March 24, 2022

April 26, 2022

Episode #38 of "Unnamed Show"

Episode #38 of “Unnamed Show” | In this episode Brendan and Jack talk about the Raiders big trade for Davante Adams, Oscars 2022 Best Picture, NFL draft in Las Vegas, March Madness Sweet 16, Illuminarium at Area 15, Aerosmith returns to Las Vegas Strip, Las Vegas senior housing project to break ground, and best sushi in Las Vegas.

Episode #38 of “Unnamed Show” | In this episode Brendan and Jack talk about the Raiders big trade for Davante Adams, Oscars 2022 Best Picture, NFL draft in Las Vegas, March Madness Sweet 16, NHL cancels Golden Knights trade, Illuminarium at Area 15, Aerosmith returns to Las Vegas Strip, Allegiant Stadium concerts, Jazz in The Park Series, Las Vegas senior housing project to break ground, best sushi in Las Vegas, and Lou's Diner Las Vegas.

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(01:30): Las Vegas Valley to get a taste of summer heat this weekend | Las Vegas Review-Journal

(02:34): Raiders trade for Davante Adams | Las Vegas Review-Journal

(03:38): Las Vegas NFL draft has many areas for fans. Here’s how you can attend | Las Vegas Review-Journal

(04:47): 2022 March Madness: Men’s Sweet 16 Set After Wild Opening Weekend – NBC10 Philadelphia


(06:04): NHL cancels Evgenii Dadonov trade with Anaheim Ducks, sends RW back to Vegas Golden Knights

(07:02): 2022 | | Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences


(09:32): Oscar predictions: Will 'Power of the Dog' reign supreme?

(09:41): Illuminarium at Area 15 will be opening soon!!

(11:32): Aerosmith returns to Las Vegas Strip for first time in 2½ years | Las Vegas Review-Journal


(13:21): Allegiant Stadium concerts a tourism success story | Las Vegas Review-Journal

(14:17): Free Jazz in The Park Series

(15:38): Las Vegas senior housing project to break ground | Las Vegas Review-Journal

(17:16): Monday Market Update

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(18:16): Where to find the best sushi in Las Vegas - Eater Vegas

BKG Breakfast place of the week

(20:49): Lou's Diner Las Vegas

The BKG is excited to announce that we will be adding more agents to the team

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This is transcribed (accuracy not guaranteed)

BrendanKing (00:31):Brendan King from the BrendanKing Group at REAL.

JackPalermo (00:33):Jack Palermo from the BrendanKing Group at REAL.

BrendanKing (00:35):And this is episode number 38 ofthe-

JackPalermo (00:37):Unnamed Show.

BrendanKing (00:37):... Unnamed Show.

JackPalermo (00:39):Hello, Brendan.

BrendanKing (00:40):What's going on, Jack?

JackPalermo (00:41):Hey, guess what? It's Oscarweek.

BrendanKing (00:43):It is. You see the little Oscarstatue?

JackPalermo (00:45):Yes. Yes, we did.

BrendanKing (00:45):Let's go back in that for asecond.

JackPalermo (00:46):Hey, look at that.

BrendanKing (00:47):Hey, look at that.

JackPalermo (00:47):Look at that.

BrendanKing (00:48):Oscar week, it is episode number38, as I said of the Unnamed Show. And as always, don't forget text VIP to702-553-1955. Text VIP to 702-553-1955 And of course, what should they follow?

JackPalermo (01:06):They should also follow us onInstagram @brendankinggroup. Once again, Instagram @brendankinggroup. Follow usthere.

BrendanKing (01:13):You may hear both of our voicesare a little scrappy today.

JackPalermo (01:16):Allergies are in town.

BrendanKing (01:18):We don't know if it's allergiesor if the flu is actually in existence again.

JackPalermo (01:22):I have allergies.

BrendanKing (01:23):Yeah. I don't know what I have,but all I know is I sound like this.

JackPalermo (01:28):Thank God for our dog homeypillow.

BrendanKing (01:30):Homey's got this. So Las VegasValley is to get a taste of summer heat this weekend.

JackPalermo (01:39):The heat is here.

BrendanKing (01:40):It is definitely here. Forget spring.Let's get straight to summer. I think we're about to set a new record possiblyin the 90s this weekend.

