August 20, 2021

November 16, 2021

Episode #8 of "Unnamed Show"

Episode #8 of "Unnamed Show" | Chicago White Sox win “Field of Dreams’ game, Slugger Khris Davis with Aviators, Median home price over $400K, Mansion on the market for $32.5M, Raiders, Smith Center, and Live Nation to require vaccinations, Spiegelworld to Unveil Superfrico Dining Concept at The Cosmopolitan, and homes The Brendan King Group Sold in the Mesa community.

In this episode Brendan King and Jack Palermo discuss the Chicago White Sox “Field of Dreams’ game with Tim Anderson’s walk-off Home run, Slugger Khris Davis returning to the A's with the Aviators, Median home price over $400K, Nevada governor supports funding more affordable housing options, Luxury homebuilder Toll Brothers acquires Storybook Homes, Henderson mansion on the market for $32.5M, The Brendan King Group homes sold in The Mesa community, Raiders beat Seahawks in the preseason opener at Allegiant Stadium, Raiders clear detail vaccine verification process for home games, Live Nation to require vaccinations at House of Blues and Brooklyn Bowl, Journey announces Las Vegas residency, Former Mirage and Venetian sushi chef Takashi Nakamura debuts Takumi Izakaya, Spiegelworld to Unveil Superfrico Dining Concept at The Cosmopolitan, and our team meeting at TopGolf.

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Aviators Announce Roster Additions with OF Khris Davis & INF Nick Allen, Team USA Baseball Silver Medalist in Tokyo Olympics - OurSports Central

Chicago White Sox win “Field of Dreams’ game on Tim Anderson’s walk-off Home run

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Las Vegas Valley median home price over $400K | Las Vegas Review-Journal

Nevada governor supports funding more affordable housing options | Las Vegas Review-Journal

Luxury homebuilder Toll Brothers acquires Storybook Homes | Las Vegas Review-Journal

Henderson mansion on the market for $32.5M | Las Vegas Review-Journal

Properties we have sold in The Mesa

Raiders beat Seahawks in the preseason opener at Allegiant Stadium | Las Vegas Review-Journal

Raiders scheduleRaiders, Clear detail vaccine verification process for home games | Las Vegas Review-Journal

Smith Center to require COVID vaccine or tests for events | Las Vegas Review-Journal

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Journey announces Las Vegas residency | Las Vegas Review-Journal

Former Mirage and Venetian sushi chef Takashi Nakamura debuts Takumi Izakaya in southwest Las Vegas - Eater Vegas

Spiegelworld to Unveil Superfrico Dining Concept at The Cosmopolitan – The Hollywood Reporter


Former Mirage and Venetian sushi chef Takashi Nakamura debuts Takumi Izakaya in southwest Las Vegas - Eater Vegas

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Transcribed (accuracy not guaranteed)

Brendan King (00:20): Hey, what's going on? It's Brendan King from the Brendan King Group at Simply Vegas.

Jack Palermo (00:24): Jack Paloma from the Brendan King Group at Simply Vegas.

Brendan King (00:27): And this is episode number eight of the Unnamed Show.

Jack Palermo (00:32): Unnamed Show.

Brendan King (00:32): What's going on, everybody? As always, bringing you information about Las Vegas on entertainment, real estate, sports, whatever we can bring of value every single week. Of course, as always-

Jack Palermo (00:45): Are we're giving away Aviators tickets?

Brendan King (00:47): We're giving away Aviators tickets.

Jack Palermo (00:48): All right.

Brendan King (00:49): So, if you'd like Aviators tickets, text Aviators to 702-553-1955. Text Aviators to 702-553-19 Jack's age.

Jack Palermo (01:03): Ah, he's funny. Anyway, so I think we have tickets for this Friday, which is Giveaway Cap Night.

Brendan King (01:08): Oh yeah, that's right. Yeah, it definitely is. So, Thursday, August 19; Friday, August 20th; and Saturday, August 21st, all home games in Vegas, and who we playing? I forget who we're playing.

Jack Palermo (01:22): I also forget who were playing.

Brendan King (01:23): But this weekend, obviously, we are home. So definitely come check out a game. And if you'd like tickets, text Aviators to 702-553-1955. So, let's check out. Of course, as always, we like to mention different news that's going on at the Aviators. Aviators actually have a new player, Khris Davis. Khris Davis is a veteran major leaguer. He's 33 years old and had the nickname of Crush.

Jack Palermo (01:53): For the game.

