November 4, 2021

November 16, 2021

Episode #19 of “Unnamed Show”

Episode #19 of “Unnamed Show” | In this episode Brendan King and Jack Palermo welcome special guests Justin and Ashley Cotler with Underdogs Athletics and Beck Bode.

In this episode Brendan King and Jack Palermo welcome special guests Justin and Ashley Cotler with Underdogs Athletics and Beck Bode. They discuss the good and bad with the Raiders, Golden Knights acquire star center Jack Eichel, A’s appear to focus on ballpark ‘on or near the Las Vegas Strip, Las Vegas home prices have skyrocketed more than once, Renters pay hundreds in application fees, The 3 Things Real Estate Agents Say You’ll Regret in 5 Years, New restaurants to try in Las Vegas right now, America's Got Talent Las Vegas Live Opens tonight, and Kiss’s Las Vegas Strip residency canceled.

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(00:39): Underdogs Athletics

(17:16): Beck Bode, LLC - Fee Only RIA Firm

(27:38): Raiders’ Henry Ruggs facing DUI charge in fatal crash | Las Vegas Review-Journal

(29:52): Raiders vs. Giants this week

(31:30): Golden Knights acquire star center Jack Eichel from Buffalo Sabres | Las Vegas Review-Journal

(34:22): Current Listings | Brendan King

A’s appear to focus on ballpark ‘on or near the Las Vegas Strip

Las Vegas Festival Grounds

Real Estate

(36:35): Las Vegas home prices have skyrocketed more than once | Las Vegas Review-Journal

(37:35): Renters pay hundreds in application fees to compete for limited Southern Nevada housing


(39:29): The 3 Things Real Estate Agents Say You’ll Regret in 5 Years



(41:25): New restaurants to try in Las Vegas right now - Eater Vegas


(45:32): America's Got Talent Las Vegas Live - Luxor Hotel & Casino

A Full List of Current Las Vegas Residencies (Updating)

(48:13): Kiss’s Las Vegas Strip residency canceled | Las Vegas Review-Journal

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BrendanKing(00:32): Hey, what's going on everybody?It's episode 19 of the Unnamed Show! [crosstalk 00:00:38] What's going on,Jack?

JackPalermo(00:38): How's it going, Brendan?

BrendanKing(00:39): I think we've got some specialguests today.

JackPalermo(00:41): We do!

BrendanKing(00:41): We've got the Cotler family.What's going on? We have Ashley and Justin Cotler from the Underdogs Athleticsand Beck Bode. Nice little short story. I got a call from one of my buddies,[Elrod 00:00:57], who's one of your athletes that was competing. Is he? No,he's back at [Cirque 00:01:02] now. A Cirque buddy. He said, "Hey, I'vegot a CrossFit guy.

JustinCotler(01:08): CrossFit guy.

BrendanKing(01:10): [crosstalk 00:01:10] Then heexplained a little farther and literally one of the best CrossFit coaches inthe country, if not the world. Got the opportunity to meet Justin and you guyslived in Astoria, Queens, right?

JustinCotler(01:21): Yeah.

AshleyCotler(01:22): Mm-hmm (affirmative).

BrendanKing (01:23): My wife and 80 of our friendslived in Astoria, Queens.

JustinCotler(01:27): That's crazy.

BrendanKing(01:28): My one brother lived in AstoriaQueens, my other brother lived in Astoria, Queens. Milkflower, have you evereaten there?

JustinCotler(01:33): Mm-hmm (affirmative).

AshleyCotler(01:33): Oh yeah.

BrendanKing(01:34): I'm sure it was probably aroundthe corner from wherever you lived.

AshleyCotler(01:36): Mm-hmm (affirmative).

JustinCotler(01:36): Yeah.

BrendanKing(01:37): I know that is the greatestplace in the world for Greek food.

JustinCotler(01:40): Oh yeah.

AshleyCotler(01:40): Oh, it's so good.

JustinCotler(01:42): Some will say even includingGreece. [crosstalk 00:01:46]

BrendanKing(01:45): Literally, if you live inAstoria, you're one of the few people who know what tzatziki sauce is [crosstalk00:01:51] or how to properly actually say gyro, is it?

JustinCotler(01:55): Oh yeah.

BrendanKing(01:55): I always grew up saying"girow" and then all my New York friends [crosstalk 00:01:59]

JackPalermo(01:58): I'm getting very hungry overhere.

JustinCotler(02:03): Yeah, I know [crosstalk00:02:03]

BrendanKing(02:03): You've been to Astoria, right?

JackPalermo(02:03): Oh yeah.

BrendanKing(02:03): Like literally it's like GreekTown [crosstalk 00:02:06] but it's changed a little bit. It's changed a bitover the years. So tell me a little bit about your story, because I think it'spretty cool. You guys moved here during COVID but let's rewind. Because when Imet you the one day, you literally got off the plane, we met at a house, we hadnever met before, we had a friend in common who is an awesome guy who was niceenough to help us connect, and you told me your story and I was blown away.Tell me a little bit about what was going on and where you guys were at thatpoint.

JustinCotler(02:43): She likes to say and maybe I'lllet Ash say it because she's awesome in telling the story about how everythinghappened, but we had our son, our business was shut down, and the pandemic hitall in the same week in March of last year. [crosstalk 00:03:01]

BrendanKing(02:59): In Astoria, Queens.

JustinCotler(03:01): In Astoria.

BrendanKing(03:02): Not like in Podunk,such-in-such, I don't want to insult a state.

AshleyCotler(03:05): This was the week that theywere bringing in emergency room tents and setting them up in Central Park. Thiswas the week that they were bringing in the ship [crosstalk 00:03:14] becauseof all of the overflow. They were bringing in cold trucks to haul out[crosstalk 00:03:19]

BrendanKing (03:18): I remember you telling me this.

AshleyCotler(03:21): It was terrifying.

BrendanKing(03:22): We had our perspective here ofcourse. But I think hearing your perspective was a whole other level.Obviously, at this point, I think the casinos were shut down here, which isstill crazy.

JackPalermo(03:34): It was wild.

JustinCotler(03:34): Crazy.

BrendanKing(03:35): But then the trucks andthe ship and all this stuff.

AshleyCotler(03:38): And going to the grocery store,I didn't know I was giving birth that day, but the morning that I gave birth, Iwoke up at 5 a.m. to go to the grocery store just because you have a millionthings running through your head. What if they lock me and the baby down in thehospital and no one at home has freezer food. We have a 4-year-old daughter.

BrendanKing(03:56): Oh, you just had your littleone at this point.

AshleyCotler(03:58): Yeah.

BrendanKing(03:58): Oh my God. I had forgottenabout that.

AshleyCotler(03:58): I had gotten up, went to thegrocery store, ready to pop, literally ready to pop. I walked in, I waited inline, I was the 13th person in line, walked in, and there was nothing on theshelves. Nothing.

BrendanKing(04:11): I remember this even here. Amyand I took photos of aisles. I can't imagine in New York City because New Yorkis just...

AshleyCotler(04:18): People do that generally whenthere's a snow storm coming. This was next level. It was crazy.

BrendanKing(04:23): So you had even nothing to buyeven if you wanted to.

AshleyCotler(04:25): Yeah. I think I found a 13 or14-pound huge hunk of meat and I was like, "I guess we can thaw this outand put salt and pepper on it if we need to."

BrendanKing(04:33): I remember, we're not ramenpeople, and I was like back to college. Amy bought this giant box of ramen andI was like, "Thank you?" What else were we going to buy?

JustinCotler(04:44): It was wild because we werereally wondering what we were going to do. Our gym was shut down, our businesswas shut down. It was essentially our main source of income.

