October 21, 2021

November 16, 2021

Episode #17 of “Unnamed Show”

Episode #17 of “Unnamed Show” | In this episode Brendan King and Caroline Lauzon discuss the Raiders big win, Moon-themed resort set to launch in Las Vegas, EDC at the Motor Speedway, and oh no Celine postpones her residency at Resorts World.

In this episode Brendan King and Caroline Lauzon discuss discuss the Raiders big win, Moon-themed resort set to launch in Las Vegas, EDC at the Motor Speedway, and oh no Celine postpones her residency at Resorts World, Raider power rankings, forecast for Las Vegas home value and sale, Developer hopes to break ground on $850M Las Vegas hotel, Fashion Show Mall on Las Vegas Strip to become dog-friendly property, Brightline West train would serve downtown Los Angeles, Boring Company’s Vegas Loop plans approved by county, and Plant-based fast food restaurant opens in northwest Las Vegas Valley.

Weather is going to nice and a little chilly for EDC

00:36: Las Vegas, NV Weekend Weather Forecast - The Weather Channel | Weather.com


01:59: C Las Vegas | October 22-24, 2021 | Las Vegas Motor Speedway


03:13: Power Rankings: Raiders rise after big road win over Denver


04:40: Game Preview: Can Raiders head into bye week with a win over the Eagles?


Real Estate

11:00 : Zillow September 2021-September 2022 Home Value & Sale Forecast - Zillow Research



Fasting growing cities for entrepreneurs 


11:00 : Zillow Pauses Home Purchases as Snags Hit Tech-Powered Flipping



14:38 : Developer hopes to break ground on $850M Las Vegas hotel in early ’22 


17:26 Clark County approves $55M Las Vegas Strip land purchase | Las Vegas Review-Journal


18:11: Fashion Show Mall on Las Vegas Strip to become dog-friendly property | News | fox5vegas.com


19:48 : Moon-themed resort set to launch in Las Vegas



26:05 : Brightline West train would serve downtown Los Angeles, Inland Empire 



28:58: Boring Company’s Vegas Loop plans approved by county | Las Vegas Review-Journal



29:49 : Celine Dion delays Las Vegas residency for health reasons | Las Vegas Review-Journal



31:36 : HBO series shows Pahrump’s zany, heartfelt TV station | Las Vegas Review-Journal



32:57 : Plant-based fast food restaurant opens in northwest Las Vegas Valley 




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This is transcribed (accuracy not guaranteed)

Brendan King (00:36): Hey, what's going on? This isepisode number 17 of the Unnamed Show. I'm Brendan King from the Brendan KingGroup at Simply Vegas.

Caroline Lauzon (00:43): And I'm Caroline Lauzon fromthe Brendan King Group at Simply Vegas.

Brendan King (00:46): What's going on, Caroline?

Caroline Lauzon (00:48): Not much, not much.

Brendan King (00:49): Another Unnamed Show.

Caroline Lauzon (00:51): Yes.

Brendan King (00:51): Yeah. So of course, as alwaystext VIP to 702-553-1955. If you'd like to join our text list, text VIP to702-553-1955 and you can get on our text list for all sorts of differentthings, whether it's market update, food, wine. Whatever it is we're trying toget together as far as events are concerned, text us. So weather, holy cow.

Caroline Lauzon (01:18): Yes.

Brendan King (01:20): It is nice.

Caroline Lauzon (01:20): It is nice in Vegas. I got tolove the fall in the spring in Vegas. It's so perfect. I wish it was alwayslike this.

Brendan King (01:25): I know. This is like LA always-

Caroline Lauzon (01:28): Yes.

Brendan King (01:28): But we get it for all winter.

Caroline Lauzon (01:30): Yeah, exactly. But it's prettynice. The weather's going to be nice and a little chilly for EDC, so people aregoing to get to enjoy being outside for the three day festival.

Brendan King (01:43): As opposed to the old date whenit was-

Caroline Lauzon (01:43): It was so high.

Brendan King (01:43): Like 105 degrees.

Caroline Lauzon (01:43): Yeah, totally. So Friday,partly cloudy with highs of 83, low of 56. Saturday, partly cloudy, 76 and 55and Sunday, partly cloudy, high of 79 and low of 59, so perfect weather forbeing outside and enjoying some loud music.

Brendan King (01:59): Indeed, hundreds of thousandsof people, they're going to come and come to EDC.

Caroline Lauzon (02:05): It's literally perfect.

Brendan King (02:05): So what is EDC?

Caroline Lauzon (02:08): It's a big music festival,Electronic Daisy Carnival, I believe is what it stands for. Very popular. Likeyou said, hundreds of thousands of people just come to town to enjoy theelectronic music, but it's so much more than that.

Brendan King (02:22): Oh my gosh, look at this thing.The cosmic meadow, the Kinetic FIELD, nomads LAND, waste LAND. Oh my, this isinsane.

