July 22, 2022

November 16, 2022

Episode #3 of Real Vegas

Episode #3 of “REAL Vegas” | In this episode Brendan, Jack, and Denise from The Brendan King Group discuss Adele’s Residency, Elton John’s Farewell Tour, Usher’s new show, Raiders new President, Golden Knights schedule, Demolishing Station Casinos, Water district to decide on pool size, Lake Mead satellite images of Lake Mead, Brooklyn Bowl’s famed fried chicken, Vic’s Italian Jazz Bistro, Designer’s House Is for the Dogs, and Las Vegas home prices falling.

Episode #3 of “REAL Vegas” | In this episode Brendan, Jack, and Denise from The Brendan King Group discuss Adele’s Residency, Elton John’s Farewell Tour, James Taylor at T-Mobile, Usher’s new show, Raiders new President, Golden Knights schedule, Demolishing Station Casinos, Water district to decide on pool size, Lake Mead satellite images of Lake Mead, Brooklyn Bowl’s famed fried chicken, Vic’s Italian Jazz Bistro, Raising Cane’s Opens on Las Vegas Strip, Designer’s House Is for the Dogs, and Las Vegas home prices falling.

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This is transcribed (accuracy not guaranteed)

Brendan King (00:38): Hey, what's going on? It's Brendan King from the Brendan King Group at Real.

Jack Palermo (00:40): Jack Palermo from the Brendan King Group at Real.

Denise Tipton (00:42): Denise Tipton with the Brendan King Group at Real.

Brendan King (00:45): This is episode number three of Real Vegas. Woohoo. We're all from Real I guess.

Jack Palermo (00:50): We're all from Real and the Brendan King Group.

Brendan King (00:52): All of us.

Denise Tipton (00:53): And it's Real Vegas.

Brendan King (00:53): So what's going on guys. It's episode number three of Real Vegas. Don't forget. Text VIP to 702-553-1955 to get on our text list. Text VIPP to 702-553-1955. Don't forget as well we also have this in podcast BKG Podcast on all your favorite stations. You can either go to Podbean, Spotify, Amazon Music, and all the rest listed. Obviously, for all of you listening on podcast, you've already found it. You don't need us to list all of them, but yeah, for sure, check us out on podcast as well. Don't forget. I think it's a special day today.

Jack Palermo (01:35): It is a very special day. Today is my one year wedding anniversary to my beautiful wife Chekesha. That's our picture kissing in Hawaii.

Brendan King (01:45): What would you like to say to Chekesha right now live?

Jack Palermo (01:47): I'm not going to.

Brendan King (01:47): I'm not going to go too far.

Jack Palermo (01:49): Thank you. No pressure. No pressure.

Brendan King (01:52): One-year anniversary. Jack and Chekesha got married in Hawaii, right?

Jack Palermo (01:54): Yes we did a year ago today.

Brendan King (01:55): In Mai was it?

Jack Palermo (01:55): Yes. In Maui Kapalua Bay.

Denise Tipton (01:57): Nice.

Jack Palermo (01:57): It's amazing.

Denise Tipton (01:58): If you're a golfer, you know where that is. If you don't, it is one of the best golf courses.

Jack Palermo (02:02): It is beautiful.

Brendan King (02:03): On the planet isn't it?

Jack Palermo (02:04): Yes, it absolutely is.

Brendan King (02:05): I have not been there, but I saw some sick pictures for sure. We've got a ton, a ton, a ton of things to talk about today. One of the first things is something that we've talked about many times before.

Jack Palermo (02:16): Here we go.

Brendan King (02:18): This has been delayed a million times, but guess who coming to the strip in November?

Denise Tipton (02:24): Adele.

Brendan King (02:24): Adele is finally coming to the strip in November.

Denise Tipton (02:27): The songbird of Britain.

Brendan King (02:28): Over under.

Jack Palermo (02:29): That she's going to do it?

Denise Tipton (02:29): She's going to do it.

Jack Palermo (02:29): I mean.

Denise Tipton (02:30): I'll bet $10.

Brendan King (02:34): Anybody who doesn't know this, she has launched and unlaunched and relaunched and launched again.

Denise Tipton (02:38): She's been sad about it.

Brendan King (02:40): You know what? She's got a beautiful voice. I hope it happens.

Denise Tipton (02:43): It'll happen.

Brendan King (02:43): Weekends with Adele, weekdays with Adele. We'll take it anyway we can get it.

Jack Palermo (02:47): It should be just fine. I will not be paying money to see her.

Brendan King (02:49): Expect several additional performances to be added from what they've already listed. But currently, it's November 18th launch and running through February 24th.

Denise Tipton (02:59): Wow.

Brendan King (03:00): Okay. I hope, and I have fingers crossed that this is the case. So November 18th through February 24th, I think tickets are already on sale. Am I right?

Jack Palermo (03:08): Yeah.

Speaker 5 (03:10): Yeah. They're already on sale.

Jack Palermo (03:11): Good answer.

Brendan King (03:11): They're already on sale. If you'd like to see Adele, maybe.

Denise Tipton (03:16): Go see.

Brendan King (03:16): You have November 18th through February 24th. That's a good Christmas or Thanksgiving. Do you do? No, we don't do Thanksgiving gifts.

Jack Palermo (03:22): We can.

Brendan King (03:22): It's a good Christmas gift.

Jack Palermo (03:22): You want to give me a Thanksgiving gift?

Denise Tipton (03:22): Yeah, let's do Thanksgiving gifts.

Jack Palermo (03:22): Let's do Thanksgiving gifts.

Brendan King (03:29): Coliseum at Caesar's Palace Weekends With Adele. I know you're a big fan. Who's who else is coming?

Denise Tipton (03:37): Oh my gosh. Elton John's coming. He's going to do his farewell tour, Yellow Brick Road. I love Elton John. I love him so much.

Jack Palermo (03:41): For the 14th time. This is...

Brendan King (03:41): This is Elton John's 14th final farewell tour.

Denise Tipton (03:47): Listen, everyone go see him. An absolute delight. I saw him in Davis years and years and years ago when I was in college. He puts on a show. I can listen to all his albums at anytime drop of a hat.

Brendan King (03:57): I heard the one with him and Billy Joel was pretty amazing-

Jack Palermo (03:59): That was awesome. I saw that at Wrigley Field.

