October 7, 2021

November 16, 2021

Episode 15 of "Unnamed Show" Autumn Edition

Episode #15 of “Unnamed Show” Autumn Edition | In this episode Brendan King, Denise Tipton and Caroline Lauzon discuss Real Estate and everything Autumn in this special edition

In this episode Brendan King, Denise Tipton, and Caroline Lauzon discuss Real Estate and everything Autumn in this special edition including announcement of our Raider ticket winner, Las Vegas housing prices set another record, Station Casinos Unveils first look at Durango, Top Interior Design Trends, Celine Dion Announces First Performance Dates, Slater’s 50/50 opens a second location, Los Rios Rancho, Farmers Markets, Parade Of Mischief, The Butterfly Habitat at Springs Preserve, Red Rock Canyon, and West Wind Las Vegas Drive-in.

Winner of Raider Ticket Giveaway


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Station Casinos Unveils first look at Durango


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Road trip to Los Rios Rancho


Farmers Markets | Vegas4Locals.com


Parade Of Mischief - Summerlin


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The Butterfly Habitat at Springs Preserve


Hikes & Trails – Round-Trip Distances & Times | Red Rock Canyon Las Vegas


West Wind Las Vegas Drive-in Movie Theater in Las Vegas, NV


Three Square


Project 150


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This is transcribed (accuracy not guaranteed)

Brendan King (00:00): What's up everybody. Welcome to episode 15 of the Unnamed Show, the Autumn Edition. We're going to talk about all things fall, now that the weather's getting nice. Stay tuned. And we are here for the Unnamed Show.

Brendan King Hey. What's going on, everybody. Welcome to episode 15 of the Unnamed Show. So this is the autumn edition. I'm here with Denise. Welcome, Denise.

Denise Tipton (00:43): Hi, Brendan.

Brendan King (00:44): And Caroline.

Caroline Lauzon (00:45): Hello.

Brendan King (00:46): What's going on? So the weather is nice.

Denise Tipton (00:48): Very nice.

Brendan King (00:49): I haven't been sweating or just super hot.

Caroline Lauzon (00:53): Got to love it.

Brendan King (00:53):  It's actually been unbelievable. We even had some rain the other day. But yeah, the weather has been amazing. It's dropping into the 60s Thursday and Friday. I've even been told there's going to be some snow in the mountains-

Denise Tipton (01:04): That look burry.

Brendan King (01:05): ... which is amazing. Burry?

Denise Tipton (01:06):  Yeah, I need to get a coat.

Brendan King (01:08): Aren't you from the Midwest originally?

Denise Tipton (01:09): No, I've lived here since '72. I'm a lizard now.

Brendan King (01:11): Okay.

Denise Tipton (01:11): My blood is thin.

Caroline Lauzon (01:11): It's 70 degrees and it feels cold.

Brendan King (01:12): You're from Wisconsin. Wisconsin, I mean Canada.

Denise Tipton (01:16): Canada.

Brendan King (01:16): My wife's from Wisconsin, but yeah-

Caroline Lauzon (01:18): Canada.

Brendan King (01:18): ... now that the weather is changing, obviously it's getting so nice out and we're here in like full autumn attire.

Denise Tipton (01:25): Yeah.

Brendan King (01:26): Hit the little skeleton man.

Denise Tipton (01:27): All right let's hit him.

Brendan King (01:28): Let's see how he works. Does he stop?

Denise Tipton (01:33): Only when I push him again.

Caroline Lauzon (01:34): I love it.

Denise Tipton (01:35): He does now.

Brendan King (01:35): All right. So obviously, as always text V-I-P to 702-553-1955, text V-I-P to 702-553-1955. What you got? I know you did something special this week.

Denise Tipton (01:53): Oh my gosh. Yes, so we picked our winner for the Raiders tickets and congratulations to Miss Dionne Lanier. Look how awesome she is. She won a pair of tickets.

Brendan King (02:06): She was so excited.

Denise Tipton (02:07): So excited. She practically jumped through the phone. She was just psyched beyond belief. So she's going to be going to the Raiders this Sunday. They're playing the hapless Chicago Bears. Sorry, Jack.

Brendan King (02:20): Jack's not here to defend himself.

Denise Tipton (02:22): So I'm going to slam the Bears. At 1:05, so that's this Sunday. So yay, Dionne. Have a great time and take pictures, Dionne.

Brendan King (02:30): Yes.

Denise Tipton (02:30): Don't forget.

Brendan King (02:30): Yes, definitely.

Denise Tipton (02:30): Please send us pictures.

Brendan King (02:31): She was so excited. I was happy enough to be in the room when you called her too. I didn't realize you were calling her at that time and she was like, "Oh my God!"

Caroline Lauzon (02:40): That's so exciting. So cool.

Brendan King (02:40): So she was very excited. And then of course, a game preview, Raiders prepare to battle the Bears, as you said, but we don't want to talk about last week's game. Unfortunately, it didn't turn out for the positive, but it was a good game still.

Denise Tipton (02:54): Really good game.

Brendan King (02:55): I feel like every game has been great, and then we looked like we were on our way for a comeback, and then unfortunately it just faded but they still look good. The defense is getting there. They're getting there. But yeah, we did not pull it out against the Chargers, but that's okay. The Bears are going down this weekend.

Denise Tipton (03:12): Bears are going down.

Speaker 6 (03:13): Let's just focused on next week. Got to beat the Bears.

Brendan King (03:15): Yeah. No, we do. We have no choice. And of course Caroline?

Caroline Lauzon (03:21): So in my other life, sometimes I get to be a zebra and last year I had the opportunity to shoot a little commercial with the Raider Red, so that was pretty cool. Got to meet them and it's actually, when the Raiders came to Vegas-

Brendan King (03:35): Nice.

Caroline Lauzon (03:36): ... we welcomed them and yeah.

Brendan King (03:37): At the airport, right?

Caroline Lauzon (03:38): Got to meet them.

Brendan King (03:38): Was that the airport or on the strip?

Caroline Lauzon (03:38): On the strip. This was at the Bellagio in front of the fountains.

Brendan King (03:38): I see the box that you have.

Denise Tipton (03:38): I was just going to say, everybody's taller.

Caroline Lauzon (03:40): They are so tall and I am so short.

Denise Tipton (03:43): And look how cute... Look at the cute little box that Caroline's got to go jump on.

Brendan King (03:52): But yeah, of course, everybody's excited about having the Raiders.

Caroline Lauzon (03:55): Yeah.

Brendan King (03:55): Even Cir, obviously. And then this past year we have helped, we just added up the other day over a hundred different clients to buy or sell a home, which is honestly just makes us feel awesome. And we've had so many great clients this past year, and next year we're shooting to actually help 250 clients. So if you or any of your friends, of course, are looking to buy or sell, please share our info. We would love to help another 250 people next year. It's a huge goal, but honestly, we love what we do and we would love to help 250 people buy or sell, and I guess 70% of them will probably be from California.

Denise Tipton (04:37): Probably. But that's okay, we love you.

Brendan King (04:39): It seems to be the consistency and it doesn't seem to be letting up. We looked at the numbers the other day and we're at the lowest point of inventory, yet. So it's definitely not letting up. However, we have hit another record, but at the same time, a lot of different people are saying that the market is stabilizing and that's mostly because we're not getting 12 offers. We're getting three offers, four offers, one offer on one of our listings recently.

Caroline Lauzon (05:04): It's cooling down with the weather.

Brendan King (05:05): It's cooling down a little. I sold three in the same neighborhood and each one was progressively less offers, in the Vista Dolce, but equally all really nice properties. So yeah, it's cooling off, but it's data-wise still very much a sellers market. And then median price ended up being $406,500, which was surpassing the previous record of $405,000, and median prices up 20.5% compared to last year, which is a huge number.

Denise Tipton (05:36): Yeah.

Brendan King (05:37): That's the biggest I've ever seen.

Caroline Lauzon (05:38): Yeah, that's huge.

Brendan King (05:39): The median a year ago was $337,250 compared to $405,000 this year, which is insane.

Caroline Lauzon (05:49): Quite a year.

Brendan King (05:49): So of course, every Monday, if you want market information or you want to learn about the market, text market to 702-553-1955. We'll provide that directly to you in a text every single week. You can always just check our website or check any of our social media. For some reason, our Instagram is down right now, but we're working on getting that fixed. That day when the whole-

Denise Tipton (06:10): The world went down.

Caroline Lauzon (06:10): Everything, yeah.

Brendan King (06:10): ... Facebook world imploded, for some reason, our Instagram handle never came back. So-

David Gomez (06:18): Yeah, the day we were doing a big live, live on all of our social media-

Brendan King (06:22): ... three hours before live.

