December 30, 2021

January 6, 2022

Episode #26 of “Unnamed Show” The New Year Edition

Episode #26 of “Unnamed Show” The New Year Edition | In this episode Brendan and Jack talk all about New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas as well as BKG launches New Instagram page, our new jump to REAL Broker LLC, Vegas to expect over 300,000 visitors this weekend, 2 more wins and the Raiders are playoff bound!!

Episode #26 of “Unnamed Show” The New Year Edition | In this episode Brendan and Jack talk all about New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas as well as BKG launches New Instagram page, our new jump to REAL Broker LLC, Vegas to expect over 300,000 visitors this weekend, 2 more wins and the Raiders are playoff bound!! David Lee Roth Rocks Vegas at House of Blues, Katy Perry opens at Resorts World, Marquees along the Strip honor Harry Reid, Iconic Flamingo hotel celebrates 75 years on Las Vegas Strip, Southern Nevada home prices up 25%, Las Vegas apartment complex sells for $73M, and Golden Knights rout Kings, take over 1st in Western Conference.

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This is Episode #26 of the Unnamed show | The New Year's Edition

  • BKG launches New Instagram page
  • Vegas to expect over 300,000 visitors this weekend
  • 2 more wins and the Raiders are playoff bound!!

Excited for our new jump to REAL for 2022!

Instagram Launch

  • We are excited to launch our new BKG Instagram page!
  • Check it out & follow us @Brendakinggroup

The BKG is excited to announce that we will be adding 5 more agents to the team by the end of January.!

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New Years Section

Las Vegas Monorail to run 44 hours straight for NYE, offers $1 rides | News |

​​Las Vegas, county officials to discuss New Year’s Eve preparations | Las Vegas Review-Journal


The Go-Go’s cancel NYE shows on Las Vegas Strip due to COVID | Las Vegas Review-Journal


David Lee Roth Rocks Vegas! | House of Blues


Kristin Chenoweth discusses New Year’s Eve show at Smith Center | Las Vegas Review-Journal


Katy Perry | Resorts World Las Vegas


Your guide to New Year’s Eve weekend in Las Vegas - Las Vegas Weekly


Locals news


Marquees along the Strip, Fremont honor Harry Reid Wednesday night | Las Vegas Review-Journal


Iconic Flamingo hotel celebrates 75 years on Las Vegas Strip | Las Vegas Review-Journal


GameWorks permanently closes in Las Vegas’ Town Square | Las Vegas Review-Journal


Real Estate


Southern Nevada home prices up 25% year over year in October | Las Vegas Review-Journal


Las Vegas apartment complex sells for $73M | Las Vegas Review-Journal


Of The Cheap Home Upgrades You Can Make, Designers Say These 36 Look The Most Impressive




Top Las Vegas entertainment stories for 2021: The year Vegas got some of its groove back | Las Vegas Review-Journal




Josh Jacobs leads Raiders past Broncos | Las Vegas Review-Journal

Postseason dreams still alive


Las Vegas Bowl expected to be played despite threat of COVID | Las Vegas Review-Journal


New Year overflowing with Las Vegas special sporting events | Las Vegas Review-Journal

Top Las Vegas entertainment stories for 2021: The year Vegas got some of its groove back | Las Vegas Review-Journal


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This is transcribed (accuracy not guaranteed)

BrendanKing(00:38): What's going on? It's BrendanKing from the Brendan King Group at REAL.

JackPalermo(00:41): Jack Palermo from the BrendanKing Group at REAL.

BrendanKing(00:43): And this is episode #26 of ...

Brendan/Jack (00:45): The Unnamed Show.

BrendanKing(00:48):What's going on, Jack?

JackPalermo(00:49):How's it going, sir?

BrendanKing(00:50):It's the New Year's Edition.

JackPalermo(00:52):It is the New Year's Edition.

BrendanKing(00:53):I almost forgot to say that.

JackPalermo(00:54):Yes, it is.

BrendanKing(00:55):It's a special one.

JackPalermo(00:56):It is. 2022.

BrendanKing(00:58):Should we do a hug or something?

JackPalermo(01:01):Maybe we can just pop thebottle.

BrendanKing(01:03):Yeah, there you go.

JackPalermo(01:04):Wait for it.

BrendanKing(01:06):Don't forget as always, text VIPto 702-553-1955. Text VIP to 702-553-1955.

JackPalermo (01:16):I hear there's some excitingnews.

BrendanKing(01:17):There is some exciting news.Yes, there is. What is it? Ah, just kidding. So we jumped to a new brokerage.We jumped over to REAL. Honestly, we're super excited. Look, we're jumping.Literally. Literally jumping.

JackPalermo(01:29):I was trying, I was trying tojump.

BrendanKing(01:30):Your feet are-

JackPalermo(01:31):My foot's on the ground.

JackPalermo(01:31):Oh, what?

BrendanKing(01:32):I tried.

JackPalermo(01:33):Ah, man.

BrendanKing(01:34):Yeah. So we're moving to REAL.We already moved to REAL. Awesome brokerage. Honestly, it's a nationalbrokerage. One of the fastest growing brokerage in the country. Super exciting.We've already got some people that we've connected with.


BrendanKing(01:47):That have taught us a lot andequally we've returned the favor and taught them some things as well. It's asuper collaborative network, which we love. And of course, unrelated to that,we finally have an Instagram page. Since we were shut down for unknown reasonsand we have no idea why, we had to start a new Instagram page from scratch. Soat Brendan King Group, please Like, Follow, Comment. We would appreciate it:@BrendanKingGroup on Instagram.