BrendanKing(04:52): It was our 100% [crosstalk00:04:53]

JustinCotler(04:54): We were joking around one dayand I think I might have just been chatting with Elrod about what's going onhere and he was asking about New York and I think on a whim he was just like,"Oh, you should move to Vegas. Things are pretty cool here."

BrendanKing(05:06): [crosstalk 00:05:06] Here's thething we've seen a lot is we've had people leave here and come back, and Elrodwas one of them, because they see how easy Vegas is as a city, and they hadgone down to Orlando and they came back, and we had other friends in commonthat came back, and I think he's a fan. He's officially a fan of here, but whenthey left it was for a change, only to come back. All of us who are here fromother places are like, "Vegas, come to Vegas." [crosstalk 00:05:37]

JustinCotler(05:36): I came here and met with you. Ithink we looked at 12 houses in about 12 hours.

BrendanKing(05:41): You were awesome. I knew youwere a CrossFit guy because you were like, "Yeah, no, good, no, no,next." [crosstalk 00:05:45]

JustinCotler(05:46): Then when I told her, amazinglyenough, I don't know why she trusted me, but she did, but sight unseen, a monthlater, right?

BrendanKing(05:56): She grilled you on it[crosstalk 00:05:58]

JustinCotler(05:57): She did but it was prettyawesome. Then of course we went with the one she liked the most. [crosstalk00:06:02]

AshleyCotler(06:01): Although it did not have an icemaker out of the refrigerator door.

BrendanKing(06:06): Oh, that's right. I rememberthat.

AshleyCotler(06:07): I'm still mad at you about thatBrendan.

BrendanKing(06:08): You should be. Actually youshould be. That was one of your must haves [crosstalk 00:06:13] the must havesbut kind of considering, it was a must have. I failed you.

AshleyCotler(06:17): I had moved out to New Yorkoriginally sight unseen. I didn't know there was life outside of Times Squareand here I didn't know there was life outside of the strip, but it's been avery pleasant surprise.

BrendanKing(06:26): And your [crosstalk 00:06:27]this is you guys. Red Rocks was one of the things I fell in love with, too,that got me out here, and being from New Jersey, commuting to New York City,having our first kid, we were in a similar situation. When you see how closenature is, you were saying you have workouts now in Mount Charleston. How canyou do that in Astoria, well, Central Park is pretty nice. [crosstalk 00:06:51]It's not easy to get to.

JustinCotler(06:51): It's not the same.

BrendanKing(06:52): Are you going to spend threehours getting there? Sometimes it could take you that long by the time you getthere.

AshleyCotler(06:58): And the elevation, there isn'tas high of mountains and terrain and all that kind of stuff either.

BrendanKing(07:04): That blew me away moving here,is the terrain elevation difference. You could drive 45 minutes and be in snowand then come down and swim in a pool the same day, like what? So you guysliterally pulled the trigger and just moved. Right?

JustinCotler(07:18): Yeah.

BrendanKing(07:18): Like pretty much it was amatter of, "Are we going to do this? Yes, we're going to do it." Thenyou did it. Now that you look back, what do you guys think of the move?

JustinCotler(07:29): Honestly, it's turned out to bean unbelievable decision. First of all, we love it here. We have a 4-year-oldand a 19-month-old now and the ability to be able to be outside year round, thecost of living, our house, back yard.

BrendanKing(07:47): Even when it's 110 [crosstalk00:07:48] people from out of state here the, "Oh, it's so hot, sohot."

JackPalermo(07:52): It's a dry heat, Brendan, it'sa dry heat. [crosstalk 00:07:55]

JustinCotler(07:54): But you know what? That is truebecause 85 and 90 in New York with 80% humidity...

JackPalermo(07:59): It's brutal.

JustinCotler(07:59): ... feels worse. [crosstalk00:08:01]

BrendanKing(08:01): And you get hit when you makethat turn into where the wind's coming down [crosstalk 00:08:06] if you've everlived there, you know. Winter, you get hit with cold. Summer you get hit withsmells that you don't [crosstalk 00:08:14]

JackPalermo(08:14): It's the difference between asauna and a steam room. [crosstalk 00:08:18]

JustinCotler(08:18): Listen, it's not to say wedidn't love New York.

BrendanKing(08:20): Oh, absolutely.

JustinCotler(08:20): Right? I just think once we gotout here and saw what Vegas had to offer, and then with everything that we'vebeen doing as far as fitness and starting an online fitness brand and stuffthat Ash is doing financially, it really has been just this kind of like thesnowball started and it just hasn't stopped.

BrendanKing(08:41): Rewinding. Your gym in Astoria,you still have the gym out there, right?

AshleyCotler(08:46): Yep.

JustinCotler(08:46): We do. It was shut down foreight months.

BrendanKing(08:49): So eight months at that time?

JustinCotler(08:50): Yeah.

BrendanKing(08:51): Geeze.

JustinCotler(08:51): It's Dynamics Fitness. CrossFitDynamics.

AshleyCotler(08:54): Which what motivated the movewas, because 100% of our income came from there, we knew the longer we stayedthere without knowing how long we'd be shut down for, we would just [crosstalk00:09:04] burn right through our savings. At least we knew if we moved tosomewhere that had a lower cost of living that at least, push comes to shove,if nothing happens immediately that we could live off of our savings for alonger period of time.

BrendanKing (09:16): You guys were smart enough tohave the business and have a savings. You were planning on bigger things, too,to do different businesses, which in a city like Astoria, or in New York City Ishould say...

AshleyCotler(09:29): It's hard to get ahead.

BrendanKing(09:30): It's hard to do, so kudos toyou guys to even be able to do that. Then I know you came here and you jumpedaround. Finding space is not easy ever since the pandemic, you'd assume it'seasy to find good space in Vegas, but other than space, you guys have built afew businesses. Tell me a little bit about both your businesses.

JustinCotler(09:52): It's kind of funny, becausewhen we first got here, there were several brainstorming sessions where wewould just sit down and talk about what's possible, what we can do. One of themwas the idea of creating an online fitness brand essentially. We've been in theCrossFit space a long time and I've had the pleasure of coaching reallyhigh-level CrossFit athletes for the past 12 years. We had the opportunity whenwe moved out here, one of the top female CrossFitters in the world, Kari Pearce,moved out here with us.

BrendanKing(10:27): Who is also, by the way, one ofthe nicest people on the planet. [crosstalk 00:10:30]

AshleyCotler(10:30): Nicest. The best.

BrendanKing(10:31): She's got eight abs, not six.[crosstalk 00:10:33] She really does.

AshleyCotler(10:35): Her abs have abs.

BrendanKing(10:35): You were nice enough to referher to us and we helped her find a rental and I think she came in a half-topthat day. I've never seen eight abs before [crosstalk 00:10:43]

JackPalermo(10:43): Do you think she'll lend metwo? [crosstalk 00:10:47]

JustinCotler(10:48): Kari moved with us and to makea long story short, all of a sudden it was kind of the great migration. Allthese athletes started coming to Vegas to work with us and so we started thisonline brand, this competitive brand called Underdogs Athletes and we offertemplate programming and individual programming to competitors all around theworld and it's really taken off. From there, it's been this amazing thing andnow we're going to have the opportunity to actually open an actual facility,brick and mortar, after for looking for that long. The online brand has reallyafforded us the ability to be able to take our time finding the right place whichI think now we have found and it's pretty amazing.

BrendanKing(11:37): Even in Vegas, if you don'tmind me even cutting in a little bit just for the fact that you can do thathere.

JustinCotler(11:44): Yes.