David Gomez (06:24): ... to give the Raiders-

Caroline Lauzon (06:24): Murphy's Law.

David Gomez (06:25): ... tickets away.

Brendan King (06:25): We're prepping for the live to give away the tickets and all of us were like, "There's no Instagram. What are we going to do?"

Denise Tipton (06:31): We're going to call Mark and say, "What's going on?"

Brendan King (06:32): Yeah. So in other news too, honestly, we're all looking forward to Station Casinos unveiling their Durango Station. They finally showed renderings of what this is going to look like.

Denise Tipton (06:42): So cute.

Brendan King (06:43): It is like a-

Denise Tipton (06:43): How exciting.

Brendan King (06:43): ... little baby Red Rock.

Denise Tipton (06:45): Yeah. It's a mini Red Rock.

Brendan King (06:46): It's really-

Denise Tipton (06:47):  And the Red Rock is gorgeous, so Durango Station's going to be-

Caroline Lauzon (06:49): Very cool.

Brendan King (06:49): ... beautiful like-

Denise Tipton (06:49): ... casual seating.

Brendan King (06:51):... desert contemporary. It's a blend of concrete and it looks to be like weathering steel.

Denise Tipton (06:59): Yeah.

Brendan King (06:59): Just a lot of natural desert contemporary materials.

Denise Tipton (07:03): Yeah, really fits in.

Brendan King (07:04): It looks really nice. So just some stats, 83,000 square feet of casino space, 200 guests rooms, so definitely smaller than Red Rock, four food and beverage outlets. So I think it's going to be this sort of funky like mess hall vibe, which I really like. New York went to town on that about 10 years ago. And we're usually-

Denise Tipton (07:24):Yeah, Philly's got a good one, too.

Brendan King (07:26): ... Oh yeah. I've been there actually. A state-of-the-art race and sports book, which Station is known for. Serene resort pool space with private cabanas. These are their descriptions. I'm just reading them. 20,000 square feet of meeting and convention space, which I was surprised, I didn't realize they were going to have that. And 40 electric vehicle charging stations-

Denise Tipton (07:44): For everyone with a Telsa.

Caroline Lauzon (07:45): Go green!

Brendan King (07:46): ... For people like me, that's awesome. But honestly, there's so many in town that I don't even need another one. But yeah, it looks really, really great. Congrats to Station Casinos. I'm super happy. I'm always a little nervous when Vegas unveils renderings of new spaces.

Denise Tipton (08:02): Yeah, but that's nice, right?

Brendan King (08:03): But it's nice to see that they did a really nice job.

Caroline Lauzon (08:05): And it's exciting for the Southwest there to have that.

Denise Tipton (08:07): Oh yeah.

Brendan King (08:07): Oh, yeah. All of us live within like a stone's throw of this whole area between Uncommon, Durango Station, The Bend, which Dapper, if you're watching this, what's going on? Where's the construction?

Caroline Lauzon (08:21): Let's go.

Brendan King (08:22): Yeah, Uncommon's is like rolling but The Bend, it looks like a little slow on the gun as far as getting things going, but hopefully it's still going to happen. Speaking of design, we decided to pull some design trends that we found online that people are saying are kind of hot right now or not. And we figured we'd go through some of them and give maybe our opinions or equally share with you guys what we found online. What do you think it is? So warm colors, making a comeback.

Caroline Lauzon (08:56): I don't know.

Denise Tipton (08:58): I like it.

Caroline Lauzon (08:58): I don't know. I'll see it when I believe, I guess.

Brendan King (09:00): I like the cool tones.

Denise Tipton (09:01): I like it.

Caroline Lauzon (09:01): Yeah.

Brendan King (09:01): I do like the white kitchen, I have to admit, I'm a fan.

Caroline Lauzon (09:04): The grays are still very hot, but I mean we'll see.

Denise Tipton (09:07): I'm a lone warm colors person, I guess.

Brendan King (09:09): But I don't think we're-

Denise Tipton (09:09): I like it.

Brendan King (09:10): ... going to go back to like the 2000s, Red Rock Country Club, all brown-

Denise Tipton (09:15): No, no, no, no-

Brendan King (09:15):... brown carpet

Denise Tipton (09:17): ... Different.

Brendan King (09:17): ... brown cabinets.

Caroline Lauzon (09:17): Brown and beige.

Denise Tipton (09:18): Different warm colors. Different warm colors.

Brendan King (09:19): I think people are in need of some color after we went like completely-

Denise Tipton (09:22): Stark white.

Brendan King (09:23): ... stark white and gray.

Denise Tipton (09:24): Yeah.

Caroline Lauzon (09:24): Yeah. It was a little too sterile for-

Brendan King (09:26): The flippers went to town on that theme and literally, we called it gray on gray, with gray and a little bit of gray.

Denise Tipton (09:34): Well I was going to tell you something with a gray though, it's tough because if you don't get that right balance of the background color, if you have too much blue in it, as opposed to a little touch of pink, it looks really sterile and depressing.

Brendan King (09:45): Yeah. There are some cabinets I've seen out there that have that blue tint to them.

Denise Tipton (09:48): Yeah. I personally like the warmer colors. But again, I guess I'm the outlier here. So we'll see.

Brendan King (09:53): I like light too. Curves replacing straight lines. I don't think they mean walls in this. I think they're talking about like furniture, like kind of the edges-

Denise Tipton (10:02): Yeah, I think so.

Caroline Lauzon (10:02): Yeah.

Brendan King (10:03): ... being a little softer. Not, because we went straight up boxy for a little while.

Caroline Lauzon (10:07): Yes. Even handles and everything. It was like straight lines everywhere.

Brendan King (10:10): Everything was like a rectangle or square, but now people have funky curved like light fixtures.

Caroline Lauzon (10:15): Yeah.

Denise Tipton (10:16): Yeah.

Brendan King (10:16): Like that light fixture in that image, I'm starting to see a lot of this kind of thing like the rattan.

Caroline Lauzon (10:20): Right, a little bohemian.

Brendan King (10:21): I think when we were talking about rattan or wicker, this is one of those things that's definitely a trend right now to have like the wicker-

Denise Tipton (10:27): Right.

Brendan King (10:27): ... or rattan lighting fixtures.

Denise Tipton (10:29): Yeah.

Caroline Lauzon (10:29): Yeah. It's a little bit boho, as they call it.

Denise Tipton (10:30): Yeah.

Brendan King (10:30):  Totally. Yeah, yeah, yeah. A little bit of a what's the Gaines?

Caroline Lauzon (10:35): Oh, Chip and Joanna.

Brendan King (10:36): Chip and Joanna do a lot-

Caroline Lauzon (10:36): Fixer-Uppers.

Brendan King (10:37): ... of that too. Yeah.

Caroline Lauzon (10:38): My favorite.

Brendan King (10:39): And then of course, bold wallpaper, I don't know that this is the best example of it, but we were talking about it though, at first we were like, "Yeah, that seems like something that'll go away." But I think it's a little bit of the personalization of like the fact that nowadays you have peel and stick.

Denise Tipton (10:54): Yeah.

Caroline Lauzon (10:55): Yeah.

Brendan King (10:55): You want to make-

Caroline Lauzon (10:56): It's not like old days where it was super hard to install or remove. This is like a decal.

Brendan King (11:00): ... You had to literally rip your wall out before to get the paper off.

Caroline Lauzon (11:03): Absolutely.

Denise Tipton (11:04): Yeah, that's why people paint over it.

Brendan King (11:04): Like your kitchen, your bathroom, you did it.

Caroline Lauzon (11:05): My bathroom. Yeah, it was pretty bold.

Brendan King (11:07): Yeah, it was cool though. It was nice. And the thing is the next year, if it's not trendy or you don't like it-

Caroline Lauzon (11:12): Just take it off.

Brendan King (11:13): ... just peel it off. It's like a peel and stick.

Caroline Lauzon (11:15): Easy peasy.

Brendan King (11:15): Oh, remember those books with the stickers?

Denise Tipton (11:17): Yes.

Brendan King (11:17): But bigger.

Denise Tipton (11:18): But better.

Brendan King (11:19): But bigger. Statement ceilings, I feel like this has been a trend for a little while.

Denise Tipton (11:24): I'm not a fan of this.

Brendan King (11:25): But I'm not-

Caroline Lauzon (11:27): Inside a house, I'm not sure.

Brendan King (11:27): ... necessarily of this one, but think of some of the Toll Brothers or-

Denise Tipton (11:32): Oh, okay.

Brendan King (11:32): ... William Lyons-

Denise Tipton (11:33): Okay.

Brendan King (11:33):... where they do like the dropped wood in the kitchen-

Denise Tipton (11:36): Right.

Brendan King (11:36): ... right above the island just for like-

Caroline Lauzon (11:37): Or in a wood accent, ceiling accent.