JackPalermo(02:16):Yes. Please do.

BrendanKing(02:17):Because we have no idea why wewere shut down. If you know somebody at Instagram, like we said last week.

JackPalermo(02:22):Give us a call.

BrendanKing(02:22):Give us a call. Give them acall. Shout at them and say, "Hey, why? Why, why?"

JackPalermo(02:27):Why you shut us down?

BrendanKing(02:29):But, and of course, don't forget,we are adding to the team. So we will be adding five more agents to the team bythe end of January. Checkout and definitelycheck out all the information there or reach out to us if you've got anyquestions or if you want to come by the office, come by a team meeting oranything like that. You can even join us virtually. We'd be totally willing tohave you check out

JackPalermo(03:00):Yeah. So now moving to, guesswhat it is? It's the New Year's Edition.


JackPalermo(03:04):So shall we talk about some NewYear's Eve stuff going on in Vegas?

BrendanKing(03:06):Well, yeah.

JackPalermo(03:07):Let's do it. Let's do it. Allright. So the Las Vegas monorail is going to be running 44 hours straight onNew Year's Eve offering dollar rides.

BrendanKing(03:17):Offering 1985 prices.

JackPalermo(03:19):Yes. Very good. Especially inthis inflation.


JackPalermo(03:22):So that's very good stuff. Soyeah. So you have to bring your ID and you can get a single ride ticket for adollar. So you're not driving or doing anything that you shouldn't be doing.

BrendanKing(03:34):Yeah. And hopefully, in three orfour years, we're doing the boring company underground transportation.


Underground,yes. The Tesla style.

BrendanKing(03:41):For now, it's the monorail. Buthopefully in the future we get the Elon Musk version of getting around LasVegas. That would be nice.

JackPalermo(03:47):That would be fun.

BrendanKing(03:48):So, yeah. And then, in addition,it's going to be cold. This is like New York temperatures, honestly, for LasVegas for New Year's. So yeah. Dress warm. It is going to be chilly. I love howit says, Las Vegas county officials warn to dress warm, know prohibited items.

BrendanKing(04:07):Yeah. So know, not no prohibiteditems, but it's.



Brendan/Jack (04:11):Know prohibited items.

BrendanKing(04:12):Check out the link. Just knowwhat you can and can't have on the strip. Nothing's worse than gettingsomewhere after pushing through 5000, 10,000 people only to find out you haveto go back to your car and-

JackPalermo(04:24):Drop off your backpack or yourbottle of booze.

Crew (04:26):Or baby carriage.

BrendanKing(04:28):Yeah. Oh, of course. Yeah. Sodefinitely check out the prohibited list. Just so you don't waste your time.We're here to help out. Check out the list and know what you got to ring.

JackPalermo(04:36):Warm jacket.

BrendanKing(04:37): Check this out.

JackPalermo(04:39):Bring your jacket. It's cold.


JackPalermo(04:43):It's cold.

BrendanKing(04:43):So 35 on Friday and 28 onSaturday. So Friday is New Year's Eve.


BrendanKing(04:49):So 35, that's cold. I'm sorry.

JackPalermo(04:50):Mittens, earmuffs, whatever. Skimask over your Corona mask. I don't know.

BrendanKing(04:56):I'm West coast. I'm a West Coastwhimp now. So 35 to me is like -5.

JackPalermo(05:01):I freeze. I freeze now. My bloodthinned out so much.

BrendanKing(05:04):Yes. We're whimps. We'reofficially whimps.

JackPalermo(05:05):We're whimps.

BrendanKing(05:07):But yeah, it's going to bechilly. Definitely dress warm.

JackPalermo(05:11):The Go-Go's, they canceled theirNew Year's Eve shows on the strip due to the Omicron virus that is out rightnow. So no Go-Go's shows. So hopefully they will be coming back at some pointin 2022.

BrendanKing(05:23):Yeah. But you know who is stillrocking?

JackPalermo(05:26):Tell me.

BrendanKing(05:28):David Lee Roth. So David LeeRoth rocks Las Vegas. I love these package names, the Jump Package. Jump! ThePanama Package, and Hot For Teacher Package. So.

JackPalermo(05:40):Three ways to get in there.

BrendanKing(05:41):Very David Lee Roth. Yeah,definitely check that out. So no go on the Go-Go's. Yes go on the David LeeRoth concert for sure. And then Kristin Chenoweth will be at the Smith Center.Originally from Wicked fame. And is honestly like in every holiday movie.

JackPalermo(06:00):Brandon weren't you in wicked?

BrendanKing(06:01):No, no I wasn't.

JackPalermo(06:03):Yes, you were.

BrendanKing(06:06):I love the fact that you slappedmy head on a monkey's head.

JackPalermo(06:09):That was Maxine. Thanks Maxine.

BrendanKing (06:11):Thanks Maxine. Yes, I was therefor a bit. You know who else was there? It was my brother in the exact samerole.

JackPalermo(06:17):Oh, Chris.

BrendanKing(06:17):In the exact same role.

JackPalermo(06:18):Oh, the same role?

BrendanKing(06:18):Yeah, yeah. Same exact role. Hewore the same jackets I did when I was there, which is kind of cool.



JackPalermo(06:23):That's pretty cool.

BrendanKing(06:23):There it is again.

Crew(06:24):We'll put Chris's picture onthere next week.

BrendanKing(06:26):Yeah. I love that she squeezedmy head between the ears too.

JackPalermo(06:30):She's good. She's good.

