October 13, 2021

November 16, 2021

Episode #16 of "Unnamed Show"

Episode #16 of “Unnamed Show” | In this episode Brendan King and Jack Palermo discuss the Golden Knights Opener, William Shatner blasts off into space and 11 inches of snow at Mount Charleston.

In this episode Brendan King and Jack Palermo discuss the Golden Knights Opener, William Shatner blasts off into space, 11 inches of snow at Mount Charleston, Raiders lost, Jon Gruden out as Head Coach, CJ Cup next up in Las Vegas, Las Vegas Strip land sold to developer for $120M, New generation of cellphone towers should boost Summerlin signal, 18 weather disasters costing at least $1 billion each, New Downtown Las Vegas music venue Swan Dive, An Evening with Whitney, Chickie's & Pete's opens new location, House of Blues reveals its renovations, and David Lee Roth's last show!

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01:13 : Raiders’ offense struggles in loss to Bears at Allegiant Stadium | Las Vegas Review-Journal


Raiders winner Dionne Laanier and Jack Palermo enjoyed the game

03:05 : Raiders’ Jon Gruden out as head coach | Las Vegas Review-Journal


04:28 : CJ Cup next up in Las Vegas after Shriners Children’s Open | Las Vegas Review-Journal


06:26 : Golden Knights edge Seattle Kraken in season opener | Las Vegas Review-JournalGolden Knights edge Seattle Kraken in season opener | Las Vegas Review-Journal


07:18 : T-Mobile Arena bag policy announced for Golden Knights games 


Real Estate

08:03 : Las Vegas Strip land sold to developer for $120M | Las Vegas Review-Journal


08:55 : Monday Market Update- 7-days at a glance


09:29 : Brendan King explains what Weeks of Supply means in the Las Vegas Market


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10:47: William Shatner blasts into space | Las Vegas Review-Journal


Local news

11:48 : Las Vegas Weather: Snow on Mount Charleston | Las Vegas Review-Journal


12:53 : New generation of cellphone towers should boost Summerlin signals | Las Vegas Review-Journal


13:19 : Proposed cell tower meets resistance - Las Vegas Sun Newspaper


14:01 : Already, 18 weather disasters costing at least $1 billion each have hit the U.S. this year





15:29: New Downtown Las Vegas music venue Swan Dive positioning for Main Street opening - Las Vegas Weekly



16:34 : An Evening with Whitney



Food in Las Vegas


17:39 : Chickie's & Pete's opens new location on the Las Vegas Strip | MORE Las Vegas Entertainment 



18:22 : House of Blues reveals its renovations to the restaurant and bar - Eater Vegas



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This is transcribed (accuracy not guaranteed)

Brendan King (00:33): What's up everybody. It'sepisode 16 of The Unnamed Show

Jack Palermo (00:38): The Unnamed Show.

Brendan King (00:38): What's going on? Welcome back.We've got a ton of stuff for you as always. But don't forget, first of all textVIP to 702-553-1955 to get on our text list. Text VIP to 702-553-1955.

Jack Palermo (00:58): So, it's about that time to getinto what happened this past weekend. The Raiders had some offensive strugglesand lost to the Bears, like I've been saying for the last few shows.

Brendan King (01:13): Yeah, but.

Jack Palermo (01:13): So yeah, they put a beat downon the Raiders.

Brendan King (01:15): It wasn't a good thing.

Jack Palermo (01:16): It was really good for me.

Brendan King (01:17): There was literally no offense.

Jack Palermo (01:18): It was good for me, I liked it.It was a win. It was a win is a win, so.

Brendan King (01:22): And you were sitting next toyour sister and her husband who were wearing Raiders outfits.

Jack Palermo (01:25): Wearing Raiders gear, yes, meand my lovely wife were in Bears gear.

Brendan King (01:29): She jumped on board.

Jack Palermo (01:30): She did, she did. Once we gotmarried she's now a fan.

Brendan King (01:32): So I guess I have to formerlysay congratulations.

Jack Palermo (01:35): Thank you very much.

Brendan King (01:36): I think I've held it in untilnow to actually say it.

Jack Palermo (01:38): I really appreciate it, Ireally do. Yes. It was very nice of you to say, I feel really good aboutmyself.

