November 12, 2021

November 18, 2021

Episode #20 of “Unnamed Show”

Episode #20 of “Unnamed Show” | In this episode Brendan King and Jack Palermo would like to express their gratitude to our men and women who served in the military. They will also discuss Raiders face the Chiefs this week at home, Fontainebleau to open on Las Vegas Strip by end of 2023, and Day N Vegas festival returns this weekend.

In this episode Brendan King and Jack Palermo would like to express their gratitude to our men and women who served in the military. They will also discuss Raiders face the Chiefs this week at home, DeSean Jackson's Raiders debut, Las Vegas Raiders cut 2020 first-round CB Damon Arnette, Fontainebleau to open on Las Vegas Strip by end of 2023, Day N Vegas returns, Nevada gaining about $4 billion from bipartisan infrastructure package, MGM in 'early stages' of selling Mirage on Las Vegas Strip, Circa’s downtown Las Vegas rappelling stunt called off, MSG Sphere work moves indoors for screen, sound system, El Cortez, first luxury hotel-casino in downtown Las Vegas, turns 80, Las Vegas Welcomes International Travelers Back on November 8, and Blake Shelton to open Ole Red venue in Las Vegas

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Happy Veterans Day to all of you who have served!!

(00:31): Sunshine, warmth forecast for Veterans Day in Las Vegas

Special Happy Veterans Day to our own transaction Coordinator

  • Kylee Graham
  • Was a part  of  the Air Force.

(04:06): Raiders face the Chiefs this week at home

DeSean Jackson's Raiders debut will take him back to his childhood

Las Vegas Raiders cut 2020 first-round CB Damon Arnette after video with death threats

(06:04): A’s brass visit Las Vegas again as relocation process progresses | Las Vegas Review-Journal


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(10:03): Nevada gaining about $4 billion from bipartisan infrastructure package | KRNV


(11:52): MGM in 'early stages' of selling Mirage on Las Vegas Strip | News |


(13:18): Fontainebleau to open on Las Vegas Strip by end of 2023, developer says | Las Vegas Review-Journal


(15:44): Circa’s downtown Las Vegas rappelling stunt called off | Las Vegas Review-Journal


(16:40): 47 new acres added to regional sports park in southwest valley | KSNV47 new acres added to regional sports park in southwest valley | KSNV


MSG Sphere work moves indoors for screen, sound system | Las Vegas Review-Journal


(18:32): El Cortez, first luxury hotel-casino in downtown Las Vegas, turns 80 - The Mob Museum


(22:47): A former Disney Imagineer creates immersive flight ride FlyOver Las Vegas - Las Vegas Weekly


(24:33): Las Vegas Welcomes International Travelers Back on November 8. Here’s What’s New in Food and Drink. - Eater Vegas


(25:59): Travis Scott performance at Day N Vegas canceled following deadly Texas festival | MORE Las Vegas Entertainment |


(27:28): Day N Vegas returns; 60K fans expected for hip-hop festival | Las Vegas Review-Journal


Day N Vegas - November 12 - 14, 2021 - Las Vegas Festival Grounds


(28:59): Blake Shelton to open Ole Red venue in Las Vegas | MORE Las Vegas Entertainment |


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This is transcribed (accuracy not guaranteed)

Brendan King (00:31): Hey, what's going everybody.It's Brendan King from the Brendan King Group.

Jack Palermo (00:34): Hey, Jack Palermo from theBrendan King Group.

Brendan King (00:35): And this is episode 20 of the-

Jack & Brendan (00:38): Unnamed Show.

Jack Palermo (00:41): Episode 20.

Brendan King (00:42): What's going on. I know, it'scrazy.

Jack Palermo (00:42): I have to say this is crazy.It's like happy anniversary.

Brendan King (00:43): Yeah. Well, happy anniversary.

Jack Palermo (00:45): Happy anniversary.

Brendan King (00:46): Do we buy something? I don't,is this gold, silver?

Jack Palermo (00:49): It might be. I'm expectingsomething.

Brendan King (00:51): Wood?

Jack Palermo (00:52): Maybe. Something, something.

Brendan King (00:53): I don't know. I know there'sthere's all these weird products.

Jack Palermo (00:56): Something. 20, it's not silver.

Brendan King (00:56): Let us know in the comment.What do I give Jack for this 20th anniversary?

Jack Palermo (00:58): And what do I give Brendan fora 20th anniversary?

Brendan King (01:03): Yes, I think it's wood.

Jack Palermo (01:04): Been together for a long time,sir.

Brendan King (01:07): What is it?

Jack Palermo (01:08): Wood is five.

Brendan King (01:08): Wood is five.

Jack Palermo (01:09): Four woods.

Brendan King (01:09): We're way beyond. I'll send youfour woods.

Jack Palermo (01:12): Thank you. Thank you.

Brendan King (01:13): So today, holy cow, we've gotso much going on in Las Vegas. So it's Veterans Day. Honestly, I have nothingmore than amazing respect for every veteran on a planet.

Jack Palermo (01:28): Absolutely.

Brendan King (01:29): I've had the honor of touringwith the USO and seeing how a lot of these veterans live and what they're doingfor our country. And it's insanely impressive, honestly. When we see what we doand what we take advantage of a day to day basis and what they live with and whatthey do for us, it's incredible.

Jack Palermo (01:46): Incredible.

Brendan King (01:47): And this is an amazing day. Soin all ways, happy Veterans Day.

Jack Palermo (01:53): Thank you for all that served.

Brendan King (01:54): And we have a local veteranwithin our team. Kylee is a former Air Force and she served. Is that Kylee?