BrendanKing(06:30):It's perfect.

JackPalermo(06:30):It's perfect.

BrendanKing(06:32):I love your surprises.

JackPalermo(06:33):Next. Katie Perry just startedher residency at Resorts World as of last night. So tickets range anywherebetween $110 and $700.

Crew (06:45):They're still available too.

JackPalermo(06:46):And there's time.

BrendanKing(06:46):And the sun just blasted throughthe window.

JackPalermo(06:48):Blasted through the window.

BrendanKing(06:49):Now we have these wonderful sunblasted faces.

JackPalermo(06:53):That's what happens this time ofyear.

BrendanKing(06:53):But yeah, Katy Perry, honestly,she just keeps transforming herself. Actually, she's not even transformingherself. She keeps going with the same outlandish style that keeps reinventing,and she's back on stage again.


BrendanKing(07:07):Every time you think she'sstarting to disappear, she's back again.

JackPalermo(07:10):She's back again.

BrendanKing(07:10):And I have to admit, she'spretty good.

JackPalermo(07:13):I've never seen her live.

BrendanKing(07:14):I saw her live at an event in LAand I was actually surprised how good she sounded.

JackPalermo(07:20):I will take your work for it.

BrendanKing(07:20):She actually, her voice wasreally great. So go check out Katy Perry.

JackPalermo(07:24):Tickets 110 to $700. A lot cheaperthan Adele.

BrendanKing(07:27):Yeah. Oh my God. Yeah. So youknow what? This is a super comprehensive guide to New Year's Eve Weekend in LasVegas. Have you checked this article out?

JackPalermo(07:38):I have. There's tons of stuff todo.

BrendanKing(07:41):You got fireworks on the strip.Fremont Street experience.

JackPalermo(07:44):As always, yeah.

BrendanKing(07:45):Concert down there.

JackPalermo(07:45):Yeah. AREA15 is doing somethinghuge. Brooklyn Bowl always has shows.

BrendanKing(07:50):Our buddy Chris always-


BrendanKing(07:51):Always killing it witheverything at Brooklyn Bowl.

JackPalermo(07:54):And of course, the clubs. Yourfavorite.

BrendanKing(07:57):I'm not a club guy. Neither ofus are. But yeah, check out the link because it's pretty comprehensive. There'sso much to do. And it's a really great breakdown of what is available for youas far as New Year's Eve is concerned. Because honestly, you can't make lastminute decisions.


BrendanKing(08:12):When it comes to Vegas or NewYork on New Year's Eve. So definitely check it out.

JackPalermo(08:17):Be safe, everybody.

BrendanKing(08:19):Yeah. Yes, for sure. So I knowyou wanted to talk about this one.

JackPalermo(08:24):Harry Reid. He just got honoredwith the-




JackPalermo(08:30):They just named the airportafter Harry Reid. So now, as of yesterday, they have the Marquees, all Marqueesdown the strip are in commemoration and memorization of Harry Reid.

BrendanKing(08:41):Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. And I thinkthey're going for a few days from what David had mentioned.

JackPalermo(08:45):Yeah, through the weekend.

BrendanKing(08:45):I'm pretty sure they're going tobe going for quite a while. So iconic, nevertheless.

JackPalermo(08:51):The Flamingo.

BrendanKing(08:52):The Flamingo is officially theoldest hotel, right, on the strip?

JackPalermo(08:56):75 years.

BrendanKing(08:58):Wow. Yeah. That's insane. Whichwas kind of crazy.

JackPalermo(09:01):Look at this, this picture.

BrendanKing(09:01):Oh my gosh. One of the first.Yeah, it is. Well, basically, one of, if not the first hotel on the strip,which is wild. The strip looked a lot different back then.


BrendanKing(09:15):A lot of dirt. Yeah.

JackPalermo(09:15):Look at old school.

BrendanKing(09:16):Oh my God.

JackPalermo(09:17):Old school.

BrendanKing(09:18):That's awesome.

JackPalermo(09:18):And now.

BrendanKing(09:19):And now. Now, very nice.

JackPalermo(09:21):Still they're they're keeping onrenovating. It looks really nice. So on don't forget. So on December 26th,1946, Benjamin Bugsy Siegel bought that place for $6 million.

BrendanKing(09:33):The legend, Bugsy Siegel.

JackPalermo(09:35):You can learn all about him atthe Mob Museum downtown.

BrendanKing(09:38):I have not been to yet.

JackPalermo(09:39):I have not been there.

BrendanKing(09:40):David hasn't been to yet.

JackPalermo(09:42):It's awesome.

Crew(09:42):It's like a field trip.

BrendanKing(09:44):How can we ... It's like growingup in New York and not going to the Empire State Building, which I am guiltyof. I've never been to the Empire State Building.

JackPalermo(09:50):I've never been to the SearsTower in Chicago either.

BrendanKing(09:52): And I've walked past it.

JackPalermo(09:53):And I was born and raised there.

BrendanKing(09:54):300 times.

JackPalermo(09:54):Yes, same here. Yes. Never been.

BrendanKing(09:57):Yeah. So the legend, BugsySiegel was the original builder and owner, right?

JackPalermo(10:01):Yes. You are correct.

BrendanKing(10:03):Yeah. For $6 million. Thesethings are trading for billions of dollars.

JackPalermo(10:07):Billions of dollars.

BrendanKing(10:08):Which is crazy.

JackPalermo(10:09):He only got to enjoy it for ayear before he died.


JackPalermo(10:12):He got killed in-

BrendanKing(10:12):He got killed in his suitethere.



