July 1, 2022

July 14, 2022

Episode #2 of Real Vegas

Episode #2 of “Real Vegas” | In this episode Brendan and Jack share with you everything you need to know about the 4th of July Weekend in Las Vegas, and Hearthstone Kitchen & Cellar, Red Dwarf Detroit-style pizza, Mount Charleston Lodge dining series Pine Dining, Garth Brooks at Allegiant Stadium, Particle Ink’s show Speed of Dark, Nitro Circus Live, WSOP 2022, mansion sells for $19M, and Clark County property taxes ‘misinformation’ gets addressed.

Episode #2 of “Real Vegas” | In this episode Brendan and Jack share with you everything you need to know about the 4th of July Weekend in Las Vegas, and Hearthstone Kitchen & Cellar, Red Dwarf Detroit-style pizza, Mount Charleston Lodge dining series Pine Dining, Garth Brooks at Allegiant Stadium, Particle Ink’s show Speed of Dark, Fight Week continues with UFC 276, Lionel Richie returns to the Encore Theater, New Las Vegas hotel-casino Dream, Nevada marijuana lounges, workers to see minimum wage go up, Nitro Circus Live at the Las Vegas Ballpark, WSOP 2022, mansion sells for $19M, and Clark County property taxes ‘misinformation’ gets addressed.

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This is transcribed (accuracy not guaranteed)

Brendan King (00: 36): Brendan King from The Brendan King Group atreal.

Jack Palermo (00: 38): Jack Palermo from The BrendanKing Group at real.

Brendan King (00: 40): And this is episodenumber two of Real Vegas.

Jack Palermo (00: 44): Yes.

Brendan King (00: 45): We are back. And it is4th of July weekend.

Jack Palermo (00: 48): Happy 4th of July,everybody.

Brendan King (00: 50): It's officially a true4th of July with fireworks fully back...

Jack Palermo (00: 56): Oh fireworks.

Brendan King (00: 57): All the fireworks.

Jack Palermo (00: 58): Yes.

Brendan King (00: 58): Not just fireworks. Allthe fireworks. Whether it's Red Rock, wherever we'll get to that. We have awhole list of things to do this weekend. Or I should say after the weekend,cause 4th of July is after the weekend.

Jack Palermo (01: 11): Correct.

Brendan King (01: 12): But it's kind of nice.It lands on a Monday.

Jack Palermo (01: 15): Yeah.

Brendan King (01: 15): So people can takeFriday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday.

Jack Palermo (01: 18): Yeah. It'd be awesome.

Brendan King (01: 19): Just making plans foreverybody.

Jack Palermo (01: 21): Make plans foreverybody.

Brendan King (01: 22): But of course, don'tforget that we have a new podcast. I know I announced it quickly at thebeginning there, but it's pretty much this show.

Jack Palermo (01: 33): Yep.

Brendan King (01: 33): In the podcast format,we had a couple of people that were like, "Hey, we'd love to listen in thecar or on a walk or riding their bike". So now we do have a bunch ofpodcasts that we've already posted.

Jack Palermo (01: 47): Yeah.

Brendan King (01: 47): And it'll be a blend ofmarket updates, real Vegas. And we'll do a lot of different individualopportunities in interviewing other people in town that have businesses. Andthat are, I guess, people that have done great things in Vegas.

Jack Palermo (02: 03): Done great things inVegas. Absolutely.

Brendan King (02: 05): So, and then where doyou find that it'll be on everything, Apple iTunes, right now it's just onPodbean, but we will be posting it on all places that you find any majorpodcasts. So look for that for sure.

Jack Palermo (02: 20): Coming very soon.

Brendan King (02: 21): Yes, absolutely. Andagain, we'll have the market round table and things like that. So don't forgettext VIP the 702-553-1955 to get on our VIP list.

Jack Palermo (02: 32): And don't you alsoforget to follow us on Instagram at Brendan King Group.

Brendan King (02: 37): Yeah, absolutely followus. And then of course, if you're looking to join a team or looking to get intoreal estate, go to www.jointhebkg.com, www.jointhebkg.com.

Jack Palermo (02: 50): Let's talk about the 4thof July.

Brendan King (02: 51): Yeah, absolutely.There's so much going on. It's so nice to see all the fireworks back July 4thweekend shaping up to be one of Las Vegas's biggest ever.

Jack Palermo (03: 02): Eight strip hotelcasinos will launch fireworks from the rooftops on independence day, The STRAT,Aria, Caesars, Planet Hollywood, Treasure Island, The Venetian and ResortsWorld.

Brendan King (03: 12): Yeah. That's a lot offireworks. So they are expecting 4th of July to draw about 300,000 people. Sodefinitely get there early or come, I would say, come early, park your car andjust assume you're not going to see it till later on.

Jack Palermo (03: 27): Right. So, that'sprobably a good point.

Brendan King (03: 29): You don't want to bewandering around once they start shutting roads down. Because if you, if youhave a certain spot you want to get to, you're going to get trapped. Sodefinitely just come early, enjoy the strip for the day and find your spotlater. There's plenty of room. Once they open up the streets and closeeverything down. It's nice.

Jack Palermo (03: 46): If you don't want to goto the strip, there're fireworks also everywhere. Boulder City, Cashman Field,Cowabunga Bay, Floyd Lamb Park, Henderson, Las Vegas Ballpark, Las Vegas MotorSpeedway, Laughland, Mesquite, Poromp and Downtown Summerlin.

Brendan King (04: 03): And of course, Wet andWild as well is also doing fireworks. So if you really want to see the Porompfireworks show get in the car.

Jack Palermo (04: 13): Get driving.

Brendan King (04: 14): Drive for 30, 40minutes. But if not, there's plenty of places in the city to see it. Yeah. Youknow what? We always used to do the Red Rock Casino fireworks.

