June 17, 2022

July 14, 2022

Episode #1 of Real Vegas

Episode #1 of Real Vegas | In this episode Brendan King and Jack Palermo discuss the Fed rate rise, Knights finding their coach, LeBron James wanting NBA franchise in LV, WSOP 2022, iHeartRadio Music Festival, Life is Beautiful, Downtown Rocks, Las Vegas Residencies, and Making Way for F1!

Episode #1 of Real Vegas | In this episode Brendan King and Jack Palermo discuss the Fed rate rise, Knights finding their coach, LeBron James wanting NBA franchise in LV, WSOP 2022, iHeartRadio Music Festival, Life is Beautiful Festival, Downtown Rocks, Summerlin Sounds, Las Vegas Residencies, Las Vegas Ballpark events, Stadium Swim, walkable commercial district, Super Summer Theatre, and Making Way for F1!

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This is transcribed (accuracy not guaranteed)

Brendan King (00:38): Hey, what's going on? It's Brendan King fromthe Brendan King Group at Real.

Jack Palermo(00:41): Jack Palermo from the Brendan King Group atReal.

Brendan King (00:43): This is episode numberone of Real Vegas.

Jack Palermo(00:47): Anything and everything.

Brendan King (00:49): Yeah, well, what's goingon? So, we decided after all this time.

Jack Palermo(00:53): 41 probably shows of theunnamed show.

Brendan King (00:56): To give a name to theshow. So, the new name for the show is Real Vegas.

Jack Palermo(01:02): Anything, everything.

Brendan King (01:03): Excuse me. I do have acold today. So, if I have to clear my throat a few times, I already... Ah, Idon't think I'm contagious.

Jack Palermo(01:09): Okay. Okay.

Brendan King (01:10): I don't think I'mcontagious. But, of course, if you want, by text, any kind of information, textVIP to 702-553-1955. Get it on our list. We'll let you know all sorts of thingsgoing on in Las Vegas, whether it's real estate or stuff going on.

Jack Palermo(01:28): Don't forget to followus on Instagram at Brendan King Group. At Brendan King Group on Instagram.

Brendan King (01:33): Yeah, and of course, ifyou're looking for a team to join or somewhere to go regarding being an agent,go to join the bkg.com, www.jointhebkg.com, and definitely would love to haveyou at least come by and have an interview and see if you fit the mold.

Jack Palermo(01:51): Yeah. Come by.

Brendan King (01:52): So, Real Vegas.Definitely feels odd to say that after saying unnamed so many times.

Jack Palermo(01:58): Unnamed show.

Brendan King (02:00): But, the idea is just tomake sure we tell you as much as we can about what's going on in Vegas. Wehaven't decided, every week, every other week.

Jack Palermo(02:07): Yeah, we don't know.

Brendan King (02:08): But, the main thing iswe're going to practice full of things to do in town for anybody visiting orhopefully who lives here.

Jack Palermo(02:16): Yes. Absolutely.

Brendan King (02:17): That we do sell realestate.

Jack Palermo(02:18): We're going to kind ofgive you a breakdown of like right now we're going to give you a breakdown ofwhat's going on in the summer and stuff [inaudible 00:02:23]-

Speaker 2 (02:23): Hey, but first guys,just to let you know, you guys had an incredible event last week.

Brendan King (02:29): Yeah. So, we did have anevent "How To Double Your Business and Income." Event went reallywell, we had lots of great speakers, and there they are. Michael England,Caroline from the team, Dustin, Brent, and some other guy in the middle. Eventwent really well, we're sitting in front of the same sign right now that wewere standing there that day. It went well.

Jack Palermo(02:53): Yeah, I was reallyinformed [inaudible 00:02:55].

Brendan King (02:54): Our space looks reallynice, had an event.

Jack Palermo(02:57): Yeah, it did.

Brendan King (02:58): So, we plan on having alot more of these, both for other agents and clients as well. But, yeah, it waschock full of a ton of information. Honestly, I was a little, I was tired.

Jack Palermo(03:10): Yeah. Yeah. I mean,yeah, there was a lot of information, a lot of information.

Brendan King (03:14): Two hours of justendless information, but we plan on absolutely having more of these and doingsome things for clients too. Hopefully some special speakers, maybe even do alive podcast with an audience. We'll see.

Jack Palermo(03:26): Ooh, we'll see. Yeah.

Brendan King (03:28): Hey, look, there it is.

Jack Palermo(03:30): But, yeah, looked greatthat team.

Brendan King (03:31): Look at that. Nice shotof the team. Actually, a really great shot of the team. So, yeah, it wentreally, really well. We were very happy with it. We're picky, we like to makethings as perfect as we can, we learned a lot from it and I think it's justgoing to get better from here too.

Jack Palermo(03:47): For sure.

Brendan King (03:48): So, whole, wow, geez.So, much going on.

Jack Palermo(03:48): Tell me about it.

Brendan King (03:51): So much to talk about.So, one of the big things is the economy. There is just endless questions aboutthis-

Jack Palermo(03:51): Endless.

Brendan King (04:00): ... every day. Whetherit's my wife or even my kids or clients, or I turn the TV on or open my phone-

Jack Palermo(04:09): [inaudible 00:04:09].

Brendan King (04:09): ... or look at Instagramat Brendan King Group. There's definitely a lot going on. So, fed justincreased the fed rate by 0.75%, which is the highest since 1994 that they'veever increased the rate. So, that means when the dot com boom happened, when9/11 happened, when COVID started, that's by far the highest they've everincreased it in a one full swoop.

Jack Palermo(04:09): Yeah. One swoop.

Brendan King (04:37): Usually it's 0.25 or 0.5max, and that was the plan originally, was 0.5, and that ended up changing to0.75 last minute, when they felt that really inflation was not calming down.What was the last that you paid for your gas?

Jack Palermo(04:54): 5.15.

Brendan King (04:54): 5.15.

Jack Palermo(04:54): Oh, yeah.

Brendan King (04:55): That's Costco.

Jack Palermo(04:56): That's Costco.

Brendan King (04:57): Yeah. I was going to saythat.

Speaker 2 (04:58): You wait in that longline?

Jack Palermo(05:00): No, I go on in themorning, on my way in. So, like at 7:30, there's still a line, but you can pullin there and you're not like caught.

Brendan King (05:07): Yeah. I literally don'tknow how much gas costs because I have an electric car. No, but I don't mean itthat way. So, even my wife is like, "Oh, my God, I can't believe how muchI pay for gas." And I was like, "I don't even know how much gascosts."

Jack Palermo(05:18): Yeah.

Brendan King (05:19): But, when I see thenumber difference lately, I'm like, "Oh, my God. Like 4.50, then 5, then5.15, 5.50. It's crazy."

Jack Palermo(05:27): It is crazy.

Brendan King (05:28): So, this is made to hopeto curb that 0.75 increase to the fed. There's also some downsize to that.Mortgage interest rates-

Jack Palermo(05:39): Go up a little bit.

Brendan King (05:39): ... did tick up tonearly six at one point and then came down again.

Jack Palermo(05:43): Came down again.