David (02:28): Hey Brandon, have you everbeen?

Brendan King (02:29): No, I haven't actually.

David (02:30): You should go. This is the yearwe should go. What do you think, guys?

Caroline Lauzon (02:32): We should go.

Brendan King (02:34): I don't know if I have a properoutfit for this. I'm going to have to do some shopping, definitely.

Caroline Lauzon (02:40): Let's go to a Halloween store.I'm sure we can get something. This is a-

Brendan King (02:42): We'll just wear our Halloweencostumes a week early.

David (02:45): But definitely check out thelink. There's so much to do there, so we have the link below and it's got-

Brendan King (02:49): It's like a carnival slashconcert slash rave. It's pretty much a rave. It's a rave like hyped up.

Caroline Lauzon (02:58): There're shuttles from theStrip and it's really well organized. It's great. If you have a chance or ifyou want to go last minute, there's also really cheap tickets if you want toreally last minute. I know some people who just... It's a typical last minute,so it's possible. [crosstalk 00:03:13]

Brendan King (03:13): I know a lot of Airbnb ownersare making a killing this week. So if you are an Airbnb owner, congrats. I knowthis is your biggest week of the year. And then obviously on the sports note,we are looking good. The Raiders win 34-24 over the Broncos, which now they'veactually moved up in the rankings. I know you're a massive football fan. I knowyou're happy. So current ranking with nfl.com, they've actually moved from 18to 15, and on ESPN, they've moved from 17 to 13.

Caroline Lauzon (03:49): That's exciting.

Brendan King (03:49): So honestly, they're lookingreally, really good. New coach, well temporary coach, but he's been doing agreat job and it sounds like everybody's really excited right now.

David (03:58): Yeah, to get the road win witheverything that happened was incredible.

Brendan King (04:02): Yeah. After a lot of drama intown for a little while, I think that was a happy change for everybody to havea big win out of town. So we actually have a ton of stuff for you today, andspeaking of Raiders, they kick off on Sunday, 1:05 PM at Allegiance Stadium andit against the Eagles. My mom's originally born in the Philadelphia area. Myuncle was a huge Eagles fan. I've got a good friend in LA that I'm going tohave to start a text war with on Sunday at 1:05 PM. He's going to get a big oldRaiders helmet in his text. But yeah. So good luck to the Raiders on Sundayagainst the Eagles.

Caroline Lauzon (04:40): One of [inaudible 00:04:40].

Brendan King (04:40): All my family back east aredone, because the Raiders are going to move up again.

David (04:45): And they get a bye week afterthat so they can-

Brendan King (04:47): Get little rest.

David (04:48): ... heal up a little bit.

Brendan King (04:48): Yeah, we're good.

David (04:49): If we can win going into thebye, that's going to be awesome.

Brendan King (04:51): David's our sports master, oursports enthusiasts. So if you always hear him in the God mic giving us the realdeal and then yeah. So that's going to be great. And then moving on to anotherbig win, somebody recently purchased a house and completely remodeled it andyou're what, 80, 90% of the way there?

Caroline Lauzon (05:14): Yeah. I would say 90%. Just theoutside and the fireplace area. But yeah, it was a completely remodel.

Brendan King (05:22): If David's our resident sportsmaster, then you're our resident designer, for sure.

Caroline Lauzon (05:28): Yes. I love it. I love it somuch and I walked into that place and you'll see, it was pretty ugly, and Ijust saw the potential. I liked the layout, I liked the location where it wasand well, it's nice to see it come to life as usual. I was like, "okay,this, this, this," and then it's coming to life and it's very exciting.

Brendan King (05:48): Yeah. And we've seen theprogression and we'll check out some photos here. Honestly, oh my God.

Caroline Lauzon (05:53): So this is how I-

Brendan King (05:54): This is after?

Caroline Lauzon (05:55): This is what I fell in lovewith. Can you imagine all this wallpaper and the original kitchen, theappliances were, except the microwave, everything was original, very oldwallpaper.

Brendan King (06:07): Vintage, I like to say.

Caroline Lauzon (06:08): Yeah, it was very vintage,let's just put it this way. But we went ahead and redid everything, newcabinets, new counter.

Brendan King (06:18): So even just those two shotsright there, what can you say that you replaced there? Did you rip out all thecabinets?

Caroline Lauzon (06:20): All the cabinets, newcountertops, new appliances back splash and then those beautiful shelves.

Brendan King (06:25): The shelves are amazing.

Caroline Lauzon (06:26): Just got to give a big shoutout to Reclaim Secrets. It's a little local wood shop.

Brendan King (06:30): I know you keep telling us,when we need to do a team thing there. My wife would love it too.