Jack Palermo (04: 22): Yeah.

Brendan King (04: 23): We'd pull across inthat. We had like a spot. We always went to same spot pop the back of the car.When the kids were little, we used to go all the time. But then like the pastcouple years it was like on, not on.

Jack Palermo (04: 37): On, off, on off.

Brendan King (04: 40): It happened and itdidn't happen. So it's nice to see that, pretty much, if you look into the skyon 4th of July.

Jack Palermo (04: 44): You'll see somefireworks.

Brendan King (04: 45): You're going to see somefireworks for sure. So another thing that's back is the Summerlind 4th of Julyparade. If you haven't gone, it's pretty impress.

Jack Palermo (04: 53): It's pretty cool. It'spretty cool. For sure.

Brendan King (04: 54): Especially for littleones, they have like all the most popular current Disney like princesses andthings like that. They have of course, all sorts of salutes to the militaryheroes, 35,000 attendees, 70 parade entries, 2,500 participants and more than500 volunteers. The balloons like...

Jack Palermo (05: 20): Are insane.

Brendan King (05: 21): When we moved here over10 years ago, we did not expect to have like full size...

Jack Palermo (05: 27): Yeah. It's almost likethe Macy's day parade.

Brendan King (05: 30): It really is.

Jack Palermo (05: 31): They're huge.

Brendan King (05: 32): I used to go see theMacy's day parade all the time because my wife and my sister were in it andthose are gigantic. But the ones at Summerlin, they're actually pretty big.

Jack Palermo (05: 41): Yeah.

Brendan King (05: 42): They do a really, reallygreat job. So if you haven't seen it yet, now's your chance. Especially if youhave little ones again, get there early, otherwise you're going to be standing.So bring your chairs, grab a patch of grass on the side of the road. Anddefinitely it's over by Einstein Bagels, Starbucks.

Jack Palermo (06: 02): Like the trails areaover there.

Brendan King (06: 03): Yeah. Over in the trail.So, if you want to check it out and you haven't seen it's a must see for sure.Another thing.

Jack Palermo (06: 10): Lee Canyon's open onJuly 4th.

Brendan King (06: 13): So Lee canyon opened for4th of July, with the new owners that they had a couple years ago. They've donea lot of great additions to the summers because they used to just shut down inthe summer.

Jack Palermo (06: 24): Yeah.

Brendan King (06: 24): And do nothing. Sothere's an option to get outdoors when it's 105 or 110 degrees.

Jack Palermo (06: 30): Right. Cool off, upthere.

Brendan King (06: 32): So including Mondaythey'll have like scenic chairlifts they'll... which is up to 9,310 foot. Hellof fishy.

Jack Palermo (06: 40): We've done it. It'sactually pretty cool.

Brendan King (06: 42): Yeah. Yeah. I lovechair... Like we'll do it in Brian Head a lot of times too where it's nice.It's beautiful. Actually. It's surprising. You're on the edge of the desert andthen suddenly you're in the middle of the pine trees.

Jack Palermo (06: 53): Right. Seems like you'rein the Pacific Northwest for a minute.

Brendan King (06: 54): Yeah, it does. Othersummer activities include ax tossing, disc golf, hiking on the Bristol conetrail. And then of course they've got a great menu up there and the new places,the new food.

Jack Palermo (07: 10): The food place is great.Yeah.

Brendan King (07: 11): The new lodge it's beenaround for about two years now, three years, I say new because if, if youhaven't been up there, you'd be surprised, by the difference.

Jack Palermo (07: 19): Very surprised.

Brendan King (07: 20): Goes from like thislittle old cabin to now this cool contemporary all glass.

Jack Palermo (07: 25): That's neat.

Brendan King (07: 25): Big patio. Really,really, really great. Check it out for sure. So 4th of July food and drinksspecials. What's going on here?

Jack Palermo (07: 35): Well in the Red RockResort, Hearthstone Kitchen and Cellar is presenting Patriot burger layering,American wagyu beef, barbecue pork belly, and smoke cheddar. Served steak friesfor 25 bucks from four to 10. From Friday through Monday, a red, white and bluepizza at Side Piece Pizza also in the Red Rock features, pepperoni and bluecheese on a New York style crust.

Brendan King (07: 57): Side Piece it's the onethat's in the food court now?

Jack Palermo (07: 59): Yes.

Brendan King (08: 00): I heard it's goodactually.

Jack Palermo (08: 00): Yeah, it is good.

Brendan King (08: 01): Yeah. So we actuallywent, we were at Hearthstone. We used to go for happy hour all the time. As ateam, Carly had a very difficult deal that she figured out.

Jack Palermo (08: 14): And got it done.

Brendan King (08: 15): And got it done.

Jack Palermo (08: 16): Kudos to Carly.

Brendan King (08: 17): So we went andcelebrated once it closed, we heard it was released to record and we were like,you're going to happy hour to celebrate. So congrats to Carly on a greatclosing. Honestly, if it wasn't our team, this deal probably would've fellapart three times and she kept it together and she really kept it moving andgot it done right on time. Double close, Washington close, moved the money overand close in Vegas.

Jack Palermo (08: 44): It's awesome.

Brendan King (08: 45): Yeah. She did a greatjob. Red Dwarf Pizza. It specializes in Detroit style pizza and Tiki inspiredcocktails.

Jack Palermo (08: 56): Looks amazing. I meanI'm from Chicago, but I am a Detroit pizza fan.

Brendan King (09: 01): I never was, untilIzzy's Pizza Bus.

Jack Palermo (09: 03): It's so good.

Brendan King (09: 03): I didn't know what aDetroit style pizza was until Izzy's Pizza Bus.

Jack Palermo (09: 07): It's a little bit morethicker bread.

Brendan King (09: 08): So now that Izzy's PizzaBus just got up and moved to Nebraska.