Brendan King (05:44): Dustin had texted me andhe's like, "Hey, they're down to 5.75, and then they were up to six, andthen they were down to 4.5." So, the big thing you have to know is the fedrate does not directly correlate with mortgage rates. They're related, but notdirectly.

Jack Palermo(06:03): Yeah. But, they'rerelated, but separate in the same sense [inaudible 00:06:06].

Brendan King (06:05): Yeah. The treasury, the10 year treasury is more in line with what's going on with the mortgage rates,and then of course, mortgage backed securities. These lenders have to turnaround and sell these loans to somebody who's willing to buy them. If they'vegot a package of 4.5 interest rates, but inflation's at seven or interest ratesare at seven. Yeah. So, in the end it does mean mortgages are more expensiveright now.

Jack Palermo(06:31): Yes.

Brendan King (06:32): But, what the funnything is, what's the deal with inventory?

Jack Palermo(06:36): Inventory is climbing.

Brendan King (06:37): But, is it still low?

Jack Palermo(06:38): It's still low. No, it'sstill a seller's market 100%.

Brendan King (06:41): That's the weird thingis, "Okay, great. Do you not buy?" It depends. If your cash flow issqueezed, probably not a good idea. But, if you're still in a good cash flowposition, the nice thing is if rates do come back down or they don't, you maylock in historically lower than where they may be. Or if they do change, youcan always refinance.

Jack Palermo(07:02): Exactly.

Brendan King (07:02): Of course, pay attentionif you're refinancing. Some people just keep refing, but it's got to makesense. If you don't plan on staying in that house for the amount of time thatit takes to recoup the costs of closing costs, then don't do it. But, hey, youmay be better off now at 5.5 than you are by waiting.

Jack Palermo(07:21): Yeah. Totally. Because Imean, who knows where it's going to go.

Brendan King (07:24): Yeah. I don't see acrash, but it doesn't mean it can't happen. I do think we're going to see amassive chill out.

Jack Palermo(07:31): For sure.

Brendan King (07:32): What's the deal rightnow?

Jack Palermo(07:33): Stabilization.

Brendan King (07:35): Buyers can buy.

Jack Palermo(07:36): Yeah. Buyers can buy.You're not on like 18 offers, you're not fighting as a buyer, you're notfighting with other like multiple, multiple offers right now. You're stillfighting with maybe a one or two or-

Brendan King (07:47): Max. Yeah.

Jack Palermo(07:48): But, it's been a loteasier on the buy side.

Brendan King (07:52): In order to save you thetime right now, because we want to get to the good stuff and all theentertainment, we do have a blog that we're now hosting that, it's just aboutthe current state of the economy. So, we'll have a direct link to that, andthis will be updated on a regular basis with all the most recent articles andthings that are anybody who's speaking about this right now, we're going to addthose articles to that blog. So, that's a direct place you can go to everysingle day to always get the most updated. Then we did do a BKG round table-

Jack Palermo(08:23): Yeah, that was fun.

Brendan King (08:23): ... about the market.So, that link will also be there as well. As well as every single Monday, youcan always get our Monday market update where we just talk about the numbersevery week, and it's at least at a certain point every week and relatable tohistory over the past couple years. That's very helpful. My client texts meyesterday, he's like, "I want the market update."

Jack Palermo(08:45): Yeah. Right.

Brendan King (08:46): He's like, "Whereis it?" He's like, "I need to see it."

Jack Palermo(08:47): Total. I get it all thetime.

Brendan King (08:48): Yeah. So, he definitelygets it. So, don't forget. Text market to 702-553-1955, and then you can getthat every Monday to Wednesday. It's usually in that span where you can get themarket, excuse me, via text. Text market to 702-553-1955.

Jack Palermo(08:48): 1955.

Brendan King (09:11): That page, in myopinion, the current state of the economy page, will be your go-to for the nextfew months.

Jack Palermo(09:17): For sure.

Brendan King (09:17): We're just going to fillthat with the most recent market update, and all of them. So, they'll have adirect link that'll have all of them and then the round tables in there andeverything's going to be in there. Let's get to the fun stuff though.

Jack Palermo(09:30): Yes.

Brendan King (09:31): Sports. What is going onwith this, Jack?

Jack Palermo(09:34): The Golden Knights haveswung for the fences and hired Bruce Cassidy, who was just let go from theBoston Bruins. Bruce Cassidy is a great coach. I mean, he is amazing. I mean,he one that made the Stanley Cup final in 2019. He won the Jack Adams coach ofthe year award. He's great. I think he's going to do well.

Brendan King (09:53): Why did the Bruins lethim go?

Jack Palermo(09:56): They didn't go as far asthey thought that they would.

Brendan King (09:57): Yeah. That's always thecase, I feel like. If the team doesn't go and the public wants them to go-

Jack Palermo(10:03): It's always got to be afall guy.

Brendan King (10:03): Yeah.

Jack Palermo(10:04): Then it's always acoach.

Brendan King (10:05): It's like, that's thefunny thing about sports sometimes is even when someone's good at their job,they lose it anyway because they didn't get where they were supposed to get.

Jack Palermo(10:11): Right.

Brendan King (10:12): But, then now we gethim.

Jack Palermo(10:13): Yeah. It's going to begreat. I think he's going to put a fire under the players and I think they'regoing to be good.

Brendan King (10:19): He looks like a prettytough dude. So, yeah. Jack Adams Award coach of the year, which didn't ouroriginal coach...

Jack Palermo(10:29): Gerard Gallant.

Brendan King (10:29): Gerard Gallant won.

Jack Palermo(10:30): He did win coach of theyear in 2018.

Brendan King (10:33): Look what happened tohim.

Jack Palermo(10:34): First year. Well, healmost took-

Brendan King (10:35): Same thing. It was thesame thing.

Jack Palermo(10:36): Yeah.

Brendan King (10:36): Same deal.

Jack Palermo(10:37): He got hired by theRangers and he almost took them to the final [inaudible 00:10:40].

Brendan King (10:39): Yeah. That's the crazything that I actually sometimes miss Gallant-

Jack Palermo(10:43): Yeah, me too.

Brendan King (10:43): ... I have to admit. So,I'm excited. I know we're all excited. So, Bruce Cassidy, new coach. Let's seehow it goes.

Jack Palermo(10:49): Let's see how it goes.

Brendan King (10:50): I think it'll be good.

Jack Palermo(10:51): I think so too.

Brendan King (10:52): I want to see a playoffgame again at home.

Jack Palermo(10:54): No doubt. Yes.

Brendan King (10:56): Then this one, wealready talked about a bit ago on the-

Jack Palermo(11:00): NBA.

Brendan King (11:01): On the old unnamed show.

Jack Palermo(11:03): Oh, yes.

Brendan King (11:04): LeBron James-

Jack Palermo(11:06): Yeah.

Brendan King (11:06): ... wants to own an NBAfranchise in Las Vegas.

Jack Palermo(11:10): He sure does.

Brendan King (11:12): This is not going tohappen while he's a player.

Speaker 2 (11:14): You're not allowed,right? You're not allowed.