Brendan King (01:44): And of course, Dionne wontickets and was at the game. Only a few rows in front of you, actually herseats were a little better than yours.

Jack Palermo (01:52): Yes, they were.

Brendan King (01:53): Yes, they were. So Dionne had aton of fun, she was nice enough to send us some of these photos. She told usshe literally had like the time of her life. So congrats, Dionne, we're sohappy for you. And unfortunately you had to watch the Bears beat the Raiders.

Jack Palermo (02:07): You know who else was there?

Brendan King (02:08): Who was that?

Jack Palermo (02:09): That'd be me and my lovelywife, as right there. And also my brother-in-law and sister went with us as well,as they were rocking their Raiders gear. But hey, the Bears won, it's abeautiful thing.

Brendan King (02:21): Yes they did, I know you'vesaid that several times and I have conceded and congratulated you. We can stoptalking about it now.

Jack Palermo (02:27): All right. So in other news,Raiders news, actually.

Brendan King (02:31): Oh, and Criss Angel was thereof course. Did he do an opening act?

Jack Palermo (02:35): He did, he did an opening act.They tied him up in a straight jacket, hung him from the rafters from...

Brendan King (02:43): So he Criss Angeled it.

Jack Palermo (02:43): He made a field. He CrissAngeled it, he got out of there in less than 30 seconds? It was prettyremarkable.

Brendan King (02:47): Yeah, yeah. That's prettyinsane. Criss Angel seems to just appear everywhere in Las Vegas.

Jack Palermo (02:53): Everywhere, and disappear. Aahyou like that?

Brendan King (02:58): I was getting there, and yousaid it before me. But unfortunately, I think due to some things that happenedlast week and this week, something else happened.

Jack Palermo (03:05): Yes. Let's talk about theRaiders, Jon Gruden. He is now out as the head coach of the Las Vegas Raiders.Some emails resurfaced, being a racist, misogynistic, and anti-gay. And RichBisaccia is now going to be the interim head coach. I also think he may havebeen fired because the Bears took it out on him physically and emotionally.

Brendan King (03:34): I don't know about that.

Jack Palermo (03:34): Just saying. But anyway.

Brendan King (03:37): And of course this is allsubject to, it's official that this will happen?

Jack Palermo (03:39): Yeah, it's official. Yeah.

Brendan King (03:41): Okay.

David (03:42): Oh, he's gone.

Jack Palermo (03:43): He's done.

Brendan King (03:43): No, I didn't know if theallegations were official.

Jack Palermo (03:46): Oh, it's documentation, he'sdone.

Brendan King (03:49): Which is too bad unfortunately,but maybe now the next time they play the Bears they'll win. But yeah, sorry tosee you go John Gruden. Best of luck to the new head coach or interim headcoach until they find somebody.

Jack Palermo (04:02): Interim head coach.

David (04:02): Hey, how do you think it'llaffect next week's game?

Brendan King (04:07): Broncos, hmm.

Jack Palermo (04:09): I'll take the Raiders.

Brendan King (04:10): Yeah, oh of course.

Jack Palermo (04:10): I'll take the Raiders.

Brendan King (04:11): I'll take the Raiders on this,you know Broncos have amazing history, but the Raiders still look good to me.

Jack Palermo (04:17): Their quarterbacks are notgood.

Brendan King (04:19): Yeah.

Jack Palermo (04:19): The Broncos. Raiders win.

Brendan King (04:20): So I think we'll pull it out. Ithink we had just a bad offensive day against the Bears because obviously weshould've beat them.

Jack Palermo (04:26): And the Bears defense is toogood.

Brendan King (04:28): Anyway, moving on from that,that's enough of the Bears. So this weekend is, well next weekend is the CJ Cupcoming up.

Jack Palermo (04:36): Yes, this upcoming weekend.

Brendan King (04:37): Shriners was last week.

Jack Palermo (04:38): Last weekend, we had a chanceto get out there.

Brendan King (04:40): Yeah, we were there. It wasbeautiful.

Jack Palermo (04:43): Beautiful.

Brendan King (04:43): Like literally it was probablythe most ideal, well except for the first day it rained.

Jack Palermo (04:47): First day it rained.

Brendan King (04:47): Otherwise the whole rest of theweekend, the weather was amazing. And Im from South Korea took it home by-

Jack Palermo (04:55): Hey look at this, Brendan andhis wife.

