September 17, 2021

November 16, 2021

Episode #12 of “Unnamed Show”

Episode #12 of “Unnamed Show” | Raiders Win Exciting Opener on MNF, I Heart Radio and Life is Beautiful Concerts this weekend, 37 Patios for off-Strip dining, and America Got Talents at the Luxor.

In this episode Brendan King, Denise Tipton, and Caroline Lauzon discuss the Raiders big win on MNF, Khris Davis returns to Oakland Athletics for stretch run, The guy wants to build a Utopian Megalopolis, Gilcrease Orchard opening, Million-dollar slots jackpot hits at Las Vegas casino, I Heart Radio and Life is Beautiful Concerts this weekend, Million-dollar slots jackpot hits at Las Vegas casino, 37 Patios for off-Strip dining, and America Got Talents at the Luxor

We enjoyed the game with clients and friends Dan and Terri who won our last groups of tickets for this season. Kris Davis did not play.

Khris Davis returns to Oakland Athletics for stretch run

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The guy wants to build a Utopian Megalopolis

Million-dollar slots jackpot hits at Las Vegas casino

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Welcome! | Gilcrease Orchard

37 Patios for off-Strip dining all over Las Vegas and Henderson - Eater Vegas


Life is Beautiful From disco to downtown, Nyman sets the stage at Life is Beautiful

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Las Vegas’ Area15 hosts this year’s iHeartRadio Music Festival Daytime Stage - Las Vegas Weekly

America’s Got Talent’ host Preacher Lawson settles in Las Vegas

Cody on AGT first audition

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Brendan King (00:00): How about that Monday nightfootball game with the Raiders. And we are here for The Unnamed Show.

Hey, what's going on everybody?It's Brendan King from the Brendan King Group at Simply Vegas. And this isepisode 12 of The Unnamed Show.

Caroline Lauzon (00:34): Woo hoo, yeah.

Brendan King (00:36): What's going on, I'm joinedhere today by Denise Tipton.

Denise Tipton (00:39): Hello Brendan.

Brendan King (00:40): Ooh, what's going on Denise?And Caroline Lauzon.

Caroline Lauzon (00:42): Bonjour.

Brendan King (00:43): What's up? So, we have a ton ofinformation of course as always, typically we always start with the Aviatorstexts, but unfortunately we're out of tickets. We've given away all our ticketsthis year, so instead of texting Aviators, text VIP to 702-553-1955, 702-19, ohmy gosh, 702-553-1955 text VIP. That's going to put you on our text list foreverything from dining, entertainment, market update. It'll put you on all thelists and you can narrow down what you want or don't want. And you'll get atext every time we do something special. It's our own little world, our ownlittle community where you can get all sorts of great information on Vegas.

Brendan King (01:25): And from that, of course, wewere at the Aviators game the other day on Tuesday, we went with our clientsDan and Terry, actually had a really great time. The Aviators did get theirbutts kicked that night, unfortunately.

Caroline Lauzon (01:40): Ouch.

Brendan King (01:41): And we were hoping to see KhrisDavis smash a few balls, but we didn't realize Khris is actually back to theOakland Athletics, so he made it back to the majors.

Denise Tipton (01:50): The big show.

Brendan King (01:51): The big show. I still want tosay big dance.

Denise Tipton (01:53): No, big show, big show.

Brendan King (01:53): Like Jack kept saying on theother episodes. But yeah, he made it back to the majors, which is amazing. Hewent two for three the other night, first game back, no home runs yet. SoKhrush, what do they call him, Khris Khrush? Khris Khrush is not crushing ityet.

Denise Tipton (02:08): He will.

Brendan King (02:09): But he's two for three, whichis awesome. Three and a half games back the Athletics are from actually makingthe playoffs, so hopefully Khris will be a big help with that. Also, holy cow,I don't know if anybody saw the Monday night football game, if you didn'tyou're under a rock, because it was incredible. Insane, dramatic overtime win,the whole stadium was full. Honestly, this was right before they had actuallythought, they thought they won, the whole field filled up with fans and theyhad to kick everybody off. And the game wasn't over yet, unfortunately his kneehit the field, he didn't actually score.

Brendan King (02:47): Ah, I can't even explain it,the game was incredible, especially overtime, it was just a back and forthgame. Raiders, first home game, full stadium. I have to admit I'm not a jealousperson, but I had friends that posted photos from that night, and it was justan incredible game. My kids thought something was wrong with me, because I wasliterally in the living room like, "Oh, no. Oh God. Yeah, yeah,yeah." That was crazy. But if you saw it, you know what I'm talking about?I know Caroline missed the game and I think you did too didn't you?

Denise Tipton (03:21): I did. I was really bummed.