BrendanKing(11:44): If you were in Astoria and I upand moved you from Vegas to Astoria, would you be able to chill out in Chicago,for you, too, and then be like, "Oh, I'll take my time and find aplace." No. You just can't do that. In Vegas, you kind of have thatfreedom where you do have the ability a little bit with the cost of living toactually do that.

JustinCotler(12:04): Absolutely.

AshleyCotler(12:05): Really and truly, thedifficulty around the second wave in not finding a location actually was ablessing in disguise.

BrendanKing(12:13): Delta.

JustinCotler(12:13): It was a blessing.

AshleyCotler(12:13): It forced us to launch theonline programming.

BrendanKing(12:18): That's the same time for you,right?

AshleyCotler(12:18): Yeah.

BrendanKing(12:20): Like when Delta hit was whenyou guys dropped the online program?

AshleyCotler(12:24): Yep. It really snowballed andended up being initially a really stressful thing but it ended up turning intoa really big blessing in disguise.

BrendanKing(12:33): We've checked out the websiteand just knowing how dialed in you guys are in general, you guys are prettydialed in. When it comes to programming, I'm sure you're just insanely on it.[crosstalk 00:12:46]

AshleyCotler(12:47): It's a good thing we don't havea hidden camera at home, though. A lot of times we get [crosstalk 00:12:50]

BrendanKing(12:49): Come on, we all know [crosstalk00:12:51] my wife's got a business next door. I have a business. There's timeswhere I'm sure you've had 17,000 things on the table and you're like, "Ah,none of this works! I don't get it!" Then eventually it starts to makesome sense. The following clears from the storm and you're like, okay, this isstarting to make sense.

AshleyCotler(13:10): Yep.

JustinCotler(13:10): Yeah, so it's good. I think wemake a really good team because I'm more of the dreamer and I'll throw amillion ideas out and she'll reign us back in and because like, "Okay,this is feasible, this is feasible, this is feasible."

BrendanKing(13:25): Having a gym on top of MountKilimanjaro is not possible. [crosstalk 00:13:29] You're like, "Come on,it could work! It'll be cool." [crosstalk 00:13:32]

JustinCotler(13:32): That's been great and reallyand truly, it's been a really nice progression and we started really smartly, Ifeel like. We didn't go too big too fast, and now it's really starting to takeoff. The brand has become really one of the most recognizable in CrossFit nowand we have some of the best athletes in the world that are under our umbrellaessentially. It's been amazing how it's happened and I'm really excited now tobe able to bring headquarters to Vegas. [crosstalk 00:14:06]

BrendanKing(14:05): Us, too. I love to hear this.When someone takes a business, uproots it and then places it in Vegas as theplace where now you have a centralized headquarters, it's an easy place to getin and out. [crosstalk 00:14:20] If someone wants to fly from Berlin today,they can fly in from Berlin and coach with you for a day or go to a workshop, atwo-day, three-day workshop where you're going to have the best athletes, thebest programming, the best people there, nutritionists. You threw some ideas atme that you said you were working on where you're going to have some spaces forphysical therapists and trainers. That's awesome.

JackPalermo(14:39): That's awesome.

BrendanKing(14:40): That's very much like our artspace in the past where you're creating a place for people to flourish insomething that all these people love together in a city that's easy to get to.

JustinCotler(14:51): And in a city that's one of thegreatest destinations in the world. People want to come here.

BrendanKing(14:56): And they can go have fun atnight. [crosstalk 00:14:57]

JackPalermo(14:57): It's always fun.

BrendanKing(14:57): There may be a mocktini ifthere's an event coming up [crosstalk 00:15:02]

JustinCotler(15:01): It's amazing. They can do ityear round. [crosstalk 00:15:04] That's another thing. You go to New York andfour or five months out of the year, you're dealing with 30-degree weather andsnow and sleet and this, you come here and it's like this every single day.

BrendanKing(15:13): It really is.

JustinCotler(15:13): It's unbelievable.

BrendanKing(15:14): The sun does [crosstalk00:15:15]

JackPalermo(15:15): Another reason why we moved.

BrendanKing(15:18): Exactly. Chicago or New Jersey.I used to laugh because we'd have a storm come in and it'd be 14 days straightof rain and I'm like, is this serious right now? If I was an elite athlete,where would I go to sign up or have the opportunity to work with you? I knowyou don't just work with Joe Schmoe. It's got to be somebody who's got someskills, but how do they...

JackPalermo(15:42): So I couldn't sign up then?

BrendanKing(15:43): ... reach out to you.

JackPalermo(15:44): I couldn't sign up.

JustinCotler(15:45): Come on Jack, you could come,man. Yeah, Underdogs Athletics dot com, and then they can find us on Instagram,Underdogs Athletics.

BrendanKing(15:54): Because unlike us who lost ourInstagram page, yours is still around.

JustinCotler(15:57): Ours is still running.[crosstalk 00:15:59] Knock on wood on that. [crosstalk 00:16:00] We don't wantto lose that.

BrendanKing(16:02): I told Jack he mentioned theBears too many times and then they [crosstalk 00:16:09]

JackPalermo(16:09): They shot me down I guess.[crosstalk 00:16:09] Oh well.

BrendanKing(16:09): Green Bay or the Bears, myaccount would be gone. [crosstalk 00:16:13]

JustinCotler(16:13): That's where you can find usand we've got a ton of big things planned. We just launched a couple newprograms and for the new year we've got more programs coming and the CrossFitseason starts in January, so it's a good time for people to jump on board.

BrendanKing(16:28): It's exciting. Honestly,watching you guys go through your progression of coming here and working outall this, I'm super happy for you guys. You could see it was inevitable justfrom dreams and the way you guys work in general, but it's cool to see it cometo fruition and now you have your space. Is this name official? Can we announceit yet, or no?

JustinCotler(16:50): Officially the name of thefacility will be the Work District.

BrendanKing(16:55): That's cool.

JustinCotler(16:55): It will be the home ofUnderdogs Athletics headquarters. I'm sure some more businesses and more peoplewill gravitate there, because really it's going to be a big enough facility tohome a few different things.

BrendanKing(17:10): That's cool.

JackPalermo(17:11): That's awesome.

BrendanKing(17:12): Of course, you guys moved hereand you just don't start one business, you start two.

JackPalermo(17:16): Tell us about Beck Bode!

AshleyCotler(17:20): Beck Bode. Again, six days, twokids, two cars driving across the country, which in the grand scheme ofeverything I think was probably the easiest part of this entire [crosstalk00:17:32] before, middle, and after.

BrendanKing(17:34): It's easy to move out of a NewYork place because it's so small. [crosstalk 00:17:39] You moved your stuff andyou were like, "Oh, I have to buy more." More furniture, more stuff.

AshleyCotler(17:43): More stuff, fill the house.

BrendanKing(17:45): [crosstalk 00:17:45] that'swhat happened to us.

AshleyCotler(17:46): I don't know, I think weaccumulate too many toys, so I'm kind of happy there's a toy shortage going onright now. When we moved, again, it's talking to your friends, talking topeople that you trust and we had some investments in New York and we startedtalking to one of our friends more because Kari's business, her Power Absbusiness started growing [crosstalk 00:18:12]

BrendanKing(18:11): She's killing it.

AshleyCotler(18:12): Yeah, she is. [crosstalk 00:18:14]We all, again, we're a huge family, so we just always try to help everyone thebest ways that we can, so we started talking to one of our good friends and hewas like, "If you want a little bit more guidance when it comes to yourinvestments and your financial future..." And we were like, "Yeah,definitely." Because obviously, this whole thing was pulling the floorfrom out under our feet. We started talking and he linked us up with thiscompany called Beck Bode and they sent us a book. He and I both read it and wekind of got hooked, and this book literally explains their strategy to the T ofhow they invest, why they invest [crosstalk 00:18:53]

BrendanKing(18:52): Don't just slap your money in achecking account.