Jack Palermo(11:16): You're not allowed. No.So, they're looking to expand by 2024, 30 to 32 teams, Vegas and Seattle arekind of like the two probably go-tos. Vegas for sure is going to happen.Seattle, they tried it before, it really didn't work out. So, I don't know whythey would want to put it back there, but who knows? But, LeBron James backsbuying a franchise would be pretty awesome for Las Vegas, I think, and I'm noteven a LeBron fan.

Brendan King (11:41): I was just going to sayif Jordan will own a team.

Jack Palermo(11:44): Oh, my God. He does

Brendan King (11:49): Yeah.

Jack Palermo(11:50): Yes, the CharlotteHornets.

Brendan King (11:50): Oh, the Hornets. That'sright.

Jack Palermo(11:50): Yes.

Brendan King (11:50): I did know that.

Jack Palermo(11:50): Yes he does.

Brendan King (11:51): Yeah. I'm still a fan ofthe situation.

Jack Palermo(11:54): Yeah. I'm a fan of thecity of Las Vegas, gaining an NBA team, 100%.

Brendan King (11:54):

Jack Palermo(11:57): We'll take that.

Brendan King (11:58): Which we'll get tobecause, later on, we may know where this possibly ends up because of somefuture developments that they're working on that could bring a 20,000 seatarena.

Jack Palermo(12:10): Stay tuned.

Brendan King (12:11): Then Barcelona-RealMadrid tickets, excuse me, for Allegiant Stadium, likely to sell out. Thesesoccer games at Allegiant Stadium have all been selling out. So, generaloffering at 10:00 AM, Friday, June 17th. Those looking to take in the match,it's a VIP admission tickets starting at $200. Jack will be there.

Jack Palermo(12:32): Nah, I don't know aboutthat.

Brendan King (12:34): I'm a big soccer fan. Iplayed soccer my whole life. Jack doesn't get it. I like didn't play. He didn'tplay.

Jack Palermo(12:39): I liked watching theworld cup. I get excited for that. I like watching the countries play eachother, but I'm not an everyday avid soccer watcher.

Brendan King (12:46): I love soccer.

Jack Palermo(12:46): Football.

Brendan King (12:47): Football?

Jack Palermo(12:47): Football.

Brendan King (12:51): So, because the con... Ican never say this, but the gold cup was there, which drew 55,000 fans lastAugust.

Jack Palermo(12:51): hat's pretty crazy.

Brendan King (13:00): Because people likesoccer.

Jack Palermo(13:02): Yeah. I mean, old peopledo. I'm just not one of them.

Brendan King (13:05): But, yeah, Real Madrid,and if you don't know who Real Madrid and Barcelona are, they're like two ofthe biggest teams.

Jack Palermo(13:11): Premier league?

Brendan King (13:12): In Spain.

Jack Palermo(13:14): So, they're not premier.

Brendan King (13:15): In the Spanish league.

Jack Palermo(13:16): Oh, okay.

Brendan King (13:16): Yeah.

Jack Palermo(13:18): I thought I knewsomething for a second.

Brendan King (13:19): Yeah. Yeah. You'reawful.

Jack Palermo(13:20): Whoops. Nope.

Brendan King (13:23): Usually you do though.You know every sport.

Jack Palermo(13:23): Sometimes. Nah.

Brendan King (13:25): You know every sport.

Jack Palermo(13:26): I think that's good.

Brendan King (13:27): This one's more forJack. World Series of Poker 2022.

Jack Palermo(13:31): This one is here andthey've moved it to the strip. So, it's going to be... It's going on now.

Brendan King (13:38): Yep.

Jack Palermo(13:39): So, it's running throughJuly 17th. It's at Paris and Bally's. It used to be left to Rio, which so nowit's on the strip, which is kind of cool, and don't forget the main event,which everybody that watches.

Brendan King (13:50): That looks ominous.

Jack Palermo(13:52): The big main event, theno-limit Hold 'Em World Championship begins on July 3rd, which is usuallytelevised, which is pretty cool.

Brendan King (13:59): Oh, go back to thatimage real fast. Bustling.

Jack Palermo(14:04): That's a lot of...

Brendan King (14:06): That is a lot of tables.

Jack Palermo(14:07): Have you ever beeninside when it's... Have you ever watched it live?

Brendan King (14:10): No.

Jack Palermo(14:10): It's great. The energy'sincredible. Yeah.

Brendan King (14:13): Huh.

Jack Palermo(14:13): Maybe something I haveto check out.

Brendan King (14:15): It's better-

Jack Palermo(14:15): Over soccer.

Brendan King (14:16): I was just going to say,"Was it better than soccer?" I don't think it is. But, what is it?The record number of people? Did we know that number? We don't, but supposedlyit'll be a record number of people involved in the event. So, some great thingsto do this summer we wanted to hit on. Obviously, now that the heat is-

Jack Palermo(14:37): It's here.

Brendan King (14:38): ... ablaze.

Jack Palermo(14:38): It's here.

Brendan King (14:38): There's always lookingfor things to do, especially indoor or outdoors. But, so one of the main thingscoming very soon is iHeartRadio Music Festival, September 23rd and September24th. I guess the version of very soon is different for everyone.

Jack Palermo(14:57): Yeah, Still summer,still summer in Vegas though. That's for sure.

Brendan King (15:00): That's three monthsaway, but I don't know why I said very soon, but great lineup. Avril Lavigne,Black Eyed Peas, Halsey, Lionel Richie, LL Cool J, Luke Combs, Maren Morris,Megan Thee Stallion, da da, da, on and on and on.

Jack Palermo(15:13): Wait, Pat Benatar. Comeon.

Brendan King (15:14): Pat Benatar. Yeah.

Jack Palermo(15:15): Yes.

Brendan King (15:17): The Black Keys. Holycow. Sam Smith.

Jack Palermo(15:20): Nicki Minaj too.

Brendan King (15:22): So, great lineup atiHeartRadio Music Festival. Plenty of time still to get tickets for Friday,September 23rd and 24th. The daytime stage is AREA15.

Jack Palermo(15:33): Daytime stage is atAREA15, which is kind of like your newer more up and coming artists, thataren't really that much on the radio.

Brendan King (15:39): That venue-

Jack Palermo(15:40): That's cool.

Brendan King (15:40): That venue is great.

Jack Palermo(15:42): Yeah, that venue iscool. The outdoor venue, like the music where they have there is pretty, it'sawesome.

Brendan King (15:45): Nice. I don't think I'vebeen there for like an outdoor event.

Jack Palermo(15:47): I haven't, but I've seenit.

Brendan King (15:47): Yeah.

Jack Palermo(15:49): It looks like how thesetup is. It looks amazing.

Brendan King (15:51): Cool.

Jack Palermo(15:51): Yeah.

Brendan King (15:52): Then of course Life isBeautiful Festival. This has been here for a couple years now. For a number ofyears, I should say. Massive lineup, Arctic Monkeys, Calvin Harris, Gorillaz.This one, I cannot nearly name all of them.

Jack Palermo(16:07): There's a lot. Shaggy'sthere. Your buddy.

Brendan King (16:10): Shaggy's [inaudible00:16:11]-

Jack Palermo(16:10): Anyway, I just saw that.But, so what's crazy is Life is Beautiful is usually the same weekend asiHeart, but they're doing it the weekend before.

