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April 26, 2022

How to: Minimalist Home Decor

Looking to keep your home sleek and simple? Keep reading for nine tips for mastering minimalist home decor.

Minimalist home decor entails removing the unnecessary things and sticking with only the essentials. It also focuses on function, neutral colors, natural elements, and white spaces. This helps to create a clutter-free, refreshing, well-organized environment. Looking to get back to the basics? Check out these nine tips for how to master minimalist home decor.

Perfecting Your Minimalist Home Decor: 9 Tips

1. Use a Neutral Color Palette

Classic minimalist home decor starts with a neutral palette for your walls and interiors.

Choose colors like light shades of beige, blush, gray, tan, or white. If you want to have colors, opt for earth tones, pastels, or monochromatic schemes. And stick to one or two colors only to enhance the minimalist style.

Having neutral colors can help keep your home environment looking and feeling bright, calm, and fresh.

minimalist home decor living room

2. Think Less is More

Clearing out the unnecessary clutter in your house is key to achieving a true minimalist home design. Spaces should be kept simple and every piece should have a purpose.

Take a look around your house, one room at a time, especially the tabletops, shelves, and corners. Are there things that can be eliminated or donated? Are there items that should be stored away?

For example, keys should be kept in a holder. Piles of paper or stacks of magazines should be kept together. Small knick-knacks must have a specific drawer or container.

Decide which ones are the essentials or often used and arrange them accordingly. The rest can then be kept in the respective storage. Consider doing this at least once a month to make sure surfaces stay clear of anything extra.

3. Maximize Clean Lines and Flat Surfaces

Modern minimalist home decor is all about utilizing clean, visually-appealing lines and surfaces.

Furniture with prominent edges and corners, squared doors, or geometric accessories help create an eye-pleasing design. Also, go for flat, sharp, and clean surfaces that reflect light to make any room feel spacious.

Essentially, the less complex the home items you have, the better it is for your minimalist home design.

4. Pay Attention to Lighting

Letting in natural light can contribute to your minimalist home style. Large windows or open doors can make any room appear larger, warmer, and cozier.

To make the space private, use sheer drapes, thin curtains, or blinds. You can also strategically place a mirror to help filter and bounce light around the space. And if your home offers amazing views, having open windows can double as a focal point of the room.

Additionally, make sure your light fixtures are simple and energy-saving while still providing maximum illumination. Go for pendant lights, track lighting, or wall sconces that have neutral colors. Lighting with gold or copper finishes can also add flair and an artistic feel to your home.

lighting in a minimalist home decor with plants

5. Focus on Function

To create a minimalist home style, one of the most important things to consider is space-saving, multi-function furniture to avoid the visual clutter. You can even double these as home decor too.

Some ideas include:

  • Nesting tables or benches for more seating areas. These can double as a centerpiece or can be stored away when not in use. 
  • Creating pull-out storage boxes under your wooden benches.
  • Turning your old dresser into a study desk for your bedroom.

6. Play with Texture

In a minimalist home design, you can make things interesting by experimenting with different textures.

Give any room a refreshing vibe by trying out beaded pillows, knitted throws, or sheepskin rugs. You can also mix and match with wool or fur blankets as well velvet decor to soften the room’s feel.

While it’s nice to play with textures, we recommend that you keep them within the same neutral color scheme to maintain the minimalist home style.

living room with minimalist home design

7. Take a Chance with Patterns

There’s no need to skip the patterns to have minimalist home decor. You just have to be purposeful and creative with it.

Use patterns in a limited way so as not to overwhelm your aesthetics. For example, curtains, pillows, and wall art should be in neutral or monochromatic colors. You can also choose a printed carpet or rugs that can double as an accent piece for the room.

Feel free to experiment with different patterns that can add flair to your home without being too loud.

8. Use Minimal and Natural Decorations

Just like patterns, having a minimalist home design doesn’t mean you can’t use accessories and bright colors for your home. Of course you can, but they shouldnt overly contrast with most of your things.

Here are a few ideas for natural and minimalist home decor:

  • One to two focal art pieces or portraits against a bare wall
  • Plants that can add color to any room while keeping the clean aesthetics
  • Simple flower arrangements as your counter centerpiece
  • Small succulents for a pop of color on your coffee table
  • Wooden bench for your entryway
  • Woven baskets that can double as storage space

Ultimately, the goal is to balance out the look of white spaces and sleek lines using natural colors and materials.

woman holding potted succulent

9. Choose Quality Over Quantity, Always

To maximize your minimalist home decor, you’ll want to have items that will last for many years. Rather than purchasing low-cost furniture that can wear out fast, it’s best to invest in high-quality pieces that stand the test of time.

Similarly, choose pieces that spark your interest instead of trendy items you might get tired of quickly. Well-made furniture and home decor are built to last, even with daily use. This means you get to spend less and remain sustainable — better for your finances and even better for the environment.

Ultimately, investing in quality pieces will enhance the elegantly curated and pared-back aesthetic of your home.

Creating minimalist home decor boils down to this philosophy: Get personal and keep things simple. Stick to neutral colors, natural elements, and high-quality, multi-functional items. With these nine tips, you’re well on your way to making a warm, inviting, and calming environment for your beautiful house. 

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