AshleyCotler(18:57): Right.

BrendanKing(18:58): It's much more in depth [crosstalk00:18:58]

AshleyCotler(18:58): It's like what are your goals?What are your short-term goals, what are your long-term goals? We actually hadsomeone sit with us, never talked about how many dollars and cents are in yourbank account, it's just where are you at? What are your short-term goals andyour long-term goals? Okay, now let's look at what you have and let's try toshuffle things around and let's make it work for you, make your money work foryou. It was the first time that someone actually set things in motion. Both ofthe owners are incredibly big into the fitness world, they both playedcollegiate sports. One of them played professionally, baseball, for a while, sofamily fitness finances have always been a big thing in their lives. They'vealways wanted to help people. Our goals aligned.

AshleyCotler(19:43): During the transition of usputting our money in with Beck Bode and coming up with a great financial planfor our family, they were like, "Hey, you know what? Your story is greatto tell." They were like, "We would love to get into more of thefitness world." [crosstalk 00:20:02]

BrendanKing(20:02): When you're from an arts orfitness world, if you go to school for sports or you go to school for arts, howmany financial classes does a person take? [crosstalk 00:20:15] Zero?[crosstalk 00:20:17] Who are our worst friends with finances? It's our artistand athlete friends. [crosstalk 00:20:21]

AshleyCotler(20:22): They need the most help withit.

BrendanKing(20:24): They're the most when it comesto passion about things they do, they're all in, but they really don't knowwhat the heck is in their account on a daily basis.

AshleyCotler(20:33): Right. Then when they do hit abig break where you've got a huge sum of money coming in [crosstalk 00:20:38]what do I do?

BrendanKing(20:39): In rolls the Lamborghini[crosstalk 00:20:42] a lot of times.

AshleyCotler(20:43): What do you do with it? What doyou smartly do with it? It's good to start when you're younger because again,you never know what life is [crosstalk 00:20:52]

BrendanKing(20:52): Compound interest and thingslike that.

AshleyCotler(20:52): Exactly. In a nutshell, withtheir company they had said, "You know, listen, we're headquartered inBoston. We would love to expand to the West Coast and have a Vegasoffice." I've slowly started working with the company, learning more aboutthe financials. I'm not a financial advisor. I won't be a financial advisor.[crosstalk 00:21:14] Really and truly, I'm just trying to help grow and expandtheir company through ways and methods that we've always tried to help people.

AshleyCotler(21:21): Our method with Dynamics and Ibelieve the reason why it was also so successful which led him to his wholeentire athlete was our motto was change your fitness, change your life. It'strue. We've always created an atmosphere for our athletes to be loving anddoing the best thing for them, both inside the gym and outside. We have them overfor barbecues or someone has a bad day, that's just who we are.

AshleyCotler(21:47): When we spoke with Beck Bode,our goals aligned. They are very similar people. They just want to help. Thereare a lot of bad people in the financial world that does bad things withpeople's money.

BrendanKing(21:58): That unfortunately see somebodyhave a windfall and put it in places that makes them more money, notnecessarily the client themselves. [crosstalk 00:22:06]

AshleyCotler(22:06): I'm here in Vegas.

BrendanKing(22:07): I've been there. I was there.When I was younger, I had a great opportunity and had a financial advisorcompletely abuse it [crosstalk 00:22:15] and do the one investment that madehim more money than it even made me.

JackPalermo(22:19): You shouldn't have used JordanBelfort, the Wolf of Wall Street. [crosstalk 00:22:22]

BrendanKing(22:22): That's pretty good.

AshleyCotler(22:27): So anyway, I'm here, out inVegas, just talking and trying to help people. I started running a monthly webpodcast with them, a webinar, Are you Financially Fit? Which just blends theworld of talking about their strategies and their lives, and essentiallyequating it to fitness. You got to start with the foundation. You start stepone, step two, step three. For me, finances have always been reallyoverwhelming but also really important. It's hard to know what questions to askin a world you don't know much about. It's hard to know where to start. I feellike I'm [crosstalk 00:23:06]

BrendanKing(23:06): I think athletes and artistsare assuming that the person doesn't have their best interests right up frontimmediately. [crosstalk 00:23:15]

AshleyCotler(23:14): Right. It's just reallycultivating a trusting process and really helping educate the people, whetherthey invest with Beck Bode or not. It's just important to educate people theright way, to ask the right questions, to understand that there is an easyprocess to getting your money to work for you in the future.

BrendanKing(23:38): I like your fitness blend forthe fact that, like we talked about, it's not something people are taught. Whenyou're a great athlete, "Hey, Johnny, you're going to be an amazingathlete, you're going to go to college, you're going to be a start."They're not like, "Oh, yeah, and by the way, you're going to get thrown$500,000." Or $100,000, it doesn't have to be millions like some of theseathletes, but they don't know how to deal with that. That's like a whole otherlevel. It's cool that you, in a starting point where you're facilitating thisin a place where you have athletes and they're not aware of these types ofthings, and of course other people too, not just athletes.

AshleyCotler(24:17): Not just athletes.

BrendanKing(24:18): I like your blend of that[crosstalk 00:24:20] financially fit.

AshleyCotler(24:22): I like meeting with people andfinancial advisors and learning more about this world, too. Since our move hereand re-evaluating everything that we did, our motto when from change yourfitness, change your life, and now we've started change your finances andchange your future, which is really true. With the way which we've organizednow, the businesses we've started since we've been here, we can really see apositive uptick and upswing and know financial goals we want to hit so that wecan buy a house.

BrendanKing(24:54): So we shouldn't all drop it inBitcoin right now? [crosstalk 00:24:59] but Underdogs Athletics is looking forinvestors. [crosstalk 00:25:04] It's amazing. It's cool to see this progressionfor you, and for both of you guys. Either way, if somebody were to reach out toyou with Beck Bode, what's the best way for somebody to do that?

AshleyCotler(25:16): Again, Instagram. AshleyCCotleris my Instagram handle. You can go on line, Beck Bode, they obviously[crosstalk 00:25:25]

BrendanKing(25:24): I love that leopard shot.That's awesome.

AshleyCotler(25:29): Yeah, it's great. It's great.[crosstalk 00:25:29] The first thing I would suggest is on the website, or evenon my Instagram, there is a way that you can sign up to get the free book whichexplains their entire strategy.

BrendanKing(25:39): Dancing with the Analysts.

AshleyCotler(25:41): Dancing with the Analysts isthe name of the book. You can sign up and get a free book, or if you're inVegas, I'll drop one off for you. For me, it was a really great way to learnthe basis of how the market works and why they do what they do. I like talkingto people about it, how it affects them or how it doesn't, or how they like thebook.

BrendanKing(26:03): Even only being a businessowner, I've owned other businesses in the past but I don't think my mind wasthere yet, and now I understand, I've been through coaching and things likethat, even financial coaching and coaching for real estate. When you have thatvision of it, your vision changes, too, for your own business. It's no longer likeget them in and just make them better and it's all going to get better, whenyou have the idea of okay this, and this, and this goes here and this goesthere, you kind of understand where you're going to be [crosstalk 00:26:36]

JustinCotler(26:35): Much better strategy.

BrendanKing(26:37): Which is a good strategy.

AshleyCotler(26:39): You can never allow yourself tostop learning in any capacity.

