July 29, 2021

November 16, 2021

Episode #5 "Unnamed Show"

Episode #5 "Unnamed Show" New Station Casino, Eviction moratorium, COVID cases rise, Indoor mask mandate, Rolling Stones No Filter Tour to Las Vegas, Simone Biles withdraws, Marc-Andre Fleury traded.

Brendan King and Denise Tipton discuss Real Estate and news in Las Vegas.

New Station Casino, Eviction moratorium, COVID cases rise, Indoor mask mandate, Rolling Stones No Filter Tour to Las Vegas, Simone Biles withdraws, Marc-Andre Fleury traded.Give away!

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Brendan from The Brendan King Group discusses the Market in Las Vegas for the week of July 15th - 21st

Station Casinos focused on Durango casino project in southwest valley | Las Vegas

Sisolak to discuss Nevada eviction plan in Wednesday news conference | Las Vegas Review-Journal / July 31st, renter to submit application for rental assistance to avoid evictions

FEMA surge team helps vaccinate Las Vegas as COVID cases rise | Las Vegas Review-Journal

3.8M travelers pass through Las Vegas’ McCarran Airport in June | Las Vegas Review-Journal

Nevada orders indoor mask mandate in high-transmission areas | Las Vegas Review-Journal

Bruno Mars, Usher set for masked-up shows on the Strip | Las Vegas Review-Journal

Rolling Stones No Filter Tour  | Allegiant Stadium | The Las Vegas concert will be on Nov. 6, 2021

Avelo launching Las Vegas-to-Sonoma flight service | Las Vegas Review-Journal

Featherblade Instagram

The Best New Restaurants in Las Vegas, June 2021 - Eater Vegas

Simone Biles withdraws from women's all-around final

Chicago Blackhawks 2021 NHL offseason: Marc-Andre Fleury traded from Vegas Golden Knights - Second City Hockey

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Transcript of Unnamed Show. Episode #5

Brendan King (00:05):

Hey, what's going on? It's Brendan King and-

Denise Tipton (00:06):

And Denise Tipton.

Brendan King (00:08):

... from the Brendan King Group at Simply Vegas. This is the Unnamed Show Number Five.

Denise Tipton (00:15):

That's right.

Brendan King (00:15):

Still unnamed, like I said, we like it that way. It's all good. As always make sure you text 702... I should say text "Aviators" to 702-553-1955. We are giving away tickets to the Aviators game. 702-553-1955. Aviators are actually on a run ever since July 4th, winning 14 out of 21 games. Still, eight games at a first place, but they're on a roll. So literally they've won 14 out of 21 ever since July 4th. So if you want to check out the game while they're killing it right now,-

Denise Tipton (00:51):

Let's go.

Brendan King (00:51):

... absolutely text "Aviators" to 702-553-1955. For some odd reason, that's really hard for me to spit out.

Denise Tipton (01:00):

You know why? Because the 553.

Brendan King (01:01):

It's the 553. I think it is.

Denise Tipton (01:03):


Brendan King (01:03):

But of course, yeah, we have every single home game. We have four tickets, so feel free to text us once you get on our list and we'll reach out to you every time we have a couple of tickets to give away. So first up, Ms. Denise, what's going on?

Denise Tipton (01:18):

Mr. Brendan, we have a market update and, folks, if you don't know where to find that you need to follow us on Facebook, on Instagram, on YouTube, on TikTok and check your emails because we do a Monday market update every single week on Monday. And let you know what the market is doing here in Las Vegas for real estate. It's important to know these things. That's just interesting as well.

Brendan King (01:41):

Yeah, and sometimes it's just a lot of data. If you're not interested in it, don't read it, but it is great. It does have a lot of info about the market every single week. So moving on, there is one huge announcement I've been driving past this sign for... I almost said 20 years. The sign's been there for 20 years, I think.

Denise Tipton (01:59):


Brendan King (01:59):

I happened to live in the Southwest, but in the area where the [215 Benz 00:02:05] around, there is a casino coming with Station Casinos. It's called the Durango project for now. I don't know what the final name is.

Denise Tipton (02:13):

I'm going to guess. Durango Station.