Brendan King (04:56): Hey, there's my wife. It's herfirst golf PGA event, she had a ton of fun. They do such a good job, like it'sa nice setup.

Jack Palermo (05:04): It's a good time.

Brendan King (05:05): You get around, but Im took ithome. By what, like five strokes I think it was?

Jack Palermo (05:09): He killed it, he killed it atthe end.

Brendan King (05:11): Yeah. He just destroyed.

Jack Palermo (05:13): This weekend though, the CJCup.

Brendan King (05:16): CJ Cup line up looks amazing.

Jack Palermo (05:17): If anybody wants to come visitme, I'm actually volunteering as a marshal on the 14th hole on Thursday andFriday. Quiet please.

Brendan King (05:24): He's going to be holding up oneof those little quiet signs. So yeah, Jack will be at the CJ Cup. I'll be thereon Sunday to check it out. It's at The Summit, which if you don't know what TheSummit is, it's one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in the entire city.

Jack Palermo (05:37): And the course is amazing, Igot to play it about a year and a half ago, it's just dynamite.

Brendan King (05:42): And they have like conferencestations every hole.

Jack Palermo (05:45): Every four holes.

Brendan King (05:46): Okay.

Jack Palermo (05:46): Yeah, every four holes. Andit's like, I mean they change out the sandwiches like every hour.

Brendan King (05:51): They have coolers, you justgrab what you want.

Jack Palermo (05:52): A full bar, everything. It'samazing, it's amazing.

Brendan King (05:54): Yeah. And the lineup is likepretty much the entire Ryder Cup team.

Jack Palermo (05:58): Almost, yeah. Yeah, it's prettyawesome. 60 players total, so it'll be great.

Brendan King (06:02): And it's $55 I think for thebasic ticket. You can go online and order them on pga.com I believe. And it'sdefinitely worth something.

Jack Palermo (06:12): It's going to be fun.

Brendan King (06:12): Even if you're not a golfer,honestly, it's a nice day out. The course is beautiful. They have amazing foodin there.

Jack Palermo (06:20): The weather is supposed to beamazing this weekend. So, come on out.

Brendan King (06:22): So honestly, if we didn't giveyou enough reasons, check it out online.

Jack Palermo (06:25): And come see me on the 14thhole.

Brendan King (06:26): And go watch him hold a quietplease sign. Next up then is of course the Golden Knights, this is like ourweek of sports.

Jack Palermo (06:36):

Sports, it's crazy.

Brendan King (06:37):

We seem to be at every event.

Jack Palermo (06:38):

We were also there.

Brendan King (06:40):

So they played the Kraken, that name makes me laugh every singletime. Golden Knights hand the Kraken their first loss, actually of their firstgame.

Jack Palermo (06:49): That was their first game ofall time, yes.

Brendan King (06:50): But they look good, they lookreally good.

Jack Palermo (06:52): Yeah, the Kraken are good.

Brendan King (06:53):Yeah, the Kraken and then ofcourse the Golden Knights.

Jack Palermo (06:55): The Knights look great.

Brendan King (06:56): The energy in there wasincredible.

Jack Palermo (06:58): Amazing.

Brendan King (06:59): We were there with our client,he was nice enough to invite us to come to his box and watch the game. They hadthese lights in the stands that were like just beautiful.

Jack Palermo (07:09):Super cool.

Brendan King (07:10): Like it was packed, tons ofenergy, I can't wait. And honestly, I think they're going to kill it thisseason.

Jack Palermo (07:16): I think so too. Stanley Cup.

Brendan King (07:18): Yeah.

Jack Palermo (07:18): Bring one home.

Brendan King (07:18): Well hopefully, we've attemptedit enough times. There is a new bag policy at T-Mobile arena, unfortunatelyJack, that means you can't bring your man purse.

Jack Palermo (07:26): I can't bring my tote bag anymore.

Brendan King (07:27): Can't bring your murse.

Jack Palermo (07:28): Or my man purse, my murse.Small clutches and wallets will be permitted, five inches by nine inches by twoinch maximum. And they will be manually screened, just to let you guys know.Ladies.

Brendan King (07:40): So you can bring your clutch.