Jack Palermo (02:07): Yeah. That's Kylee.

Brendan King (02:07): I did not see this photo yet.

Jack Palermo (02:08): That's Kylee.

Brendan King (02:09): Awesome. Where did you serveKylee?

Kylee (02:11): I started in [inaudible00:02:17].

Brendan King (02:18): Holy cow. So Texas, Key West,Florida, Mississippi. Amazing. So in all honesty, happy Veterans Day to allveterans. Everything they do is much more than most of us do on a daily basis,honestly.

Jack Palermo (02:33): Absolutely.

Brendan King (02:33): Our country's built on this andwe appreciate you and thank you very much for everything you've done.

Jack Palermo (02:38): Thank you for everything youdid.

Speaker 9 (02:39): Kylee went in when she was 17so her dad had to sign for her going into.

Jack Palermo (02:44): No way.

Speaker 9 (02:45): And she also served during9/11.

Jack Palermo (02:48): Oh, Jesus. [crosstalk00:02:49].

Brendan King (02:48): True. And growing up around atown that was severely hit by 9/11, I was super passionate about it andactually thought of joining at that point in time. But honestly didn't. So inall ways, anybody who jumped in at that point in time knew that there was achance that there were going to be a part of war in some way.

Jack Palermo (03:07): Much respect.

Brendan King (03:08): A lot of people did.

Jack Palermo (03:09): A ton of respect.

Brendan King (03:09): Yeah. So thank you. Thank you.Thank you, honestly and happy Veterans Day in all deserved ways. We appreciateyou and thank you so much.

Jack Palermo (03:17): Thank you.

Brendan King (03:21): I can't believe it's episode20. I'm still stuck on this.

Jack Palermo (03:23): Episode 20.

Kylee (03:28): China.

Brendan King (03:28): Oh, so Kylee just let us knowthat china is 20 years. So Jack, send me some china.

Jack Palermo (03:34): I'll be getting you some china.You got it. China's on its way. It's on its way.

Brendan King (03:37): Which is funny, because ourgeneration does doesn't even ask for a family to buy china anymore.

Jack Palermo (03:41): No.

Brendan King (03:41): They're like, please don't.

Jack Palermo (03:42): Like, please. We don't have anyplace to put it.

Brendan King (03:45): But in this case I look forwardto the china that you send me.

Jack Palermo (03:49): Yes. I look forward in fivemore episodes. I look forward to the silver you're going to send me.

Brendan King (03:53): Yes. Yes, of course. Yeah. Soof course, text VIP the 702-553-1955. Join our VIP list. Text VIP to702-553-1955.

Jack Palermo (04:06): Let's talk about the Raiders.Okay. So the Raiders are playing the Chiefs this Sunday night at 5:20 PM,November 14th, right here at Allegiant Stadium here in town. There's some goodnews right now with the Raiders. Raiders just signed DeSean Jackson. He was cutby the Rams. Super speedy receiver. He's a little old right now, but he was abig fan growing up of the LA Raiders. When he was growing up, the Raiders werein LA. So he grew up and his first game actually that he attended with his familywas Raiders versus Chiefs, which is his first game he's playing game againstthe Chiefs.

Brendan King (04:40): That's kind of nuts.

Jack Palermo (04:41): It's kind of cool.

Brendan King (04:42): That is kind of cool.

Jack Palermo (04:43): He looks good in a Raider.

Brendan King (04:44): Does he replace the two recentpeople that we lost?

Jack Palermo (04:48): No. Okay. So Damon Arnetteanother one that just showed up and just got cut. He had a video with guns,death threats, all sorts of stuff. So it's two number one picks that are nolonger the Raiders.

Brendan King (05:04): This could be the worst sportsnumber one pick in history.

Jack Palermo (05:08): Well, no. So they werebasically, both Henry Ruggs and Damon Arnette were both first round picks thatwere traded from the Chicago Bears-

Brendan King (05:18): And we were warned.

Jack Palermo (05:18): ... for Khalil Mack.

Brendan King (05:19): Why are you got to bring up theBears?

Jack Palermo (05:20): So we took Khalil Mack. So itlooks like we won the trade. The Bears. Just to throw that in there.

Brendan King (05:26): You tried to tell me thisearlier and I tried to ignore it.

Jack Palermo (05:28): Yes, but it's fine. It's allgood.

Brendan King (05:30): So you're saying out of thetrade you won.

Jack Palermo (05:32): Yes, absolutely. 100%.

Brendan King (05:33): Meaning you is the Bears.

Jack Palermo (05:35): Yes, me. It's my team. Yes. Myteam. My team, not just me, my team.

Brendan King (05:39): Hopefully some of these newtrades were better than-

Jack Palermo (05:43): We're better off.

Brendan King (05:43): Our last trades.

Jack Palermo (05:44): Yes. We'll see.

Brendan King (05:45): Overall, this has not workedout well for us.

Jack Palermo (05:48): And the last week,unfortunately they lost to the Giants. So moving on. Let's move on.

Brendan King (05:56): Yeah, Let's move on.

Jack Palermo (05:56): Let's move on. So now-

Brendan King (05:58): First round cornerback, DamonArnette.

Jack Palermo (06:01): Yeah, bad news.

Brendan King (06:02): Oh, I'm sorry.

Jack Palermo (06:02): Lets' just move on from that.

Brendan King (06:03): Sorry about that. Here we go.

Jack Palermo (06:04):So A's, the A's brass return toLas Vegas for the seventh time. And they are looking at sites in Summerlin.

Brendan King (06:11):Wait, wait, wait. Think ofanybody you've ever dated or anything you've ever done. How many times have youvisited somebody seven times without some serious intent? It's for real.

