June 29, 2021

November 16, 2021

Everything You Need to Know About Moving to Las Vegas

What can you expect if you're considering moving to Las Vegas? Keep reading for five things you should know first.

When people decide to move to Las Vegas, they immediately think of the bright neon lights, tall buildings, and the vibrant energy of the city. But what is it really like living in Las Vegas as a local? Does it live up to its name as Sin City? How might it be different from where you currently live?

Let’s find out! 

Moving to Las Vegas: 5 Things to Know First

1. It gets hot here. Really hot.

This is the desert! Las Vegas is a dry, hot place, and having triple-digit temperatures is completely normal. Summer heat can reach as high as 120 degrees. However, without humidity, this doesn’t feel as burning hot as you might imagine.

If you're moving from a different climate, though, you'll want to bear in mind that Vegas might come as a bit of a shock. You’ll want to do things like weather-proof your home, tint your car windows, and take extra precautions if you have pets. Dogs can't be left outside in the summer heat.

2. Our “seasons” aren’t like other parts of the country.

Unlike other areas of the country, you’ll get to enjoy more than 300 days of sunshine. The city is a great place for those who enjoy bright, cloudless days. If rain isn't your jam, you'll likely be very happy moving to Las Vegas. Here, the winters are mild and short – about 50 to 60 degrees – but it gets chilly at night. Spring and fall also have perfectly balanced temperatures.

las vegas strip

This means people are able to enjoy an abundance of summer activities even during other seasons. For those who want to escape the Vegas heat, they can easily venture further north to get a bit of cold.

But that’s not to say we don’t get snow. We do. Up in Mt. Charleston! That’s why the mountains boast a lot of sledding and snow play activities if you want to get a glimpse of winter not far from the valley.

3. Many locals don't go to the Strip that often.

While the locals appreciate the Strip, they know that it tends to be crowded, expensive, and packed with traffic. It’s mostly a tourist thing, so they don’t go there all that often (unless friends and family are in town for a visit).

Instead, Vegas locals are more likely to visit entertainment spots and restaurants in other areas with the city. One is Downtown Las Vegas, home to the Fremont Street Experience and Container Park. Another go-to is Summerlin, which has some of the best restaurants in the city.

They also know all of the city's hidden gems. From coffee shops and brunches to date nights, locals know where the best spots are without having to go to the Strip.

4. We’re the entertainment capital of the world. But there are plenty of beautiful things to see in Mother Nature, too. 

Yes, Las Vegas is famous for its amazing live entertainment, trade shows, and other recreational events. Add to that the endless amenities offered in hotels and resorts, and it's the perfect city for nonstop entertainment.

However, Vegas has a lot to offer other than just the glitz and glamor of city life. In fact, it's home to some of the most amazing natural spots that both locals and tourists love.

For those who want to sit back and relax, there are tons of parks to visit, like Clark County Wetlands, Floyd Lamb, and Red Rock Canyon. 

Want to skip the bright, neon lights and city bustle? Head up to Lee Canyon, Lake Mead, or Mt. Charleston for some quality time with Mother Nature.

If you’re looking for a change of scenery, there are many options for outdoor experiences, just a little road trip away from the city center. Be sure to have Boulder City, the renowned Grand Canyon, and Lake Havasu on your list.

moving to las vegas driving on the highway

Sure, you can enjoy the gambling and Cirque shows of the Strip. But don't forget that there are countless other corners of the city just waiting for you to explore them.

5. The city is constantly changing, evolving, updating, and rebuilding.

Amidst the ongoing health and social crisis, a lot of positive and promising things have happened in Sin City.

First, hotels and casinos are expanding tremendously. Circa has opened a 777-room hotel tower, rooftop lounger, gaming floor, and new amenities to its guests. Circus Circus Las Vegas has added a new thrill ride and plans to open a new food court space. Resorts World Las Vegas is set to open this summer season, boosting the city’s tourism and employment rate. Plus, more construction is underway this year.

Similarly, with the lifting of the COVID-19 restrictions, the city is slowly rebuilding its entertainment, hospitality, and tourism industries. Capacity limits and large gatherings are now permitted, still with safety protocols in place, giving back a sense of normalcy to locals and tourists alike. 

Ultimately, these changes are proof that Las Vegas is a place that’s thriving. The city isn't just getting back on its feet. It aims to be better than ever. 

Undeniably, Las Vegas is a great place to live. There’s no doubt why people find a reason (or two) to move here. It’s a city full of life, positive energy, and opportunities – welcoming both tourists and newcomers to the local community.

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