Brendan King (02:16):

Possibly. That is possible. We don't know any real details. The nice thing is right around that same area, you have Ikea, you have The Bend coming with Dapper development is doing that one, and then you have the UnCommons as well. Both of these like, look, work, life, harmony, an inspiring workplace. Obviously, something new and different for Vegas, which is exciting to see.

Denise Tipton (02:39):

Yeah, for sure.

Brendan King (02:40):

There's Ikea, nothing new about Ikea. It's the same everywhere around the country.

Denise Tipton (02:45):

But it's cool.

Brendan King (02:46):

But it is fun. It is a place where you can get lost and never find a way out until you have to purchase something. But, yeah, after 20 years in the work, Station Casinos which is the great company that does Red Rock Casino, Aliante, Green Valley-

Denise Tipton (03:02):

Boulder Station, Sunset Station.

Brendan King (03:03):


Denise Tipton (03:03):

Green Valley Ranch.

Brendan King (03:05):

They're always do a great job, especially on Red Rock Casino because it's going to be another place with restaurants and things to do in the Southwest area, which is pretty exciting.

Denise Tipton (03:13):

Yeah. I'm really excited because it's right down the street from me and I love the Station Casinos projects and their properties. They love locals and they take care of you and they do a great job with restaurants, but we are going to have to talk about the eviction moratorium.

Brendan King (03:30):

Yeah. So eviction moratoriums ending... It's ending, but it's not. I think the last time we mentioned this, I had the same comment. So, July 31st is actually the end of the eviction moratorium. However, renters can submit an application for rental assistance to avoid evictions. So anything like this when we mentioned this on the show every week, we'll have links to everything, either in the bio or we'll have a quick link in Instagram to a page on our website where you'll have all the information. But so if anybody does need any kind of rental assistance due to the fact that the eviction moratoriums coming or ending, I should say, feel free to check out the link and get some more information on that. I think it's going to be changing day by day until everything gets worked out.

Denise Tipton (04:18):

But let's jump into, unfortunately, some not great news. COVID cases are increasing in our area. We've got 1,179 COVID cases that were reported, 20 deaths, and the positivity rate is hitting 14%. And that's really unfortunate. FEMA is here to help us with that. They're doing pop-ups. So if you don't have transportation, they're going to be in your area. You can either get educated about the vaccines and/or get a shot, but you also go to any drug store and say, "Hi, I'd like to get a COVID shot." Again, what we think is happening is because Las Vegas is such a huge tourist destination, right?

Brendan King (04:57):


Denise Tipton (04:57):

We've got a lot of folks coming in here-

Brendan King (04:59):

And not even from other countries right now, it's just mostly people.

Denise Tipton (05:01):

Yeah, mostly US.

Brendan King (05:03):


Denise Tipton (05:03):

So we've got some folks and they're having a great time and they're having a great time in the casinos and the clubs and whatnot. And unfortunately, we've got that rise in rates, but we are seeing an increase of travelers coming through McCarran, which is fantastic. We're at 3.8 million. That's June 2020 to June... 2019, because 2020 is an asterisk year. Just like the Houston Astros, they're asterisk.

Brendan King (05:28):

But 3.8 million travelers, that's a ton.

Denise Tipton (05:30):

That's a ton. It's only down 14%. June 2019, it was at, I think, 4.4. And our international travelers are not where they need to be. They're down 87%. Again, June 2021 versus June 2019. But again, let's all just mask up and-

Brendan King (05:49):

Yeah, and as of Friday, actually, that is the case. So in Nevada, indoor mask mandate starts on Friday. So as of Friday, everyone is... It's a mandate, so the mask mandate for high transmission areas. So employers, businesses have the right to require people to wear a mask in high transmission areas.

Denise Tipton (06:12):


Brendan King (06:12):

So starting Friday and speaking of that, on a good news, you can wear a mask at...

Denise Tipton (06:19):

At Bruno Mars and at Usher. So, they won't be masked because they got to sing and dance and they do a great job of both of those things. But you can go out and check them out. I would love to go to Bruno Mars. Know anybody? Let me up.

Brendan King (06:31):

He's amazing. I've seen him live. Honestly, he's... I've seen Usher live and I've seen Bruno Mars live. Bruno Mars is incredible.

Denise Tipton (06:37):

I'm going to punch you and I'm jealous.

Brendan King (06:38):

Literally, it's like watching somebody run a marathon twice while still singing and dancing and entertaining people. And he's throwing himself in his splits, screaming at the highest notes possible. It's pretty incredible.