Jack Palermo (06:22):It's for pretty, it's zero.

Brendan King (06:23):This is for real.

Jack Palermo (06:23):Yeah, this is for real.

Brendan King (06:24):Come on. Seven times.

Jack Palermo (06:26):Like they will be here.

Brendan King (06:27):This is insane.

Jack Palermo (06:28):They will be here.

Brendan King (06:28):At this point, all theinformation we're giving you. If there were an A's stock, you should buy itnow. I think it's going to happen.

Jack Palermo (06:36):I think it's going to happen.Summerlin-

Brendan King (06:37):Summerlin?

Jack Palermo (06:38):Yeah. They won't disclose theactual site. The owner was here, GM, all that stuff.

Brendan King (06:44):What if it's out by Red Rock?

Jack Palermo (06:45):That would be great.

Brendan King (06:45):They have all that land pastthere.

Jack Palermo (06:47):It would be amazing.

Brendan King (06:48):That would be insane.

Jack Palermo (06:49):That would be insane. Yes. Butthey would also have to either lose the affiliate at Little Las Vegas Ballparkor-

Brendan King (06:58):I have a feeling though. So ifyou guys don't know, there's a rule that you can't have a minor league teamwithin I think 15 miles.

Jack Palermo (07:04):30.

Brendan King (07:05):Is it 30? Okay. I take it back.It's 30 miles.

Jack Palermo (07:07):30.

Brendan King (07:07):So you can't have a minor leagueteam within 30 miles of a major league team and I think it's just so that theydon't paw tickets off each other and all that kind of stuff.

Jack Palermo (07:14):Well, it's the affiliate. So theA's affiliate is the Aviators. If the Aviators go to say the Mets or like the-

Brendan King (07:22):It's not fair.

Jack Palermo (07:23):White Socks or whatever, theycan do that and stay there. But if the A's are right there, it just doesn'twork out.

Brendan King (07:28):Anywhere in Vegas, wherever theyland, it's going to be a problem.

Jack Palermo (07:31): Right.

Brendan King (07:32):Unless they're in like Lake LasVegas.

Jack Palermo (07:34):Boulder City.

Brendan King (07:35):No, not even Boulder City.

Jack Palermo (07:36):Boulder City.

Brendan King (07:37):

They'd have to Boulder. But even Boulder City's not far enough.Laughlin.

Jack Palermo (07:42):

Pahrump. [inaudible 00:07:42].

Brendan King (07:44):

So it would be the Pahrump A's.

Jack Palermo (07:45):

The Pahrump A's. I've got different names for the Pahrump.

Brendan King (07:46): So either way, I think this isa future issue that no matter what we're going to deal with. But it'sinteresting because either way I think they'll make it happen. So I think wemay be the exception is my guess in my heart. I think there may it be anexception to the Aviators-

Jack Palermo (08:01): Let's hope.

Brendan King (08:01): ... to the A's if they do come.

Jack Palermo (08:03):Let's hope. I don't want them inPahrump. I don't. Too far.

Brendan King (08:07):Well, you think they'd put themajor league there and keep the minor here? Come on.

Jack Palermo (08:09):No.

Brendan King (08:10):They would kick the minor out,move it somewhere else. And then-

Jack Palermo (08:12):For sure.

Brendan King (08:13):Maybe expand that stadium. Whoknows?

Jack Palermo (08:15):Who knows?

Brendan King (08:16):Let us know what you guys think,but either way, you don't visit a girlfriend eight times and not-

Jack Palermo (08:22):No. They're coming here.

Brendan King (08:22):... have a serious relationship.

Jack Palermo (08:23):They're coming here.

Brendan King (08:24):Yeah. They're coming.

Jack Palermo (08:25):But look what they're going toturn down. This rendering is $12 billion stadium, right? That's not here.

Brendan King (08:34):No, we don't care.

Jack Palermo (08:35):That's not here. That's nothere.

Brendan King (08:35):That's not here. That's nothere.

Jack Palermo (08:35):What is David talking about?

Brendan King (08:35):That's not here.

Jack Palermo (08:35):That's that's not here. That'sin Oakland.

Brendan King (08:36):That's Oakland.

Jack Palermo (08:36):No, we don't like Oakland.

Brendan King (08:37):Have you ever been to Oakland?

Jack Palermo (08:38):We're taking all the Oaklandteams.

Brendan King (08:41): Traffic. Hey, let's buy a home.Do you want to buy a home in Oakland?

Jack Palermo (08:43): No.

Brendan King (08:44): Great. Let's buy a home. We'regoing to buy home.

Jack Palermo (08:46): Okay.

Brendan King (08:46): 2,500 square feet. Three beds,two baths.

Jack Palermo (08:50): Las Vegas would be great,Brendan.

Brendan King (08:52): For $3 million.

Jack Palermo (08:55): That'd be Oakland.

Brendan King (08:55): Yeah. Yeah. We're going to movehere for $800,000. You're going to-

Jack Palermo (09:01):All right. All right.

Brendan King (09:01):Yeah. Yeah. Come on. They'recoming.

Jack Palermo (09:03):Las Vegas is the place for realestate guys.

Brendan King (09:05):Forget that part. But moving on.So current listings we have honestly, Monarch Bay is the one we have left rightnow. We've got a bunch that just all went under contract super quick. We hadfour offers already on this one and we're working out some details, but thereis still time if you're interested. 4,000 square foot home, a huge lot, pool,multiple bedrooms, just beautiful home. Three car garage. If it's somethingyou're still interested, feel free to let us know. But honestly, all thelistings we had last week are all gone.

