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November 16, 2021

How to Save Money on Air Conditioning

The temperatures in Las Vegas are heating up! Here's how to keep your AC bill under control.

Ah, Vegas. The only place where we call triple-digit weather "normal." As we get into the summer months, you're probably feeling the heat inside your home too. So, let's talk about how you can save money on air conditioning this year.

9 Ways to Save Money on Air Conditioning in Las Vegas

The summer temps here are no joke. These tips will make it a little less painful to pay your AC bill each month (and keep you chill).

1. Get Your AC Unit Serviced Before the Temperatures Really Get Up There

First up, we want to be proactive. An air conditioning unit that isn't in tip-top shape can't run efficiently. And this means your bill could be higher.

Have your filter checked, because there's a good chance a lot of gunk has built up in there. A clogged filter is bad news, because the air movement will be compromised.

The same goes for the coils in the evaporator and condenser. If they've collected any dust or dirt, they'll need to be cleaned.

2. Keep the Air Flow Going

Air flow is key in keeping your home cool and saving money on your air conditioning bill. If you have ceiling fans (or any fans, really), use them! But here's the extra important part: Also open some of the windows in your home — specifically, ones that aren't near the fan.

For instance, turn on the fans upstairs and open the windows downstairs. Or, turn on the fan in one room and open the window in a room on the same floor but across the house.

3. Cover the Windows

This might mean a couple of different things.

One simple solution is to close the blinds and/or drapes to block out the sunlight and thus, the heat. In particular, be sure to shield your windows when you plan to be away from your home for a while — like when you go to work. Combine that with raising the thermostat a few degrees, and it can really add up.

You could also invest in window film, which sticks to the panes and prevents sunlight from getting into your home. You can install these yourself, although they can be a little tricky. So, don't be afraid to cough up a little money and pay someone else to come do it for you.

4. Do an Energy Audit

It's not just about keeping sunlight from coming it. It's also about preventing air conditioning from getting out.

You can pay a technician to come to your home and do an energy audit, which essentially means that they'll locate any spots where air (or in the winter, heat) might be escaping.

If this isn't quite in the budget right now, go the DIY route. Walk around the outside of your home when the AC is on and run your hands along windows and doors, feeling for cold air escaping. When you find it, caulk it (for windows) or insulate it (for doors).

5. Avoid Cooking With the Stove and Oven

We know that this won't always be possible, but when it is, avoid using these appliances. You might not even notice, but they can seriously up the heat in your home. This means your air conditioning is going to have to work twice as hard. It's already hot outside. If you can, avoid making it hotter inside and stick with the microwave.

P.S. Other potential culprits are dishwashers and clothes dryers. Use them wisely!

woman cooking at stove

6. Make Sure Your Thermostat is in the Right Place

Where is your thermostat? Is it near a door or window? If so, it could be kicking on more often than it needs to be, since it's so close to the outside air temperature.

You'll need a technician to come and move it, but it could very well be worth the investment, since it'll help you save money on your air conditioning in the long run.

Pro tips: Lamps and televisions can also cause your air conditioning to go into overdrive, so be sure not to keep those nearby.

7. Don't Set Your Thermostat Any Colder Than You Need It

This one might sound like a no-brainer, but let us elaborate.

Do you ever walk into your home to escape the Las Vegas heat and crank the AC way up? Here's the thing: This isn't going to cool your home down any faster but could still, in fact, end up costing you more!

If you're usually comfortable with your thermostat at 70 degrees, then set it to 70 degrees — even if you just walked inside and feel like you're melting.

8. Consider a Smart Thermostat

If it's in your budget, you might consider investing in an upgrade and switching to a smart thermostat. One of the coolest things about this kind of tech is that you can program it to do exactly what you want, and then it'll run on autopilot.

This way, you don't have to worry about remembering to fiddle with your thermostat. Everything will be automated.

Also, a smart thermostat can make it possible to set different rooms and floors to different temperatures. If you spend most of your day downstairs in your home office, then you can keep it a little warmer upstairs until you're heading off to bed.

9. Plant Trees Around Your Windows

If you're up for a little landscaping (or paying landscapers to do it for you), planting trees around your windows is a simple way to block out some of the harsh sunlight. And let's be honest: Vegas could always use a little more greenery.

While the summer temperatures sometimes feel unbearable, there are simple ways to stay cool indoors without spending an arm and a leg.

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