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November 16, 2021

7 Popular Road Trip Destinations From Las Vegas

Looking for a change of scenery? These seven road trip destinations are an excellent way to escape Las Vegas.

They say, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” But what happens if you decide to get in the car and take a short trip? While Sin City certainly has much to offer, there are a number of neighboring cities equally incredible. If you’re ready for a change of pace and scenery, check out these truly breathtaking road trip destinations from Las Vegas.

The 7 Best Road Trip Destinations From Las Vegas

1. Boulder City

Just a few miles outside Vegas lies the beautiful little town of Boulder City, which boasts amazing desert views and offers fun and exciting activities for everyone.

Up for some sightseeing? Bask in the picturesque views of the Hoover Dam. Plus, take in the impressive engineering masterpiece of the Mike O’Callaghan and Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge that actually connects Nevada to Arizona.

hoover dam

For history enthusiasts, pay a visit to the Railroad Museum, Boulder City-Hoover Dam Museum, or the casino-free Boulder Dam Hotel to learn more about the city.

Outdoor lovers will love walking the Historic Railroad Trail, cycling at the River Mountain loop trail, and hiking at Sloan Canyon National Conservation Area. And of course, you wouldn’t want to miss ziplining at 95 kmh at Bootleg Canyon.

If you want to sit back and relax, enjoy the peaceful views of Willow Beach Harbor or hang out with the bighorn sheep at Hemenway Park. 

Boulder City is about 30-45 minutes from Vegas.

2. Death Valley National Park

Don’t let the name scare you. Death Valley National Park actually showcases towering mountains and stunning landscapes that will leave you in awe.

While it’s known as one of the hottest and driest places on Earth, the park gets covered in wildflowers and greenery after it has rained. Plus, the lush resort Oasis at Death Valley is there for when you want to cool down.  

death valley national park

For more outdoor experiences, drop by the salt pond, Badwater Basin, which stands as the lowest point in the U.S. at 282 feet below sea level. If you want to see salt formations left thousands of years ago, visit the Devil’s Golf Course.

Don’t forget to check out Artists Palette to see sections of rocks that are colored with different pastel hues. Visit Dante’s Peak for an expansive look of Badwater Basin and its surroundings. And be sure to head up to the ultimate lookout – Zabriskie Point – for a breathtaking view of the valley.

Also, Death Valley is the largest national park in the country (excluding Alaska) and is a designated International Dark Sky Park. So, if you’re looking to camp out and stargaze, this is the perfect spot for you.

Death Valley is about 2.5 hours from Vegas.

3. Grand Canyon, Arizona

Well, we all know it – this one’s a must. As the biggest natural hole in the country, the Grand Canyon is iconic, world-famous, and should undoubtedly be on your list of road trip destinations from Las Vegas.

The South Rim, run by the National Park Service, is known to offer the best views of the park. If you decide to take an overnight trip here, consider riding the Grand Canyon Railway that takes you on a two-hour journey to the canyon.

grand canyon

The West Rim, operated by the Hualapai Tribe, offers the amazing skywalk that sets you 4,000 feet high on a see-through glass floor that lets you see all the way down into the canyon.

If you have a bit more time, try to go on a helicopter ride over the canyon. It’s a one-of-a-kind experience

The Grand Canyon is about four hours from Vegas.

4. Lake Havasu City

For the active and outdoor-loving ones, this vacation town tagged as Arizona’s playground is your paradise.

lake havasu city

Lake Havasu splits the Colorado River between Arizona and California. On the waterfront, you’ll find miniature replicas of lighthouses from around the country. On the island part, you’ll see a brick-by-brick restoration of the historic London Bridge.

With more than 400 miles of stunning coastline, it’s perfect for those looking to go fishing, houseboating, kayaking, and skiing. If you want to switch things up, you also have an abundance of activities to choose from, including hiking, golfing, and off-roading.

If R&R is your jam, you can explore the lake from the beautiful beaches and campsites.

Lake Havasu is about 2.5 hours from Vegas.

5. Sedona, Nevada

If you’re looking for a more peaceful place where you can simply relax and be one with nature, Sedona is for you.

Surrounded by canyon walls, pine forests, and red-rock buttes in more than 400 miles of trails, Sedona is ideal for avid bikers and hikers. Head on to Red Rock State Park if you enjoy bird-watching, picnicking, and outdoor adventure.

sedona, nevada

The mystic vibes and beautiful sceneries of Airport Mesa, Bell Rock, Boynton Canyon, and Cathedral Rock make it the perfect place for spiritual and personal enrichment. 

For art lovers, you’ll be enthralled by the vibrant arts community with countless galleries and art classes around the city. 

From shopping, sightseeing, and golfing to wine tasting and nightlife, you’ll never run out of things to do here. 

Sedona is about 4.5 hours from Vegas.  

6. Valley of Fire 

Just as the name suggests, the Valley of Fire boasts 40,000 acres of bright red Aztec sandstones that are visually stunning from all angles.

valley of fire

The main scenery of the park is breathtaking by itself. But with the ancient trees and three-millennia-old carvings and images on the rocks, you could be left inspired by the place.

Head up to the Petroglyph Canyon that leads to Mouse’s Tank to see rock etchings by inhabitants from 2,500 years ago. Be sure to stop by Rainbow Vista to witness a beautiful panoramic landscape with vibrant warm tones of the rocks.

Don’t forget to hike to the Fire Wave for some sandstone formations with contrasting hues of swirling ribbons. Visit the crowd favorite White Dome and climb up Atlatl Rock for a more immersive experience of the park.

If you’re up for a trip that takes you 150 million years back, this is the road trip destination for you.

Valley of Fire is about 45 minutes from Vegas.

7. Zion National Park

Zion National Park is a grandeur and majestic destination you cannot miss when road tripping from Vegas.

For hikers, the world-famous Angels Landing is a must. It’s a 2.5-mile hike on narrow and steep pathways, formed as layers upon layers of rock. A word of caution, though: It’s not for the faint-hearted but is more than worth it for those willing to try.

Another hike to experience is The Narrows. And yes, just as the name suggests, it’s very narrow. While walking through, be sure to look up and experience being embraced by a thousand-foot-tall canyon.

If you’re more for short walks, head on to Canyon Overlook for some 360-degree views of the canyon and its surroundings. 

Zion National Park is about 2.5 hours from Vegas.

zion national park

While Las Vegas may be known for its thriving urban lifestyle, just a few hours away you’ll find some of the most beautiful, laid-back destinations that will leave you breathless and speechless. So, whether you’re looking for some excitement outdoors or just a relaxing view of nature, there’s a lot for you to discover. Which one of these road trip destinations is calling you? 

Las Vegas and its surroundings have so much to offer. If you’re looking to call the city your next home, contact us today and we can help you make it happen.

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