November 12, 2021

November 16, 2021

November is National Adopt a Senior Pet Month! Check Out These Las Vegas Rescues

Give back and welcome a furry senior friend into your home this November.

Every November, the country celebrates National Adopt a Senior Pet Month — a whole month dedicated to helping older pets find their loving pet parents and furever homes. 

Senior pets have a harder time getting adopted. Everyone wants a cute puppy or kitten, completely overlooking the older ones in their search. That’s why senior pets tend to spend more time at rescues or shelters before getting adopted. Unfortunately for others, they live out the rest of their lives in a kennel. But just because pets are old doesn’t mean they’re not worthy of a loving family. 

This National Adopt a Senior Pet Month, be sure to check out these Las Vegas rescues for a furry companion. 4 Las Vegas Rescues to Adopt a Senior Pet From

1. A Path 4 Paws

A Path 4 Paws is an organization that focuses on rescuing all breeds of dogs to give them a second chance at finding a loving home.

Since 2017, it has rescued over 3,000 dogs. Today, it’s grown to become one of the biggest Las Vegas rescues that provides a safe place for dogs who’ve suffered from abuse, homelessness, and neglect. It also saves dogs who would’ve otherwise been euthanized. 

They hold adoption events every Saturday and Sunday from 10AM to 4PM. Additionally, on these days, you can drop off new or used blankets, comforters, quilts, sheets, and towels for the doggos. They also accept dog food and supplies like collars, crates, leashes, pads, and treats. 

Unable to adopt? You can also volunteer to take care of the dogs, foster one of them, or donate to the cause. 

2. Animal Angels Rescue Foundation (AARF)

AARF is a Las Vegas rescue that aims to save animals who have been abused, discarded, injured, misunderstood, and troubled. They also help pets who are ill and in danger of being euthanized, striving to give them a better life. 

Similarly, they want to educate pet owners on how to provide a healthy, loving, and safe environment for their pets, so that they won’t ever need to surrender them. Plus, they help and assist other Las Vegas rescue organizations, working together to help reduce the number of senior pets who suffer from the pains of abandonment and loneliness. 

This National Adopt a Senior Pet Month, AARF encourages you to adopt, foster, volunteer, donate, or network with their animals.

3. PAWsitive Difference

PAWsitive Difference rescues dogs and cats that have been abandoned or placed on the kill list of local animal foundations, and provides them with new, loving homes. This Las Vegas rescue also aims to help families who are unable to continue to provide care and shelter for their pets. 

In addition, they support senior citizens and veterans in keeping and taking care of their dogs. They provide assistance with the costs of feeding, grooming, medications, shots, and vet care. These services are made possible by the monetary support of the organization’s donors. 

If you want to meet any of the adoptable pets, you can set up a meet and greet. They also have events every Sunday, from 10AM to 2PM. Similarly, you can become a foster, volunteer, support them through AmazonSmile and Smith’s Rewards, or donate to the cause.

3. Southern Nevada Animal Rescue League (SNARL)

SNARL is a Las Vegas rescue that aims to provide a better life for adoptable yet abandoned and abused animals. With the goal of limiting the overpopulation of these animals, they educate the public on breed and size discrimination. They also make sure that all pets within their care are placed in a loving, safe, and viable home. 

Many animals in their care come from shelter partners, some are surrendered by owners who can’t take care of their pets anymore, and others are rescued from animal cruelty caes. No matter where they come from, SNARL provides them with their basic needs, personalized medical care, protection, rehabilitation, and above all, a loving home.

4. Vegas Pet Rescue Project (VPRP)

For about three years now, VPRP has helped change the lives of abandoned, abused, and homeless pets that overwhelm the city’s shelter system by giving them a new life. A known Las Vegas rescue, the organization assists the local animal shelters, like Animal Foundation and Henderson Shelter.

Through donations, sponsors, and their extensive network of foster families, Vegas Pet Project Rescue is able to help finance spay and neuter programs to help low-income families become responsible pet owners. They also collect food and pet supplies for local rescues and individuals who foster or take in strays. 

Ultimately, the organization’s goal is to create a volunteer-based program to investigate and reduce illegal breeding in the city.

National Adopt a Senior Pet Month is a special time and an opportunity for you to make a difference in the lives of elder pets. Through these Las Vegas rescues, you get a chance to open up your home to a furry friend who really needs it. While you might be tempted by the cute and fluffy puppies, always remember that slightly older animals also make amazing companions. They will love you unconditionally.

And keep in mind that even if you’re not looking to foster or adopt, there are other ways to get involved. Offer your time to adoption events, drop off items like bedding and food, or donate even a few dollars to help a rescue in need. Rescues survive on donations and the generosity of individuals like you.

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