Brendan King (03:22): Aah. I'm going to have tosomehow find a recording and send it to you. It literally was the most amazingfootball game I've seen in a long time. It was actually the first overtime gameon Monday night football since the 70's. And don't forget, next week theRaiders play the Steelers, September 19th at 1:00 PM.

Caroline Lauzon (03:40): I won't miss that one.

Brendan King (03:40): Not at home, unfortunately.

Denise Tipton (03:42): So, who are you taking?

Brendan King (03:44): Who am I taking? Let me think,the Raiders.

Denise Tipton (03:47): The Raiders.

David (03:49): Good answer, good answer.

Brendan King (03:50): Long, hard thought. But yeah,hopefully this week is like last week. If that's the case, this could beanother golden Knights run like their first season. You know, it would be ahuge change from the actual standings or where they're supposed to be. But hey,if they play anything like Monday, I think they could have a great, greatseason. So we'll see.

Caroline Lauzon (04:10): What a nice start of theseason.

Brendan King (04:11): Oh my God. It was incredible.

Caroline Lauzon (04:12): Very exciting.

Brendan King (04:13): It was crazy. Like literally mykids were like, "Dad, what's wrong with you?" And I was like, yaah.

Denise Tipton (04:18): I'm having a stroke.

Brendan King (04:20): But, moving on from there,Caroline, you've got something special going on in the past week.

Caroline Lauzon (04:27): Yes, we had quite a week at3915 Belhaven Street. It was quite busy, the amount of traffic we got on thislisting was insane.

Brendan King (04:38): How many showings did you have?

Caroline Lauzon (04:39): Oh, I stopped counting, but wehad two open houses with probably over 30 people just from the open house. Butthen we also had I think like 25 scheduled showings as well. We had over ten-

Brendan King (04:52): And I think a hundred differentcalls.

Caroline Lauzon (04:53): Yes, and still getting textsand calls, even though we've just finally accepted an offer, an incredible,beautiful offer on this house. But yeah, we had over 10 offers that were very,very competitive. And then one of them stood out and the lucky buyer's agentwas actually on our team, Ms. Denise.

Brendan King (05:15): Literally, we had nine offers,we were already happy with the offers we had.

Caroline Lauzon (05:18): Very.

Brendan King (05:18): And then Denise's client camein.

Denise Tipton (05:21): Our lovely client.

Brendan King (05:22): From Hong Kong.

Denise Tipton (05:23): Yes.

Brendan King (05:23): And he was like, "I'll dothis."

Denise Tipton (05:25): "I'll do this," andwe said okay.

Brendan King (05:26): And it was well over everybodyelse, and so congrats Denise.

Denise Tipton (05:30): Thank you, and congratsCaroline.

Caroline Lauzon (05:30): Thank you.

Brendan King (05:30): And her clients are lucky,lucky buyers. Honestly, it's an amazing house.

Denise Tipton (05:36): Yeah, it's gorgeous.

Caroline Lauzon (05:37): We had a lot of really goodfeedback on the house. So, it felt kind of nice.

Brendan King (05:42): It's just a warm, cozy house,yeah.

Caroline Lauzon (05:45): Yeah, I love decorating, and itwas just, yeah it felt good.

Denise Tipton (05:48): Yeah, and the back yard isgorgeous, check out that link.

Brendan King (05:49): We need to actually, we willactually in the next week or two, do an episode where we're actually going toshow maybe some of your renovations on your current place.

Caroline Lauzon (05:57) Yeah.

Brendan King (05:58): That would be fun.

Caroline Lauzon (05:58): Absolutely.

Brendan King (06:00): And if you guys are everlooking for somebody to renovate, we know tons of people. Honestly, we've gotclients in the middle of renovations currently. And then of course, if you dowant to check out the listing, they can go to the website, Caroline did anawesome tour of the home. So of course, click on the link down below if youwant to check out the tour that Caroline was nice enough to do.

Denise Tipton (06:22): So let's keep on talking aboutreal estate you guys. Downtown, right by Symphony Park, luxury apartments aregoing to open up, there called Auric Symphony Park.

Brendan King (06:31): I wonder where that name isfrom?

Denise Tipton (06:33): I don't know, but Auric soundslike audio, right? So there's music, anyways. So there's going to be 324 unitsdown there.

Caroline Lauzon (06:41): It's beautiful.

Brendan King (06:41): So cool.

Denise Tipton (06:41): They're already 30% leased outand prices start at $1,499, so $1,500.

Caroline Lauzon (06:47): That's pretty reasonable.

Denise Tipton (06:48): Yeah it's gorgeous, right?

Brendan King (06:50): Such a like New York kind ofart deco blend, right?

Denise Tipton (06:53): Kind of modern industrial, ifyou will.

Caroline Lauzon (06:55): You can walk to places fromthere.

Denise Tipton (06:56): Oh yeah, it's going to be rightacross from Symphony Park.