BrendanKing(26:44): That's your energy for both ofyou. The day you jumped off the plane, like I said, I could tell that was theinfectious energy you guys have. I don't think you know any better. [crosstalk00:26:55] I think we could drop you in the middle of the North Pole and you'dprobably figure it out. [crosstalk 00:27:01]

JustinCotler(27:00): She would [crosstalk 00:27:02]

BrendanKing(27:02): Polar bears are [crosstalk00:27:05]

JustinCotler(27:05): I just follow her lead.

BrendanKing(27:07): The fittest polar bears in theworld. [crosstalk 00:27:10]

AshleyCotler(27:09): I grew up in Wisconsin, thatwas close enough to the North Pole. [crosstalk 00:27:12]

BrendanKing(27:13): There's a reason why we alllive in Vegas now.

AshleyCotler(27:14): Go Packers.

BrendanKing(27:17): [crosstalk 00:27:17] She gotthat in.

JackPalermo(27:18): Everybody heard that, right?Bears. That's why we're split between Brendan, we can't sit next to each other[crosstalk 00:27:24]

AshleyCotler(27:23): Our record is enough of asplint. [crosstalk 00:27:25]

BrendanKing(27:25): I've got the Midwest battleright here [crosstalk 00:27:29] Speaking of football [crosstalk 00:27:32] hearyour story. We'll have all the links for everything for you guys and if you'reinterested, please reach out, absolutely.

BrendanKing(27:38): Speaking of football, not on agood note, but we're going to go into a little bit of local news. Henry Ruggs[crosstalk 00:27:47] jailed on a DUI change. This is awful.

JackPalermo(27:52): Awful.

JustinCotler(27:53): Awful.

BrendanKing(27:54): I don't know if I want to statemy opinion, because it's not a good one.

JackPalermo(27:57): It's awful.

JustinCotler(27:59): It's awful.

BrendanKing(27:59): It's pretty idiotic. It'sawful.

JackPalermo(28:02): He's released by the team. Hiscareer is over. [crosstalk 00:28:06] His life is over. The peoples' lives hetook, their lives are over. [crosstalk 00:28:13]

BrendanKing(28:12): It's awful.

JackPalermo(28:12): It's horrible.

BrendanKing(28:13): We have Uber and Lyft. Wedidn't have Uber and Lyft forever. I know his car is beautiful and whatever, wecould talk about that for days and days, but it's just awful. 156 miles an hour[crosstalk 00:28:25] I get nervous, I'm a wimp when it comes to cars, at 100miles, I'm like, "Oh, my car is shaking in a weird way." I'd ratherrun fast than have a car at 100 miles an hour. [crosstalk 00:28:36]

JustinCotler(28:35): It's terrifying. I think it's agreat, well, I should say not great, nothing about it is great, what happened,especially when you think about 21, 22-year-old athletes, the fact that youjust can't do that. The NFL now gives you the opportunity to have a service...

BrendanKing(28:57): They do.

JustinCotler(28:57): ... that you can actually call.It's one of those things [crosstalk 00:29:01] have a service you can call,they'll come and pick you're up if you've been drinking.

BrendanKing(29:05): Which none of us have. It'sprobably literally push one on your phone and we'll come get you.

JustinCotler(29:11): I know they tried really hardto prevent things like this from happening but it happens and it's just one ofthose things where you just hope. Then as parents [crosstalk 00:29:21] thinkabout [crosstalk 00:29:22]

BrendanKing(29:21): I've got two daughters, you'vegot two kids [crosstalk 00:29:25] it's completely terrifying. And 156 miles anhour [crosstalk 00:29:29] at three in the monitoring [crosstalk 00:29:31]

JustinCotler(29:30): While drinking. Double thelegal limit.

BrendanKing(29:33): No one needs to be anywherethat fast at three in the morning. [crosstalk 00:29:37] If you're late forpractice, maybe [crosstalk 00:29:39] but even then [crosstalk 00:29:40]

JackPalermo(29:40): I don't think he's going topractice at three in the morning.

BrendanKing(29:45): Either way, this news ishorrible.

JackPalermo(29:46): That was the bad news.

BrendanKing(29:49): That was the bad news.[crosstalk 00:29:51]

JackPalermo(29:52): The good news is for theRaiders coming off a bye week, they play the Giants. [crosstalk 00:29:57]

BrendanKing(29:57): Being from New Jersey andgrowing up a Giants fan [crosstalk 00:30:01]

JackPalermo(30:00): So sorry.

BrendanKing(30:00): I look up and I saw the oven, Iwas like, "Are we selling ovens now?" [crosstalk 00:30:04] They areplaying the Giants this weekend.

JackPalermo(30:10): In New York.

BrendanKing(30:11): They should wind.

JackPalermo(30:12): Coming out of a bye, they'rehealthy [crosstalk 00:30:14]

BrendanKing(30:13): Like we've said every week, ifyou live in New York right now, New York football is pretty atrocious, but theJets won.

JackPalermo(30:20): They just beat Cincinnati.[crosstalk 00:30:22]

BrendanKing(30:22): That's his team, that's David'steam.

JustinCotler(30:24): That's a big win. Cincinnati ispretty good.

BrendanKing(30:28): The Jets somehow pulled off awin, but I think this will be an easy one for the Raiders [crosstalk 00:30:35]

JackPalermo(30:35): It's like one bad thing afteranother, but they're [crosstalk 00:30:38]

BrendanKing(30:38): Somehow they've done better themore things thrown at them, so maybe [crosstalk 00:30:42]

JackPalermo(30:42): They're sitting on top of the[crosstalk 00:30:43]

BrendanKing(30:43): ... for them, who knows.

JustinCotler(30:45): Carr is playing great.[crosstalk 00:30:47]

JackPalermo(30:48): You know what? I think they'regoing to win. I grew up a Giants fan, I have no choice now, my kids are born inVegas, well, one is, one is a Jersey girl, I'm rooting for the Raiders forsure. [crosstalk 00:31:01] I have to say. Sorry family, but go Raiders.[crosstalk 00:31:07]

JackPalermo(31:06): Other sports news. Huge news.This morning this actually happened. Blockbuster trade. The Knights haveacquired Jack Eichel from the Buffalo Sabers who is young and a stud.

BrendanKing(31:21): I don't know much about thishim. What's the deal with this guy?

JackPalermo(31:22): He's a stud. He's a center,he's a stud. He scores. He's always in place. He is amazing.

BrendanKing(31:27): Are you guys hockey fans?

JustinCotler(31:28): Not really.

BrendanKing(31:30): I watched hockey as a kid,completely lost touch with hockey, but living here with the Golden Knights beinglaunched [crosstalk 00:31:38] I'm seeing literally 80-year-old ladies withGolden Knights tattoos in the supermarket [crosstalk 00:31:44]

JackPalermo(31:44): And all the sparkly goldjackets that they wear.

JustinCotler(31:46): I'm a native Floridian, grew upin Miami, [crosstalk 00:31:49] so hockey was not my thing.

BrendanKing(31:52): We had a good hockey team inhigh school so we'd go watch our buddies, but I lost touch with it. Being fromnow Vegas, it's pretty hard not to be a fan.

JackPalermo(32:01): It'd be hard not to be a fan.

BrendanKing(32:04): What's going on now, what'sgoing on with this? A's? What do you think? Yes? No? Maybe? Possibly?

JackPalermo(32:09): Rumor has it, I still thinkit's a very big possibility that the A's are going to be here in Las Vegas.They're looking at spots again. One of them is actually the Las Vegas FairGrounds. This is right on the boulevard and right across from the Sahara[crosstalk 00:32:24] which would be amazing, right there. It would be great.