Jack Palermo (09: 13): Now we're going to gohere.

Brendan King (09: 14): We got to go to...

Jack Palermo (09: 15): Got to go to Red Dwraf.

Brendan King (09: 16): To Red Dwarf and itlooks like he's got Tavern style pizza as well. Cause that's not Detroit style,but so really, really great looking pizza.

Jack Palermo (09: 24): Yeah, sure is.

Brendan King (09: 25): It's over on VegasValley drive. Where's that?

Jack Palermo (09: 29): Vegas Valley drive.

Brendan King (09: 30): I don't know where thatis. Well, it's on Vegas Valley drive. Obviously check out the link.Reddwarflv.com, 11: 00 AM to 1: 00 AM.

Jack Palermo (09: 40): Google Map it. And onyour way.

Brendan King (09: 42): Modern times, I don'tknow why I'm asking. I could always just Google Map it, but Red Dwarf pizza.Definitely. If you like Detroit style pizza, check it out.

Jack Palermo (09: 52): I have to talk aboutthis though. The house lagger astronomy ale works super drinkable andunfortunately named dwarf piss is only $4 at this place, which is insane. Ijust like I had to bring that up, because that was just the most insane name.

Brendan King (10: 09): Have you tried dwarfpiss?

Jack Palermo (10: 10): I have not, but.

Brendan King (10: 12): So...

Jack Palermo (10: 12): I'm going to let you tryit first.

Brendan King (10: 13): ... if you like Detroitstyle pizza and dwarf piss.

Jack Palermo (10: 17): This is the place to be.

Brendan King (10: 19): This is the place, butthe pizza looks in incredible. And I'm not going to mention the beer nameagain.

Jack Palermo (10: 25): You can [inaudible 00:10: 26] a little bit of that.

Brendan King (10: 26): Yes. That stuff. SoMount Charleston Lodge, which unfortunately burned down a little over a yearago. I believe. I think it's already been over a year, is going to do a diningseries that draws some of the top chefs in Las Vegas. And they're going to callit Pine Dining.

Jack Palermo (10: 46): Pine Dining.

Brendan King (10: 46): So a play on the word.Fine dining called pine dining.

Jack Palermo (10: 51): I like it.

Brendan King (10: 52): So they have a temporarystructure that they've set up, up at the mountain and they're going to havethese like, kind of guest chefs.

Jack Palermo (11: 03): Yeah.

Brendan King (11: 03): And I think if you dothe Saturday family style meal, it's $75 a person. If you do the Sunday threeto four course meal, it's $175 a person. But these are like top chefs from thestrip coming up to the mountain.

Jack Palermo (11: 19): Yes.

Brendan King (11: 19): And doing a special menufor the day.

Jack Palermo (11: 22): James Trees. He's thefirst shot he does Esther's kitchen, Al Solito Posto and Ada's Wine Bar.

Brendan King (11: 28): All awesome places.

Jack Palermo (11: 29): All amazing places.Yeah. I mean the food's dynamite.

Brendan King (11: 32): And then you have JustinKingsley from Main Street Provisions. I haven't been there yet, but I heardit's really, really good. So Justin Kingsley and the last one.

Jack Palermo (11: 43): Nicole Brison fromBrezza and Bar ZaZu and Amari. August 13th and 14th.

Brendan King (11: 49): And those are just threeof the current chefs they've got, I looked at the website, they've got a fewspots. They haven't even filled yet with different additional chefs, butthey're going to have a shuttle that picks you up in the valley. You don'tdrive up there. They'll take you up there to dinner and take you back down tothe valley and sounds like a really great day.

Jack Palermo (12: 09): That sounds awesome.

Brendan King (12: 10): All of the proceeds goto whichever charity each chef chooses.

Jack Palermo (12: 15): That's neat. Yeah.That's really cool.

David (12: 17): Can you stay there too?

Brendan King (12: 19): Yeah. You can stay atthe Mount Charleston cabins as well. I don't know if it is related. So if yougo to mountcharlestonlodge.com/pinedining, you can kind of make a whole weekendmountain experience out of it. Probably not a bad idea if you're, I guess ifyou're... You have a drink or some food. Yeah. But definitely worth checkingout. The Saturday cookout style will be like food stations and samplings andthen the Sunday style will be a table dinner. So it'll be like a proper three,four course meal.

Jack Palermo (12: 52): That's cool.

Brendan King (12: 54): So Saturday's the goodkid day, to bring the kids.

Jack Palermo (12: 59): Don't forget to checkout the link in our website.

Brendan King (13: 01): Yeah, definitely checkout the link for sure. Mr. Brooks is back.

Jack Palermo (13: 06): Yes. Cowboy Garth Brooksbumps his Allegiant Stadium date up to July 10th now. So you know, 65,000tickets sold in an hour and 15 minutes.

Brendan King (13: 16): Jesus. This guy.

Jack Palermo (13: 17): It moves again, July10th.

Brendan King (13: 18): This guy always sellsout, always throws a good party. Like his concerts are amazing I heard.

Jack Palermo (13: 25): Yeah. I've seen himonce. I really enjoyed it and I'm not the hugest country fan, but he's great.He puts on a great show.

Brendan King (13: 30): He had an amazing showat the win for a bit where it was just him, a guitar and a literally a bench.

Jack Palermo (13: 36): Oh yeah. And he justlike told stories and stuff, right?

Brendan King (13: 38): Yeah. Yeah.

Jack Palermo (13: 38): That sounds cool.

Brendan King (13: 38): Yeah. He flew in, didhis concert and flew home. That was like the best contract ever.

Jack Palermo (13: 46): That's pretty awesome.

Brendan King (13: 46): But it was him a stooland a guitar. And David, you had seen it, right?

David (13: 51): Yeah, yeah.