Caroline Lauzon (06:57): Like the location's justperfect.

Denise Tipton (06:59): And right across the streetfrom World Market Center. So folks, if you don't know about that, that is asuper awesome, huge, gigantic building and if you drive on the 95-

Brendan King (07:06): I have to admit I've never beenthere.

Denise Tipton (07:08): Right, exactly, and you'relike, "What is that giant thing?"

Caroline Lauzon (07:10): It's massive.

Denise Tipton (07:10): It is a furniture showcase fordesigners, so obviously you need a lot of rooms, so that's why it's so big. AndI believe it's open to the public on some days. So if you love furniture, ifyou're looking for ideas and inspiration, definitely go check it out, it's likestunning. You might want to leave your checkbook at home though, becausecompulsive.

Brendan King (07:27): Yeah. And each differentdesigners, different...

Denise Tipton (07:30): Looks, styles.

Brendan King (07:31): ... different couch company,furniture companies, all rent space.

Denise Tipton (07:35): Lighting.

Brendan King (07:35): It's kind of like a...

Denise Tipton (07:36): It's like an immovable...

Caroline Lauzon (07:37): It's like a furniture show, butpermanent.

Denise Tipton (07:43): Design showroom.

Caroline Lauzon (07:43): But permanent, exactly.

Denise Tipton (07:45): Yeah, exactly, exactly.

Brendan King (07:46): Thank you, I couldn't think ofthe word. Yeah, and it literally has everything. It's huge, that building islike...

Caroline Lauzon (07:50): Yeah, it's super massive.

Denise Tipton (07:51):It's six stories.

Brendan King (07:52): Oh my God, see I need to go, Ihave no excuse.

Denise Tipton (07:54): You've got to go, yeah.

Caroline Lauzon (07:55): And it's right next to TheOutlet, the Smith Center, there's so many things right around that area.

Denise Tipton (07:59): Top pricing on that is going tobe $3,100 for a two bedroom, two bath. And again, it's already 30% leased out.It's going to be completed in July of next year. So, if you're looking for luxury,you're looking for apartment living, you're looking for downtown, boom, AuricSymphony Park.

Caroline Lauzon (08:15): And affordable too, it seemslike.

Brendan King (08:16): Yeah. Especially for Downtownand the size of what you get. And then plus, it's like you were saying, you canliterally walk to those things right there, but then if you go under the bridgeyou're in Downtown, like you've got everything and they've done such a greatjob on that. As far as like... Sorry, somebody literally just walked in as I'mspeaking. As far as restaurants and things like that, they've added so manydifferent restaurants in the area Downtown. Actually, another thing that we'verecently added is the VIP text, like I mentioned before. So of course, once again,text VIP to 702-553-1955, don't forget 702-553-1955.

Brendan King (09:03): So, I was actually reading oneof the magazines I love to read, which is Outside Magazine. It's about likeoutdoor sports and camping and all that kind of stuff. And there was a littlesection about cities for the outdoors, and I'm reading it and I'm like,"Holy cow, what's in there, North Las Vegas."

Caroline Lauzon (09:21): Woo hoo.

Brendan King (09:24): Funny story is, I was readingAdventure Magazine 11 years ago and Las Vegas was in there, and that's actuallyone of the things that got me to move here.

Denise Tipton (09:33): Oh, interesting.

Caroline Lauzon (09:35): That's just so awesome.

Brendan King (09:35): Yeah. So yeah, the other day Iwas reading Outside Magazine. So they chose it for many different reasons,affordability, access to the outdoors, sports.

Denise Tipton (09:43): Parks.

Brendan King (09:44): Parks. Outdoor space.

Caroline Lauzon (09:46): There is so much to do outdoorsin the Las Vegas area. It's insane. I feel like people don't realize it.

Brendan King (09:50): Yeah. One of the greatest rockclimbers in the world lives in Summerlin, or in Peccole actually.

Caroline Lauzon (09:56): Yes, my favorite.

Brendan King (09:57): One of your favoriteneighborhoods. And he came here specifically because the access to rockclimbing, people are like, "What, rock climbing?"

Denise Tipton (10:05): Yeah, Red Rock.

Brendan King (10:06): But Red Rock Canyon is actuallyone of the largest sport climbing areas in the entire world. But yeah, I wasvery happy to see our town in that article. And the nice thing is there's tonsof miles of mountain bike trails. We have hiking, we have...

Caroline Lauzon (10:20): Hiking, mountain biking.

Brendan King (10:21): ... Mount Charleston.

Caroline Lauzon (10:22): The lake. You know you cankayak, stand up paddle board, boat, there's so much to do. And yeah, MountCharleston's right there. Yeah, really. There's a lot of outdoor stuff to do,and yeah it gets hot, but it's still beautiful weather year round.

Denise Tipton (10:40): Oh, it's only hot three monthsof the year, it's no big deal.