Jack Palermo (09:38):All gone.

Brendan King (09:39):And this one will be gone inpretty much five minutes. Otherwise, come to the open house this weekend,November 13th and 14th, between 11:00 AM and 3:00 PM at 2548 Monarch Bay Drive.It's actually an awesome home.

Jack Palermo (09:54):Be there. Be there or be square.That home in Oakland would be billions of dollars.

Brendan King (10:00):Which is why the team shouldcome here.

Jack Palermo (10:03):Exactly. In other news, Nevadagaining about $4 billion from the new bipartisan infrastructure package thatwas signed in. Or hasn't been signed yet, but went through Congress or wentthrough the House. So Nevada stands to gain about $4 billion. It's going to gotowards roads, towards just bridges, transit, broadband, drinking water, moreelectric charging stations.

Brendan King (10:29):Airports. Tesla stuff.

Jack Palermo (10:30):Airport.

Brendan King (10:31):Not much though. Not much towardthe EV charging. But honestly the roads if you look at it, we're a small statewhen it comes to population, what three and a half million, 4 million, butwe're a massive state. And if you look at the roads between here and Reno andwhat's the capital, I can't even think, Carson City-

Jack Palermo (10:49):Carson City.

Brendan King (10:51):There's a lot of roads betweenhere and there.


Jack Palermo (10:51):It's a lot of roads.

Brendan King (10:53): I'm sure that's part of it.I've lived in a big city. Our roads are pretty amazing.

Jack Palermo (10:58):I mean Chicago's roads areterrible. I was back there.

Brendan King (11:01):To see that most of our money'sgoing toward roads is surprising, but I think it's mostly because of the factthat a lot of our roads are in really, really like natural areas, in the middleof the desert.

Jack Palermo (11:14):The desert.

Brendan King (11:14):In the mountains. And otherwise,our bridges and roads are pretty nice.

Jack Palermo (11:21):Yeah, the spaghetti bowl'sincredible what they did over there.

Brendan King (11:22):Yeah. Oh yeah. Yeah. Those partsof New Jersey where I was like, I wish we could build that in three months, butit would take 12 months or 15 months. So good for us. Honestly, it's just goingto make our transportation better and just make it an easier place to livethat's already pretty easy to be honest.

Jack Palermo (11:40):They just need more gas stationson the way up to Tahoe and stuff.

Brendan King (11:43):I have an electric car, so Ihave no idea what you're talking about.

Jack Palermo (11:46):No, you wouldn't make it.

Brendan King (11:46):No, I wouldn't make it. So maybethey'll put some EV things on the way up there.

Jack Palermo (11:51):Yeah, maybe.

Brendan King (11:52):But let's ask MGM. Maybe they'lldo something. But they're in the early stages of selling the Mirage. Honestly,the Mirage is what I picture Vegas as being a kid. Think about when you're akid, the Mirage was the volcano and the white tigers and Siegfried and Roy, allthat kind of stuff.

Jack Palermo (12:10):And Beatles Love.

Brendan King (12:11):Yeah. Whatever. Yeah. That'slater. But it's I feel like quintessential Vegas.

Jack Palermo (12:16):It is.

Brendan King (12:17):It's interesting that they'reselling it now, but it makes sense, the height of the market. Cash is literallyjust flowing right now in the corporate world. Money's cheap. So yeah. MGM isselling, but to who?

Jack Palermo (12:32):We don't know.

Brendan King (12:32):Do we know?

Jack Palermo (12:33):We don't know.

Brendan King (12:34):So it'll be interesting. I'mcurious to see if they sell the property plus the land or just the property orjust the land, which a lot of people have been doing. They've been sellingland-

Jack Palermo (12:46):Then leasing it. Then leasingthe building.

Brendan King (12:47):... and leasing it and thenmanaging it to make the money off the property. But this one sounds like astraight out sell. So we'll see. Maybe Joe Schmo will buy the Mirage?

Jack Palermo (12:58):Who knows.

Brendan King (12:58):And it'll be owned by JackSmith.

Jack Palermo (13:00):Well, in other big corporatenews, the Fontainebleau is to be open by the end of 2023. Fountainebleau isactually-

Brendan King (13:10):If we had this show for the pastthree years, this would've been a story we had six different times.

Jack Palermo (13:14):Right So the Drew, it was calledthe Drew at one point.

Brendan King (13:17):Yeah, no, I remember that.

Jack Palermo (13:18):The Fondue, the Chicken Du.

Brendan King (13:20):Yeah. Yeah.

Jack Palermo (13:21):

But now it's going to be called the Fountainebleau LasVegas.

Brendan King (13:24):

It's not the Purdue?

Jack Palermo (13:25):

No, it is the Fountainebleau back again. But it's slatedto open by the end of 2023. 67 story resort. Well look at, it's Slack and Dr.Fauci looks like right with the hard hat on. I'm sorry. Picture just looks likeDr. Fauci. Anyway, 3,200 construction jobs, 6,000 permanent jobs at thisresort. If it does open when they're saying it's going to open, it's going tobe amazing because right now it's an eyesore on the strip.

Brendan King (13:52):

Well, it's huge. It's massive. Like literally it's rightin the middle of the strip. It's massive. It's one of the highest buildings inall of the strip, 67 stories. It's huge. And it's been a complete eyesore. WhenI moved here in 2009, that was the eye of the storm like it was when everythingfailed. The Fountainebleau, then you had what is it? On the west side. Oh, thedowntown Summerlin area. That was just a pile of steel. We had a coupleprojects that were complete and utter just standstill projects. AndFontainebleau-

Jack Palermo (14:28):Is still the last one.