BrendanKing(10:15):Oh, I've seen the movie.


BrendanKing(10:17):I've seen the movie. Is thatwhat the movie's about?

JackPalermo (10:20):Warren Beatty.

BrendanKing (10:20):Warren, yeah.

JackPalermo (10:20):Warren Beatty. Yeah. Bugsy, it'sa good movie.

BrendanKing (10:26):I want you to go back to thismovie.

JackPalermo (10:26):It's good.

BrendanKing (10:26):Yeah. So who is the currentowner?

JackPalermo (10:29):That is, that's a good question.In the notes there, I think.

BrendanKing (10:32):No it's not. Yeah, but eitherway 75 years, oldest hotel on the strip. Bugsy Siegel, legend, was the originalowner, but 75 years. That's incredible. It's awesome. You know why it is theoldest? It's because most of the other ones were torn down. Most of them wereimploded. So it'll be interesting as the strip ages up, if they're going tokeep it around or if it's going to see the end, like a lot of these have.

JackPalermo (10:57):Hopefully, it sticks around.It's a cool spot.

BrendanKing (10:58):Yeah, I hope so too.

JackPalermo (10:59):Don't forget. They also have asteakhouse that just opened last year called Bugsy's.

BrendanKing (11:03):Oh cool.

JackPalermo (11:04):Yeah.

BrendanKing (11:05):The throwback to the guy's moviethat I need to watch again. So.

JackPalermo (11:09):Put it on the list.

BrendanKing (11:10):In the other news, GameWorks isclosing its complex at Town Square, which I have to admit, it's the redheadedstepchild to Dave & Buster's. No offense, GameWorks.

JackPalermo (11:21):Better than Showbiz and Chuck E.Cheese's, though.

BrendanKing (11:23):Ah, come on. Chuck E. Cheese'sis the best. You can't say that.

JackPalermo (11:26):The anatomical.

BrendanKing (11:29):Showbiz was very Midwestern. Wedidn't have that in New Jersey.

Crew(11:32):We had it in Ohio for sure.

BrendanKing(11:33):Did you have that in Illinois?

JackPalermo(11:34):We had Showbiz and then Chuck E.Cheese's came after.

BrendanKing(11:37):Yeah. I missed out that one. Butyeah, GameWorks has permanently closed. I'm sure it has a lot to do with thepandemic, of course. But in other real estate news, this is.

JackPalermo(11:48):Or real estate news.

BrendanKing(11:49):Yeah. Or in real estate news, ingeneral, because that wasn't real estate news.

JackPalermo(11:52):Let's talk about the prices.Prices, Jesus.

BrendanKing (11:56):What? Blazing speed.

JackPalermo(11:57):We are ahead of blazing speed.We are in ludicrous speed.

BrendanKing(12:00):Officially, yes.


BrendanKing(12:02):Spaceballs and Elon Musk'sTesla. Ludicrous mode.

JackPalermo(12:06):Yes. Ludicrous mode.

BrendanKing(12:06):We're officially the fastestgrowing city. One of the fastest growing cities in the US currently at, Ibelieve, 25% increase in value comparatively to the rest of the country. Ithink it's six or 7% lower. So we're blazing. Sorry.

JackPalermo(12:23):We're ludicrously increasing.

BrendanKing(12:26):Yeah. That's just incredible. Idon't know. We'll see what this year brings. I think it's going to be on theupside. Obviously, we don't have a crystal ball. We can't foresee what willhappen with interest rates or anything like that. But I do foresee at least aupside swing with inventory being as low as it is.

JackPalermo (12:45):Mm-hmm (affirmative).

BrendanKing (12:46):But I just can't imagine 26%.But we may have to replay this clip in a year and see.

JackPalermo (12:52):Where we're at. It could be 50.

BrendanKing (12:53):Yeah, yeah. No.

JackPalermo (12:55):No, we don't know that.

BrendanKing(12:56):But of course, if you want toknow what the market update is every single week, every Monday we do the MarketUpdate. You can text Market to: 702-553-1955. If you'd like the Weekly MarketUpdate, text directly to your phone every single week.

JackPalermo (13:12):Don't forget: 702-553-1955.

BrendanKing(13:15):That is correct. If you want tohear about these 25, 26% increases every single week, we'll send it to you.

JackPalermo(13:20):We'll let you know.

BrendanKing(13:22):Yeah. This one is crazy.

JackPalermo(13:24):Another Las Vegas apartmentcomplex sells for $73 million.

BrendanKing(13:29):Yeah, that's incredible.

JackPalermo(13:30):And this is the second one thathas sold from the same company, which is SB Real Estate. And from California,they just recently purchased one for $67 million.

BrendanKing(13:40):Jesus. Yeah. Those areastounding numbers that I don't think five or six years ago we've ever seen.


BrendanKing(13:46):And now we've got a lot ofdevelopers from LA that are tired of being squeezed to 1%, 2% cap rates who arenow buying buildings here because these see an upside potential. I think thiscontinued exodus from California is, we're going to see it for, I think, a longperiod of time.

JackPalermo(14:04):Mm-hmm (affirmative).

BrendanKing(14:05):Oh, you know what we should haveposted? Next week, we'll have to.


BrendanKing(14:09):They showed the increase ininbound and outbound residents from every single state.


BrendanKing(14:16):In the country. And Nevada wasone of the top five or six. And then they showed the outbound numbers fromCalifornia, New York.

JackPalermo(14:23):California. Yeah. Washington.