JackPalermo (01:49):Saturday and Sunday.

BrendanKing (01:49):Saturday and Sunday. Oh my gosh.Yeah. So Thursday 85, 90 on Friday, and 92 on Saturday, and 90 on Sunday.

JackPalermo (01:59):Yeah.

BrendanKing (02:00):So definitely, start breakingthe floaties and-

JackPalermo (02:05):But don't forget, it is a dryheat- [crosstalk 00:02:07]

BrendanKing (02:07):It's a dry heat.

JackPalermo (02:07):... just different.

BrendanKing (02:08):This is not your Florida heat.

JackPalermo (02:09):No, it's not your Florida.

BrendanKing (02:10):Or your New Jersey or Chicago-

JackPalermo (02:13):No.

BrendanKing (02:13):... humid heat, but it is goingto be 90 degrees.

JackPalermo (02:16):Yeah, first time.

BrendanKing (02:17):Yeah. Shorts and flip flops itis.

JackPalermo (02:17):Let's do it.

BrendanKing (02:19):So a huge, huge, huge, massive,massive, massive trade went on this past week from the Green Bay Packers to theRaiders.

JackPalermo (02:30):Yes. We love that. We love it.

BrendanKing (02:33):Explain. Do explain.

JackPalermo (02:34):Davante Adams was traded fromthe Packers to the Raiders. Him and Derek Carr have a history. So Derek Carrand him were teammates at Fresno State. They've always been friends, best offriends. So this is kind of cool. It's kind of a reunion for them. He wassigned for five years, more than $140 million. He had the title as the highestpaid receiver in the league for one day.

BrendanKing (02:59):For one day?

JackPalermo (03:01):One day. Until yesterday, theChiefs traded Tyreek Hill to the Miami Dolphins, who are now paying him 30million a year, which is higher than Davante Adams.

BrendanKing (03:08):Oh my God.

JackPalermo (03:09):But this is a huge move for theRaiders. They're staying relevant. They're staying in there. They're going tohopefully when the AFC West.

BrendanKing (03:14):I think he bought a house. Wepredicted- [crosstalk 00:03:17]

JackPalermo (03:14):A couple weeks ago-

BrendanKing (03:17):Yeah. [crosstalk 00:03:17].

JackPalermo (03:16):Yeah, a couple weeks ago.

BrendanKing (03:19):We saw that Davante had bought ahouse right next to Derek Carr.

JackPalermo (03:23):Yes. That's what we hear.

BrendanKing (03:24):Which was a good sign that therewas a possibility of this happening and you know what? Jack-

JackPalermo (03:29):It happened. We called it. Imade the trade. [crosstalk 00:03:33].

BrendanKing (03:32):So yeah- [crosstalk 00:03:33]

JackPalermo (03:33):Get him out of the NFC North andaway from my Bears. Thank you.

BrendanKing (03:35):That's what I'm saying

JackPalermo (03:35):Thank you.

BrendanKing (03:38):So in addition to this, ofcourse in the NFL, we've been waiting for this for quite a while. The Las VegasNFL draft is coming to Las Vegas finally. This was supposed to happen rightafter COVID started.

JackPalermo (03:51):Yeah.

BrendanKing (03:52):Everybody was super excited.It's going to take place on the Bellagio fountains, I believe.

JackPalermo (03:56):Yep. A couple places, soBellagio fountains, the draft theater's going to be now to the Caesars Forum.

BrendanKing (04:00):Look how amazing that's going tobe.

JackPalermo (04:01):And the draft experience isgoing to be located directly next to the theater area. The cool thing is, it'sall general admission. So it's free, but all you have to do is download the NFLOnePass app on your phone and you get into all this stuff, which is kind ofcool.

BrendanKing (04:17):And you got to say yes to allthe alerts that they're going to send you.

JackPalermo (04:22):Say yes to all the alerts. Andall the data that they're going to be selling and making billions.

BrendanKing (04:24):Yeah. But absolutely, this isgoing to be an amazing event. I know there's people coming from all over theplace to come see this. And anybody who's staying at the Cosmo is going to havean amazing view of the fountains and the NFL draft.

JackPalermo (04:38):It's going to be awesome. It'sgoing to be awesome, can't wait.

