? Somemonths are going to be negative and some months are going to be positive iswhat I think it's going to be and I think we're going to look at probably someflat increases for the next couple years because we had crazy 20 to 30%increases every year for all of COVID.

Karly Taylor (39:59):Quickly, how fast it changed.

Brendan King (40:01):And it's gone. So I think valueswill hold on pretty strong. They may dip a little and correct a little, butit's like we said, interest rates have come up. But that's why it's adjustingbecause it became an unaffordable pace.

Jack Palermo (40:20):Right. Just ride the wavepeople.

Brendan King (40:22):Exactly. So definitely check outthat article, it's just talking about how what's the difference between todayand the last true housing crash. People have equity, they weren't buying homesat 105% loans. Everybody who has a mortgage right now was approved on waystricter standards than...

Jack Palermo (40:46):They weren't given outadjustable rates like pow, pow.

Brendan King (40:49):[inaudible 00:40:49] when I was24 years old they were like, how much do you make? And I was like, can I justput what I want on the paper?

Jack Palermo (40:53):Sure, go ahead.

Speaker 4 (40:54):They were just giving them toanyone

Jack Palermo (40:56):Does your dog need a loan here?

Brendan King (40:58):Now it's not that easy. I've haddoctors not get approved for strange reasons, just because of stipulations thatthey require. And I think that's going to hold the market strong for a bitbecause we don't have a lot of people at 100% loan to value. And of courseevery single week, we do the market update. So if you would like the marketupdate text to you every single week, text Market to 702-553-1955. Text Market7702-553-1955. We've got some listings going on.

Karly Taylor (41:36):Some beautiful listings.

Brendan King (41:38):One of those is 760 Step Beachstreet. So 760 Step Beach street at 1,299,000. Four beds, three and a halfbaths and it is 3,805 square feet. Honestly, great house in the [Pesejos00:41:56]. Love the colors in this house. Huge island, that's 12, 13 footisland. You can seat seven people. So you could pretty much have dinner at thekitchen island.

Karly Taylor (42:10):Don't need an extra table.

Brendan King (42:11):Yeah, you don't even need atable at all.Next up. Oh yeah, we had Brokers Open there.

Karly Taylor (42:18):I unfortunately didn't make itto that one.

Brendan King (42:20):Nope. We thought you had COVIDbut you didn't. You had an actual cold

Karly Taylor (42:24):An actual head cold.

Jack Palermo (42:26):There's still those actualcolds?

Brendan King (42:29):It was fun. We had a greatturnout on honestly and bumped into a lot of agents that we knew from the past.One of them was one of my old office roommates back in the day. So it was niceto see everybody and thanks for coming by for sure. Next listing is...

Jack Palermo (42:44):Oak Bend. 5680 Oak Bend. Rightthere in the mesas, [inaudible 00:42:49]. Four bed, two and a half bath, 2,527square feet.

Brendan King (42:53):Big yard.

Jack Palermo (42:53):Big yard.

Brendan King (42:54):Especially for this particularneighborhood. Really great yard.

Jack Palermo (42:57):Yes. And if you want, we'rehaving an open house this weekend.

Brendan King (43:02):We are for sure.

Jack Palermo (43:03):We are having an open house,Saturday 11 to 3. You can come see me Sunday, 11 to 2.

Brendan King (43:07):Yep. So definitely 20th and21st, come check out the open house. Next up is...

Karly Taylor (43:13):I can't read from here.

Brendan King (43:18):10223 Aragon Crown road. So10223 Aragon Crown road. three beds, two and a half bath, 749,000 and 2,618square feet.

Jack Palermo (43:31):Backyard's amazing.

Brendan King (43:32):Backyard's even bigger than theother one. Look at this.

Jack Palermo (43:35):Wraps all the way around, whichis cool.

Brendan King (43:37):They lighting, everything. Hedid a great job.

Karly Taylor (43:39):All these lots are really awesome.

Brendan King (43:41):This is such a good lot. Andopen house there as well, Sunday from 11 to 3. My client there is actually aspecial effects engineer for movies.

Jack Palermo (43:52):That's cool.

Brendan King (43:52):He did all the explosions andbuilt the robots for Transformers. So really fun job. Chillest, nicest guy andhe makes explosions for a living.

Jack Palermo (44:04):That's pretty cool.

Brendan King (44:05):I guess you have to be chill

Jack Palermo (44:06):And then they filmed it when Iwas living down the city of Chicago, they filmed transformers there. So thatwas neat just watching all that stuff. Crazy.

Brendan King (44:13):Blow things up for a living, youbetter be pretty even keel.

Karly Taylor (44:18):I'd be bragging about it.

Brendan King (44:20):So if you haven't lived or beento Las Vegas, one of the best things about Las Vegas, in my opinion, this is myopinion. I don't know if everybody [inaudible 00:44:31]

Jack Palermo (44:31):I also agree with your opinion.

Brendan King (44:33):All right. It is...

Speaker 4 (44:35):Nelson's ghost town?

Brendan King (44:36):21 best road trips from LasVegas. Las Vegas has so many places to go on a road trip that are going to adifferent world. Sometimes you feel like you're going to Mars, other timesyou're going to the beach in California. It's nuts.

Jack Palermo (44:54):So what's the first one, Karly?

Karly Taylor (44:56):Sorry. Nelson's ghost town,which I think Jack, you said you've been here.

Jack Palermo (45:01):Yeah, it's pretty cool. It'sjust a cool little old-school town. It's an Instagram spot.

Brendan King (45:07):I've been there twice for schooltrips. If you do the actual tour, you go inside the mine and you can you lookdown and it goes down hundreds of feet below where you're standing and it's anold working mine. So besides the Instagram picture section, there is actually amine tour you can also do which is well worth the visit. And then if you keepdriving, you go down to lake Mead.