Brendan King (13: 51): Yeah. David and Noah haddefinitely seen it and was really, really great. So yeah. 65,000 tickets, GarthBrook sold in an hour and 15 minutes at Allegiant Stadium. That is going to bereally, really good.

Jack Palermo (14: 06): Yes.

Brendan King (14: 07): So another show isParticle Ink. There's a show called Speed of Dark, making its world premier atthe lighthouse in the arts district in downtown. It's actually a friend of minethat created this Joel Sebastian on social, what his name's Joel Howard and[Akena Claudine 00: 14: 27] is actually in it as well. Awesomeshow, all hand drawn with a lot of interactive features. They have NFTs, theyhave photos that you put iPad over it or a mirror and it comes to life. All thephotos on the wall and Akena does this end scene. That's incredible where he'slike flying through the air and all these things and interacting with theprojections. Really, really great job.

Jack Palermo (14: 54): That's cool.

Brendan King (14: 54): So I went with thefamily. So there we are at the speed of dark. That image actually is likemoving in the background. So we had a live photo and it's like doing breakdancing on the bottom right there, but really cool. Just different. It's a goodnight out. It's across the street from The English.

Jack Palermo (15: 14): Oh yeah. That's the newhotel.

Brendan King (15: 16): Yeah. So you can go overthere, get a drink, get something to eat and walk right across the street tothe show.

Jack Palermo (15: 20): Nice.

Brendan King (15: 21): Ended up being a greatnight and just unique, really, really unique show. There's rumors that they'retalking to some people over at Area 15.

Jack Palermo (15: 32): Nice.

Brendan King (15: 33): So hopefully they getpicked up and something over there as well. I don't know. I probably shouldn'tbe talking about that.

Jack Palermo (15: 38): Hey, who knows?

Brendan King (15: 39): But really, really greatjob. Good job, Akena. Good job Joel. Always nice to see talented artisticfriends doing great things.

Jack Palermo (15: 49): Yeah. That's neat.

Brendan King (15: 50): So top 10 things to doin Las Vegas this week, starting with.

Jack Palermo (15: 57): The Rocky Horror pictureshow, prepare for audience participation, a dance party, a costume contest andprizes starting at 10: 00 PM. Saturday at Tropicana cinemas.

Brendan King (16: 07): And they're making ajump to the left and then a step to the right.

Jack Palermo (16: 12): Ah, that nice. I likethat. So yeah. That's one of the things... Then don't forget. Kevin Hart. KevinHart is playing at the Cosmo. Kicks off his reality check comedy tour. I'veheard he was amazing live.

Brendan King (16: 27): Oh yeah. I'm sure. He'shilarious. And then of course UFC 10th annual international fight weekcontinues with UFC 276 on Saturday at T-Mobile Arena. So another...

Jack Palermo (16: 38): Yeah.

Brendan King (16: 38): ... What are we going todo when they hit like 1004?

Jack Palermo (16: 43): UFC 1485.

Brendan King (16: 43): Right. And then ofcourse there's the come on and sing along all night long.

Jack Palermo (16: 48): The man, the myth andthe legend Lionel Richie.

Brendan King (16: 51): Rock and roll hall offamer.

Jack Palermo (16: 52): He returns to the Encoretheater at the Wynn this weekend.

Brendan King (16: 55): Yeah. Come on, sing me asong.

Jack Palermo (16: 58): Hello.

Brendan King (16: 59): There you go.

Jack Palermo (16: 59): Is it me going lookingfor. Okay I'm done all right. Whatever I tried.

Brendan King (17: 04): So Lionel Richie returnsto the Encore theater. And then now this is the oddest story. I don't know thatwe understand it.

Jack Palermo (17: 13): I don't even know what'sgoing on.

Brendan King (17: 14): I-11 preferred Las Vegasroute is chosen and they're going to just pretty much add the name 11 to the215.

Jack Palermo (17: 24): That's basically whatthey're doing.

Brendan King (17: 26): That's pretty much thegist of what we got from this article. We may be reading it incorrectly, but Iswear to you, I read it twice.

Jack Palermo (17: 33):

So they're just going to be putting up new signs on the215, saying 11 as well.

Brendan King (17: 37): I guess cause the 11 isan interstate highway.

Jack Palermo (17: 41): Right.

Brendan King (17: 41): And the 215 is a countyhighway.

Jack Palermo (17: 45): Correct.

Brendan King (17: 46): It'll be the 11-215because the 11 will pass through the 215.

Jack Palermo (17: 52): So it won't be the215-11. It'll be the 11-215.

Brendan King (17: 55): That's a very goodquestion, Jack. But I think, cause it's an interstate highway. They've got toroute it through somehow and they're not going to just build a brand new roadfor no reason. That's the gist I got from this, but check out the article. Ifyou're confused, when suddenly there's a sign up that says the 11 and it's the215...

Jack Palermo (18: 16): Don't don't get crazyand pull over.

Brendan King (18: 17): Don't worry. It's it isthe 11.

Jack Palermo (18: 18): It's the 11 and the 215.

Brendan King (18: 20): Oh yeah. And the 215. Socheck out the link we evaluated, the traffic impacts. It looks like the volumewe're going to add is not going to make a serious impact. So we're not going todo any widening. We're not going to do any construction.

Jack Palermo (18: 33): We're just going to putup a sign. Right.

Brendan King (18: 37): So the I-11 will be...

Jack Palermo (18: 41): The 215.

Brendan King (18: 43): The 215. So definitelyif we're reading this wrong, please let us know. Cause that would beembarrassing.

Jack Palermo (18: 48): Anybody who works withthe highway, please call us.

Brendan King (18: 50): But I know there's agentleman by the name of, where is he David Bowers, NDOT project manager, ifyou want to reach out and describe this to us a little better. I'd appreciateit.