Caroline Lauzon (06:34): It's amazing what they can do.His brother actually goes and cuts the trees, and so he sends them here, bringsthem here and so these are like-

Brendan King (06:43): Are they like beetle trees thathave been damaged? Where do they get the... because it's reclaimed wood, right?

Caroline Lauzon (06:50): Yeah. Well, we'd have to askAndrew. Andrew Moore is the owner.

Brendan King (06:55): At Reclaimed Secrets.

Caroline Lauzon (06:57): All the details on the wood andwhere they get it, but it's unreal. They do anything. You walk in there andit's pieces of wood. You say, "Okay, I want walnut and I want to do amental." I want a table. They do the epoxy in the middle.

Brendan King (07:09): They do a living edge?

Caroline Lauzon (07:10): They do everything custom.

Brendan King (07:10): Yeah. That's my favorite. Andthose shelves were living edge? Did they have the... or were they square edge?

Caroline Lauzon (07:16): In the back, there's a littlebit, but in the front I had asked to make it square in the kitchen.

Brendan King (07:21): Yeah, that's cool.

Caroline Lauzon (07:23): But in my previous house, I hadthe live edge style.

Brendan King (07:25): I think I was picturing yourold house.

Caroline Lauzon (07:26): This one-

Brendan King (07:28): It looks so nice though. If youdon't mind me asking, what was your budget for the whole renovation?

Caroline Lauzon (07:34): Around 20,000 for the wholehouse.

Brendan King (07:37): Which is great. All newcabinets, all new appliances, like you said, paint, baseboards-

Caroline Lauzon (07:41): Floors.

Brendan King (07:42): Door molding, floors. That's aton.

Caroline Lauzon (07:46): With all details handles andlights and stuff, I'm sure it would be a little bit over. And of course, carpetand tile I had to buy separately, but I got a killer deal on the tile. Butyeah, overall I would say around 20,000.

Brendan King (07:58): Great.

Caroline Lauzon (07:59): Yeah, the place is brand newfrom top to bottom and very excited.

Brendan King (08:03): Looks like 50s, oh my gosh.

Caroline Lauzon (08:08): When I showed these pictures tomy friends and I said, "This is what I bought," they were like,"What are you doing?"

Brendan King (08:14): Yeah. Look at that. That's acomplete transformation. It looks great.

Caroline Lauzon (08:17): The floor, the herring bone isvery in right now. And yeah, it's a little bit sterile at the moment with thewhites everywhere and I have a lot of little decor to still put and little loveto put in there, but overall, the basics-

Brendan King (08:30): But I think we can showeverybody as you get there and everything else, you did such a great job onyour old home, it'll be cool to see even from here to what you do, but seeingit from what you originally got and what you have now is incredible.

Caroline Lauzon (08:42): And sometimes I think it'simportant for buyers out there to don't look at the decor. If you like thespace, if you like the location house-

Brendan King (08:51): I'm assuming you kept thatfurniture. Right?

Caroline Lauzon (08:54): All of it. But yeah, look atthe space. Do you like how it feels? Do you like how it flows? Is it tallceilings, because you can make it whatever you want inside. You can change thefloors. You can paint, you can change the counters.

Brendan King (09:03): Especially nowadays because youcan get wood looking porcelain. Is that what you ended up choosing?

Caroline Lauzon (09:08):Yeah, it's tile.

Brendan King (09:10): It looks like wood. I've hadhouses where I've had to go down and scratch it just to see what it actuallyis, because of the advent of printing and texture and the ability for machinesnow to make every single tile unique to another tile, where back in the day, ifyou wanted to do a wood looking tile, every single one was the exact samepattern, the same texture, same everything. So that's what has made this sounique now is that machines and manufacturing, they're able to do incrediblethings which gives us the ability to do more for cheaper. People are alwaysscared, but honestly, one of the things we do all the time is have a contractorcome and give you a bid and tell you what it's going to cost. So I just had aclient move in the Sun City. They're in the middle of ripping the whole houseout. They were afraid at first and I said, "Let's have a contractor come.I think you'll be surprised by the cost." They're spending $20,000,baseboards, molding-

Caroline Lauzon (10:01): And this was our contractorthat did the job.

Brendan King (10:04): Oh yeah, that's right. You did,yeah.

Caroline Lauzon (10:05): The one we send all of ourclients to, he did all the work.

Brendan King (10:08): SNS Painting. Mahesh Geo, Ican't say his last name, but SNS Painting is probably the best way to put it.

Caroline Lauzon (10:15): He's great. He's the best.

Brendan King (10:17): And on the plus side, whateveryou've done, the values are going up anyway and you're adding value to theproperty as well, and I think we have additional photos as well, right?

Caroline Lauzon (10:29): So this is probably the worstroom in the house. The ceiling is wallpaper.

Brendan King (10:34): Killer wallpaper.

Caroline Lauzon (10:34): So wallpaper everywhere, whichwas difficult to remove, but Mahesh is amazing so we managed, but then we madeit nice and clean.

