September 23, 2021

November 16, 2021

Episode #13 of “Unnamed Show”

Episode #13 of “Unnamed Show” | Raiders big ticket giveaway and their 2-0 start, Las Vegas prepares to welcome international travelers, Mt. Charleston Lodge fire, Golden Knights fans watch practices again, and 27 Cool things diners can see inside restaurants.

In this episode Brendan King and Jack Palermo discuss the Raiders big ticket giveaway and their 2-0 start, Las Vegas prepares to welcome international travelers, Mt. Charleston Lodge fire, Golden Knights fans watch practices again, and 27 Cool things diners can see inside restaurants.

Ticket Giveaway opportunity for 2 tickets to the Las Vegas Raiders game on Oct. 10th against the Chicago Bears.

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Raiders 2-0 start / defense impresses against Steelers

Raiders play Dolphins at home Sunday 1:05 at home

Raiders’ Derek Carr, Josh Jacobs and Alex Leatherwood questionable

Current listings | Brendan King Group

5634 Granollers Dr. 

  • 3 bed, 2 bath, 1,597 sqft. 
  • Open House | Sunday Sept. 26th. 11-3pm

5713 Mesa Mountain Dr. 

  • 4bed, 3.5bath, 2,513 sqft. 2 car garage
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7841 Desert Candle Way 

  • 3  bed, 3 bath, 2,236 sqft 2 car garage
  • Open House | Saturday Sept. 25th 11-3pm

Wednesday Sept. 22nd was the first day of Autumn

Las Vegas weather: Warmer temperatures as fall arrives

Las Vegas prepares to welcome international travelers on the road to economic recovery

Mt. Charleston Lodge fire traced to storage room, exact cause still unknown | KSNV

Big industrial project in works for North Las Vegas | Las Vegas Review-Journal

Golden Knights fans will be allowed to watch practices again

Wayne Newton to headline limited engagement on Las Vegas Strip

Where to find cool architecture and decor inside Las Vegas restaurants 

27 Cool Things Diners Can See Inside Restaurants

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Brendan King (00:24): Hey, what's going on everybody? It's Brendan King from the Brendan King Group at Simply Vegas.

Jack Palermo (00:27): Hey, it's Jack Palermo from the Brendan King group at Simply Vegas.

Brendan King (00:30): And this is episode 13 of The Unnamed Show.

Jack Palermo (00:32): The Unnamed Show.

Brendan King (00:34): What's going on Jack, how's it going?

Jack Palermo (00:35): Hello Sir.

Brendan King (00:36): As always, if you guys would like to join our text, text VIP to 702-553-1955, text VIP to 702-553-1955 to join our VIP list. We got some big news this week.

Jack Palermo (00:53): Big news.

Brendan King (00:54): We are giving away two tickets to the Raiders game. Two tickets to the Raiders game against the...

Jack Palermo (01:02): The Bears.

Brendan King (01:03): Check out our website, for all information. And of course, text Raiders to702-553-1955. If you'd like to enter to win, we have 11 days left. That's it, only 11 days, text Raiders to 702-553-1955.

Jack Palermo (01:24): We are going to be announcing the winner on October 4th at 4:30 PM. Right before the Raiders take the Buffalo Bills on in Monday night football.

Brendan King (01:32): That's October 4th, 4:30 PM, live on our social media, we will announce the two lucky winners.

Jack Palermo (01:39): Be there or be square.

Brendan King (01:40): Already got a couple of dozen people entered, again 11 days only for two tickets to the Raiders game and they're lower bowl seats actually.

Jack Palermo (01:48): Yeah, they're really nice seats.

Brendan King (01:49):They're really nice seats. So text Raiders to 702-553-1955.

Jack Palermo (01:55): Bears are going to win, anyway, next.

Brendan King (01:59): So Raiders defense stands tall and second straight win, the Raiders are looking good.