BrendanKing(14:25):And things like that. And oh myGod. It's like a, it's a huge difference. Massive difference. But we're spreadout between Idaho and Nevada and Texas.


BrendanKing(14:34):And Arizona. But yeah,definitely. That's a massive, massive, massive sale. 73 million, was it?

JackPalermo(14:42):73 million.

BrendanKing(14:42):Crazy. That's crazy. Insane. Sowe figured we'd do a little style upgrade advice article that we found. Thoughtit had some great minimal, I should say, inexpensive home upgrades. They usethe word cheap, but I always hate that word.

JackPalermo(15:01):Inexpensive. Sorry.

BrendanKing(15:02):Inexpensive home upgrades.Because you know what? They look nice. So to me that doesn't mean cheap. Thatmeans inexpensive. So one of those is minimalist glass plant holders.

JackPalermo(15:13):Fish bowls on a wall.

BrendanKing(15:14):It's kind of fish bowls on awall.

JackPalermo(15:15):My daughter like this one.

BrendanKing(15:16):This is a huge trend.


BrendanKing(15:17):Another one was air plants for awhile where you pinned an airplant and all you had to do was just soak it in atowel once every month. So now we've gone to fish bowls instead.

JackPalermo(15:29):All right. Don't forget aboutyour trendy pendant light.

BrendanKing(15:31):I think that'll always be infashion to a certain extent, either big and bold or tiny and minimalist. Theseare minimalist pendant lights.


BrendanKing (15:43):So a set of faux leather pillowcovers.


BrendanKing(15:47):They're kind of nice.

JackPalermo(15:49):Can't go wrong. Can't go wrong.

BrendanKing(15:51):Your minimalist vase set.

JackPalermo(15:53):Yeah. So matching colorwise andspread them around the house. Very nice.

BrendanKing(15:58):Of course ... So you know what?This was a popular trend in tile, actually, geometric tile. And it's alsoreally expensive. So people are doing entire walls in geometric tile. So theytake it to another level and they've done this geometric wallpaper, which ispretty interesting. Definitely something that I think is on the inexpensiveside to still do a trendy thing.

JackPalermo (16:21):Looks trendy.

BrendanKing (16:22):Yeah.

JackPalermo(16:22):Looks great. Don't rub your handagainst the wall.


JackPalermo(16:26):Anyway, you got peel and sticktiles. So this is for back splashes and things like that would look kind ofcool.

BrendanKing(16:31):I've actually seen this a fewtimes. It depends on which one, but some of them are really nice, I have toadmit. And definitely is going to save you a pretty huge penny as far ascompared to the cost of actual back splash.


Wegot throw pillows. So throw pillow covers. My wife is a massive fan of this.We've used the same pillows for many years, but I think we've got bags and bagsof throw covers. It is a really good way to take pillows you already have. Somany people throw them out. Take off the cover and put on a new cover. This oneis of a dog; maybe next week, a cat. This isn't one of those, though.

JackPalermo(17:07):Last but not least.

BrendanKing(17:08):And then of course-

JackPalermo(17:10):Stainless steel drawer pulls.


JackPalermo(17:12):Adds a little bit of excitementto your kitchen.

BrendanKing(17:14):I feel like this has been atrend for a year or two. Actually, one of your properties had similar pulls.The one in in the vineyards.

JackPalermo(17:21):In the vineyards yes.

BrendanKing(17:22):Had very similar pulls to this.And that was a $1.4 million home.

JackPalermo(17:26):Yeah. 1.29. Yeah.

BrendanKing(17:28):Yeah. So $1.3 million home withsimilar pulls. I think you can really achieve similar results with inexpensivematerials sometimes.

JackPalermo(17:36): For sure.

BrendanKing(17:36):Yeah. So start getting thosepulls.

JackPalermo(17:39):I'm going to start getting thosepulls.

BrendanKing(17:40):We're going to get the pulls inthe office.


Yeah.Rock them out.

BrendanKing(17:42):Inexpensive. So of course, it'sthe end of the year and we're happy to announce that we ranked in the top 1% ofteams in the country and in Las Vegas, which is awesome. Our goals next yearare pretty hefty. They're actually over double what we're doing this year. Andhonestly, it brings us nothing but joy to help our clients. And we figuredwe're going to do a little bit of a year in review. I almost feel like weshould have some kind of emotional music right now or something.

JackPalermo(18:14):I know, right?

BrendanKing(18:14):"If I could turn backtime." That's not emotion.

JackPalermo(18:19):Oh my God. Yes. Cher.

BrendanKing(18:20):Yeah. That was a random choice.I never was a good DJ. DJ?

JackPalermo(18:26):I was.

BrendanKing(18:28):So we figured we'd review abunch of the homes we sold this year and tell you a little bit about a lot ofthem. So Soft Horizon Way. My good clients, the Shas. I've actually sold fourof their homes. Ryan's house.

JackPalermo(18:41):Ryan's house.

BrendanKing(18:42):One of our first.

JackPalermo(18:43):He used to work with us.

BrendanKing(18:43):Actually, the first agent on myteam. He's moved to Chicago, sadly, to Jack's original home base. That wasRyan's home there on Pacific Grove. Kesington, that was an awesome home in thecliffs.

JackPalermo(19:01):Sure was.

BrendanKing(19:01):Honestly, that family did anamazing job on the property. Redid nearly everything and bought an even equallyamazing home in the cliffs, as well, from Par-D. Bay Hill Drive. Awesomeclients from Canyon Gate.