Denise Tipton (11:38):Okay. Okay, I like the wood accent, yeah.

Caroline Lauzon (11:40): I've seen it a couple of times.

Denise Tipton (11:40): Yeah, yeah, yeah. I like it at entrance.

Brendan King (11:41): ... Yeah. I don't know that that photo is the best example of it.

Denise Tipton (11:43): Yeah. Yeah.

Brendan King (11:44): It's a little bit like space age.

Denise Tipton (11:45): That kind of looks like a, I don't know, a college dining commons.

Brendan King (11:49): It totally does.

Denise Tipton (11:50): Yeah.

Brendan King (11:51): Yeah, yeah. I think it's a coworking space. And these are all from an article that we found in a thing called Foyer. Net nature comes indoors. I'm a fan. I want to rip all walls out on every house I've ever seen.

Caroline Lauzon (12:02): Yeah.

Brendan King (12:03): What do you think, Denise?

Denise Tipton (12:05): I love nature. I'm a big proponent of natural plants, aka real plants, from a feng shui standpoint, they give good energy.

Brendan King (12:13): And I've noticed on a lot of the new construction in Summit, architecturally they're making like the stone outside actually is inside too.

Denise Tipton (12:20): Oh, that's cool.

Caroline Lauzon (12:21): Oh, nice.

Brendan King (12:21): So the glass is like right in, so you look outside and that same stone mirrors what's inside.

Caroline Lauzon (12:26): Oh that's very cool.

Denise Tipton (12:26): That's nice.

Brendan King (12:26): Which is really cool. Everything's kind of blending from in to out. The next thing is monochrome pallets, which is kind of back to the gray and whites though.

Caroline Lauzon (12:35): Yeah. That's been hot for quite a minute. I think maybe they mean that it's going to remain in the trends.

Brendan King (12:43): I think for Denise, as long as the monochrome is in the warms.

Denise Tipton (12:48): Yeah. Yeah.

Brendan King (12:49): That's still monochrome, right?

Denise Tipton (12:50): There you go, yeah. Sure.

Brendan King (12:52): Flexible spaces, this is a super trend right now. I've even been discussing with my wife possibly putting in a Murphy bed in our guestroom. It's only used 10 months or no, the other way around, two months out of the year, 10 months sitting around with the giant queen bed in it.

Caroline Lauzon (13:07): It could be a night, yeah.

Brendan King (13:08): And your mom happens to build-

Caroline Lauzon (13:10): Yeah, she's a designer, Murphy bed designer.

Brendan King (13:12): ... Murphy beds.

Denise Tipton (13:12): Oh really? Oh, I didn't know that.

Caroline Lauzon (13:12): Custom.

Denise Tipton (13:13): That's kind of cool.

Brendan King (13:13): Yeah.

Caroline Lauzon (13:14): And you can have an office, you can have anything you want. And then they make these beds now, it can be behind a TV. You don't even know it's a bed and then the TV mounts to it. It's wonderful.

Brendan King (13:24): I showed have one like that in Spanish Trails, where the actual bed came down over the couch.

Caroline Lauzon (13:29): Yep.

Brendan King (13:29): So there's no hard back to the-

Caroline Lauzon (13:31): You remove the back-

Brendan King (13:32): ... couch. You pull it out-

Caroline Lauzon (13:32): ... it comes.

Brendan King (13:32): ... and you plop it down.

Caroline Lauzon (13:32): It's very nice.

Denise Tipton (13:35): Oh, that's awesome.

Brendan King (13:36): Yeah.

Caroline Lauzon (13:36): And they'll have desks that like squeeze in and turn in then-

Brendan King (13:40): It's like swap out, right?

Caroline Lauzon (13:42): ... Yeah, you swap out and yeah.

Brendan King (13:43): That's cool.

Caroline Lauzon (13:43):I think it's very smart. Yeah, because a guest room is a wasted space.

Brendan King (13:46): This nouveau design, actually, Steve Wynn, I have to admit, seems to be in this kind of nouveau design when he had redone his house and it is a little bit more of that like posh, elegant style. It doesn't fit my particular style but I could see why some people would go that route, and it's kind of, I don't know. What's that... what was art deco, almost?

Denise Tipton (14:09): Yeah. Well, it looks a little bit elegant, but not Louis the 14th.

Brendan King (14:12): Yeah, exactly.

Denise Tipton (14:13): You don't want to go that far.

Brendan King (14:13): That's a better way to put it. Yeah, not really art deco, you're right.

Denise Tipton (14:16): Casual elegant.

Brendan King (14:17): Louis the 14th, I like.

Denise Tipton (14:18): Yeah, but not as far as Louis the 14th, because that is bad news bears.

Brendan King (14:21): Concrete accents, this has been a trend-

Caroline Lauzon (14:23): Love it.

Brendan King (14:23): ... for a little while. I love it, too. Well, there's just one counter or just a fireplace or-

Caroline Lauzon (14:29): Simple.

Brendan King (14:29): ... the floors. I had a client recently talk about ripping out all their floors and honing them down and-

Caroline Lauzon (14:35): Yeah, concrete.

Brendan King (14:36): ... just pretty much putting epoxy down.

Caroline Lauzon (14:37): And it's nice and cool in the summer in Vegas, when it's so hot to have concrete floors is, it's a nice little plus.

Brendan King (14:43): It's a little there, yeah.

Caroline Lauzon (14:44): I like concrete counters.

Brendan King (14:46): Yeah.

Caroline Lauzon (14:46): I don't know if you've seen them, but they're very cool as well.

Denise Tipton (14:48): Yeah, if they're done well, they're fantastic.

Caroline Lauzon (14:50): Yeah.

Brendan King (14:51): And if they're not done well, they fall apart.

Caroline Lauzon (14:51): Yeah.

Denise Tipton (14:52): Well if they're not done well-

Caroline Lauzon (14:53): They look really cool.

Denise Tipton (14:54): ... just don't look good.

Brendan King (14:56): Maximalism. So this is like-

Denise Tipton (14:58): I love this trend.

Brendan King (14:59): ... Yeah. I feel like this falls along, like just go for it.

Denise Tipton (15:05): Yeah.

Brendan King (15:05): You know what I mean?

Denise Tipton (15:05): Bold-

Brendan King (15:06): Like you have some friends that just were like-

Denise Tipton (15:08): ... just go.

Brendan King (15:08): ... outfits and you're like that suits you and that's amazing.

Denise Tipton (15:11): I love those colors.

Brendan King (15:11):  And this type of thing fits that same person where their house is their personality, their clothes, their shoes, their car is their personality. So maximalism, I feel like is people who, they're maxing it out. They're going for it.

Denise Tipton (15:23): Love it.

Brendan King (15:23): "Hey, this is me and love it or leave it."

Caroline Lauzon (15:24): Go big or go home.

Brendan King (15:25): Love it or leave it. Yeah.

Denise Tipton (15:26): I like that green and purple.

Brendan King (15:28): Sustainable. This has been a trend for a while.

Denise Tipton (15:31): Yeah with the bamboo flooring and stuff, yeah.

Brendan King (15:32): Yeah, eco materials.

Denise Tipton (15:35): Cork.

Brendan King (15:36): Cork. Like all these windows I'm sure, are super-

Denise Tipton (15:40): E5s and stuff like that, right?

Brendan King (15:41): Yeah.

Denise Tipton (15:41): This is that E rating on it.

Brendan King (15:43): Yep. Yeah, it just super sustainable and something that could last a test of time, and isn't like using woods that aren't going to sustainably grow back. I think that's here to stay, honestly. What's up next?

Caroline Lauzon (15:57): And then smart technology.

Brendan King (15:59): This one, so-

David Gomez (15:59): Smart technology, yeah.

Brendan King (16:00): ... smart technology yeah...

Denise Tipton (16:01): Here to stay.

Brendan King (16:02): We got a weird problem with this photo earlier, we could not get it to fit, which is funny. Smart technology, here to stay. Like it's smart, but cheaper now.

Caroline Lauzon (16:10): You can find this anywhere. Yes.

Denise Tipton (16:10): Oh yeah, way cheaper.

Brendan King (16:11): It used to cost you-

Caroline Lauzon (16:13): And easier. User-friendly for sure.

Brendan King (16:14): ... Absolutely. And you can swap things out.

Caroline Lauzon (16:16): Yep.

Brendan King (16:16): I used to be $130,000 to run a whole Crestron system in a house to have all the TVs match up and all that. Now you just say, "Alexa, turn the TV on."

Denise Tipton (16:26): And Alexa, "Tell me a joke."

Brendan King (16:28): Yeah.

Denise Tipton (16:29): The jokes are not good but.

