August 10, 2021

November 16, 2021

Episode #6 of "Unnamed Show"

Episode #6 of "Unnamed Show" End of the moratorium, Students return to CCSD with masks, MGM donates land for Route 91 memorial, Cirque du Soleil news, Smoke, hazy conditions continue, Olympics, Closing Ceremony, Simone Biles returns, Raiders’ 2021 training camp, NFL Bars in Las Vegas, A guide to outdoor patios.

Brendan King and Caroline Lauzon discuss Real Estate and news in Las Vegas. End of the moratorium, Students return to CCSD with masks, MGM donates land for Route 91 memorial, Cirque du Soleil news, Smoke, hazy conditions continue, Olympics, Closing Ceremony, Simone Biles returns,  Raiders’ 2021 training camp, NFL Bars in Las Vegas, A guide to outdoor patios.Give away!

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Brendan King (00:19): Hey, what's going on everybody? It's Brendan King from the Brendan King Group at Simply Vegas and...

Caroline Lauzon (00:25): Caroline Lauzon from the Brendan King Group at Simply Vegas Real Estate as well.

Brendan King (00:28): And this is Episode 6 of the still Unnamed Show. And it's going to stay that way. But hey, how's it going? We're back with just information about Las Vegas and things going on, restaurants, sports, entertainment, whatever. Whatever we can bring you guys that brings value and information about things to do and where to go. So let's get started. Of course, can't forget this. Aviators Tickets Giveaway. Don't forget to text Aviators to 702 553 1955. Text Aviators to 702 553 1955. We actually gave away some tickets to somebody not too long ago. Frances Cortez, latest winner of four Aviators tickets. And again, these are right behind home plate. Congrats Francis. I know you're going to go check out the game next week. I think we only have seven games left, so don't forget to text Aviators to 702 553 1955. And of course, can't forget this 2-sport Cody Thomas hits his strive with the Aviators.

Brendan King (01:32): So, Cody Thomas has been on a run. He's got a 313 batting average, 11 home runs 28 RBI's, all since June. So they've been on a roll. The team's been on a roll. Cody especially has been on a roll. He's a T2 team or 2-sport athlete from the Sooners. So not only baseball, but also was a quarterback at the Sooners football team. And now killing it right now for the Aviators, which is nice to see. They were kind of a little rough for a little while, and now they've been on a roll. So if you want to check out the game, don't forget to text us. We can easily get you four tickets behind home plate.

Caroline Lauzon (02:13): Now I want to go check it out.

Brendan King (02:15): Text: Aviator To: 702 553 1955. So, obviously with the Aviators on a roll, I know you're back at O.

Caroline Lauzon (02:25): Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Brendan King (02:25): So if everybody doesn't know, Caroline actually works at the show O, and somehow still kills it in Real Estate at the same time. How's O going?

Caroline Lauzon (02:33): O is going great. We are sold out until October. I feel people are really excited to be back with live entertainment. Everyone on stage is really happy. Everyone in the house is very happy. We're trying to abide COVID protocol and everything.

Brendan King (02:50): The show's already changed in a small period of time.

Caroline Lauzon (02:52): Yes. And everyone in the house-

Brendan King (02:54): Eh, zebra. There's a zebra.

Caroline Lauzon (02:56): Yeah. That's me in costume. Yeah. Everyone has to wear mask in the house. Everyone on stage has to wear mask now, which is a challenge when you're in a water show-

Brendan King (03:05): So wait. Water show and you have to wear a mask?

Caroline Lauzon (03:11): Yeah. So we wear them for things that we stay dry. If we've to go in the pool, we remove it when we can. It's a little complicated, but we make it work and we try not to have them float around the pool. So it's been a bit tricky-

Brendan King (03:25): Little mask boats floating-

Caroline Lauzon (03:26): Everybody just wants to make it work. We're just really happy to be back on stage and make everyone smile again. And everyone in the house is really happy to have us. So we're willing to do anything to make it work, so.

Brendan King (03:37): And it sounds like the audiences are loving it. If you guys are sold out till when?