JackPalermo(19:15):El Campana Way. Yeah. Client ofmine. They were moving to California.

BrendanKing(19:20):That awesome black pool. Rememberthat?

JackPalermo(19:21):Yeah. It was awesome. Supercool. They were super sweet. They just moved to Palm Springs.

BrendanKing(19:26):Yeah. Oh, that's right. Oh, theybuilt, and then they built a mountain hole.

JackPalermo(19:29):They built a mountain home.Yeah.

BrendanKing(19:31):Yeah. I think it was, yeah.Yeah, yeah. Desert Candle Way. Actually this is the third time we've sold thishome. One, two, second time we've sold this home.

JackPalermo(19:39):Yeah. Best backyard ever.

BrendanKing(19:40):Amazing backyard. Honestly, oneof my favorite backyards in all of Las Vegas for this size property.

JackPalermo(19:47):Yeah. Great.

BrendanKing(19:48):Marcasite Place. Unfortunately,that one and Lots Hills were both. Oh no. Marcasite was, unfortunately, aCirque de Soleil family that had to move away during the pandemic, which isnever to me, never a fun sale. And then, same with Lots Hills.

JackPalermo(20:09):Yeah. But they moved to Hawaii.So they're doing good.

BrendanKing(20:11):They're in good place.

JackPalermo(20:11):Jason's good.

BrendanKing(20:11):They're in a great place. Youcan't beat Hawaii.

JackPalermo(20:14):Yeah. They're doing great.

BrendanKing(20:16):Red Hollow Drive. He was thebest. Gosh. Gosh, gosh. Mel.

JackPalermo(20:22):Oh, Mel.

BrendanKing(20:22):Yeah. He was amazing. ArtesiaWay.

JackPalermo(20:26):Just sold.

BrendanKing(20:27):Yeah. Our buddy, Yussef. He justsold. We were told by many agents that we couldn't get this done and sell it withthe actual Airbnb license. So we're happy to say.

JackPalermo(20:37):We got it done.

BrendanKing(20:38):We got it done. With the Airbnblicense as a separate fee, which I had agents calling me and saying that it wasnot possible. We did our research and we made it happen.

JackPalermo(20:48):This guy's a head spin worldrecord holder.

BrendanKing(20:51):Oh, yeah. Yeah.


BrendanKing(20:51):That's right. He's a worldrecord holder in a number of head spins in a minute, which is a pretty cool,pretty cool thing. Mesa Mountain Drive. One of-


BrendanKing(21:01):Five, six homes we sold on thatstreet.


BrendanKing(21:04):We successfully set the record,I think, three or four times.

JackPalermo(21:09):For the highest price.

BrendanKing(21:10):Yeah. Within the year. So, andthat's not the first time we've done it. That may be the ninth or 10th time.Honestly, we dominate that neighborhood. Santo Marco.



That'sSienna. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. Great clients of ours. Happily helped to sell theirfamily property. What do we got here? Pride Hill Street. That's Casper'sclients.

JackPalermo(21:36):Oh, yeah.

BrendanKing(21:38):I was actually Casper's firstsale and he did an amazing job on a double sale, actually.


BrendanKing(21:43):Rainbow Ridge. Really, reallygreat clients of mine. I helped them buy and sell the property, also, in CanyonGate.

Brendan/Jack (21:51):Another amazing Mesa Mountain.

BrendanKing(21:53):Actually that was a double homesale. That was a client of ours that owned a couple homes. We sold both of themfor them. And of course-

JackPalermo(22:01):91 East Agate at Number 209. Itwas a client of mine who I've bought and sold three properties, not four?


JackPalermo(22:08):And we're about to list andmaybe sell them another one.

BrendanKing(22:11):Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Awesome.Awesome family. And honestly, they've been great clients. Cape May and TimberPine. Timber Pine was one of Caroline's and Cape May was a client of mine, alsofrom Cirque.


BrendanKing(22:23):Who moved on to another awesomejob that honestly, the guy is always talented at everything he does. So I didhave the pleasure of helping him sell his house before he moved on. MesaMountain.


BrendanKing(22:37):Granollers. Again and again. Soagain, these are both properties in the Mesa's. One of them in Vista Dulcewhere we actually sold three on the same street within three months of eachother. All at a new record.

JackPalermo(22:49):New record and high, yeah.

BrendanKing(22:52):Mesa Mountain. Mesa Mountain.Mesa Mountain.

JackPalermo (22:55):I guess ... Did we sell anyhouses on Mesa Mountain?

BrendanKing (22:58):You've got another one.

JackPalermo (22:59):Yeah.

BrendanKing (23:00):Coming on Mesa Mountain.

JackPalermo (23:01):Coming.

BrendanKing (23:01):The hard part is right.

JackPalermo (23:03):Finding them another home.

BrendanKing(23:03):Finding them another home, whichcan be a challenge, but they're super patient. Mosticone. Is how I say it.

JackPalermo (23:10):Pasta choli.

BrendanKing (23:14):Mosticone! Mosticone is aproperty down in Southern Highlands. And of course, Acacia Park is where?

JackPalermo (23:18):Also in the Mesas.

BrendanKing (23:19):Yes. Oak Bend Drive. Where'sthat?

JackPalermo (23:22):Mesas.

BrendanKing (23:23):Hey. Actually, Peace Way is areally great repeat client. I've helped them buy and sell four or five homes.That was honestly a quick and easy one, but always fun with them. They'reentertaining as heck. And one of my favorite clients.

JackPalermo (23:41):Santa Margarita. Client whobought it, used it as a rental. And then-

BrendanKing(23:45):You helped him renovate.