Brendan King (16:30): I just had an estimate to do all light switches in a house for a client, and it was a 2,500 square foot home.

Denise Tipton (16:36): How much?

Brendan King (16:37): $3,500 to replace every single light switch to make them smart.

Denise Tipton (16:41): That's not bad.

Caroline Lauzon (16:42):  Wow. That's not too bad.

Brendan King (16:43): No.

Denise Tipton (16:43): I'd do that.

Brendan King (16:43): For the whole house.

Caroline Lauzon (16:44): It's so convenient.

Denise Tipton (16:44): I'd do that, yeah.

Brendan King (16:46): And then motion sensors in all the pantry, the laundry room, all that.

Caroline Lauzon (16:50): That's amazing.

Brendan King (16:51): And a fan timer for when your kids don't turn the fan off in the bathroom, or when they take a shower. Anyway.

Denise Tipton (16:59): Okay. These are ones that are going to go away.

Caroline Lauzon (17:01): Go away. No, shiplap will not go away.

Denise Tipton (17:05): Yes, it will. It's gone.

Caroline Lauzon (17:06): No. I vote no, that it's not going to go away.

Denise Tipton (17:09): I say yes. Bye, bye.

Caroline Lauzon (17:11): Me and Joanna Gaines are voting for sure.

Brendan King (17:13): I think Joanna Gaines would probably throw something at the camera at this point in time. And then another one that we were chatting about gray kitchen interiors may become less popular. So I think along the same lines of even shiplap, I think they're just saying the all in all out, is now, "Hey, I'm going to do it, but I'm not." But for gray, that was like all in all out for the past like five years.

Denise Tipton (17:36):  Yeah.

Brendan King (17:36):Like literally every single place we walk in and we're like-

Denise Tipton (17:39): Yeah. And the minute you see it now you can date it.

Brendan King (17:40): ... "How was it?" You're like, "Gray on gray."

Denise Tipton (17:42): So yeah.

Brendan King (17:44): All-white interiors.

Denise Tipton (17:46): You know why they're going to start to date themselves?

Brendan King (17:48): Why's that?

Denise Tipton (17:48): Because they're getting dirty.

Brendan King (17:50): Yeah, good point. That's pretty hilarious.

Caroline Lauzon (17:54): Oops, I just painted my house all white.

Denise Tipton (17:56): Oh, sorry.

Caroline Lauzon (17:58): Oopsy.

Brendan King (17:58): That's funny because they're getting dirty. Mid-century modern. I was waiting-

Denise Tipton (18:01): I like this.

Brendan King (18:02): ... for this though.

Denise Tipton (18:02): But I like mid-century.

Brendan King (18:04): But it got to the point where somebody posted a photo the other day and I was like, "That looks like straight out of the Jetson's." And like some people are going all in on it.

Caroline Lauzon (18:12): I just came back from Palm Springs and I fell in love again-

Denise Tipton (18:15): Palm Springs is the home of mid-century.

Caroline Lauzon (18:18): ... this mid-century modern furniture. It was so like-

Brendan King (18:22): It's cool. It's timeless.

Caroline Lauzon (18:22): ... Palm Springs just screams mid-century-

Denise Tipton (18:25): Screams. Yeah.

Caroline Lauzon (18:25): .. and it was so well done and so cool, I would hate to see it go away. I hope it stays-

Denise Tipton (18:31): I like it.

Caroline Lauzon (18:31): ... but if it's well done. If you go mid-century, you got to stick with it.

Brendan King (18:34): Yeah, I've seen people go all out and literally every single item is mid-century and it almost-

Denise Tipton (18:38): Yeah, yeah, yeah. That's too much.

Brendan King (18:38): ... looks like you're walking into a house from a different time period.

Caroline Lauzon (18:41): From the '70s, yeah. It's too much.

Denise Tipton (18:43): Or it's like you're walking onto a movie set. Right?

Brendan King (18:44): Yeah, exactly. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Something, what was the advert-

Denise Tipton (18:48): Madmen.

Brendan King (18:48): ... Thank you. You got it. You read my mind. The next one is barn doors.

Denise Tipton (18:52): Bye.

Caroline Lauzon (18:53): No.

Denise Tipton (18:53): Yes.

Caroline Lauzon (18:54): I love them.

Brendan King (18:54): I think what they're saying is not that they're going to go away as much as, I'm literally reading it. Other types of statements will make another-

Denise Tipton (19:03): Like French doors. You love French doors, Car.

Caroline Lauzon (19:06): French doors as well.

Denise Tipton (19:06): You say that you love them.

Caroline Lauzon (19:07): I'm a big fan.

Denise Tipton (19:08): Yeah.

Caroline Lauzon (19:08): But barn doors are cool. I feel like they're space saving when you can't do the pocket door and you don't want to get-

Brendan King (19:15): Instead of-

Caroline Lauzon (19:15): ... a contractor to come in and it's just easy.

Brendan King (19:17): ... It's getting harder and harder to do pocket doors-

Denise Tipton (19:19): There's stuff in there.

Brendan King (19:19):  ... because of regulations and you have to have so many sockets every so many feet. And almost every hallway in anywhere you're going to be in new construction, you're going to hit something.

Caroline Lauzon (19:30): Yeah.

Denise Tipton (19:30): Yeah.

Brendan King (19:31): Or it's not built for that.

Caroline Lauzon (19:32): I feel like they're a good option for that.

Denise Tipton (19:34): I love pocket doors, but yeah, I think they're so cool. But-

Brendan King (19:38): Yeah, I think-

Denise Tipton (19:39): ... put them in.

Brendan King (19:39): ... Well, let's see what those new doors are. Show us the way.

Denise Tipton (19:42): Show us the way, yes.

Brendan King (19:42): Let us see what this is. So accent walls.

Denise Tipton (19:46): Bye.

Brendan King (19:47):  Yeah. I think people are going for one tone lately.

Caroline Lauzon (19:53):  Yeah, or they'll do the-

Denise Tipton (19:54): Yeah, monochromatic.

Caroline Lauzon (19:54): ... They'll do wallpaper.

Brendan King (19:55):  Or they'll do wallpaper. Yeah.

Denise Tipton (19:56): Yes. Go do the wallpaper.

Brendan King (19:58): Go monochromatic with your maximalist style.

Denise Tipton (20:01): Yes. How's that going to work?

Brendan King (20:03): Slap up the flowers. Matching furniture, go.

Denise Tipton (20:08): Go.

Caroline Lauzon (20:08): That was already gone.

Denise Tipton (20:08): Goodbye.

Brendan King (20:09): Yeah, this is very-

Denise Tipton (20:10): [crosstalk 00:20:10].

Brendan King (20:10): ... You know what? This is going to Brian Head and looking at properties to buy.

Caroline Lauzon (20:13): Not even.

Brendan King (20:15): The matchy match match with match is definitely very-

Caroline Lauzon (20:18): Too much.

Brendan King (20:19): ... cabin, mountain feel. Even beachy can go to that extreme.

Denise Tipton (20:25): Yeah, beachy can go that way too, yeah. You got to mix it up. Got to get something else in there.

Brendan King (20:29): The eclectic. So on the other hand, grand millennial or granny chic? I do not understand what this is and I have to admit, I have to do some more research on this.

Caroline Lauzon (20:38): Yeah, I'm not sure.

Brendan King (20:39): But I think it goes back to what we were talking about before with you saying the Henry the Eighth type thing, like throwing-

Denise Tipton (20:44): That was Louis the 14th but that's okay.

Brendan King (20:45): ... Yeah, I know. I'm just throwing in different people. I'm going to say a different name next. I think it's that like throwback, but still have some-

Denise Tipton (20:54): Right.

Brendan King (20:54): ... traditional items.

Denise Tipton (20:55): Right. Well, I think that maybe I'm going to say this, grand millennials, so the millennials are buying homes now, right? So, which is great, thank you very much Millennials, come to Vegas. But maybe they want to get that comfort level in, so they're thinking, "What did I see when I was growing up at grandma's house?"

Brendan King (21:11):Yeah, that's cool. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Denise Tipton (21:12): Right?

Brendan King (21:13): That makes sense.

Denise Tipton (21:13): So can I steal something from grandma's house?

Brendan King (21:15): And grandma's always felt a little special.

Denise Tipton (21:16): Right. Oh, I love my grandmas. So they thrift, but they also like Etsy. This is going to help Etsy big time.

Brendan King (21:23): This is, in my gut, I also feel like formal living and dining rooms will make a little mini comeback.

Denise Tipton (21:27): You think?

Brendan King (21:28): I think they will. I think they will. I don't know. Sometimes we miss a good [inaudible 00:21:32] moment.

Denise Tipton (21:33): Here's our peel and stick wallpaper.