Brendan King (10:40): Yeah. And you know what, I'mfrom the east coast, I'm from the New York area and there's more parks andtrails here than where I grew up, which is crazy to me.

Denise Tipton (10:45): That is amazing, I didn't knowthat.

Brendan King (10:47): Yeah. Oh God yeah, by far.Another thing I was reading, I was actually randomly I think this has popped upall over the news, and I liked that they call him the guy. But thereason they call them that is because he developed and he sold itfor boatloads of money and a couple other businesses. He wants to start autopian megalopolis. And it's called, what was the name of the town?

Denise Tipton (11:13): Tessala, or something likethat. Telosus?

Caroline Lauzon (11:14): Tessalos?

Brendan King (11:16): I forget name of the town, butthe articles really interesting. So this guy wants to spend a couple of billiondollars and create a town in the middle of the desert, and Nevada's one of theareas up for it. He's just feels like there's so much land in the country thatcould be used to form these small utopian cities that are self-sufficient.

Caroline Lauzon (11:35): Self-sufficient yeah, that'spretty cool.

Brendan King (11:36): And create their own energy.And you know, I think it's a little bit of a just idea at the moment, but heyif anything comes of it, it could be very cool.

Caroline Lauzon (11:47): Absolutely.

Brendan King (11:48):  Some of these renderings are pretty amazing,even just check it out online, there's a lot of cool information about it.

Caroline Lauzon (11:54): I'm very curious about it,that's very cool.

Brendan King (11:55): Hey, if it actually happens, itcould be a fun place.

Caroline Lauzon (11:58): Absolutely.

Brendan King (11:59): Moving on from that. HeyDenise, did you win this week?

Denise Tipton (12:03): Oh my gosh, I wish I wouldhave. So a very lucky local, they went down to one of our local casinos here onthe east side of town. It's called The Cannery, and they won a million dollarjackpot.

Brendan King (12:13): And did they spend thousands ofdollars.

Denise Tipton (12:15):

No, they didn't. How much do youthink they spent, how much do you think they put in?

Brendan King (12:17): $12?

Denise Tipton (12:18): Caroline, how much did they putin? Give me a guess?

Caroline Lauzon (12:21): $20.

Denise Tipton (12:21): Okay. They put in $3.75.

Caroline Lauzon (12:23): Oh my god.

Brendan King (12:24): So, that's the return of...

Denise Tipton (12:28): It's a heck of a return.

Caroline Lauzon (12:29): Oh my goodness.

Denise Tipton (12:31): I wish it would have been me, Iwish it would have been any one of our coworkers or even... anyways, they livehere, so that's fantastic. So, that is so exciting.

Caroline Lauzon (12:38): Good for them.

Denise Tipton (12:38): So next time you're hitting abuffet or getting a drink someplace downtown.

Brendan King (12:43): Yeah, don't forget about thelocal casinos, Station does an amazing job.

Denise Tipton (12:47): Station does a great job,Cannery does a great job. The Coast casinos, we've got Sun Coast, South Pointand the Orleans. Those are all fantastic places to go, they've got greatrestaurants and you can win big money.

Brendan King (13:00): Obviously. That's the best $3somebody spent.

Caroline Lauzon (13:04): Seriously.

Brendan King (13:05): Better than the $3.50 I spenton my latte today. I got a negative return.

Caroline Lauzon (13:10): Same, same.

Brendan King (13:11): So of course, one of myfavorite things about Ryan Reeves when he was still with us, was when he wouldremind us of the days we can and can't water in Vegas. Because with waterrestrictions comes some rules, as far as what days you're allowed the water.

Denise Tipton (13:26): Yeah, and it also can come withfines.

Brendan King (13:28): Yeah. Oh, big time.

Denise Tipton (13:29):Yeah. I think I might've gottensome of those fines.

Brendan King (13:31): Uh oh. So this is actuallyreally convenient, I didn't know this, I know you said you put in your addresstoday, right?

Denise Tipton (13:37): Yeah. So I literally thought,"Oh shoot. I've got to figure out what it is." Because I know they'vebeen advertising it, that it's fall and you've got to change your watering daysright. It's getting a little bit cooler, you don't want to keep watering toomuch. So I was like, "Oh gosh, let's go to Southern Nevada WaterAuthority." Boom, you put in your address it tells you right away. Wheredo you water? I water Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays.

Brendan King (13:57): Yeah, which is great. And ifanybody's not from Vegas, the reason this matters is because you have to wateron your watering day.

Denise Tipton (14:01): Or you get fined.

Brendan King (14:02): So not everybody has the samedays. Denise has different days than me, which has different days thanCaroline. So that is a nice, convenient way. Of course, like I said, all thelinks are in the video or on Instagram, wherever you're watching this. You canfind the link, put your address in, find out what days. Otherwise we'll come toyour front door and hit you with a hockey stick like Ryan Reeves, Denise willpersonally come to your front door and hit you with a hockey stick.