Jack Palermo (02:03): They are looking really good.

Brendan King (02:04): I have to admit it, aren't they the underdog both games.

Jack Palermo (02:05): Yeah.

Brendan King (02:06): And both times they came out on top. Oh, that first game, I still can't stop talking about that.

Jack Palermo (02:11): It was amazing.

Brendan King (02:11): Second game was a great game as well, Carr looked good.

Jack Palermo (02:14): They beat the Pittsburgh Steelers, it's great, in Pittsburgh.

Brendan King (02:17): And it was a really, really great game. And unfortunately, it's looking like Carr is not going to be around.

Jack Palermo (02:22): Well it's questionable.

Brendan King (02:23): He's questionable.

Jack Palermo (02:24): Questionable.

Brendan King (02:25): But the good thing is the Dolphins quarterback is out. Yeah, that's huge.

Jack Palermo (02:28): So, yeah it's huge.

Brendan King (02:29): So hopefully it's a duel of the second string, I don't know.

Jack Palermo (02:34): Yeah, who knows?

Brendan King (02:35): But either way, week three is coming up versus the Dolphins on September 26th at 1:05 PM. So 1:05 PM, week three against the Dolphins. You know, I hope Carr's back.

Jack Palermo (02:49): He'll play, he'll play.

Brendan King (02:50): Either way, I think the Raiders are going to take them down.

Jack Palermo (02:53): I think so too.

Brendan King (02:53): We've got some new listings coming up. Three new listings all hit the market yesterday. First up is our property at 5713 Mesa Mountain Drive, four bed, three and a half bath, 2,513square feet. It's in the Mesas in Summerlin South, a great neighborhood. We do have an open house this Saturday from 11.00 To 3:00 PM. So Saturday, September25th, come check out the home.

Jack Palermo (03:19): Do you know anybody who lives in that neighborhood?

Brendan King (03:20): I happen to live a block away. So if you can put up with me as a neighbor, come check the house out. Actually right down the street is the French Cottage bakery. We're going to be giving away loaves of French bread. Come by the open house, all you have to do is actually walk right down the street. There's a French pastry chef that makes pastries out of his home.

Jack Palermo (03:39): Delicious.

Brendan King (03:39): And they're amazing. But yeah, come check out the open house on Saturday, September 25th from 11.00 To 3:00PM. Another property we have coming up is 7841 Desert Candle Way. Honestly, amazing backyard. This property is pretty incredible.

Jack Palermo (03:55): Entertainer's dream.

Brendan King (03:57): It really is, entertainer's dream for sure. Outdoor grill, pool, massive lot. Three beds, three baths. Saturday, if you want to come check this one out.

Jack Palermo (04:06): 11.00 to 3.00 .

Brendan King (04:07): Also 11.00 To 3:00 PM. Again at all the open houses as well, we're going to be giving the Raiders tickets away. So pop by the open house, and or text Raiders of course, but...

Jack Palermo (04:18): 702-553-1955.

Brendan King (04:21): Thank you.

Jack Palermo (04:21): In case you didn't know.

Brendan King (04:23): We've said it a couple times, but anyway.

Jack Palermo (04:24): A couple of times.

Brendan King (04:25): Another one is 5634 Granollers, or Granollers, I've heard it said both ways. Potato, Potato. I like Granollers, but 5634 Granollers Drive, three bed, two bath, 1,597 square foot town home. In my opinion, the nicest town homes in all of Summerlin.

Jack Palermo (04:43): Beautiful, Toll Brothers.

Brendan King (04:44): Toll Brothers Property. They have a neighborhood pool, 24 hour gym.

Jack Palermo (04:49): Isn't the pool right across the street from this property too?

Brendan King (04:51): It's literally across the street.

Jack Palermo (04:52): How great is that.

Brendan King (04:52): Yeah. Walk out the front door and check it out. Open house on this one is Sunday, September 26th, from 11.00To 3:00 PM. Again, if you'd like to win Raiders tickets, stop by the open house.