Brendan King (21:33): Peel and stick wallpaper, will likely be trendy this year. So this is just saying the same thing we had stated before that I think it's just going to continue.

Caroline Lauzon (21:41): Yeah. Especially little spaces where you don't know what to do, like your laundry room. Like, "Oh, it's so boring." Just peel and stick behind the washer and dryer and you have a laundry room.

Denise Tipton (21:49): I actually saw something super cute the other day, it was bright blue, super deep blue and it was in a bathroom and I was filming for a client and I kind of came up on it. I was like, "Wow." It was textured.

Caroline Lauzon (22:00): Oh, fun.

Denise Tipton (22:00): So it's like, yes.

Brendan King (22:00): Like a linen?

Denise Tipton (22:02): So cute. It had a pattern-

Brendan King (22:04): Oh cool.

Denise Tipton (22:04): ... like a grand millennial pattern.

Brendan King (22:06): Some granny chic style.

Denise Tipton (22:07): Yeah but it was all blue so it looked pretty cool.

Brendan King (22:09): So rustic ceramics may edge out smooth tiling in the kitchen. So I think this is kind of going along the lines of like the subway tile and stuff like that. I don't think that's going to go away. I just think there's going to be some other options that people may incorporate just for visual difference. I think anytime we go one direction, we always kind of-

Denise Tipton (22:30): We go back.

Brendan King (22:30): ... reverse a little too.

Caroline Lauzon (22:31): Yeah.

Denise Tipton (22:32): Yeah.

Brendan King (22:34): Green cabinets. I know we had mixed opinions about this-

David Gomez (22:37): I don't get this one.

Brendan King (22:37): ... in the group.

Caroline Lauzon (22:40): I don't like this photo, but I have seen a lot-

Brendan King (22:45): Well this one looks like 1985 a little bit.

Caroline Lauzon (22:45):  ... Yeah, I think actually the cabinets are nice, but the backsplash is wrong.

Denise Tipton (22:48): Yes.

Caroline Lauzon (22:48): So if you had subway tiles there-

Denise Tipton (22:49): Yes.

Caroline Lauzon (22:49): ... it'd be amazing. But I've seen a lot of jade color, like really rich jade color with gold-

Denise Tipton (22:56): The brass?

Caroline Lauzon (22:57): ... handles and it looks nice. I really like it. But again, I feel like this is really trendy and this is a kind of things that in like five years, you're going to be like, "Why did I do that?" Like, you know if you're-

Brendan King (23:10): Just save another $50,000 to renovate it again.

Caroline Lauzon (23:12): ... trying, yeah. If you're going for longevity, I would say-

Brendan King (23:17): Probably wouldn't.

Caroline Lauzon (23:17): ... probably not, but it's so cool.

Brendan King (23:18): Or maybe an accent island, like it's just the island but not-

Caroline Lauzon (23:19): Yeah. Or just the bottom cabinets and then white at the top, like different colors. Don't do too like-

Brendan King (23:26): ... everything. Yeah. And not green apple color.

Caroline Lauzon (23:27): ... No. No.

Denise Tipton (23:28): Yeah, yeah, yeah. That was a little bit too...

Caroline Lauzon (23:28): Pinterest it.

Denise Tipton (23:28): Yeah.

Caroline Lauzon (23:29): You'll find good shades.

Brendan King (23:32): Industrial styling. I feel like this is actually been a trend for a while.

Denise Tipton (23:36): Yeah.

Brendan King (23:37): And again, this one will have its place at all times, kind of like contemporary will always have its place. Traditional always have its place. I think industrial, we're actually sitting in a space that's somewhat industrial as well. I think there'll always be a place for something like this.

Caroline Lauzon (23:50): Absolutely, I agree.

Brendan King (23:51): It's kind of like minimalists, but on a large scale.

Denise Tipton (23:54): Yeah.

Brendan King (23:55): Yeah.

Caroline Lauzon (23:55): Right.

Brendan King (23:55): With industrial materials.

Caroline Lauzon (23:56): Again, it brings back the concrete and things that we talked about.

Brendan King (24:00): Totally. Yeah, like basic building materials.

Caroline Lauzon (24:02): Yeah.

Brendan King (24:02): Plaster. So Caroline didn't know, well, not didn't know, didn't understand what it was because you hadn't lived in it. I lived in this back in New Jersey. I had a house from 1918 and plaster walls are legit, old school, plaster and lathe, metal slaps. People-

Caroline Lauzon (24:19): I did not know that's how they built it. That sounds like a lot of work.

Brendan King (24:22): ... It is a ton of work. It's super expensive. I just can't see it happening in Vegas because we don't have the manpower or the skillset in this town, unless it's like a super expensive home in town and you bring somebody in from out of state. I just can't see that being a trend here, just for the fact that we just don't have the people with the skills here to do it. Back east, they do just because people have done it for a hundred years. Next one, wicker and rattan.

Caroline Lauzon (24:49): Well, my mom had a store of wicker and rattan for about 20 years, so I'm happy to see that it's making a comeback. But it does scream pretty exotic.

Denise Tipton (25:00): I'm on the side, I don't like it.

Caroline Lauzon (25:01): Exotic decor.

Denise Tipton (25:01): Don't like it.

Caroline Lauzon (25:04): Again, it's one of those trends that when you go for it-

Denise Tipton (25:07): Unless it's outside.

Brendan King (25:08): Yeah. But I don't mind it in like, I don't like it in furniture. I don't mind in accent pieces like lights, not necessarily this light either. That looks like the Scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz.

Caroline Lauzon (25:17): ... I think all together it's too much, but yeah.

Denise Tipton (25:19): Yes. Sort of a costume. And you don't have the whole cost, but this goes in.

Brendan King (25:23): I have seen a lot of rattan-

Caroline Lauzon (25:26): Wicker baskets for throws and like-

Denise Tipton (25:29): Okay I like those.

Caroline Lauzon (25:29): ... pillows.

Denise Tipton (25:29): Okay, I like those. Yeah. Accent pieces, okay accent pieces.

Caroline Lauzon (25:30): And I do love the lights, like the pendant light, not this one we just talked about it. But like a big bulb-

David Gomez (25:35): Scroll back to this light one more time.

Brendan King (25:37): We're batting 10 for 10 on these photos.

Caroline Lauzon (25:39):... But-

Brendan King (25:40): They did come from an article. We can blame interior design, I don't know what the magazine was. We'll give them a shout out.

David Gomez (25:47): It's in the link below.

Brendan King (25:48): Yeah, check out the link below.

Denise Tipton (25:49): Yeah, check the link below.

David Gomez (25:51): We didn't choose these.

Brendan King (25:53): And then, natural fabrics.

Caroline Lauzon (25:55): ... Oh yes.

Denise Tipton (25:55): I'm sorry, natural fabrics have always been-

Caroline Lauzon (25:57): Yeah.

Brendan King (25:57): Yeah, and they always will be.

Denise Tipton (25:58): ... top wine.

Caroline Lauzon (25:58): You guys have bamboo sheets?

Brendan King (26:00): We don't. Are they good?

Caroline Lauzon (26:01): You guys have to try bamboo sheets. Softest things in the world.

Brendan King (26:04): I think linens like-

Denise Tipton (26:05): I like linen and cotton.

Brendan King (26:06): ... wool.

Denise Tipton (26:06): Long staple cotton.

Brendan King (26:07): All that kind of stuff. We're big blanket fans. We have baskets of blankets I feel like everywhere in our house.

Caroline Lauzon (26:13): Wicker baskets?

Brendan King (26:14): Wicker baskets. We do, actually.

Caroline Lauzon (26:14): For your blankets.

Brendan King (26:15): Outside. We have our like towels and stuff in there, but the natural material is like that, I think like you said, that's a timeless thing.

Denise Tipton (26:24): Timeless, yeah. Can't go wrong.

Brendan King (26:26): It kind of has that feeling of home to have anything natural like that.

Denise Tipton (26:30): Yeah.

Brendan King (26:30): So that's it with interior trends. Let us know what... Hey, somebody walking by outside, look at that. Let us know some of your thoughts, what you guys think are things that are trendy right now, or if there's anything that we didn't bring up that you're like, "Hey, this is something-

Denise Tipton (26:44): How about this?

Brendan King (26:44): ... that I'm doing." Maybe other people should do it, like maximalists.

Caroline Lauzon (26:48): Subway tiles. Live edge shelves.

Brendan King (26:50): So music entertainment, last week we actually did episode 14 of the Unnamed Show over at Brooklyn Bowl and Chris White was awesome. This guy literally knows everything about everything. The venue is incredible.

David Gomez (27:04): If you didn't see this episode, go back and watch it. It's in the links. It was so much fun. We went on location and so we had-

Caroline Lauzon (27:11): That's so cool.