Denise Tipton (06:53):

Yeah, I love his songs.

Brendan King (06:53):

And his band's amazing like his whole band like dances with them, all the instruments and everything. They're pretty amazing.

Denise Tipton (07:00):

And what also is pretty amazing is the Rolling Stones are going to tour. It's called the No Filter Tour. Tickets go on sale tomorrow, July 30th, so let's check that out. It's going to be at Allegiant stadium. It's going to be on November 6th and tickets prices start at 113 and go up to 650, which is not bad, I suppose.

Brendan King (07:23):

Yeah. Yeah. You know what? There's a lot of cool options there. Everything from standing room, down on the field, all the way up to luxury boxes.

Denise Tipton (07:31):


Brendan King (07:32):

So the nice thing about Vegas is Vegas does it right.

Denise Tipton (07:35):


Brendan King (07:35):

I've been to concerts even at T-Mobile Arena and there you have so many options of types of seats and where you can sit, so I think they'll probably do an amazing job.

Denise Tipton (07:44):

Absolutely, yeah.

Brendan King (07:45):

I heard a Garth Brooks was pretty insane, so I'm sure Rolling Stones is going to be just as good.

Denise Tipton (07:50):

It'd be crazy. Yeah.

Brendan King (07:50):

So moving on from that, if you don't want to be in Vegas and you want to head to California as of... Let me see the date here, July 30th. I should say July 30th is actually Rolling Stone, so let me move on from that. Avelo is launching Las Vegas to Sonoma flight service. So in the past you'd have to fly into San Francisco and then rent a car or have somebody pick you up or take a shuttle, now you can actually take a flight directly to Sonoma for either 39 or $59 each way.

Denise Tipton (08:23):

That's amazing.

Brendan King (08:23):

So it's not a round trip, but $39 each way or $59, depending on what day you choose. I think it's 39, 49 and 59.

Denise Tipton (08:31):


Brendan King (08:31):

And it's, I think, three or four days a week. So if you go to the Avelo website, A-V-E-L-O, you can get direct flights to Sonoma, which if you don't know where that is, it's right next to Napa in wine country in California. It's pretty cool. We're actually heading out there in September, I believe, but we're not on this flight because we didn't know it existed, which would have been nice, but we're looking forward to it. But if you want to be out there too, starting August 30th, you can already book flights. [David 00:09:02] and I were on the site today, checking out things, and I think you popped down too.

Denise Tipton (09:06):

Yeah, because I love wine and I love Napa. So, there we go.

Brendan King (09:11):

So another really, really positive, I guess you could say, import from England, there's a company called Featherblade or I should say business, not company. There's a small business. He's a butcher. He's actually trained at some of the top places in England just before COVID, he was able to get out of England and get to the States and get his business set up here. David and I had popped over there and met him. Honestly, amazing guy, Martin Kirrane and he's a head-to-toe butcher and does a dry-aged beef, and he's actually going to set up a whole charcuterie section. Awesome guy. We're going to do an interview with him within the next week or two, look out for that, but honestly, really, really interesting guy trained with some of the best in London. So I think it's going to be a nice addition to Las Vegas. It's off Charleston...

Denise Tipton (10:10):

Charleston and Durango.

Brendan King (10:11):

Charleston and Durango actually, so easy to get to. Check it out on Instagram, it's Featherblade. So if you check out Featherblade on Instagram, you'll definitely see some amazing shots of-

Denise Tipton (10:23):

Yummy, yummy beef.

Brendan King (10:25):

... beef. But he's really talented and awesome. Actually, a really awesome guy.

Denise Tipton (10:30):

And let's segue right into Eater Vegas. If you guys haven't checked out that website, it is fantastic. They basically do a hot spot. Right now, they've got 16 restaurants that are hitting the hot spots. Some are on the Strip and some are local. And number one on the list right now is Mr. Fries Man over at 4040 West Craig. Who does not like fries? Brendan, do you like fries?

Brendan King (10:53):

Yeah. Oh, no. I like fries. I'll eat fries any day.

Denise Tipton (10:55):

Who doesn't like fries?

Brendan King (10:56):

But even in general on eater.com or Eater Vegas, I think you have to actually go to Eater, then look at the city. So you choose Las Vegas.