Caroline Lauzon (03:39): Yes. Well, at least end of September, October, sold. Yeah.

Brendan King (03:45): That's great.

Caroline Lauzon (03:45): It seems like we're doing good.

Brendan King (03:47): Entertainment is back.

Caroline Lauzon (03:48): Yes.

Brendan King (03:49): Except-

Caroline Lauzon (03:50): Yes. So, Cirque du Soleil is pumping the brakes on Ka's reopening. You have to take consideration that Ka's a huge production. It has a lot of employees-

Brendan King (03:59): It's massive.

Caroline Lauzon (03:59): It's really expensive.

Brendan King (04:02): If I remember, it's I think the most expensive Search show ever.

Caroline Lauzon (04:04): Well just in manpower, it takes 200 technicians-

Brendan King (04:07): Holy cow.

Caroline Lauzon (04:07): To run this show. So plus the artists and everything. So, it's definitely the most expensive production. So, I think that's, in consideration with the surge of COVID and everything, right now. So they're set to reopen before the end of the year, I think in November.

Brendan King (04:25): Okay.

Caroline Lauzon (04:26): But MJ One and Love Are sets have come back there. They're rehearsing right now. And all very-

Brendan King (04:31): I think MJ One is coming back August 19 and Love is coming back August 26, right?

Caroline Lauzon (04:37): 26. Yeah. And they're rehearsing right now. Everyone's really excited. So look forward for that. If you want to see live entertainment again, you can get your tickets online.

Brendan King (04:45): And nothing's better than seeing a Search show if you haven't seen one. But if you've ever seen Lance Burton, the magician, he's magically leaving Las Vegas, he's selling his $4 million mansion out at the, I think it's called the Black Mountain. Let me see here. So, he was a headliner for more than 30 years and this particular house, he wanted it to look like a haunted mansion from like movies back when he was a kid, which is pretty funny. Three stories, six bedroom, 14,376 square feet and 10 acres in the Black Mountains.

Brendan King (05:18): Honestly, I was showing a house not too far from this one. And I looked up and literally it looks like an old castle. So he wanted it to look like a haunted mansion from the old, like mysterious horror movies.

Caroline Lauzon (05:33): Definitely, one of a kind.

Brendan King (05:34): I have a hard time when my kids were little just with the darkness in their room. I can't imagine if they had to look at a house like this too. But yeah, he's moving to Kentucky. He's moving on. But you know, he spent a ton of years as a headliner here, 30 years. So unfortunately Vegas loses Lance Burton, but some lucky buyer's going to buy a pretty cool house.

Caroline Lauzon (05:54): And speaking of properties for sales, special properties for sale, the Top Chef house is up for sale. It hosted the Las Vegas Season over a decade ago. And so if you're interested, give us a call. That house is listed at $4 million. It's a five bedroom, five bath, 6,738,000 square feet-

Brendan King (06:17): Oh look at the view, Amazing view.

Caroline Lauzon (06:18): Wow! It's gorgeous.

Brendan King (06:19): I didn't see a killer kitchen for a Top Chef house, but I didn't actually see the kitchen in the images. Oh, there it is. There it is.

Caroline Lauzon (06:27): There you go.

Brendan King (06:28): But I think, yeah, this is where the contestants stayed-

Caroline Lauzon (06:30): Yeah.

Brendan King (06:31): When they did the show. So of course, if you want to check that out. All the links to everything, for any of this information we're giving are all in the additional details below or in the link in our bio. No matter what, we've got a page with all the links. So moving out from that, we actually want to remind you that every single week, every Monday we put out the market updates. So today, we actually just filmed the market update for July 29 through August 4. So look out for that video and for the links on that as well. But every single Monday, we always do a market update. And if you want to get a text with the market information, feel free to text Market to 702 553 1955. We'll get you on our list as well for the market update. And we can text it directly to you.