Brendan King (14:28):... is that.

Jack Palermo (14:29):It still the last.

Brendan King (14:31):Everything else has been built,like Tivoli Village, downtown Summerlin. What's the one on-

Jack Palermo (14:38):The M?

Brendan King (14:39):... by me? It has like the NewYork look to it. Oh gosh. I can't think of it right now.

Jack Palermo (14:44):I can't either.

Brendan King (14:45):Anyway, but another one by methat all of them sat just steel in the middle of the desert for five years, sixyears. This one is the only one left-

Jack Palermo (14:52):Only one left.

Brendan King (14:53):... in my opinion from that timeperiod. So that's huge. Do you think it'll actually happen? Over-

Jack Palermo (14:59):We can hope.

Brendan King (15:00):Over, under. Over, under.

Jack Palermo (15:01):I will-

Brendan King (15:03):I'll say, I'll give the date.They say end of 2023. I'll say beginning of 2024. Over or under?

Jack Palermo (15:08):I will go under.

Brendan King (15:10):Under. All right.

Jack Palermo (15:10):I do. I think they're going to get out there rocking it.

Brendan King (15:13):Let's see. We'll see.

Jack Palermo (15:13):Let's it done.

Brendan King (15:14):We'll see. Maybe you win. Maybe I win. We'll see how that-

Jack Palermo (15:16):Let's get it done.

Brendan King (15:16):I think it's 2024, but I hope it happens. I hope theunder, I'll take the under for you even though I'm the over. That's not howthat works. How do you pay me for that?

Jack Palermo (15:25):I don't know. We'll see. Well maybe it can cover my china.

Brendan King (15:30):But yeah, let's see. Honestly, it's a huge project, 67stories. We've been staring at it for years. It's beautiful. So hopefully theydo a great job and honestly bring something to the strip that's huge andsomething different than what's there already.

Brendan King (15:44):So downtown a bunch of CEOs were going to totally DerekStevens, the Circa. The reason why I say Derek Stevens the Circa, is this isvery Derek Stevens. It was called the Great Drop and they were supposed to dropoff the side of the Circa and repel on Wednesday afternoon, which wasyesterday. And it didn't happen. No one knows why. And Derek Stevens says hehas no idea why the event was spiked.

Jack Palermo (16:14):So the great drop is dropped off.

Brendan King (16:16):Yeah. It's the great-

Jack Palermo (16:18):Sorry.

Brendan King (16:18):... no drop.

Jack Palermo (16:20):It's a no drop. It's a not drop.

Brendan King (16:21):It's a no drop.

Jack Palermo (16:21):That'll happen.

Brendan King (16:21):So I don't know what happened. We could step in. You wantto do it?

Jack Palermo (16:26):No. David will do it with you.

Brendan King (16:27):Oh, all right.

Jack Palermo (16:28):I'm good. I'm good.

Brendan King (16:29):Come on. It's just the side of a building. But yeah, wedon't know why, but bunch of CEOs are supposed to do it. And the honorableDerek Stevens has not said why, but we'll see. We'll figure it out.

Brendan King (16:40):So 47 new acres, regional sports park. I said when I movedhere from New Jersey, I have to admit that Vegas has the best parks that I'veever seen in the entire country.

Jack Palermo (16:52):Agreed.

Brendan King (16:53):Like growing up in Chicago, did you guys have the sportsparks and the trails and everything else that we have here?

Jack Palermo (17:02):No we had four square parks with baseball diamonds andthat was it.

Brendan King (17:05):Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Same for us.

Jack Palermo (17:06):And maybe a jungle gym for the kids.

Brendan King (17:07):And the jungle gym was the same one your parents were on50 years ago.

Jack Palermo (17:10):Yes.

Brendan King (17:11):Like literally the one by us wasthe same one that my mom and dad said that their friends were on when they werekids. When I came here, it was like pickle ball, tennis, playgrounds, parks.

Jack Palermo (17:25):This one has 16 soccer fields.

Brendan King (17:27):Yeah. Yeah. And you being amassive soccer fan, that's huge.

Jack Palermo (17:32):Yeah. Huge soccer fan. I hateit. [crosstalk 00:17:38].

Brendan King (17:37):So the joke of that is I lovesoccer and Jack does not know soccer.

Jack Palermo (17:41):Despises it.

Brendan King (17:42):He doesn't despise.

Jack Palermo (17:44):I don't despise. I like theWorld Cup. I like watching the World Cup. But I think just watching a regulargame, it's just running up [crosstalk 00:17:49].

Brendan King (17:49):But we have insane numbers ofsoccer fields here. It's insane. And as far as tennis, pickle ball, all that,we are really lucky. So this particular one is 16 soccer fields, playground,warmup area, walking trails, splash pad. And it hosts 24 tournaments a year.

Jack Palermo (18:05):That's awesome.

Brendan King (18:06):That means kids are going tocome up from Phoenix, California, and then their parents are going to buyhouses.

Jack Palermo (18:12):Yeah. They're going to buyhouses here. Why wouldn't they? They want to be close to the park. Anyway,they're having a big event at this place on Saturday, November 20th, 11:00 AMto 1:00 PM. There's going to be music, bounce houses, vendor table giveaways,and free food while supplies last.

Brendan King (18:25):Yeah. Are you going to getthere?

Jack Palermo (18:27):I'm going to try. I'm going togive it a shot.

Brendan King (18:29):I'll send you a soccer ball.

Jack Palermo (18:30):Okay. Thanks.