BrendanKing (04:39):It's going to be very cool. Hugething for Vegas. We seem to be just adding more and more things every singleweek. And then on the sports front-

JackPalermo (04:47):March Madness is back tonight.Here we go. So Sweet 16 starts tonight after a wild opening weekend, a lot ofupsets. So Sweet 16 tonight, my bets are in and here's your Sweet 16 teams.

BrendanKing (04:59):And my bracket is doing so wellbecause of St. Peter's.

JackPalermo (05:05):Oh, you took them. You took them,yes.

BrendanKing (05:07):No, I didn't. But I went to Rutgers,one of my good buddies went to St. Peter's andI remember dropping him off andbeing like, "Where's the rest of the school."

JackPalermo (05:14):There was only four buildings,right?

BrendanKing (05:14):It was like four buildings.

JackPalermo (05:14):So funny.

BrendanKing (05:16):So it's incredible that they'reable to do this with their little school, but I guess all it takes is fiveplayers.

JackPalermo (05:22):Yeah.

BrendanKing (05:22):It doesn't take an entire schoolto have a good basketball team. So yeah, it's going to be interesting. Who arethey playing?

JackPalermo (05:28):Ah, that's a good question.

BrendanKing (05:30):Yeah.

JackPalermo (05:30):The Peacocks, I think they'replaying, if I'm not mistaken... it's not UCLA. Purdue, I think, if I'm notmistaken.

BrendanKing (05:37):Peacock are beautiful, but youdon't want to make one mad.

JackPalermo (05:39):No.

BrendanKing (05:41):No. That's what I've heard.

JackPalermo (05:43):Yeah.

BrendanKing (05:43):So yeah, the Peacocks are in theSweet 16 along with of course, 15 other teams starting tonight.

JackPalermo (05:48):Tonight.

BrendanKing (05:49):Yeah. [crosstalk 00:05:51] Let'shope that Jack's bracket's still doing well.

JackPalermo (05:55):My best bracket is ranked 2,226in CBS Sports.

BrendanKing (05:59):Out of?

JackPalermo (05:59):Millions.

BrendanKing (06:01):Millions.

JackPalermo (06:01):Millions.

BrendanKing (06:01):That's not bad.

JackPalermo (06:01):It's not bad.

BrendanKing (06:02):Actually, that's pretty good.

JackPalermo (06:03):It's not bad.

BrendanKing (06:04):So on the NHL front, NHLcancels, I can never say his name, Dadonov's trade with the Anaheim Ducks,sends right wing back to Vegas Golden Knights. So this-

JackPalermo (06:15):Crazy.

BrendanKing (06:15):... would be like us accepting apurchase agreement without reading it.

JackPalermo (06:19):Right.

BrendanKing (06:21):How do you make a trade and sendthe guy off packing and only to call him back?

JackPalermo (06:25):He has a no trade clause andthey didn't realize that one of the teams on his no trade clause was theAnaheim Ducks. So the NHL looked at it and it's like, "Nope. Pack yourbags, you're going back to Vegas."

BrendanKing (06:35):Literally, I think he wasalready there.

JackPalermo (06:36):Right.

BrendanKing (06:37):So it opened up a cap of 3.375million. And then now-

JackPalermo (06:42):And he came back to try to openthe doors for the Knights and it was locked.

BrendanKing (06:44):He was like, "Hello? Hello?

JackPalermo (06:46):His key card didn't workanymore. But anyway, well, good luck if he's back. We hope he plays well.

BrendanKing (06:51):I hope he didn't already likesell his house or go out of his rental and now he's like out and about.

JackPalermo (06:55):Right, but he's probably goingto move on next year. So, Dadonov, if you have a house, do you want me to sellit? I'm your guy. Okay, anyway.

BrendanKing (07:02):For sure odd, odd, odd. I can'tbelieve that even happened. But Hey, worse things have happened. So on theOscars front, of course, The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences ishaving the Oscars on-

JackPalermo (07:16):Sunday.

BrendanKing (07:16):Sunday. It's this week, Holycow.

JackPalermo (07:18):Yeah, it's this weekend.

BrendanKing (07:19):So we decided... I should sayDavid decided it would be a good idea to run through all the nominees. And thenalso let you know what we picked, but here are the nominees in no particularorder.