Brendan King (04:00): ... as well. Elton's amazing.

Jack Palermo (04:01): It was amazing.

Speaker 5 (04:01): I went. It was great.

Brendan King (04:03): His whole generation seems to love to do farewell tours again.

Denise Tipton (04:06): Yeah, like the Rolling Stones farewell. Steely Dan.

Brendan King (04:08): The entire, Cher, Steely Dan.

Jack Palermo (04:11): Do you need a couple million dollars? Do another farewell tour.

Denise Tipton (04:14): Why not?

Brendan King (04:15): When things are dwindling. Well, I doubt that any of them are dwindling, but yeah. Elton John at Allegiant Stadium, which is-

Denise Tipton (04:21): It's going to sell out.

Brendan King (04:21): ...an amazing venue anyway. James Taylor.

Jack Palermo (04:24): James Taylor at T-Mobile Arena next weekend. Check him out, 8:00 PM. Tickets on sale now $65 to $250.

Brendan King (04:32): That's way cheaper than the 48 to 3,500 that Elton John is charging. But James Taylor, he's a classic.

Denise Tipton (04:39): Absolutely.

Brendan King (04:40): If there's ever somebody that has such a specific voice, but that doesn't matter what song it is whether I know it or not I know it's James Taylor.

Jack Palermo (04:47): You've got a friend.

Brendan King (04:47): Sing it. Sing it.

Denise Tipton (04:47): How nice.

Jack Palermo (04:47): It's all I got.

Brendan King (04:52): Continue. Neil Sean of Journey wants more Vegas shows in Resorts World. He's loving his run it sounds like. He wants to add more. Another one, July 22nd and 23rd. So this is weekend.

Denise Tipton (05:04): That's tonight.

Brendan King (05:04): That's tonight. Holy cow.

Denise Tipton (05:05): Tonight and tomorrow.

Jack Palermo (05:06): Tonight and tomorrow.

Brendan King (05:06): Run, don't walk. You need-

Denise Tipton (05:08): Get over there.

Brendan King (05:08): ... to buy tickets tonight for tomorrow or today. Tickets are 59 to $500 and they want to do another Resorts World. Little.

Denise Tipton (05:17): Residency.

Jack Palermo (05:18): Little residency. Yeah.

Brendan King (05:19): I guess two days, is that considered a residency?

Jack Palermo (05:21): No, they've been here.

Denise Tipton (05:22): No, they've been here for a while.

Jack Palermo (05:23): This is the last weekend.

Brendan King (05:24): Oh, okay. I'm behind. I am behind.

Speaker 6 (05:26): Look who might come this weekend.

Jack Palermo (05:28): Ooh.

Brendan King (05:29): Oh, Randy Jackson.

Jack Palermo (05:30): That's a no for me dog. Sorry.

Brendan King (05:31): That's a no for me dog.

Jack Palermo (05:33): That's a no for me dog.

Brendan King (05:36): New album might join the band this weekend. That's cool. Randy Jackson. I used to like Randy Jackson.

Jack Palermo (05:42): Its funny because he used to say that on American idol.

Brendan King (05:46): He did?

Jack Palermo (05:46): It's a no for me dog

Brendan King (05:46): Dog. It's not going to work for me.

Jack Palermo (05:47): I thought that was funny.

Brendan King (05:48): Better than Simon's "that was atrocious."

Jack Palermo (05:50): Yeah, right. Exactly.

Brendan King (05:51): I'm not going to do an English accent. Usher, another artist. This is just amazing how many residencies we have in Vegas. Usher aims for a memorable experience with his new Las Vegas residency show. One of our videographers, our video guys is his steady cam operator. He told me this guy has more energy than anybody he's seen his entire life.

Jack Palermo (06:14): Wow.

Brendan King (06:14): He said Usher is a hard worker and insane to work with just all-in a hundred percent at all times. I heard the show, whether you're an Usher fan or not, I heard it's worth it for sure.

Denise Tipton (06:28): One of my clients went to go see him last...

Brendan King (06:30): Did she like it?

Denise Tipton (06:31): No, he. They loved it. They said it was amazing.

Brendan King (06:34): No, I heard it's visually amazing. He's talented.

Jack Palermo (06:37): This article also states that Bobby Brown was his biggest influence and taught him how to perform.

Brendan King (06:42): Is that true? You should ask him next time you go to dinner.

Jack Palermo (06:44): I should ask him next time. Yes. Bobby Brown. Good stuff.

Brendan King (06:47): Unrelated to all of these residencies, but if anybody knows box.

Jack Palermo (06:53): Box.

Brendan King (06:54): Box. Formula 1 fans, the Formula 1 experience set to appear on the Las Vegas Strip. Oh my God. I can't get my words straight today. That is looking to be done by the Thanksgiving weekend of 2023.

Jack Palermo (07:12): That's the race. Yeah.

Denise Tipton (07:13): That's the race.

Jack Palermo (07:13): That's going to be the race.

Brendan King (07:15): This looks pretty insane. We didn't know what they were going to do and how they were going to do it, but they're going to build the paddocks and the pits, but then equally have this whole experience.

Jack Palermo (07:25): Experience, which is going to be awesome. I can't wait to go.

Denise Tipton (07:26): It's going to be.

Jack Palermo (07:27): We will be there.

Denise Tipton (07:28): That's going to be really great.

Jack Palermo (07:29): I will be there.

Brendan King (07:29): If you have not watched Formula 1 on Netflix, you're in a whole, my wife and kids, if they have to hear about it one more time. They won't watch it with me, but I'm always like "what do you want to watch"?

Denise Tipton (07:40): Drive to Survive.

Jack Palermo (07:41): Drive to Survive please.

Brendan King (07:44): It'll be open 11 months of the year.

Jack Palermo (07:47): It's going to be awesome. So yeah, they're going to build the paddock where they purchased that land and the paddock's going to stay up just like every other race all year long. They're going to have a bar in there you can watch the races.

Brendan King (07:56): Amazing.

Jack Palermo (07:57): It's going to be great. It's going to be super cool.

Brendan King (07:58): This weekend, while they're in France-

Jack Palermo (08:00): If it was open.

Brendan King (08:01): ... we could-

Denise Tipton (08:01): Yeah, you could go.