JackPalermo(23:47):Helped him renovate. And then hegot out of there. Yeah. Got out of there and made some money. It was great.

BrendanKing(23:51):And I think you made him another$13,000 by having him ... even more than that, I think it was.

JackPalermo(23:57):It was 25.

BrendanKing(23:59):Yeah. So thankfully, Jack hadthe wherewithal to understand that the property had more value in it than whatit actually was when the renters moved out.

JackPalermo(24:07):For sure.

BrendanKing(24:07):So we had a contractor comethrough and redo the entire property, and honestly, sold it for a lot more thanhe would've sold it for.

JackPalermo(24:13):Mm-hmm (affirmative).

BrendanKing(24:14):What's this next one? Whatneighborhood is that?

JackPalermo(24:15):Mesa Mountain.

BrendanKing(24:16):Mesa Mountain. Another one. Wow.

JackPalermo(24:17):Another Mesa.

BrendanKing(24:18):Crazy. Harvest Green. Where'sthat?

JackPalermo(24:20):The Mesas.

BrendanKing(24:21):Yep. So Torino in the Southwest.Great client of ours. Huge, huge, huge, huge lot, custom property down in thesouthwest.

JackPalermo(24:31):Yeah. Tons of fruit trees.

BrendanKing(24:32):Yeah. Fruit trees everywhere.

JackPalermo(24:33):Yeah. It's a great place.

BrendanKing(24:34):What else do we have here? Hey,where's that?

JackPalermo(24:36):Granollers, the Mesas.

BrendanKing(24:37):Yup. Eagle Rock. Great client.Currently in a rental. I know he's itching to buy another house. But alsoanother great home that at the time had set a record.


BrendanKing(24:49):And a couple others sold afterthat on the golf course. Granollers.

Brendan/Jack (24:54):Mesas.

BrendanKing(24:56):Bullion. A repeat client.They've sold four or five with us. The rest we're just going to go through.


BrendanKing(25:03):So honestly, this is where weneed to turn on the Cher's music. All ... So the big thing. Oh, there you go.That's your sister's neighborhood.

JackPalermo(25:12):Yeah. Saintsbury in thevineyards. Yeah, it was completely redone and we got that one sold for 1.3.Clients were very happy.

BrendanKing(25:19):Super happy. And honestly youshowed them, I think, 50, 60 properties.

JackPalermo(25:24):I did. I did. Yes.

BrendanKing(25:25):Yeah. And they weren't settlinguntil they found their dream home. And honestly, that was their dream home.

JackPalermo(25:30):That was it.

Brendan King (25:31):Yeah. Alexa Breanne, another oneof my clients that moved here from Palm Springs. And the one on the left istheir home that they live in right now, over in Section 10. And then the one onthe right is one of their rental properties that they purchased. And how manyrental properties did they buy with you?

JackPalermo(25:47):Four, five so far.


JackPalermo(25:49):Five. And they have four more togo.

BrendanKing(25:51):Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. No, andthey're the most-

JackPalermo(25:55):Nicest people.

BrendanKing(25:56):Oh my God.

JackPalermo(25:56):Yes. They really are.

BrendanKing(25:57):They're so nice. Yeah. And then,so the big thing that I really want to say is that we enjoy what we do. Andhonestly, these are just properties we're showing. But our favorite part isconnecting with our clients. I know Jack-

JackPalermo(26:14):Thank you all for letting ushelp you.

BrendanKing(26:15):Yeah, absolutely. We enjoy whatwe do and definitely appreciate everything that you guys allow us to help youwith. We really appreciate it and Happy New Year to everybody.

JackPalermo(26:26):Happy New Year to everybody.

BrendanKing(26:26):Of course. Changing it up.

JackPalermo(26:29):Enough of that

BrendanKing(26:29):Enough of this teary eye stuff.


BrendanKing(26:31):Let's get to the sports. No moreCher music. Here we go. Golden Knights rout the Kings, take over 1st in theWestern Conference.

JackPalermo(26:38):They are now officially numberone in the CBS Power Rankings.

BrendanKing(26:41):And I remember at the beginningof the season.

JackPalermo(26:43):You said what?

BrendanKing(26:44):They weren't looking so good.

JackPalermo(26:45):Oh, I said, "It'searly."

BrendanKing(26:47)Yeah, you were right.

JackPalermo(26:48):Yeah. I said, "It's early.Just watch out."

BrendanKing(26:50):Mark this time and date on. Ijust said, "Jack is right."

JackPalermo(26:53):Yeah. Oh, It's the first timeever.

BrendanKing(26:57):It's not. And of course, theRaiders. They both started slow. And now they're both doing really well.

JackPalermo(27:05):Well, the Raiders started hot.

BrendanKing(27:07):Oh, yeah. They pulled it off.

JackPalermo(27:09):Now they got to win the nexttwo.

BrendanKing(27:11):Win the next two and they're in.

JackPalermo(27:12):David's our local sports master.

BrendanKing(27:16):Yes. When the next two and theyare in. Hopefully they have a chance against the Colts, as their startingquarterback is right now in COVID protocols.


BrendanKing(27:24):So that would be very good forthe Raiders. That would be making an easier game

JackPalermo(27:27):Yeah. Yeah. For sure. Because ifI read correctly, I think the Colts are actually favored in this one.

BrendanKing(27:34):Yeah. They are. By all thesports bookies. But yeah. Las Vegas versus the Colts. What day was that?


BrendanKing(27:41):Sunday at 10:00 AM.