Brendan King (07:20): So that's me. So on the moratorium. So this is a endless back and forth, and I know there's a lot, a lot, a lot of people that have a lot to say about this. So, the end of the moratorium is coming. However, the CDC had said that they're going to put a stop to that. So there's a big battle about it right now between landlords and tenants and figuring out really what we should do right now. And honestly, I could see both sides. So I'm not sure how this is going to play out? But the eviction moratorium should be ending soon. But right now, it's just kind of keeps getting kicked down the street to a different week, different month. So just keep watching. We'll update you on what's going on, but right now it's not happening right now, but it's definitely eventually going to happen. It's really a matter of where this all plays out.

Caroline Lauzon (08:17): We're all following this very closely.

Brendan King (08:19): Yeah, yeah, yeah. Because we've a lot of investors that have tenants in situations. But equally we also understand that on the tenant side, people are also in need of assistance. So hopefully, they can come up with a plan that helps both sides, that make sense to everybody. I know today I had to get up a little earlier than normal-

Caroline Lauzon (08:39): Special day today. Yeah, back to school.

Brendan King (08:41): We're all right around trying to remember where our kids' schools are and where to enter and what's the right line for what grade? But yeah, what's going on today? Today's a big day.

Caroline Lauzon (08:52): Everyone's back in school for the first time in over a year. And I think everyone's very excited to see their friends in person and not be online on the computer all day. So 300,000 kids were returning to school today. So, that's very exciting. Everyone in mask above two years old. So everyone's trying to keep the schools open. So, yeah. So everyone's very excited about that.

Brendan King (09:17): Yup. My kids were definitely excited. Ella went to her first day of middle school today and her sister was on the committee to welcome everybody to the school-

Caroline Lauzon (09:25): Oh, how exciting.

Brendan King (09:25): And her sister's there with pom-poms-

Caroline Lauzon (09:27): So good.

Brendan King (09:28): And of course she's hiding from her mom and dad because she doesn't want us to see her. But yeah, Ella went back today for her first day of middle school, which is huge.

Caroline Lauzon (09:36): Oh. Well, I hope it went well for everyone.

Brendan King (09:38): Yup, for sure.

Caroline Lauzon (09:39): In other news, MGM donates land for Route 91 Memorial at site of shooting. Sorry. So, and that's pretty cool. They're going to have a sign up at the site where you can give ideas on what it should be, what it should be named, what you think it should be.

Brendan King (09:56): And you know, a lot of us were here and went through all this. So I'm sure that all of us and the whole city would love for people's opinions on what they should do with this site. So there will be a sign going up. We'll get more details when that time comes, but you're going to be able to give your own ideas for how this Memorial should be. What they should do with it, what they should do with the land that MGM is nice enough to dedicate to the Memorial.

Caroline Lauzon (10:21): Yeah, that was really nice of MGM to do that.

Brendan King (10:23): Yeah. And speaking of MGM, actually on another note, so they actually are selling off their land corporation, I should say. It's called MGM Growth Properties. So a lot of people were confused by this. MGM is not selling MGM. MGM is selling the company that they own that owns the land that the hotels exist on. So they've actually made a deal with a Caesar's Entertainment, spin off Vici properties. Vici, Vichi? I've to check on how to pronounce that exactly. But MGM is not selling itself, but they are actually selling the land that they sit on to another company. This is actually a common situation that happens a lot. The land on the strip changes hands quite often, that a lot of times we're not aware of. But the value of this is $17.2 billion. So, that little sliver of land has the value of some countries around the world. So yeah, that's a major transaction in Vegas. And another major thing, honestly, I was out of town for a few days and I came back to crazy weather and tons of rain. What else is going on here?

Caroline Lauzon (11:37): So, let's say smoky, hazy condition ahead for Las Vegas as these fires continue to happen in California. Which is now I think it was named the biggest fire ever in California. So, hopefully they can get that sorted out soon so that we can return to breathing some good air-

Brendan King (12:00): Couldn't even see the mountains for a few days.

Caroline Lauzon (12:01): No you couldn't see. From my house, I couldn't see the strip. That's how hazy it was and no mountains to be seen. So yeah, some pretty white skies and hazy temperature ahead. But yeah, the monsoon's over.

Brendan King (12:18): But it was nice to get some rain.

Caroline Lauzon (12:18): Oh yeah.