Jack Palermo (07:41): Yes. As long as it's five bynine by two.

Brendan King (07:44):Yeah.

Jack Palermo (07:44): So small.

Brendan King (07:45): Good to know. Honestly, thelast thing you want to do is show up at a stadium and have to turn around andwalk all the way back to your car. So there is a bag policy, check out thenotes in the bio or in the links if you want to check out the size that youneed. But I would hate to have to turn around and walk all the way back to thecar.

Jack Palermo (08:01): Yes, walking back with my totewould be brutal.

Brendan King (08:03): Yeah, with your man bag. And ofcourse, some real estate news. So $120 million sale of Strip-front property wasapproved. So it was actually sold to a Chilean resort from the Las VegasConvention and Visitors Authority. The funny part is, the part of the deal wasthat they have to be under construction by 2031.

Jack Palermo (08:27): All right.

David (08:28): A little bit of time.

Brendan King (08:29): I guess, now we wait.

Jack Palermo (08:29): Now we wait another 10 years.

Brendan King (08:32): We're telling you 10 yearsearly that it's going to be done by 2031.

Jack Palermo (08:36): Can't wait, can't wait.

Brendan King (08:37): It has to be, it has to start.

Jack Palermo (08:38): It's going to be amazing.

Brendan King (08:39): It doesn't mean they're waitinguntil then. But supposedly was sold to a Chilean resort company and theyapproved the sale, $120 million of 10 acres on Strip-front property.

Jack Palermo (08:49): It's pretty cool.

Brendan King (08:50): Why don't you buy that Jack?

Jack Palermo (08:51): Well, I've got to sell a couplemore houses there Brendan.

Brendan King (08:55): And of course, speaking ofhouses, the housing market update, we do it every Monday. So of course you cansign up, you can text us to get it every single Monday or check out ourwebsite. But numbers still look like a sellers market, active listings havecome up quite a bit.

Jack Palermo (09:14): You know, David knows what kindof market it is right now.

David (09:18): Oh, that'd be a seller'smarket.

Jack Palermo (09:19): Thank you, David. Thank you.

Brendan King (09:21): So yeah, it is still a seller'smarket, but you know what, you have about double the number of choices rightnow compared to...

Jack Palermo (09:27): Last week even.

Brendan King (09:29): Almost, yeah. So last week youhad about 1,927 options, now you have 3,301. So if you start to see some extralistings in your inbox, that's why, there is literally 1400 more homes to behad. So of course, anytime with supply increasing, that's the signs early of apossible shifting market, but we're so far away. A normal sellers market isanywhere from obviously zero to six months of inventory, a neutral market sixto seven, and more than seven is a buyer's market, which means home prices willdepreciate. This is why when people ask us, do we think home prices are goingto come down?

Jack Palermo (10:12): We have 3.9 weeks of supply.

Brendan King (10:14): We have 3.9 weeks of supply.Six months is a neutral market, so we're quite a ways away. Let's say thisholds on and inventory starts to increase over the next few months, it's stillgoing to take months and months and months to get back up to that six monthlevel.

Jack Palermo (10:27): Totally.

Brendan King (10:28): But just info for you, and ofcourse, if you want to get the text in your inbox every single Monday.

Jack Palermo (10:34): Text Market.

Brendan King (10:35): Text Market to 702-553-1955.And we will send that to you every single Monday, moving on.

Jack Palermo (10:43): Okay. Guess what happened thismorning?

Brendan King (10:47): Oh oh, I'm scared.

Jack Palermo (10:48): Captain Kirk was set to blastoff into space this morning. He said, beam me up Scotty. And he went up intospace.

Brendan King (10:57): At 90 years old.

Jack Palermo (10:58): 90 years old. There he is backin the day, him and Spock.

Brendan King (11:02): Look at that stud.

Jack Palermo (11:03): Stud. Anyway, so yeah, JeffBezos with the Blue Origin, I think that is the name of the company, of hisrocket?

Brendan King (11:09): Correct, yeah.

Jack Palermo (11:11): Yes. So he was up there for 11minutes. It was like an 11 minute round trip.

Brendan King (11:15): And we actually looked it uptoday, the rocket flies at 2,294 miles an hour.

Jack Palermo (11:21): Yes. Kind of like how you areon the 215.