David (10:45): Wow.

Brendan King (10:45): Yeah, looks so clean.

Caroline Lauzon (10:46): It's like different and itlooks so much bigger having taken down that dark ceilings.

Brendan King (10:52): Oh yeah. And obviously as youadd decor and everything else, then it'll just finish it off. But alreadythat's a massive change and I-

Caroline Lauzon (10:59): Stay tuned for the finished.

Brendan King (11:00): And that was the last photo wehad, right? And in addition, everyone's afraid to think the market's going todrop out of nowhere, we actually looked at an article recently from Zillow. Ithink it just came out a day or two ago, and Zillow actually predicts that homevalues are to grow 13.6% between September 2021 and September 2022 and end 2021up 19.5% from 2020. So if you just put whatever value you did into that houseand then add another 13.6% next year, you're already up, and I think that's whyyou see even a lot of investors still purchasing right now because where areyou going to get 13.6% on your money even in the current stock marketsituation? So, I think you're going to be okay.

Brendan King (11:49): Obviously we can't predictperfectly. But another thing, this is interesting. So fastest growing citiesfor entrepreneurs. So in the top five it was, or I should say 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6,Orlando, Fort Lauderdale, Tampa Bay, Houston, Dallas-Fort Worth, Vegas atnumber six at 39% growth in the entrepreneur side of the city and in media andcommunications software and IT services and corporate services. So I thoughtthat was really nice because it was not gaming and gaming and then more gaming,it was actually IT and communications and what was the other one? Media andthen corporate services, so that means who make LLCs for companies and whoassist small businesses in their business. Those are great companies to haveand it's not about slot machines and gaming tables and all that kind of stuff,which there's nothing wrong with that. I'm just happy to not see it.

Caroline Lauzon (12:50): The city doesn't just rely ontourism, which is good. The city's going to have its own companies outside ofthe casinos.

Brendan King (12:56): And we're building officebuildings literally everywhere. They seem to be literally everywhere, which I'mhappy to see for sure. And then Zillow has paused home purchasing. So all ofthis is kind of funny to slap together because they're talking about theincrease of value so you think they're going to up their purchasing, but therewas some logistical issues with Zillow as far as purchasing homes so they'veactually completely stopped their house flipping and purchasing business untilthe end of the year. So they acquired 3,800 homes in the second quarter. So April,May, June, they purchased 3,800 home. That's one month worth of inventory.

Caroline Lauzon (13:37): That's crazy.

Brendan King (13:37): All bought up in three monthsby one buyer, which is crazy, and then they turn around and just sell them andthey make a small fee on that changeover, kind of like the Amazon style sale.So I'm sure they will be back in January, but they have such a backlog rightnow going to hold it up. Well, could you imagine having 3,800 listingstomorrow?

Caroline Lauzon (13:59): Yeah. Oh no. Just got anxiety.

Brendan King (14:02): Yeah. We're going to organizelisting. "Can you organize listing photos?" It's like, "Yeah,for 3,800 homes." You can't even find enough photographers. All the thingsthey need, people to walk through operations, people to walk through and tellwhat the renovations are, that's 3,800 houses to do that. You know what it'slike for our hundred plus a year. It's pretty impressive, so I think they'vehit their growing pains right now.

Caroline Lauzon (14:28): For the year.

Brendan King (14:28): So yeah. Then I know you hadsomething regarding a developer that just broke ground and it does have to dowith gaming, but no, wait.

Caroline Lauzon (14:36): Actually, no it doesn't.

Brendan King (14:36): It doesn't have to do withgaming.

Caroline Lauzon (14:38): It doesn't. That's what's soexciting and different. The developer of an off-strip hotel has pushed back toplan ground breaking date, but still aims to finish the towering projects threeyears from now. So it's an $850 million Las Vegas hotel.

Brendan King (14:53): But the catch is?

Caroline Lauzon (14:54): But the catch is no casino.Majestic Las Vegas developer, Lorenzo Dumani said he plans to startconstruction on the 720 room hotel in the first quarter of 2022. His roughly$850 million project would not have a casino and is aimed at businesstravelers. Majestic is what it's going to be called.

Brendan King (15:16): So this particular photo, Idon't mean to interrupt, I apologize. But this is the crazy part that you'reabout to mention and then once you mention it, I'm going to expand on that. Iapologize for interrupting you. Go ahead.

Caroline Lauzon (15:29): It's across from the Las VegasConvention Center and it's slated to featured 35 corporate suites offered forsale.

Brendan King (15:38): For sale.

Caroline Lauzon (15:38): From $10 million to $100million. Sorry, I'm reading because it's very important numbers.

Brendan King (15:42): It's a 720 room hotel?

Caroline Lauzon (15:44): Yeah.