Brendan King (12:19): Honestly, I sat outside a few times and just literally-

Caroline Lauzon (12:22): Loved it.

Brendan King (12:22): Just watched it fall-

Caroline Lauzon (12:25): Loved it.

Brendan King (12:25): And I was like, "get outside" to my kids. I was like, "you don't get to see this very often in Vegas." So-

Caroline Lauzon (12:29): It was humid.

Brendan King (12:29): It was so nice.

Caroline Lauzon (12:29): You don't know what humidity is here. It's amazing-

Brendan King (12:31): I quite enjoyed it. When I was in Florida, that's a whole other level of humidity-

Caroline Lauzon (12:35): Mm-hmm (affirmative). Oh yeah.

Brendan King (12:36): But it was nice to have in Vegas for a few days.

Caroline Lauzon (12:38): Absolutely.

Brendan King (12:39): So closing ceremonies took place yesterday for the Olympics. I am bummed. I personally love the Olympics. And unfortunately that means no more late nights watching beach volleyball and badminton and table tennis. Like all these things-

Caroline Lauzon (12:56): Yeah, you had to stay up late.

Brendan King (12:57): When is table tennis on TV? And I look across the street and my neighbor was... she's got a new ping pong table in her garage. And I was like, I'm sure that's inspired by the Olympics-

Caroline Lauzon (13:08): By the Olympics.

Brendan King (13:09): I always get a little bummed when it ends. But thankfully due to a little bit of the pushback on the Olympics, the winter Olympics are going to come even faster than normal because of the fact that the actual Olympics was a little later as well. I should say the actual, the summer Olympics, I should say. But also America pulled it out, finally in the end-

Caroline Lauzon (13:31): Again.

Brendan King (13:31): The USA actually did win on gold medals and the overall medal count. But honestly, China was right on our heels-

Caroline Lauzon (13:40): Oh yeah.

Brendan King (13:41): I think we're talking about this before we started today. It's interesting to watch how each country has its specialty. Certain countries are the best at badminton. Certain countries are the best at table tennis. Literally, I watched China destroy everyone in table tennis. But that's kind of my favorite part, is that each country really has their sports that are near and dear.

Caroline Lauzon (14:04): Mm-hmm (affirmative).

Brendan King (14:05): Pentathlon. When would I ever get a chance to watch the pentathlon besides the Olympics? And even Springsteen's daughter winning equestrian. It's a fun time. I really, really love it. And-

Caroline Lauzon (14:19): And Guy Laliberté's daughter was [inaudible 00:14:21] well, in equestrian.

Brendan King (14:22): Oh, no way?

Caroline Lauzon (14:23): Yeah.

Brendan King (14:23): So, the founder of Cirque de Solei's daughter was also there. In equestrian?

Caroline Lauzon (14:27): Yup.

Brendan King (14:28): Oh, cool.

Caroline Lauzon (14:28): Yeah. Fun facts.

Brendan King (14:29): Well. Yeah. So nobody knows anything more about of course diving, much more than I do than Caroline.

Caroline Lauzon (14:39): Yeah. So I always loved watching the Olympics. I mean, it's been a dream of mine since I was a kid. So I watched the Olympics with all my heart. I love it. But diving especially, because it was my sport. There was this 14 year old-

Brendan King (14:54): Wasn't just your sport. I think you forgot to mention that you were on the national team in Canada-

Caroline Lauzon (14:58): Yes, I was on the Canadian National team for Canada on the 10 meter platform. I was actually-

Brendan King (15:04): And if anybody who's ever jumped off a 10 meter platform, it is like cliff diving. But on purpose.

Caroline Lauzon (15:12): The first time I went up there, I said, "I'm never jumping off this thing, ever." And then it became my specialty. So... But yeah, you build up to it, but it's pretty high.

Brendan King (15:21): And the translation of 10 meters is 30 feet for anybody who's not doing that math. But that's three stories. It's crazy.

Caroline Lauzon (15:28): Yeah. But you get used to it like anything, you know?