Jack Palermo (05:04): Or text Raiders.

Brendan King (05:07): And of course follow us on Instagram as well. If you want to enter, you have to follow us on Instagram and of course join the text list, but come check out some great homes.

Jack Palermo (05:16): Beautiful, they're all beautiful.

Brendan King (05:17): Actually, all three of them are really, really pretty, really pretty homes. From there.

Jack Palermo (05:22): Okay. So, yesterday was the start of fall.

Brendan King (05:27): It's Autumnal is it, the Autumnal Equinox.

Jack Palermo (05:29): The Autumnal Equinox, or the start of fall, anyway. So, I know us Las Vegas locals are looking forward to it cooling down a bit. It's now started out a little bit hot as 98, 99 degrees. Plus we got the Sequoia fire smoke rolling through the next couple of days, but the good thing is the giant Sequoia trees in California survived. And the great one, General Sherman tree was unscathed in the wild fire, so that's a good thing.

Brendan King (05:58): And if you've never been the Sequoia national park.

Jack Palermo (06:01): They're huge.

Brendan King (06:01): It's amazing.

Jack Palermo (06:01): It's amazing.

Brendan King (06:02): Honestly, if you've never seen a tree like this, it really is incredible. So that I felt really good to hear that what was it, General Sherman was saved.

Jack Palermo (06:10): General Sherman was saved.

Brendan King (06:10): This tree is enormous. And some of these are I think, 500 to a 1,000 years old.

Jack Palermo (06:16): It's insane.

Brendan King (06:16): So obviously if they burned down, we're going to have to wait 500.

Jack Palermo (06:19):  They're almost as old as Brendan.

Brendan King (06:21): Almost, almost. I'm about 460years old.

Jack Palermo (06:25): I had to, he always gives me trouble.

Brendan King (06:27): Yeah, you're right you're right, I deserved it. But yes, the trees were saved thankfully. So Las Vegas, finally we're welcoming international travelers. This is massive. The foreign travelers with proof of vaccination and a negative COVID test within three days of their flight will be allowed in the US. International travelers only make up15% of visitors, which I was surprised to hear.

Jack Palermo (06:50): Very.

Brendan King (06:50): But honestly, it's huge for a lot of these tour companies. I've got a couple of friends that own tour companies, that they told me that the foreign travelers actually make up a majority of the people who take these tours, it's not the Americans. So I think they'll be looking forward to having the international travelers back. And I know the Vegas economy in general, we've been roaring even without international travelers. So that's pretty massive, so...

Jack Palermo (07:17): The more the merrier, bring them on.

Brendan King (07:19): International travelers are back. And honestly ever since the addition of our second terminal at the airport, that's brought a lot of direct flights from all over the world. So welcome back, we're happy to have you guys back for sure.

Jack Palermo (07:33): Welcome back. Mount Charleston Lodge, terrible news, caught fire and burned to the ground. This place was awesome, it's super cool.

Brendan King (07:43): Yeah, it's kind of like old school classic mountain restaurant, big fireplace in the middle of the restaurant. They always had the same couple playing live music.

Jack Palermo (07:52): Ah, playing music, yeah, yeah. That's right.


Brendan King (07:53): I thought about that yesterday, and I was like, "Aw, man."

Jack Palermo (07:55): Where are they going to play now?

Brendan King (07:56): They were like such a great a band, it was just a couple, right? They're husband and wife I believe. So, but the good news was that they're going to rebuild.

Jack Palermo (08:05): Yeah, I'm sure it's going to be much, much newer. And it's going to be great.

Brendan King (08:09):  Same day as the actual fire, they came on the news right away and said, "Hey, we will rebuild." And that's huge. Honestly, if you've never been there, it's kind of a cozy like Vegas spot that everybody's been to.