Brendan King (16:16): Yeah. Yeah. So, that's aton of music in two weeks.

Jack Palermo(16:19): That's kind of cool.It's going to be multiple festivals in town.

Brendan King (16:23): It's September 16ththrough 18th with tickets starting as low as $180 for single day tickets andthree day tickets at 380. Festival, you go there all day and you hop stages.

Jack Palermo(16:35): Basically. Yeah.

Brendan King (16:35): If you've never been toone, it's fun.

Jack Palermo(16:37): You eat, you drink, youhave a good time.

Brendan King (16:38): You eat, you drink, andyou listen to some music. But, and it's a good one. Now, this next one is onethat we were chatting about, is free.

Jack Palermo(16:47): I kind of like this alot.

Brendan King (16:48): But, may have one of thebetter lineups of all of these.

Jack Palermo(16:51): I like it.

Brendan King (16:52): So, the Downtown RocksFree Concert Series at Fremont Street Experience. What?

Jack Palermo(16:58): That's pretty awesome. Imean, just the lineup alone. I mean, you're going a little old school with yourMolly Hatchet, nitty gritty dirt band, but Sebastian Bach from Skid Row,Hoobastank, Soul Asylum, Alien Ant Farm, Simple Plan, Rick Springfield, Men atWork and John Waite, that's pretty cool.

Brendan King (17:14): I'm going to that one.

Jack Palermo(17:15): I think I will too.

Brendan King (17:15): I'm there. We'll seethat.

Jack Palermo(17:17): We will go together.Stone Temple Pilots. I mean, this is-

Brendan King (17:20): The times to bedetermined on Rick Springfield and John Waite and Men at Work, because they'rethinking maybe they need to dial that one back earlier.

Jack Palermo(17:28): Start about fouro'clock.

Brendan King (17:29): Whoever's going maybeneed to go to bed early.

Jack Palermo(17:31): David, I'll meet thereat 3:00.

Speaker 2 (17:33): Sounds perfect.

Jack Palermo(17:36): Yeah, but it looksawesome. I mean, it's such a good time down there anyway. I mean it's justgreat.

Brendan King (17:40): You go East Fremont.You've got all the great venues over there, after and before the music.Definitely an awesome lineup.

Jack Palermo(17:48): Yeah. It'll be fun.

Brendan King (17:49): It's a good old schoollineup. Summerlin Sounds out in Summerlin. Couple of cover bands on The Lawn.They've been doing a lot on The Lawn lately. Some of the cover bands areMoonshine, Velvet Elvis, Million Dollar Band, Light Bright band, and JeremyCornwell. I don't know any of these, but I think they're all top 40 jam bands.

Jack Palermo(18:13): Yeah. [inaudible00:18:14]. Should probably go check it out.

Brendan King (18:17): Yeah. The view'samazing, and there's, oh, there's of course Downtown Summerlin for places to goand see things and all that.

Jack Palermo(18:23): Yeah.

Brendan King (18:24): You can't go wrong withFirst Friday.

Jack Palermo(18:28): Yeah, that, I mean,looks amazing.

Brendan King (18:29): First Friday Foundation.Every single Friday, starting July 1st. Is that the first one?

Jack Palermo(18:35): Yep.

Brendan King (18:36): I'm going to contactFirst Friday and tell them to update that photo on their website because it'sblurry as heck.

Jack Palermo(18:43): That one?

Brendan King (18:44): Yeah.

Jack Palermo(18:44): Random, huh?

Brendan King (18:46): But, definitely if youhaven't been to First Friday, it's worth-

Jack Palermo(18:50): Checking out, for sure.

Brendan King (18:52): ... checking out. I'veonly been to one.

Jack Palermo(18:53): I've never been, to behonest with you. I'm that guy.

Brendan King (18:57): But, I've got plenty offriends who've gone to million of these and it's always a good time.

Jack Palermo(19:01): They say it's great.Yeah.

Brendan King (19:02): So, definitely headover... What is going on on the TV there? You see the black things?

Jack Palermo(19:08): Those are the tips ofour chairs. Right?

Brendan King (19:11): Oh, my God. They'relike... I didn't know what the fuck is this.

Jack Palermo(19:13): The tips of our chairs.Las Vegas residencies in town. Let's talk about those. So, Usher, Lionel Richieplaying an Encore Theater. Journey at The Colosseum. Miranda Lambert, Brendan'sfavorite, at Zappos. Luke Bryan at Resorts World. Morrissey, Sting. I mean, itjust goes on. Katy Perry, Usher, Santana, John Legend, Shania Twain, SilkSonic, Pit Bull and Barry Manilow. Not together.

Brendan King (19:13): Not together.

Jack Palermo(19:46): Rod Stewart and DianaRoss. Oh, I mean it's crazy. Vegas is crazy with [inaudible 00:19:52].

Brendan King (19:52): I totally skipped overthat, went to First Friday.

Jack Palermo(19:52): You did, that's why I-

Brendan King (19:54): That's why both of yourfaces changed.

Jack Palermo(19:57): What?

Brendan King (19:58): So, now I know why therewas a delay in slides because I completely jumped ahead. But, that is aninsane-

Jack Palermo(20:04): Don't forget, this isepisode one.

Brendan King (20:06): It is. It is. It is.More to come. So, that is an incredible lineup. That's awesome. You wouldprobably go bankrupt if you went to every single one.

Jack Palermo(20:15): Yes, that's correct.

Brendan King (20:15): But, these residencies,as we always mentioned in the past, are just getting better and better.

Jack Palermo(20:21): They're awesome. I mean,they fire up on stage for an hour and a half, two hours, they hit every singlesong you know.

Speaker 2 (20:26): Every hit ever. Yeah.

Jack Palermo(20:28): It's good. It's great.

Brendan King (20:29): Yeah.

Jack Palermo(20:30): It's such a variety ofpeople. It's everyone.

Brendan King (20:32): Yeah, totally. Who wasnext to Barry Manilow?

Jack Palermo(20:35): Pit Bull.

Brendan King (20:36): Pit Bull?

Jack Palermo(20:36): Yes. They're not goingdoing a duet. I promise. If they did, it'd be pretty fun though.

Brendan King (20:43): That should be a duelingpiano night.

Speaker 2 (20:46): Totally.

Jack Palermo(20:47): Agreed. Agreed. Pit Bulland Barry.

Brendan King (20:49): Mandy, and what's hissong?

Jack Palermo(20:52): That's a good one. I'mgoing to you for this because I don't have a clue.

Brendan King (20:58): Oh, and of course, ifyou want to beat the heat, now Wet 'n Wild is no longer Wet 'n Wild. It isCowabunga Bay. So, there's two for one, two parks for one pass. Cowabunga VegasWater Parks. They purchased Wet 'n Wild, and did some rehab. I want to say theydid eight to $10 million rehab on Wet 'n Wild.

Jack Palermo(20:58): That's nice.

Brendan King (21:18): So, get down there,Jack.

Jack Palermo(21:19): Yeah. I'm ready.

Speaker 2 (21:21): But, the wave pool inthe Henderson one, is the most amazing thing in the whole damn world.

Jack Palermo(21:26): Wave pools are awesome.

