March 1, 2021

November 16, 2021

8 Interior Design Trends for 2021 That We Can’t Resist

2021's most popular interior design trends are changing the way we think of home design. Keep scrolling to learn more about them.

Along with a new year comes new trends that we’re eager to explore. Just like in fashion, interior design trends are making waves – especially when people are spending more and more time within the comforts of their homes. From reconnecting with nature and advocating sustainability, to creating multi-purpose spaces for work, rest, and play, 2021’s interior design trends are sure to make your home extra special.  

Looking to remodel your home? Let’s take a closer look at this year’s amazing interior design trends that we simply can’t resist.

2021's Best Interior Design Trends

1. Cottagecore

This simplistic, country cottage aesthetic is closely associated with comfort, nature, and slow-paced living. It gives off a feeling of nostalgia, reconnecting you with simple at-home activities and a relaxed lifestyle.  

To achieve the cottagecore aesthetic, go for distressed antique furniture, floral prints, freshly picked flowers, natural fabrics, pastel palettes, and vintage motifs,

It can also be combined with touches of glamour and luxury. Add in a few pieces of gold-plated utensils, gilded statement accessories, or vintage barware for that added elegance and sophistication.  

2. Eco Chic 

This rising trend brings together your commitment to spirituality, sustainability, and well-being all in one place. Fall in love with the warm color palette that includes earthy orange, golden beige, moss green, and soft olive. Enjoy the calmness and comfort of tactile fabrics such as boucle, linen, and matte velvet.

Eco chic focuses on sustainable, repurposed pieces using bioplastics, recycled materials, and low-impact pieces that are great for the environment. With more people becoming eco-conscious, multi-functional furniture that offers durability and quality will continue to rise.

This lifestyle keeps you grounded and connected to nature through eco-focused materials and warm, minimalist designs.

3. Neutral Schemes

Neutrals have always been in style, but they're exceptionally soaring this year. From beige, cream, and grey, to light taupe, off-white, and tan, neutrals are the way to go if you want to add a touch of modernity to clean, elegant spaces.

neutral tone bedding

This trend is one of our favorites because its simplicity easily creates a peaceful and soothing ambiance to homes, perfect for intimate and friendly environments. It provides an ideal background if you want to add in layers of color or design to give your interior a bit more character.

Plus, neutral colors can make the spaces in your home feel larger, fresher, and even more timeless.

4. Industrial Styles

The industrial interior design trend offers the perfect combination of traditional and modern designs, best for multi-functional spaces you can use for work, rest, and play. And with people spending more time at home, this fuss-free style creates an inviting and relaxing environment for all.

This classic-contemporary design features elements of exposed bricks, ceiling beams, pipes, and stonework. It also incorporates unfinished, warehouse-like style using utilitarian materials like cement, metal, wood elements, and neutral colors (usually grey).  

For most, the industrial style is also characterized by high ceilings and open spaces with stripped floors and visible ducts – proving that form and function can go together.

5. Natural Elements

Bring the inspiration of nature into the comfort of your home with this rising interior design trend in 2021. Featuring elements of deep reds, rusty browns, and warm greens, nature-focused interiors help create a comforting and welcoming aura to your space.

Accentuate your rooms with houseplants – from retro hanging green creepers to beautiful colored blooms – to add more refreshing style and vibrance to your home. Plus, they’re good for your health as these help filter out air pollutants, freshen the air, and release clean oxygen.

hanging plants

Strengthen your human-nature connection by adding in statement fabrics made from organic materials. With people’s growing advocacy for sustainability, low-impact linen, organic cotton, and recycled polyester will win this year.

6. Naval Colors and Ocean Vibes

They say naval is the new black if you want to bring in calmness and elegance to your contemporary spaces. If you want to capture poolside relaxation and the comfort of beach houses, be sure to add hues of ocean blue into your space. From deep Aegean teal to soft aquas, tones of blue can offer peace and tranquil energies into your home.

Longing for a tropical getaway? Add in elements of distant shores – floral designs, resort greeneries, subtle monotones, soft yellows, and tropical leaves – to make your living space a bit more inviting and relaxing.

This interior design inspiration suits everyone – especially people who love to travel to the laid-back island life or luxurious resort vacations.

7. Rustic Chic

Modern rustic has been gaining popularity in the recent years, and it’s not slowing down anytime soon. This crowd-favorite trend brings character and sophistication into living spaces.

Using natural materials like metals, raw wood, and stones, rustic is known as a simple but strikingly beautiful look. And with the use of light woods for ceilings, floors, and walls, you can easily highlight natural aesthetics and raw color in multi-purpose spaces to create a rustic vibe.

rustic bedroom

Because of the perfect mix of classic aesthetic and contemporary design pieces, rustic chic interiors are perfect for infusing comfort, warmth, and easy-going vibes into your home.

8. Multi-Functional Rooms

People are spending a ton of time in their homes, so it’s important to have multi-functional rooms that all family members can use for their hobbies, passion projects, school, and work.  

Dedicate an activity room that anyone can use for arts and crafts time, exercise, meditation, playtime, reading sessions, yoga, and other activities. Add some multi-purpose furniture - like desks that can be used during online classes, at-home jobs, or leisure reading. You can also include comfortable couches, a screen, a pretty floor mat – anything that will create an environment of comfort and function into the room.

If you have a backyard or outdoor open space, you’ll want to treat it as an extension of your home. Create an inviting environment for barbecues, fire pits, or alfresco dining – an outdoor space for reconnecting with nature and entertaining guests safely. 

Interior design trends are always something we look forward to coming into a new year. And for this year, much of the design inspirations came what 2020 brought us. Last year’s unprecedented events have influenced people to go back to the basics, the simple life, while still adding in their personal flare - designing their homes to safely welcome guests, to incorporate spaces for work, play, and relaxation, and to promote environmentally-friendly lifestyles. All these trends are soaring in 2021 and we’re all in for it.

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