Brendan King (15:31): Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Caroline Lauzon (15:32): But so this little 14 year old Chinese diver scored perfect dive three times. That's unheard of. She broke the Olympic record, the World record and she's only 14 years old-

Brendan King (15:45): So, if the Olympics happened when they should have-

Caroline Lauzon (15:48): She wouldn't have been there.

Brendan King (15:49): That's insane. Yeah.

Caroline Lauzon (15:49): So yeah. And I believe this was one of her first international meets. China decided she's so good, we're going to put her. But it was kind of a risky move, but they knew that she was really good, but they put her on there and she delivered, she was amazing-

Brendan King (16:04): So 14, she could do it. 15, 16, 17, 18, 19 20. She's-

Caroline Lauzon (16:08): So I mean, she's already won the Olympics, but hopefully she'll be there again in four years-

Brendan King (16:14): What'd you win after the Olympics and diving?

Caroline Lauzon (16:15): You win them again, like Simone Biles.

Brendan King (16:19): Speaking of Simone Biles-

Caroline Lauzon (16:20): Yes. It was nice to see that she did return to the competition after pulling out of all team event and all around. So it was nice to see her kind of just come back for beam and win bronze. I'm sure it was a big accomplishment for her, after announcing to the world that she had the case of the twisties. I know it-

Brendan King (16:41): And this is legit? I know-

Caroline Lauzon (16:44): Yes, this is legit.

Brendan King (16:44): And you're quite aware of it. Why?

Caroline Lauzon (16:46): Yes. So it actually ended my diving career. This is why I quit diving back in 2003. I got also a case of the twisties. Every time I was flipping backwards, I was starting to twist and I got lost in my tricks. And to kind of explain what it would be for a normal person, is kind of going downstairs really quickly. You go step, step, step, and then you kind of miss a step. You kind of have what we call it, a brain fart. Well, this is what twisties is, is you do these tricks hundreds of time in trainings and one day, you get there and it's your brain forgot-

Brendan King (17:20): And then subconsciously it's really hard to get back out there, right?

Caroline Lauzon (17:22): Yes, it's very scary. For instance, in my case, throwing yourself off a 10 meter platform and you don't really know if you're going to do the skill that you're-

Brendan King (17:29): Which is 30 feet, 30 feet.

Caroline Lauzon (17:31): It's scary. It's very scary. So for Simone to pull out, I think was a really smart move because all of the tricks that she does are extremely difficult. She does a million twists on floor, on vault, on bars. So, I can imagine she was extremely scared. And so I sympathize and I think it was a good call, but it was nice to see her come back and win bronze on beam. And hopefully she gets better and-

Brendan King (17:57): And she was able to take out the twists in the balance beam-

Caroline Lauzon (18:00): Yes.

Brendan King (18:00): And do a double pike, I think it was.

Caroline Lauzon (18:02): Yeah.

Brendan King (18:03): Because there's no twisting in a pike.

Caroline Lauzon (18:05): Yeah.

Brendan King (18:05): But still I'm sure it took a lot of bravery to get out there.

Caroline Lauzon (18:08): Absolutely.

Brendan King (18:08): So good job Simone.

Caroline Lauzon (18:10): Yup.

Brendan King (18:10): It's pretty huge. Yeah.

Caroline Lauzon (18:11): She's still the goat.

Brendan King (18:13): Yeah. Oh, I watched her tumbling passes and I know many people that are not capable of that. Nobody's capable of that. But many men even that are not capable of that. In the past, it wasn't always the situation where a girl could do things that a lot of Olympic level men couldn't do.

Caroline Lauzon (18:31): Yeah.

Brendan King (18:31): Like that's insane. She's incredible.

Caroline Lauzon (18:33): She's incredible. So it was nice to see her come back.

Brendan King (18:36): Yeah. Congrats, Simone. Well-deserved you're still the greatest of all times.

Caroline Lauzon (18:40): Exactly.

Brendan King (18:41): It's pretty amazing. So Reaves from the Knights is not on the team anymore, but he and Marc Andre Fleury both unfortunately, have moved on to other teams. But he did mention that his beer will remain. So he does have, I believe it's an IPA. So Reaves unfortunately is no longer with the Golden Knights, but his beer will stay, which is hilarious. And then also, everyone's got tons of hype right now regarding the Raiders.