Brendan King (08:01): ...go down there and go. That's awesome.

Denise Tipton (08:03): If you've ever gone to any kind of auto racing where you go into the pits and you see what they do, it is mind blowing.

Brendan King (08:09): Really?

Denise Tipton (08:10): It gives you so much respect for the sport. Absolutely.

Brendan King (08:12): I never knew how much the sport needed all these additional people. I was always like, "why do you need like 80 people for", but when you see the cars are working to the max. They're falling apart all the time. You've got to change tires two or three times in a race. Hopefully not three. Yeah. It's incredible what these guys do and they're all insanely fast and good at what they do.

Jack Palermo (08:34): It's crazy. Crazy.

Brendan King (08:36): Show the course again. Just in case everyone's not aware they will be racing-

Denise Tipton (08:43): Right on the strip.

Brendan King (08:43): ... down Las Vegas Boulevard on the strip with chicane. There's a chicane involved in-

Jack Palermo (08:50): Yes, there is.

Brendan King (08:50): ...the course. It's pretty awesome, but the straightaway is insanely long.

Denise Tipton (08:55): Yeah. It goes from-

Brendan King (08:55): It's going to be awesome.

Denise Tipton (08:57): ... Trop all the way down.

Brendan King (08:58): The max speed is going to be insanity. So definitely this is going to be a massive weekend for Las Vegas.

Denise Tipton (09:04): Yeah. It's going to be super exciting.

Jack Palermo (09:05): Weekend and this weekend they're in France and go Checo Perez and Red Bull.

Brendan King (09:10): Yeah. Somebody put a bet in on-

Jack Palermo (09:12): Checo Perez and Red Bull. Okay.

Brendan King (09:14): So moving on, Sandra Douglas Morgan's resume couldn't be more impressive for the new team president of the Raiders. If everybody didn't know the old team president, unfortunately was-

Denise Tipton (09:30): Fired? Resigned?

Jack Palermo (09:30): Let go. Fired.

Brendan King (09:32): It was kind of a combo.

Denise Tipton (09:32): What's the word, kicked out.

Brendan King (09:34): The new president is Sandra Douglas Morgan. What do you know about this, Jack?

Jack Palermo (09:38): Her background is a former Nevada Gaming Control Board Chairwoman and she's also served on the Nevada State Athletic Commission. She brings all this and a more, she brings-

Denise Tipton (09:49): Yeah. A lot of experience and more.

Jack Palermo (09:50): ... a lot of experience and more. It's going to be great.

Brendan King (09:53): She's got Vegas experience for relationships with the casinos. I think that was a smart move on their part.

Jack Palermo (09:58): Totally.

Denise Tipton (09:58): Really smart.

Brendan King (09:58): Because a lot of the sports ticketing and all that is about relationships and if anybody has experience with that and sports, that's a perfect combo.

Jack Palermo (10:08): Perfect.

Brendan King (10:09): Of course, our lovely Golden Knights, the 2022-23. Lovely. I don't think I've ever called it that.

Jack Palermo (10:16): Lovely.

Brendan King (10:17): I was thinking, I was like-

Denise Tipton (10:17): Oh, it's exciting.

Jack Palermo (10:18): You just called them lovely.

Denise Tipton (10:20): I would stay ecstatic.

Brendan King (10:20): Our amazing Golden Knights, the 2022-23 schedule was released by the NHL. Coach Bruce Cassidy's first game with the Knights will be 7:00 PM on October 11th at the LA Kings. However, the first home game will be 7:00 PM on October 13th against...

Jack Palermo (10:40): The Chicago Blackhawks. Thank you very much.

Brendan King (10:42): Mr. Jack's team.

Denise Tipton (10:43): Who are we taking on that bet?

Jack Palermo (10:45): The Knights. The Blackhawks are in disarray. It's a disaster.

Brendan King (10:48): The Knights are in change mode.

Jack Palermo (10:51): We're rebuilding? We've gotten rid of basically everybody that's good. It's a sad situation.

Brendan King (10:56): You know what? Let's see.

Jack Palermo (10:57): The Blackhawks I'm talking about.

Brendan King (10:58): Oh, all right. Good. I was going to say.

Denise Tipton (11:00): I know I was going, I don't think the Knight did that, but...

Brendan King (11:03): Bummer on that.

Jack Palermo (11:05): We were going a different route. I was going Chicago because I'm bummed about the Blackhawks. But anyway, move on. Let's move on.

Brendan King (11:10): You don't live there anymore.

Jack Palermo (11:12): I know.

Denise Tipton (11:12): You live here.

Brendan King (11:12): You've established a family here.

Jack Palermo (11:13): I was born and raised

Denise Tipton (11:13): You're a Las Vegas resident.

Jack Palermo (11:14): Those are my people. Anyway.

Brendan King (11:16): I've pushed away from the devil.

Jack Palermo (11:19): As you should.

Brendan King (11:19): I'll take Knights. So Raiders top NFL ticket revenue in 2021 report says-

Denise Tipton (11:25): Not a surprise.

Brendan King (11:26): ... that their revenue was at 119 million generated from tickets to Raiders games.

Jack Palermo (11:32): Just tickets.

Brendan King (11:33): Just tickets. They led the NFL in net ticket revenue in 2021 their first season.

Denise Tipton (11:42): Their first season wasn't that great.

Brendan King (11:44): No, it was not.

Jack Palermo (11:45): They made the playoffs. What are you talking about?

Denise Tipton (11:48): From a football season, from a football state standing. Am I wrong?

Brendan King (11:50): Does that include playoffs? That's my question on when you generate 119 million for the season, are they including playoff tickets?

Jack Palermo (11:57): Yeah, I would imagine, but they didn't have a playoff game at home.

Brendan King (11:59): Yeah. That just shows how much more up there is on that end when we make it to the Super Bowl this year.

Jack Palermo (12:05): Correct.

Brendan King (12:07): Pre-season games. What do we have going on here, Denise?

Denise Tipton (12:09): We've got the Jaguars, but that's going to be played at the NFL Hall of Fame in Canton and Woohoo. Week one, that's my team, Minnesota Viking school, week two, Miami Dolphins, and week three, the Patriots.

Brendan King (12:23): On August 26th, $50 tickets available for preseason.