Brendan King (01:54): So he was a home run hitter, honestly had three straight seasons of 40 plus home runs and compiled a hundred plus RBI's-

Jack Palermo (02:03): RBI.

Brendan King (02:04): ... between 2016 and '18 with the Oakland A's. So honestly, it's a great addition to the Aviators. I know he's in the miners now.

Jack Palermo (02:13): Trying to get back to the big dance.

Brendan King (02:15): Yeah, he's trying to get back up to the major leagues, but it's a good chance to see somebody who crushed the ball, honestly. So if you want to check out the game, it may be a good time to see somebody who honestly was the top home run hitter for several years. So go check out Chris Davis at the Aviators.

Jack Palermo (02:35): Sounds good. So last week and our Happy Hour Edition episode seven, we talked about the Field of Dreams game that was going on as we were doing our video. Crazy game, it was a movie style scripted ending. The White Sox, my White Sox, beat Brendan's Yankees. Tim Anderson hit the game winning walk-off homer in the bottom of the ninth to win 98. The crazy thing about Tim Anderson, he's so good. But the crazy thing is he's never seen the movie Field of Dreams. Do you know anybody like that, that's never seen the movie Field of Dreams?

Brendan King (03:08): You talking to me?

Jack Palermo (03:09): Brendan?

Brendan King (03:10): I have never see the movie Field of Dreams. I think I have, but he claims ...

Jack Palermo (03:14): If you think you saw it, you didn't see it. Because you will remember this movie.

Brendan King (03:18): So if anybody wants to completely make fun of me for never seeing this movie, feel free.

Jack Palermo (03:23): Please do.

Brendan King (03:24): Because it's already happened in the office about 50 times now. So if you want to be number 51 through a hundred, feel free. I've never heard the end of it.

Jack Palermo (03:33): So anyways, so they're going to continue this on because it was so awesome. So next year it's going to be the Chicago Cubs versus the Cincinnati Reds right there in Dyersville, Indiana at the field again. Very cool.

Brendan King (03:43): Nice. So it's not the White Sox this time.

Jack Palermo (03:45): I know it's kind of upsetting, but it's fine. Major league baseball, throw all the teams there, that's fine.

Brendan King (03:51): I guess they all get a chance. And David's a huge Cincinnati Reds fan.

Jack Palermo (03:55): Reds fan.

David (03:55): Go Reds!

Brendan King (03:56): So he's super excited for sure.

Jack Palermo (03:59): Yes, for sure.

Brendan King (03:59): So, in addition to that, let me see my notes, so market update. So obviously everybody knows that you get Aviators tickets if you text Aviators, but if you text Market to 702-553-1955, that every single Monday you can get a chance to get the update that we send out every single week. So every Monday we do a market update, break down the stats, what's going on, what it means to you guys as a buyer or seller. And if you want to get that in a text, then you can text market to the same number. And we'll send that to you every single Monday.

Jack Palermo (04:34): And that number would be 702-553-1955.

Brendan King (04:38): You got it. So yeah, feel free. Honestly, it's an easy way to get the information every week and every Monday we'll send that out. So it's definitely worth checking out.

Jack Palermo (04:47): Also, with the housing market, Las Vegas house prices exceed $400,000 for the first time. It's crazy. It's the first time it's ever happened. Many locals are getting kind of priced out as their home values keep setting all time highs.

Brendan King (05:02): It's crazy. You know, I bought a house in New Jersey for low fours. It's just crazy. It's been obviously 16 years, 17 years, so it makes sense. But my biggest worry is that we don't cross into an affordability issue, which I don't think we have yet, but Sisolak's already looking into funding more affordable housing options currently, which is great. Honestly, we can't keep building luxury homes without including affordable options as well especially if we're going to grow to become a more mature city.

Jack Palermo (05:34): For sure.

Brendan King (05:35): That we can have a big round population of all different affordability types. So that's a nice thing that Sisolak's definitely doing.

Jack Palermo (05:43): Speaking of that, Toll Brothers-

Brendan King (05:45): The other there.

Jack Palermo (05:45): ... luxury home builder in town has just acquired StoryBook Homes. So, Toll Brothers is basically your luxury builders. They go anywhere between high fours to up $3 million of these homes.

Brendan King (05:58): Literally, they just sold a couple of their models for nearly 3 million recently.

Jack Palermo (06:02): I've never walked into a Toll Brothers house and it looked bad. Their court.

Brendan King (06:06): And their models, they do spend like half a million dollars just in upgrades alone.