Brendan King (18:32):So the MSG Sphere moves toindoors for screen, sound, et cetera. So as far as this whole project isconcerned, we've talked to a few really inside buddies that we have. One inparticular, not naming names, but this project is massive.

Jack Palermo (18:50):Massive.

Brendan King (18:50):We don't know how they're goingto make any money. I hope they do. But what they're doing is insane. So they'reworking their way inside right now. They're building the LCD screen or I shouldsay-

Jack Palermo (18:59):LED.

Brendan King (19:00):... LED screen.

Jack Palermo (19:00):LED. Yeah.

Brendan King (19:00):The sound system, they'reworking with some really massive people that equally did the Love show andthings like the Beatles and stuff like that. They're actually working on thesound for this project as well. And it's 17,500 seats in a globe that is160,000 square feet of LED display.

Jack Palermo (19:23):The sound is supposedly going tobe just out of this world.

Brendan King (19:26):Yeah. With a resolution ahundred times better than any high definition television today. Like how do youdo that? What do you record that with?

Jack Palermo (19:33):That's crazy.

Brendan King (19:35):Audio system will feature170,000 speakers, which pretty much means 10 times the number of speakers perperson. If you think about it, 17,500 seats, 170,000 speakers. That's insane.So I don't know. I hope nothing but the best for them on this project, becausethis is the virgin project. If it works out, then they're going to do it ineight other cities, 10 other cities.

Jack Palermo (19:59):That'd be great.

Brendan King (20:00):And they're the only ones thatcan do this format. It's kind of like IMAX, remember that?

Jack Palermo (20:04):Yeah, I remember that.

Brendan King (20:05):When we were in high school andone of our school trips in high school was to go to the IMAX theater in NewYork City. And only because that particular video of the states and like-

Jack Palermo (20:16):Space one. I remember seeing aspace one.

Brendan King (20:17):Well, ours was I think likenational parks. Could only be seen in New York City at that time. So we had togo there and they cornered that market. I feel like this is kind of that play.If we can make this giant ball successful, then everyone-

Jack Palermo (20:37):Balls will be everywhere.

Brendan King (20:39):It's going to be ballseverywhere. But-

Jack Palermo (20:39):It's going to be cool though.

Brendan King (20:40):But they're doing it highquality. That's the big thing that I love is the sound is amazing. The video isamazing. Let's see it first, but I have high hopes for sure.

Jack Palermo (20:50):Yeah, totally. I think it'll begood. I think it's going to be great.

Brendan King (20:53):Next in the news, the El Cortez,the first luxury hotel casino in downtown Las Vegas turned 80 a couple of daysago. So back in 1941, Marion Hicks and John Grayson built the El Cortez. Thetwo men were a part of a group in Southern California casino pros that wereousted during the anti-gambling crackdown of the late 1930s. Showed up in Vegasand built the El Cortez. It opened in 1941 at Sixth and Fremont Street.

Jack Palermo (21:22):It looks the same.

Brendan King (21:23):Yeah. Would become the importantmilestone of development in Las Vegas. The first luxury hotel to grace downtownat this time.

Jack Palermo (21:31):Look it, right by Penny's.

Brendan King (21:32):Yeah. I don't think it looksmuch different besides some of the modernization, but the family that is theowners of this particular property, they're diehard. They love Vegas. They're amulti-generational family. So I wish all the best. But 80 years, that's crazy.

Jack Palermo (21:49):It's crazy. It's crazy, crazy.

Brendan King (21:50):So El Cortez, I hope youcontinue success. And I know that you guys literally just care more thananything about the local businesses and everything else. I hope you justcontinue to improve. Which from what I've heard you guys think about that allthe time. So awesome. 80 years though. That's insane.

Jack Palermo (22:10):80 years. It's crazy.

Brendan King (22:10):Jack, don't you know about adeal there?

Jack Palermo (22:11):So yeah. So the El Cortez, Ifyou like crab claws, like it's crab claw season now October through May. You goon Friday and Saturday night at the El Cortez for $50 bucks you can get a poundof crab claws and sides.

Brendan King (22:25):Wait, where?

Jack Palermo (22:25):At the El Cortez.

Brendan King (22:26):Really? For real?

Jack Palermo (22:27):Yeah.

Brendan King (22:28):But what part of the hotel?

Jack Palermo (22:28):I don't know. I just heard aboutthis recently and I'm-

Brendan King (22:31):So if we walk in and I say,"Jack said that I can get crab claws."

Jack Palermo (22:35):Fridaysand Saturdays.

Brendan King (22:37):Fridays and Saturdays. Allright, crab claws.

Jack Palermo (22:39):Just walk in and be like,"Where are the crab claws?" And they'll send you in the right way.

Brendan King (22:42):It's very Chicago.

Jack Palermo (22:44):That's what I would do. Anyway.

Brendan King (22:44):Same here.

Jack Palermo (22:44):Yeah.

Brendan King (22:47):So former Disney Imagineercreates immersive flight ride, Flyover Vegas. Honestly, these rides, if you goto Disney right now are amazing.

Jack Palermo (22:58):Yeah. It's in CaliforniaAdventure. I was they're in February, 2020 right before the pandemic. It wasawesome.

Brendan King (23:03):We just went with the kids toOrlando and there's one for, gosh, God, I can't. I'm blanking today oneverything. But it was one of those immersive flights where you sit in thischair and literally you feel like you're flying. They're bringing this to Vegasto show the area and everything else.

Jack Palermo (23:22):My mom took my nephews there, mytwo twin 12-year-old nephews there a couple weeks ago. And they saw, it waslike the Wild, Wild West was one of the shows and Iceland was the other show.So they have air and mist and stuff coming out. It's really cool.