Brendan King (21:27): I do not like wave poolsbecause I feel like I'm going to drown.

Jack Palermo(21:31): Oh, my God. I love wavepool. [inaudible 00:21:31].

Speaker 2 (21:31): It's insane, and it'sjust like takes you out. But, the one on Summerlin's not as good. We used to goto Henderson.

Jack Palermo(21:37): Go to Wisconsin DellsNoah's Ark. The wave pool is amazing.

Brendan King (21:40): I've been there. Myin-laws take the girls to-

Jack Palermo(21:40): It's awesome there.

Brendan King (21:45): You've been to theDells?

Jack Palermo(21:46): Yeah, of course.[inaudible 00:21:47].

Brendan King (21:46): Did you do the duckboat?

Jack Palermo(21:48): Yes.

Brendan King (21:48): Oh, my God.

Jack Palermo(21:49): Yes.

Brendan King (21:50): I didn't know you'vebeen to the Dells.

Jack Palermo(21:50): Oh, of course.

Brendan King (21:51): That's hilarious.

Jack Palermo(21:53): Yeah.

Brendan King (21:53): It's actually a greatlittle hidden spot.

Jack Palermo(21:56): Oh, yeah, for sure.

Brendan King (21:57): Don't go there inwinter.

Jack Palermo(21:59): No, no.

Brendan King (22:00): Well, unless you-

Jack Palermo(22:00): You won't be in a wavepool.

Brendan King (22:01): ... snowmobile. Ofcourse, also another way to beat the heat, Discovery Children's Museum. Awesomeplace. That actually came when I first moved here.

Jack Palermo(22:11): Pinball Hall of Fame.Don't forget about.

Brendan King (22:13): Yeah, you were tellingme you can go get a beer-

Jack Palermo(22:16): It's pretty cool.

Brendan King (22:16): ... walk around.

Jack Palermo(22:17): I mean, it brings youback to when you were a kid.

Brendan King (22:18): Coolest place,

Jack Palermo(22:19): It's super.

Brendan King (22:19): It has every classicgame we had as kids.

Jack Palermo(22:19): Yeah, totally.

Brendan King (22:24): I don't know that Iplayed a lot of ping pong as a kid.

Jack Palermo(22:27): Pinball.

Brendan King (22:27): Pinball. I mean, oh, mygod.

Jack Palermo(22:28): It's not ping pong.

Brendan King (22:28): Jesus.

Jack Palermo(22:30): It's all right. We'llhelp you out.

Brendan King (22:33): I'm still sick. Yeah,no, and then of course the drive-in movie theater West Wind, all digitaldrive-in, great place, you can't miss Top Gun according to Jack.

Jack Palermo(22:46): You can't Top Gun:Maverick. It was awesome. It was a very, very crazy awesome experience in thetheater to see Top Gun.

Brendan King (22:52): It sounds like it's thatgood.

Jack Palermo(22:54): It's good. It's good. Imean, it was probably one of the best movies I've seen in the theater in a longtime.

Brendan King (22:59): I'm not going to lie. Ihad my kids watch Top Gun, the first one.

Jack Palermo(23:04): It has nothing... Withnow, now it's 38 years later, the effects are amazing.

Brendan King (23:09): They left the room.

Jack Palermo(23:10): Ah, see.

Brendan King (23:11): They were bored.

Jack Palermo(23:12): See?

Brendan King (23:13): It's like trying to getthem to watch any of my childhood movies, they just can't do it.

Jack Palermo(23:16): The Goonies even?

Brendan King (23:18): I haven't done that oneyet.

Jack Palermo(23:18): Oh, you have to do thatone.

Brendan King (23:19): They're old. They're oldenough now.

Jack Palermo(23:21): Yeah. Yeah. I'm sure.

Brendan King (23:21): I'm a little overlylike, "You can't watch any movies until certain age." But, I'llprobably regret that.

Jack Palermo(23:29): Yeah.

Brendan King (23:30): Yeah.

Jack Palermo(23:30): Well, Goonies is easy.

Brendan King (23:32): Yeah. I love that movie.That was my favorite movie as a kid. So, of course we will include all thelinks, but awesome things to do to stay out the heat and beat the heat, andthen of course, if you want to be in the heat, Super Summer Theatre, which isnearly sold out. I almost said shold out.

Jack Palermo(23:48): Already.

Brendan King (23:48): So, Super SummerTheatre. It's a fun time.

Jack Palermo(23:51): It's cool.

Brendan King (23:52): Every year we go, atleast once or twice. You come early, you bring little table and some food andwine, hang out two hours before, and then when the sun sets, the donkeys starthonking in the desert.

Jack Palermo(24:05): They sure do.

Brendan King (24:06): The bats fly over andthe show starts. Usually we'll stay till the end and ride home. It's anawesome, awesome, awesome time out. Mary Poppins, June 1st. Sister Act, July13th, and Matilda, August 24th. They each have a long run in between that. So,it's not just the one day. Definitely check out supersummertheatre.com, Ibelieve is the website.

Jack Palermo(24:31): It's out at SpringMountain Ranch.

Brendan King (24:33): It is. Yeah.

Jack Palermo(24:33): You're a little coolerout there too, because you're in the mountains.

Brendan King (24:34): It is. Yeah. So, eachone's got about a month run, but it's worth the-

Jack Palermo(24:39): Yeah. It's just fun.

Brendan King (24:40): ... the look for sure.

Jack Palermo(24:41): Yeah.

Brendan King (24:41): Upcoming events as well.If you want to be in the heat, The Aviators. If we've never told you, we giveaway tickets, which we'll get to. But, yeah, there's still plenty of games tosee. We've got all of June and July and August too, I believe.

Jack Palermo(24:59): Next home stand againstAlbuquerque Isotopes.

Brendan King (25:02): It's June 21st throughJune 26th home stand, all in Las Vegas, against the isotopes. Such a funnyname.

Jack Palermo(25:12): Isotopes, and yes.

Brendan King (25:13): Aviators is a bettername.

Jack Palermo(25:14): Yeah, totally.

Brendan King (25:15): No offense Isotopes.

Jack Palermo(25:16): No, it's no offense.

Brendan King (25:17): Of course, if you wantto win Aviators tickets, text Aviators to 702-553-1955, text Aviators to702-553-1955.

Jack Palermo(25:28): You know what else isgoing on at the ballpark?

Brendan King (25:29): What's that?

Jack Palermo(25:30): The movie nights at LasVegas Ballpark, flicks on the field, which is really cool because their seriesis starting out with two baseball movies. Field of Dreams, which you've neverseen.

Brendan King (25:41): I have not.

Jack Palermo(25:42): So, bring the kids andgo watch, Field of Dreams.

Brendan King (25:42): I will.

Jack Palermo(25:44): It's an amazing movie,and The Sandlot on August 12th. Gates will open at 6:00 PM PM.

Brendan King (25:44): Forever.

Jack Palermo(25:50): So, you can test yourmovie lounge with trivia, catch a photo with mascot Spruce the goose, andAviator, and grab a bite at the grill for first for dinner.

Brendan King (25:58): If you've never been tothe stadium for The Aviators, the food is good.