David Gomez (27:12): ... a great time but Chris was amazing, you're right.

Brendan King (27:14): Yeah. This guy knows everything about music. And he's got such a long history within the entertainment industry, within Vegas especially, and Brooklyn Bowl's amazing. If you have somebody-

Denise Tipton (27:24): I got to go.

Brendan King (27:25): ... that's on the schedule that you want to check out, definitely check it out.

Caroline Lauzon (27:28): It's a really cool venue.

Brendan King (27:28): You go early, you go bowling, you get amazing food. What's it called?

David Gomez (27:34): Oh, the chicken.

Brendan King (27:35):  Chicken.

David Gomez (27:35): Oh God.

Brendan King (27:35): Oh, I'm blanking. Amazing, whatever it is. It's from, Blue Ribbon chicken.

David Gomez (27:40): Blue Ribbon. Blue Ribbon.

Brendan King (27:40): Yep. But the venue's incredible.

Caroline Lauzon (27:43): And they have a kids concert.

Brendan King (27:45): Oh really?

Caroline Lauzon (27:45): They're taking, yeah.

Denise Tipton (27:45): They do?

Caroline Lauzon (27:46): Yeah, they do. I took my daughter to-

Brendan King (27:49): The job grows white.

Caroline Lauzon (27:51): ... it was like a cover of all Bob Marley songs. And then the next week was like all, I forget. It was Prince, I think, the next one-

Brendan King (27:58):Oh cool.

Caroline Lauzon (27:58): ... but it's for kids.

Brendan King (27:59): For kids, yeah.

Denise Tipton (28:01): And [crosstalk 00:28:01].

Caroline Lauzon (28:00): And then they have bubbles and balloons. It's really cool. It's awesome.

Brendan King (28:04): That's awesome. Yeah.

Caroline Lauzon (28:05): Yep.

Brendan King (28:05): Yeah, good job-

Caroline Lauzon (28:05): And it's during the day, at 10:00 AM or something.

Brendan King (28:07): ... Good job, Chris and everybody at Brooklyn Bowl, honestly, we had a blast and the place looks incredible. And now you guys are in Philly and Nashville and of course, Brooklyn, so if anybody's in that part of the country, go check them out for sure. And Celine Dion, this is near and dear to you're back home French Canadian connection.

Caroline Lauzon (28:28): Yes. My French Canadian sister. First performance dates for her new residency at Resort World starts November 5th and tickets are on sale now. So, go check her out.

Denise Tipton (28:40): She's an icon.

Brendan King (28:40): She just contains-

Caroline Lauzon (28:41): I am so sad that I've not seen her other two shows because she always had days off on the same days off as the other show I do. So, I plan on going to see that one.

Brendan King (28:52): ... Yeah.

Caroline Lauzon (28:52): Very much so.

Brendan King (28:53): And I heard she's incredible.

Caroline Lauzon (28:54): Yes.

Brendan King (28:55): She obviously can sing the entire phone book and we'd probably all still enjoy it.

Caroline Lauzon (29:00): Yeah.

Denise Tipton (29:01): Take my money. Where can I get that phone book CD?

Caroline Lauzon (29:05): She's incredible.

Brendan King (29:06): Of course, Eater.com provided us with some info about a place called Slater's 50/50, which David was telling me about. They're moving into Summerlin for their second location. They claim it's Summerlin, it's not-

Denise Tipton (29:19): It's not Summerlin.

Brendan King (29:19): ... in Summerlin. It's near Summerlin.

Denise Tipton (29:22): It's Summerlin adjacent.

Brendan King (29:23): It was where Osaka used to be on Sahara, which-

Denise Tipton (29:25): No, no, no. Osaka by Lake Mead and-

Brendan King (29:28): ... Oh, the other Osaka.

Denise Tipton (29:29): ... Grand Park.

Brendan King (29:30): Oh, okay.

Denise Tipton (29:30): Yeah, yeah, yeah. Sorry to correct you.

Speaker 6 (29:30): Right near Buffalo.

Brendan King (29:31): No, you're good.

Denise Tipton (29:32): But I didn't want to send people over there because that's-

Brendan King (29:34): Go to the wrong place.

Denise Tipton (29:34): ... Yeah.

Brendan King (29:35): You go to the one that still exists.

Denise Tipton (29:36): Don't go on Sahara.

Caroline Lauzon (29:37): So it is right on the edge then.

Denise Tipton (29:39): Yeah, it's on the edge.

Brendan King (29:39): Yeah, exactly.

Denise Tipton (29:39): Summerlin adjacent.

Brendan King (29:41): So the combination of half ground beef and half ground bacon-

Denise Tipton (29:44): I'm so hungry.

Brendan King (29:45): ... burger-

Speaker 6 (29:45): Now we're talking.

Brendan King (29:45): ... patties-

Denise Tipton (29:45): We have to look at this now.

Caroline Lauzon (29:45): Stop it.

Brendan King (29:47): ... Half bacon, half beef, this is really good for your center of your body-

Denise Tipton (29:52): Oh my goodness.

Caroline Lauzon (29:52): Oh goodness.

Brendan King (29:52): ... and also tastes amazing. So they took over the former Osaka on Lake Mead and Buffalo. I could have just read it and I didn't.

Denise Tipton (29:59): That's okay.

Brendan King (30:02): Cal says he plans to renovate the 4,500 square foot standalone space, adding two patios, which everybody's doing right now.

Speaker 6 (30:08): Outdoor.

Brendan King (30:08): One of the former dining rooms converts into a walk-in refrigerator?

Denise Tipton (30:12): Oh my gosh.

Brendan King (30:13): What?

Speaker 6 (30:14): Because they have 50 beers on tap.

Brendan King (30:16): Oh.

Caroline Lauzon (30:16): Oh.

Denise Tipton (30:17): Oh.

Brendan King (30:17): So you walk in the fridge...

Speaker 6 (30:20): I don't know.

Brendan King (30:20): We got to check this out.

Denise Tipton (30:21): We're going, good story.

Caroline Lauzon (30:21): I'm very intrigued.

Brendan King (30:23): The Osaka unfortunately was there for 23 years-

Speaker 6 (30:26): It was good.

Denise Tipton (30:27): Yeah, yeah, yeah. That was a landmark.

Brendan King (30:29): ... and now you know what? Now you can get a burger with half bacon, half beef. That sounds pretty good to me. As much as I love my Japanese, I have to check this one out for sure.

Caroline Lauzon (30:37): For sure.

Speaker 6 (30:37): Oh yeah.

Brendan King (30:38): 50% ground bacon, 50% ground beef.

Denise Tipton (30:42): Wow.

Speaker 6 (30:42): But the old Osaka didn't have a patio to eat, so they're going to build two patios at this place so that'd be nice.

Brendan King (30:48): Yeah. No, that's awesome. Like I said, that's a trend that I think will just continue in Vegas because our weather's perfect for it-

Denise Tipton Oh my gosh.

Brendan King (30:55): ... most of the year.

Denise Tipton (30:55): What are we going to talk about next? So exciting, apples. We love apples, right Brendan?

Brendan King (31:01): So if you're up for like an awesome road trip, of course in town, we have-

Denise Tipton (31:08): Gilcrease Orchard.

Brendan King (31:08): ... Gilcrease Orchard, which is amazing.

Brendan King (31:10): But if you're up for like an out-of-state trip, we made the drive to Los Rios Rancho, which is out in California, in an area called Oak Glen. And literally, it's like apple town. I swear to you, it's like seven orchards or more, all on the same street-

Caroline Lauzon (31:26): That's amazing.

Brendan King (31:26):  ... and it's you go from the bottom of the mountain, down in San Bernandino, up into the mountains and it's just one after another, after another.

Denise Tipton (31:33) Oh that's so cool.

Brendan King (31:33): So if you want a taste of fall, I think time's running out a little bit to hit the color and the leaves changing, but what do you think, end of the month probably?

Denise Tipton (31:43): Listen, I read into this a little bit because I went to the website because I clicked on the link below. And a couple of things, go early because it's outside of Los Angeles.

Brendan King (31:54): It's packed.

Denise Tipton (31:55): It's going to be people there, aka a lot of people.

Brendan King (31:57): I waited an hour and a half for my food last time.

Denise Tipton (31:59): Right. So go early-

Caroline Lauzon (32:01): Wow.

Denise Tipton (32:01): ... so you can find a place to park, but it sounds amazing.

Caroline Lauzon (32:04): I know. I'm sold.

Brendan King (32:06): It really is. It feels like I'm from the Northeast, we're all kind of from a similar part of the country as kids. It does feel like you're in that part of the world and everything from the apple cider donuts to of course apples, and they have even apple cider beer, like it's really great.

Denise Tipton (32:25): And they have pies. The pies are supposed to be fresh.