BrendanKing(32:27): Then you could walk to any game.That's kind of like actually Denver. Denver is very similar. If you've everbeen to Denver, all the sports teams are all on the same street so you can goto the same bar for a football game, baseball game, whatever. Fingers crossed.

JackPalermo(32:43): If they come, great. If not,let's get an expansion team.

BrendanKing(32:46): Yeah, that's true. We weretalking about it before, how is the NBA or baseball not here yet? It's coming.

JackPalermo(32:52): It's coming.

JustinCotler(32:52): It has to. It has to.

BrendanKing(32:53): Like every other team wants tocome see their team here. Anybody from Wisconsin, they want to go get the heckout of [crosstalk 00:33:02]

AshleyCotler(33:01):I would think so.

BrendanKing(33:02): It's 20 degrees and the Packersare down south. You're going to get the heck out. I always see people in thestands, and they don't have a roof. It's got to be the coldest field in all offootball.

AshleyCotler(33:16): I took him to a game on NewYear's Day.

JustinCotler(33:17): It was snowing. Oh my God, itwas so cold. [crosstalk 00:33:20]

AshleyCotler(33:19): You lose your finger feeling atabout the third quarter.

JustinCotler(33:24): Your ability to talk, like yourmouth is frozen.

JackPalermo(33:25): You constantly move, constantlymove your toes, constantly move your fingers just for circulation. [crosstalk00:33:31]

BrendanKing(33:31): A's, get your butts over here.If not, let's start a new team.

JackPalermo(33:34): Start a new team.

BrendanKing(33:34): Jack's going to start a newteam called the Jacks.

JackPalermo(33:36): No, no.

BrendanKing(33:37): So we do have some listingsjust launched. Monarch Bay which we've already got a few offers on, 1.2million, awesome client of ours. Bachelor. He actually felt the house was toobig, moved out. This is a really well-kept home. He hasn't been there for a fewyears. He's living in an apartment now. The only reason I mention that is it'simmaculate. Already a few offers but that one is how many square feet is it? Wedon't have it.

JackPalermo(34:06): 4088.

BrendanKing(34:08): Yeah, I think that's right.[crosstalk 00:34:11] So 4008 square feet. Awesome home. Huge lot. DesertShores. Across from the restaurants and the beach, the beach entry is rightacross the street. Another one we have, what do we have here Jack?

JackPalermo (34:22): We're listing 5703 MesaMountain Drive. Just came on the market in the Amado neighborhood of SouthSummerlin.

BrendanKing(34:31): We've sold this same floor planat least five times.

JackPalermo(34:34): At least.

BrendanKing(34:37): What's that Denise? She'syelling. [crosstalk 00:34:39] Open house.

JackPalermo(34:39): We're getting there.

BrendanKing(34:40): We've got Denise yelling in thebackground.

JackPalermo(34:42): Denise is going to be there foran open house this Saturday and Sunday from 11 to three.

BrendanKing(34:46): Beautiful home, really wellkept. Honestly it sits, this is an unusual lot because the lot actually sits upagainst conversation land so this is never going to be built. The only otherlocations that have the same actual lot are like a million plus, a millionfive, a million four, in Red Rock, or Ridges. You've got the Golden Knightshockey rink there.

JustinCotler(35:09): Oh wow, look at that.

BrendanKing(35:10): It's not a rink. Sport court.

JackPalermo(35:13): There's no ice rink out there.

BrendanKing(35:14): No, there's no ice rink.That'll be melted in five minutes. Amado, this is actually my neighborhood.It's in the Mesas. Community pool, so if you're not ready for that pool yet,you have a great option to walk three blocks down, go the community pool. Theyhave insane Halloween which we just went through the other day. It's two daysof Halloween. There's fire pits and adult drinks and haunted houses and all ofthat kind of stuff. They do a lot of community events, food trucks, stuff likethat. Awesome home. Denise is the one to call. She's going to be there thisweekend actually for an open house. Can you back to that real quick, David?

BrendanKing(35:55): She'll be there for the openhouse this weekend, so Saturday and Sunday November 6 and 7 from 11 a.m. to 3p.m. awesome home. Go see Denise this weekend.

JackPalermo(36:05): Go see Denise.

BrendanKing(36:06): What are we giving away thisweekend, Denise? Loaf of French bread, right? [crosstalk 00:36:14] This is kindof cool.

AshleyCotler(36:15): We could go get the bread.

BrendanKing(36:18): There's a French chef acrossthe street, because of COVID. This is another good COVID story. I want to getthem on. They started an entire bakery in their garage and he's a Michelin starpastry chef. [crosstalk 00:36:30] They're legit.

JackPalermo(36:31): It's so good.

JustinCotler(36:32): That's so amazing. [crosstalk00:36:34]

AshleyCotler(36:34): We need to go get some breadthis weekend.

JustinCotler(36:34): Now I'm really hungry.

BrendanKing(36:35): We'll send you the Instagram.It's amazing. Any time we have an open house, we give away French bread andstuff like that. It's awesome. So good. Speaking of any home in Vegas rightnow, if you own a home, it's not worth what it was last year, that's for sure.Current Las Vegas home prices have skyrocketed several times this year. We'recurrently up 23.8% which if you're in the investment space, that's a goodreturn on your money.

AshleyCotler(37:10): Great return.

BrendanKing(37:12): It's kind of insane, 23.8compared with 19.8 nationally, so Vegas is a little higher than most of therest of the country, but Florida, Texas, Boise, Idaho, there's a whole bunch ofpockets that are seeing the same kind of inflation, or I should say increase inprice but Boise is the top [crosstalk 00:37:34] right now.

AshleyCotler(37:34): It's hot. Boise is hot.

BrendanKing(37:35): It's like an island more thanwe are [crosstalk 00:37:37] but they're even higher. If you're going to be arenter right now, what's the deal with that, Jack?

JackPalermo(37:42): Oh my God. So you are payinghundreds in applications fees.

BrendanKing(37:47): I think it's a little shiesty.

JackPalermo(37:48): It's insane. [crosstalk00:37:49] You've got your $75, your $100 application fee, and these people areout there sitting on them, waiting until they get them all.

BrendanKing(37:56): So you put in an application.

JackPalermo(37:58): Right.

BrendanKing(37:58): I put in an application. Ashleyputs an application. Justin puts one. David puts one and Denise puts one, andthen they pick how many people?

JackPalermo(38:05): One.

BrendanKing(38:05): So what do they do with theapplication fees?

JackPalermo(38:07): Keep it. [crosstalk 00:38:08]It's pretty crazy.

BrendanKing(38:10): Which in New York, I don'tthink they can do, or California.

AshleyCotler(38:13): I don't think so.

BrendanKing(38:13): It's pretty crazy. Somehow theyget away with it here. I don't see how that's the case, but for now, that'swhat it is and there's fury. They used the word fury. [crosstalk 00:38:23] Iagree, though. Some of these people, rents are up like 25, 30%. [crosstalk00:38:29]

JackPalermo(38:28): They were saying just for a onebedroom, the average is $1800 now. That's crazy for a one bedroom.

BrendanKing(38:36): And two beds for $2000. Theygot a rental house 16 months ago? 12 months? Where are we?

AshleyCotler(38:44): July?

JustinCotler(38:45):About 15 months.

BrendanKing(38:47): For $2000, right?

JustinCotler(38:47): Yep.

AshleyCotler(38:47): Yep.

BrendanKing(38:48): Now you'd have a two-bedroomapartment [crosstalk 00:38:52]

JustinCotler(38:53): It sounds like we're going backto New York, what's going on? [crosstalk 00:38:57]

BrendanKing(38:57): Don't say that. You said thatout loud. Don't say that. [crosstalk 00:39:02] obviously it's ridiculous.There's nothing we can do about it right now unless they change the rules ormake people stop.