Jack Palermo (19: 02): Thank you.

Brendan King (19: 03): So south Strip resortplans additional details are starting to emerge now for this NBA ready arenaslash resort area.

Jack Palermo (19: 14): Right.

Brendan King (19: 15): Down in the Southernpart of the Strip. What's going on with this thing?

Jack Palermo (19: 20): So yeah, they're indevelopment to do a 2000 room OVG Las Vegas hotel and casino. And it's going tobe adjacent to the 20,000 seat NBA ready arena, which is crazy. It's just, it'sgoing to be awesome. We're going to get an NBA team, hopefully.

Brendan King (19: 36): Yeah.

Jack Palermo (19: 37): It's probably going tobe an expansion team, which is great. We've talked about, I mean, I think inthe last episode we talked about LeBron wanting to be part owner of an NBA teamin Las Vegas.

Brendan King (19: 46): Yeah. Can't win a titleanymore. You might as well just create a team.

Jack Palermo (19: 49): Exactly, exactly. Thankyou, anyway, but that's not... I'm not done being LeBron hate right now anyway,but it's going to be great blue diamond and right on the Boulevard.

Brendan King (20: 00): 3 billion project,right. 1 billion of it will be the arena, which will be built on about 25 acresat Las Vegas Boulevard and blue diamond road, which is over by...

Jack Palermo (20: 11): The Silverton.

Brendan King (20: 11): Yep. The Silverton andwhat's that place with the boats and the fish.

Jack Palermo (20: 15): Oh, Bass Pro Shops. Yes.I'm like...

Brendan King (20: 19): So yeah, 25 acres rightnext to the 15 and the 215 slash 11

Jack Palermo (20: 26): Yeah.

Brendan King (20: 27): So yeah. Ready to breakaround next year and expect it to be ready by 2026. So who knows by 2026, maybewe'll have...

Jack Palermo (20: 36): The Las Vegas Hoopers.

Brendan King (20: 37): Yeah. Yeah.

Jack Palermo (20: 38): Or, I don't know.

Brendan King (20: 40): We'll keep working onthe name. So on this one, actually, I don't know that I knew this was comingand usually I know these things...

Jack Palermo (20: 48): Not until this morning.

Brendan King (20: 48): It was a bit of asurprise new Las Vegas hotel casino, ready to break ground next to the airport.

Jack Palermo (20: 54): The Dream.

Brendan King (20: 54): So the south edge of theStrip is about to get a new hotel called The Dream. 531 room casino resort onLas Vegas Boulevard as well. Just south of Russell Road, estimated it costabout a half of a billion dollars with more restaurants, more nightlife, thirdlevel pool deck and a meeting and event space opening late 2024.

Jack Palermo (21: 18): Nice.

Brendan King (21: 18): We literally in the nextlike year or two are going to have like 80 projects that are all going tofinish at the exact same time.

Jack Palermo (21: 26): It's going to look likea whole new city. It really is.

Brendan King (21: 28):                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Uncommon,Durango station, The Bend, The Dream, like all these different... highway 11.

Jack Palermo (21: 36):

Highway 11. Don't forget about the new reno we just talkedto already. NBA team.

Brendan King (21: 40):

Yeah. All this, all literally being done at the exact sametime or at least within the year of each other.

Jack Palermo (21: 48):

The Drew's going to be done, The Drew...

Brendan King (21: 49):

The Sphere.

Jack Palermo (21: 51):

... or not the Drew, Fontainebleau I mean.

Brendan King (21: 52): Fontainebleau, yeah.

Jack Palermo (21: 53): Fontainebleau, theFontain... they changed the name thousand of times, but now it's Fontainebleau.So, that's going to be done. The Spheres going to be... Yeah. It's like, it'sinsane. Don't forget about the paddock for F1 too.

Brendan King (22: 01): Oh yeah.

Jack Palermo (22: 01): Which is going to beawesome.

Brendan King (22: 03): Box, box. If anybody's abig F1 fan box.

Jack Palermo (22: 06): Box.

Brendan King (22: 07): You know what we'retalking about.

Jack Palermo (22: 09): Yes.

Brendan King (22: 09): So Nevada marijuanalounges can be expected to pop up in state. So starting in 2022 consumptionlounges will be springing up. I think the impetus for this is the fact that wehave legal marijuana in Nevada, but no one has anywhere to go.

Jack Palermo (22: 29): Right.

Brendan King (22: 30): So they're hiding it inlike garages at casinos and in their hotel rooms. And I think the city saw theissue with this and decided to work together with some of the people that havelicenses currently and be able to allow cannabis lounges throughout the valley.So I think it's a smart move.

Jack Palermo (22: 49): Yes.

Brendan King (22: 50): Because people come herefrom other states and then what do they do, like, you know what I mean.

Jack Palermo (22: 54): Right. Smoke in the roomor like.

Brendan King (22: 55): Yeah.

Jack Palermo (22: 56): Sneak around the corner.Like what are you doing, right.

Brendan King (22: 59): So I think it could be apretty lucrative thing. The lounges will be reminiscent to marijuana cafes inAmsterdam. And some other cities will, for the first time bring the drug tosocial locals in Nevada, similar to alcohol being served in bars, minorwrinkles in the licensing and regulatory policies can still be ironed out. I thinkthere's going to be a lot of that.

Jack Palermo (23: 20): Right.

Brendan King (23: 22): So there's 35 marijuanaretail stores. They'll only issue 20 licenses to independent entrepreneurs.

Jack Palermo (23: 31): Okay.

Brendan King (23: 31): I think they'll have alot to iron out when it comes. Cause this'll be the first of its kind in all ofthe United States. So who do they have to compare it to?

Jack Palermo (23: 37): No one. Amsterdam.

Brendan King (23: 39): Amsterdam. Who's beendoing it for like 50 years.