Jack Palermo (08:23): Yeah, of course. And plus it's25 degrees cooler up there,

Brendan King (08:25): Literally it's at 9,000, 10,000foot elevation. So the temperature difference is massive.

Jack Palermo (08:31): It's nice, and especially in the summertime to go up there.

Brendan King (08:33): Yeah, when it's 115, that's where you go. But moving on Jack, what the heck? This thing is massive.

Jack Palermo (08:41): Massive. So there is a big, huge industrial project being built in North Las Vegas, right by the Speedway.40 acres were purchased there, they're wanting to build a million square foot of like warehouses and businesses, right by the Speedway end of North Las Vegas.

Brendan King (08:58): A million square feet of warehouse, that's massive, like that's huge. And that's out I think on the way to like where Amazon, all those warehouses and everything else. We have had aware house boom in Las Vegas over the last two years, and it just continues. Where were we the other day on the way to the listing appointment, that whole area too.

Jack Palermo (09:16): In the south west, yeah.

Brendan King (09:17): Off Jones, Decatur.

Jack Palermo (09:19): Jones.

Brendan King (09:20): Jones.

Jack Palermo (09:20): No, Decatur.

Brendan King (09:21): Decatur, yeah.

Jack Palermo (09:21): Decatur, yeah.

Brendan King (09:22): Off Decatur, same thing. Like we've just been roaring with warehouse building, overall construction. And it's really brought a lot of warehouses with, what am I trying to say here? Because we sit right in between Utah and California and Arizona. So this, we've become kind of a major hub for a lot of the manufacturers.

Jack Palermo (09:42): It's great. More businesses, which means more jobs in town, which is great.

Brendan King (09:46): Which is massive, that's important for sure. So it's nice to see, I hope it continues, but we're in need of more warehouse space. I know I've had a few clients that have mentioned it's nearly impossible to find. So that's a huge project. So beyond this.

Jack Palermo (10:03): Guess who's coming to town?

Brendan King (10:05): On a whole other level.

Jack Palermo (10:07): Or who's coming back? Danke Schoen, Mr. Wayne Newton is back. He's going to do an up close and personal show at the Flamingo, which he's going to interact with the crowd, which I'm kind of excited to go. I'm going to go, I'm going to bring my wife, she doesn't know yet. I don't know if she's going to be happy about it or sad about it, but I want to go check out Wayne and nostalgia.

Brendan King (10:27): Wayne's a nostalgic classic musician.

Jack Palermo (10:30): Got to watch him.

Brendan King (10:31): Been in Vegas forever.

Jack Palermo (10:32): You've got to see him.

Brendan King (10:33): He's more than a musician, he's an entertainer, like he's an old school entertainer. And if you don't know the song Danke Schoen, then you're living in a cave.

Jack Palermo (10:40): And I still love the fact that he was in Las Vegas Vacation with Chevy Chase.

Brendan King (10:44): Right, right. Yeah, it was Chevy Chase, National Lampoons.

Jack Palermo (10:46): Yes, it was pretty awesome.

Brendan King (10:47): That's right. I do remember that.

Jack Palermo (10:48): Good old Wayne.

Brendan King (10:50): Oh my God. So next up. So yeah, this is kind of cool. We pulled this out of Eater. Eater is our go-to always for your different food information.

Jack Palermo (10:59):

Brendan King (11:00): There's 27 cool and unique architectural restaurants around town. So we kind of pulled out some of our favorites, and then we gave you the top five. Barry's Downtown Prime, you've been here. I haven't been there yet.

Jack Palermo (11:12): So good, the steaks are amazing, the atmosphere is great. As you can see, there's like a huge tree in the middle of it. It's located right downstairs in the Circa Downtown, which is awesome. I mean, everything about it is great.

Brendan King (11:22): 8 East, another one, that's Asian food of some sort, Chinese food I believe is it?

Jack Palermo (11:28): I believe it is. Asian Fusion.

