November 1, 2021

November 16, 2021

How to Decorate an Empty Wall

Dealing with a lot of bare wall space? Keep reading for eight tips for making the room pop.

Empty walls can be tricky — where do you even begin? Consider them an opportunity to add a bit of visual balance or a splash of creativity to your home, especially if you're itching to go the DIY home remodeling route. They're the perfect way to share your life story, showcase your personality and taste, and make a house feel like a home. No matter what your style and taste are, these eight tips for decorating an empty wall will guide you along the way.

8 Tips for Decorating an Empty Wall

1. Add in Mirrors 

Mirrors reflect light, so they help make a room feel bigger and brighter. 

Hanging a large, oversized mirror is a great way to add simple but aesthetically-pleasing details to an empty wall. You can also display several smaller pieces of different sizes and shapes to create a more posh look. Another option to consider is to position the mirror in a leaning manner to add some depth to any empty wall. 

Whether it’s for your living room or your bedroom, adding a mirror is an easy and chic yet minimalist route to decorate an empty wall. 

mirrors hanging on wall

2. Install Floating Shelves 

Regardless of what room at home you’re decorating an empty wall in, installing a floating shelf is sure to bring life to the area in a stylish way. Plus, it’s a nice alternative if you’ve run out of floor space and makes for a simple but luxurious home upgrade.

Adding this element can create a focal point to your home. It’s also a chance to take your collection to the wall, so you can decorate it with your books, framed photos, plants, and small sculptures. 

If you want to take it even further, choosing hexagonal shelves can help add a creative touch. Open shelves, on the other hand, offer spaces for even more decor. 

3. Hang an Artsy Rug 

A good rug, especially those with abstract patterns, is an effective way to add color, texture, and warmth to any room. While it’s great on the floor, they are also attractive for decorating an empty wall. 

A hanging fabric can add a pop of creativity to a neutral space, making it feel more personal and design-minded. Whether your empty wall is behind a sofa in the living room or above the headboard in the bedroom, rugs will add style and quirk to any room. 

Additionally, pretty textiles — such as vintage scarves and modern prints — are easier to move than large items. Creativity and efficiency at its best!

rug to hang on an empty wall

4. Add Some Oversized Art 

An oversized painting or photograph calls for attention and can set the tone of an empty space. As an eye-catching piece, these large additions can quickly become the focal point in any room with an empty wall. 

Consider a black-and-white classic image for that minimal style. If you want to go bold and add colors, you can go for abstract pieces or vibrant designs. 

While this may sound like a big investment, taking this approach will be beneficial in making a powerful statement when decorating your empty wall. 

5. Create a Photo Collage Wall

Showcase your favorite photos in a crafty way to add a personal flair to your empty wall. 

Make this project a team effort by getting family members or friends involved in choosing the photos that will be put up on the collage wall. Print a collection of your favorite photos in a stylish way. 

After, you can arrange and hang them in a tidy rectangle. You can even use a large cork board or canvas, framed with nice borders. 

Doing this will allow you to showcase all of your precious memories with loved ones.

polaroids on wall

6. Curate a Gallery Wall 

Besides displaying a collection of your favorite photographs, you can add color and personality by showcasing some of your favorite memorabilia. 

Have you traveled somewhere and brought home a special souvenir? Did you get a gift from a special someone? Do you have a one-of-kind item that you want to showcase? Use these to refurbish and decorate your empty wall. 

Want to take it to the next level? Try using simple frames or ornate variations to mix up your design. If your wall has solid colors like black, white, or neutrals, adding elements that are neon can spice things up. If it’s already colored, you’ll want to choose items and frames that will stand out against the backdrop. 

7. Hang Some Greenery 

While plants are known to stay on the floor or windowsill, you may want to consider hanging or wall-mounting them to add a natural aura to your empty walls. 

Display your plants in pockets, shelves, or wall-mount planters to create that boho chic vibe. Wall planters are amazing by themselves, but you may want to set them up with frames or lights for added creativity. 

Not big on the maintenance? Go for high-quality faux plants. If you want something easier to manage, choose sleek succulents. 

This is the best way to decorate your empty wall if you’re a plant lover. But it’s also an option for anyone who wants to add some nature into their home. 

how to decorate an empty wall with plants

8. Go Bold and Make a Statement 

If you’re keen to go beyond the traditional paintings and hanging items, this is your chance to add texture and depth by making a statement.

For example, show off your fine china by using wire plate hangers to display your prized dishes and serving platters. You may even want to use your breadboard or chopping boards as wall art pieces. 

Similarly, you can conveniently choose a temporary peel-off wallpaper. There are a lot of colors, graphics, and patterns to choose from (depending on your taste), but a simple neutral one always makes any empty wall stand out. 

Some other creative ideas you can try to make a statement include:

  • Adding a basket or bamboo wall.
  • Creating beaded wall art.
  • Documenting your travels with a personalized map.
  • Getting hanged paper lights.
  • Installing wood panels for a rustic, vintage vibe.
  • Mounting shiplap paneling for a fresh coastal feeling.
  • Painting a bright accent wall.

Finding the perfect way to decorate your empty wall can take a bit of planning. Luckily, with these eight tricks, you can easily refresh and spruce up your space. Plus, it’s your chance to showcase your style and make it your home. 

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