Jack Palermo (45:35):It's not lake Mead it's lakesome, it's a different lake isn't it?

Karly Taylor (45:37):Lake [Cabisou 00:45:40]?

Jack Palermo (45:40):No. I think it's called adifferent lake I think. Yeah we'll figure that out.

Brendan King (45:44):Next one is Valley of Fire StatePark.

Jack Palermo (45:47):This place is awesome.

Karly Taylor (45:48):Have not done this one, it'sbeautiful here about it all the time.

Brendan King (45:52):It kind of just appears. And ifyou keep going on this road too, you also end up in lake Mead. The whole otherpart of lake Mead.

Speaker 4 (46:01):But it's close, It's not even anhour away.

Jack Palermo (46:03):It's awesome. I like hiking andstuff like that, the only thing I don't like about some of these trails,they're Sandy. And you're kind of slipping through, but it's...

Brendan King (46:13):Such a wham.

Jack Palermo (46:14):I know I am. [inaudible00:46:19]

Brendan King (46:19):That is actually the Londonbridge at lake Havasu. If you haven't been down here, it's kind of surprising.Have you been Karly?

Karly Taylor (46:28):Yes. We used to go for the boatraces. so you can actually stay in the hotel and then they actually broughtpieces of the London bridge to make this.

Brendan King (46:47):Yeah. And it's straight fromLondon, which is crazy. But it's a big boating community for sure. A lot ofboaters come head down there, tie their boats together and go to therestaurants and everything else. It's really a unique little town. Yep. So ZionNational Park.

Jack Palermo (46:58):Beautiful.

Brendan King (46:59):One of my favorites. Karley,tell me you've been there.

Karly Taylor (47:02):I have not.

Jack Palermo (47:02):Ah, it's so nice.

Speaker 4 (47:03):We've probably driven through itin our many road trips, but...

Brendan King (47:08):If you've driven North on the15, you'd have to get off the road to go a pretty good distance.

Jack Palermo (47:15):If you've been there, you'dremember.

Brendan King (47:17):Because the canyon is one way inone way out and it's incredible. And if you have not been to the narrows, yougot to rent the shoes and the stick.

Karly Taylor (47:30):So it's like a day trip? Youdon't stay up there.

Brendan King (47:32):Springdale has a lot of coollittle hotels and they're really nice and quaint.

Jack Palermo (47:37):You can glamp.

Brendan King (47:37):You can glamp up there, there'sglamping. And we used to do it in one day. We'd go early in the morning, we'dgo down to the narrows, picnic girls would play in the river and we turn aroundand come back home. Yeah, it's really a great place. What's the next one?

Jack Palermo (47:54):Joshua Tree national park inCalifornia.

Brendan King (47:57):I have not been.

Jack Palermo (47:57):I've yet to go either. Mycousins were actually just there and they spent a week camping there and theysaid it was great. Tons of nice hiking and everything.

Karly Taylor (48:04):Is this on the way to big bear?

Jack Palermo (48:10):No.

Brendan King (48:12):Kind of. It can be. You kind ofbranch off. It's on the way to Palm Springs. So on the way to Palm Springs youkind of cut off and go to Joshua tree from there. So kind of.

Jack Palermo (48:27):No.

Brendan King (48:29):And then the crown jewel of thewest coast, in my opinion.

Karly Taylor (48:35):Yosemite national park.

Brendan King (48:37):Tell me you've been there.

Karly Taylor (48:38):No.

Jack Palermo (48:38):Jesus.

Karly Taylor (48:40):I know. As much as I loveoutdoors...

Brendan King (48:43):Yosemite, you have to read aboutit before you go and look up photos so that you know what each of thesemountains. That's El Capitan right there, you have Half Dome. You have allthese famous mountains that have all been our screen savers at some point intime because Apple is as much a fan as I am. But all these trips are anywherefrom 45 minutes to five hours away. And Yosemite, you've never been there?

Jack Palermo (49:12):No I'm planning on going thissummer actually because my friend lives up in Mammoth and it's close by.

Speaker 4 (49:17):I have to say in Colorado wehave a street called Yosemite and everyone says "Yo-semite."

Brendan King (49:23):Oh no.

Speaker 4 (49:24):I know, it's so bad.

Brendan King (49:24):That's pretty funny.

Jack Palermo (49:27):Yo-semite. What's wrong withthese people.

Brendan King (49:29):And of course every single weekwe put out the BKG newsletter. So a lot of the stuff will be on there. Anythingwe talked about today, you can always click it in the show notes but even moreso go to our website, and definitely sign up for thenewsletter because restaurant openings, anything that you want as far as infoon Vegas, it's a good place to get all that kind of information. And if you'relooking to join a team or are a brokerage like Real, go to

Jack Palermo (50:00):Not the brokerage,

Karly Taylor (50:00):Yeah. It's kind of likebrokerage.

Brendan King (50:06):Yeah, it kind of is. Very nice to have you Karly.

Karly Taylor (50:10):Thank you for having me, it's sofun.

Jack Palermo (50:11):Very nice to have you, Karley.

Brendan King (50:12):I'm going to make an itineraryfor you starting with Valley of fire which is close, It's 45 minutes. And thenZion and then Yosemite. And you're going to have to check back in with us andlet us know.

Karly Taylor (50:27):Go and get my own photos.

Brendan King (50:29):Yes.

Jack Palermo (50:30):Don't steal them from Apple.

Brendan King (50:31):But definitely we will see youguys next week. Have a good one.

Karly Taylor (50:31):Bye.