Jack Palermo(26:02): It's good.

Speaker 2 (26:02): It's great. The hot dog.

Brendan King (26:03): You've got killer food,hot dogs.

Jack Palermo(26:05): Chicago hot dog.

Brendan King (26:05): Burritos hidden in theback by the pool. Don't ever forget to go check those out.

Jack Palermo(26:09): Oh, yeah.

Brendan King (26:09): People don't know aboutit, but in the back left. They've got some good mixed drinks there at the barin the outfield. Really awesome. Of course, Stadium Swim. This place is like...I don't know how to explain it. Like a pool and a sports book on-

Jack Palermo(26:26): In a club.

Brendan King (26:27): ... on steroids.

Jack Palermo(26:28): All in one.

Brendan King (26:30): So, Stadium Swim is likethe world's largest screen. I can't bet. I don't know that that's really thecase-

Jack Palermo(26:36): I think you're right.

Brendan King (26:36): But, it looks like it.

Jack Palermo(26:36): Looks like it.

Brendan King (26:39): This is the setup.Excuse me.

Jack Palermo(26:41): It's tiered. It'stiered.

Brendan King (26:42): Is it tiered?

Jack Palermo(26:42): Level tiered. Yeah.

Brendan King (26:44): That's why it's calledStadium Swim.

Jack Palermo(26:46): Maybe. Yeah, that couldbe it. Look at this, you can get a water couch from 8:00 AM to 11:00 PM for athousand dollars.

Brendan King (26:52): What does water couchmean?

Jack Palermo(26:54): I don't know.

Brendan King (26:55): Okay.

Jack Palermo(26:56): But, I would imagineit's a couch in the water.

Brendan King (26:58): For a thousand dollars,it better be made of gold.

Jack Palermo(27:01): Yes. You can still get aday bed. So, you can get a full day day bed for 700 bucks. That's one of thoseday bed.

Brendan King (27:07): Oh, you know what? It'sminimum spend. So, that's actually not as bad. So, if you've got a group ofpeople, minimum spend $400.

Jack Palermo(27:16): The drinks are 30 bucksdifference.

Brendan King (27:18): Yeah. That makes adifference for $30 drinks, you get to 400 in five minutes.

Jack Palermo(27:22): Yeah. Yeah. I meanthat's like no time.

Brendan King (27:24): So, it is a minimumspend on the water couches at a thousand, poolside boxes at a thousand, daybeds at 700, lower cabanas at 1500.

Jack Palermo(27:33): Just full day.

Brendan King (27:33): Just make sure you bringyour friends.

Jack Palermo(27:35): Yes. A hundred of them.

Brendan King (27:37): Of course, when it's hotout, even when it's not, I have to admit one of these ice cream shops we go to,whether it's 35 degrees or 110. So, we're going to list for you the best LasVegas ice cream shops according to our friends over at Eater Vegas.

Jack Palermo(27:55): Yes.

Brendan King (27:55): Eater Las Vegas. What'sthis one, Jack?

Jack Palermo(27:57): Two Brothers Pizza &Ice Cream located in North Las Vegas. Heard it was amazing, haven't been thereyet, but it looks delicious.

Brendan King (28:06): I don't know if it'sLappert or Lappert's or Lappert's.

Jack Palermo(28:06): Lappert's. Lappert's.

Brendan King (28:10): Wrong emphasis on thewrong syllable.

Jack Palermo(28:12): Lappert's. Lappert's.Lappert's.

Brendan King (28:15): I'll say Lappert's iceCream.

Jack Palermo(28:15): Also right.

Brendan King (28:16): The Hawaiian Importinside of California Hotel & Casino. Supposedly super good.

Jack Palermo(28:22): Handel's Homemade IceCream & Yogurt. Right down the street from our office.

Brendan King (28:25): Right down the streetfrom my house, and our office. Their ice cream is really, really good. Youshould get yourself a quart to take home because you'll eat it there too.

Jack Palermo(28:35): And on the way home.

Brendan King (28:36): And on the way home, allof the above. Sweet Addiction, Cookies & Ice Cream is like unicorns andrainbows everywhere. Interesting visually. Honestly, I haven't tasted it. Mykids have. There's 17 ice cream flavors of rainbow blitz. Definitely somethingworth checking out. But, of course there is more to this list. We have theentire list.

Jack Palermo(28:36): Scoop LV.

Brendan King (29:03): Scoop LV. Where's thisone?

Jack Palermo(29:04): This one is-

Brendan King (29:06): Jones.

Jack Palermo(29:06): ... on Jones in CoronadoRanch area. 89139. Yeah, this place is supposed to be really great too.

Brendan King (29:12): I know we'll have thefull list in the link with all the different ice cream spots. Maybe you couldfind one near your house, I'm sure. Or hop in the car and take a road trip overto... I don't think that's considered a road trip.

Jack Palermo(29:25): Well, sometimes.

Brendan King (29:25): A little ride-

Jack Palermo(29:26): Little ride.

Brendan King (29:26): ... over to find one ofyour favorites. Three Newish, I love this. Three Newish Downtown Las Vegas barsdeserve your attention. I love that. The look there.

Jack Palermo(29:35): This one looks cool.It's the horse trailer hideout, which is kind of neat. So, it appears to be atiny country chic space with few banquets and a bar functioning and a realconverted horse trailer.

Speaker 2 (29:47): Yeah.

Jack Palermo(29:47): That's neat.

Brendan King (29:48): Yeah, it looks cool.Like a desert oasis filled with colorful DIY charm.

Jack Palermo(29:53): Hmm. I like that.

Brendan King (29:54): Yeah. Specialtycocktails like What Happens in Vegas and Ambros Banana Whiskey, coconut rum,pineapple and five spice syrup. Jesus.

Jack Palermo(30:03): Wow.

Brendan King (30:04): Is there any alcohol orjust lots of... Oh, banana whiskey. There we go.

Jack Palermo(30:07): They have high pubtables and conversation nooks.

Brendan King (30:09): Yeah. Lucky Day hasevolved into more of a party spot for Latin dance music fans with DJs andcovers most nights. Pretty cool.

Jack Palermo(30:16): That looks really coolinside.

Brendan King (30:17): Yeah. What's the nextone?

Jack Palermo(30:20): F the Bar. That was not rude. I promise. F theBar, it's in the restored Fergusons motel space. Feels like back to full power,now that F the Bar is open, serving natural wines on tap, local beers from AbleBaker and Tenaya Creek. Mocktails and more.

Brendan King (30:38): Yeah, and if you'venever been to Fergusons, Fergusons is great. It's for like Mothership Coffeeand... What was the old Japanese place? I don't think it's there anymore, butgreat, great spot. There's a lot of little shops in there, boutique shops,great restaurants, definitely worth a look. But, while you're there, F the Bar.

Jack Palermo(30:55): F the Bar.

Brendan King (30:57): So, in the news, let's getto the news. North Las Vegas announces a new walkable commercial districtcoming to the Downtown area. I didn't even know there was a Downtown area.

Jack Palermo(31:08): I didn't either, until Isaw this on the news.

Brendan King (31:12): They should update theirwebsite as well with a press picture. But, North, yeah, North Las Vegas isgoing to have a development of a Downtown for $150 million.