David (14:27): It's the law.

Brendan King (14:27): It is the law, yes it's thelaw. And of course water up to three days a week, and then there's a thingcalled cycle and soak. This is the way they say you're supposed to water yourgrass in three short cycles 60 minutes apart, 5:00 AM, 6:00 AM, 7:00 AM all forfour minutes each. Soak it, let it go down, soak it, let it go down.

Denise Tipton (14:48): If you have grass.

Brendan King (14:49): If you have grass, do you havegrass?

Denise Tipton (14:50): I don't have grass, I've donesome landscaping

Brendan King (14:51): I don't have grass. Do you havegrass?

Caroline Lauzon (14:52): Lots of rocks.

Brendan King (14:53): Well, we're not going to bedoing that, but definitely something to know. And I think the reason'sevaporation, if you water during the day, most of it's going to disappearbefore it even hits the grass. So yeah, it's the law.

Denise Tipton (15:07): Cycle and soak.

Caroline Lauzon (15:07): It's the law.

Brendan King (15:08): Cycle and soak. So Caroline, Iknow this is something that you really love Gilcrease Orchard.

Caroline Lauzon (15:16): Well fall is my favorite ingeneral, so I'm very excited by this. And if you have not checked out thisplace, I highly encourage you to check it out, Gilcrease Orchard, which is inNorth Las Vegas.

Brendan King (15:28):Outside Magazine's choice forbest town.

Caroline Lauzon (15:32): Yes, North Las Vegas. But it'sa local business, again this family Elda and Leonard Gilcrease moved here in1920.

Denise Tipton (15:41): Hi Leonard.

Caroline Lauzon (15:42): And they inherited some moneyand bought 900 acres of land in the Las Vegas valley. And they moved there withtheir two sons, John and William, and it's been family owned since 1920. It'san orchard, so you can pick fruits, veggies, flowers, they make apple cider.

Brendan King (16:01): Is it sunflowers?

Caroline Lauzon (16:04): Sunflowers, yeah. And whatelse? They make apple cider, donuts, so it's just really fun. And their pumpkinpatch starts on the 22nd, so it's fun to go with the family. They don't allowpets at the moment because of COVID restrictions, like they're trying to be alittle bit more distant. So yeah, bring your own bags or bring your ownscissors for the flowers, but check it out with your family. It's awesome, it'sreally, really cool.

Brendan King (16:30):And what days is it open?

Caroline Lauzon (16:31): Oh, sorry. It's open Tuesdays,Thursdays and Saturdays from 7:00 AM to 10:00 AM. So, wake up early and wearsome sunscreen.

Brendan King (16:46): Hey David, who was that a photoof? Is that the owner?

David (16:46): I think it's the owner.

Brendan King (16:46): Is it?

Denise Tipton (16:46): I think it's Leonard.

Caroline Lauzon (16:46): Mr. Gilcrease I believe.

Brendan King (16:48): Let's just say it's Mr.Gilcrease.

David (16:48): Let's say it is, let's say itis.

Brendan King (16:52): We're not sure, but this photowas on the site. If it is, thanks Mr. Gilcrease, it's a pretty cool place.

Caroline Lauzon (16:59): Yeah, it's awesome, check itout.

Brendan King (17:01): Of course, with food andtalking about donuts, it's making all of us hungry, really hungry. And Eater,our go-to for all things food in Vegas, did a great article this past week, Ibelieve it was. With the 37 best patios all over Vegas. So we decided to puttogether the top 15 for you guys just to show you. But if you do want to checkit out, of course, click the link, check it out. So some of them are Marche...

Caroline Lauzon (17:28): Marche Bacchus.

Denise Tipton (17:29): Marche Bacchus.

Brendan King (17:30): How do you say that correctly,I never say it right.

Caroline Lauzon (17:31): Marche Bacchus.

Denise Tipton (17:32): Yeah, me neither.

Brendan King (17:34): Awesome patio, on the water.

Caroline Lauzon (17:36): On the water, wonderful.

Denise Tipton (17:37): So nice, in Desert Shores.

Brendan King (17:38): Yeah, great place. GrapevineCafe, another great place, which used to be Grape Street. Yeah, but it's not,some people think it's the same owners.

Denise Tipton (17:47): It's not. There's a GrapeStreet down in Downtown Summerlin, but this is a different owner.

Brendan King (17:51): Also a great patio though too.

Denise Tipton (17:53): Yeah, absolutely, both of them.

Brendan King (17:54): Jade Asian Kitchen &Noodles, I heard this place is really good.

Denise Tipton (17:56): I've never been there.

Brendan King (17:57): I haven't been there yet.

Caroline Lauzon (17:58): At the Marriott.