Thecosts just add up. If you keep missing out and you keep giving another $100,another $100, next thing you know, you're thousands of dollars in withoutgetting a place.

BrendanKing(39:15): Which is why you need an agentwho is actually going to speak to the agent and make sure they put in what theyneed and get it done, because a lot of times, the agents just say, "Ohyeah, put it in yourself." Then they leave you high and dry.


Threethings a real estate agent says you'll regret in five years. These are kind ofinteresting. I'd love your take on this. Low-quality materials that lookfabulous. MDF, Ikea. I don't know, I kind of like Ikea furniture. [crosstalk00:39:46] everything we buy, two years from now it's negligent. But low-qualitymaterials that look fabulous. That's actually really big right now, thanks toPinterest and things like that.

JackPalermo(40:04): HGTV.

BrendanKing(40:05): Envy. People envy things thatpeople have and they try to create the same thing. Painted brick. I don't know,I like it. That's another one. [crosstalk 00:40:13] It reminds me of the city.

JackPalermo(40:16): I like regular exposed brick.

AshleyCotler(40:18): I like it because sometimes,depending on the colors of the house and the color of the brick, it kind ofmakes the house look dated.

BrendanKing(40:25): The darker tones [crosstalk00:40:27] the whitewash look. [crosstalk 00:40:30]

AshleyCotler(40:30): I like it.

BrendanKing(40:30): We did it on our house. We hada colonial house in New Jersey. We did it. I liked it, but I guess I'm datednow. Barn doors. This has been a trend for 10 years, eight years.

JackPalermo(40:43): Barn doors are cool.

BrendanKing(40:45): What they were saying in thisarticle is the reason why it ends up being a bad idea, say you have an office,you're running Underdogs in the office and you've got a barn door, there's nosoundproofing. It all gets around the sides. People build movie rooms withthese and all right that, and if you want to lock your kids in the room, it's abad door. [crosstalk 00:41:07]

JustinCotler(41:06): Aesthetically it looks nice butit's not really functional.

BrendanKing(41:09): Yeah. It swings out. Yeah, it'snot functional. So food-wise.

JackPalermo(41:13): Tell us about the first newrestaurant on the west side, Brendan.

BrendanKing(41:17): Before I even mention this,what's your take on Vegas food?

JustinCotler(41:21): I'm honestly very pleasantlysurprised since we've been here. Coming from New York...

BrendanKing(41:25): What do you hear all the timewhen you live in New York?

AshleyCotler(41:28): Best food ever.

JustinCotler(41:29): You can't get food like thisanywhere else.

BrendanKing(41:30): Best water, best pizza, bestbagels. [crosstalk 00:41:34]

AshleyCotler(41:34): There's no bagels here.

BrendanKing(41:35): My wife had an apartment on 108and Broadway when we were dating and there was a bagel shop right downstairsand when she moved to 13th, I was like, as long as there's a bagel shop rightdownstairs on the new place, we were like yes.

JustinCotler(41:49): Other than that, we've beenunbelievably pleasantly surprised. Especially like we have a couple of spotsclose to us, Italian food, which New York historically is really known for it,it's honestly just as good.

BrendanKing(42:02): Have you been to Mastrioni's?

JustinCotler(42:03): Yes.

BrendanKing(42:03): Great, right?

JustinCotler(42:04): Phenomenal. That's one of theones I'm talking about.

BrendanKing(42:04): Chicken piccata there is sogood.

JustinCotler(42:06): The shrimp scampi there isamazing.

BrendanKing(42:08): I haven't tried that.

JustinCotler(42:11): It's awesome, dude. [crosstalk 00:42:11]

BrendanKing(42:11): We always talk about food, soevery single week, literally, it feels like, we're launching four morerestaurants. On the west side, there's La Cruda By El Compa. So it's a sisterrestaurant to Birria El Compa. My Spanish is not good. This is going to be onValley View Boulevard which is over near China Town. The food looks amazing.Honestly, every week this just makes me hungry. What's the other one in theuniversity area?

JackPalermo(42:39): In the university area, we haveBack to the '80s Cafe & More, which is kind of cool. They have differentdesserts, time warp milk shakes [crosstalk 00:42:49] smoothies, burgers,sandwiches. They actually have the chili cheese Tetris tots, a Paul Reubensandwich, [crosstalk 00:42:59] Doc Brown burger, or a Culture Club sandwich,which is pretty cool. Full bar, arcade games, '80s memorabilia, 4755 SouthMaryland Parkway.

BrendanKing(43:10): How much is culture in generalabusing our generation [crosstalk 00:43:16] they are like, you all are parentsand you're from the '80s, we're going to just literally go to town on thisstuff. [crosstalk 00:43:23] My daughter walked out of the room the other day togo to school and I'm like, "You're wearing an outfit my friends wore in[crosstalk 00:43:30] 1990, '91. This is strange.

AshleyCotler(43:35): My daughter brought back a slapbracelet the other day [crosstalk 00:43:38] Halloween [crosstalk 00:43:40]

BrendanKing(43:39): Even the banana clip, the poofything, whatever it is.

JackPalermo(43:44): Scrunchy.

BrendanKing(43:45): Thank you, Jack.

JackPalermo(43:48): It's a poof thing.

JustinCotler(43:48): A poofy thing.

AshleyCotler(43:48): Let's just not bring back theramen noodle hair.

BrendanKing(43:50): Oh God, yeah. The boy perm isback.

AshleyCotler(43:54): Oh boy.

BrendanKing(43:54): We were at a concert the otherday, there were eight boys in a row on stage and they all had permed hair.[crosstalk 00:44:00] I was like that's crazy.

JustinCotler(44:01): That's crazy.

BrendanKing(44:02): That's insane.

AshleyCotler(44:03): Some things should be kept inthe '80s.

BrendanKing(44:04): Yeah, leave them there. As longas shoulder pads don't make [crosstalk 00:44:08]

JackPalermo(44:07): Also on the Westside, Trask’sChicken & Fish. It's kind of cool because me being from Chicago. [crosstalk00:44:16] It's based off of, it's not actually Trask's in Chicago but it'sbased off of the Southside Chicago chicken and fish places like J&J Fish,DiCola's on the Southside. There was Lawrence's Fishery, which is crazy becausemy buddy was just in Chicago and brought me a bottle of the hot sauce fromLawrence's. It has it's specific taste. If you want, I definitely recommend gotrying it out. I haven't tried it yet, but now that I see it, I'm going.

BrendanKing(44:40): I haven't heard of thesechicken and fish places. Of course, fu or pho, however you want to say it,everyone says it different, there's another pho restaurant which I think we'reat 1362 pho restaurants. District 7 Pho. Its broths for 20 hours to make thesoup, which is insane. This one is in the Northwest, definitely worth checkingout. Another one, but honestly, I think we literally have a thousand of them,but they're all good.

JackPalermo(45:08): They're all good.

BrendanKing(45:09): Korean food, Japanese food,Chinese food...

JackPalermo(45:12): Thai.

Brendan King (45:13): ... Thai here is justincredible. I think West Coast we're a little spoiled with all Asian forms offood. Oh, there's another. What was that sushi place I took you to that oneday? We need to add that next week. We'll talk to you guys next week.

JustinCotler(45:27): I was going to say we're goingto ask for some recommendations.

BrendanKing(45:30): It's near your house. It'sincredible.

JustinCotler(45:31): On some of this.