Speaker 6 (32:27): Tractor rides.

Caroline Lauzon (32:28): And they have a petting zoo.

Brendan King (32:28): Yeah, petting zoo, tractor-

Speaker 6 (32:30): Corn maze.

Denise Tipton (32:30): Tons of fun stuff.

Brendan King (32:30): ... It's awesome.

Denise Tipton (32:32): And you can pick your own fruit if you want to.

Caroline Lauzon (32:34): Very cool.

Brendan King (32:35): Yeah. And corn maze, there's the menu.

Denise Tipton (32:38): Again.

Brendan King (32:38): The tri-tip sandwich, so they cook all this right in front of you there. He's got a big old outdoor grill.

Denise Tipton (32:43): Oh wow.

Brendan King (32:43): So it's kind of fun watching him cook-

Caroline Lauzon (32:46): That is so cool.

Brendan King (32:46): ... it all up. But now that I'm extremely hungry-

Caroline Lauzon (32:49): I know.

Brendan King (32:49): ... for a tri-tip sandwich-

Denise Tipton (32:51): Yeah, you're killing me.

Brendan King (32:52): ... But honestly, prices aren't bad for it being in California and close to LA. It's definitely worth the trip. You'll easily fill an entire day or two, if you head out there. Worth the look.

Denise Tipton (33:01): Sounds like fun.

Caroline Lauzon (33:02): Very exciting. I'm sold.

Denise Tipton (33:04): I want to go right now.

Brendan King (33:05): So Caroline?

Caroline Lauzon (33:06): Yes. Another fall favorite, farmer's market. So now that it's not super hot, it's kind of nice to fill your weekends or weekdays with the farmer's market. Many operate year round, but a few are just seasonal. So we have Bruce Trent Park Farmer's Market, sorry, my English today is taking a break. But that's on a Rampart and Vegas Drive. So Summerlin North so-

Brendan King (33:35): Kind of near Tivoli Village.

Caroline Lauzon (33:36): ... Yeah. And that one's on Wednesday from 2:00 PM to 8:00 PM. And yeah, it's pretty big actually, I've been there a couple of times and it's pretty nice. Country Fresh Farmer's Market, that's downtown Henderson in the Water Street Events Plaza on Thursdays from 2:00 to 6:00, at downtown Summerlin is on Saturday from 9:00 to 2:00 PM. That one's pretty cool as well. I've been there a couple of times, actually almost every Saturday-

Brendan King (34:03): That one's great, too.

Caroline Lauzon (34:03): ... you can find me there.

Speaker 6 (34:04): You got to get there early, right?

Caroline Lauzon (34:05): Yeah.

Brendan King (34:05): No, it's fine. Usually they've got... Oh you mean before things run out? Yes.

Caroline Lauzon (34:09): Yeah, yeah.

Brendan King (34:10): You're right.

Speaker 6 (34:10): Didn't your daughter, she was mad at you, right?

Brendan King (34:11): She was. She wanted something and I forget what it was and I didn't get there in time.

Denise Tipton (34:15): And you didn't get it.

Brendan King (34:15): Yeah, yeah.

Caroline Lauzon (34:15): I also get fresh bread-

Brendan King (34:16): You are correct.

Caroline Lauzon (34:17): ... their honey, the local honey is amazing. One of them had a dandelion honey.

Denise Tipton (34:22):  Oh wow.

Caroline Lauzon (34:22): I think we finished the jar in like a week. It was unreal, tasted so different. But anyways, check it out.

Brendan King (34:28): Yeah, and then we have the link to, I think, a whole bunch of farmer's markets.

Caroline Lauzon (34:31): Yeah, there's one at Tivoli. There's one downtown-

Denise Tipton (34:34): There's one in Southern Island, too and that's on Sunday.

Caroline Lauzon (34:36): ... Summerlin. Yeah, Southern Highlands was the next on the list. So that one's on Sunday from 9:00 to 2:00 as well.

Denise Tipton (34:41): So you go almost every single day?

Caroline Lauzon (34:42): Yeah, almost every day.

Brendan King (34:44): Yeah, pretty much, yeah.

Caroline Lauzon (34:44): And there's one in Lake Las Vegas as well on Thursdays-

Brendan King (34:47): Oh, I've never been to that one.

Denise Tipton (34:48): Oh, every single day.

Caroline Lauzon (34:48): ... So yeah.

Brendan King (34:49): Nice.

Caroline Lauzon (34:49): Any day there's probably one somewhere in the city.

Brendan King (34:51): Get in the car, you have no excuse.

Caroline Lauzon (34:53): But it's nice to buy local produce and encourage local artists, and yeah.

Brendan King (34:59): And they're from mostly California, but a lot from like locally, even honey. Some of the honey's actually desert honey.

Caroline Lauzon (35:06): Yep.

Brendan King (35:06): So it's really, honestly, if you go there, you're going to end up eating your way.

Caroline Lauzon (35:10): And it's fun because you can taste a lot of different things that you wouldn't buy, but you're like, "Wait, this is so good. I want some."

Denise Tipton (35:13): Because listen, I'm really hungry so.

Brendan King (35:15): Yeah.

Caroline Lauzon (35:15): I know, me too. Some tri-tip sandwich.

Brendan King (35:17): Tri-tip sandwich, tri-tip sandwich. So my daughter actually went with her friends the other night to parade of Mischief, so this is going to be from October 1st, through October 30th, every Friday and Saturday at 7:00 PM in downtown Summerlin, and she had a lot of fun. All of her friends went and they have like kids from that dance studio right there in downtown Summerlin, that all kind of have choreography. It's all planned out. They did a really nice job. She said her and her friends had a lot of fun.

Denise Tipton (35:46): And it's free.

Caroline Lauzon (35:47): I plan on taking the little one.

Brendan King (35:48): And it's free, yeah. Yeah, something great for anybody really, just head down there and it's all free, all you have to do is show up.

Caroline Lauzon (35:55): They do it for Christmas, too, I think.

Brendan King (35:56): Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Caroline Lauzon (35:56): Every Friday, Saturday. Very cool.

Brendan King (35:58): And then make it snow for Christmas, too.

Caroline Lauzon (35:59): Oh yeah, I remember that. It's cool.

Brendan King (36:01): It's funny-

Denise Tipton (36:02):  So, this weekend something else you guys can go do, it's in downtown Summerlin, it's the ninth and the 10th, so that's Saturday, Sunday. Yep. Festival of the Arts and that's pretty cool. You can kind of take a look at local artists and buy some interesting things for your home, whether you want to go maximal, or you want to go...

Brendan King (36:21): Maximalist or minimalist.

Denise Tipton (36:22): No, I'm sure they're something for you to see.

Caroline Lauzon (36:24): Wow. Yeah.

Brendan King (36:25):  It's right next to where actually where the farmer's market normally is as well, and they usually section that whole area off. So if pay the entry fee and you can get in and check it out.

Denise Tipton (36:37): Oh. Yeah, there you go, a lot of stuff.

Brendan King (36:39): Yeah. Digital art workshops.

Caroline Lauzon (36:42): Very cool.

Denise Tipton (36:42): From 1:00 to 5:00.

Caroline Lauzon (36:42): So that's this weekend, yeah.

Denise Tipton (36:42): So if you don't want to watch the Raiders game, which I don't know why you wouldn't want to do that, you could go down and see the art festival.

Brendan King (36:49): Yeah. It looks like they've got a ton of things going on and a lot, a lot of-

Speaker 6 (36:52): Classic car show looks cool. The classic car show.

Brendan King (36:55): ... Oh, is there one too? Nice.

Caroline Lauzon (36:57): From 10:00 to 2:00 on Saturday.

Brendan King (36:58): Yeah. It's cool.

Denise Tipton (36:58): All right.

Brendan King (36:59): So tons of things to do. And then have you been to this?

Caroline Lauzon (37:02): I have not, but I'm very intrigued. And again, probably would bring the little one, but the butterfly habitat at Springs Preserve is currently open for the fall season, Friday through Monday from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM through November 22nd. The butterfly habitat is currently open... Oh, sorry. I'm repeating what...

Brendan King (37:22): And the nice thing is this is the only time of year they can do it because it's not too cold, not too hot so they're not cooking butterflies.

Caroline Lauzon (37:28): And they say to wear white because they're attracted to it and they'll come.

Brendan King (37:32):  Oh nice.

Denise Tipton (37:32): Oh, really?

Caroline Lauzon (37:33): Yeah. They'll come down-

Brendan King (37:34): Secrets, wear white. Don't wear white on camera, but wear white at the butterfly.

Speaker 6 (37:38): She's wearing white.

Brendan King (37:38): Looks good.

Caroline Lauzon (37:39): ... Yeah. It makes them come on your clothes.