Jack Palermo(31:23): Twice as businesses. Alots of [inaudible 00:31:26].

Brendan King (31:25): So, a whole bunch ofretail and entrepreneurs, medical groups. So, a little mix of everything. Lookat this map. It's a huge area. So, there's going to be a lot going on there.Oh, there it is, historic area. Didn't know this. So, you know what? We'relearning something new here on the fly.

Jack Palermo(31:44):

Just like you, we're learning as well.

Brendan King (31:45): Yeah. So, East LakeMedia in Las Vegas Boulevard, that's going to be great for North Las Vegas,honestly. But, speaking of renovations-

Jack Palermo(31:52): Tell us about therenovations at Circus Circus, Brendan.

Brendan King (31:55): So, Circus Circus isgetting renovations under Phil Ruffin, and they're spending $30 million.

Jack Palermo(32:06): Okay.

Brendan King (32:06): We'll be interested tosee what this does. It is a classic, Circus Circus has been around since 1968,the renovation's designed to help bring it back to its heyday.

Jack Palermo(32:17): They fixed the pool.They renovated the pool.

Brendan King (32:20): So far, they've mademinor updates, including new air conditioning and $10.8 million in elevators.So, what they have left over, I guess, is $20 million

Jack Palermo(32:34): To do?

Brendan King (32:34): To do this.

Jack Palermo(32:37): Yeah.

Brendan King (32:37): And this.

Jack Palermo(32:38): And? Twisting teacups.

Brendan King (32:38): And this.

Jack Palermo(32:42): And the hot dogs, pizza,and ice cold drinks.

Brendan King (32:44): Look at that. Hot dogs,pizza and ice cold drinks. So, I don't know. We're positive people. We loveeverything Vegas. I don't know that 30... Palm's renovation.

Jack Palermo(32:52): Palm's renovation.

Brendan King (32:53): It was like a hundred-

Jack Palermo(32:53): $150 million.

Brendan King (32:55): I think it was.

Jack Palermo(32:55): And it didn't, I mean...

Brendan King (32:58): It just scratched thesurface.

Jack Palermo(32:59): Right. It didn't lookall that different.

Brendan King (33:00): So, let's see. I love togive the benefit of the doubt.

Jack Palermo(33:05): Come on, Phil.

Brendan King (33:06): So, Phil Ruffin's goingto kill it with his $30 million budget, with 10 of it already gone to the elevator.We'll see what happens.

Jack Palermo(33:14): Let's see what happens.

Brendan King (33:15): But, stay tuned, we'lllet you know how this renovation goes. This one.

Jack Palermo(33:19): This one's cool.

Brendan King (33:20): This one-

Jack Palermo(33:21): This one is super.

Brendan King (33:22): I don't know why Ipushed you, but this one I'm excited about.

Jack Palermo(33:24): I know. Because it'ssuper cool. The closed Ice Nightclub, demolished to make way for F1. This isawesome. So, F1 bought for $240 million, this huge lap back where the old IceNightclub was, which is off of... What is that exact streets? They're off of-

Brendan King (33:44): Koval and Harmon.

Jack Palermo(33:45): Koval and Harmon.

Brendan King (33:45): Yes.

Jack Palermo(33:46): So, you've seen it. Imean, everybody who drives around Vegas has seen-

Brendan King (33:49): It's right across fromgolf.

Jack Palermo(33:51): [inaudible 00:33:51].Topgolf

Brendan King (33:52): Topgolf. Yeah.

Jack Palermo(33:54): Yeah. So, Formula One. Idon't know, Formula One's amazing.

Brendan King (33:57): If you're not watching.

Jack Palermo(33:59): Drive to Survive onNetflix. It's so cool. We were just talking about it.

Brendan King (34:03): Every time I do myworkout, I turn that on so I can be like...

Jack Palermo(34:08): I just watch it on thecouch, but anyway. It's awesome. I mean, just having Formula One here comingnext November is going to be crazy at night with everything lights up-

Brendan King (34:21): Box.

Jack Palermo(34:22): And box.

Brendan King (34:23): Box.

Jack Palermo(34:23): Yeah. So, this-

Brendan King (34:24): If you watch the show,you know what we're talking about.

Jack Palermo(34:26): Box.

Brendan King (34:26): Box. So, this is wherethey're going to have the... Oh, God, what was it called? I'm trying toremember. Ah, the paddocks. Yeah.

Jack Palermo(34:35): Yes. The Paddocks. Yes.

Brendan King (34:36): Yes.

Jack Palermo(34:37): So, that's going to bekind of where, because the track's going to run all the way around there. So,this is going to be the paddocks where everybody goes in box.

Brendan King (34:44): Box. Yeah, and this isgoing to be the pits. So, the pits and the paddocks, and if you watch theseries, it's where they pull in, rip the tires off, throw them on, and theytake off right at the start of the race. So, this is exactly where the magichappens.

Jack Palermo(35:02): This is going to beawesome.

Brendan King (35:03): It's going to happenright there on Harmon and Koval. This is crazy.

Jack Palermo(35:03): It's crazy.

Brendan King (35:08): It's pretty exciting.

Jack Palermo(35:10): I can't wait. I mean, Ican't wait.

Brendan King (35:15): So, box.

Jack Palermo(35:16): Box. Box.

Brendan King (35:17): Of course, I got... Oh,my God, how much information do we have about this? So, this is the thing that wewere talking about earlier regarding basketball.

Jack Palermo(35:25): And LeBron James.

Brendan King (35:26): And LeBron James.

Jack Palermo(35:27): [inaudible 00:35:27]team.

Brendan King (35:27): Michael Jordan... LeBronJames.

Jack Palermo(35:28): LeBron James.

Brendan King (35:31): Big, huge names arejoining this hotel arena plan for the South Strip, and this is starting to cometogether.

Jack Palermo(35:37): Yeah.

Brendan King (35:38): With some legit names.Some of them being the original co-CEO, owner, William... Wait.

Jack Palermo(35:46): Owner. No, Randy Morton.

Brendan King (35:46): Yeah.

Jack Palermo(35:48): Yeah. So, he joinedFoley nearly a year ago and previously spent 20 years with the as the Bellagioexecutive, and now he's the president of OVG Las Vegas Hotel and Casino, OakView Group, which planned to build a $3 billion entertainment complex around abillion dollar, 20,000 seat arena at Las Vegas Boulevard and Blue Diamond Road.

Brendan King (36:08): So, build a $3 billionentertainment complex, around a...

Jack Palermo(36:13): Billion dollar, 20,000seat.

Brendan King (36:14): One billion dollar,20,000 seat.

Jack Palermo(36:15): 20,000 seats.

Brendan King (36:17): Arena.

Jack Palermo(36:18): Arena.

Brendan King (36:19): What did-

Jack Palermo(36:20): For the Las Vegasrattlesnakes.

Brendan King (36:23): Yeah.

Jack Palermo(36:23): For the Las Vegasentertainers.

Brendan King (36:24): What did-

Jack Palermo(36:25): Or Neon.

Brendan King (36:26): ... Allegiant Stadiumcost again?