Brendan King (15:44): But they're going to have 35corporate suites for $10 million to a $100 million. So that is just not heardof. There is no other hotel I can think of that has-

Caroline Lauzon (15:54): Right across from theconvention center so it couldn't be in a better spot.

Brendan King (15:56): It's genius. Small companiesaren't going to buy that, but like a Amazon or a Microsoft maybe like,"Yeah, we'll take a corporate suite," and then they'll send all theiremployees or guests to their suite in Vegas across the street from theconvention center, and these suites are anywhere from 5,000 to 25,000 squarefeet.

Caroline Lauzon (16:16): And the top 10 floors.

Brendan King (16:17): 25,000 square feet.

Caroline Lauzon (16:17): Top 10 floors of the building,so beautiful views of the strip and-

Brendan King (16:22): And it's conference rooms andall sorts of crazy things like that. It's really a unique project, for sure.

Caroline Lauzon (16:28): Look at the view. You're rightin front of Caesar. That's Caesar's. Yeah, it's right there.

Brendan King (16:33): Exactly, right.

Caroline Lauzon (16:33): So it's beautiful. It'sgorgeous.

Brendan King (16:35): It's an interesting projectbecause 720 rooms.

Caroline Lauzon (16:38): And no casino.

Brendan King (16:41): No casino.

Caroline Lauzon (16:41): I think a lot of people enjoynot having that.

Brendan King (16:41): Yeah, and I think... No, you'regood. We're just going to jump on each other all day.

Caroline Lauzon (16:45): It's just normal.

Brendan King (16:47): But the crazy thing to me, andI think this is the reason they're doing it, is you're are there for work.You're going to meet clients. You're going to go to a casino, but you want toget work done. You're going to go back to this corporate housing and go to theconference room, go to the meeting rooms and get work done. So I think that wasthe point of it was that now these companies can have somewhere neutral likeVegas that's super easy to get to from all over the world, have somewherecentralized that they can have these meetings and bring more businesses toVegas, maybe?

Caroline Lauzon (17:20): Woohoo.

Brendan King (17:20): Who knows? I don't know. I hopeso. But that was a mouthful because that was a lot of information butimportant.

Caroline Lauzon (17:25): But it's very exciting.

Brendan King (17:26): Super important, for sure. Andthen totally the opposite of what you're talking about, there's a land purchasefor $55 million across the way from here actually, not too far. And it waspurchased by the FAA. So FAA bought the land. It's actually adjacent to theairport, so I'm sure they'll build something airport related because right wherethis red arrow is in the middle there, the airport's actually right there tothe east.

Caroline Lauzon (17:54): Which going to be like smallplanes.

Brendan King (17:56): Yeah. I don't know. I don'tknow. Hopefully more people flying in on something, who knows? UFOs. We've gotso many space theme things in Vegas right now. It's a UFO landing pad possibly.

Caroline Lauzon (18:11): They're real. Everything'spossible in Vegas.

Brendan King (18:11): And the funny thing is rightnext to this land is the Fashion Show Mall and I thought this was really cool.We have somewhere to bring our dog.

Caroline Lauzon (18:18): So "Fashion Show Mall onthe strip to become dog-friendly property." That's really exciting.

Brendan King (18:23): I thought it was for a day, butyou said it's permanent.

Caroline Lauzon (18:26): No, this is permanent. Yeah,you can bring your dog shopping now so that's very exciting. Dog lovers willsoon be able to shop with their four-legged friends at the mall in the LasVegas strip. The new dog friendly status comes in celebration of National MakeA Dog Day, which is also Friday, October 22nd.

Brendan King (18:48): Next Friday. Right, nextFriday. So we can bring our dogs next Friday.

Caroline Lauzon (18:52): Yes. Let's go.

Brendan King (18:52): I just picture tons of poopbags inside the... You know what I mean? There's not-

Caroline Lauzon (18:57): Inside the mall.

Brendan King (18:58): There're some things that comewith that logistically that I'm going to be very interested to see.

David (19:00): There's no grass anywherearound.

Brendan King (19:02): Like Louis Vitton is not goingto be happy.

Caroline Lauzon (19:06): But I don't know what thepolicy will be in the stores, but at least the in the mall will be prettyexciting. And in celebration of the move, the mall is hosting an adoption eventin partnership with local organization Heaven Can Wait Animal Society. I don'tknow if you've heard of them. They're great. Friday from 4 PM to 7 PM, soyou'll have the opportunity to meet adoptable dogs and learn more about HeavenCan Wait Animal Society. They're awesome.

Brendan King (19:30): No, that's cool. I've actuallynever heard of this particular animal society, but now that I have, I'm goingto look them up for sure. It's always nice when they have organizations likethis that can help people adopt dogs that typically are on their last-

Caroline Lauzon (19:47): Dogs that need homes. There'sso many dogs that need homes.