Denise Tipton (12:27): This is crazy. If you don't have a chance to go to regular season, which I don't. I'm definitely going to go to the Vikings game.

Brendan King (12:34): Yeah, you should.

Denise Tipton (12:34): Absolutely. Go see my purple team.

Brendan King (12:35): Oh, absolutely. Purple and yellow all day.

Denise Tipton (12:38): Purple and yellow all day.

Brendan King (12:39): Of course, Aviators are, should I say lovely on these too?

Denise Tipton (12:43): No, they're fabulous.

Brendan King (12:45): Fabulous Aviators are also back in town. If you want a chance to win tickets, text aviators to 702-553-1955. We will pick a winner for a giveaway for tickets to the Aviators games. They have long stints in town and out of town so always reach out or text aviators and we will get you some tickets. We've got team tickets right behind home plate.

Jack Palermo (13:10): Yeah. The seats are great.

Denise Tipton (13:10): It's so much fun.

Brendan King (13:10): Denise just gave some tickets to her clients.

Denise Tipton (13:12): Yeah, we had so much fun. That's Kimberly Carol and her son, Logan. This was the first time for me at the stadium. I loved it at the ballpark.

Brendan King (13:19): It's great, right? It's so nice.

Denise Tipton (13:20): It was great. The seats are fantastic.

Brendan King (13:21): I got lucky on those.

Denise Tipton (13:22): They've got bat dogs.

Brendan King (13:25): Right when the sun goes away when the game starts.

Denise Tipton (13:26): The dogs run out and grab the bats. It's the best.

Brendan King (13:26): That's why I picked that.

Jack Palermo (13:27): Perfect.

Brendan King (13:29): We have Carly's clients, Giovanni and Samantha Hernandez as well. So coming up, the games that we have available are August 3rd, 5th, and 7th. If you'd like to win tickets, feel free to reach out and if it's not even this set of tickets, still text aviators to 702-553-1955. We'll get you another game if these three don't work out. What's going on in Vegas news here?

Jack Palermo (13:52): Station casinos are closing and demolishing three properties.

Brendan King (13:57): That have been closed since COVID started.

Denise Tipton (14:00): These are interesting properties, you guys, because Texas was the first one over there on the Northwest side of town. They bought Fiesta from the Maloofs, which is right across the street, which is kind of crazy. Then they bought Fiesta Henderson, which is in Henderson. Bye Felicia to those, which makes sense.

Brendan King (14:16): Yeah. It makes sense.

Denise Tipton (14:18): Station casinos, we've got however many other ones out there, I think seven.

Brendan King (14:20): Yeah. All their newer properties are so much better-

Denise Tipton (14:23): Oh, they're so fantastic.

Brendan King (14:24): ... built and modernized. They have all the community things and bowling and movie theaters and things like that. I think it's just time and they go ahead and demolish these and sell the land.

Jack Palermo (14:40): Turned around.

Brendan King (14:40): What four days, five days later they say that they're going to buy 126 acres south of the Las Vegas Strip for a small measly $172 million.

Jack Palermo (14:49): That's nothing.

Brendan King (14:51): This is at the corner of Las Vegas Boulevard and Cactus avenue and-

Jack Palermo (14:56): 57 acres.

Brendan King (14:58): ... it's a pretty-

Denise Tipton (14:58): It's a great spot.

Brendan King (14:59): ... big area. Unlike other casino operators in Southern Nevada Station owns big tracks of real estate scattered throughout the Las Vegas Valley. That's what's different about them is they own the land under all of their casinos. In this situation they have three assets not operating that they probably would've been forced to open after COVID or during COVID. They're like, "hey, we own the land. It's worth more than what we paid for the casinos. Let's just sell that and move on to something else". We don't know what they're going to do with this, right?

Jack Palermo (15:29): No. I would imagine probably a casino.

Denise Tipton (15:31): They're probably just going to build something as good as Red Rock.

Jack Palermo (15:35): Maybe a casino or two.

Denise Tipton (15:35): Red Rock is their latest one. Yeah.

Brendan King (15:39): Tell me if I'm wrong, but I don't think Station has anything on the strip.

Denise Tipton (15:43): No.

Jack Palermo (15:43): They don't.

Denise Tipton (15:43): They don't.

Brendan King (15:44): This is their first strip property. That's awesome or I should say, is it the strip really?

Denise Tipton (15:48): It's the strip. It's Las Vegas Boulevard. Yeah. Sure.

Brendan King (15:51): Nice. That's cool. Moving on. Water District to decide on size limits for residential pools.

Denise Tipton (15:57): Wow. When I heard this story...

Brendan King (15:59): We all started adding up the square footage of our pools.

Denise Tipton (16:01): Is our pool too big? Is it too small? What is it? I think we're all under where it needs to be or right at.

Brendan King (16:06): Yeah. I'm way below.

Denise Tipton (16:07): Yeah. My pool's plenty big.

Brendan King (16:09): Yours is huge. They're narrowing down the size that a new pool can be built restricting to 600 square feet. This is supposed to go to the Clark County Commission on Tuesday morning. Is that, Tuesday on September 1st, right?

Speaker 6 (16:29): It could happen. Yeah.

Brendan King (16:30): Oh no. Sorry. Tuesday morning of next week or it already happened. The proposed changes to the service rules are approved. It would allow the water district to start enforcing 600 square foot limits for pools that obtain permits starting September 1st. Holy cow.

Jack Palermo (16:46): Wow.

Brendan King (16:47): Anybody who's in the midst of thinking about building a 601 square foot pool or more-

Jack Palermo (16:53): You cannot.

Brendan King (16:53): ... you better get your permits quick.

Denise Tipton (16:54): Changes.

Brendan King (16:55): Better get in quick. The size limit is expected to save 3.2 million gallons of water every single year.

Denise Tipton (17:06): Wow.

Brendan King (17:06): As a part of their, I love this, mosaic approach to reduce water consumption. This is one of their many choices.

Jack Palermo (17:13): It's kind of smart.

Denise Tipton (17:14): Kind of makes sense.

Jack Palermo (17:15): Considering Lake Mead.

Brendan King (17:16): Yeah. Yeah. For those of you just listening, we have some images and satellite images that show dramatic water loss since 2000 of Lake Mead. This is actually-

Jack Palermo (17:32): Now.