Brendan King (17:59): It's at the Marriott?

Caroline Lauzon (18:00): Er Yeah, that's what it said.

Brendan King (18:02): Hawthorn Grill, which is at theMarriott as well, JW Marriott. If you haven't eaten there, it's actually quitegood and the patio is really pretty. Triple George.

Caroline Lauzon (18:11): Triple George is so fun. Theyhave the car show every month, a vintage car show, and it's pretty fun.

Brendan King (18:17): And it's kind of got a coolthrowback style, which I like.

Caroline Lauzon (18:21): Yes, absolutely.

Denise Tipton (18:21): It's like a speakeasy kind oftheme.

Brendan King (18:22): It reminds me of that apartmentcomplex downtown a little bit actually, it's got the same kind of vibe, yeah.Then of course Carson Kitchen, which is in that cool little area that was partof the development downtown.

Caroline Lauzon (18:33): Best brunches, I love it.

Brendan King (18:34): I still haven't been there forbrunch.

Denise Tipton (18:36): Where?

Caroline Lauzon (18:36): Very good. Carson Kitchen.

Denise Tipton (18:37): Oh, brunches.

Brendan King (18:38): So he used to have a place forbrunch at the Palms, that was called Simon's

Caroline Lauzon (18:43): Okay, oh yeah I've heard of it.

Denise Tipton (18:45): Oh yeah.

Brendan King (18:46):And all the waitresses andwaiters were in their pajamas.

Caroline Lauzon (18:49): Oh fun.

Brendan King (18:50): Yeah, it was pretty cool.Actually, it was a great place, and they had this big cotton candy thing they'dbring out for you at the end of your breakfast, it was awesome.

Caroline Lauzon (18:57): So cool.

Brendan King (18:57): Or brunch, I should say. Nextup was 7th & Carson, which is not too far from the rest of these.

Caroline Lauzon (19:04): Great, right nextdoor, yeah.

Brendan King (19:05): El Dorado Cantina. Which, wherewas that again?

Denise Tipton (19:07): Tivoli Village.

Brendan King (19:08): Tivoli village, and then Echo& Rig of course, good food.

Caroline Lauzon (19:14): Oh my god, portobello fries.

Denise Tipton (19:14): Mmm, so good.

Brendan King (19:14): And they have a butcheractually, Echo & Rig has a downstairs head to tail butcher that thensupplies the meat for the actual restaurant too, which is pretty cool.

Denise Tipton (19:24): It looks really good.

Brendan King (19:26): Kona Grill, I've never eatenthere.

Denise Tipton (19:27): I have.

Caroline Lauzon (19:28): Really?

Brendan King (19:28): Yeah, all these years.

Caroline Lauzon (19:29): Best happy hour in town.

Brendan King (19:30): All these years I've nevereaten there. Honey Salt, which is where we had our Christmas party, which wasgreat. They did a really amazing job on the spread. And then of course David'savocado toast.

David (19:43): Avocado toast all the way.

Brendan King (19:44): At Flower Child.

David (19:45): Oh yeah.

Brendan King (19:45): David loves his Flower Childavocado toast, actually my kids love that place too. Same owner as Flower Childis actually North Italia.

Caroline Lauzon (19:55): My favorite.

Denise Tipton (19:55): And it's in the same area, samecenter.

Brendan King (19:57): Yes. North Italia, both chainsactually, but I feel like they have local owner vibe.

Denise Tipton (20:02): I didn't know that.

Brendan King (20:03): Like the food's so great.

Denise Tipton (20:05): So good.

Brendan King (20:06):Great spaces.

Caroline Lauzon (20:07): That fire pit on the patio isso fun in the winter when it's a little cooler. Love it.

Brendan King (20:11): No, it's a great place. Next upwas Vintner Grill, which is kind of a tried and true, that one's been aroundfor a while.

Caroline Lauzon (20:21): Yeah, it's a little hidden gem,people don't even know, it's hidden in a...

Denise Tipton (20:23): Yeah, you know why? It ishidden in like an office building.

Caroline Lauzon (20:26): Yeah.

Brendan King (20:26): Exactly, it's so random.

Denise Tipton (20:27): I hear about it so many timesand said VG, I go, "What's that, what's that?" It's a restaurant.

Brendan King (20:29): Yeah, no you're right. Thefirst time I went there, I was like, "Oh, what is this?"

Caroline Lauzon (20:34): It's awesome.

Brendan King (20:35): But the outdoor patio isreally, really pretty. It's kind of a good date spot actually. Like they havethese kind of-

Caroline Lauzon (20:41): They play black and whitemovies. It's a very romantic setting, for sure.

Brendan King (20:45): It's a great place. And thenthe last one was Makers & Finders. That's another local place, they haveone in downtown Summerlin still, right?