Jack Palermo (06:11): Their models are insane. So anyway, StoryBook homes is going to be a little bit more affordable housing. They are, I'm going to start around the twos up to 600,000, so more options for people.

Brendan King (06:20): Which it actually, it's a good option for Toll Brothers too, because they're pretty much now 600 to three million. So now they'll have the full span of 200 to $3 million.

Jack Palermo (06:29): It's going to be great.

Brendan King (06:30): If not more, we'll see what they do.

Jack Palermo (06:32): And hey, if they're built like that, they're going to be amazing.

Brendan King (06:35): Like you said, their models are ridiculous.

Jack Palermo (06:38): Wow! Did you see the news, Brendan?

Brendan King (06:41): I did.

Jack Palermo (06:42): The most expensive home in the last decade has been listed about six days ago at 32 and a half million dollars. This one is in Seven Hills. It's three-story ultra luxury estate at 2738 Corina Way in Seven Hills. Four bedrooms, nine bathrooms, 14,200 square feet.

Brendan King (07:04): Four bedrooms and nine bathrooms. But look at all these additional rooms. Honestly, they have a ring of fire on the back patio. The view of the whole strip is incredible.

Jack Palermo (07:14): It's incredible.

Brendan King (07:14): It's a pretty amazing home and it's only $32 million.

Jack Palermo (07:18): It's nah, I mean, hey!

Brendan King (07:20): But you know what? That view alone is probably worth a couple million itself.

Jack Palermo (07:24): Oh, for sure.

Brendan King (07:24): It's honestly, it looks to be a beautiful, beautiful home. And in Seven Hills, they've been starting to build a lot of contemporary customs. Honestly, Henderson's been taking off in the luxury.

Jack Palermo (07:35): They really have. They really have.

Brendan King (07:37): We're west side guys, but obviously we sell everywhere and in the Henderson area, the luxury market-

Jack Palermo (07:43): It's great.

Brendan King (07:44): ... it's between Blue Heron, the $17 million home that we went to for the brokers open. It's pretty insane. So recently we've sold a ton of homes in the neighborhood called The Mesa in Summerlin, particularly actually, Amado. So we just sold a home over at 10604 Harvest Green Way. We actually represented both sides, the buyer and the seller. Unusually, it was a-

Jack Palermo (08:09): Flip flop.

Brendan King (08:09): ... seller moving to LA and an LA buyer moving to Las Vegas. So that was kind of cool.

Jack Palermo (08:15): Yeah, flip flops.

Brendan King (08:15): So we had actually helped two different families move to the same area. It's pretty much within a few miles of where the buyers lived in LA. The sellers went to LA in the same area. Awesome family. Sold another home on Oak Bend Drive above list price on multiple offers. Both actually had multiple offers. And we sold a couple other properties on another road called Mesa Mountain Drive. And honestly, all of those homes had a ton of offers and we were able to push the list price pretty high.

Jack Palermo (08:46): We basically sold everything on Mesa Mountain Drive.

Brendan King (08:49): I think we've sold 11 homes on Mesa Mountain Drive-

Jack Palermo (08:52): It's pretty crazy.

Brendan King (08:52): ... alone in Amado. But the big thing for is we're big on pricing. We want to get the best price we possibly can. And on all of these homes, we actually set floor plan records for the neighborhood. Some of the highest prices ever sold for that size properties in the neighborhood as well.

Jack Palermo (09:09): Multiple offers pushed above list price.

Brendan King (09:11): And the nice thing about Amado, I have to admit, and the Mesas, is the parks. Like there are a ton of parks. Amado happens to have its own community pool and playground. There's a kiddie pool, the baseball field. So, Vegas and Summerlin, in particular, actually has a really good little league baseball. If anybody knows that, softball and baseball, Vegas is ridiculous. But the Amado area, there's 50 miles of mountain biking trails. Everyone in the neighborhood gets a key to a canyon so you can go hiking behind the properties. Just honestly, if you're an outdoors person, it's an awesome neighborhood.

Jack Palermo (09:48): Yeah, totally.

Brendan King (09:49): And I happen to live there so I may be biased.

Jack Palermo (09:52): You could be a little bit biased, but it is beautiful. It is absolutely gorgeous there.

Brendan King (09:57): I'm definitely biased.