Denise Tipton (11:03):

Yes, exactly.

Brendan King (11:04):

It's got a million options for a food choices, whether you like Italian, Thai, whatever it is, you can narrow it down with filters and choose all sorts of different things.

Denise Tipton (11:14):

Yeah, and that's great when you travel too like if you go to Sonoma or Napa.

Brendan King (11:17):


Denise Tipton (11:18):

You can put that in.

Brendan King (11:18):

I think they do have Eater Napa or Sonoma as well. I don't know. Check it out, go to the site. So what's going on in a gymnastics? There's a small rumor that something's going on.

Denise Tipton (11:28):

The Olympics, so sad.

Brendan King (11:29):


Denise Tipton (11:29):

Simone Biles, She withdrew from all competition. So again, really sad, but she's got to take care of herself and even though she withdrew the women's took first, right?

Brendan King (11:41):


Denise Tipton (11:42):

Yeah, the team. So, very excited.

Brendan King (11:43):

Yeah. All the team took silver and then in the all around, we still actually won the gold, which is amazing.

Denise Tipton (11:49):

Yeah, very exciting.

Brendan King (11:50):

So, congrats and sorry to hear about Simone, but I'm sure she's still the GOAT.

Denise Tipton (11:57):

Still the GOAT.

Brendan King (11:58):

Honestly, some of the tumbling passes that I've seen her do, I know guys that are not capable of it and I have a lot of talented friends, but yeah, she's incredible. So all the best. So Olympic medal count. So Vegas... I should say Vegas, oh, my God. United States of America, we're in second as far as gold medals are concerned. But we're at 37 total, so we're actually sitting pretty at number one as far as medal total. And there's actually been a few locals that have won medals.

Denise Tipton (12:28):

Erica Sullivan, she's from Vegas.

Brendan King (12:31):

Yeah. I don't remember all the names, but I know that they're all from Sandpipers. They all swim for Sandpipers. Jack on our team, his nephews actually swim for Sandpipers. So congrats to everybody over at Sandpipers, little local swim team that honestly is killing it in the Olympics, which is amazing to see. Yeah, go Vegas. On worst news, in my opinion, is Marc-Andre Fleury is going to the Blackhawks. So, Jack is from Chicago. Jackson, big Blackhawks fan.

Denise Tipton (13:09):

He's excited.

Brendan King (13:09):

Yeah, this isn't good.

Denise Tipton (13:11):

We're sad.

Brendan King (13:11):

My wife texts me. She's out of town. She said, does this mean the bromance is over? And I will say the bromance is never over, Marc-Andre. You're always in my heart. But, man, this is sad. I know a lot of people are going to be pretty upset about this. He won goalie of the year.

Denise Tipton (13:27):

Yeah, Vezina Trophy.

Brendan King (13:28):

I think it's traded and supposedly no one even called him to tell him. He found out on Twitter. I don't know the truth to that.

Denise Tipton (13:35):

That's awkward at that.

Brendan King (13:36):

But either way, it's pretty sad. Hey, thank you so much for everything, Fleury. Everybody here is definitely going to miss you. So all the best at Blackhawks. Blackhawks, no.

Denise Tipton (13:48):

All right. That's okay. That's okay. The Golden Knights are still going to... He's strong.

Brendan King (13:52):

But again, if you want to get any of this information, we'll have everything in the notes. We'll have links to a website where we'll have a link outs to any of the information you heard today. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook-

Denise Tipton (14:07):


Brendan King (14:07):

... YouTube, TikTok. So all of its King Vegas Homes, check out everything we have going on there and stay tuned for a lot of different interviews with local businesses. And by the way, don't forget, text "Aviators" to 702-553-1955. Lots of five, 702-553-1955. Don't forget to text "Aviators". Again-

Denise Tipton (14:31):


Brendan King (14:34):


Denise Tipton (14:36):

That's right.

Brendan King (14:36):

Thank you so much. Thank you, Denise.

Denise Tipton (14:38):

Thank you, Brendan.

Brendan King (14:39):

I appreciate it. Again, if you have any questions on anything, feel free to reach out to us. Give us a call, check out our website or follow us on social media. We'll see you guys next week.

Denise Tipton (14:47):


Brendan King (14:48):

Have a good one.

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