May 26, 2021

November 16, 2021

7 Luxury Home Upgrades on a Budget

Want to give your home a luxurious makeover without spending a fortune? Keep scrolling for seven creative ideas.

Are you building a new home, buying a new one, or wanting to remodel your current space? If you are, chances are you’re realizing that luxury home upgrades can really add up.

In reality, creating a luxurious home environment doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. With some creativity, planning, and a little knowledge of design trends, you can easily add elegance to your home. 

Check out these seven tricks to help you make luxury home upgrades – even when you’re on a budget.

7 Luxury Home Upgrades That Won't Break the Bank

1. Spruce up the outdoor area.

Many homeowners think of their backyard as an extension of the living area. That’s why an important element to luxury home upgrades is creating an outdoor area that’s visually-pleasing and comfortable at the same time.

A simple exterior update is building a patio and adding cushioned seats, end tables, and a fire pit. From Sunday barbeques and mid-week brunches to summer sunbathing, this spot gives your home a refreshing look while providing space for quality time with friends and family. 

Consider installing outdoor lights to create an artistic, intimate ambiance in your home. Think of stringed LED lightbulbs or energy-saving Christmas lights to avoid spending too much.

Small details like adding French doors that open to the outside, having a built-in grill, and an accessible sink can also boost the appeal of your home.

luxury home upgrade at Las Vegas home backyard

2. Remodel the bathroom and kitchen.

Having a fresh, welcoming look and feel to your bathroom and kitchen can definitely make your home feel luxurious. 

In your bathroom, consider updating the drawers, fixtures, lights, and sink for a fresh new look. You can also create a spa-like ambiance by shifting to multi-shower system that offers a rainfall shower head as well as wall and hand shower.

For the kitchen, a simple replacement of handles and knobs, update of color scheme, or clearing the countertop can offer a spruced up look. You may even want to add some artwork, accent wallpaper, or eclectic rugs for added aesthetics. 

If you’re willing to splurge a bit, switch to real stone countertops or bench tops for a serious luxury home upgrade.

3. Level up the fixtures.

While fixtures seem too small to notice, upgraded ones can actually change the visual appeal of any room.

Consider updating worn out and shabby fixtures to sleek, modern designs to give a breath of affluence in your space. Swap your drawer pulls, handles, and knobs with ceramic or metal materials to add that stylish feel, depending on your taste or preferred theme.

You can also invest in smart home features, like an intercom, WiFi video doorbell, garage openers, security system, or thermostat. For as low as $100, these tech-advanced luxury home upgrades can make your home feel safer and more secure.

4. Change the floors.

Floorings are ultimate game-changers when it comes to making a luxurious environment for your home.

If your floor looks worn-out, consider having it cleaned and refurbished instead of hiding it with large rugs. You can also look to do some painting to fix the scratches, stains, and other damages if the floors can’t be restored by simple polishing.

For something more budget-friendly, try self-adhesive vinyl floor tiles. They are easy to install and come with different designs such as stone, marble, or wood patterns. Carpeting in neutral colors can also bring a classic, stylish look at an affordable cost. 

Essentially, having a well-maintained floor makes a huge impact on your home’s elegant, luxurious look and feel.

5. Upgrade the lights.

Lighting sets the mood and tone of every room in your home.

If a room lacks light, adding a table or floor lamp is one of the most affordable fixes you can make. Trendy lamps made of brass or concrete can immediately make the space feel upgraded. Choose the compact florescent lights that tend to be less expensive and still have more life hours.

Light fixtures can also impact your room’s ambiance. For example, chandeliers are known to create a sophisticated feel while minimalist pendant lights give off a stylish, modern look.

If lamps aren’t enough to update the lighting, you can plan for some ambient or accent lighting to upgrade the room. Ultimately, a well-lit room not only offers a luxurious feel, but it makes your home even more livable.

6. Have a dedicated wine area.

Having a wine area instantly creates an intimate, luxurious atmosphere at home as it becomes a space for conversations and entertainment. However, wine cellars don’t always have to be dark, gloomy, or expensive.

Dedicate a space in your home – a spare room, within your living space, or near your dining area – to display a wine enclave. Whether it’s a wine rack or a fridge, having these bottles ready will keep your guests entertained.

For an added luxurious look, consider housing it within a glass case and under some LED lighting. There are also plenty of wine fridge options for as low as $500 that can easily be built into your dedicated area for a clean, stylish look.

7. Keep it clean.

Just like when you’re decorating your home on a budget, sometimes you just need to declutter or clean to create that luxurious, high-end ambiance.

Bring in some versatile furniture that can work both for aesthetics and function. This can be as simple as a storage bench, a coat tree, wall-mounted containers, or an umbrella stand – all of which can elevate the look and keep your home organized.

Similarly, keep crisp white, fluffy towels in your bathroom and kitchen, just as expensive hotels or fancy spas do. Having these will give you (and your guests) the feeling of well-thought luxury in your space.

You can also tone down your color palette to neutrals – beige, cream, light gray, off-white, or white - for a classic, elegant ambiance. Don’t think this will make your home look dull! You can always add color and personality with your accessories, decor, and textiles.

Having luxury home upgrades requires some planning and resourcefulness. But it doesn’t have to empty your wallet. With a few creative, budget-friendly renovations like what we’ve shared, you’ll be able to create an extravagant look and feel for your home.

If you’re planning to upgrade, be sure to consider what fits your area and community as it can affect your home’s value in the future – especially if you’re planning to sell. Consult with a local real estate agent who can give you pointers on what suits the buyers in your area best.

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