Brendan King (17:33): ... now, right. July 3rd, 2022.

Denise Tipton (17:38): No. That was the past.

Brendan King (17:39): This is July 6th of 2000. Pretty much, if you guys were to be able to see this, or if you are watching, the difference is massive.

Jack Palermo (17:48): It's massive.

Brendan King (17:49): It looks like double really around 2000.

Jack Palermo (17:51): It really does.

Denise Tipton (17:52): Scary.

Brendan King (17:53): I think if I remember correctly in 2000 it was at its highest point, wasn't it?

Denise Tipton (17:59): Yeah. They've had a couple instances when the lake was really high that they had to do overflow, which means they let it out and they released more of it. Again, anyone that hasn't lived here for a long time or you don't follow water, basically they took the Colorado River, they dammed it up and all that water. It's the largest manmade reservoir. That water goes to however many states and part of Mexico too. Arizona is using the most.

Brendan King (18:22): In 2000, it was at 1200 feet and in 2022, it's fallen 158 feet to 1042 feet. If I remember correctly, 1000 is a major number for them to have to do some changes. We'll see. I have a client that works in water and he told me some interesting things that I probably can't talk about just yet. It sounds like Nevada could be in a good place in this situation, but it's not good for anybody in the end, whether it's us. If we're in a good place it means somebody else isn't so we'll see. Stay tuned. On another note, something that I hold near and dear to my heart.

Jack Palermo (19:04): Let's talk about some food.

Brendan King (19:05): Fried chicken

Jack Palermo (19:07): Fried chicken. Yes.

Brendan King (19:09): Tell us what our buddy Chris over at Brooklyn Bowl is cooking up here.

Jack Palermo (19:13): Brooklyn Bowl. They've had a blue ribbon fried chicken for a really long time. It's delicious if you haven't had it. It's amazing. Now they're chef because his wife had a gluten allergy and things like that, they are now offering gluten free chicken at the Brooklyn Bowl, Las Vegas. How awesome is that?

Denise Tipton (19:33): Very cool.

Brendan King (19:33): I wonder what they're using. I don't know, but it's gluten free.

Jack Palermo (19:37): It's gluten free.

Brendan King (19:38): That's all that matters.

Jack Palermo (19:39): It's good stuff.

Speaker 5 (19:39): Well, the article goes into detail with all of the ingredients and how he did it so definitely check the link.

Brendan King (19:45): Check it out, especially, if you're somebody that absolutely needs this type of food. They'll break down all their ingredients for you in the article. Check it out. If you haven't tried their chicken, I don't care if it's wrapped in paper or gluten or whatever, their chicken's amazing.

Jack Palermo (20:01): It's so good.

Brendan King (20:02): It's so good. If you don't want to have it here, you can have it in New York City or Nashville or Philadelphia.

Jack Palermo (20:06): Yes you can.

Brendan King (20:08): Really, really good chicken. So Vic's Italian Jazz Bistro to open in downtown Vegas. This looks pretty cool.

Denise Tipton (20:17): It looks really interesting.

Brendan King (20:18): It's a jazz bistro. It's going to open down in-

Denise Tipton (20:23): Symphony Park?

Jack Palermo (20:24): Symphony Park.

Brendan King (20:25): Symphony Park, yeah. Capacity of over 300, Vic's will span 8,560 square feet and feature a full service bar.

Jack Palermo (20:35): Do you notice what's cool there?

Brendan King (20:37): What's that?

Jack Palermo (20:37): Vegas Vic is outside of the building.

Brendan King (20:39): I saw that.

Jack Palermo (20:39): They moved him from Fremont down to the front of...

Brendan King (20:42): When did they move him?

Jack Palermo (20:43): Vic's Italian Jazz Bistro opening up.

Brendan King (20:45): That makes sense.

Jack Palermo (20:47): Vegas Vic.

Brendan King (20:48): So Symphony Park. That would be at...

Denise Tipton (20:51): That's by Smith Center.

Brendan King (20:52): Smith Center. It's attached to the Smith Center. So does this mean it's going to have a permanent venue now? Because it was a part of the Smith Center and it had guests or whatever every once in a while. Does this mean-

Denise Tipton (21:03): Permanent.

Brendan King (21:03): It's a permanent business that will be there.

Denise Tipton (21:05): Yep. All the time.

Brendan King (21:05): That's great. That's a good use of space...

Jack Palermo (21:07): Super cool.

Brendan King (21:07): In my opinion. We'll see.

Jack Palermo (21:08): Super cool.

Brendan King (21:09): What's going on with sushi and jazz?

Denise Tipton (21:11): Oh my gosh. Sushi and Jazz. That place is down over off of Rainbow Flamingo, Jones area. Yes and it looks awesome.

Brendan King (21:20): Maxan Jazz.

Denise Tipton (21:22): That sounds so great, right? Just to chill, have some sushi, have some sake, and listen to some cool jazz.

Brendan King (21:30): They are former Nobu chefs. They're executive sushi. I can't say the word today.

Jack Palermo (21:34): Sushi.

Denise Tipton (21:34): It's sushi.

Jack Palermo (21:35): It's name of your dog. The name of your dog.

Brendan King (21:38): Oh yeah. It's former chefs from Nobu. If you don't know Nobu it's of Malibu fame, one of the most famous isn't that the one? It's in Malibu.

Denise Tipton (21:49): Also New York.

Brendan King (21:50): Also, New York and also Vegas. Amazing chefs come out of there and a lot of them have kind of scattered throughout Las Vegas and opened additional sushi restaurants all over town in our benefit. This is jazz and sushi. Definitely check it out. It's down by Nora's Wine Bar.

Denise Tipton (22:07): Yeah. Off of Flamingo and Jones.

Brendan King (22:08): Russian Nora's Italian, I mean.

Denise Tipton (22:09): Off of Flamingo in between I'm going to say Rainbow and Jones, right in there.

Brendan King (22:13): If we're going to go from sushi, it would be a natural progression to go to hot dogs.

Jack Palermo (22:17): Yes.

Denise Tipton (22:17): Why not?

Brendan King (22:19): Where are the best hot dogs in Las Vegas? We have our great people from Eater giving us the rundown. Jack, what we got here?

