August 9, 2018

November 16, 2021

Best Dog Parks in Henderson

If you are looking for a fun space for your dog to unwind, here are some of the best dog parks in Henderson!

Many dog lovers reside here in Las Vegas. That's why there's a tremendous amount of pet facilities like groomers, animal hospitals, and pet supply stores here. It only makes sense that there would be quite a few places for your furry friend to play, socialize, and run around at. If you are looking for a fun space for your dog to unwind, here are some of the best dog parks in Henderson!

More Barks at the Best Parks

The city of Henderson has a large selection of dog parks where dogs can run free and sniff for hours! If you’ve ever wondered “where’s the best dog park near me?”, look no further. This list has some of the most elegant, clean, fun, and free parks in Henderson!

Bark Park at Heritage Park

Address: 350 S Racetrack Rd, Henderson, NV, 89015 Starting off this list dog parks in Henderson is Bark Park. The reason this park is first is because it is one of the community’s favorite areas to let their furballs run free. Designed with the input of actual pet owners and dog park regulars, this park is tailored with amenities that meet the needs of the dog and dog owner community. This unique park is often raved as the best park in the valley. The 5-acre park has four separate running areas, agility courses, dog watering fountains, dog bone shaped benches and much more! Not only is it a playground for dogs, but Bark Park also hosts classes,  training programs, and dog shows! Saving the best feature for last, Bark Park is home to what is called the Splash Pad. It’s a water wonderland for your pup to adventure through. With that being said, come prepared because your dog will be going home soaking wet! If you have a fuzzy friend who needs a place to exert some energy, Bark Park should be your best bet!

Sunset Dog Park

Address: E Warm Springs Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89120Sunset Park is an excellent place for your dog to run around! There are three enclosed running spaces for a nice run with the pup. One for larger dogs (35+ lbs), one for smaller dogs (less than 35 lbs), and one that is rotated on a regular basis for park maintenance purposes. Each equipped with multiple spigots to keep your dog hydrated during hot days! This park stay lit up during the night, making it easy to keep an eye on your pup. This park comes with amenities like picnic tables, benches, pooper scooper for easy cleanup, and gazebos to help stay cool. Here’s a quick pro tip! This park is very well known and can become quite crowded during peak hours. Around sunset time, most dogs and their owners head home! So, if your pup isn’t the most sociable, this may be a great time to run free around the park.

Amador Vista Park

Address: 1562 Amador Ln Henderson, NV 89102Last on our list of dog parks in Henderson is Amador Vista Park. This Park has one of the most scenic views. This little park has a 360-degree mountain view and is known for it’s quiet and secluded environment. If your pup isn’t the most social dog out there, Amador Park is a great off leash dog park. Unlike most dog parks, Amador Park is covered with large trees to sniff and cool down under. It’s divided into two separate areas, one for large dogs and one for smaller dogs. Both sides are equipped with dog-friendly water fountains. This park is open daily between 7 AM-10 PM.

Henderson: A Pet’s Community

If you and your furry friend are looking for a pet-friendly community, consider buying a home in las vegas! Henderson is a family-friendly community that also caters to your pups needs! For more information on finding a home that best suits everyone in your family, Contact us today at (702) 723-4206.