BrendanKing(45:32): So a couple of our clientsrecently rented a couple of properties and they're starting a show tonight. Itopens tonight, November 4, America's got talent, Las Vegas Live. We helped afew of the stars actually find homes in Vegas, and it's a pretty ridiculouslygood lineup. Who you looking out for on this one, Jack?

JackPalermo(45:55): Dustin Tavella.

BrendanKing(45:56): Kodi. Kodi is incredible.That's mine. [crosstalk 00:46:00]

JackPalermo(46:00): I don't know, I just saw himwalking around. [crosstalk 00:46:03]

BrendanKing(46:03): Awesome group. Awesome talentlineup. My kids love AGTL. I don't know if yours do, they love it. We know alot of these acts and it's kind of fun to see.

BrendanKing(46:14): On the other spectrum,residencies.

JackPalermo(46:17): They're coming back full, fullforce.

BrendanKing(46:19): It just keeps getting bigger.

JackPalermo(46:20): Yeah, bigger.

BrendanKing(46:20): I think a month ago we werelike, oh, a couple of amazing residencies, oh another few. Now we have what? Athousand?

JackPalermo(46:26): A thousand.

JustinCotler(46:26): How is that Gwen Stefani looksyounger?

JackPalermo(46:27): Gwen Stefani started thisweekend again.

BrendanKing(46:29): I know.

JustinCotler(46:29): She looks younger now than shedid 20 years ago. [crosstalk 00:46:33] That's how much work she's had done, amI right? [crosstalk 00:46:35]

JackPalermo(46:34): Oh my gosh. [crosstalk00:46:36]

BrendanKing(46:35): It's natural. It's natural.

JackPalermo(46:37): It's crazy. Look at her.

BrendanKing(46:39): She works out with theUnderdogs workout [crosstalk 00:46:43]

JustinCotler(46:43): It's unbelievable. [crosstalk00:46:45] she looks like she's 18.

JackPalermo(46:47): She's getting younger.

BrendanKing(46:48): So what are we looking for asfar as acts?

JackPalermo(46:50): She's going, she startedyesterday through the weekend. And then you've got Sting coming up here,Santana always has his deal. Derek Hough, the dancer guy is [crosstalk00:47:00]

JustinCotler(46:59): I love how you went from Stingto Santa to Derek Hough.

BrendanKing(47:05): My daughters are both going toDerek Hough this weekend.

JackPalermo(47:07): It's great. Let me know how itis. [crosstalk 00:47:10] I can't wait. Looking forward to it. [crosstalk00:47:13] Anyway, obviously I'm the one that's not a professional dancer at allon this team, but anyway, we've got some really cool people coming up. Somecomedians. Don't forget Terry Bradshaw.

JustinCotler(47:26): Terry Bradshaw?

BrendanKing(47:28): Yeah, it's a musical show,right? It's a musical act.

JackPalermo(47:32): Yeah.

JustinCotler(47:32): Wow.

BrendanKing(47:32): We talked about this a fewweeks ago. We had the same wow reaction. We were like Terry Bradshaw?

JustinCotler(47:36): Wow. [crosstalk 00:47:38]

BrendanKing(47:38): Not only does he talk aboutSunday football [crosstalk 00:47:42]

JackPalermo(47:41): He's also a singing, dancingmachine [crosstalk 00:47:46] Lots of new stuff coming up. Of course, you'vestill got Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars, all those. Rod Stewart. Of course BarryManilow.

BrendanKing(47:54): The Fanilows are out. TheFanilows are out.

JackPalermo(47:57): He's doing his Christmas showcoming up here shortly at the Westgate, don't forget. Lots of stuff coming up.Good stuff.

BrendanKing(48:05): It's ridiculous. We just addmore and more every single week. Like we mentioned in the intro, Kiss iscanceled.

JackPalermo(48:13): Kiss is canceled.

BrendanKing(48:14): We kind of knew this was comingas he already announced that he's selling his house and then they announced theshow is being canceled. I think that was a dead giveaway to me, but Kiss'Zappos Theater residency is canceled.

JackPalermo(48:27): Rolling Stone came out withthis article saying that they had substandard pandemic safety protocols duringtheir U.S. tour.

BrendanKing(48:33): He seems to me like he would bea mask and glove and [crosstalk 00:48:38]

JackPalermo(48:38): One of their guitar techs[crosstalk 00:48:40]

JustinCotler(48:41): All the accoutrements.

JackPalermo(48:41): One of their guitar techs, 53years old, caught COVID and died [crosstalk 00:48:45]

BrendanKing(48:45): Oh that's right.

JackPalermo(48:45): While in quarantine [crosstalk00:48:46] in his hotel room in Detroit. That was obviously sad for the band andthey're just taking a break.

BrendanKing(48:56): This just happened, too, wasn'tit the end of October I think?

JackPalermo(48:58): Yeah.

BrendanKing(48:59): I think that probably was animpetus for them to wrap it up, not that they're ever going to wrap it up. It'slike Cher, Kiss. Who are the ones that just never end?

JustinCotler(49:08): The Rolling Stones.

JackPalermo(49:08): The Rolling Stones.

BrendanKing(49:11): My dad is 79 years old. Icannot imagine my dad [crosstalk 00:49:16]

JustinCotler(49:15): He'd still be the youngest onein the band. [crosstalk 00:49:17]

AshleyCotler(49:17): How old is Madonna now?[crosstalk 00:49:17]

JustinCotler(49:17): In her 60s?

JackPalermo(49:17): Yeah, she's going to be upthere.

BrendanKing(49:23): Crazy. So either way, make sureif you want any of our texts at all, text VIP to 702-553-1955. Text VIP to702-553-1955. If you want the market update, text MARKET to the same number,702-553-1955. Directly to your phone. For food and drink specials as we createmore and more of these relationships, text 702-553-1955.

JackPalermo(49:51): Text DINE.

BrendanKing(49:52): What did I say?

JackPalermo(49:52): You just said text it.

BrendanKing(49:54): Oh yeah, there you go. TextDINE to 702-553-1955. Hey, Underdogs, Beck Bode [crosstalk 00:50:01]

JackPalermo(50:00): Thank you guys.

BrendanKing(50:01): We will let everybody knowabout all the links. Justin Cotler (50:04):


BrendanKing(50:04): Ashley and Justin, so nice tohave you. Amazing to watch your progression here in Vegas, and your story isridiculous.

JackPalermo(50:12): Inspirational.

BrendanKing(50:13): You guys should right a bookbecause I know I two years when you're killing it even more so, I know there'sgoing to be an amazing happy, not ending, but new beginning again, because whatyou guys have built is amazing and meeting all your athletes, I can see why youhad such a tight family at the gym, because all of them have been ridiculouslynice. Like Kari, like [crosstalk 00:50:38]

JustinCotler(50:39): Bethany [crosstalk 00:50:39]

BrendanKing(50:39): I didn't meet Bethany actually.

JustinCotler(50:40): Ali.

BrendanKing(50:41): Ali Scudds.

AshleyCotler(50:41): So great.

BrendanKing(50:42): Oh my God, just such nicepeople, but usually that comes from the top and I'm sure you guys helped builda lot of that culture, and they're just nice people.

JustinCotler(50:50): They are.

BrendanKing(50:51): They gravitate to you guys.Thank you so much.

JackPalermo(50:53): Thank you guys.

AshleyCotler(50:53): Thank you.

JustinCotler(50:53): Thank you. Thanks for havingus.

BrendanKing(50:56): Thank you, Jack, of course.

JackPalermo(50:57): Thank you, Brendan.

BrendanKing(50:58): Every week, of course, we'llsee you guys. Make sure you support. We'll send you guys all the links andwe'll see you next week. Have a good one.

JackPalermo(51:04): Take care.


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