Brendan King (19:48): Or so they're not euthanized,because I know most of the time, once they have a dog for a certain length oftime then they'll typically be euthanized. So I think the Heaven Can Wait partof that is what they're saving them from euthanization, which is really cool.So this is the reason why I mentioned the UFO thing. This is the coolest yetoddest yet very Vegas thing in the world. A moon-themed resort to launch LasVegas. So a Canadian based company, they're not based on the moon, they'reactually in Canada, has announced plans for a $5 billion, 5.5 million squarefoot hotel whose signature feature will be a one in 75000th size replica of themoon. I had to re-read this a few times because I was like, they'relegitimately building a hotel inside of a moon and David had found some kind ofslices where they've actually sliced up the way they're going to build thishotel, and I thought it was a good idea because this now will show how it'sbuilt up.

Brendan King (20:50): So they have a bottom section,which is convention center, loading docks and just business as usual, and thensecond section where there's meeting spaces, ballrooms, lounges, restaurants,spa, wellness, and obviously then you still have all the windows on the outsideto see outside. And then the next level is showing you below grade, which is wherethe convention space is, above grade, which is where the resort and everythinghas the spa. But then they have a living green wall that from downstairsoutside, it'll be a whole green wall that you can view from the first lowerpromenade, which is the first actual ground floor. And then from there, beachclub, lagoon, typical Vegas, aquatic center, amphitheater, all the things thatare entertaining. And then lounges boutiques, Discovery Center, whatever thatis, arena, concourse-

Caroline Lauzon (21:40): Night club.

Brendan King (21:40): Shuttle station.

Caroline Lauzon (21:42): Arena.

Brendan King (21:42): A casino, merchandising,business center.

Caroline Lauzon (21:45): Shuttle station?

Brendan King (21:45): Yeah. And then the next floor.So we're inside of... I might as well give it away, actually. So hotel suites,there's going to be 2,000 of them. They're in the center of this whole complexwith the shuttle station and club floor in the middle, and then on top of thatis another set of 2,000 hotel suites, and then on top of that another clubfloor, and then literally there's a lunar surface or lunar colony. So if you goand take the elevator past 2,000 floors, past another 2,000 floors, you sit onthis lunar surface and then above that is the actual moon. So downstairs, yourrooms will look out onto this moon but then there'll be this floor at the topof the 4,000 homes where you'll literally look up and you're on the moon.

Caroline Lauzon (22:36): That is just crazy.

Brendan King (22:37): If nothing's more Vegas thanthis, then tell me if there is, but this is like the Excalibur of the future.You know what I mean? Back in the day, it was replicating things. Now this isusing technology in such a crazy way. And then they'll have a lunar shuttle,I'm sure it's some kind of ride that takes you to your rooms, or I don't knowif it's a ride or a shuttle that takes you to different places.

David (22:59): I have no idea.

Caroline Lauzon (23:00): I am so intrigued.

Brendan King (23:01): No. And then this is kind ofthe whole thing rendered out and whoa, it's Epcot Center on drugs. And then ofcourse the moon surface. So I'll be curious to see how they make this. It'sgoing to have to be some sort of reflective material or something you can seethrough, because I'm sure they'll want the moon to show on the outside andinside so that... Well, I'm a little confused is what kind of material thatthey'll use. Glass or plastic. Here's-

David (23:32): Concrete, steel, glass,aluminum.

Brendan King (23:34): Yep, there you go. And fibercomposite. So the carbon fiber composite is my guest to be the exterior. Idon't know, I'm not an architect. So 48 months build time single phase, sothey're going to do it all at once. So no second phase, no third phase. Overallheight, 73 stories. Diameter 650 feet. Sphere circumference 2,042 feet.

Caroline Lauzon (23:59): Oh my God.

Brendan King (23:59): So nearly half a mile aroundthe thing. So yeah, it's kind of nuts and kind of cool at the same time. So carpark, 2.2 million square feet and then main super structure is going to be 5.5million square feet as well. LEED certified, so it's a little crazy but they'restill going to be gold LEED certified and then building standards of five starand five Diamond. Not in the hotel business, but five star I would assume is outof five stars, so that's probably good. I'm sure it's not out of 10. And infinancials, it's going to cost them $5 billion. It's going to make 1.8 and thenall sorts of other accounting things that if someone was an investor would bevery happy about.

Caroline Lauzon (24:47): I cannot wait to see this. Thisis epic.

Brendan King (24:50): Did that even have the EBITDA,the earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation? So full financials on that$5 billion hotel is just another big thing coming to Vegas, but besides this,we have, honestly, a lot of other things. But just a little more informationabout that 2,500 seat theater, so just as big as any Cirque theater, 10,000seat arena inside of this giant globe, or I should say moon and then a 130,000square foot casino as well, all of course with lunar themes. So all I canpicture is like people walking around like, "Take me to your leader."So the moon. Yeah, very, very-

David (25:38): I think that's just a workingname though right now.