Jack Palermo (22:28): Great Links Brewhouse and Grill at 6010 West Craig Road in Las Vegas, little Northwest. Don't forget about the greatest hot dogs, Windy City Beefs N Dogs, which is over off Lake Mead and Buffalo, super good, American Coney Island on Fremont street.

Brendan King (22:45): Are they pulling out of, is that a microwave in that photo?

Jack Palermo (22:47): It kind of looks like it.

Denise Tipton (22:50): It's front of a soda machine.

Brendan King (22:51): Davy's, which is down on Main Street, 1221 South Main Street, Buldogis, which is not too from our old office, actually over at-

Jack Palermo (23:02): Fort Apache and Sahara.

Brendan King (23:02): ... 2291 Fort Apache, which is Fort Apache and Sahara. And we've got Cruncheese.

Jack Palermo (23:07): Cruncheese.

Brendan King (23:11): These are interesting, Korean hot dogs and if you can't see the photo, they're hot dogs on a stick with all sorts of ingredients on them.

Jack Palermo (23:19): They look like corn dogs with extra stuff.

Denise Tipton (23:22): They're super extra corn dogs with all sorts of different things on them.

Brendan King (23:25): On another good tasty note, Cane's, our favorite chicken to go, or our fast food chicken is building a multimillion dollar Raising Cane's on the Las Vegas Strip two stories.

Jack Palermo (23:37): Two stories.

Denise Tipton (23:38): Two stories. Isn't that crazy?

Jack Palermo (23:38): Love me wear that.

Brendan King (23:43): Love me tenders. Love that. If you have not had Cane's and you need a quick fix of something to eat. It's...

Denise Tipton (23:50): So good.

Brendan King (23:50): That Texas toast.

Jack Palermo (23:51): Yeah. So good.

Brendan King (23:51): The Cane sauce-

Denise Tipton (23:51): The fries are so good.

Brendan King (23:51): ... is the crack sauce.

Denise Tipton (23:51): Cane sauce. Crack sauce. Yeah. I always get extra.

Jack Palermo (23:53): The crack sauce, correct?

Brendan King (23:55): Yeah. So, so good, excellent chicken. I had run into the guy at a Fourth of July party one time and he told me his whole idea was just to get good chicken. That was just good chicken. What?

Jack Palermo (24:08): He did a great job.

Brendan King (24:11): If you haven't heard his story on what's our podcast he was on?

Denise Tipton (24:15): How I Built This.

Brendan King (24:15): How I Built This.

Denise Tipton (24:16): With Guy Ross.

Brendan King (24:16): His is very good. There's one with the guy from Raising Cane's and it's a really good story.

Denise Tipton (24:21): I'll check it out.

Brendan King (24:22): On the design end, obviously we've got our fix with food today.

Denise Tipton (24:28): Now I'm hungry,

Brendan King (24:30): We need to talk homes. We've got this designer house for dogs and it talks about ways to design your home for dogs.

Denise Tipton (24:39): If you have dogs, if you live with dogs you guys know there are certain things that you need and you wish you would think about it when you're designing your home or you're moving into a new home and what they're showing here, and again, if you're on the podcast, you can't hear it, but basically it's a bench with built in dog bowls and water bowls, which is fantastic, right? You don't want your little guys to be bending their heads down all the time. That's pretty awesome. Anything to do with flooring, whether it's a washable rug and/or waterproof flooring,

Brendan King (25:06): Ruggables. Have you tried Ruggables?

Denise Tipton (25:15): I haven't yet, but I'm going to.

Brendan King (25:15): We have them at a property of ours and they're awesome.

Denise Tipton (25:15): Yeah. You just throw them in the washing machine.

Brendan King (25:15): You've got a pad that stays and you pull it off and you Velcro to it and then you just throw them in the washing machine.

Denise Tipton (25:19): Easy Peasy.

Brendan King (25:20): Super easy.

Denise Tipton (25:22): Also furniture that you can clean off easily and in this instance, they're showing a really gorgeous, great Dane laying on a big old bed. So anytime you can move furniture around that's easily moved, like you'd have a swivel chair there, but you're not going to do an office.

Brendan King (25:36): So what you're trying to tell us is the dog owns the house.

Denise Tipton (25:38): The dog owns the house. My dogs run my house and I only have two little guys and they're showing for lower cabinets a Walnut finish, which is like a variegated finish. It's not smooth so in case any drool gets on it or any kind of scratches or whatever, because they're trying to get into their dog food cabinet, it doesn't show up as much. I love this.

Jack Palermo (25:57): I have that issue sometimes too.

Denise Tipton (25:59): Because you're trying to get into the food cabinet.

Jack Palermo (26:00): I start drooling on my furniture.

Denise Tipton (26:03): Chekesha has told me that. In this picture they're showing cane chairs or tan chairs. So again, no upholstery, again your little guys.

Brendan King (26:08): Nothing for the hair to stick to or anything like that.

Denise Tipton (26:09): Or anything like that. Yeah. Go

Brendan King (26:12): It's a good article honestly and it's little things that if you have a big dog-

Denise Tipton (26:15): Dogs are kids.

Denise Tipton (26:16): ... that sheds, it may be something to think about. I had a big old boxer that was 92 pounds at one point that liked to drool and all of that good stuff. I wish I had some of these tips back then. Yeah. Definitely, the dogs own the house when it comes-

Jack Palermo (26:34): For sure.

Brendan King (26:34): ... to homes. Pool furniture. I hope that's a 600 square foot pool in the photo.

Denise Tipton (26:40): I'm going to say yes.

Brendan King (26:40): I think it is.

Denise Tipton (26:40): I think it's a 30 x 20.

Brendan King (26:44): If I were a betting man, I think you're right. I think it's just under 600.

Jack Palermo (26:46): 601

Brendan King (26:49): Permit denied. We've got a list here of different types of pools. Choose colorful pool furniture. I'm a fan. I like neutral on the stones and colorful-

Denise Tipton (27:00): You pop it.

Brendan King (27:01): ... on the furniture like red umbrellas, bright green chair.

Denise Tipton (27:04): I do green and blue.

Jack Palermo (27:04): That's cool.

Brendan King (27:05): Love it.

Jack Palermo (27:05): You can also create a focal point with an egg chi.

Brendan King (27:08): Egg chi chair.

Denise Tipton (27:11): I like that.