JackPalermo (07:31):For Best Picture, no particularorder.

BrendanKing (07:33):Belfast.

JackPalermo (07:35):CODA

BrendanKing (07:35):Don't Look Up.

JackPalermo (07:36):Drive My Car.

BrendanKing (07:37):Dune.

JackPalermo (07:38):King Richard

BrendanKing (07:39):Licorice Pizza.

JackPalermo (07:40):Nightmare Alley,

BrendanKing (07:41):And The Power of the Doo-

JackPalermo (07:43):Dog.

BrendanKing (07:44):Why does it say Doo?

JackPalermo (07:45):It was a misprint. But anyway,I... So in the particular order, as I noticed, it was alphabetical. [crosstalk00:07:51] We did have a particular order.

BrendanKing (07:53):So in a particular order-

JackPalermo (07:54):Yes, it was alphabetical.

BrendanKing (07:55):So yeah, those are the BestPicture nominees. So now, we're going to go through where the BKG thinks thisis going to land. Let's check this out. So the first is David's pick, West SideStory.

David(08:08):Of course, right?

JackPalermo (08:09):It wasn't listed there earlier.Anyway, moving on.

BrendanKing (08:12):Sorry about that. That'll bethis...

JackPalermo (08:15):Power of the Dog, I chose thatone. It was an interesting movie. It was more an actor movie.

BrendanKing (08:20):Karly just liked that the guyhad a cowboy hat-

JackPalermo (08:23):Yeah.

BrendanKing (08:23):... and he was on a horse.

JackPalermo (08:23):Yeah, she's a big Yellowstonefan.

BrendanKing (08:25):Didn't you say you selected itbecause it was the most boring and the Academy would love it?

JackPalermo (08:28):Yeah. It was the most boring andvery, very acting movie. It was an acting movie. It was all about theperformances.

BrendanKing (08:33):Jack's a bettor. Jack bets onwhat he thinks the others will choose. CODA, just because I thought the middleguy look like Robin Williams.

JackPalermo (08:41):That's Brendan's pick.

David (08:43):Have you seen any of theseBrendan?

BrendanKing (08:44):I saw don't look up for 15minutes. If anybody doesn't know this, I am notorious for falling asleep-

JackPalermo (08:50):Falling asleep.

BrendanKing (08:51):... a movie.

JackPalermo (08:51):And in the car.

BrendanKing (08:52):And we always seem to turnmovies on way too late in my house and dad doesn't last very long. And thenChris's pick is Belfast, as a fellow Irishman-

JackPalermo (09:05):Irish, yeah.

BrendanKing (09:05):Even though Belfast is the UK.

JackPalermo (09:07):That's Northern Ireland, yeah.

BrendanKing (09:08):Yeah.

JackPalermo (09:08):Yes.

BrendanKing (09:09):But yeah, Chris picked Belfast.Denise's pick is Dune. Denise has interesting taste.

JackPalermo (09:15):Interesting. She likes-

BrendanKing (09:15):BTS.

JackPalermo (09:16):BTS and Dune.

BrendanKing (09:18):And Dune. But yeah, those areour picks. What are yours? Would be excited to see what everybody else choosesas well. Who's seen all these movies?

David(09:28):I have.

BrendanKing (09:28):You've seen every single one?

David (09:29):No, I haven't seen the wag ofthe dog.

JackPalermo (09:32):The Power of the Dog.

BrendanKing (09:33):Can you watch them all at homeor are they-

JackPalermo (09:35):Some of them. Yeah, most of themare on streaming. Most of them are, yeah.

BrendanKing (09:35):Okay.

David(09:38):And Apple TV, you can rent it orbuy it.

JackPalermo (09:40):Yeah. Right. [crosstalk00:09:41]

BrendanKing (09:41):Nice. Well, good luck to all thenominees. Let us know if you guys have seen any of these and which one standsout to you. We'd be interested to know for sure. On another front entertainmentwise, Area 15 has a new exhibit called the Illuminarium. Looks-

JackPalermo (09:57):Very cool.

BrendanKing (09:57):... really, really cool. It'skind of like a 360- [crosstalk 00:10:02]

JackPalermo (10:01):Immersive experience.