Jack Palermo (10:00): Let's talk about the Raiders. The Raiders had their first pre-season game against the Seahawks this past weekend to a sold out stadium. First game with fans in the stands watching the Raiders. They did win. Their next game is in LA at the other new stadium, this upcoming on September 21st. Also, we just heard that the Raiders have announced that they're requiring proof of vaccination for all home games. But if you are not vaccinated, the Raiders will also offer giving you shots in the parking lot. But you can get your shot, you can go into the game, but you still have to wear a mask if you are not fully vaccinated at that time. I'm sticking to the vaccinations. Let's talk about other things. The Smith Center is requiring COVID vaccines or tests for all their in-house events, as well as the House of Blues and the Brooklyn Bowl will require vaccinations to see any of their shows.

Brendan King (10:57): Is Live Nation doing that for all their events or just ...

Jack Palermo (11:01): Yes. Live Nation is basically, they run all the shows at House of Blues in Brooklyn Bowl.

Brendan King (11:06): And if anybody knows who Live Nation is, they're literally one of the biggest concert-

Jack Palermo (11:11): Nationwide.

Brendan King (11:12): ... producers in the entire country. So that's pretty massive. And so Smith Center, Brooklyn Bowl, House of Blues, and Raiders Allegiant Stadium, all requiring vaccinations.

Jack Palermo (11:26): Yes.

Brendan King (11:26): Wow. So Journey announces a Las Vegas residency. So Vegas has been on a run with residencies lately, honestly. So Journey will be at the Virgin Hotel. We have literally brought every single artist.

Jack Palermo (11:42): I feel like it.

Brendan King (11:43): I feel like, really. Well, Guns N' Roses ain't a residency but we've had every single artist coming here. And it's nice to see a classic rock band in the mix.

Jack Palermo (11:52): Sure.

Brendan King (11:53): So yeah, Journey will be at the Virgin Hotel. And honestly, if you're not going to check out Journey, then there's something wrong with you. That's like the ultimate soundtrack for the ...

Jack Palermo (12:05): I think I had my first kiss to a Journey song.

Brendan King (12:07): Oh no, you just ruined the music for me.

Jack Palermo (12:10): I just ruined everything. Anyway, so Guns N' Roses is coming next week, or I'm sorry, August 27th. I will be attending that show. This will be the fourth time I've seen them here in Vegas. Amazing rockers. Let's do it. Super fun. The one thing about Allegiant and I'm still kind of iffy on is the parking. We don't know about the parking situation yet. As far as getting there, getting back, I heard Ubers were pretty high, so who knows? But I'm going. I'm going to rock it out. August 27th, hopefully, yeah, it's going to be great.

Brendan King (12:43): Oh man, Guns N' Roses, another our generation for sure.

Jack Palermo (12:47): Yes, absolutely.

Brendan King (12:48): So in addition to obviously music and sports, everyone knows we're big food fans. And so coming over, a sushi chef, Takashi Nakamura originally from The Mirage and the Venetian, he debuts a Japanese Izakaya restaurant in the Southwest. So it's another Japanese restaurant in Vegas and it's Izakaya style like tapas dishes. Oh, my God, try to say that 15 times straight. Izikaya style tapas dishes.q.

Jack Palermo (13:18): I'm not even going to try.

Brendan King (13:19): Try, come on, say it.

Jack Palermo (13:20): No, thank you.

Brendan King (13:20): Come on. So, honestly we have the best Japanese food, I feel, in the country. I'm sure some people will fight me on that because LA has got some great food as well, but this is just another excellent addition to the Vegas food scene. And we just seem to be adding a new restaurant every single day. I can't wait to try it.

Jack Palermo (13:43): Say it again.

Brendan King (13:44): I knew they were going to do that. That's fine. Just waiting. Izikaya style tapas dishes. Bam, I got it.

Jack Palermo (13:50) Bam, you got it. You got it.

Brendan King (13:50): But yeah, check out Takashi Nakamura Takumi Izikaya in the Southwest. It's definitely worth checking out.

Jack Palermo (13:59): Awesome. Spiegelworld, who is basically behind the shows Absinthe and Opium are opening Superfrico which is a new Italian-American psychedelic restaurant, which is kind of crazy because the people coming off of the stage have to walk through the restaurant to go to their dressing room. It's going to be kind of a more interactive-

Brendan King (14:21): So it's like forced interaction. So I used to perform, I definitely have never walked through the audience to get to the dressing room. Typically it's backstage. So the performers have no choice but to interact with everybody in the audience.

Jack Palermo (14:33): It should be super fun.

Brendan King (14:34): And it's a full dinner cabaret style, right?

Jack Palermo (14:36): Yes, absolutely.

Brendan King (14:37): So there's dinner, performers, interaction. And if anybody knows Spiegelworld, honestly, if you've seen Absinthe or Opium, they are hilarious.