Jack Palermo (27:11): Egg chair.

Brendan King (27:12): My kids love the egg chair. If I can't find them, I usually go outside and they're hanging in the egg chair.

Jack Palermo (27:18): That's an hour there.

Brendan King (27:19): You can go funky with a bean bag lounger. Those are kind of nice. They're waterproof fabric. You can spray it down and you can just lift it and move it wherever you want it.

Jack Palermo (27:30): It's not bad.

Brendan King (27:30): It's not permanent. I'm an Adirondack chair fan.

Denise Tipton (27:35): Love Adirondack chairs.

Brendan King (27:35): I'm from the East Coast. I've got a set of Adirondack chairs that we've carried with us for 15 years. We refinish them every couple of years. Love me an Adirondack chair. What do you think of this?

Denise Tipton (27:47): Hammocks? I am not a fan of hammocks. I think they're dangerous.

Brendan King (27:50): I love of watching people get into hammocks.

Jack Palermo (27:52): Or try to get out.

Brendan King (27:53): All day long.

Jack Palermo (27:54): Try to get out. I will watch somebody get in in a hammock any day.

Denise Tipton (27:56): That's a no for me, dog

Brendan King (27:56): It should all be videod.

Jack Palermo (27:57): That's a no for me, dog.

Brendan King (28:03): Create an outdoor living room feel. We just did this on a listing of ours, actually. We got there. The furniture was kind of all over the place. We took it and created an outdoor living room over at Step Beach. In my opinion, I thought it looked really nice.

Denise Tipton (28:14): It looked really good.

Jack Palermo (28:14): It looks really good.

Denise Tipton (28:15): It looks nice.

Brendan King (28:15): It made for an area where you can have a conversation and hang out. I'm a fan of the outdoor living room. The egg chair. This goes in hammock stage watching somebody get into a hanging egg chair.

Denise Tipton (28:29): Again, I'm not a fan of things that hang and move when I'm trying to sit and/or get up from them, but that's me.

Brendan King (28:33): Yeah. Then of course the ultimate lux, the outdoor day bed. I would say this is probably the most expensive choice-

Denise Tipton (28:42): I love this.

Brendan King (28:42): ... but will make your house look like a resort. Our only problem here is you can't really do the wood thing. If you do it, you probably have to expect to change it every two years.

Denise Tipton (28:52): Yeah. It's going to dry out.

Brendan King (28:53): But there's the rattan options and different materials like that.

Denise Tipton (28:57): I've got like, it looks like super heavy duty metal, but it's actually aluminum and it's dark-

Brendan King (29:00): The aluminum ones are great.

Denise Tipton (29:01): ... so it does get a little hot when the sun is directly on it, but it cools down pretty quick.

Brendan King (29:04): Yeah. We have as well because we had wood from New Jersey when we got here and within like six months-

Denise Tipton (29:09): No.

Brendan King (29:09): ... not so much. We're talking homes.

Jack Palermo (29:13): We are always talking homes.

Denise Tipton (29:15): Always.

Brendan King (29:15): We're talking design, but there is one thing that I think we all hear in social media, in the media, in everywhere we look and that's Las Vegas and the country, it's home prices. Home prices, home prices, home prices. Las Vegas home prices falling after a heated run. Are they falling?

Denise Tipton (29:37): I mean...

Brendan King (29:39): It's softened for sure.

Jack Palermo (29:40): Roughly.

Brendan King (29:40): So here's the deal. It's been a crazy seller's market even before COVID. Before COVID I remember all of us chatting about how this isn't sustainable. We were at 12, 15%. Then we went to 25 to 26%.

Denise Tipton (29:52): Yeah. We went to 18, 20, 22, and 25. Yeah.

Brendan King (29:56): Now we're kind of looking at just a price dip. It was a small one. It's a 0.4% dip. But it marked the first time in two years that we had a dip, but pre COVID, it wasn't unusual on a monthly basis to have one month 1%, another month negative 0.5. What people start to hear when they hear these things, the sky is falling, all this stuff, but everyone forgets the norm and what normal markets are like and pre COVID we had months where the prices didn't go up.

Denise Tipton (30:28): Yeah. They didn't go up. They were stable.

Brendan King (30:29): We had months when the prices went crazy. In my opinion, this is not bad. If anything, we have buyers that are happy. We have, I think at nowhere 7, 8, 9 escrows in the past 14 days that are all buyers that we had a hard time, some of them finding a home before. Now we walk in, your VA deal, Carly's VA deal.

Denise Tipton (30:51): Boom, boom, boom.

Jack Palermo (30:51): There are options out there.

Brendan King (30:54): Two months ago they had no chance.

Denise Tipton (30:54): No chance.

Brendan King (30:56): It's nice to see. We're happy to see it. Welcome the normal. We'll take the norm.

Jack Palermo (31:02): I like the norm.

Brendan King (31:04): David gave us this chart today and it's very interesting how it breaks down. Listings without offers back in 2019, what were we looking at?

Jack Palermo (31:14): June of 18.

Denise Tipton (31:15): In 2019, we were at 7815, June, 2019. June, 2020, this is listings without offers, 5079.

Brendan King (31:25): All the way down to 2454 in 21.

Denise Tipton (31:28): Yep. Then just this last, June 5746.

Brendan King (31:30): Right now we're matching. If we look at last year, we're double, but we're matching where-

Denise Tipton (31:35): We're back.

Brendan King (31:35): ... we were June of 2020 when COVID first started and a little higher, and then actually we match almost exactly to that time period. We're pretty much back to where we were pre COVID, but with higher interest rates. That's something we have to think about is yes we are where we were, but it's a different world right now. I think this will calm it down a bit more and I think we'll continue to see this calming and calming and calming. We do currently have an article that is on our blog, which is called, Should You Buy a Home With Inflation this High? Is that where we're going next, David?

Speaker 6 (32:18): Sorry. We're going to go.

Brendan King (32:19): Oh, Monday Market Update.

Speaker 6 (32:21): Sorry about that.

Brendan King (32:21): No, you're good. You're good. So sorry. We have a little mix up there, but Monday Market Update. All this data, every single week, everyone on the team posts about where we are currently. Anytime you don't know what's going on in the market, you can always go to our website or check out Denise or Jack's Instagram. What's your Instagram, Jack?