Caroline Lauzon (20:53): Yeah.

Brendan King (20:54): And then another one inDowntown as well, off of Main Street, right by that pasty place. Oh my gosh.


Caroline Lauzon (21:01): Cornish Pastry.

Brendan King (21:02): Oh, I love that place.

Caroline Lauzon (21:03): So good.

Brendan King (21:03): They don't have a patio.

Denise Tipton (21:04): They didn't make the list.

Brendan King (21:05): That's not relevant right now.

Caroline Lauzon (21:06): We love our restaurants.

Brendan King (21:09): I love food. But no, patios, socheck out the article because there's actually an additional 22 other patios intown. Vegas has suddenly become a patio town.

Caroline Lauzon (21:20): I love it.

Brendan King (21:21): I have to admit, 10 years agowhen we first came here there was only a few, like Gordon Biersch or somethinglike that. And then now suddenly it's just become such a great indoor outdoorrestaurant and dining town, 37.

Denise Tipton (21:33): That's a lot.

Brendan King (21:33): That's top 37. That means theyhad other options that they didn't choose.

Denise Tipton (21:37): And guess what? That's 37 offthe strip. So it's off strip and local, and everybody knows the ones on thestrip, right?

Brendan King (21:43): Oh yeah. For sure.

Caroline Lauzon (21:44): Mon Ami Gabi.

Denise Tipton (21:45): Yes, thank you.

Brendan King (21:47): Yes, Yes. That's the first oneI always think of.

Denise Tipton (21:48): Yeah, me too.

Caroline Lauzon (21:49): Steak frites.

Brendan King (21:50): So honestly, check out thearticle, check out Eater, click the link. The weather's getting good, it's nota 115 anymore, it's a perfect time to go eat dinner outside.

Denise Tipton (22:00): A 100, it's nothing.

Brendan King (22:00): Yeah. So moving on entertainment,woo what you got Denise.

Denise Tipton (22:05): Life is Beautiful. So this is asuper cool show or event, it's a festival, it's Downtown, it's been going onfor a couple of years now. And the guy who puts it on, Craig Nyman, he startedoff doing PR for Studio 54, so that's why it's called from disco to downtown.And they've got awesome stages, it's kind of like the Vegas' answer toLollapalooza, I guess. Right, though it's been in Chicago for years. And it'sawesome stuff, it starts tomorrow.

Caroline Lauzon (22:33): Tomorrow.

Denise Tipton (22:34): Goodness gracious, yeah, yeah.So lots of different things, lots of different stages, got Billie Eilish, GreenDay, ASAP Rocky, a bunch of different things going on. I guess it goes Friday,Saturday, Sunday, I believe.

Brendan King (22:46): Yeah, always three days. Thenyou always have these experiences too, like food experiences, drinkexperiences.

Denise Tipton (22:51): And you know what they're goingto do is Meow Wolf. Meow Wolf, which is part of area 51, they're doing theirOmega pop-up. And if you guys have read anything about that or gone to that,down to the area, is it area 51 or area 15?

David (23:04): 15.

Denise Tipton (23:04): Yeah. See, they tricked me.

David (23:06): Yeah, it's off highway 15.

Denise Tipton (23:08): It's kind of like an exhibit,like a huge gigantic pop grocery store. And it's funky and there's like thingsyou find in it.

Brendan King (23:17): It's an Instagram heaven.

Denise Tipton (23:18): Yes, yes.

Caroline Lauzon (23:18): Selfie heaven.

Denise Tipton (23:19): It's supposed to be prettycool. Yeah. Yeah. So they're doing something down there.

Brendan King (23:22): And so they're going to dotheir daytime acts over at Area 15 and their nighttime acts over Downtown,correct?

Denise Tipton (23:29): Yep.

David (23:30): Well, this is iHeartRadio isthe one that has the daytime.

Brendan King (23:34): Oh, right, right, right.

David (23:35): So they're running at the sametime, which is crazy too, right? It's going to be insane this weekend.

Caroline Lauzon (23:39): Yeah. Very busy. Everyone hasbeen so excited to have music festivals back in Vegas, so it's very exciting.Yeah, I think did we say everything about iHeartRadio that needed to be said?

Brendan King (23:54):Well, I think we actuallyblended the two.

Caroline Lauzon (23:56): Yeah, exactly.

Brendan King (23:57): So Life is Beautiful, Downtownthis weekend, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, iHeartRadio is splitting up their showbetween two places, daytime, nighttime. So daytime will be at Area 15.

Caroline Lauzon (24:07):And nighttime T-Mobile Arena.

Brendan King (24:10): And nighttime T-Mobile Arena.And a ton of acts. But yeah, to make that clear Life is Beautiful, Friday,Saturday, Sunday, Downtown, check it out. And then iHeartRadio is going to beon the 17th and 18th, and will be both at Area 15 and at T-Mobile arena.