Brendan King (25:39): Oh, gotcha. Okay. So theydidn't get very creative on it, kind of like The Unnamed Show. But very cool.Honestly, if there is anything in Vegas, if it's going to be that kitschytheme, I would rather them do something cool and all in than be old-schoolkitschy Vegas.

Caroline Lauzon (25:57): I mean, it's kind of fun. Wehave a lot of hotels, so why not make it a little different? It's got its own-

David (26:02): They were saying they werebuilding in other cities as well.

Brendan King (26:05): Yeah. Actually, thank you forthe reminder. They're actually building it in four different places in theworld. So they're actually building in Middle East, China, Spain and Las Vegas.So in all of America, they chose to do it in Las Vegas, which I think makes alot of sense. are you going to slap it in the middle of Central Park in NewYork? Probably not. And the cost of construction there, LA same deal. So Ithink, hey, I would choose Vegas too. Good job. So the nice thing is peoplefrom California are going to have an easy time getting here on a high speedtrain.

Caroline Lauzon (26:38): Yes, because we're going to getthe fast train finally. They've been talking about it for so many years, soit's very, very exciting. And it's not just a high speed train to Victorville,it's meant to continue onward to downtown LA or the inland empire. They haven'tdecided where they'll move from Victorville.

Brendan King (26:57): Hopeful for us, downtown LA.

Caroline Lauzon (26:59): Yes, that would be amazing.

Brendan King (27:00): Some of these things, I thinkat first it'll be better for them than it is for us. I think it'll make peoplevisiting Vegas have an easy way to get here, go park in Victorville, hop on thetrain, relax, enjoy their time, put their feet up. But for us, we get toVictorville. At first, it's going to be a little-

Caroline Lauzon (27:19): We should get some franchise ofcar rentals in Victorville.

Brendan King (27:21): It's going to be like,"Okay, how do I get to LA now?" Until they finally build it tohopefully not just the inland empire, but all the way through. So anybody wholives in the inland empire, no offense, but I hope it gets to downtown LAfirst.

Caroline Lauzon (27:36): So that we can go to the beachafter.

Brendan King (27:37): Yeah, exactly.

Caroline Lauzon (27:39): But yeah, once it's set, itwill be a three hour ride from Vegas to California, wherever it ends up beingand it's very, very exciting. Sorry, I'm trying to read.

Brendan King (27:55): It's going to actually cost thesame as a car ride-

Caroline Lauzon (27:59): Yeah, or an airplane.

Brendan King (28:01): From LA to Vegas, which isamazing that they're going to be able to keep the prices that low.

Caroline Lauzon (28:06): You can just sit, have a glassof wine, just roam around, get up instead of just sitting in your car andhaving to concentrate so much.

Brendan King (28:13): And for me that means-

Caroline Lauzon (28:15): Falling asleep.

David (28:16): I think you're right. Thepeople coming from California, they're going to drive there, take the shuttleand party in Vegas, head back and then they're good. It's perfect.

Brendan King (28:25): And it gives them somewhere toeven relax on the way to Victorville.

Caroline Lauzon (28:29): You don't have to park the carbecause you don't use the car when you're in Vegas, so it's perfect.

Brendan King (28:29): So not at all. Well, even onthat point, that's a good point because even now, more so now you're not goingto have to use your car at all because thanks to The Boring Company who alreadystarted a whole underground tunnel between the convention center right now,throughout the convention center. They just got approved by the county to runthe whole thing under the strip completely. So it'll go to all stadium areas,to the convention center to anywhere on the strip.

Caroline Lauzon (28:57): That's so cool.

Brendan King (28:58): You'll be able to do it throughThe Boring Company's Vegas loop, and it's going to be actually across the wholestrip. North to south, not exactly east to west. Not going to take you down allthe way north to the old strip yet. But 15 mile dual loop system and theyapproved a 50 year franchise agreement. So that means for the long haul, thisthing should have a pretty long staying power. Hopefully it's not the monorailof the past where the monorail went bankrupt 16 times, but I think this one'sgot some staying power. And 51 stops in total and you sit in a Tesla. Youliterally throw your legs, throw your feet back and eventually they'll beautonomous. Right now due to regulations and things like that, there's somebodysitting in the car and driving it.

Caroline Lauzon (29:48): Yeah, it makes sense.

Brendan King (29:49): But the whole plan eventually,and besides Elon Musk taking over the world is that they're supposed to haveautonomous cars. You just get in, doors shut and you take off and nobody'sdriving. But I think for now, I know with the current loop, you need to have adriver, but maybe by the time this is done, that's not the case. I don't know.But it looks cool and it's pretty exciting. Who could actually ride this onceshe's got her show up and going is Celine Dion.