Jack Palermo (32:41): Jackpalermo_39 I think.

Brendan King (32:41): Is it?

Brendan King (32:41): What is yours, Denise?

Denise Tipton (32:43): Denisemtipton.

Brendan King (32:47): Every week everyone puts out a market update, one every one to two weeks. You can always go to the website or you can have it delivered to you by text. Text market to 702-553-1955. If you text market to 702-553-1955, we'll text it to you every week. If you'd like, you can go to our blog called What is The Current State of The Economy? This particular blog we keep updated with the most recent articles. We get rid of the old ones just so you can just have a quick one stop shop...

Jack Palermo (33:19): One stop shop.

Brendan King (33:20): To find all the different articles about the current state of the financial market and especially housing. That's what we do. So we've got homes.

Jack Palermo (33:31): We've got a few homes on.

Denise Tipton (33:32): We do have homes. We've got some nice listings.

Brendan King (33:34): We've got a whole bunch of listings. What do we have here Jack?

Jack Palermo (33:36): 5036 Rolling Wood Drive here. It's a new listing by the Brendan King Group. Look at this house. Four bedrooms with a nice pool. Beautiful. Check out some of those photos.

Brendan King (33:49): This is kind of a quirky house, but honestly within no time we had it under contract. I think it's a fun downtown east side kind of property. Next up we have 1600 Tamborine Court. This is Linda White's listing. Great home over in Summerlin North.

Denise Tipton (34:09): Look, it has a pool.

Brendan King (34:10): It does have a pool. High ceilings when you walk in, gas fireplace, big old pool with a corner lot so you've got a great size backyard. Definitely check it out this weekend.

Denise Tipton (34:23): Open house.

Brendan King (34:24): Linda White will be there Saturday and Sunday from 11 to 3. Go say hi to Linda. Check out the house. You'll definitely want to check it out. Another home, 760 Step Beach Street.

Denise Tipton (34:37): So pretty.

Brendan King (34:39): I will be there with Ms. Denise.

Denise Tipton (34:42): That's right. I'll be there on Saturday.

Brendan King (34:43): Great kitchen. Huge, huge, huge island. Great use of space.

Denise Tipton (34:47): Got a bedroom downstairs with an en suite and wait for it. It's own washer, dryer downstairs.

Brendan King (34:53): For-

Denise Tipton (34:54): The long-term guests.

Brendan King (34:56): ... for anytime you have long-term guests or for mother-in-law suite type thing. It's a perfect, perfect house for an extended family. We will be there this Saturday and Sunday.

Denise Tipton (35:07): It's in the Paseos right?

Brendan King (35:07): I will be there with Denise on Saturday from 11 to 3 and open house on Sunday from 11 to 3. You are correct. Yes. It's in the Paseos in the neighborhood Esperanza. What other listings do we have here?

Jack Palermo (35:20): 8354 Bartholomew Park Court. Check this one out.

Brendan King (35:24): Look at that guy.

Jack Palermo (35:24): Four thousand six hundred and sixty four square feet, five bedrooms, four and a half bath. They really did a great job with all the decor. Backyard-

Brendan King (35:37): Design wise.

Jack Palermo (35:38): ... design wise this is amazing.

Denise Tipton (35:38): This house is amazing.

Jack Palermo (35:40): It is offered at 1,350,000.

Denise Tipton (35:43): It's kind of cool.

Brendan King (35:45): It's completely tricked out with Control4 and all the audio, lights, everything are all controlled by the main brain of the house. Jack recently had a little-

Jack Palermo (35:56): We just had a broker's open.

Brendan King (35:57): ... brokers open, nice little turnout. We've already got an offer. Look at that.

Jack Palermo (36:03): Look at that team.

Brendan King (36:03): Team was there.

Jack Palermo (36:04): Team was there.

Brendan King (36:06): We've already got an offer.

Jack Palermo (36:07): We got an offer.

Brendan King (36:07): We're in the midst of countering back and forth, but honestly I don't think this one will be around long. At 135 we've already had a dozen showings and I think we're heading-

Jack Palermo (36:18): Short period of time.

Brendan King (36:19): ... two more today.

Jack Palermo (36:19): Yeah. Two more today.

Brendan King (36:20): Yeah. Great, great, great, great house. Of course, don't forget if you want to check all this out every week and see where we are, what our listings are, and what open houses we have follow us on Instagram @brendankinggroup, @brendankinggroup on Instagram. That's not Brandon it's Brendan.

Jack Palermo (36:38): Brendan, not Brandon.

Denise Tipton (36:39): Brendan.

Brendan King (36:42): Of course, check out, jointhebkg.com if you're looking for a team or looking to get your license, jointhebkg.com. What else can they do?

Jack Palermo (36:51): Don't forget about our newsletter. We get our newsletter. We put it out once a week. Reach out if you would like to receive our newsletter.

Brendan King (36:57): It has a lot of the things we've talked about today. Restaurants, entertainment, real estate, and a little bit of everything. We have to talk about real estate, of course.

Denise Tipton (37:06): Yeah, of course.

Jack Palermo (37:06): It's the greatest.

Brendan King (37:09): If you live in Vegas, you're hungry. You need to know.

Jack Palermo (37:11): You need to know about food, restaurants, and things that do.

Denise Tipton (37:13): You've got to know the new places to eat. Yeah.

Brendan King (37:15): Episode three, so much, so much going on in town.

Jack Palermo (37:18): So much.

Brendan King (37:19): Definitely. If there are certain things that you guys want us to talk about, please message us, DM us, let us know. We'll absolutely get some details for you and talk about it on the show and you know what? We're actually interviewing local businesses and would love to reach out and chat with any of you. If you have a local business, we'd love to support it. Let us know. We'll come by and we'll do a little interview and check out the business. We're here to support every day and any day. So nice to have you guys. Nice to have Denise back on.

Denise Tipton (37:48): Good to see you Brendan.

Jack Palermo (37:48): Nice to have you Denise.

Brendan King (37:48): Happy anniversary to Mr. Palermo-

Jack Palermo (37:48): Thank you.

Brendan King (37:49): ... and Chekesha.

Denise Tipton (37:49): Happy anniversary.

Jack Palermo (37:53): Hey guys, we will see you next week. Have a good one.

Denise Tipton (37:57): Bye.