Jack Palermo (23: 41): But also if you doattend any of these places, if you do go, please do Uber or Lyft.

Brendan King (23: 48): Yeah.

Jack Palermo (23: 49): Yes. Okay.

Brendan King (23: 50): How about any bar.

Jack Palermo (23: 52): Yeah. Or bar, right. Orjust like a bar. Right.

Brendan King (23: 54): Or game.

Jack Palermo (23: 55): Right.

Brendan King (23: 56): Or Restaurant.

Jack Palermo (23: 57): Anywhere you're havinglibations or what do you call it? Yeah.

Brendan King (24: 01): I don't know where thatsuddenly came from, but...

Jack Palermo (24: 05): What?

Brendan King (24: 06): I think this episode'ssponsored by Uber and Lyft.

Jack Palermo (24: 08): Maybe Uber and Lyft sendus a check.

Brendan King (24: 13): Popular Las Vegasairplane watching spot to reopen Friday. So I drive by this every once in awhile. It's over by that coffee place.

Jack Palermo (24: 21): Yeah. Magnum coffee.

Brendan King (24: 22): Magnum coffee.

Jack Palermo (24: 22): Yes. Makes amazingcoffee.

Brendan King (24: 25): Which, actually is apretty fun spot to watch airplanes take off and land. It's been closed for 26months.

Jack Palermo (24: 33): Right.

Brendan King (24: 34): So just over two yearsand it's...

Jack Palermo (24: 36): Which is weird.

Brendan King (24: 37): It's right on thelongest runway off of Sunset Road there. And if you've ever been here at night,you could see all the planes...

Jack Palermo (24: 48): Like lined up.

Brendan King (24: 48): Lined up perfectlyspaced, kind of like these like things on here. It's pretty incredible towatch. Actually...

Jack Palermo (24: 52): It's really cool.

Brendan King (24: 52): Perfectly orchestratedchoreography of airplanes. But if you have little ones, it's a fun spot to gocheck out the planes while they're landing again, it's over by Sunset and theHarry Reid international airport, which have you noticed that almost no signshave been changed to say Harry Reid.

Jack Palermo (25: 13): No. Still says McCarran.

Brendan King (25: 14): So how confused do youthink people are that are here in town going to the airport? I guess, unless...

Jack Palermo (25: 20): They're thinking they'relanding in the wrong airport.

Brendan King (25: 21): They're taking ourcurrent sponsors, Uber, Lyft.

Jack Palermo (25: 22): Uber and Lyft.

Brendan King (25: 26): And then they're going,"Wait, wait, no, I want to go to the Harry Reid one".

Jack Palermo (25: 29): Right. "NotMcCarran, what are you doing? Where are you taking me? Uber and Lyft".

Brendan King (25: 32): I'm sure it makes itinteresting for a lot of these guys. So on the news front, Nevada's lowestearning workers to see minimum wage go up on Friday.

Jack Palermo (25: 42): Today.

Brendan King (25: 43): Today actually. Yeah.Nevada's lowest paid workers will receive a raise today, which reaches about10.50 an hour and comes against a backdrop of thousands of job offerings. Andso this is pretty huge. 10.50 is a great increase.

Jack Palermo (26: 03): Oh, looks like it'sgoing to go up. The minimum wage rises. 75% increments or 75 cents incrementsuntil July 2024.

Brendan King (26: 12): Yeah. That's great.

Jack Palermo (26: 13): That's cool.

Brendan King (26: 14): So new wages are prettymuch just because of rising inflation. I don't know. It's almost like notenough, but I think we'll see. Hopefully anything, anything will help, that'sthe big thing.

Jack Palermo (26: 29): For sure.

Brendan King (26: 30): Because right now manyjob seekers find postings for a higher base pay considering the labor market.And they feel that 10.50 or more is not enough because of the high rate ofinflation of 8.6% in May compared with the previous year. So Hey, it's thestart. Hopefully this just continues to go up for a lot of people who are onthe minimum wage. So Nitro Circus live at the Las Vegas ballpark. I alwaysthought why don't they do more things at the Las Vegas ballpark and you knowwhat they are.

Jack Palermo (27: 00): They're doing it. I feellike the show you... The Nitro Circus used to be on MTV or something. I feellike I've seen it before. Like on TV.

Brendan King (27: 06): Back in New Jersey. Idon't remember if it was nitro or not, but I know... Isn't this one of the bigfamous...

Jack Palermo (27: 14): BMX skates, scooter

Brendan King (27: 16): Pastrana. TravisPastrana.

Jack Palermo (27: 17): Yes. That's it.

Brendan King (27: 18): That's who it was. Yeah,yeah. It's Travis Pastranas company. Nitro Circus. This guy's got a ton ofDVDs. He's super famous in the BMX world. So BMX, FMX skate, scooter. It's afull blend of all high adrenaline action sports in an awesome setting over atLas Vegas ballpark again where the food is so good.

Jack Palermo (27: 40): So good.

Brendan King (27: 42): Chicago dog.

Jack Palermo (27: 42): Chicago dog.

Brendan King (27: 43): Chicago dog. Rightbehind my seats. Chicago dog.

Jack Palermo (27: 46): Amazing.

Brendan King (27: 47): Awesome. Awesome.Awesome. Awesome venue. Definitely check out if you're... Look at that 1, 2, 3,4, 5, 6. There's like 10 guys in the air, all on bicycles.

Jack Palermo (27: 57): Three more trying to goup and then you got pyrotechnics everywhere.

Brendan King (28: 01): And three came downwithout a collarbone.

Jack Palermo (28: 07): They can just Uber orLyft to the hospital.

Brendan King (28: 08): Yeah. With our sponsors.Uber, Lyft. So world series of poker, 2022 Doyle Brunson announces he will notplay in the main event. If you've never watched the world series of poker DoyleBrunson's a funny guy.