Caroline Lauzon (30:18): Yes, she wouldn't have to moveher muscles because she's had to delay her residency show for medical reasons.Her back, I'm guessing it's back, but for muscle spasm, she's had to take sometime off so her residency show will, for now, for the foreseeable future... MyEnglish today is just not here.

Brendan King (30:46): It's all good. It's better thanmy French.

Caroline Lauzon (30:49): Yeah. For now has been delayed,so it's an indefinite hold. But we still have Carrie Underwood. That will bethe first headliner to perform in the theater December 1st to December 11. KatyPerry follows from December 29th to January 15. And then it's Luke Bryan, y'allfrom February 11th to February 26.

Brendan King (31:11): Yeah, and honestly that's acrazy lineup, especially if Celine would've been in the mix as well. It's stilla great lineup. Carrie Underwood, Katy Perry and Luke Bryan, that's threecompletely different types of singers. Because even Carrie Underwood, to me,has got some crossover. She's kind of pop country. Luke Bryan's legit country.And then you got Katy Perry who had... What was her first song? I Kissed A Girlor something like that, so completely different.

Caroline Lauzon (31:36): Pop, super pop.

Brendan King (31:36): Yeah, and totally pop. So it'skind of a nice little mix of singers. So HBO series, I actually haven't seenthis yet. I know David has. There's an HBO series that Pahrump's zany heartfeltTV station called Small Town News. So I guess there's only one, I should say,95 independently owned news stations in America and this is one that theydecided to do a TV show about. So this is in Pahrump. He was working in OrangeCounty and had a dream of opening his own station, so he opened it in Pahrumpand now I guess it's expanding to Henderson. Is that right, David?

David (32:15): Yeah, so me and my wife watchedit last night and the first episode killed us. It was amazing. And zany is theperfect word, but you learn to love all these characters in the show. But it'srural Pahrump and this guy had this dream and now, the reason why I found thisand even started watching it is they're expanding to Henderson so you'll get tosee this on our TV stations here.

Caroline Lauzon (32:39): Very cool.

David (32:40): It's worth watching. If you'regoing through Netflix and different things, you can't find anything, go HBO,check this series out. Its just really funny.

Brendan King (32:46): Check it out. And if anything,it's one of 95 independently owned radio stations in the country, so it's goingto be nice for him to open another one. Will that be 96 or does that stillcount? I don't know. Does it?

David (32:57): I don't know. Good question.

Brendan King (32:57): Same place, yeah. And theneater.com, of course our favorite place for anything information on food.What's going on with this?

Caroline Lauzon (33:07): Well, we're going to get a newfast food restaurant but it's all plant based, so it's kind of going to be likea McDonald's but for vegan.

Brendan King (33:17): I love that they put"Vegan Version of McDonald's."

Caroline Lauzon (33:21): Unofficially pitched as"Vegan Version of McDonald's" and they're even serving Bic Zacinstead of a Big Mac.

David (33:28): Look at that.

Brendan King (33:29): Actually it looks good.

Caroline Lauzon (33:29): I love it. Yeah. It's prettygood. I'm very intrigued to try it, but they're going to open two locations inthe Northwest Valley, so that's very exciting for all of our vegan friends.

Brendan King (33:44): So is there already one openand then they're opening another one or is there already two? I didn't catchthat, but I know there's one, I think already open.

Caroline Lauzon (33:52): They opened one on Craig Roadnear the 95.

David (33:55): It just opened a few days ago.

Caroline Lauzon (33:57): Yeah, and then they're openingthe second one, I think.

David (34:00): Hey, we'll go check it out forlunch.

Brendan King (34:01): I'm not a vegetarian, but I'mopen to eating vegetarian food, so I'll definitely give it a try. And if youwant to hear more about anything to do with anything, then you text VIP to702-553-1955. So text VIP to 702-553-1955 and what do they do if they wantstuff about the market? What should they do?

Caroline Lauzon (34:25): Market update, we send them outweekly. If you want to know what's going on in the Las Vegas real estate marketevery week, you text Market to 702-553-1955.

Brendan King (34:34): And of course, if you want foodand drink specials, text DINE to 702-553-1955. So hey, you want burger at avegetarian restaurant? You text DINE to 702-553-1955. Holy cow, so much goingon. We've got a moon.

Caroline Lauzon (34:52): We're getting a moon.

Brendan King (34:53): We're getting a moon.

Caroline Lauzon (34:53): That's really exciting.

Brendan King (34:54): We've got underground tunnels.

Caroline Lauzon (34:55): Tunnels and train.

Brendan King (34:55): What is going on in this cityright now? We've got a train to nowhere but they can come to us. So much goingon. Thank you for joining me, Caroline.

Caroline Lauzon (35:05): Thank you for having me.

Brendan King (35:06): And of course, we willabsolutely see you guys next week for the episode 18 of the Unnamed Show, butin the meantime, thanks for joining us. We'll see you guys next time.


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