Brendan King (11:30): And it's Asian fusion, okay yeah. Asian fusion and interesting really cool space.

Jack Palermo (11:36): Those cats there in the picture, they wave at you when you go by.

Brendan King (11:38): The lucky cats, yeah. Next up Lucky Day Tequila and Mezcal. That looks really amazing, I think it's supposedly it's got a massive LED light show.

Jack Palermo (11:50): Fireside Lounge inside the old Peppermill, which is really kind of cool. It's a cool little lounge right inside the little breakfast place where people go late at night, early in the morning and enjoy.

Brendan King (12:01): And then Odd wood, which is interactive art and another great place. And then of course we had additional Time Tree Bar, sorry, Tree Bar at Sushi Samba. Tree bar, I don't know that one. Do you know this one?

Jack Palermo (12:16): Yeah, it just looks pretty cool. They got this whole, obviously the whole tree on the ceiling and things like that, looks really kind of unique inside. The X Pot, which is they have robots. It's a Chinese restaurant in the Grand Canal Shoppes that have robots serve you, which is pretty cool.

Brendan King (12:29): That's awesome, that's very cool. And then Beijing Noodle No.9, tons of aquariums, just really cool architecture. Really just an interesting restaurant.

Jack Palermo (12:40): Super nice.

Brendan King (12:40): Honestly, Vegas in general.

Jack Palermo (12:43): It just goes over the top, they just go over the top, it's cool.

Brendan King (12:43): The build-outs of any restaurant compared to anywhere else I've ever been in the world, it's just ridiculous. Like it's just, it's incredible.

Jack Palermo (12:52): Super incredible.

Brendan King (12:52): Picasso. Of course, they have Picasso's paintings throughout the entire restaurant. Food's very good too. That one's at the Win.

Jack Palermo (13:00): Mastro's Ocean Club in Crystal's over there in the shopping center. Really cool, cool decor, cool place.

Brendan King (13:09): Yeah. Sickies Garage Burgers and Brews, another great one. A funky kind of decor, it's made to look like an old school garage.

Jack Palermo (13:17): A garage.

Brendan King (13:17): Yeah, really, really cool. Honestly, overall like all these restaurants in general, beyond that every restaurant is insanely built out here, even off the strip, everywhere, it's insane. So next up we have Open Practices are back at City National Arena.

Jack Palermo (13:35): Go Knights, go.

Brendan King (13:36): Yeah, so if you've never been to this at the arena where they practice, you can come and watch practice. Like literally you can go watch every practice and they do have some policies regarding...

Jack Palermo (13:49): Masks.

Brendan King (13:49): Yeah, so you do have to wear a mask at the arena. And if you've never been there it is really, really cool. And it's in Downtown Summerlin and isn't there a bar?

Jack Palermo (13:59): In between both rinks, you have MacKenzie River, the bar.

Brendan King (14:04): Which is actually owned by the owner of the Knights, this is actually his restaurant chain.

Jack Palermo (14:10): They have the best, the best cheese curds in the west.

Brendan King (14:15): That's, cheese curds.

Jack Palermo (14:17): And being from the west.

Brendan King (14:17): My wife's from Wisconsin.

Jack Palermo (14:18): Cheese Curds.

Brendan King (14:19): So I've never had a cheese curd until I met my wife. And if you've never had cheese curds, check them out.

Jack Palermo (14:24): Game changer.

Brendan King (14:26): Your waist won't like it, but your appetite definitely will.

Jack Palermo (14:31): For sure.

Brendan King (14:32): And of course, this is awesome, the Knights start their pre-season games this week.

Jack Palermo (14:37): Sunday.

Brendan King (14:37): On Sunday.

Jack Palermo (14:38): Sunday night.

Brendan King (14:39): First one is San Jose, our complete and utter rivals. We've had some history with San Jose for sure, butd efinitely going to check out.

