July 27, 2018

November 16, 2021

3 Local-Friendly Hangouts in Las Vegas

You’re probably wondering “where are all the local hangouts near me?” Luckily for you, your search is over! We're going to go through three Las Vegas hangouts that are loved by locals!

You’ve done it! You and your loved one made the decision to move to Las Vegas. The bright lights and constant flow of music have won you over! As you spend more time here, you realize that the strip is jam-packed with activities, but it’s kind of stressful for locals. Traffic can be pretty bad, there are thousands of tourist crossing the road when they shouldn’t, and it’s almost too easy to spend money out there. It’s like Time Square but in Nevada. You’re probably wondering “where are all the local hangouts near me?” Luckily for you, your search is over! We're going to go through three Las Vegas hangouts that are loved by locals!

3 Hangouts Loved by Locals

There are a ton of things to do when you live in Las Vegas. Some might say there is too much to do. We’ve narrowed it down to three hidden gems that will have you taking on Vegas like a local.

Blue Martini

The Blue Martini is an upscale martini lounge and tapas restaurant located at the heart of the Town Square Shopping center. What sets this little bar apart from the rest are the local friendly deals and happy hour specials. Women with a valid Nevada ID get their first martini on the house. These aren’t your average martini concoctions by the way. Blue Martini specializes in crafting strong, chic, tantalizing, and top-notch drinks. Later in the evening, this low-key venue switches to nightclub mode. Drinks, food, Dj’s, and other forms of live entertainment make this bar one of our favorite Las Vegas local hangouts. Local tip: Drinks are half-off and food prices are reduced from 4pm-7pm! Also, be sure to grab a patio seat once you arrive during prime time hours, they always go fast!

The Nerd

If the name of this place doesn’t get your attention, then maybe the free bowling alley, free pool tables, free video games, MMA ring, and cosplayers will. Oh, did we mention the Duff Beer they serve? When it comes to nightlife on Fremont Street, this local hangout is the word of the town. Located in Neonopolis, The Nerd caters to precisely that, nerds. Throughout this venue, you will hear recognizable movie soundtracks played through the speakers, die-hard cosplayers, MMA lovers, and video game junkies! This is hands down one of the best Las Vegas local hangouts.Local tip: If you are paying for parking, The Nerd will validate it for you! Also, check online for drink discounts and coupons! You will always find something.

Gold Spike

Gold Spike is most likely the favorite hangout for locals. This bar is every childish adult's dream! It is home to the best playground for grown-ups. The outdoor area is loaded with addicting games like Giant Beer Pong (they use red trash cans instead of red cups), life-sized version of the game operation, chess with two-foot-tall pieces, four square, tetherball, giant Jenga, cornhole, a roller rink, ping-pong, and way more! Inside you’ll find Skee-ball, pinball machines, giant comfy beds, and the Fiddlestix cafe! Food and drinks are served 24/7! That’s right; it’s open all day, every day. Local tip: This radical place is favorited by many people, on weekends you will most definitely find yourself shoulder to shoulder with locals and tourists! So, if this place sounds like fun to you, but the hoards of people don’t, consider coming here on a weekday!

Become a Local with The Brendan King Group

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