Jack Palermo (14:49): Crazy shows.

Brendan King (14:50): And everything they do is kind of has a quirky twist.

Jack Palermo (14:53): Kind of over the top. I like it.

Brendan King (14:54): And over the top. Completely over the top. Like, even the name Superfrico, Italian what ...

Jack Palermo (14:59): Superfrico actually opening September 24th, was actually the same day as Opium opening.

Brendan King (15:05): Oh, okay.

Jack Palermo (15:05): So it'll be kind of fun. And the cuisine honors the recipes and traditions passed on by generations of Sicilian families.

Brendan King (15:12): Oh, nice. So good Italian food and some Superfrico entertainment.

Jack Palermo (15:15): Superfrico.

Brendan King (15:17): And interaction. Honestly, I think if there's anybody in entertainment that is perfect for this type of interaction, Spiegelworld is definitely the right choice. So go check out Opium the day they open. Support them, and then follow it up with a show at Superfrico right after.

Jack Palermo (15:33): And every time I hear the song Super Freak by Rick James, I am now going to think of Superfrico. Just to let you know.

Brendan King (15:37): I'm superfrico.

Jack Palermo (15:37): Exactly.

Brendan King (15:43): We had a company, I should say team meeting on Monday at Top Golf. I think it, we learned that the three girls on our team have a pretty darn good golf swing.

Jack Palermo (15:57): I think better than yours. But anyway ...

Brendan King (16:01): They were crushing it. So honestly, such a fun place. If you've never been there or family, friends, workmates like definitely worth checking out. The food is good.

Jack Palermo (16:09): The food is really good.

Brendan King (16:11): Check out this. I think I smashed that charcuterie board. The food is so, so good. And honestly like, they have games. I think we played Angry Birds, which at first I think Jack and I were like, "We just want to play regular golf." But it was actually really fun.

Jack Palermo (16:26): Angry Birds is fun.

Brendan King (16:27): There's these interactive games so you try to knock down the buildings.

Jack Palermo (16:31): That was great.

Brendan King (16:32): It's really, really a great place especially if you go at night. You have a view of the strip and all the colors and lights and everything. There's actually pools there.

Jack Palermo (16:41): Yeah, it's super nice.

Brendan King (16:42): You can go swimming. You can go to the pools. It's an incredible place. So if you've never been, definitely worth checking out.

Jack Palermo (16:49): It's got something for everyone.

Brendan King (16:51): Thank you, Jack.

Jack Palermo (16:52): You're welcome.

Brendan King (16:52): Something for everybody.

Jack Palermo (16:53): Something for everybody.

Brendan King (16:55): But they actually do. They have a lower floor for families. So if you're there with a group that's 21 and over, they'll actually separate you out. And so if you do want to come with the family, they actually do have an area where they separate people 21 and over with kids and families. So they've thought of everything, honestly.

Jack Palermo (17:13): They sure did.

Brendan King (17:14): And I did destroyed Jack. Destroyed him. Except for the fact that I lost, too.

Jack Palermo (17:20): He's lying.

Brendan King (17:21): Because I felt bad. So go check out Top Golf. You have to definitely try it out. And in addition to this, as always, make sure you text Aviators to 702-554-1955.

Jack Palermo (17:38): What was that number again?

Brendan King (17:39): 702-553-19 Jack's age 55

Jack Palermo (17:43): Hah! You guys, again.

Brendan King (17:44): If you'd like the market update every single week, of course also text Market to 702-553-1955. We'll be adding all sorts of different text codes for different things as we go. But for now you can either text Market or Aviators and I'm not going to say it again.

Jack Palermo (18:03): 19?

Brendan King (18:06): 702-553-1955.

Jack Palermo (18:06): Maybe soon we'll do text jokes to that number because you guys got to give me jokes about him.

Brendan King (18:11): Because obviously I don't have it yet.

Jack Palermo (18:12): So I can make fun of this guy. I can make fun of this guy. Anyway.

Brendan King (18:15): As always, thank you for joining us. Honestly, comment on things that you'd like to hear if you have certain restaurants or entertainment that maybe we hadn't mentioned yet. Definitely give us some feedback.

Jack Palermo (18:26): Yeah, let us know.

Brendan King (18:26): Let us know, places to go. We'd really appreciate that. And as always, thank you so much for checking this out and we'll see you next week.

Jack Palermo (18:34): Have an amazing week, everybody.

Brendan King (18:36): Have a good one.

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