JackPalermo(27:42):January 2nd of 2022.

BrendanKing(27:45):Oh wow.

JackPalermo(27:46):Las Vegas Bowl is actuallyplaying this evening at Allegiant Stadium, Wisconsin against Arizona State. Sothat should be, should get some big crowds. But there are still ticketsavailable. So it's good. It's good. Bring another Bowl game.

BrendanKing(28:02):Yeah. My wife's from Wisconsin.My in-laws are in town. I know my house is going to be covered in red tomorrow,for sure.

JackPalermo(28:08):My brother-in-law is also aWisconsin graduate.

BrendanKing(28:10):Oh, yeah?

JackPalermo(28:11):Yeah. So he's red all the way.

BrendanKing(28:13):Yeah. And then the new year isoverflowing with Las Vegas special sporting events. Finally, we've got a lot ofthese things that we lost and then new things as well.


BrendanKing(28:23):Because we lost the draft.Obviously. Now we're going to be able to do that in Vegas. But the east-westShrine Bowl?

JackPalermo(28:30):It's like a College footballAll-Star game. That's one of them that's coming up. We got NHL All-StarWeekend. And then the same weekend, which is kind of crazy, is the Pro Bowl,which is across the street. So that's the NFL All-Star game. And then the NFLdraft in April, which is kind of crazy. They were supposed to have it lastyear, two years ago. And then because of the pandemic, now they're going tobring it back. Hopefully, it goes on and they were supposed to do something onthe Bellagio Fountains.

BrendanKing(28:59):Fountains and everything.

JackPalermo(29:00):That's cool. Yeah.

BrendanKing(29:01):Cirque was going to be a part ofit. And then the whole thing teetered out. Notre Dame is going to play BrighamYoung,

JackPalermo(29:07):October 8th at Allegiant-

BrendanKing(29:08):At Allegiant as well. And thennext year, the Las Vegas Bowl switches up to a Southeastern Conference teamagainst the Back 12.


BrendanKing(29:15):So that should be a big game,too. Entertainment stuff. There's some entertainment.

JackPalermo(29:21):We got our groove back out.

BrendanKing(29:24):2021: Vegas got the groove back.A lot of things ended up coming back to that fuzzy Smith Center picture.

JackPalermo(29:33):So sorry about that.

BrendanKing(29:33):Smith Center is obviously backand rolling. And I went to the Nutcracker, actually, and it was full. It wascompletely.

JackPalermo(29:43):Cirque's back.

BrendanKing(29:43):Yeah. Cirque's back. I know theytook a little pause due to Omicron, but I know all the shows are back up andrunning.


BrendanKing(29:50):For sure.

JackPalermo(29:51):Life is Beautiful we had. We hadEDC. We had Day N Vegas, the Hiphop Festival. And then this year we haveupcoming is the throwback R&B Rap Festival, Lovers & Friends.

BrendanKing(30:01):That logo is amazing.

JackPalermo(30:03):It's awesome.

BrendanKing(30:04):That's awesome.

JackPalermo(30:05):And then don't forget aboutAllegiant. We had Garth Brooks this year, 68,000 people. Fans sold out. Guns N'Roses we had. The Rolling Stones sold out in November. And then upcoming, wegot Metallica, Billy Joel and the Red Hot Chili Peppers have all signed on toplay shows in 2022.

BrendanKing(30:25):Yeah. It's huge. Honestly, 2021was a big year for Vegas sports entertainment. Even with all the things goingon, there were all these new things that came to Vegas. How many venues can wehave? I don't know.

JackPalermo(30:36):Geez. They're building more.

BrendanKing(30:38):It's like, and they're buildingmore. Yeah. We've got so many new, so many new venues, but equally all thesegreat performers coming. Billy Joel, we got to get tickets.


BrendanKing(30:45):Got to.

JackPalermo(30:45):We don't have a choice.

BrendanKing(30:45):Got to got ticket's. And ofcourse, don't forget. We are super excited about our new jump to REAL for 2022.We've jumped over to the REAL Brokerage. Check out the website and check outall our new logos. Everything we've been updating furiously and lots of perkswill come from that.

JackPalermo(31:08):Oh yeah.

BrendanKing(31:08):And then, of course, our newInstagram page. What's the handle?

JackPalermo(31:12):&TheBrendanKingGroup.@BrendanKingGroup, I'm sorry. So please don't go the BrendanKingGroup. It'sBrendanKingGroup. And please follow us on Instagram.

BrendanKing(31:19):Yeah, please, please, please.We've started from scratch and looking to get back to the thousands range againlike we were before.


BrendanKing(31:28):But we'll get there prettyquick, I'm sure. And of course we're adding five more agents to the team by theend of January. Check out Join

JackPalermo(31:42):Don't forget to text VIP to702-553-1955.

BrendanKing(31:47):And, of course, text MarketUpdate, 702-553-1955.

JackPalermo(31:52):Drinks and dinner specials textsDINE to 702-553-1955.

BrendanKing(31:56):I know it sounds a little bitlike a commercial for a restaurant: "And for drinks and dinnerspecials." Hey, text DINE.

JackPalermo(32:01):Come Wednesday at 8:00 PM.

BrendanKing(32:02):Here we go. Of course. Have avery, very happy new year. Thank you so much. Happy new Mr. Palermo.

JackPalermo(32:09):Happy New Year, Mr. King.


JackPalermo(32:10):Thank you all. Happy New Year.

BrendanKing(32:10):See you guys next week. Have agood one. Happy New Year.


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