Jack Palermo (14:51): And they're terrible, so it's good.

Brendan King (14:53): Well yeah, that helps.

Jack Palermo (14:53): It's good.

Brendan King (14:54) Not as bad as the Blackhawks though.

Jack Palermo (14:55): Ah, there we go.

Brendan King (14:57): So we just saw this today, this is kind of cool for the first time, this is a massive sports weekend. We have the Aviators, the Knights, the Raiders, NASCAR, UFC, and the lights.

Jack Palermo (15:06): And the lights.

Brendan King (15:07): All this weekend.

Jack Palermo (15:08): All this weekend.

Brendan King (15:09): And for the first time we have Knights and Raiders.

Jack Palermo (15:13): On the same day.

Brendan King (15:13): On the same day.

Jack Palermo (15:15): So you can do a double whammy, like I used to do in Chicago. Sometimes I'd go to day baseball games and then go to playoff games at night for like the Bulls or the Blackhawks.

Brendan King (15:21): Ah, that's kind of cool.

Jack Palermo (15:22): So it's a little tough the next day normally, but I mean, but you can actually go to the Raiders game this Sunday and then cross the street and go to T-Mobile for the Knights game.

Brendan King (15:32): Yeah, and that'll help with parking too. I know we always joke about the parking because that's always a big joke with the Raider's stadium, but honestly that does help with parking.

Jack Palermo (15:40): No, absolutely.

Brendan King (15:40): The game's over, everyone's starting to come for the other game, but it's also pre season.

Jack Palermo (15:45): Yeah, it'll still be fun.

Brendan King (15:46): The Knights still sell out preseason.

Jack Palermo (15:48): Double up, double up your day, it'll be great.

Brendan King (15:51): Yeah. So of course, as always, text VIP to 702-553-1955, if you want to join our text list.

Jack Palermo (16:00): And text Dine for food and drink specials to 702-553-1955.

Brendan King (16:06): And of course text Market to702-553-1955, if you'd like the market update every Monday. We do a market update regarding the real estate.

Jack Palermo (16:15): It goes directly to your phone.

Brendan King (16:17): Yeah, it does actually, that's because it's a text.

Jack Palermo (16:19): It does. And don't forget to enter, to text Raiders to 702-553-1955, to go to the Raiders Bears game onOctober 10th, at 1.05.

Brendan King (16:29): It's just a Raiders game.

Jack Palermo (16:31): It's the Bears. The Bears are going to win, just to let you know.

Brendan King (16:34): It's a Raider's game.

Jack Palermo (16:34): That's okay. Anyway.

Brendan King (16:36): That's why you don't text Bears, you text Raiders.

Jack Palermo (16:39): It's a Raiders game. Okay, it's a Raiders game.

Brendan King (16:40): But of course, please, please, please text Raiders. And we're giving away two tickets. Don't forget two tickets to the Raiders, text Raiders to 702-553-1955.

Jack Palermo (16:51): And episode 14, don't forget we're going on a little field trip.

Brendan King (16:54): We are yes.

Jack Palermo (16:54): We are not telling you where yet, so tune in.

Brendan King (16:56): It's a little surprise, it's going to be on the strip, that's all I'll say, I can say that right?

Jack Palermo (17:01): It's all we can say.

Brendan King (17:01): Well, it's too late. I'm already asking you, I already said it.

Jack Palermo (17:04): Yes, you said it already.

Brendan King (17:04): But it will be on the strip, that's all we'll tell you. But next week we're on a little field trip. Did you get your permission slip signed there?

Jack Palermo (17:10): I got my permission slip signed, yep. And bus driver's all ready to go?

Brendan King (17:13): Awesome. All right. Either way, we'll see you guys next week in a whole other place, somewhere on the strip. And as always, thank you so much. Text VIP, text Dine, text Market.

Jack Palermo (17:24): Text Raiders.

Brendan King (17:26): See you guys next time.


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