Brendan King (19:14): So Raiders training camp, July 27 through August 31. This weekend, actually, they had fans in the stands for training, which was really cool to see. I know a lot of people were posting all weekend on social media, at practice. Waving at all the players and interacting, which I'm sure it feels really good for the team right now while they're in training camp, toward the end to have a little crowd and have people come and just support them.

Brendan King (19:40): So coming on, what is it? August 14 is the first Preseason Game. So August 14 against the Seattle Seahawks. And then the start of the season is Monday night Football on September 13 against the Baltimore Ravens. So Monday night Football is a great way to start a season for sure. And you know, go Raiders honestly. I'm from New York. I never thought I'd say, go Raiders. But I'm a Raiders fan. So, go Raiders. We're very excited about you guys, the first season with fans.

Caroline Lauzon (20:15): Yup.

Brendan King (20:16): So the owner of the team was adamant that no matter what, they would not start until they could have a full stadium. So on September 13, that'll be the first full stadium-

Caroline Lauzon (20:29): How exciting.

Brendan King (20:29): All things. It's pretty awesome.

Caroline Lauzon (20:30): Super awesome. And if you can't make it to the stadium, here's a list of NFL bars in Vegas with different teams. So if you're a Green Bay fan, there's a bar for it. If you're a Broncos fan, there's a bar for it in Vegas. So the Review Journal put together a little list of places that we can catch these games at. [crosstalk 00:20:50] With your fans, with your friends.

Brendan King (20:52): I know a lot of fans in New York City, when my wife and I used to live in New York City. This was a common thing where people could go to their Green Bay Packers bar or the Bears bar-

Caroline Lauzon (21:03): Yeah, it's fun. You cheer with your peers.

Brendan King (21:05): Yeah. So the nice thing about big cities is that we have this opportunity to go support your local team from back home. And Amy's a Packers' fan. That's now a Raiders' fan. You hear that? A Raiders' fan. She is a Raiders' fan now. So everybody in Wisconsin don't be mad. But then on our team, Jack Palermo is actually originally from Chicago, Big Bears' fan. So he told us Amore Taste of Chicago is a good option for anybody who's a Big Bears' fan. They have a deep dish Chicago style pizza-

Caroline Lauzon (21:39): Yum.

Brendan King (21:39): And of course nothing but Bears games. So you want to watch Bears football or Blackhawks this winter, go check out, what is it? Taste of Amore? Amore Taste of Chicago, sorry. Thanks Jack, for that recommendation. And, oh that pizza looks really good.

Caroline Lauzon (21:56): I know, I'm hungry now. And speaking of food, here's a little guide to outdoor patios here in Vegas. The weather, even though it's hot during the day, it's still kind of nice to sit outside at night. So here's a little list of outdoor patios where you can go dine out.

Brendan King (22:13): Yeah. And honestly, all the links to this information is of course linked up with the video as well. And Eater's an awesome, awesome, awesome way to find different restaurants or patios or ice cream-

Caroline Lauzon (22:26): Yup, absolutely.

Brendan King (22:26): Whatever it is you like, Eater's such a great site-

Caroline Lauzon (22:29): Absolutely.

Brendan King (22:29): I find myself drooling sometimes clicking through all the different restaurants on there. So, definitely check it out. And of course, don't forget if you are interested in Aviators tickets, text Aviators to 702 553 1955. I believe there's only seven or eight games left. So hurry up and text Aviators to 702 553 1955. Again, thank you so much.

Caroline Lauzon (22:52): Thank you.

Brendan King (22:52): Another episode of the Unnamed Show, still unnamed. We like it that way. We'll leave it at that way. We'll absolutely see you guys next week. And if there's any information or comments you want to mention about different things that we should bring up on the show, please go ahead and give us some advice. We're always willing to take it. We'll add anything you want and any information you need. But again, thank you so much. And we'll see you guys next week.

Caroline Lauzon (23:16): Thank you.

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