Brendan King (23:37):I want to say Pandora, butthat's the name of the planet. But what's the name of the movie that?

Jack Palermo (23:41):Avatar.

Brendan King (23:42):Avatar. So the Avatar ride atAnimal Kingdom in Orlando is incredible. You actually feel like you're there.You feel like you're a part of it. It's impressive. And so these types of ridesused to be like you sit in a chair and you watch a video. Now they feel likeyou're actually like-

Jack Palermo (24:00):You're actually like-

Brendan King (24:01):Yeah, flying.

Jack Palermo (24:02):... in space. Yeah, it's crazy.

Brendan King (24:03):So that's cool. Honestly I thinkthe area of Las Vegas, if you're flying over Vegas, Grand Canyon, Utah, the wildwest-

Jack Palermo (24:12):Yeah, awesome.

Brendan King (24:13):... it's a unique ride for sure.So 8K high definition. Is that right?

Jack Palermo (24:18):Yeah.

Brendan King (24:19):I didn't know there was anythinghigher than 4K.

Jack Palermo (24:21):Get on your new TV, Brandon. I'mjust kidding. Anyway, tickets. $34 for adults. $24 for kids. If you want to doboth shows, there's a special $54 for adults and $38 for kids both shows.

Brendan King (24:33):That's awesome. Yeah. I thinkthat's a cool thing for Vegas, for sure. So Las Vegas welcomes internationaltravelers back to Vegas. I've got a few friends that have touring companiesthat said that is massive for them. This is huge because most of their toursare 80% international and 20% locals because the people from the States don'tusually do all the tours because they have other ways to do it. They'll drive,they do their thing. But the international travelers are massive for them. Sothis is huge. And I think for real estate, there's a lot of people who havebeen sitting tight for 18 months, 20 months. I think we're going to see alittle rush of people from other countries that are buying homes in Vegas forsure.

Jack Palermo (25:13):Great.

Brendan King (25:14):We'll take it.

Jack Palermo (25:14):We'll take them.

Brendan King (25:15):But-

Jack Palermo (25:16):It's been 21 months.

Brendan King (25:17):Yeah. I was just going to say,21 months. So tourists from China, Canada, Mexico, India, Brazil, much of Europeand more. Now anybody who's vaccinated can come to the States. And theyestimate that that's 5.7 million international travelers that have flown in thepast in 2019. So we've cut that off for the past year and still the strip isdoing well, which shows that if we incorporate these international travelers,that's going to be massive for us.

Jack Palermo (25:47):Do even better.

Brendan King (25:47):Yeah. So yes, we welcome youwith open arms. And I know in real estate wise if you have any questions, reachout to us for sure.

Brendan King (25:56):But on a totally different note,Travis Scott-

Jack Palermo (25:59):Travis Scott. His performance atDay N Vegas has been canceled following his deadly Astroworld festival in Texaswhich killed nine people doing the fans rushing to the stage. I just, it'scrazy. And it's just crazy. He's not performing this time. So Post Malone isactually taking his place at Day N Vegas which is going on this weekend at theLas Vegas fairgrounds. Tickets, there's I mean, shoot, there's 12 hours a dayof music, four different stages. It's going to be wild. If you're into thatmusic, rock on. Come on.

Brendan King (26:37):And just being from anentertainment background, the whole situation there is a little crazy to mewhat happened as far as the crowd rush and all that kind of stuff. Just soundslike they weren't prepared. Honestly, I think we're going to see this with alot of live events now of people just using the minimal amount of people theypossibly can to get things done. And in this situation, unfortunately I thinkit worked out to be horrible. Nine people died at the concert.

Jack Palermo (27:06):That's crazy.

Brendan King (27:07):So I can see why he canceled forsure.

Speaker 9 (27:09):But there's like 60,000 peoplecoming.

Jack Palermo (27:11):Coming this weekend for Day NVegas.

Speaker 9 (27:13):When you think about that andthey don't have seats. They're just getting as close to the stage. Alldifferent stages, all over the place.

Brendan King (27:19):Much like the shooting with themovie recently, I think this brings up awareness unfortunately to then step itup a bit.

Jack Palermo (27:28):Yeah, with security.

Brendan King (27:28):I think with 60,000 peoplecoming to Vegas, if anything, they're going to be a little more aware andready. But I think Vegas is ready for that kind of thing. Some smaller citiesare not.

Jack Palermo (27:37):120 acts performing. 12 hours ofmusic a day on three stages.

Brendan King (27:41):120 acts, wow.

Jack Palermo (27:43):120 acts.

Brendan King (27:44):What are some of the names ofthe acts? So definitely yes. We have 120 acts. Of the acts, we have Za, AriLennox, Jasmine Sullivan. No, this is not the right names.

Jack Palermo (27:59):Yep. And then we got Lil Baby,Lil Uzi Vert and Roddy Rich, Denzel Curry and Don Toliver.

Brendan King (28:05):Oh, I missed those. Yeah. Lil Babywhich I can't remember a single song I've ever heard from Lil Baby, but yeah.Check it out for sure.

Speaker 9 (28:16):The website. The website's inthe link below, but it's a cashless. It's got all the safety concerns.Parking's going to be crazy so it has ideas for how you can park. So definitelycheck out the tickets and line the up. You can get the whole lineup there.

Jack Palermo (28:28):Proof of vax or negative testsis also required.

Brendan King (28:32):Here are the prices. So if youwant to go one day or three days and then different tiers, so you havedifferent levels of access based on the tier that you choose. But it's anywherefrom $240 all the way up to $913. Which if you've noticed every concert ishundreds of dollars.