Brendan King (11:24): Shh, don't tell anybody, thereare police watching this. Yeah, so 2,294 miles an hour. It gets you up thereand you're up there for 11 minutes, right?

Jack Palermo (11:33): Yeah 11.

Brendan King (11:33): It was 11 minutes total.

Jack Palermo (11:36): You know, I don't know.

Brendan King (11:36): We should sign up.

Jack Palermo (11:36): I'll have to give a WilliamShatner a call.

Brendan King (11:40): But yeah, William Shatner inspace today at 90 years old, officially the oldest man ever to go to space.

Jack Palermo (11:45): Wow, that's crazy, and he'sCaptain Kirk.

David (11:47): It's pretty cool.

Jack Palermo (11:48): Wow.

Brendan King (11:48): It is cool, so beam me up.Mount Charleston, 11 inches of snow in Mount Charleston. If anybody, my kidshave to listen to this, but after the first snow in the mountains, the onlything I ever say every time it snows is, "Is there snow in the mountains,is there snow in the mountains?" So of course, what did I say to the girlsyesterday morning, we're driving. I said, "Girls, is there snow in themountains?"

Jack Palermo (12:12): Nice.

Brendan King (12:13): And they said, "Dad, ohno."

Jack Palermo (12:14): Here we go, another season ofthis.

Brendan King (12:16): The next four months. But yes,in Vegas we get snow in the mountains, and we got 11 inches in October, whichis pretty insane. And crazy winds, so the Halloween decorations were literallyflying everywhere.

Jack Palermo (12:29): All over the place, all overthe place.

Brendan King (12:31): Yeah, so go check out the snow.It may even be gone by now because it's that time of year when it comes andgoes pretty fast, but pretty cool.

Jack Palermo (12:38): Should be a cool ski season upthere.

Brendan King (12:39): Yeah, hopefully.

Jack Palermo (12:40): And sledding and all sorts offun stuff.

Brendan King (12:42): Stuff you do in the snow

Jack Palermo (12:44): In the winter time, when it'scold outside. Anyway, do.

Brendan King (12:50): If any realtor is in any areain the west side.

Jack Palermo (12:53): Of Summerlin, it is likebasically almost impossible to get into your lockbox, because the cell serviceis so bad. But the good news is, is they've already put up two cell servicetowers, one by the RC Willey in South Summerlin, and one by the new Metrostation in West Summerlin.

Brendan King (13:09): Which should help the Ridges,Red Rock, the Mesas, like all those areas where you're right up against themountain and there's some pretty poor cell service.

Jack Palermo (13:16): Yeah. Paseos, Vistas, all ofthem.

Brendan King (13:18): Paseos, oh my God.

Jack Palermo (13:18): Crazy.

Brendan King (13:19): I've had a few times where Itried to get in a house and the embarrassing egg on face situation where youcan't. But yeah, and there was some resistance. Honestly, this has been goingon for years. The proposals, people rejecting it, resisting it, eventually itgets shot down. This time it looks like it's happening.

Jack Palermo (13:36): We're very happy.

Brendan King (13:37): And we are going to haveservice on the west side, which is awesome. We will take it anytime we can getit, for sure. And then, so kind of on the same from before with weather, thisis a crazy year for disasters. Like insane. How many big disasters, weatherdisasters do we have in Las Vegas though?

Jack Palermo (13:59): We have zero. Another reasoneverybody should move here.

Brendan King (14:01): Yeah. Like literally none ofthese things happen here. No tornadoes, no hurricanes, no floods, no fires,because everything's desert. You know minimal, we have had it in the mountainsbefore, but this year 18 weather disasters costing at least a billion dollarseach.

Jack Palermo (14:19): Billion, a billion dollarseach.

Brendan King (14:19): One billion dollars each. So byfar the quickest and fastest that we've ever had this happen before, and Ithink last year was the record as well.

Jack Palermo (14:31): Yeah. Look at the chart rightthere it's like trending upwards.

Brendan King (14:34): The purple line is 2020, andthe red line is 2021. So, unfortunately this doesn't seem to be letting up, whoknows, climate change, disasters? It's a combo of I think a lot of things, butmostly climate change.

Jack Palermo (14:51): Yeah, for sure.