BrendanKing (10:02):... immersive experience.

JackPalermo (10:03):16,500 square feet event space.It's insane.

BrendanKing (10:07):And it's a customizable canvas.So if you rent it or I rent it, you can just have heads of Jack or-

JackPalermo (10:14):They're giving me ideas.

BrendanKing (10:16):So it's got a sight and sound ofepic scale, is how they say it. Opens April 15th with different experiencesthat you can choose from, from WILD to-

JackPalermo (10:26):Check this out, this is verycool.

BrendanKing (10:28):Oh, look at that. Amazing. It'sfull size-

JackPalermo (10:29):Look at that. That looksawesome. That looks awesome.

BrendanKing (10:32):Amazing. And then O'KEEFFE,which is a flower exhibit I believe, 100 flowers. SPACE, which-

JackPalermo (10:32):That would be neat.

BrendanKing (10:40):... is a journey to the moon andbeyond. And then After Dark, which-

JackPalermo (10:45):We don't know what that means.It could be just an all black screen, who know?

BrendanKing (10:49):Yeah. You know what'sinteresting? And for those of you who can't see our screen, of course podcastwise, so there actually is a picture of people just hanging out at tables-

JackPalermo (10:59):It's going to have drinks andfood and everything, yeah.

BrendanKing (11:01):... relaxing. So you can havefood, relax, and then your landscape around you will change while-

JackPalermo (11:06):It feels like you're in thesafari, having cocktails.

BrendanKing (11:08):Yeah. Yeah, which is kind offun. So very, very interesting. Honestly, Area 15's been a really greataddition to Vegas.

JackPalermo (11:14):It's neat.

BrendanKing (11:15):Has so many differentexperiences from the Distillery to the supermarket, which is-

JackPalermo (11:22):The Omega Mart.

BrendanKing (11:23):Omega Mart, thank you.

JackPalermo (11:25):Which is really cool.

BrendanKing (11:25):And Illuminarium, all the waydown to just private events as well. So definitely-

JackPalermo (11:30):Yeah, they have a live show,dance show and stuff. It's really cool.

BrendanKing (11:32):Yeah, everything. So check outArea 15 in all ways. But in the meantime, April 15th, you can check outIlluminarium as well. So Aerosmith.

JackPalermo (11:41):Aerosmith's back.

BrendanKing (11:42):Yeah.

JackPalermo (11:42):Yeah, at 50- [crosstalk00:11:44] I mean, celebrating year number 50 after two and a half year pausewith their strip return, they are going to the Dolby theater, which used to bethe Park Theater at Park MGM. But the cool thing is about Dolby, so Dolbybought the naming and rights and they put in a sound system that was installedin the theater, which is supposed to be amazing. So the sound not only wasgreat at the Park Theater, but it's even better now.

BrendanKing (12:07):And it's Doby Atmos, which meansit's fully immersive and around you. And if you turn your head, then you getthe experience of that from that angle. Pretty cool.

JackPalermo (12:17):It's pretty awesome. Ticketsstart at 75 bucks. They go on sale at 10:00 AM on March 31st,

BrendanKing (12:23):And they've got quite a bit ofshows. You know, what's his name? Not, Mick Jagger. Oh my God.

JackPalermo (12:29):Steven Tyler.

BrendanKing (12:30):Steven Tyler used to come by TheLove Show and this guy would just hang out with the cast. [crosstalk 00:12:35]He loved Cirque. He would come to the show and he'd be like, "Yeah, it wasjust as good as last time. Yeah."

JackPalermo (12:40):That's such a good Steven Tylervoice.

BrendanKing (12:42):And literally, he would justhang out. He would be in the training room, just like, "How do you dothat? How do you do that?" Awesome guy.

David(12:48):Mystère was his favorite show.He said it was.

BrendanKing (12:51):He said Love was when he came toour show.

David (12:53):Oh. Well, when he came to myshow and I hung out with him, he-

JackPalermo (12:55):When I saw him in the hallway,you know?

BrendanKing (12:56):Yeah. But very cool. If youhaven't seen Aerosmith live, they're awesome. The energy's incredible. StevenTyler, that guy is still like a-

David (12:56):How old is he?

BrendanKing (13:07):... 16 year old boy.