Jack Palermo (28: 24): He's like an icon.

Brendan King (28: 25): Yeah.

Jack Palermo (28: 26): Yeah. He is the pokerguy.

Brendan King (28: 26): Just old school cowboy.Unfortunately he will not be attending due to the fact that a whole bunch ofplayers stated they tested positive for COVID 19. Like I did last week.

Jack Palermo (28: 38): He is 88 years old.

Brendan King (28: 39): Yeah, so.

Jack Palermo (28: 40): Stay away, Doyle.

Brendan King (28: 41): Against his doctor'sorders. Or I should say with his doctor's orders, he's going to stay home andsit this one out. But the 10,000 main event buy-in begins Sunday.

Jack Palermo (28: 56): Yes.

Brendan King (28: 57): In Paris.

Jack Palermo (28: 57): Yes. Sunday.

Brendan King (28: 58): I would get my buttkicked.

Jack Palermo (28: 59): In about two seconds.

Brendan King (29: 01): Athletics get vote infavor of staying in Oakland. So, this is creating doubt for any kind Las Vegasmove for the Oakland A's and I'm fine with it.

Jack Palermo (29: 12): That's fine becausewe're going to get an expansion team.

Brendan King (29: 14): We didn't want you guysanyway.

Jack Palermo (29: 16): Yes. We don't want tokeep stealing your teams.

Brendan King (29: 19): Oh we did, but...

Jack Palermo (29: 19): We don't want to keepstealing your teams. Oakland.

Brendan King (29: 21): I would love anothername and I don't want Jack to come up with it.

Jack Palermo (29: 25): The Las Vegas hitters,just like the hoopers.

Brendan King (29: 30): The hoopers and thehitters.

Jack Palermo (29: 30): So bad. How about theUber drivers?

Brendan King (29: 33): So hopefully this opensup some sort of opportunity for an expansion team.

Jack Palermo (29: 38): Yeah.

Brendan King (29: 39): Yeah. We're going to geta baseball team.

Jack Palermo (29: 40): Well, the commissionersaid that he would love to see baseball go from 30 to 32. So if it's 30,obviously Las Vegas would be one of the two for sure.

Brendan King (29: 51): Yeah.

Jack Palermo (29: 52): I mean you'd have to atthis point.

Brendan King (29: 52): Yeah. Where else wouldyou go?

Jack Palermo (29: 53): Where else would you go?

Brendan King (29: 53): Punk Satani.

Jack Palermo (29: 55): Yeah. Nobody wants to goto Punk Satani unless you're Phil to go first.

Brendan King (29: 59): Phil. Yeah, exactly. SoClark County property taxes, misinformation. So if anybody was looking at theinternet or I should say social media yesterday and the day before this fluryespecially of real estate agents.

Jack Palermo (30: 14): Freaking out.

Brendan King (30: 16): Change your taxes.People think their taxes are going up 8%. But everybody's got a cap on theirreal estate taxes. And if it's your primary home, it's capped at a 3% increase.

Jack Palermo (30: 31): Correct.

Brendan King (30: 31): And if it's any otherownership, then it's an 8% increase.

Jack Palermo (30: 36): Right.

Brendan King (30: 37): The weird thing is thecounty decided to make that something you have to check a box for, right. Eventhough majority of all homes are primary homes, right. Where it used to be theother way around, they just assumed it was your primary. And you had to check abox if it was an investment. What they found is that nobody checked the box. Sothey were losing out on taxes. So they decided to make it automatically notprimary.

Jack Palermo (31: 03): Right.

Brendan King (31: 03): But you have to checkthe box now to say that it's your primary. It's not the end of the world. Andif you miss it, you got another year because they've pushed it back anotheryear.

Jack Palermo (31: 14): June 30th, 2023.

Brendan King (31: 16): But we do have a blogpost to help you out. Are you paying too much in property tax? Just check itout. There'll be a link on this, but also on the website as well. There's aform you can fill out and just email it to the county. Literally two boxes onthe bottom, sign it, send it, done. Super easy.

Jack Palermo (31: 36): You can mail it too.

Brendan King (31: 37): And you can mail it aswell. I would say just email. It's easy. You'll get a confirmation backautomatically. I actually did send it yesterday because mine said 8% and thereis a link to check if your property says three or eight, treasurer's link. Soin that blog, check it out and check the link and definitely see what yourcurrent status is. So Vegas has suddenly become...

Jack Palermo (32: 05): Luxury city.

Brendan King (32: 06): Super luxury city. Asfar as real estate. I have a lot of friends that are agents outside of LasVegas who say that there's not even a single home in their entire city, over 3billion dollars.

Jack Palermo (32: 15): Right.

Brendan King (32: 16): We just seem to bepopping out 15 to 20 million sales in this city. So one of the most expensivehome sales ever in Las Vegas, 19 million in the great community of

Jack Palermo (32: 32): Summit.

Brendan King (32: 33): Summit.

Jack Palermo (32: 33): Ultra exclusive.

Brendan King (32: 34): So some... look at thishouse though. This is to me, a quintessential Santa Barbara, Spanish style.Yeah. This is easily a house you'd find in Santa Barbara. Only difference beingis you've got lush greenery around the house and not the desert.

Jack Palermo (32: 51): Correct.

Brendan King (32: 52): But Summit isincredible. The amenities are incredible. So this was a 19 million home. Thatwas 9,427 square feet, five bedroom, eight bathroom at 11091 stardust drive.Really a beautiful property. I'd love the architecture. This is my style, it'skind of like a transitional home. It's a blend of both like traditional andsome modern amenities and all the black frame windows and doors.

Jack Palermo (33: 24): Yeah. It's super... likeif you look at all the pictures it's beautiful.