Brendan King (14:52): But yeah. So hopefully if youdo want to get away from disasters, we've actually had a few clients move fromCalifornia because they're tired of fires.

Jack Palermo (15:01): Yeah, tired of fires.

Brendan King (15:02): I've had three clients all movefrom the same area of LA, they're all friends, just because of the fact theyjust couldn't take it anymore. It's really unfortunate, and we don't typicallylike helping people in this scenario, but it was actually a reason that theymentioned, which is crazy. So, hopefully this gets better, because we can'tspend another $100 billion on disaster.

Jack Palermo (15:27): And once again, Las Vegas haszero disasters.

Brendan King (15:29): Yes it does. So Jack, what'sgoing on downtown?

Jack Palermo (15:33): Downtown, there is a new musicvenue that's going to be opening probably mid time next year, called the SwanDive. Bunkhouse Saloon has kind of their uncertain future, so this is going tobe a welcome addition to Downtown.

Brendan King (15:46): And Bunkhouse, I was excitedwhen it came out.

Jack Palermo (15:48): Bunkhouse was cool, it wascool. This place, the original one is in Austin, Texas. Super cool, divey bar.

Brendan King (15:55): Which is like music city.

Jack Palermo (15:55): But yeah, divey bar, but likebeautiful inside, the aesthetics are going to be great. You know, it's a greatlive music venue to check out Downtown. So sometime mid year, next year, itshould be finished.

Brendan King (16:06): And I think they actuallyquoted in the paper, divey, divey but beautiful.

Jack Palermo (16:11): Divey but beautiful aesthetic.Yes.

Brendan King (16:13): That's awesome, I love that.And anybody who knows like big city dive bars, they're like where it's at.

Jack Palermo (16:19): They're fun.

Brendan King (16:20): CBGBs in New York city.

Jack Palermo (16:21): They're fun, super fun.

Brendan King (16:22): Like that's where you want tosee a concert, but yeah, that's fun. It's like a new little... Any new venues,I'm always a fan.

Jack Palermo (16:31): I'm a fan of new venues,anything live music, I'm down.

Brendan King (16:34): And hey, while we're on livemusic, Whitney is reincarnated. So Whitney Houston is actually doing a hologramshow. Well, obviously not her, but there's actually a show with the hologram ofWhitney Houston and live performers, live dancers, live band. But as you cansee in the middle there, that is Whitney at her actual height and everything.

Jack Palermo (17:01): As a hologram.

Brendan King (17:01): So there is a hologram ofWhitney Houston with a full band, music, everything, it's kind of likefuturistic.

Jack Palermo (17:09): Isn't David going to theopening show?

Brendan King (17:10): David is going to the openingshow.

David (17:12): I wouldn't miss it for theworld.

Brendan King (17:13): Yes.

Jack Palermo (17:14): There we go.

Brendan King (17:14): There you go.

David (17:14): I'll be there.

Brendan King (17:16): And you know, any of us fromthe '80s or '70s all grew up with Whitney Houston.

Jack Palermo (17:21): Of course.

Brendan King (17:21): So, that should be a fun show,definitely check it out. Actually, let me double check, when does it start?October 26th. So it opens October 26th at Harrah's, and again, live band,backup dancers, everything with the hologram of Whitney Houston.

Jack Palermo (17:38): Yes.

Brendan King (17:39): So this name cracks me up,Chickie & Pete's.

Jack Palermo (17:42): Chickie & Pete's. Chickie& Pete's opening up at the Sahara on the strip. Philadelphia restaurant,they're known for their world famous crab fries, which sound delicious. I havenever tried them. Obviously Philadelphia, you're going to have your cheesesteaks, wings, seafood, pizza.

Brendan King (17:59): Crab fries, so are the friesmade of crab?

Jack Palermo (18:01): I don't know, I don't know. I'mreally excited to try them though, but they look delicious, the pictures lookgreat. They also have a full bar with dozens of beers on tap and a William Hillsports book inside.

Brendan King (18:12): Really?

Jack Palermo (18:13): So pretty cool.

Brendan King (18:14): I happen to be a massive cheesesteak fan, so I will trying that.

Jack Palermo (18:17): As do I, as am I, as am I.

Brendan King (18:19): I'm not sure how I feel aboutcrab fries yet, I'll let you know.