JackPalermo (13:09):I mean, he's got to be up there.He's got to be in his seventies, late seventies probably. You'd think, right?

David (13:09):Not as old this guy though.

JackPalermo (13:16):Not as old as this guy though.

BrendanKing (13:16):Could you imagine our dads?

JackPalermo (13:18):No.

BrendanKing (13:18):That's what it would be.

JackPalermo (13:19):No, not at all. Not a chance.

BrendanKing (13:21):So another front inentertainment, Allegiant Stadium concerts have done insanely well.

JackPalermo (13:21):Yeah.

BrendanKing (13:28):Everything that they've had comethrough there has been super successful and has been blowing out all of theirinitial thoughts on what the actual income would be from the Allegiant Stadium.So everything from K-pop BTS, which is Denise's favorite-

JackPalermo (13:28):Favorite.

BrendanKing (13:44):... all the way down to GarthBrooks and-

JackPalermo (13:47):The Rolling Stones, Metallica.

BrendanKing (13:48):Rolling Stones, Billy Joel,Metallica.

JackPalermo (13:49):Billy Joel, yeah.

BrendanKing (13:51):Everything's done really,really, really well and successfully all around. I think the special events areoutperforming every projection made prior to the $1.9 billion construction.Most people thought that a $750 million public contribution was a bad idea.

JackPalermo (14:12):Well, I mean, now thateverything's back.

BrendanKing (14:13):I think it's turning out to be agood idea.

JackPalermo (14:13):Yeah. I think it's going to be areally good idea. I would say it's a really good idea for sure.

BrendanKing (14:17):Yeah. So on another front, againon entertainment. We've got a lot going on in the next couple weeks, Jazz inthe Park. Have you been to this?

JackPalermo (14:25):I have not.

BrendanKing (14:26):I heard it's really, reallygreat. You can go see live jazz music at the Clark County parks. So it's a freeseries and will feature artists such as Nestor Torres, Down to the Bone, JarrodLawson, Eric Darius and Spyro Gyra-

JackPalermo (14:40):Gyra.

BrendanKing (14:42):All dates will be supported withopening performance by the students of the Las Vegas Academy jazz program-

JackPalermo (14:47):That's pretty neat.

BrendanKing (14:48):... which is very cool.

JackPalermo (14:49):Yeah.

BrendanKing (14:49):And seating for those picnicbaskets, blankets, low back chairs will begin at 6:00 PM at the Clark CountyGovernment Center Amphitheater.

JackPalermo (14:56):Yes. So admission and parking isfree, but you do have to get tickets online.

BrendanKing (15:01):Yep.

JackPalermo (15:02):Yeah.

BrendanKing (15:02):Last thing you want to do isshow up and not have a seat.

JackPalermo (15:05):Not have a ticket. You mighthave your blanket and your-

David (15:07):But what I read is they-

BrendanKing (15:08):Sippy cup.

JackPalermo (15:08):Right.

David(15:09):But they go on sale tomorrow, Ibelieve. But what I read is because it is free, they go sell out reallyquickly. So if it's something you want to do sometime this summer, go get themnow.

JackPalermo(15:19):Go get them now.

BrendanKing(15:20):And this is the time of yearwhere it's not 110. Well, it is 90, but it's the great time of year for theoutdoor events of any sort, just perfect weather. And honestly, our weather'spretty perfect-

JackPalermo(15:20):It's pretty perfect.

BrendanKing(15:33):... this time of year. So thisis really interesting.

JackPalermo(15:37):Super cool.

BrendanKing(15:38):Las Vegas senior housing projectto break ground. I know right where this dirt is.


BrendanKing(15:43):It's over on Alta and Hualapai-


BrendanKing(15:46):... Way. Hualapai Way.

JackPalermo(15:49):Hualapai Way.

BrendanKing(15:49):Is Hualapai a way?

JackPalermo(15:51):It is a way.

BrendanKing (15:52):Never realized that. I'm onHualapai every day of my life.

JackPalermo(15:52):Hualapai Road.

BrendanKing(15:59):I always thought it was-[crosstalk 00:15:59].

JackPalermo(15:59):Hualapai Way.