Caroline Lauzon (24:29): Exactly.

Denise Tipton (24:29): A lot of stuff to do.

Brendan King (24:30): Just the big thing is we'reback. All these acts, honestly look Journey, Billy Eilish, like where can yousee Darius Rucker with Journey and Khalid?

Caroline Lauzon (24:40): Coldplay.

Brendan King (24:42): And then Weezer gets in there,and then Coldplay, it's just such an awesome blend. And I honestly, iHeartRadioalways does a great job and they always have such a huge lineup of alldifferent types of acts, everything from country to alternative rock, to pop,to hip hop. So, check out one of them if you've got nothing to do this weekend,which obviously there's plenty to do. You can go to Gilcrease, you can go toLife is Beautiful.

Denise Tipton (25:06): You can eat outside.

Brendan King (25:06): You can eat outside or ofcourse you can go to iHeartRadio.

Caroline Lauzon (25:10): There's no way you can be boredthis weekend.

Denise Tipton (25:12): And, or you can watch football.

David (25:14): Oh yeah.

Brendan King (25:14): And another thing is in thefuture, you've got this to do right now, but then America's Got Talent iscoming. So America's Got Talent, actually we have a lot of friends putting thisshow together. Former Cirque employees that are actually choreographing it,setting it up or in the show. And then we're personally helping a lot of theheadliners find housing right now. So Preacher Lawson will end up being thehost, this guy is hilarious. So if you haven't checked out Preacher Lawsononline, his YouTube channel is pretty funny. This guy's posts pretty much everyday and he's just a hilarious guy. But yeah, so America's Got Talent showpremieres November 4th and season 15 champs spoken word artist, Brandon Leake,singer Kodi Lee, danger duo Deadly Games, performance artists Duo Transcend,the mentalist The Clairvoyants, The Silhouettes. And of course, the LED lighttroop Light Balance, which if you see in that bottom left photo, they're like aLED wire group where they do all these different things with the LED wires,it's pretty cool.

David (26:16): Yeah, it's pretty cool.

Brendan King (26:17): And Kodi Lee, if you've neverseen this guy, the first night that he shows up on America's Got Talent. Pullthe video up online, you'll probably smile, laugh, cry, not laugh. You're goingto smile, it's amazing.

David (26:30): You know what, I'll throw thelink in.

Brendan King (26:32): Yeah, we'll throw the link in.

David (26:32): You won't believe it, yeah.

Brendan King (26:33): Watch Kodi's first audition,onstage at AGT, it'll give you chills. He literally sits down and this voice ofpower comes out of his mouth and it's just incredible. He's an amazing talent.

Caroline Lauzon (26:46): Wow.

Brendan King (26:46): And they're all talented,honestly.

Denise Tipton (26:48): Yeah, because America's gottalent. That's what they're telling me.

Brendan King (26:54): And of course, if you wouldlike to join our text list check, oh my God I was going to say check.

Caroline Lauzon (27:00): Text.

Brendan King (27:01): Text VIP to 702-553-1955. TextVIP to 702-553-1955.

Caroline Lauzon (27:11): If you want to get moreinformation on food and drink specials, text DINE to 702-553-1955. Again,that's DINE D-I-N-E 702-553-1955.

Denise Tipton (27:24): And if you want to get the LasVegas market update every single week to your phone text Market, I'm not goingto spell it, 702-553-1955.

Brendan King (27:38): And of course you guys, you'vegot so much to do this weekend. You can watch the Raiders, everything, like allthese things we've mentioned, every week we're always going to bring you thisinformation. If you have any ideas or anything that you want us to talk aboutin the future.

Brendan King (27:52): Please of course...

Denise Tipton (27:54): Tell us.

Brendan King (27:54): ... leave a comment, directmessage us, or if you see us anywhere, you see us walking around.

Denise Tipton (27:58): Say, "Hey."

Brendan King (27:59): Poke us in the shoulder. Don'tforget to set the clock on your timers for your water.

Denise Tipton (28:04): Yes.

Caroline Lauzon (28:04): It's the law.

David (28:04): It's the law.

Brendan King (28:05): Yes, three days a week.

Denise Tipton (28:05): Three days a week.

Brendan King (28:06): It's the law. Denise is goingto come to your front door and knock your teeth out with a hockey stick. Asalways, thank you ladies, it's nice to have you here.

Denise Tipton (28:13): Thank you Mr. King

Caroline Lauzon (28:14): Thank you, thank you.

Brendan King (28:16): I'm surrounded by just awesomepeople in the office and we have such a great group, and we love deliveringthis type of information to you guys. Every week, check it out. As always,thank you so much and we'll see you next week.

Denise Tipton (28:29):


Brendan King (28:30):

Bye. Thank you.

Caroline Lauzon (28:30):



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