Denise Tipton (37:41): Oh I see.

Brendan King (37:41): Oh that's cool.

Denise Tipton (37:41): I didn't know that.

Caroline Lauzon (37:42): So yeah, it's pretty cool.

Brendan King (37:43): That's good to know.

Denise Tipton (37:43): Oh, by the way, never wear red to Target.

Caroline Lauzon (37:46): Oh yeah because then people will ask you for questions?

Denise Tipton (37:49): Yeah. Never wear red.

Brendan King (37:50): That's also good advice.

Caroline Lauzon (37:53): Or orange at Home Depot, I guess.

Brendan King (37:53): There you go. Or, so I can't go to Home Depot after I'm done here today.

Caroline Lauzon (37:56): That's great.

Brendan King (37:57): And then hikes and trails this time of year, actually from here until May, in my opinion is pretty amazing.

Denise Tipton (38:04): For sure.

Brendan King (38:04): So if you haven't been to Red Rock Canyon, you're living in a cave and you can go visit a cave there, but there's a ton of hikes. This is one of the first places I went to when I visited Vegas for the first time, actually David had taken our family out there. It's awesome. It's like a little sliver of nature that's not little.

Denise Tipton (38:24): It's big.

Brendan King (38:24): It's huge.

Denise Tipton (38:25): People get lost out there.

Brendan King (38:26): Even if you have an off-road vehicle, there's a Rocky Gap Road on the backside where you can ride a ton of miles to the top-

Denise Tipton (38:32): Oh, I didn't know that.

Brendan King (38:32): ... the mountain there, yeah. I did get my Jeep stuck back there once. But Grand Circle Loop, Turtlehead Peak. Have you done that?

Caroline Lauzon (38:39): I have.

Brendan King (38:39): I haven't done that one.

Caroline Lauzon (38:41): Very hard. Very steep and long.

Speaker 6 (38:45): It is hard. Yeah.

Caroline Lauzon (38:45): But I made it and there's a little box at the top where you can-

Denise Tipton (38:47): Where the turtles are?

Caroline Lauzon (38:48): ... like put a message like-

Brendan King (38:49): Oh cool.

Caroline Lauzon (38:50): ... "Yeah, I made it. I was here."

Brendan King (38:52): What's the one we always do with the kids when they were little?

Caroline Lauzon (38:55): The Discovery Trail.

Speaker 6 (38:56): The Children's Discovery Trail.

Caroline Lauzon (38:57): Yeah, that one's fun.

Speaker 6 (38:58): That one's great because it has-

Caroline Lauzon (38:58): With the waterfall sometimes, it is.

Speaker 6 (39:00): ... and they have butterflies out there, but they have the caves you can kind of go under and the...

Brendan King (39:06): And the waterfall, when it's there is nice.

Speaker 6 (39:08): Yeah, it's great.

Caroline Lauzon (39:08): I've been there when it was snowing and there was a waterfall, so it was really magical. It was...

Denise Tipton (39:13): Oh, that's cool.

Caroline Lauzon (39:14): Like cactuses with snow on them, with a waterfall like, "Is this Vegas?" This is so weird.

Brendan King (39:19): Yeah, if you haven't been to Red Rock, honestly-

Denise Tipton (39:21): Go.

Brendan King (39:21): ... it's always worth the trip and I used to live right there, and I would go all the time and I haven't been in a while and I have no excuse because it right there. So if you haven't been to the drive in, honestly-

Caroline Lauzon (39:32): I was there last week.

Brendan King (39:32): ... this is a great time of year.

Speaker 6 (39:35): It's the greatest place.

Brendan King (39:35): It's a great time of year to check it out. There are only like a handful of drive-ins left in the country, to be honest. One of them in the Southern New York State where I grew up, and then when I got to Vegas and found out there was one here, I was pretty surprised because I had heard so many of them had shut down. When we used to go on tour, David would find drive-ins around the country actually.

Caroline Lauzon (39:57): There's so fun.

Speaker 6 (39:57): Oh yeah.

Brendan King (39:59): But this one's great. It's super old school. You get the, what's the song?

Denise Tipton (40:03): Let's go to the movies. Let's all go to the movies.

Brendan King (40:07): So it's honestly, a great night out. The weather's not too hot. You can leave all your windows open, hang out in the car and watch a great movie. And is it seven days a week?

Speaker 6 (40:17): Yeah.

Denise Tipton (40:18): Is it really?

Speaker 6 (40:19): Oh yeah, every night. This will be fun.

Brendan King (40:20): 13 Nights of Fright. This is kind of cool. My kids are deathly afraid of anything scary, but I'm trying to get them get to past that. Come on. 13, let's go.

Caroline Lauzon (40:31): I still don't like scary movies.

Denise Tipton (40:32): I don't like them.

Speaker 6 (40:34): But it's definitely a classic place.

Caroline Lauzon (40:36): Yeah, it's amazing.

Speaker 6 (40:36): Yeah, it's fun. And you can take food, drink maybe if you want to.

Brendan King (40:42): Don't tell anybody.

Denise Tipton (40:43): Don't tell them.

Brendan King (40:46): So this time of year always is a great time to support the ton of charities that are in town. There's a few that stand out to us. Three Squares, definitely one, food insecurity in Las Vegas is a pretty big problem. Three Square, my daughter actually was just there yesterday with National Honor Society at school and they made 3,000 meals.

Denise Tipton (41:07): Wow.

Brendan King (41:07): Which is pretty cool.

Caroline Lauzon (41:08): They're amazing.

Brendan King (41:09): Yeah. And it's just that place was actually the Hilton family started it, an heir to the Hilton family actually started it a long time ago.

Denise Tipton (41:18): I didn't know that.

Brendan King (41:19): Yeah, I was at a house showing, talking to the owners and they said, "Oh yeah, our uncles started Three Square."

Caroline Lauzon (41:26): So cool. I love that.

Brendan King (41:27): But amazing charity. Project 150 is another one. They have their Denim and Diamonds fall fundraiser, October 9th, 7:00 to 10:00 PM. This one helps a lot of kids dealing with both homelessness and food insecurity, I believe.

Caroline Lauzon (41:43): And I think you can drop a lot of donations there, too. Sometimes people don't know where to go and you just go to Goodwill and stuff, but this is a great place to donate.

Brendan King (41:49): And most Goodwill places are for-profit-

Caroline Lauzon (41:51): Yeah, so this is nice.

Brendan King (41:52): ... Things like Project 150 goes straight to somebody in town-

Caroline Lauzon (41:55): Absolutely.

Brendan King (41:55): ... and not to other places, which is nice. And the guy who started Project 150, I saw him speak at an event. This guy's amazing. Amazing, amazing guy. Purely doing it from his heart and all the people who work there, you can tell are doing it for obviously, if it's a charity and they're helping many people, for all the right reasons. And they do a little thing at the end of the year, I believe, before prom where people donate prom dresses.

Caroline Lauzon (42:21): Yes.

Denise Tipton (42:21): Yes.

Brendan King (42:21): I think that one's amazing. So kids who don't want to show up to the prom, not dressed the way-

Caroline Lauzon (42:28): They would want.

Brendan King (42:30): ... they would wan to be. And I thought that was really a cute thing-

Denise Tipton (42:32): That's really cool.

Brendan King (42:32): ... especially with daughters. I thought that was really nice. But yeah, Project 150, Three Square, please check them out. All the links are in the bio or in the notes, the show notes, but check it out, two amazing charities. If you guys have other charities that you also are either volunteering with or donating to, please let us know. We're always willing to learn and open up and tell other people about these types of things. But Project 150 and Three Square were two that we all had definitely mentioned. And of course, what should they do if they want to get all sorts of information in their text?

Denise Tipton (43:10): You know what you need to do, folks, do you need to text V-I-P to 702-553-1955. You know what, we could ask Dionne how that worked out for her. It worked out for her.

Brendan King (43:20): Yeah, she ended up with Raiders tickets.

Denise Tipton (43:21): Well.

Brendan King (43:22): And then of course the next market to 702-553-1955 and...

Caroline Lauzon (43:29): For food and drink specials, you can text dine, D-I-N-E to 702-553-1955.

Brendan King (43:38): So now that we've talked about so much food and seeing that last photo, I am going to get something to eat, tri-tip sandwich, hopefully. But no, thank you so much. Enjoy the weather. We've given you a million things to go-

Denise Tipton (43:49): So nice.

Brendan King (43:49): ... do. The weather is amazing. Go enjoy it. And either way, thank you, Denise.

Denise Tipton (43:55): Thank you, Brendan.

Brendan King (43:56): Thank you, Caroline.

Caroline Lauzon (43:56): Thank you.

Brendan King (43:57): We'll see you guys next week. Have a good one.

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