BrendanKing(16:00):... road or ave, but it's way.So corner of Hualapai and Alta, it'll be a senior housing project with 95independent living units, 49 assisted living units and 24 memory care units aswell.

JackPalermo(16:14):3.7 acre project site. It'sgoing to be 196,000 square feet. The facility is stated to feature an outdoorbar, pool, hot tub, movie theater, gym, indoor outdoor dining venues, and aclub room terrace with views of the strip.

BrendanKing(16:30):Seniors are going to bepartying.

JackPalermo(16:32):They're going to be kicking it.Good times. Good times.

BrendanKing(16:37):So yeah-

JackPalermo(16:38):That'd be pretty awesome.

BrendanKing(16:39):Well, I want to live here. Soyou know what?

JackPalermo(16:41):You're close.

BrendanKing(16:43):You're older than me. Our wivesare closer.


BrendanKing(16:47):Oh. Don't watch this one, honey.

JackPalermo(16:49):Don't watch this one.

David (16:50):They won't.

BrendanKing(16:51):So the big thing is that, youknow what? We're always in need of more senior housing and the housing marketis getting less and less affordable on a single family sort of way. So thisdoes bring additional housing for our seniors. I'm trying to get my parents outhere. Maybe-

JackPalermo(17:11):Maybe this would be great forthem.

BrendanKing(17:12):.. the outdoor pool and bar.


BrendanKing(17:13):My dad would be like,"Assisted living?"

JackPalermo(17:15):Let's do it.

BrendanKing(17:16):"There's nothing wrong withme." But no, these types of facilities are for that transition from eitherliving on your own to people who need help, which is very helpful for anyfamilies that are out here and taking care of their family members from afar.So as always every single Monday, we have the Monday market update. You cancheck that out at There's Mr. Jack with the data.

JackPalermo(17:39):Hey. Hey.

BrendanKing(17:40):Another week of down weeks ofsupply and low inventory. But if you ever want that data, you can definitelycheck it out in our website or-

JackPalermo(17:50):Or text market.

BrendanKing(17:51):Yeah, or you can always textmarket

JackPalermo(17:53):702-553-1955. 702-553-1955.

BrendanKing(17:58):And we will send that to youevery single Monday by text or via text and you'll get the information in yourphone. Where else would it go?

JackPalermo(18:06):Where else would it go?

BrendanKing(18:08):So one of my favorite things onthe planet and Jack's-

JackPalermo(18:13):It's all you. It's all you.

BrendanKing(18:16):So where to find the best sushiin Las Vegas... This is just one magazine or website's opinion, eater'sopinion. There's so much sushi in the city, that even on that level, you canjust eat for days and days and days and still not eat at every single sushirestaurant here. So in no particular order, starting with number one.

JackPalermo(18:40):Sushi Hiroyoshi, 5900 WCharleston Blvd. This says, "Classically trained in Japan, the sushi chefHiro-san delivers premium sashimi, sushi, maki, and more. Available for takeoutand dine-in. But keep in mind, this dining room is small."

BrendanKing(18:56):And they do also have sashimi aswell. [crosstalk 00:18:59] Number two is-

JackPalermo(18:56):I'm not good.

BrendanKing(19:01):... YU-OR-MI Sushi Bar. So,"For sushi in the arts district, head to YU-OR-MI. Plenty of nigiriclassic and signature rolls." They have shareable appetizers. My guess isprobably some gyozas. And, "Order a whiskey cocktail or a local beer tohave alongside your meal."

JackPalermo(19:19):Yeah. And you got Sen of Japanat 8480 W Desert Inn Rd. It offers pristine sushi. The former head chef of Nobuand Hard Rock Hotel is there right now.

BrendanKing(19:29):And this is on the west sidetoo, so actually not too far from our old office. It is on the west side offof... Is that Desert-

David (19:36):Desert Inn, DI.

JackPalermo(19:36):Yep, DI.

BrendanKing(19:38):So we skipped to number seven,which is Sushi Takashi. Sushi Takashi's in our amazing Chinatown Koreatownarea. "Former chef of Mikado at the Mirage and Tsunami at the Venetian,Nakamura Takashi serves sushi at his own restaurant in Chinatown that is a mustvisit for sushi aficionados."