Jack Palermo(36:28): 2 billion.

Brendan King (36:30): So, 3 billions around a1 billion, and this is like a fraction of the size of, of course, Legion.

Jack Palermo(36:35): Right.

Brendan King (36:36): So, this is going to bea legit space.

Jack Palermo(36:37): Oh, for sure.

Brendan King (36:38): Not only will it be justthe arena, it'll have entertainment complex built in around that. Back in theday, the win... No, Bellagio was the first billion dollar resort. Of course,back in the day. Old day dollars, we're talking new day dollars. But, 4 billionis a legitimate amount for a great project.

Jack Palermo(36:57): Yeah, for sure. MarcBadain is also he's on, on board. He was the former president of the Las VegasRaiders.

Brendan King (37:03): So, these are guys whoknow how to get things done. That's the big thing is a lot of times we hearthese projects with celebrity names thrown out there and they don't happen.These are legit guys who know how to get things done. That will get it done, Ihope. But, I'm sure it's going to happen. It's all privately funded.

Jack Palermo(37:21): Yeah. The Wynn Macausenior vice president of finance, Patrick Crockett is also on board.

Brendan King (37:26): Yeah, these guys knowhow to get things done.

Jack Palermo(37:28): They know how to getthings done.

Brendan King (37:28): So, stay tuned. I don'tknow that we know the name just yet. We don't, but Oak View Group is doing somebig things down on the South Strip. This is going to be cool.

Jack Palermo(37:37): The Las Vegas Neonbasketball team. I'm just throwing out names right now. Rattlesnakes.

Brendan King (37:42): Rattlesnakes.

Speaker 2 (37:43): I actually like theNeon.

Jack Palermo(37:44): The Neon? Las VegasNeon.

Speaker 2 (37:44): That is good.

Brendan King (37:45): What are those little,the animal from the Knights?

Jack Palermo(37:52): The Gila monsters.

Brendan King (37:54): Yeah.

Jack Palermo(37:55): The Las Vegas Gilamonsters.

Brendan King (37:56): That's horrible.

Jack Palermo(37:57): That's horrible. Juststop.

Brendan King (38:00): It's unnamed.

Jack Palermo(38:01): Yeah. That's theunnamed. Las Vegas unnamed people.

Brendan King (38:02): Las Vegas unnamedbasketball players.

Jack Palermo(38:06): Yes.

Brendan King (38:06): So, beyond sports andentertainment, how to create more shade in your backyard. We have a great linkto different ways you can create shade in your backyard, starting withPergolas, Trellis, or Gazebos. Excuse me.

Jack Palermo(38:22): Definitely.

Brendan King (38:23): Awning-

Jack Palermo(38:23): Awning or a roof.

Brendan King (38:25): Well...

Jack Palermo(38:25): [inaudible 00:38:25],you definitely need a roof.

Brendan King (38:27): Shade sails. You knowwhat? That is an easy way just to slap something out there. The nice thingabout trellises and gazebos though, is some of them have the rotating thingwhere you can switch it up a little, get a little sun when you need it. Theseare all great options. Honestly, check out the article. Of course, there's thepatio umbrella. You can get some massive movable-

Jack Palermo(38:47): Huge.

Brendan King (38:47): ... umbrellas now.

Jack Palermo(38:48): They're huge.

Brendan King (38:49): I like that style whereyou need it, you can have it, but when you want sunlight, you just roll itaway-

Jack Palermo(38:49): Pop it down.

Brendan King (38:55): ... and move it out theway. Then of course-

Jack Palermo(38:57): Outdoor curtains.

Brendan King (38:58): Which is so day bed.

Jack Palermo(39:00): Yeah. It's like goingback to Stadium Swim.

Brendan King (39:02): Yeah. I actually-

Jack Palermo(39:03): Day beds.

Brendan King (39:04): I was cleaning out mygarage and we have outdoor curtains for our patio and we've never put them in.

Jack Palermo(39:09): Hey, time to do that.

Brendan King (39:11): You may have to comeover and enjoy the outdoor curtains.

Jack Palermo(39:14): I can help servingbeers. I'm there.

Brendan King (39:15): Yeah. So, great ways toadd shade, and when it's 110 in Vegas, you need the shade. It definitely makesyour life a lot more enjoyable. Of course, real estate, hey, we just sold for arecord price.

Jack Palermo(39:15): Record price.

Brendan King (39:30): 5489 Alden Bend Drive$915,000. Great, great, great house. A hundred thousand over the last highestsale in the neighborhood, and then one listed higher, but they listed higher.

Jack Palermo(39:44): Listed higher.

Brendan King (39:45): What did we do?

Jack Palermo(39:46): Sold higher.

Brendan King (39:47): There you go.

Jack Palermo(39:47): That's the difference.

Brendan King (39:48): That's the difference.So, we did sell at a record price, 915,000. Awesome, awesome sellers that movedto LA, which is unusual. Usually people move-

Jack Palermo(39:58): Usually it's theopposite.

Brendan King (39:59): ... from LA to Vegas,but they're trying to find a home there. There's still like 30, 40 offers inLA-

Jack Palermo(40:06): That's great.

Brendan King (40:06): ... on homes. That's whypeople should move here where now we're getting one to three.

Jack Palermo(40:10): Yeah. You can get-

Brendan King (40:11): Easy peasy.

Jack Palermo(40:11): ... more for your money.

Brendan King (40:12): Get yourself in a house,you're good. Of course, that is there. So, you can definitely click on thislink that we have included, and this will get you any homes that have pools in89135. So, if you are looking for homes in a similar area to Alden Bend, we'lldefinitely include a link to any pool home in... There you go. 6.3 million.

Jack Palermo(40:40): Money.

Brendan King (40:41): Yeah. So, that link willinclude homes with pools in the 89135 area. So, if people are looking for thisinformation, what's another good way to get it?

Jack Palermo(40:52): You can get it from thenewsletter, right? We have a newsletter that we put out every week.

Brendan King (40:55): Yeah. So, every week,usually between Wednesday and Friday, we'll get out a newsletter with all sortsof great information, all the stuff we're talking about now, and then some. So,definitely if you're not on the list, scroll down to the bottom of our website,kingvegashomes.com and sign up. We'll get you on there, and get it to you everysingle week. Of course, check out, jointhebkg.com. If you're looking to join ateam or to get involved in real estate in any way,

Jack Palermo(41:26): Don't forget. Text VIPto 702-553-1955 to get on our VIP list.

Brendan King (41:32): Yeah, definitely textVIP to 702-553-1955. Get on the list. Episode number one of Real Vegas, a tonof ton, ton, ton, ton, ton, ton of information.

Jack Palermo(41:44): Anything, everything.

Brendan King (41:45): Anything, everythingVegas. We appreciate you guys. Any feedback, anything you want to see on theshow every single week, let us know. But, episode number one.

Jack Palermo(41:56): In the books.

Brendan King (41:57): In the books. Thank you,Mr. Jack.

Jack Palermo(41:58): No more unnamed. We'renamed now.

Brendan King (42:00): Yeah, we're named.

Jack Palermo(42:01): We're named.

Brendan King (42:01): Real Vegas. Have a good one. See you guys nextweek.