Brendan King (33: 27): Yeah. So we'll have alink to that property so you can check it out. It's definitely worth a look.It's fun.

Jack Palermo (33: 31): You had a secludedprivate apartment.

Brendan King (33: 33): Oh yeah. Didn't see thatone. They just bought it for 18.75 last October and then sold it for 19 or18.95. So not a hefty profit there. So on our end though, we have a new listingat 760 Step Beach street. So this is 1.3 million, 3,805 square feet, five beds,three and a half bath, three car garage in the [paceos 00: 34: 06],waterfall edge counter. This counter's huge, seats about seven to eight people.Nice slider doors to the backyard. It did rain that day. So we have puddles inthe backyard. That always bothers me when I see that.

Jack Palermo (34: 20): Is it always rains? Likeit always rains when we're doing photos. It doesn't rain often in Vegas, onlywhen the get photos taken.

Brendan King (34: 26): Wind and storms got hereas soon as the photographer starts. But definitely great property worth a lookfor sure. And of course, if you guys are ever curious about what's going on inthe market every single week we do our Monday market update. It hasn't beenlanding on Monday lately. I got sick last week. Missed a whole week.

Jack Palermo (34: 47): Yes.

Brendan King (34: 48): But yeah, right nowwe're at two months of supply plus.

Jack Palermo (34: 53): Which is crazy. Comparedto how it's been the last two years.

Brendan King (34: 56): We've had under a monthof inventory for quite a while. So we've easily more than doubled in inventoryand we're continuing to tick upwards. The funny thing is, so is the averagehome price.

Jack Palermo (35: 06): Right.

Brendan King (35: 07): So we're at 5.99.

Jack Palermo (35: 08): Right.

Brendan King (35: 09): Cause there's still lowinventory comparatively. And people are still selling. If you price your housecorrectly, correctly. That's the big thing. If you try to go aggressive rightnow, you're going to find yourself stuck in a situation where you're chasingthe market downward. If you go on the market priced correctly from day one,it's going to sell that's the thing, the market is still strong. We still havelots of buyers from out of state. We're still the cheapest city in all the westcoast.

Jack Palermo (35: 37): Sure.

Brendan King (35: 38): Except for Bakersfield.

Jack Palermo (35: 40): Bakersfield. Don'tforget it. Yeah. Bakersfield, California.

Brendan King (35: 43): Yeah. So definitely, onthe buy side you've got options.

Jack Palermo (35: 48): There's definitelyoptions. It's like in the last two years you would see... They'd see, yourbuyer, would see a house and be like, all right, let's write, let's go, let'sgo.

Brendan King (35: 58): And no closing costs.

Jack Palermo (35: 59): Right.

Brendan King (35: 59): Nothing.

Jack Palermo (35: 59): And now wavingeverything, waving stuff. But now they have options. Like they can go and lookat more than one house and not have to really fight with 18 other offers.

Brendan King (36: 09): Nope.

Jack Palermo (36: 09): Which is nice.

Brendan King (36: 10): And today Denise waswriting up an offer asking for couple thousand, no like 3% of the purchasepricing, closing costs.

Jack Palermo (36: 18): Nice.

Brendan King (36: 20): We haven't been doingthat for over two years. So there's a lot of opportunity there on the buy side.And then on the sell side, just price it right. It's still going to sell, youstill have a ton of equity from the last couple years.

Jack Palermo (36: 31): Yes.

Brendan King (36: 31): And now if you'relooking to upgrade, you may actually have a ton of options.

Jack Palermo (36: 34): Yeah, absolutely.

Brendan King (36: 35): One of your clients thatwas looking for a while, this may be the opportunity now, up in... you knowwhere.

Jack Palermo (36: 41): Yeah. I know where.

Brendan King (36: 43): The ones that werelooking around 1.3.

Jack Palermo (36: 45): Yeah.

Brendan King (36: 46): There could be a lot ofoptions, especially

Jack Palermo (36: 48): Specially 760 StepBeach.

Brendan King (36: 50): Yes. That's what I wasgetting at. And of course, if you'd like the market texted to you, text marketto 702 553 1955, if you text market to 702 553 1955, we'll text this to youevery single week. You'll get it to your phone anywhere between Monday andWednesday. And Text Aviators. So we've got a bunch of aviator tickets left forthe year. We still got a lot more months of baseball to go, text aviators aswell to 702 553 1955.

Jack Palermo (37: 25): 702 553 1955.

Brendan King (37: 25): And.

Jack Palermo (37: 27): Tonight is Tom cruiseTop Gun night.

Brendan King (37: 30): So post game fireworksare going to be on July 2nd and July 3rd at the aviator's Las Vegas ballpark.And tonight's Top Gun night. I don't know what that means.

Jack Palermo (37: 40): I think you have to goin with your aviators and your leather coat. Maybe. I don't know. I don't know.Wait a minute.

Brendan King (37: 46): Ready.

Jack Palermo (37: 48): Maverick. Is that you?Is that you Maverick?

Brendan King (37: 51): So Top Gun night. Notsure what that means, but definitely check it out and follow us on Instagram.Don't forget at Brendan King Group, follow us on Instagram. And ifyou're looking for a team to join, join the bkg.com and don't forget.

Jack Palermo (38: 13): Text VIP. If you want tobe on our VIP list 702 553 1955.

Brendan King (38: 17): Yeah. So lots of thingsto text. Lots of things to look at Vegas is rocking this weekend.

Jack Palermo (38: 23): Rocking and rolling.

Brendan King (38: 24): Definitely rocking. Havea ton of fun for 4th of July. Happy 4th of July.

Jack Palermo (38: 30): Happy 4th of July.

Brendan King (38: 31): It's back and Vegas isback and always, we'll definitely see you guys next week. Have a good one.

Jack Palermo (38: 37): See you guys.