JackPalermo(19:58):And one more, we have SohoJapanese Restaurant located at 7377 S Jones Blvd. "Chef John Lee left thenow defunct Social House to open this neighborhood gem in the Southwest,"which is pretty cool.

BrendanKing(20:11):Never knew this one was aroundactually. All worth checking out. And then you can get the full list, ofcourse, in the notes or in the bio. Check it out or go to our website. We havethe entire list from Eater, which is always our go-to for any ideas on food,beer, wine.

David (20:29):It's such a great website.

BrendanKing(20:29):It's such a good website.

JackPalermo(20:29):It's such a great website.

BrendanKing(20:30):You want to know about breakfastor you want to know just about tacos. I just was on the site today and there'sa whole list of the 15 best taco places.

David (20:37):That's next week, I think forsure.

JackPalermo(20:39):Okay. Perfect. I like it.

BrendanKing(20:40):So taco tacos next week. If youlike tacos, we'll have the list for you for sure. So we have an in-housebreakfast-


BrendanKing(20:49):... aficionado or connoisseur.David is our breakfast connoisseur here. So the BKG's breakfast spot of theweek is Lou's Diner.

JackPalermo(21:01):Lou's diner. Yeah.

BrendanKing(21:02):So I guess this is a historicplace that was actually built in 1969.

JackPalermo(21:10):Yes, Joe and Ellen Fallon boughtthis restaurant, decided to open their own restaurant, which is pretty cool.And then July of '72, they hired this spunky young woman named Louise Walters.And then they decided to sell that restaurant to her and her husband. So it'skind of stayed in the family for a really long time. And then recently in 1997,they sold it to a great couple, Brian and Julie. And their youngest son,Matthew, actually is like the server there. Isn't he?

David (21:39):Yeah.

JackPalermo(21:39):Or takes the orders.

David (21:40):Yeah.

JackPalermo(21:41):Yeah, which is kind of cool.

David (21:42):You'll see him sitting there. Hedoes his homework. He hangs out all day.

JackPalermo(21:43):Yeah. It's pretty cool. [crosstalk00:21:44]

BrendanKing(21:44):How old is this guy?

David (21:45):He's probably 10 or 11.

JackPalermo(21:47):That's pretty cool. Yeah.

BrendanKing(21:48):So Lou's Diner, historic, greatbreakfast spot to check out. So if you want a classic breakfast spot... Look atthat omelet.

David (21:56):So good, so good.


BrendanKing(21:58):... definitely check out Lou'sDiner. Where is this place, David?

David (22:02):It's on Decatur and Oakey.


David (22:05):Yeah.

JackPalermo(22:05):All right.

BrendanKing(22:06):Definitely worth checking out.So the BKG is excited to announce that we will be adding more agents to theteam. So check out, or-

JackPalermo(22:22):Text join to 702-553-1955.

BrendanKing(22:27):And of course, every single weekwe send out a newsletter. You can always get the details on like the sushi,Aerosmith, Smith Center. Any kind of updated information that we present in theshow or we find throughout the week, we'll always send that to you by email. Sofeel free to check out the website, scroll to the bottom and sign up for thenewsletter only if you'd like the newsletter. We'll definitely send it outevery single Friday so you know what to do for the weekend.


BrendanKing(22:54):And text VIP to 702-553-1955,just because. Get on our VIP list.

JackPalermo(22:58):Get on our VIP list, absolutely.

BrendanKing(23:00):Get on our VIP list. Text VIP to702-553-1955. Our voices are one octave lower this week.


BrendanKing(23:10):So hopefully, we're feelingbetter next week when some of this allergy winds-

JackPalermo(23:14):Oh my God.

BrendanKing(23:14):... blows through.

JackPalermo(23:15):Yeah, these winds need to stop.And yeah, heat's fine but I just need this all to go away.

BrendanKing(23:22):Jack and I are predictors ofallergy. As soon as we walk in, people know it's allergy season.

JackPalermo(23:22):It's allergy season.

BrendanKing(23:28):So either way, you don't need tohear about our health concerns. I think you should check out all of the thingswe've given you to check out. For sure, check out the links. Go to seeArrowsmith, get some sushi and we'll see you next week. Have a good one.

JackPalermo(23:40):We'll see you next week,everybody.

BrendanKing(23:41):Buh-bye. (silence)


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