Jack Palermo (28:49):Yeah. It's not cheap.

Brendan King (28:50):It doesn't matter what concertit is.

Jack Palermo (28:52):So we'll see you-

Speaker 7 (28:53):60,000 times that kind of moneyis not bad.

Jack Palermo (28:56):So we'll see Brandon in the VIPfor Lil Baby.

Brendan King (28:59):Yeah. Lil Baby. What? So BlakeShelton is ready to open Old Red venue in Las Vegas. Honestly, this is kind ofcool. It's nice. It's a nice little twist. We've had a lot of just generalvenues overall, but I think his whole plan is to make it a little more country.Which is totally welcomed in Vegas. Unfortunately I think we're losing theRodeo next year.

Jack Palermo (29:24):No, I think I've heard that wasmay be coming back now.

Brendan King (29:27):Oh really?

Jack Palermo (29:27):

May be coming back.

Brendan King (29:28):

I was going to say, to have something like this, just as alittle more solidifies our country roots in Vegas, because it's kind of fadingaway if that's the case if the Rodeo leaves, but yeah. You know what? BlakeShelton is a good representative.

Jack Palermo (29:42):

Place looks great. Look at this four stories. You're goingto have a 4,500 square foot rooftop overlooking the entire strip. It's going tobe right in front of Bally's and those Bazaar Shops or whatever they call them.I think it's Bazaar Shops.

Brendan King (29:54):

Will they actually cut off the Bazaar Shops? Will this bein front of them?

Jack Palermo (29:58):I'm personally hoping that theyknock them down.

Brendan King (30:01):Yeah. I'm agreed.

Jack Palermo (30:02):In it's place.

Brendan King (30:04):It's just a bunch of tents in aparking lot, really.

Jack Palermo (30:06):So this is going to be the sixthlocation of these. So they have one in Orlando, Tishamingo. I don't know wherethat's at. Oklahoma. Tishamingo, Oklahoma. Nashville and Gatlinburg, Tennessee.So this will be the fifth. The fifth venue, not the sixth. I thought Tishamingoand Oklahoma were different places. [crosstalk 00:30:24].

Brendan King (30:24):But the interesting thing isthere's a main dining floor and two additional guest floors overlooking acentral stage, which I think is smart. What they're doing is planning for liveentertainment. Which I think is always a smart move. If you're going to do avenue and have people coming and congregating, you may as well have somethingthat eventually suits a live event at night and that's what they're doing. Sothey're actually featuring a main dining floor and two additional guest floorsoverlooking a central stage with a 4,500 square foot rooftop deck that willallow guests to enjoy food, drinks and a separate live music experience.

Jack Palermo (30:59):Awesome. Yeah, it's going to begreat.

Brendan King (30:59):Which means if you choose theVIP ticket, you get the rooftop deck experience, you go down and then probablysee the show after that. Honestly, when you're from an entertainment world,it's intelligently laid out.

Brendan King (31:13):So hopefully that's what the endresult is. Sometimes renderings don't end up what the end result is, but itsounds like an intelligent choice. So hopefully that's the case and we see aBlake Shelton concert next year.

Jack Palermo (31:25):I'm down. I'm ready to go.

Brendan King (31:25):I know all the songs. Go aheadand sing the first one.

Jack Palermo (31:28):God's country. That's fun,that's one of them.

Brendan King (31:29):Moving on. Oh yeah, you do knowone.

Jack Palermo (31:32):I do know one.

Brendan King (31:33):Oh, so don't forget to check outour YouTube channel. It's actually King Vegas Homes on YouTube or the BrendanKing Group. You can look up either one. So we have a lot of YouTube Shorts justbreaking out the Unnamed Show into different things that you may be interestedin, whether it's shows or food or entertainment, which is the same as shows.

Jack Palermo (31:55):Ah, true that.

Brendan King (31:56):Whatever it is you're interestedin.

Jack Palermo (31:58):Sports.

Brendan King (31:58):Sports, thank you. Then ofcourse, check out the YouTube Shorts. Then you can find the things you'reinterested in and get to them a lot quicker than-

Jack Palermo (32:06):Subscribe.

Brendan King (32:07):... just watching the wholething.

Jack Palermo (32:08):And don't forget to subscribe.

Brendan King (32:11):Subscribe. Yes. For sure.

Jack Palermo (32:11):Yes, subscribe.

Brendan King (32:11):Yeah, definitely subscribe. SoI'm looking forward to seeing you at Blake Shelton's concert in a year.

Jack Palermo (32:19):Can't wait.

Brendan King (32:19):But in the meantime, if you wantto know more about Blake Shelton's concert, you should probably text VIP to702-553-1955. 702-553-1955. If you want market updates, please don't forget totext Market to the same number 702-553-1955 sent directly to your phone.

Brendan King (32:37):And if you want to have someinformation regarding dining text DINE to 702-553-1955.

Jack Palermo (32:48):Happy anniversary again, sir.

Brendan King (32:49):Yeah. Happy anniversary. I'mlooking forward to that box of china that you're sending.

Jack Palermo (32:52):Can't wait to send it. Can'twait.

Brendan King (32:54):I'll send you the silver. Was itfive more?

Jack Palermo (32:56):Yeah. Five more. Five more.

Brendan King (32:58):I'll see you in weeks.

Jack Palermo (32:58):Good trade. All right.

Brendan King (33:00):But either way, happy VeteransDay. We appreciate your service and always thank you so much. And we'll see youguys next time. Have a good one.

Jack Palermo (33:07): See you guys.

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