Jack Palermo (18:21): We'll try them.

Brendan King (18:22): Yeah. I've never had a crab fryin my life. So another venue, House of Blues is about to go through a massiverenovation, $4.5 million. I've actually performed in the House of Blues before,out down in Florida, and it's a great, great venue. $4.5 million to renovate,not to build it.

Jack Palermo (18:43): That's crazy.

Brendan King (18:44): Literally to renovate, they'regoing to have like a distillery vibe. They're going to redo the box office,musical hall entrance, the gear shop, everything. And they're going to do likethe corrugated metal aged steel, wood millwork, brick walls. So they're goingto make it really kind of like funky and different, which is cool.

Jack Palermo (19:03): It's cool.

Brendan King (19:03): Honestly, it's a great, greatvenue. If you've never seen a show there, they're not doing the gospel brunch.So on Sundays, typically they do a gospel brunch, they won't be doing thatright now, obviously during renovations. But Santana will be there November3rd. And then here's some of the food. Honestly, the pictures don't really doit justice, these almost look like Denny's photos.

Jack Palermo (19:29): Food's pretty good though.

Brendan King (19:30): Food's actually pretty good.

Jack Palermo (19:31): Better than the Grand Slam.

Brendan King (19:32): But, when we went through thisbefore I didn't notice how bad those photos were, but it actually looks likeDenny's there, but actually they...

Jack Palermo (19:38): And they're not serving MoonsOver My Hammy.

Brendan King (19:40): Oh man. But, and then when thegospel brunch is back, check out this venue, the gospel brunch is awesome.

Jack Palermo (19:48): Super cool.

Brendan King (19:48): They have a full gospel choirand they do a really great brunch, but of course they have other things aswell. Santana will be there November 3rd, anywhere from $99 to $180. And DavidLee Roth will be performing his last ever performance, New Year's Eve, ticketsanywhere from $69 to $129, he'll be retiring.

Jack Palermo (20:11): Which is crazy. And you knowwhat else is crazy, is Sammy Hagar, who was also the lead singer of Van Halenalso has a residency at The Strat.

Brendan King (20:19): You know what's even funnier isall these guys live here.

Jack Palermo (20:21): Yes.

Brendan King (20:22): Santana, both guys, David LeeRoth and Sammy Hagar. They all live here, yeah.

Jack Palermo (20:28): They should honestly getonstage together, hopefully, maybe on David Lee Roth's last show.

Brendan King (20:33): Didn't Santana do that albumwith like every single artist.

Jack Palermo (20:35): I'm not even talking aboutSantana. I'm talking David Lee Roth and Sammy Hagar on the same stage, both VanHalen lead singers, would be amazing.

Brendan King (20:41): Get on the phone, give them acall.

Jack Palermo (20:43): And throw Santana in there,we've got a crazy show. Let's do it.

Brendan King (20:47): Yeah, hey. So if you guys arelistening, of course can't wait to see you guys live on stage together,produced by the Brendan King Group. You know, thank you so much. That isliterally a wrap. We have so much for you guys to do. I'm always hungry afterthis show because we always have to talk about food. But of course, if you wantto hear more about anything as far as food, market or any other details, textVIP to 702-553-1955.

Jack Palermo (21:19): And of course the market, youtext the Market to 702-553-1955.

Brendan King (21:24): And regarding food and drinkspecials, text Dine to that same number that we've repeated and I'm not goingto do it again, because you've heard it.

Jack Palermo (21:31): I bet you everybody knows thisnumber.

Brendan King (21:32): 702-553-1955. But hey, thankyou so much, thanks for joining us. As always let us know if you have anythingwe want to talk about or you want us to add, we appreciate the feedback in thecomments. And either way, thank you Mr. Jack Palermo.

Jack Palermo (21:47): Thank you Mr. Brendan King.

Brendan King (21:48): I'm going to see you at anothersporting event this week.

Jack Palermo (21:51): Yes we will.

Brendan King (21:51): So check out the CJ cup and youwill see Jack with his quiet please sign.

Jack Palermo (21:54): Come see me at the 14th hole.

Brendan King (21:57): Either way. Thank you, andwe'll see you next time.

Jack Palermo (21:59): Take care.

Brendan King (21:59): Have a good one.

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